Best Zip Up Car Seat Cover

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1. Lassie Dog Car Hammock

Lassie Dog Car Hammock

The dog car seat cover is brown. The dog back seat cover is waterproof and protects the entire back seat from scratches, mud, dirty and hair, it is compatible with most cars, SUVs, small trucks. The dog hammock seat covers help your dog get in and out easily. There are two gray seatbelts. Lassie pet seat cover is made with a waterproof material and heat-pressing technology, so it is clean and odorless. The seat cover has a slit to allow the use of seat belts for pets and other passengers. The cover is held in place by the 2 side flaps straps and 4 head rest straps. The rubber backing on the underside and seat anchors keep the cover from slipping. Their dog seat cover is a free accessory for pet travel. It isdurable and convenient. The dog travel accessories are made of heavy-duty Oxford fabric and high quality material which gives a comfortable feeling. Dog claws can be torn or tears. The best protection and long lasting use is ensured. It is easy to install and clean because you just need 1 minute to install with quick release clips. Machine washing is also available, it is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Brand: Lassie

👤I was really impressed with how well it felt. I was not sure if I would like this color, but it looks nice. I wish I had a third anchor for the middle seat, but it still feels sturdy. There is a soft gel grip underneath the hammock to keep the material from scratching your seats. The seatbelt collar is a nice idea. If an accident does happen, you are going to seriously hurt your dog. Its not safe.

👤This is my 3rd or 4th dog canopy and it is my favorite. It works perfectly for the price and fits my car perfectly. The screen in the middle that allows the A/C to blow right on the pups they love and the handy pockets to store pet items are the two best things. I will order another one as a gift for a friend who is using a queen sheet in her back seat, and I would highly recommend this to others.

👤If you're looking for an amazing dog hammock for full size GM, Ford or dodge, look no further! This is the best rear seat dog hammock I have found, I get my hands dirty for a living, and I have a 100lb dog. If you want to compare, look at this pic of my 2016 Denali HD.

👤My younger one tends to get an upset stomach on car rides and though she doesn't always get sick she usually refuses to eat after being in the car for a long time. After using a mesh window. I think it was the heat that made it happen. She's been fine every time. I like the fact that you zip them in with the side flaps, which will discourage them from jumping out before you're ready, protects the window area from mud, and protects the side of the seat when they jump in and out. There are two pockets on the driver's side that hold more than they look.

👤After only two years with only moderate usage, I needed to replace the seat cover because it was too small and didn't provide complete coverage. The seat cover was great when I opened it. The fabric is very heavy and easy to install. It looks great and provides full coverage.

👤The back seat of my new Forester was supposed to be protected from my dog's fur and nails. This is a great back seat protector. It is easy to install. I use it when I put the back seats down and I have to haul plants from the nursery. My dog liked it too. He slept in his bed on the drive today.

👤The backseat dog hammock is light gray and not heat-absorbing black and will be easy to clean. I added foam padding underneath the thin padding. It was necessary to use many safety-pins in order to attach the back straps of the cover to the head-rest "bumps" on the seat because the car doesn't have large, fixed head-rests on the backseat. The dog's feet should not get caught in the spaces between the seat and the doors if the door protecting flaps are used. This Honda has a lot more miles to go before it sleeps, so it's probably easier to install this hammock in a newer vehicle.

2. CAR PASS Leather Universal Compatible

CAR PASS Leather Universal Compatible

It's for most infant car seats and carriers. Most cars have the luxury PU LEATHER option. The package is 15.74 inches wide and 11.86 inches tall. 11PCS items are included in the package. There are two front seats covers, two back seats covers, one rear backrest cover, one rear bottom bench cover, five separate headrest covers, and a bag of clips. The environment protection material is Luxurious PU Leather with 5mm Super Soft sponge. Dust, scratch, and damage can be caused by car seat covers. 100% clean and dry. The use of 888-405-7720 It's easy to install, it's perfect for most of the vehicles with the reserved opening holes. In case of emergence, they have an exclusive patent about the blast of the airbag. Three line zipeers are easy to install and clean. It can fit vehicles 40/60, 40/20, 40/30 and 50/30. The cup holder can be folded down by pulling down the zip. It is easier to install the car seat covers. It was perfect for the non-detachable headrest. Perfectly fit your seats. You don't need to cut the covers to fit your seats. It is easier to install the car seat covers. It was perfect for the non-detachable headrest. Perfectly fit your seats. You don't need to cut the covers to fit your seats.

Brand: Car Pass

👤The front covers fit. I own a Nissan. The back seat covers were good quality and perfect for a small SUV.

👤They are cheap and flimsy, but they do not fit a 2002 GMC Sierra 1500SLE. It is worth nothing if you believe in the Amazon coupon guide.

👤It is difficult to install with bad Chinese instructions. Don't waste your money or time on this garbage. The material is cheap and thin.

👤Se rompi.

👤Not a good quality for the prize.

👤The seats were nice, but they were dirty. I assumed the ones I received were returned by someone. They do a good job.

👤Se describe al veh diseculo.

👤The first and second pictures are for the rear seat and the third picture is for the drivers and passengers. Quality is very good for the price, and these seat covers are very nice looking. The drivers seat and passengers seat were easy to install but the rear seat was not very decent. These are universal seat covers, and not custom made for my Honda Civic 4 door. I've had other covers that fit perfectly. They protect my seats from my fur babies and that's a good purchase. If the covers can be fitted correctly, they look great.

👤The seat covers I received were not what I was expecting. They looked good, but I think they were poorly made. The seat covers were thin and when I tried to put them on my seats they started to tear. The clips were small and they did not fit properly. The Car Pass is not worth the money or time. I have ordered seat covers from this company before and both times they let me down.

👤For my truck. I guess it is not a universal fit. The headrest is too small to fit in a proper way. There were issues with the rear bench seat. I am satisfied with the product and the price.

👤I bought it for my car a year ago. Waited to see how it would last. The product is tough. There is no wear and tear yet. There is a It was not easy to install. I had to remove my back seat completely. The front seat looks okay. These are for professionals. Will do the job for a novice as well.

👤Customer service is amazing. I accidentally ordered the wrong colour and their sales representative answered my email within a few hours. The only issue with the product is that it doesn't fit my back seat, which is understandable, as this product is meant for regular sized vehicles. Installation of the front seat was easy. Good product and great customer service.

3. DKIIGAME Covers Hammock Waterproof Anti Slip

DKIIGAME Covers Hammock Waterproof Anti Slip

Waterproof and non-sLIP are included. The surface is covered by 600D Oxford fabrics made of waterproof fabric. It is easy to clean your seat because it is free of liquids, dirt, scratches, and hair. The dog car seat has a non-slip back that keeps it in place. The quality of the product. The dog car seat cover protects the rear seats, the lower seats and the front seats. The mesh breath window on the dog seat is great for the air to flow into the back to keep the dog cool. You will feel safe taking your pets with you. The seat width is suitable for most passenger cars, trucks and SUVs. It's perfect for the average small dog and also large dogs. This car seat cover can be used for trunk camping, where a mat is required. It is easy to install. Come with installation instructions. The plastic clips can be hung on the headrests of the front and rear seats. You can travel with your pet. Time savings: The dog car seat cover is very easy to clean, it only takes a piece of cloth or a vacuum. There is a laundry bag needed.

Brand: Dkiigame

👤The mesh for the AC is one of the few that is not black, and that is something I like. I don't like the Velcro. The more dog hair sticks to the Velcro, the less it stays closed. The seams around the Velcro just gave out. We have a 3' gap that does not close anymore. A 75 pound dog is very active. It's not for us for this to work for smaller dogs. This needs a sturdy zippers. Those that are on the beach should not be useless.

👤I shop and shop. I am glad I chose this one, I love the seat pads cover. My interior is the same color. Doesn't show the dog hair or the dirt my baby loves. She's happy with it. Let's go for a ride, she's ready. The only thing I don't like about these covers is the scream in between the seats, they should have a strap across the top. I'm going to modify mine, with a strap across the top other than that. I think I found the right one, I have looked at a lot of them. The cover is very nice. Charlie.

👤I decided to upgrade the cheap hammock I've had for the last few years. This one is not black, that drew me to it. It wouldn't get as hot, it's a quilted, reinforced material to last longer, it's optional sides to protect my doors and it has mesh for better air flow. It lived up to all the expectations. I drive a Chevy Cruze with leather seats, and this fit in just fine. It was small so it could fit larger vehicles, but my dog is very chill in the car, so that wasn't a problem. He's very comfortable and cools down faster than when I had the other hammock, thanks to the mesh. The last perk of this thing - groceries! I put up the sides of my items so I don't have to worry about them falling out. The pockets are the perfect size for wine bottles.

👤We bought this hammock for our greyhound to fit in the Camry hybrid. It fits well and seems sturdy, so the dog can roll around when he is laying down. The mesh between the front window and the back seat is our favorite part of this, because our clingy dog can still see us from the back. Cute idea! Thanks!

👤I got a new SUV and wanted to protect my seats from my dogs. It prevents them from jumping up on the windows and doors. The material is strong and thick. I like the screen because I can still see them and blow air into the back for them, but it prevents them from jumping into the front seat, which one of them likes to do. I am very happy with my purchase so far.

👤The quality of this product was really good. The cheapest seat cover I have purchased for my car is for the 500L, and I have purchased it for the third time. The first cover I purchased from Petsmart was for $70 and the second one was for $50. I had to replace them because of wear and tear from washing and use. The quality of this product is better than any of the ones I have owned and it is easy to clean. I like how it has a zip up on the corners so that hair doesn't get into the car. It protects your doors from scratches. The mesh is not going to be easy to damage. My dog likes that he can still see me and see what is going on, which makes the car ride better for both of us. I didn't know how nice this feature was until now, but I did have it on my other two seat covers. After my first car drive with my dog, I removed the seat cover and didn't see any hair on my seats for the first time. I used a small cloth to wipe the seat cover off, and it looks like it was never used. I will definitely recommend this product to my friends and family.

4. URPOWER Upgraded Waterproof Nonslip Washable

URPOWER Upgraded Waterproof Nonslip Washable

There is a window and a pocket. The mesh visual window in the center helps your dog get better air circulation and you can see them easily. The extra storage pockets can hold your pets food and toys. 100% waterproof Their covers are waterproof and protect your car seat better than other covers. It is more convenient for your pet to get out of the car. The size of 54"W x 58" L is compatibile with different vehicles. The design of side flaps can protect your car door from damage. NonsLIP and SAFE: The seat cover is not able to slide around because of the soft rubber backing and seat anchors. It's convenient and easy to clean. The seat cover is 54" W x 58" L and made of high quality polyester which gives it a comfortable feeling. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Brand: Urpower

👤I went to Kansas to pick up my next dog. This was in Covid. It required a long car ride from Denver to Kansas, and then to install the wonderful thing. Pick up the Australian Shepherd pup if you go too fast. Put him in the back. He was contained. The rental car is protected. It matched his fur. He is a doll. It folded up neatly in my suitcase when we boarded the plane, and then it was in a carrier. The car seat cover? The unfolded in the back seat of the truck was neatly folded back up in my suitcase. The dog is safe back there. He wanted to look out the window. He knows how to put his paws on it to look over, but he couldn't jump over it. If you want to store something in a pocket that has a sturdy snap, you should attach it inside. This really works. This company knows what is needed. We had a rental car and a Toyota truck, and neither of them had a problem.

👤The upgraded seat cover could have been better. I am not sure what upgraded means, but the mesh visual window is a nice feature so that my golden boy can receive the air from the back center vents. It could be that it has a pouch to hold necessities. I don't use that at all. If you have a large dog, I can see that being in the way. I accidentally spilled a drink on it and it cleaned up well, and left no stain. The seat part is almost an inch short of being perfect, so it needs to be widened. The side panels on my Lexus are not tall enough to protect the doors. The side panels are placed on the inside, instead of the outside. I have never had that in the other covers, so I have to stick my arm in to zip it up. The hooks that hold up the side panels seem cheap and plastic, so we will see how they hold up. This item is worth a try because some of what I mentioned may not matter to some people.

👤This is in the back of my car. The zip-up sides make my dogs hesitant to jump out. The cords that hold them up on the chicken handles are not installed by me. They can't jump up on the divider if they look into the front seat. It's a good seat cover. It's been working well for a few weeks, but we'll see how it holds up over time.

👤I have purchased dog seat covers on Amazon before. We live near the ocean and often take hikes with our two medium-sized Aussies. They could see us from the back seat, but I wanted a waterproof seat cover. The cover of our car is beige, which makes it much easier to find the seatbelts for our dogs, as they are mostly black. The mesh screen that we purchased was made of nylon and had a zip on the sides to allow us to access the dogs. The problem was that both brands had the same problem. The weak link was them. I wanted to avoid driving because the dogs had their front feet on the center console. The design so far is perfect. There is a mesh in the front that prevents them from coming up, but there is no broken zip. I like covers that have a pouch to hold a water bottle and bowls for drinks after our exercise. This product has something. The waterproof cover is a must for dogs that climb in after a walk on the wet sand or in the winter when we get wet in the rain. If we have a truly wet dog, we will only use the side zippers on the covers if there is a problem with the doors. The covers protect the seat from the dog's claws. So far, it's been highly recommended.

5. Meginc Truck Window Waterproof Hammock

Meginc Truck Window Waterproof Hammock

Pet seat covers for cars back seat are a must have accessory for your car. You can get this for your SUV or truck by clicking 'add to cart'. The dog seat cover for the F-150 and RAM 1500 is special. It's perfect for the f-150 rear seat cover. The window has side flaps that are more suitable for f 150/ ram 1500 than hammock side flaps. The dog-head pattern of the mesh window and storage bag provides better air circulation for your dog. If the dog can't see you, you can drive at ease. The dog seat cover is made of eco-friendly materials. The elasticity of the Buckle is variable. There was no smell in the high temperature environment. Take your dog for a walk. Four layers of protection are provided by the Oxford cloth material. The glue dropping design on the bottom will not fade. You can easily take your pet out for travel without worry about the bad experience caused by mud, scratches and hair. Dog truck seat cover can be wiped with a wet towel and a pet hair removal product. There is no longer a problem with stains. People and pets can sit in the back seat at the same time with the mesh window. Each function is made to be used more easily. Dog truck seat cover can be wiped with a wet towel and a pet hair removal product. There is no longer a problem with stains. People and pets can sit in the back seat at the same time with the mesh window. Each function is made to be used more easily.

Brand: Meginc

👤One of my pups threw up and it was easy to clean, but it did not leak through to our seat. It's best to fit the entire seat. It did not stay in the windows to cover the door completely. Our dogs don't scratch a lot. It covers without problems when you zip up the sides. I would recommend this product.

👤The cover for my truck seat is nice. The seat and my dog are protected.

👤It works perfectly for my 2012 F-150. I leave it in there because it's not our primary dog transport vehicle. It was a great purchase.

👤I bought a cheaper cover before this one. This one is very nice. It looks like it was made for my truck. It is easy to install and remove.

👤My dog is able to move around freely because it fits my truck seat perfectly.

👤The dog had a hard time staying on the seat. He couldn't see out the windows when I lifted the seats. This is a compromise. It was well made. We love it.

👤It's easy to use and vacuums easily.

👤It worked well for our labrador puppy.

6. Motor Trend M284 Waterproof Neoprene

Motor Trend M284 Waterproof Neoprene

It is easy to wash and install. If you want to see how easy it is to clean a car seat for a dog, you should have him roll around in the grass and dirt. The cover is waterproof. It's great for dogs that shed a lot because hair doesn't stick to it so it's easy to wipe off. Buckle the straps around your head and put the seat anchors in. These are the perfect seat covers for your new car, or even a car that is just new-to-you. They offer full seat protection against spills and stains in your vehicle. It is important to know that your front seats are protected in the event of an accidental spill. The inside of their covers are lined with waterproof neoprene foam. BREATHABLE MATERIAL is specially selected for maximum comfort. The Poly blend outer material they use has a high level of ventilation. The best investment for a new vehicle is easy installation. The Installation Guide will show you how to cover your front seats. Their seat covers are designed to fit most vehicles. You can see their images for fitment examples. There may be more work required to create a perfect fit. Their seat covers are designed to fit most vehicles. You can see their images for fitment examples. There may be more work required to create a perfect fit.

Brand: Motor Trend

👤I kept these things for my Toyota Tundra, but every time I see them, I wonder why. The fit has to not be wrapped around the seat because of the airbags in the seats of some models, which makes them fit like a poor fitting bag thrown on the seat to protect me from spilling coffee. I give it 2 stars because if I pull it tight every few trips, it will prevent coffee spills, but not what you would want in a late model vehicle - it would be a serious downgrade in interior appearance. They still look terrible. I'm updating this post with more information, including a picture of the everyday fit on a Tundra that unless you pull it tight before you get in every time, this is the awesome look you get. Also decided to update this because the manufacturer/dealer/ or a company involved with keeping their ratings nice and happy decided to call me and bug me on the phone about my initial review. Here you go for the hard work, a picture to show your product, and a 1 star that it deserves instead of the initial 2 stars.

👤I only had this product for a month. The decorative stitch is unraveling. We only use it on our second vehicle twice a week. I would like a replacement or refund.

👤The material is not as thin as I expected and it doesn't fit around the sides of my truck seats, but I like the color and it is thinner than I expected. I need to wrap the back of the seat in some clips so that it fits better. See the pictures. The fit and thinness of the material made the product not good. The manufacture could have used a heavier material to make these fit better with straps and clips around the back. They tightened things up after buying some sheet clips.

👤The seat cover doesn't stay in place. We tried it on cloth seats, but it didn't work out. The front seat of our vehicle has only 2 straps, and they don't wrap around it. The straps are not high enough on the back rest to keep it in place. It isn't very water proof. It was tested with a damp butt. If you buy this, you will need to sew in more straps. We missed the return window because of this gift. It is comfortable when you can put it in place.

👤This was supposed to fit a Honda Pilot. The cover won't fit in the seats. The seat is solid all the way to the floor and the strap cannot go under it because it is too narrow. The seat cover would cover the seat controls if it stayed over the bottom edges of the seat. The description and pictures in the ad were not enough for me to know if it would fit my vehicle.

👤I buy low grade seat covers because I have a dirty job. These are the best I have found so far. It is much easier to install than any other pairs I have owned. They have a small foam piece that slides in between the crease of your seats and prevents the cover from sliding. The sliding around on my seat covers was annoying. I wish they came in grey, I am sure that the black will show more dirt than my old ones, but so far that is the only complaint I have.

7. Carseat Windows Breathable Carrying Stretchy

Carseat Windows Breathable Carrying Stretchy

The baby's body metabolism is strong, so it is easy to sweat and feel hot. They use soft fabric with 100% air permeability, and they also design a ventilating net in the structure so that the baby can stay in a more ventilated car cover. The first layer can insulate summer heat and prevent strangers from looking at your baby. The second is designed for air movement. The third makes you close with your baby so that they feel safe. The design of the storage bag for the car seat cover was added to make it easy to store things. After they received feedback from consumers that the handle was loose, they contacted the factory to upgrade the product. The upgraded handle is reinforced with 3 stitches to make sure it won't loosen or fall off. They are a company with public welfare feelings, and the workers in their cooperative factory are all dumb. If their products are faulty, they can give you a 60 day return. They hope your shopping experience is enjoyable. They are a company with public welfare feelings, and the workers in their cooperative factory are all dumb. If their products are faulty, they can give you a 60 day return. They hope your shopping experience is enjoyable.

Brand: Primlect

👤I was looking for the perfect all-around carseat cover and found this gem. Everything was perfect; from the adorable pattern, to the plush material inside the cover, to the thoughtful pattern configuration, to the reinforced stitching for the handle straps, it was perfect. This is worth every single penny, and the seller was 888-609- 888-609- 888-609-. I am very pleased with this cover. This is going to be the best cover of the season. I can hang my fan on the handle during the summer.

👤The mesh window has a peek window that can be used at the same time as the picture window, but it doesn't have a zip on it. You have to choose one snap at a time and this is not advertised. The peek window doesn't cover the entire bottom so air gets in to my baby. I can't afford to have my baby get sick in Chicago because of the cold. It will be great for summer but not ideal for winter. Will be buying somewhere else. There is an update. I reached out to the seller because I paid for a product and I expect to use it. They told me that the one I received was not an updated version of the one they sent me. I received another one very quickly and I am happy with this one. The seller was very accommodating and willing to help.

👤I am very pleased with this cover. The material is stretchy and soft and the patterns are vivid. The mosquito net is great, it protects my car seat from the wind, and it fits my car seat perfectly. The window makes it easier for you to check on your baby, while also keeping them away from people. It is good for both summer and winter use. I like the small pouch that I can just pack the cover in when I'm not using it, and I love that it's machine washable. It covers the entire car seat. It's easy to put on and take off. Soft and warm. It could be put into its own pouch. There is a mosquito net. It is machine washed. There were no cons. If I have to say anything, it's important that it's washed before touching yourself or your baby. I don't think that's a problem because you should always wash the new item before using it. Excellent purchase. I think it's really good.

👤I bought the Primect's cover as a gift for a new mom, but I wanted to make sure it worked with the Doona's infant car seat. I bought this, opened the box and tried it on the car seat, it fit the cart exactly as the ad said. I can't compare the two covers because they look the same. The pattern you prefer and the fact that the seat has a storage bag are differences. I will update my rating if there is a change to my rating.

👤A good quality car seat cover. I was pleasantly surprised that the inside was a soft material. I like that it holds my seat in place so it doesn't blow around when it's windy. The fold back flap to see baby is nice, and has snaps to hold it in place when not in use. I've used other car seat covers, but this one is better.

8. Jeep Backpack Convenient Airport Carrier

Jeep Backpack Convenient Airport Carrier

ULTIMATE PROTECTION: The All Encompassing Travel Bag protects against dirt and damage when on the go. CONVENIENT ESSENTIALS: Extra items are also available in a convenient pocket. The Easiest way to carry a Wheeled Car Seat Travel Bag is with an Elveated Wheel Platform. Bag's side pocket is where your hands are located when both are occupied. It is designed to fit all sizes of car seats, baby and infant carriers. It is designed to fit all sizes of car seats, baby and infant carriers.

Brand: Jeep

👤I bought this for a solo airplane trip with my baby. The product was low to the ground and the wheels were small, so I was not sure how well it would work. It had to be the right angle to roll well. It was big for my car seat, but I was traveling with a smaller one. After I returned home from the airports, I noticed that the fabric was rubbing against the ground too much. The product didn't last an entire trip for me.

👤Very useful. I was able to put some items in the bag on the seat, which was very convenient, because it was easy to fit it on my seat. It's much easier to wheel the seat through the airport than to carry it. I took my 11-month old with me and carried a backpack diaper bag. The wheels on this bag made it easy to carry. I've recommended this bag many times. The bag wore out when the seat and bag wouldn't fit through the machine at the security checkpoint. The bag was torn after a 20-minute delay to get our belongings, and the zip was broken when we got home. Since we stopped babywearing, we use a backpack style bag that allows us to push a stroller and pull our other bags.

👤I bought it for a recent trip and was very happy with it. It's easy to fit our car seat with the size. The shoulder straps seem sturdy and worked well. The bag is easy to roll with the wheels. We used this for a trip that only had 2 flights. The cup holders were on the car seat and I noticed some small holes when we pulled the bag off the baggage claim. The fabric has holes. I'll be patching them and using the bag again. I'm worried about another trip.

👤Why didn't I get a bag with wheels? This is a great way to keep your car seat clean. It's cheaper to rent a car seat from a rental car company than it is to bring the car seat with you. They average $12 per day. This thing paid for itself in one trip. You can keep any extra items in the car seat bag and check it out.

👤It was used for a flight from Cali to Vegas. It only tore in the corner, but my car seat has no damage. It was the only thing that sucked. The thing was heavy and awkward. It needs 4 wheels and a handle that extends like a suitcase.

👤Good quality. It has a smell but not a strong one. It's easy to use for me, but not for my husband. He doesn't drag it by the wheels. I wish it had wheels on all corners. It has a handle on top, 2 zippers, and aremovable straps. There is a zip pocket on one of the sides.

👤The bag is difficult to carry with two people traveling with a small child and three other bags, and it is even harder to carry as a backpack. There was a hole in the bottom. The bag should have wheels at the bottom. I don't understand why the wheels are in the front, you're pulling the bag behind them.

9. Yoofoss Carseat Canopies Protect Carrier

Yoofoss Carseat Canopies Protect Carrier

The car seat cover with elastic bands at the bottom protects your baby from the elements and cold weather. The nylon car seat cover blocks wind and rain. Soft fleece cover keep out the cold, way more convenient than keeping a blanket on, and more comfortable than wearing a coat or snowsuit. The smart design of the car seat carrier makes it easy to secure a baby in the car seat carrier without taking the cover off. The patented carseat cover for baby boy and girl fits in your baby car seat in seconds. napping is a necessity A great baby shower choice. Provide carrier products that meet parents' travel needs as well as 100% satisfaction service. Provide carrier products that meet parents' travel needs as well as 100% satisfaction service.

Brand: Yoofoss

👤My baby was born in January and needed something warm. It keeps her warm.

👤I love this cover. It's a perfect fit for my carrier. It has a modern look and is not like the old covers with a circle for the face opening. Putting a baby in and out is easy with the full carrier opening. I was worried it would fall on his face. There is plenty of room. The material is very soft. Such a great purchase! I recommend this to all mothers.

👤This product is not bad, but it's probably not my first choice. I think my first choice would have been one that has a flap coming down or it zips at the top. I don't like the magnetic part because he can push it off of him when he stretches. I should've picked the one that I had before. There is a This one is not bad. If it's not a particular car seat, you will have to change it to the top and bottom because I don't like the magnetic part.

👤If you don't have one of these for your car seat, you need to get one. Absolutely game changing. Everyone is jealous of it. It's possible to fit a nice warm blanket underneath it for extra warmth when it's cold. The baby is in a car seat.

👤I was excited when it arrived but I had to put it on my stroller because it didn't fit and I tried different ways of fitting it, but nune worked with my Graeco snugride 35. I will be going back on a hunt.

👤It depends on the carseat, but I could not go over the carrying bar like shown in pictures, and it does snug against the seat perfectly. The inside is soft and fuzzy, and the outside is waterproof, which is perfect for areas with a lot of snow. The pocket on it is good for wipes and other snow items.

👤I really liked the cover when I first got it, but after 3-4 months, I am really disappointed with how much it has changed. I pull the fuzz off my 4 month old's hands and mouth. It is sticking to clothing and making a mess. I wouldn't recommend this anymore. I really like this cover. It fits on my car seat, keeps baby warm, and has the option to leave the face exposed. I wish the magnets held the top flap were stronger, but I still love it.

👤My daughter is nice and warm. She likes to hold the soft material in her hands.

10. FH Group FB351BLACK102 Seatbelt Compatible

FH Group FB351BLACK102 Seatbelt Compatible

It's convenient and easy to clean. The seat cover is 54" W x 58" L and made of high quality polyester which gives it a comfortable feeling. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth. There are two bucket covers and two separate headrest covers. The stitching technique that allows the side airbag to inflate upon impact is officially tested. It won't stop your side airbags from inflating. The back of the seat is made of stretchy fabric and has an opening pocket. The materials are made from a Breathable high quality fabric that is easy to clean and air dry. It protects your car seats from dirt and wear. It is only suitable for vehicles with a seat belt. The seatbelt is compatible with the side zip. It is only suitable for vehicles with a seat belt. The seatbelt is compatible with the side zip.

Brand: Fh Group

👤I have ordered 4 sets of 4 and they are all priced between 75.00 and 75.00 a set. This set worked on my Suburban. It's difficult to find a fit for these built in seatbelts car seats. It was not impossible to fit all the electronics under the seat. I'm happy to find a set that works and feels good. Side air bags are also rated. I bought mine with the warehouse deals from Amazon and I could not see anything wrong with it.

👤These fit my car perfectly. They are a little thin, but they look great when put on. They don't look cheap. I have had my seat covers for almost two years and they have lasted this long. I am buying a new set just to change the colors because they would last many more years. Other reviewers gave one star because they couldn't put them on trailblazers because the headrests didn't come off. They're dumb and rude for giving 1 star because you just need to press the button and poke a pin in and the headrests come off. They fit just fine. If you want a slightly different interior, I would recommend these. They kept the spills out of my seats.

👤It wasn't as easy to install as expected. They do not fit my truck even after I input all correct truck data into the Amazon garage and get approval for them to fit my truck model and year. The manufacturers know that some bucket seats have fold down armrests, but they don't make allowances for a work-around. After fitting the seat cover, they suggest you remove the armrest with a small screw. It is not possible to remove the armrest. The covers don't fit right. I could make it work because of the material. The manufacturers know that these vehicles come with different headrests and separate covers for them. The seat cover does not have a provision for the insert of the headrest posts. They recommend you cut your own holes after positioning the seat back cover. The material is easy to cut and forgives, according to the description. You should be careful where you cut your holes. It looked like the best place for the holes to be was on the stretchy fabric going down the back side of the seat. The wrong place to put the holes. The back fabric is stretchy and hard to run in. I decided to put the holes for the headrest on the front panel of the second seat because it was a better location. It would have been easy for them to put that in the instructions, but they didn't. I don't know if the integrity of the stretchy fabric will last and if it will last on the driver's seat, the most used seat in the vehicle. The attached elastic loops that are supposed to hold down the sides of the bottom seat section are useless on the driver's side because of the electronics in the seat blocking any path for them to hook on to something. They look good for inexpensive seat covers. One day without Prime was affordable shipping. Installation took over an hour even after installing the same brand on our other truck first. The quality of fabric is not a perfect fit for a pickup truck, not a luxury sedan. Instructions leave a lot to be desired. If they don't tell you anything you need to know, why include them. There is a plastic case with two handles. It will be thrown in the garbage and end up in the landfill. They would prefer to put the money into better quality covers. It's not easy to remove some headrests. There is a small hole on the top of the seat. I used a small allen wrench. It's easier on the driver's seat. The passenger seat has a seatbelt in the way so a tool with a 90 degree angle is better than a straight tool.

11. Aierxuan Waterproof Protectors Universal Mitsubishi

Aierxuan Waterproof Protectors Universal Mitsubishi

DEFINE YOURSELF. You can change the look of your car with a variety of colors. Feel free to contact them for support if you need it. 99% of cars are suitable for the Two Line Zipper, which is designed to fit 50, 40, 60, 40, split rear benches. High grade leather materials are used for maximum comfort during your drive. It is easy to clean and waterproof. The seat cover has rich vision with stitching. It adds a splash of color to your interior and protects your seat. There are compatible absorbers. The air bag will not be blocked since they have kept enough space for it, and two pockets on the front seat back are convenient for storing small stuff. It is easy to install, just 25 minutes. Installation instructions are included in the package. It will not slide after installation. It is easy to install, just 25 minutes. Installation instructions are included in the package. It will not slide after installation.

Brand: Aierxuan

👤I was hesitant to buy them because they were so much money. I decided to buy them after reading the reviews. I was going to send them back for the smallest of improvements, but I ended up loving them. They fit the seats well and are comfortable. The directions were very good. There is a If you're thinking about buying them, just do it.

👤When my son went to put on the back seat covers, he realized he was supposed to remove the bench seat which he was not willing to do. I agreed. We put them on the seats because few people ride in my back seat, but I was not happy with that. The front fit well and looked comfortable. I was concerned that the covers on the car wouldn't affect the air bag since they were installed properly, but I was reassured by the dealer that since the back of the seats were covered, it wouldn't affect the air bag. My money was immediately returned by the seller.

👤I reached out to the seller to see if it would fit my vehicle and was told it would. It was difficult to return a huge box with two kids and masks to the store. The seller should have looked into it before saying it fits my vehicle. The covers are thick and high quality.

👤So far, so good. It has only been a few hours. The back seat headrest covers are attached to the top cover, which I didn't like. If people need to adjust their head rest, this isn't a low for them. I'm afraid that the stitching will be damaged or undone. It makes my car look organized. I drive a car that fits well. I am able to install the booster seat on any side or in the middle. That was important to me. Will investigate, but don't know about the warranty yet. Will update in a few months.

👤The seat covers are great. Definitely recommend buying. Quality is worth the money spent. Instructions on how to install were included in the zip bag. Absolutely love them. They are a dark black and nice red, but I picked them up on my phone as a gray. I gave them a 4 star because they are not a perfect fit for my car, but they are good enough to fit in my car and look good. A universal seat cover. It is really great. My husband got them for me. Aierxuan 5 car seat covers are waterproof.

👤We want to make sure the captain seats are covered for our new car. We ordered one set first because we were a little worried about how it would fit in the second row. We were surprised at how nice it was. It is very easy to install. The video is helpful. It took me about 10 minutes to put them on. The covers look nice. It fits perfectly. It is very easy to install. I put the cover on and the dog jumped in the car, leaving a muddy print. It is easy to clean. I like how it covers the side. A plus for dog owners. The front row of the 2021, Subaru Ascent 2nd row has a headrest cover, which is not a big deal to me. The cover needs to be folded a little bit to fit the hand grab next to the captain seat. There is a If you are putting this on your 2nd row, I want to mention the main thing. You have a car seat. The seller could pre-cut 2 holes for people who need to install a car seat. That's a good thing. The second row has a car seat. There are no holes in the middle of the cover that will allow you to install your car seats without difficulty. Since we are keeping them, we cut 2 holes on the cover to make sure the car seat is tight. An extra step is not hard to do. We ordered a new set for our seats.


What is the best product for zip up car seat cover?

Zip up car seat cover products from Lassie. In this article about zip up car seat cover you can see why people choose the product. Car Pass and Dkiigame are also good brands to look for when you are finding zip up car seat cover.

What are the best brands for zip up car seat cover?

Lassie, Car Pass and Dkiigame are some of the best brands that chosen by people for zip up car seat cover. Find the detail in this article. Urpower, Meginc and Motor Trend are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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