Best Zip Up Car Seat Cover Baby

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1. Dear Baby Gear Canopy Woodland

Dear Baby Gear Canopy Woodland

Privacy feature protects your baby from weather, bright light, and strangers. Can be used as a nursing cover. It's 37 inches x 29 inches. The cotton is printed with 100% Minky Polyester. Machine wash gentle cycle, cold water, mild detergent safe for baby skin. Remove the low heat quickly. Don't Press or Iron. Don't dry clean.

Brand: Dear Baby Gear

👤I'm not sure why a star rating is needed for a product that isn't really a feature. The car seat cover is cute. I wish the sides were equal in size, I love the slit with the buttons. The back is short and can fall if you move anything around it, which is kind of a cluster mess. If I could choose, I'd go for the old one where the sides were a bit more equal. I don't live in a place that is very windy because the wind picks it up easily. Again, that is not a huge negative and I don't like it because of that. If I lived somewhere else, it would be something to consider.

👤It is worth the cost for a baby. It keeps the baby warm. He is warm and cozy in his car seat when I check on him. It is long enough to overlap the car seat and keep the draft away. The design is thick and soft. The material is not cheap, but it is easy to install in a car seat. It is thick cotton. I recommend to buy a baby registry or add it to your own.

👤I took my chances despite the reviews about it not fitting carseats. We have a very large britax carseat and it fits perfectly. The fabric was a little disappointing. I thought the outside white layer would be soft like a baby blanket and that it was flat cotton like sheet material. It is cute and makes the inside of the carseat very dark which is half of the reason I wanted it.

👤The grey colors on the blanket are not grey, they are plaid. The material of the blanket is so soft and warm that I am slightly frustrated over the color. I love the blanket, but I'm disappointed in the colors.

👤I was not happy with the purchase. The blanket is very small. The grey material is very thin and shaggy. The stitching is not straight in the photos. The cotton is made in China.

👤My baby car seat is weird. The short piece was too short when the handle was straight up. It was awkward to carry the carseat with the handle lower in order to keep the baby covered. It was very soft and cute.

👤My son and daughter in law's baby won't be using the car seat for 4 more months, but it does fit on the fabric, which is exactly what they are going for. Time will tell how it holds up. I like the fabric on the inside and outside. It has a zip instead of ties.

👤Poor quality, not worth the price. I thought it would be soft since it's made with minku maternial. The silk trim is not of good quality. It is made with cheap material. It is not worth more than $12 at Walmart.

👤I thought the blanket would be made with a thicker material.

2. Stretchy Breathable Windproof Universal Patented

Stretchy Breathable Windproof Universal Patented

The baby car seat covers fit in just seconds. It creates a nice environment. It's perfect for napping during outings. AJUSTABLE OPENING allows the mom to take a peek at the baby without taking the baby car seat covers off. You can change the light, temperature, and visibility of the infant car seat covers. It's easy to fit and it's universal. Most baby car seats have stretch fabric and snaps. Infant car seat covers are kept in place by snaps. The space saver pouch has a head flap that can be used for easy storage. A hanging loop makes a portable easy carry. ACRABROS versatile baby car seat cover is a perfect gift for a baby shower, a mom-to-be or a new mom. It will become the most loved essential for mothers. ACRABROS versatile baby car seat cover is a perfect gift for a baby shower, a mom-to-be or a new mom. It will become the most loved essential for mothers.

Brand: Acrabros

👤I am in love with it. The material is high quality. It is thick to keep my baby warm. There is no hole at the sides. The air can be allowed in with the zipper. There is a button on the top. It fits my car seat well. I like the pouch that I can put the canope in when I don't use it. It was worth the money.

👤I love this cover. The material is stretchy and not too thin and the colors are vivid. I want a shirt made out of it. It's perfect for a winter in the south. My baby doesn't like being in hot clothing and blankets. This is perfect! I can cover the baby in a blanket and hat when it is cold outside because it blocks out all air. It works for my Graco click connect car seat. It's worth every penny for winter babies.

👤I am very happy with this cover. It's flu season in Texas. These are perfect for my two infants. I have a graco snugride. I don't have to change my cover. I can either zip up or leave open. The babies fit in the opening. The material moves with ease. A very satisfied customer. I have had some time. The covers went over the handle. I came back. This is a great product. A baby is at a doctor's office. I'm so glad I was able to seal him up. It's a good thing.

👤The car seat handles are used to cover the whole car seat. Some car seat covers do not hug the car seat's self without using the handle and are right in babies face. It's water proof. It's easy to carry the carseat. It's easy to put a baby in a car-seat and leave it on. It's. Warm. It's easy to take off and put it back on. If you take it off, you can put it into its own bag, which looks nice and tidy. It has mosquito nets. Sometimes. I wish I could secure the bottom part with a stretchy band, but it slips off the bottom. The covers that attach only to the car seat base are the best because they don't cause the cover to slip off when you adjust the car seat handle. The tent type is better.

👤So great! The pattern is thick and stretchy. I wish the mosquito net had an elastic band on the bottom to help keep it from taunting me. Would definitely recommend! I think it is good for both summer and winter use.

👤The fabric is stretchy and warm and it's also soft. I can get the baby in and out without having to remove the cover, and most of the handle is exposed for a secure grip, because the hole is wide. There is no problem with the canopy on the carseat. I leave it up to make the cover better. I am very pleased with this product.

👤I like the fact that it's easy to put on, and that it's not hard to use over time because of the wetness. My baby is protected from the wind and snow and even light rain. One woman I passed by at the hospital put a hold on the elevator and I've had tons of praise for it. She could ask me about the cover and take a picture of it. She could get one as well, since I pulled it up on my Amazon orders so she could be sure to get the same one.

3. JJ Cole Seat Cover Black

JJ Cole Seat Cover Black

The baby is protected. To protect your baby from the elements and low temperature, stretch over your baby carrier or stroller. Blanket style design is weather-resistant nylon and soft fleece, which keep out the cold in place of a bulky jacket. Adapt to the weather by opening the flap or removing the top completely, it's thermostat control is for toddler carrier and standard-sized baby strollers with an elasticized outer band. There are car seat covers for the winter. There are different styles of seat covers with different colors and patterns. The style is utility, sophistication, and style. Their goal is to provide products that are relevant to busy parents. The cover is machine washed. The style is utility, sophistication, and style. Their goal is to provide products that are relevant to busy parents. The cover is machine washed.

Brand: Jj Cole

👤It's perfect for a winter newborn. It protects the baby from the cold and protects him from the wind. I put iron on the Velcro to keep it from blowing open, and now it is perfect. I used to blow it open and expose the baby to the cold in Cleveland, where the wind chill is below zero at times.

👤I ordered a car seat cover on Amazon. I could compare their other features and see what fit best. I always feel like I need to see it in person to know if I like it or not. I thought this would be the one I would keep. It is soft in the inside and out, flexible and not stiff, and the flap folds down and stays down as you need it to. It all seems really cozy and works well. The fit of the Nuna Pipa is different than the one on my car seat. I didn't think either would work because I didn't know how to fit it in the car seat. I figured out that I could pull the hood all the way back and attach the cover to the car seat, then pull the hood back up. The cover of the car is loose and there are gaps on the side where the handle is. It doesn't stay in place around the elastic siding when I open it. The Skip Hop cover is completely secure. The top of the baby's face is large. The Skip Hop opening is better. The entire opening is lined with fur if you adjust it and secure the flaps. This cover is great. The fit was too loose for me and the opening was too large for a baby's face, so there was no way to adjust it.

👤I ordered this for my LO's stroller. I had to modify the hood in order to use it. This is a great product.

👤I have a keyfit30 and it fits perfectly and my baby is warm in the cooler months. The cover can fit over my car seat and it's not necessary to take the shade off. The cover is easy to wipe off. The baby is getting too hot. Just open the side to get more air flow. Is it raining, snowing or windy? I cover the baby when I go through a parking lot. The only negative thing about this cover is that it has a part in the front where the car seat clicks into the stroller or car base. You just have to be aware and not pull it completely over when you are trying to click the seat in, since you should be checking to make sure it clicks in anyway. This car seat cover is very good.

👤The packaging for this was good. It's very easy to install and it doesn't interfere with the straps of the car seat. The inside fabric is soft and warm and it is a nice windbreaking material. The car seat is opened completely by the zip of the zip. The track snugride 35 infant seat has a small gap on both sides where the handle for the car seat is attached. I use this for my baby and she has been very warm this winter. I love that it protects her from the wind and that it can also be used as a coverup for breastfeeding.

4. Bark Lover Covers Hammock Trucks

Bark Lover Covers Hammock Trucks

It is possible to last a LIFETIME and WATERPROOF. The seat cover of your Bark Lover dog car is made from advanced functional fabric, which is 5 times more strong than cotton and twice as strong as 600D oxford polyester, so it is not easily torn or worn by large dogs. The hammock and cargo cover are used as a bench car seat cover and keep your car clean and your dog comfortable. Kids and dogs can share the back seats of your car with the help of middle zip. It's possible for all car models to be in the same truck size. The back seats of most cars and SUVs are universal in size. BMW Honda Jeep, Mazda Nissan, Toyota, Lexus, Ford, and others. It is easy to install and clean: zip up door guard with strap, push anchors through seat gaps, and loop durable straps around headrests. It's easy to machine wash. You can always be prepared to hit the road with your pet. Happy travel with your pets. Pets are on a road. The best protection to your car is provided by the Bark Lover car seat cover. Get the best car seat protectors even if you don't know what they are. The customer service team always gives you satisfactory service.

Brand: Bark Lover

👤I searched for a waterproof seat cover because I have a dog that gets carsick. When my dog vomited it passed through the cover and into my carseat, even though the waterproof liner was highlighted. There was a leak stain underneath every vomit spot. Very disappointed! If you want a waterproof cover, do not buy. I will request a refund.

👤This fits a Dodge Ram. It's the only one that measures the entire width of the seat. The photo shows that it was turned around backwards in order to allow for the air conditioner vent in the back of the console, but also to allow a front viewing space which kept our dog more satisfied without being in the front seat. The pockets are great for holding treats, a collapsible water bowl, and a leash. The quality is very good and we will get a long life from it. The top is very durable and will most likely stand up to toenails, and there is a backing on the seat that prevents it from sliding. Our dog is somewhat pampered. I put his bed in the back and it stayed in place. I am very satisfied with this seat cover. I haven't found any issues with it.

👤The seat cover was easy to get into and out of the car. The seat was protected well. The attachment belts crumbled in my hands after I bought this in December 2019. There is no way to keep it in place. I can't believe it would fall apart so quickly. I don't take my dog everywhere I go, so it was rarely used.

👤I decided to go with Barklovers hammock because of the great reviews and the fact that it was the only hammock I could find that was durable. The item was packaged in a bag. I would relate to a possible defect or weight pressure on the hammock if the zipper in the middle broke after 7x of use. The dog is 50 lbs. I decided to email Barklovers and explain the situation, and within 24 hours a new hammock was being shipped to me free of charge. I have been using the hammock with my dog and it has not been a problem. It's refreshing to work with a company that cares about their customers, and I highly recommend this item. This is a great hammock. My husband's Ram 2500 cab is protected by the largest size which fits perfectly. This item is in the back of my jeep grand cherokee to help other find out what size to buy.

👤It was easy to put it in my car, but it kept dog hair out of my car. My dog has a thick coat that is blonde in color. There was no dog hair on my black interior. If there is dirt or mud on the seat cover, you can wipe it down with a handheld dust buster, but I only use it to remove hairs from the seat cover. It fit my Honda HR-V perfectly, I used it normally and not as the hammock because my dog doesn't care for the hammock, but either way it is easy to install. This seat cover is very good.

5. WeeSprout Car Seat Covers Babies

WeeSprout Car Seat Covers Babies

The Modal and Spandex are 95 percent Lenzing. The WeeSprout car seat cover blocks out the sun to give your baby rest and relaxation. The cover is easy to slip over. It slips on and off for busy mothers. It's easy to check on your baby with the open space at the top of the car seat cover. The design makes it easy to access the car seat handles. There is a multi-use cover for mothers. Use their covers over baby seats, strollers, shopping carts, high chairs, and changing tables to protect them from the elements. It's double as a nursing cover for moms who prefer more privacy. On chilly days, they can be used as a light blanket. Their baby seat cover protects your child from the sun, cold, wind, and even a light rain when used over a baby car seat or stroller. It provides a clean surface for shopping carts, high chairs, and changing tables. The lightweight fabric is good for the planet. It keeps your baby comfortable. It is machine and dryer friendly. Their cover provides maximum privacy when used as a nursing cover. You and your baby are comfortable. You can wear it as a scarf or shawl with your choice of fashionable colors and patterns. It's also a great baby shower gift. They're 100% confident that you'll love your baby car seat cover. They will work with you to make sure you are satisfied if you don't like your purchase. They're 100% confident that you'll love your baby car seat cover. They will work with you to make sure you are satisfied if you don't like your purchase.

Brand: Weesprout

👤The car seat cover is soft. I can't wait to use it as a nursing cover and a car seat cover. The product stretches well to fit over our car seat and the color is the same as pictured. Since we live in Florida, we can avoid sweating more than we already do since the fabric is a little thin. I recommend this product to anyone in the market for a car seat cover that will double as a nursing cover. Even though the fabric is light, it will still heat up inside. Don't use for long periods of time.

👤I am expecting my first baby and have seen products like this used for nursing covers and car seat covers and thought it looked perfect. I liked the design and decided to purchase it. The material was soft and stretchy. I had an unfortunate section of fabric that had numbers written in orange on it, like it was from the end of the fabric bolt. I reached out to the company to let them know that the product was perfect and that I could get over it. I received a message back within an hour and had a replacement at my doorstep two days later. I am very happy with their prompt response and kindness, and I will definitely recommend the company to friends and family as we get to know parenthood! All the way around.

👤There is a cute pattern on the cover. It's not very thick but it keeps the wind out of my baby's mouth. It doesn't seem stretched out after use. I received one from a different company and it almost fell off the seat. This one is better.

👤If you need to go out with your babies, you should use a soft, lightweight mask.

👤It was perfect! It works great as a car seat cover, but I don't know how to use it as a breastfeeding cover. We haven't been able to use the car seat for a while because my baby grew out of it quickly.

👤I bought this as a spare for my daughter in law because she loved the more expensive one we purchased. She loves this one more than the cover. She loves the print. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤It works well with my car seat. It covers well and I like using it at a cover while feeding. I have washed it a few times and it has stayed the same.

👤It's great as a car seat cover because it blocks the harsh sunlight. I could not enjoy it as much as a nursing cover. I don't like the idea of not being able to see the baby easily. The material is very soft.

6. Petech Waterproof Scratchproof Hammock Protection

Petech Waterproof Scratchproof Hammock Protection

We know the importance of the waterproof for dog back seat cover. The dog car seat was made of upgraded grid pattern with a water- resistant coating and hot pressing technology instead of quilting, it also used a needle hole to avoid leaking water. The cheap dog back seat cover ruins your seats. The Petech dog seat cover with mesh window is a great way to improve air circulation in the summer and winter. Make sure your dog is warm and cool. The visible window allows your dog to see you, it helps your dog reduce anxiety, and it helps your dog remain calm when traveling. The perfect size of 54"W x 58"L is perfect for different vehicles. Supplies your pets with comfort while keeping your vehicle interior safe from scratches, fur, and urine. It's perfect for protecting from baby car seats. It can protect the back seat from spills. The dog car hammock protects your dog from injury when the emergency brake and turn, and you will be less distracted as a driver. The side flaps make it difficult for dogs to get to the floor of the car. The hair and dirt on the car seat covers for dogs will stay on the surface of the seat, so it won't hurt the leather bench when the dog jumps in. There is a pocket for storing personal items. You can easily install this car seat cover for dogs in seconds with 2 quick release buckles, 4 sets of straps and 2 seat anchors. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth, vacuum or water shower.

Brand: Peticon

👤I have tried many times to get the seller to sell this product, but they have not responded. The seller doesn't back up the product after 30 days since the return window is closed, so do not recommend him. There are many competitors that offer the same product and better customer service. VISION! The seller contacted me and apologized for sending me another seat cover.

👤My dog always slips between the door and seat. She seems to be more comfortable with the sides enclosed. I have been to many of these hammocks and this one is my favorite. I like how thick it is and the right portion is great if you have a human passenger. The mess middle is a great place for her to see me. My boy doesn't care either way. He just sits and looks out the window. I hope this one doesn't rip at the front seam like my other two sellers did. It won't allow me to change my pics. I live how easy it is to remove the fur from it. The fur would be put into the fabric. This one is my favorite.

👤This dog seat cover is very nice. The seat cover would be better for someone with a bigger backseat. The cover on my Nissan is loose but still does everything it is supposed to. I like how it looks and feels.

👤I bought a new car and wanted to keep my seats nice. I needed something better than just a sheet because my mastiff mix can rip through sheets with his toenails. I decided to give this cover a try. It's easy to install, no matter what kind of car you have. It feels very strong. It will be easy to wipe clean. It comes up the sides to cover the doors. It's a small price to pay for having the doors covered, and you can use the cover without zipping up the sides, but it's one of the drawbacks, it's the smallest pain in the rear to let your dog out, but it's a small price to I recommend this to all dog owners.

👤The quilted design on the waterproof fabric looks nice and is distinctive, it's padded without being too thin or too thick, and it seems durable. The side flaps that clip into place using the grab handles above the rear doors on the interior of the car protect the doors from scratches and slobber, and I love them. It has rubber handles between the rear seat panels to keep it in place while I drive my dog around. The mesh panel in the front of it makes it easier for my dogs to see me while I drive. A great product!

👤I own a Nissan Xterra. Very active outdoors. I had to modify the back seat head rest because it wasn't compatible with the product. It's easy to install on the front seats. It's a bit loose and doesn't come up to the top of my seat. About halfway done. The underside of the seat belts has a part that is coming off in about the same amount of time as the underside of the Velcro strips. My dog is 120 lbs. and rides with me every day. It has held up to the wet, sand, and dirt, but doesn't stay in place anymore and dirt and sand get on my seat. He moves around on the front side and it slides a bit. It did its job of protecting my seat, but the underneath does not hold up to a lot of use. There are a lot of black pieces on the back seat. It was amazing at first, then it fell apart. It's still usable, but not as secure. I want the dirt and sand to not get to my seat. I decided to ditch the hammock and go back to seat covers, as you can see in the pic, all of the rubber grip is worn from his daily use, it is now all over my seats and floorboards waiting to be vacuumed.

7. CarCube Protector Pockets Storage Waterproof

CarCube Protector Pockets Storage Waterproof

Seat protectors to fight scratches, dents, and dirt. It is easy to clean. The material is water resistant and has high quality. There is a flap tuck for stability, a mesh side and base pockets for extra storage, and a headrest attachment strap. There are child seat protectors against spills, leaks and diaper explosions. It is suitable for all sizes of seats. The gift is amazing for any occasion. It is suitable for all sizes of seats. The gift is amazing for any occasion.

Brand: Car Cube

👤The car seat covers are great. They fit in my car. It was easy to install. I like the fact that it is waterproof and has small pockets for stuff. Excellent customer service and fast shipping! Highly recommended.

👤I have been using this car seat protectors for a week and can say that it is a better product than my previous one. The materials are sturdy and give nice sliding protection. It is spill-proof. I have tested it. All sizes of seats will fit well because it is very wide. I recommend this product to protect your seats.

👤The seat cover keeps the seat clean from my dog. It's nice to sit on, it's not flimsy and has padding in it. I have not used it with a child seat on top.

👤I bought the car cube seat cover for my sister who just had a baby and ordered another one. It protects from spills and damage.

👤I stumbled on the car cube while searching for a car seat protectors. I think this seat protector has been sent to heaven. Hello car cube.

👤I was excited to get mine, but I found out they wouldn't fit on my seats because I don't have the top head rest like some cars do.

👤It is comfortable to sit on. The seats are kept clean and washed off easily.

👤I used it under my carseat to protect it. The pockets are not in the way of the carseat I use, the legs stick up and out more than the pockets do.

8. Cozy Cover Premium Infant Charcoal

Cozy Cover Premium Infant Charcoal

The baby is kept warm and cozy. The polar fleece warm outer shell is weather resistant and protects your child from the elements. It can be used from birth. The Premium Infant Carrier cover is their warmest. All standard baby carriages. The elasticized edge design of the 'Shower Cap' makes it easy to fit your Cozy Cover. The baby car seat has a shower cap over it. Many others do, but their cozy cover does not interfere with child safety straps. Parent's are busy, so it saves mom and dad time. Do you want to be able to get things done quickly, while keeping your baby safe, and still be able to get to work on time? The cozy cover keeps your baby warm and cozy as you are out and about without the need for a snow suit or bulky winter clothing. The cover is machine washed. There is quick and easy access to a baby. The dual zip design makes it easy to get your baby in and out of the carrier. The pull over flap protects the baby's face in unfavorable weather conditions. Trusted by over 6 mothers. The original and the best. They're proud to be able to offer the same quality of cover to families for over 25 years. A second generation of people. Trusted by over 6 mothers. The original and the best. They're proud to be able to offer the same quality of cover to families for over 25 years. A second generation of people.

Brand: Cozy Cover

👤Definitely a must have! Getting my daughter into the car seat is easy because she doesn't need a jacket or a snow jumpsuit. She is only 20 inches tall and 6ibs so this will last us a long time. It makes getting a baby in and out easy. The baby is safe from snow and wind. We don't hang out in the cold but it's great for quick outings from car to store to appointments. The chico keyfit 30 fits on our car seat. It's a nice pink color, not the neon pink that appears in the standard photos.

👤This product is great for a due date in January. I almost bought a car seat cover that went behind the baby in the car seat because I heard it worked great to keep the baby warm, but luckily I attended a hospital birth class and asked the nurse about the cover. She said those can be very dangerous. The safety straps of the car seat need to be tight to protect your baby in the event of an accident, and this cover doesn't interfere with that. Some baby products are not safe. Do your research! This works well for us. I have a 2 week old baby and I love the face flap because it seems to be very absorbent. If people can't see the baby, they don't ask to kiss the baby.

👤Why a great idea! I bought this for my grand baby who lives in the DC area. We were able to pop this on her carrier, which is a car seat and stroller accessory. It works for regular car seats, but hasn't tried that yet. The weather was in the 30s. We did not need to bundle her up with all the additional blankets and hats. The piece is lined with fleece. I was going to buy the original because of the weight difference. I thought about saving the money. I decided to play it safe as it says it is for colder areas. I didn't like the idea of covering the little face with a tab because it looked like it was going to suffocate the baby. I popped it over when we went outside. She was comfortable. I ordered a second one because we liked it so much. The combo set for the spring and summer is lighter in weight and has nets to protect against bugs. I wanted her to have a peep hole on the top so we could see her face and the sides where I have to bend down and look through the screen.

👤While we had our infant carrier, we switched to a convertible car seat because she couldn't use it. We will give this to any mom expecting a baby before the weather gets cold. There is no way to fold the zipping part so the baby is not too warm in the car. If you have heat on in your car, your baby will be very warm before you even arrive. The solution is in the cons list. It's easy to put on and take off, can do it while baby in car seat. Both my SafetyFirst and my sisters Graco infant carriers keep baby warm outside. The viewing circle has a Velcro top to keep it open. My baby thought so because he can see and also a teether. It's easy to wash and protects against rain, wind, snow. Taking it off the car seat when we got in the car helped and we put it back on the seat before we left the car. Sometimes the viewing hold wouldn't stick and the baby's face wouldn't be covered while driving, thus leading to extreme crying, and there is no velcro for the bottom part of the zip up so if baby is too warm you have to fold it and take it. The only way to remove a DVD player from a car was to put it in the trunk.

9. Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Jacket

Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Jacket

The Columbia Youth Girls' Benton Springs Full Zip fleece is soft and warm. There areANDY features. The security pockets in this jacket are for small items. ULTIMATE COMFORT: This fleece jacket is designed to give your little one the ultimate comfort and warmth during cold winter days.

Brand: Columbia

👤This is definitely a duplicate. The front of the Columbia tag is sewn on. The material doesn't feel like Columbia quality. The pink and purple are for size reference andparability.

👤The color is beautiful, but I had a problem with the size of the garment because it is not the same size as the other brands of children's clothing.

👤This has been the best little jacket. She can wear in her car seat, it is easy to get on and off, she is affordable, and she is soft for a 10 month old. I love the fact that it was lightweight and that the person who wants to button a baby's coat is the one who I love the most. We live in the US. We get cold weather, but it is not as cold as other parts of the US.

👤The lower review is not for quality or price but because I had to guess on size and got a small. Which is on the tag... I was hoping it would have been between 4t and 6/7 since I saw comments people got "3t".

👤I ordered this and a lands end hooded fleece. My daughter chose the lands end due to the softer print. Every year we have a columbia jacket. I've had them for my older daughter since she was young. My youngest will be growing up soon. They are still in good shape after being used for two years. I didn't need two of the same size, so I went with the other jacket, even though the 3T I ordered was only a tiny bit smaller than the XXS columbia.

👤This is not a 2T, it looks like it would fit a small baby. Its very short. I bought other Columbia fleeces in the same size and they were different. Its very short. This has to be a mistake. I am very disappointed. I ordered this as soon as possible so my daughter would have a warm fleece to wear. Parents, do not order this. Purchase it at the store. I stopped buying clothes for my daughter on Amazon. This needs to be a counterfit. Smh!

👤The jacket we used for our 1.5 half year old last winter was great for use with the car seats, since you have to avoid puffy jackets that can make the straps too loose. We bought another one this year because it held up all season. It is doing the same thing. It's not warm enough to play outside in the winter, but we take a different jacket if she'll be outside long. She is learning how to use the zip up and put it on herself, because she understands that this is for riding in the car and she is able to put it on herself.

👤I needed a new jack for my 9 year old. She hates wearing a coat in winter and this is the one she uses daily. I love that it is warm while being thin enough to keep her happy, while she loves the color and softness. Excellent quality! Would buy again. Maybe next time with a hood.

10. Jolly Jumper CarSeat Attached Weatherproof

Jolly Jumper CarSeat Attached Weatherproof

The blanket is shaped to swaddle the baby. The cover is water resistant. It's for most infant car seats and carriers.

Brand: Jolly Jumper

👤The name of the product was appealing to me because I live in Minnesota. I needed something to protect my 6 month old from the biting winds of the frozen wasteland that is a winter north of the wall. The cover is easy to use and it keeps my kid from becoming a princess. I use another fleece blanket inside the cover to provide her with additional insulation, even though the internal fleece blanket is a nice touch. The face cover doesn't always cover the entire opening so ice demons are able to sneak in during the occasional 60 mile per hour polar vortex shenanigans we experience here on a regular basis. If you are a parent who lives on a god forsaken barren rock of ice and snow, then you should reconsider your life choices and buy this cover now.

👤I have been researching many different baby products over the past 5 years because I want to get the best price and not settle for less, and I am a mother of 3. I live in the Northeast US and it gets really cold and the weather can change frequently and in extremes on a daily basis. Here are the brands I've used and researched extensively, and the comparisons. I would rate the one by the name of Jolly Jumper Artic the best. It's a shower cap for the infant car seat, it has a peek-a-boo flap to keep the baby's face warm, and it has an attached blanket inside to keep the baby dry. The cover can be fully opened without the need to remove the cover and baby can easily be reached. The baby is kept from over heating. The middle piece of the baby's body can be kept completely off the baby when the two zippers are opened. The blanket is nice. You can flip the blanket down away from the baby when not in use, and you can use it alone with the two zippers open on a warmer day. There is enough material on both sides of the blanket to wrap the baby around and keep them warm. Some reviewers of this carrier cover and other shower cap cover styles stated that there were gaps around the handle, this is true of mostly all the shower cap covers except you can adjust this one on the sides to cover these gaps. If the cover on your carrier cannot be adjusted to fit around the bottom of the baby's body, you can feed the baby through the gaps on the sides, as well as taking the wrap around blanket and covering the baby. The fleece is large and it keeps the infant very warm, the nylon is waterproof and it is a jacket material. This is a good carrier and worth the money. This is top notch. The carrier cover is the same as above. An excellent cover again. I would pay the extra money for theJJA just because I can use the blanket when opening the cover by the zippers, and then I can use the carrier for more protection if it is raining. You can fold the blanket and use it like aJJ. The Summer Infant Poshpouch has an opening in the top of the carseat that doesn't have a flap over the baby's face. I owned this before theJJA and there are some differences. The outer portion of the material is not waterproof, it is a fleece material, and it is thinner than nylon. The opening is large and it is not as effective in making the baby warm as it could be. In cold weather. I put a blanket on the underside of the cover and a baby warmer on the 30 degree days. I had to put a hat on and make sure the blanket was high enough to cover the baby's neck because the hole was so large. The sides of the JJ and theJJ are more gaps than the sides of the other two. The baby can only be opened with one zip up. When you want to keep the baby inside the carrier, you have to take the whole thing off to leave the baby in order to not be covered. It is difficult to get the baby out without pushing it aside. It was very frightening when I discovered that I wouldn't put my infant carseat into the holster because it wouldn't fit into the base. It was not possible to know if the carseat was partially latched or completely unlatched unless you checked to make sure it was latched in. I felt this was not right. The cover of the elastic would come up, bunch and be partially off with a gap under the baby's feet even when I tried to adjust it by pulling the bottom portion up. I paid 1/3 of the cost of the JJA. The car seat has a microfiber and fleece cover. A lot of people think this is the same price as the BC, but it is not. It is a cheap spin off of the BC. The fabric is more similar to the SP. Don't make the mistake of getting something that isn't worth the money. Microsuede is a soft fabric made from synthetic fibers that are an imitation to suede and is used in Baby's Cozy World Microfiber and Fleece Carrier cover. It seems like it is a good deal for your money, coming in around twenty dollars, which is half of theJJA. If you live in a really rainy climate, I don't think it would be as waterproof as microsuede. I am not sure how it can be that the baby's world can be reversed, but it does have a flap that goes over the infants face like the CC,JJA andJJ. The reviewer stated that the BC has pacifier clips, which would be a nice feature for toys as well, and that it is the same price as the CC. The CC and the BC have been reviewed and it was said that the zippers can be dangerous if they line up in the same place as a newborn's eyes. The zippers do not seem to reach this far with theJJ and theJJA. If it isversible, the CC and BC may have larger zippers that spin around in opposite directions. The infant can be exposed nicely when inside because of the zippers on both sides. I think the BC is a good carrier for the price, but it doesn't have a blanket feature like theJJ, which is something that I think is important. I only got about 7 months of use out of this cover due to the fact that infants tend to grow out of it very fast, so I only owned the original bundle of me. I got the toddler size after that. It is not a shower cap style carrier, it has an underside fabric to the carrier that is placed under the harness straps, and then a layer goes over the baby, and it has a zip around the bottom. I never knew that it was dangerous, and why they can sell them as carseat covers is beyond me, because if you get into an accident it will compress under the infant. There is more room between the harness and the baby. The bundle me lite's openings do not come near the hip straps of the harness, meaning they would be improper routed, thus creating slack. Here is a picture. This aftermarket product is not recommended by certified carseat technicians. If an aftermarket product is used inside the carseat between the harness and baby it will void all guarantees for safety. Not good. I had this with my first child after she was 7 months and the second child after she was 3 years old, but they wouldn't use the same reason now. It could be nice with a stroller. You need a hat and something to cover the baby's neck. I am very pleased with the blanket aspect of the product, I think it is well worth it. The baby's cozy world microfiber and fleece carrier cover is a close second for the price, but make sure it's the BC and not the CC, because it's a close second. If this review is helpful to you, you will be able to get a great product while not spending a lot of time or money on another worthless baby item, instead only getting the best for your baby, and that's what this review is about.

11. Yoofoss Carseat Canopies Protect Carrier

Yoofoss Carseat Canopies Protect Carrier

The car seat cover with elastic bands at the bottom protects your baby from the elements and cold weather. The nylon car seat cover blocks wind and rain. Soft fleece cover keep out the cold, way more convenient than keeping a blanket on, and more comfortable than wearing a coat or snowsuit. The smart design of the car seat carrier makes it easy to secure a baby in the car seat carrier without taking the cover off. The patented carseat cover for baby boy and girl fits in your baby car seat in seconds. napping is a necessity A great baby shower choice. Provide carrier products that meet parents' travel needs as well as 100% satisfaction service. Provide carrier products that meet parents' travel needs as well as 100% satisfaction service.

Brand: Yoofoss

👤My baby was born in January and needed something warm. It keeps her warm.

👤I love this cover. It's a perfect fit for my carrier. It has a modern look and is not like the old covers with a circle for the face opening. Putting a baby in and out is easy with the full carrier opening. I was worried it would fall on his face. There is plenty of room. The material is very soft. Such a great purchase! I recommend this to all mothers.

👤This product is not bad, but it's probably not my first choice. I think my first choice would have been one that has a flap coming down or it zips at the top. I don't like the magnetic part because he can push it off of him when he stretches. I should've picked the one that I had before. There is a This one is not bad. If it's not a particular car seat, you will have to change it to the top and bottom because I don't like the magnetic part.

👤If you don't have one of these for your car seat, you need to get one. Absolutely game changing. Everyone is jealous of it. It's possible to fit a nice warm blanket underneath it for extra warmth when it's cold. The baby is in a car seat.

👤I was excited when it arrived but I had to put it on my stroller because it didn't fit and I tried different ways of fitting it, but nune worked with my Graeco snugride 35. I will be going back on a hunt.

👤It depends on the carseat, but I could not go over the carrying bar like shown in pictures, and it does snug against the seat perfectly. The inside is soft and fuzzy, and the outside is waterproof, which is perfect for areas with a lot of snow. The pocket on it is good for wipes and other snow items.

👤I really liked the cover when I first got it, but after 3-4 months, I am really disappointed with how much it has changed. I pull the fuzz off my 4 month old's hands and mouth. It is sticking to clothing and making a mess. I wouldn't recommend this anymore. I really like this cover. It fits on my car seat, keeps baby warm, and has the option to leave the face exposed. I wish the magnets held the top flap were stronger, but I still love it.

👤My daughter is nice and warm. She likes to hold the soft material in her hands.


What is the best product for zip up car seat cover baby?

Zip up car seat cover baby products from Dear Baby Gear. In this article about zip up car seat cover baby you can see why people choose the product. Acrabros and Jj Cole are also good brands to look for when you are finding zip up car seat cover baby.

What are the best brands for zip up car seat cover baby?

Dear Baby Gear, Acrabros and Jj Cole are some of the best brands that chosen by people for zip up car seat cover baby. Find the detail in this article. Bark Lover, Weesprout and Peticon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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