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1. Smiling Paws Pets Expandable Collapsible

Smiling Paws Pets Expandable Collapsible

It was designed for cats and small dogs. Measure your pet before you buy a carrier. Their pet carrier bag dimensions are the same as the ones on the outside, so your pet should be at least 2 inches smaller on either side for travel. You will love this pet carrIER! Their pet carrier expands on four sides with an internal leash, safety self-locking zippers, reinforced rotating metallic clips, soft machine pad, and thickly padded shoulder and handle holders. There is a 4-way expedition. The small dog carrier and large cat carrier crate can be extended on all four sides, creating an unparalleled space of comfort in any situation. Allow your puppy to move around. It's great for small pets. It was designed to fit underseat and comply with the requirements of the airlines. Carefully sized to comply with domestic and international airlines under seat in-cabin dimensions for soft-sided pet carriers. Travel with confidence. This tote is perfect for rambunctious animals. A-Grade metallic clips, high quality rods, safety self-locking zippers and an internal leash. The internal fabric is leak-proof.

Brand: Smiling Paws Pets

👤I am moving. I took my cats on Jet Blue when I moved, but they were considerably smaller. I had to pay $50 for their approved carrier because I couldn't find one that fit the standards. My biggest cat is 18 pounds. He took up all the space in the plane. I ordered this item. It is amazing! I flew with my cat. The area under the seat in front of me was too small for the carrier that I expected. I had to put my cat under the seat so that her head was facing me. It worked. She stretched out to her full length when I opened the popout door. I was able to open the side panel. I bought a fan with a battery from Amazon. I put it on top of the carrier and held it. See the pics. It helped circulate the air and kept her cooler. A winner! I believe most airlines require a 9 inch height for carriers. You can access your pet through the popouts as there is a zip on them. If I had been in an aisle seat, the carrier would have fit in my preferred direction. There is an update. I had no issues traveling with my cat in January. The pocket expands and I am happy about it. The small fan was once again a lifesaver. He was panting at one point. The 13 pound cat will travel soon.

👤It has been a relief to find this pet carrier. We are travelling for the first time with our dog and we've been struggling to find a carrier that is tall enough to fit us. Check with your airline the specific requirements for the type of aircraft you'll be travelling on, as a lot of carriers advertised as "airlines approved" on Amazon are actually not. Our dog wouldn't fit in small carriers made for toy breeds and anything larger was too large for our Delta flight. This bag gives us peace of mind because we were stressed out. It's well made and designed, and it gives our puppy plenty of room when expanded. Highly recommended!

👤I searched for weeks for a pet carrier that would be accepted by Alaska Airlines. Medium carriers are usually around 10 inches high. I was overjoyed when I found your carrier at 9 inches high and 17 inches long. You had 4 sides that were open for extra room for the cat, and you had the correct dimensions. The design is wonderful. Thank you so much for your creativity. A woman named Suzy B.

👤The only carry on allowed by military/AMC flights is a kennel. During our move to Japan, flight attendants had to use a tape measure to verify my accuracy before boarding. The ability to have all 4 sides of the kennel pop out was needed for such long hours of flying. The quality is great, my little man loves how soft the mat was inside, and it folds away to almost nothing when you are done with it. Our dog is a legal ESA for my husband's post-Deployment Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I don't think it's appropriate to use illegal service animals in order to fly with pets.

2. YIDUFEISUO Booster Disassembled Suitable Flip Top

YIDUFEISUO Booster Disassembled Suitable Flip Top

This is a unique dog car seat for small dogs. It can be put on the console in the car to increase the bond between you and your pet. Your pet can enjoy the scenery and be safe. The exterior of the pet car seat is made of high-grade cotton linen cloth and filled with high-quality PP cotton, no matter how the dog moves, and it is not easy to disassemble. Since the size of the console will vary from vehicle to vehicle, they recommend that you measure your car's console first, so that the seat you buy can match your center console smoothly. The dog booster seat can be used as a pet bed. Easy to clean. The safety belt design at the bottom can be fixed on the armrest table. It can be disassembled by opening the zip up, it is easy to clean. Save. You can sit on the copilot to feed your pet, and you can touch or watch your pet at any time, with their pet booster seat for car. At all times, please pay attention to safety.

Brand: Yidufeisuo

👤This product is terrible. It was difficult to install. The sides were so flimsy that my 7 pound Yorkie fell over them. If the car had to stop hard, she would have fallen headfirst to the dashboard because the strap was so long. There was no way to tighten it. I could go on and on. Don't buy this seat!

👤This doesn't fit well or tightly. My dog is in it many times. It only works with a center console that opens from the front to the back. Not ideal, but needs a lot of work.

👤I like this seat. My poodle is well suited for it. There are straps on the bottom. The walls of the booster are strong. She can see out of the vehicle because she is secure in it. Being safe and secure is all that is required. The front has a folding center that can be folded inward or outward according to your pet's preference. I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect pet can seat. It's a good fit for safety and comfort.

👤This seat is the worst ever. The snap broke on the first day. It is starting to come apart at the seams. Don't waste money or time. It came on a boat from China.

👤It fits between the driver and passenger seat on the center counsel. A perfect size for an xs dog.

👤I wanted to love this dog car seat and have it be the answer to my 3.5 lbs maltipoo dog being safe in her seat on the console when I am driving but, though cute, it does have several issues which I am not very happy with. I couldn't tell from the pics what they were doing with the back straps once they slipped it beneath the seat back, like what were they anchoring it to? They weren't anchoring it to anything, just looping the strap around the car seat. It took me a long time to figure it out, you slip the pronged end between the seat cushions and connect it to the female end on the back of the dog seat. I had a hard time getting it tight and when I did it was starting to pull the ribbon loop off the dog seat. I will have to reinforce it on my sewing machine. It was a hassle. It will always have some give because the fabric cover that the straps are sewn onto is loose at the bottom, so it will never be super tight and secure. They need a redesign where the straps go through the buttonhole like openings and then across the interior base of the dog car seat so that the entire unit is secure. It is a cute little seat, but not enough. I can't recommend it until they make some changes to make it more secure and the price is too high.

👤I got this for my Yorkie who likes to sit on the armrest in the car. It works well for that. I have 2 small puppies who fit in it as well. They shared it while on a road trip. It was easy to wash and remove the soft cushion from the inside. I am finding this useful and the pups like it.

3. SWIHELP Upgrade Booster Breathable Washable

SWIHELP Upgrade Booster Breathable Washable

The small dog car seat is suitable for dogs and cats. The dog car seat is a great way to keep your pet safe and secure while driving. Sturdy frame bars ensure the whole seat is in shape at all times, you won't see a 14 lbs puppy sit in crawling the front bar and this frame collapse! You will never worry about the attention on pets while driving. There is a correlation on driving a dog car seat. The dog car seat booster design with two safety belts fix the booster seat to prevent it from sliding in the car. There is a ring to hook the dogs harness so it won't jump out. The dog car seat is made of waterproof material. The air circulating mesh design allows your pets to breathe smoothly. The dog car seat is easy to clean. Just like a board, fold it when you don't use it. It will not change the shape of the car seat after cleaning.

Brand: Swihelp

👤My corgi is buckled in a safe place. She can lie down for a nap. She is kept in the seat and secure in hard-braking situations with the harness buckle. It is easy to install and it is convenient to leave when you don't need it.

👤My dog goes to work with me 6 days a week and I have been using it for a while. We had a car accident the other day and she was laying down not standing to look out the window. She flew in the seat to the footwell after the straps on the seat snapped. I think it would have been better if the straps didn't break.

👤My dog loves it. Sturdy. I wish it had its own cushion. It's so easy to fix my dogs blanket. She will be safe and comfortable during our road trip because she came earlier than expected. Thank you.

👤The pup can ride along in the OHV. Even with a few of our supplies, the 10lb dog has plenty of room. I was surprised he enjoyed as much as he does. I think he feels safe in it because he slept in it.

👤My dog likes riding in his car seat. The only problem is that it is too strong, he climbed out and got tangled, I had to pull to the side of the road to untangle him.

👤I like this purchase. My only concern is that the strap that secures the dog by the collar comes loose. My dog is still getting used to being in a car seat and being out of the seat when we look back, but I tighten it. The strap comes loose when I tighten it. The car seat is fine.

👤It's just as describe, there's not much to say about it. It's not that solid from the front. My dog is wrapped in a blanket in the winter. If your dog moves a lot it may get trapped on the strap and it's too long.

👤I love it but it smells horrible and if I can't get the smell out I will return it, but she loves being up high so she can.

👤I had high hopes that this product would be a safe way to take my puppy in the car. I was wrong. Before you trust an item to keep your pet safe, check its quality. The first time my puppy was in a car, it was fine. The strap that held her to the seat came loose. I adjusted the strap to make it more secure. The second time was a nightmare. I went to a pet store to get some supplies. I put her in the car seat in the back of the car as we get ready to leave. When I hear the worst noise I have ever heard in my life, I put the car into reverse. My puppy is screaming and crying. She is in the anchor strap that is at its full length, and within seconds she is suffocating herself. She twists and wraps herself more as I frantically throw the car in Park, slam my seat as far back as possible and reach to free her. I couldn't unlatch the clasp because it had a stupid plastic lip that kept catching the ring on the harness instead of releasing. My puppy is wheezing because she can't breathe, she has defecated all over herself. I was able to push her head under the strap that gave her enough room to breathe. I was seconds away from seeing my puppy die in this car seat because of the flimsy anchor and the fact that it took a simple pull for the entire strap to loosen. The first car ride was really enjoyable. The car seat is not very good. Pets are at risk if you purchase. I was fortunate that I wasn't driving and that I was able to free her. I was very lucky that I was able to save my puppy from death because of the low quality product.

4. AmazonBasics Pet Bucket Booster Seat

AmazonBasics Pet Bucket Booster Seat

The booster seat fits in either the front or back of the vehicle. The elevated design raises the pet up for a better view out the window. Quilted flannel top with durable Oxford fabric along the sides and bottom. The security leash has an adjustment for clipping to a harness. Measures 18 by 15.7 inches and weighs 2.6 pounds. The mat cover is easy to clean. Do not use bleach, tumble dry low, do not iron, and do not dry clean the mat. Extra-small and toy breeds such as Chihuahuas and Toy Poodles, and small breeds such as Boston Terriers and Beagles are recommended.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I love it! Even with the cheap carseats he has had, my dog has tried to get to my lap when I'm driving. I kept it in the house for a couple days so he could get a feel for it and then we moved it to the car and he loved it. He almost fell asleep when I put him in it. It's very comfortable and fast to put in the car so I think it's pretty good. I like the fact that we can wash it and remove the liners. I like it a lot. I got a quality one after spending the extra cash. It was a good recommendation. He has a lot of room to lay down and it's a great height so he can look out the window. The seat in the car is sturdy and he is about 20 to 22 pounds. Doesn't rock around. Great!

👤The dog car seat is terrible. 1. The leash clip isn't fixed to the seat. The cover has a seam. My chihuahua was able to jump out of the car seat and grab the cushion and cover with him. The covers of the cushions are not made of a barrier. On the third day of use, my dog got sick in the seat and vomit liquid ran down into the cushion material. Which is hard to clean. The entire thing was thrown in the garbage. Don't buy this product.

👤The measures are External: 15.7"x16.5"x16.0" and Internal: 12.8"x12.5"x8.6.

👤It was with great anticipation that this arrived. We were able to take our dog for a walk without him jumping on everyone. We secured the seat with a seatbelt after installing it in the middle of the back row. We attached the clasp to Biscuit's collar and he hopped in. He was ready to get out of the seat within 5 minutes. This is where the problem was. The base of the dog seat is not connected to the stamp that was attached to it. He jumped out and got stuck in the strap while he was still attached. He might have hung himself if I had been alone. It was frightening. The strap should not be used to hold the dog. The base of the product should be secured. It is not. He was able to get out of the seat and hand off the edge of it while still being attached, because he wasgging only attached to the fabric. The product does not work.

👤My Boston is 19 lbs and she is great in this seat. She is able to hang her head out. It makes her look out the window more comfortable. The only negative thing I noticed is that the leash attached to the seat is not long enough for her to stand up and look out the window. You can wash them with the zip closed seat. The seat is very soft. I bought this seat for my girl.

👤My dog is 22 inches long. It's about 25 lbs. She is comfortable in this seat. The belts keep her in place. Those that had complained that they were too small can buy an extension for their car that would add more length to their pet. I was surprised by how sturdy it was. Maybe their dog was too big for the item that was sent to them. The seat did not budge after I secured it tightly. It gives me peace of mind that she can't fall back there and I know she's tucked in, she likes it. It works well for us so far. There is still a great bucket seat. We now have two!

5. PupBoost Adjustable Attach Outward Hound

PupBoost Adjustable Attach Outward Hound

Dogs can look out the window. The dog is secured during rides with the interior safety strap clips. The back and bottom are padded. It is easy to install and folds flat. Most cars, vans, and SUVs have straps that fit.

Brand: Outward Hound

👤My dog could see out the window if I had this. The first day we installed the dogseat, we were rear ended and had a hard time getting off the freeway. I am not saying these things are the same as accidents as a kid carseat. We were thrown forward and my girl didn't budge. I can't imagine what she would be like today if I hadn't gotten the silly doggy carseat. It is worth the investment. A 7 month old havanese is 10 pounds. She has room to grow and the medium fits well for her.

👤I forgot to order this item here. My dog was in bad shape when I got this. He had a disease in his spine. My baby was going paralized by the disease. I had surgery on my wrist. This item helped him maneuver around. There is a Even with this aid, it could only help for a long time. The disease was getting worse. My boy was put down in July. He had strength in his front end, and this item helped him. I will probably keep it. It was made to help large dogs. I don't have the pictures of him anymore. They were difficult to keep.

👤I used to use this model for my first and second dogs. I never had any issues with it. It was starting to show wear. I ordered a new one. This one is just as good as my previous one. The front and sides of the new version are shorter than the previous one, which does not provide as much containment. If she puts her front paws on it, it will collapse. The back of the seat is not as balanced as the previous version, and the top strap is in a different location. I will use this until I can find a better one that I can examine before buying. I find it disappointing when suppliers change the quality of the product to keep the price low.

👤He's a 7pound chihuahua shihtzu mix and loves his seat. I put it in the passenger seat for him to copilot because I had it in the back of my subie. I had to put a bed in it. The bottom is hard. I wanted him to be comfortable. He is perfect. You can't use a collar on a dog, you can only strap them to a harness. There is a I looked into a lot of seats and this one is the best.

👤I just bought a new Honda Civic. $200.00 seat covers! I also have a 15 pound dog. That is going bye-bye. She likes to be out and about with me. She is calm in the car. She has to be hopping from one side to the other, then popping up on my console. All over the back seat! She is excited but not in this new car on these seat covers. The hammock is a backseat saver. I am very impressed with the quality and how durable it is. It covers the whole back space. I love how easy it is to install. When my dog jumps in, she tends to throw in dirt and it's easy to clean and vaccum up. She is water resistant when it comes to her drooling. Its a great deal for the price. This product is something that I will definitely recommit to.

6. Pet Gear Carrier Ventilation Viewing

Pet Gear Carrier Ventilation Viewing

The car seat and carrier are all in one. Attaching to Seat Belt is easy. You can quickly access your pet with a zipless, dual push button entry. Pets can be secured with interior tether attached to their harness. A liner is included.

Brand: Pet Gear

👤Excellent! My husband and I have a dog who is very anxious. He won't go into a crate without a fight. The carrier is a life saver. I can keep him safe, but he feels safe in it. He will sleep peacefully during car rides, but often I find him taking long naps at home. He was petrified of this and kept barking at it. If he went inside, we started training him with treats. He is very comfortable with this. The carrier is his safe haven. Since he is more comfortable in the collar clip, we don't use it to keep him steady, we just keep the mainvisors shut. I wrap this with his favorite blanket before I take him outside because he gets cold easily. I put blankets inside to make a bed because it was a little hard. I was shipped lentil chips and had to order a replacement. I don't blame the seller for this mistake, my husband and I love this little contraption. He is spoiled. I don't care. This keeps us safe on the road. I highly recommend. I can use this for the rest of my pups life because he won't grow to be more than 18 pounds. It was worth every penny.

👤I've been looking for a carseat for my ducks for about 8 months and couldn't find anything that looked right for them. My girls like to be with me all the time. I decided to try it out because it looked like it would work. I let my oldest girl try it yesterday and she fell asleep on the couch. We went for a ride today and she loved it. She stood in it and looked around. When we got home, she fussed and fussed and wanted to ride longer, so I took her out of the seat. We're very happy with it so far.

👤I don't know why, but this is the only carrier our cats can handle and they go insane in it. We find them inside of the carriers when we can't find them. Our older cat is about 12 to 14 pounds, so he can lay down and sit in it. I have to drive almost 4 hours out and this is the only carrier they will sleep in most of the time. The kittens are 7 months old and still fit inside one. When we put our baby girl in there with our older cat, he is more calm, he can fit in with one of the kittens. He does great on his own. When I first used it, I thought it was a bit pricey, but I fell in love with it and thought it was worth the price. Everyone thought I had a baby in there. I received a lot of praise. I am doneabbing.

👤This is the best travel bed I've ever owned. We needed a bed that she could recuperate in, travel in, and one that I could carefully put her into and take her back out of the house, without being too stressed out on her back. It's perfect for our needs. I have received more praise for this travel bed than I have for any of our other beds combined, because we have three small dogs who go with us nearly everywhere. It's easy to carry, and looks like a baby carrier. People thought I had a baby with me. It was the best purchase ever. Our dog is a healthy one. The tether is long enough that you can attach a poop bag holder to it, and hang it outside the bed, and you can still properly close andlatch the covers. There are readily available poop bags. It has helped us many times.

7. AUTOWT Harness Seatbelt Breathable Adjustable

AUTOWT Harness Seatbelt Breathable Adjustable

The pink dog safety vest harness is made of double mesh fabric with a flannelette edge and attached to four PP material straps. The seat belt is elastic and can be adjusted for the car. Measure the neck and chest of your pet before buying. The dog vest harness would relieve the pressure. It fits perfectly if you need to plug into your car seatbelt in a different way. The seat belt can be put in the trunk or the car. The pink pet car harness wraps around the dog's body and neck, which could be a collar. The straps are tightened so dogs can't jump into the front seat, but they don't pull against them. The harness is easy to put on and no need for dogs to step in. The buttons on the harness strap can be adjusted to make your dog friends feel more comfortable, which is suitable for small, medium dogs or even kitten cats. The pink dog vest harness can be used as a travel harness in the car to prevent dogs from jumping out the window. A regular harness can be used with the retractable dog leash. They want to provide the best shopping experiences and high quality products.

Brand: Autowt

👤We bought the dog harness and seat belt restraint before we left for our first trip with our two dogs. We love them! They are very cute on the dogs and easy to put on. The seat belt restrains the dogs. It's very easy to get the dogs out of the car. There is a cute paw on the front. It is reasonably priced. I highly recommend!

👤The small size was perfect. It is great quality.

👤I moved from California to Tennessee because I had concerns about the safety of my dogs in case of an accident. It was a relief to know my dogs were secured in the back of my car. The seat belt attachment was easy to use. There was a lot of room for my dog. She was restrained inside the car when she stopped and opened the door so she wouldn't jump out and get lost. This safety harness is approved for that reason. There's more to worry about. Traveling with a lost pet can be devastating. Dogs get nervous and don't behave normally. When we stopped, I could easily exit my vehicle and open the doors to attach a leash. Attach a leash first before connecting the seat belt attachment.

👤I had to order a bigger size than usual, but it was perfect. It is so quick to put on because you don't have to put the dogs legs through it. The dog, who normally whines using harnesses in the car, was happy as a dog. The ring on the harness is located in the back and we bought a piece of equipment to clip it to. If you slam on the brakes, you won't be able to hit the dog. The struggle to get our guy in the harness is over and we are happy about it.

👤This harness is better than any we have ever had. I like the way it comes up higher on my dogs chest, but not so high that it affects their throats. The harnesses can be adjusted in a variety of places.

👤Before we picked up our 11 pound 8 week old golden retriever, we purchased a size xxs and it fit him perfectly with the straps adjusted to it's smallest size. There is a lot of room as he grows, but the straps need to be adjusted a bit. I don't like the harness going over his head. Even if it is magenta, it is very sturdy and looks great on him. I love the double hooks, but the neck straps need to be adjusted to get it over his head, which can be a problem if I take him out often for potty training. The car belt in the back seat of my car does not click into the passenger seat for some reason.

👤My puppy chewed through the shoulder strap when he was bored on a car ride. This would be a great product if the shoulder straps were made of a more durable material. I still use the strap that connects to the seat belt buckle despite having to replace the harness. Buckles on either side of the harness make it easy to get this on a puppy. The chest piece is comfortable for the dog to wear. He was never able to get out of it. The seat belt strap has some stretch to it, which was good when he tried to bail out of the back seat while still buckled in. It's a good idea to have the dog in a harness and buckled in. Highly recommended. The design of the harness made it possible for my dog to get the shoulder strap in his mouth. He was able to eat it quickly. It needs to be made of a more durable material.

8. JESPET Booster Portable Carrier Black 16

JESPET Booster Portable Carrier Black 16

The dimensions of the dog booster car seat are 16L x 13W x 9H. The dog booster seat keeps the pet in it for distraction-free driving. The height of the boosters for pets can be changed with the help of two straps in the seat back. The dog seat belt is easy to attach to any dog harness to keep your puppies safe. There is a front pocket to store your treats. Fleece liner and pad cover can be cleaned easily.

Brand: Jespet

👤I really like this seat. It's a great size, the materials are nice, and it's easy to store and carry. My puppy won't chew on the metal hardware because it's all metal. The front pouch is good for small toys and treats. It was very easy to make instillation as tall as you want. I would think that the bottom of the booster seat would be padded more than the sides. You could buy a thick piece of foam at a craft store and cut it into the bottom. I did it myself. It's unfortunate that I had to. Everything else exceeded my expectations, and it was a great price. I'm not upset about it. If you're a smart person, you'll be fine. It seems stable and safe for my dog. I am very excited to have this product.

👤I looked at a lot of dog booster seats before buying this. It's even better than I anticipated. People kept coming up with ways to make it better. The front is pulled toward the back because some on the market are not braced on the sides. You can refold it and store it in its case, but it has sides that fold out, so it's not perfect. It's light and sturdy. It's very easy to attach, with a lower strap that goes around the back of the seat and an upper strap over the head rest, and it stays in place. The larger size was purchased by me. I have an eight pound Papillon who can curl up in the smaller one, but when she stretches, she's over two feet long. She can stretch out more. She loves it! She can see over the sides, but she doesn't try to jump out, so she enjoys the cozy environment when she's sleeping. I'm glad I got this size, though some small breeds wouldn't do well with the small size. I have adjusted it. She can look out all the windows whenever she wants, rather than mostly looking up at the sky and trees. Get this one!

👤It is easy to unpackage and has a travel bag for easy storage in your car. It took her a little while to get used to it. She laid down in it and was very comfortable. The sides are padded. The product is good for a good price.

👤It's easy to install the car seat. I like the added safety that comes with the new seat, and I like how well Roscoe can see from it. The leash on his harness acts like a seat belt for dogs because it keeps him from jumping out of the booster seat but allows him to stand if he wants to. The booster seat seems to last a long time. The sides are made from the same material as luggage. The inside surfaces are made from a fleece material and the bottom is a thin plastic panel that is kind of like a thin cutting board. When he is sitting in the seat, he is 20 lbs and it does not bend. The dog hair stays in the booster seat. I used to use a towel for him to sit on to control his hair, but it is still on the seat in the picture. The new booster seat does not need it.

9. IOKHEIRA Adjustable Durable Vehicle Seatbelt

IOKHEIRA Adjustable Durable Vehicle Seatbelt

The multi-functional seat has a dog seat belt with two different types of car buckles, one of which can be attached to the seatbelt, and the other metal hook latch for connecting the child safety seat and the car trunk. You have the option to choose the connection location. The dog car seat belt is suitable for front seat, back seat and trunk. The car pet safety belt car tether is made of sturdy nylon fabric, high elastic bandage and zinc alloy carabiner. It has the best strength and longevity, which can help to reduce the risk of large pet dog bite. The dog car restraint has a leash that can be extended from 19 inch to 31 inch and it is comfortable and safe. The tangle proof belt leash is attached to the back of the dog with a seat belt lock that allows your pet to move freely within a certain space. A canine bungee seatbelt is suitable for puppies, teether dogs, small breed dogs and large breed dogs. Iokheira's dog car harness seatbelt tether are made of high-quality bandages, strong elasticity can protect dogs from sudden braking or sharp turns, and the high quality zinc alloy carabiner can keep the dog stable during the car ride. Iokheira's dog car harness seatbelt can be easily installed and unloaded. If you have any questions, please contact them immediately.

Brand: Iokheira

👤My Heeler/Border Collie mix is firmly in the back seat. The dual connection option and retention elastic allow you to keep the connection you're not using out of your way. Even against my ultimate chewer, the casing seems to be chew proof. We pulled over to check the condition of the connection after I noticed him eating and licking away. Even though it was wet, everything was in perfect working order. The sliding lock on the carabiner is genius and does not budge even with his pacing.

👤This is exactly what I was looking for, and likely what you are as well. This is perfect for any dog under 50 lbs, it is a vehicle crash restraint in concert with a good chest harness that incorperates a metal D-Ring. The model with the stronger aluminum caribiner should be fine for large breed dogs, but I wouldn't recommend it for them. If you go to the model with the Aluminium construction you have a significantly stronger connection because of the single connection point to the harness and Zinc carabiner. I would look for a multipoint harness for a heavy breed. In a head-on collision situation, this would definitely restrain them as far as possible to keep them from leaving the scene under their own power. The same company makes a model that has an aircraft carabiner. The strength of Zinc is less than that of Aluminium. The table below shows the difference that would be in favor of the other party in a collision. The mechanical properties of zinc are shown. ... There are mechanical properties. This product has the following properties: Imperial Tensile strength of 37 MPa, 5370 psi, aluminum, and 6061-T651, and English Ultimate Tensile strength of 45000 psi. It's small enough to fit in the pocket of my backpack. If you would like to keep it in a seat pocket or a glove box, it came with a faux silk bag. It will connect to either a standard Seat Belt connection or an integral child saftey restraint point that are located in the back of many rear seats in modern vehicles. This allows you to anchor your pet so they don't get hurt. It has a spring loaded effect to absorb forward energy from a sudden stop or from your pet trying to pull against it and is adjust lengthible in the same way as a backpack strap. I haven't tried to cut it with a knife, but it seems very sturdy and has something like a kevalar stretch core similar to a tow rope in it, that allows it to absorb some of the force. The seat end is stamped steel and the harness end is either zinc alloy or aircraft aluminum carabiner, depending on the model you purchase. I will return the one I bought and buy another one with the carabiner. I recommend you purchase the other model as well.

👤A lot of thought went into the product. The seat belt wouldn't work in any of the 23 trucks, cars, motor home or trailers we tried. It wouldn't hook on to the metal post on the headrest or anything else that would have been secure. This product was useless because the hook part was not long enough. To bad.

10. Gooad Booster Vehicles Construction Safety

Gooad Booster Vehicles Construction Safety

The Four Seasons Pet Booster Seat is made of waterproof thick Oxford fabric, which protects your dog car seat from scratches, dirt, and spills. If you need to clean the pet car seat, simply remove it and throw it in the water, because it comes with plush padding and cushions. You can use the plush liner to keep your pet warm or cool, it's up to you. Their dog car carrier adds 2 more pocket than other products, it can be hung from the back of the seat, and it can support the seat from below to offer a wider view for pets. The small dog car booster seat is suitable for most types of vehicles. The dog car seat has a sturdy frame that will not allow the seat to collapse. There is a metal clip to hook the dog harness to the seat to make sure it won't jump out and disturb your driving, there is also aremovable sturdy plastic panels at the front and back to make it stronger. You will never worry about the attention on pets while driving. The puppy booster seat is 13 inches deep and can accommodate most small dogs or cats up to 20 pounds. Do not use your pet for kids, measure it carefully and refer to the size before ordering. If there is a problem with the dog car seat, please contact them. Their main concern is your satisfaction. The additional storage pocket can hold dog tags, dog bowls, dog poop bags and other small items to meet the travel needs of dogs. It is easier to install, remove and store with a foldable design. The puppy car travel bag is simple and stylish.

Brand: Gooad

👤The dog seat is nice, but the clip-strap that connects to the dog's collar or harness is very long, and for a small puppy at least, it's easy to wrap itself around the pup. Mfr. should place this strap higher. Puppy liked the new car seat and I liked the extra support.

👤I received a booster seat today and was very excited to use it. When I opened the box, there were no instructions, so I had to go back to the beginning to find a way to put it together. After getting the plates in, I put the liner in and sewed it off. The whole thing is a bit off, which is disappointing, but I hope I won't have to use the strapes that go through the front rings. I need to use it today because it is cute and I can make it work. The liner makes it appear cheap.

11. Henkelion Upgrade Waterproof Reinforce Booster

Henkelion Upgrade Waterproof Reinforce Booster

It can keep your pet out of harms way with the upgraded Rie Force design, which has a waterproof Heavy 600D Oxford fabric on the two sides. Even if your pet crawls out over the top, it never collapses. It prevents distraction. The dog car seat booster design with two safety belts fix the booster seat to prevent it from sliding in the car. There is a ring to hook the dogs harness so it won't jump out. Use a thick Oxford fabric and a mesh material to keep your pet dry. Major Oxford fabric is waterproof and strong, which reduces the trouble of cleaning. It is very easy to clean with extra free MAT. It is easy to assemble and storage, foldable. The board can be removed to make cleaning easier. Just like a board, fold it when you don't use it. The waterproof material makes clean easy. The item is 17 inches wide and 9.85 inches long.

Brand: Henkelion

👤I would give this a 10 out of 10. My dog max cries in the car because he can't see and he gets bored. I took him for a ride in the booster seat today and he loved it so much I felt like he was safe in case of an accident. I added a pillow to the inside of the product because I wanted my Max to be able to see as much as possible while still being safe, and I couldn't believe the quality of the product for the price. This booster is approved by Max. He's 4 lbs.

👤My puppy is in the car. Applause. It is large enough for her to sit and lie down, and she can look out the window if I make the tether loose. She didn't whine about being in it. She bit it a bit. I used the pictures in the Amazon sales post because there was no installation instructions.

👤It was not difficult to put the cardboard in the front and back of the car seat because it did not have directions. After she realized she couldn't get out, she laid down and went to sleep. It's not important that your dog runs all over the car.

👤My dog loves his carseat. Good quality and easy to assemble for a good price. It's easy to clean up.

👤The booster seat made our dog's ride more comfortable. He likes having his own place to sleep or sit in. If we are on the road for a long time, he will sleep in the seat. The pictures on Amazon were easy to install. It's easy to uninstall when needed.

👤The dog is description: My dog is a 7 pound dog. The car seat looks like it could fit a dog like my dog. The setup was a challenge. I didn't know what to expect when I bought my first dog car seat, there were no instructions. The car seat has plastic panels. I didn't know what they were for, but the car seat wouldn't fit in the way I wanted it to. My husband took the panels and put them in the pockets. The plastic panels were supposed to hold the shape of the car seat. My dog likes the fact that he can see and not feel trapped in carriers. The harness strap was used to keep him inside the seat. Some people in the reviews have said that I did not receive a blanket with my car seat. I took off a star for not having instructions for the two panels.

👤The product did not work for my puppy, she got caught up in the straps, she was able to get out easily. There is a When I returned the product, I received an email stating that I would receive a full refund, but it was less than what I paid. The product was returned in its original packaging, and we used it once. The seller can't be contacted to find out why the refund was less than full price. This isn't up to Amazon's standards.


What is the best product for xs dog car seat?

Xs dog car seat products from Smiling Paws Pets. In this article about xs dog car seat you can see why people choose the product. Yidufeisuo and Swihelp are also good brands to look for when you are finding xs dog car seat.

What are the best brands for xs dog car seat?

Smiling Paws Pets, Yidufeisuo and Swihelp are some of the best brands that chosen by people for xs dog car seat. Find the detail in this article. Amazon Basics, Outward Hound and Pet Gear are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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