Best Quilt Car Seat Covers

Quilt 3 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Bulldogology Premium Front Seat Cover

Bulldogology Premium Front Seat Cover

Protect your car's interior. Bring your dog on road trips with this front seat cover. Don't worry about your seats being damaged by your pet. The ride in Fort is compulsory. The front seat covers for cars are made of Oxford material. The quilted and padded design of the seat ensures that your dog stays comfortable all day. In seconds, secure the dog seat cover with easy-to-adjust headrest straps. You can choose from bench or hammock style. Installation and removal of these pet front seat covers takes less than 30 seconds. It was built to haveSTAND damage. Protect your car seats from spills and debris. The fabric won't get torn apart easily by your pet. If you don't like the quality of the dog front seat cover, they can give you a full refund with no questions asked.

Brand: Bulldogology Pet Solutions

👤I get greasy and nasty every day as a mechanic. I need a set of covers for my truck and car. I ordered two sets after finding these. I'm not a pet, but these are great for my needs. As of 9-26-2020, there was an update. I bought a set for my truck. I bought a set of them because I liked them so much. It's perfect for beach trips and everyday use. My wife ordered a pair for her car because she liked them so much. We didn't buy them for pets because we don't have any. For the money, they are better than regular car seat covers.

👤It was very sturdy and well constructed. The design of the bucket seats is universal, but it fits the front passenger seat of the Tacoma very well. The retention design, quality fabric, non-slip backing, and excellent fit make this thing not move around--Dayna can "surf" the front seat and feel the wind in her ears with confidence! She is often wet and dirty but never gets through to the upholstery. Its waterproof but still fabric makes it comfortable. Some buyers are concerned that the sides of the back are not protected. This is not an issue, because it has a generous skirt around the seat, and all the areas your dog is likely to sit on, lean against, or brush up against are protected. The company did their homework... Would buy again.

👤I have paw prints on the window seal and dirt on my seats because my American Pitbull Terrier loves riding in the front seat. The seat cover is easy to clean, and it protects the side window panel from my boy messing it up when he leans out of the window. I liked the texture of the seat cover. It looks better than a flat pattern. The gray color makes it less hot for him to sit on. Installation was easy. If you choose to use the side panel, I will attach it to your door/window with a piece of tape, but I will not have to worry about him scratching his claws. Thank you for that! I couldn't find anything like this in-store when I was looking.

👤I purchased front and rear covers for my BMW X5 about four months ago, so I gave these covers adequate time to review them, the covers do slip a lot and the rear cover came apart at the straps after a few months, the biggest problem I had was the backing of these covers

👤I was stuck with a black interior because of the good deal on the new car. That's not ideal with a tan-and-white bulldog who sheds and likes to ride in the front seat so she can look at stuff. The car seat cover is sturdy and easy to take off and shake out, it looks like it came with the car. I haven't tried because it appears to be clean. The short leash is an added attraction. The leash clicks into the seatbelt receiver and the other end is clipped to the dog's harness. This is genius. I've had bulldogs sitting on the passenger seatbelt for years because it was the only way to stop the alarm from sounding. I can put the human seatbelt under the dog's seat cover and it won't get hairy. The dog's harness works as a restraint if the other end is clipped. The car is clean so far. I'm happy with the purchase.

2. PetSafe Solvit Premium Bench Cover

PetSafe Solvit Premium Bench Cover

SCRATCH-RESISTANT: The cotton fabric protects your car seats from scratching. Keep your car clean. The quilted backseat cover protects your car seats from wet, muddy paws and dog hair. It is easy to secure the bench seat cover in place. SECURE FIT: The bench seat cover is secured with two elastic panels and lower straps. The machine is washable. When your washing machine is ready to be cleaned, put your rear seat cover in it. The seat belt is fastened. Tabs and heavy-duty zippers on the bench seat cover allow your passengers to easily access the seat belts, no need to remove the cover. SIZING: It's for most cars, trucks and SUVs.

Brand: Petsafe

👤Initial impressions of the cover were very good. Everything was as it should be. One of the straps that held the cover to the headrests gave way as the stitching tore, my dog got on this cover three times. I found that when the strap was looped around one of the metal/brass buckles, it was simply sewn across and left at that. This is not adequate. Every cover I used for $10-$30 had these straps sewn properly, with two lines of overlap threads about an inch apart and stitching in an X shape in between. It should be done that way. I have to take all four of the headrest straps to an alteration shop to have themstitched properly. I'm going to have to take another $40 out of my pocket. I should not have to deal with these issues.

👤The seat and back are strong. I like the design and feel of leather. The color of my truck is very classy, even though there is no green. These are the good points. The black bottom material is very delicate and I don't think it will last long. The black head rest is the same material as the one I put on the head rest, but I have not seen any ripped seams yet. The seat back material should be sewn more robustly. The car seat shoulders are not covered by the seat cover. If the following were done, this could be five stars. The head rest should be separate from the seat cover and the front should be green. 2. The bar stitching should go into the seat cover. 3. The black stretch material could be stronger, or it could be changed to fit the car seat better. 4. The upper part of the car seat should have a strap in back so that the car seat shoulders are covered with green material. If the changes were adapted, I would pay more.

👤The dogs are a beagle mix and a red nose pit. The Ford F250 is a crew cab. The seats are tan. The seat cover is extra wide. The bench has a style. The color is Army Green. Purchase date In the past, I've used a moving blanket and other soft blankets to protect the rear seat area of my vehicles. I now own a truck, it's all I use to haul my boys around. I was looking for a seat protector for my active doggos and found this one. I read through some reviews and decided to give it a try. All my shopping is done with the help of reviews and ratings. I thought I'd give my own review on the seat cover as I've owned it for a while. The seat cover has held up over time. There were no tears, rips, or deformaties. The cover is still going strong despite some marks on it from their nails. Waterproof. My Pit puked on the rear seat cover on one of the car rides. I always keep wet wipes and shop rags in my truck. The seat cover retained its nastiness once I pulled over. The mats caught whatever spilled from the seat. It was the easiest clean up ever. I threw it into the wash when I got home. It was brand new after it was washed. The idea of a built in holder strap in the middle of your butt is so clever. I never have to adjust the cover because of the rubber, nonslip backing, and straps on the top and bottom corners. No matter how active my doggos are, it stays in place. If the cover is up, you lose access to the center console. If you have people sitting in the back without dogs, why add more dog hair to your clothes? I have never had anyone in my backseat with my dogs. The cover folds down when I carry an extra passanger to sit in the rear. Adds more of a cushion to the tushies. They can have the luxury of not sitting in dog hair. The seat cover was worth a lot. This guy did not make any negative comments about it. The only thing I got wrong was that it didn't come with the pupper listed in the first photo. It's funny. It is durable. It is easy to clean. It was waterproof. Simple.

3. BarksBar Scratchproof Resistant Washable Non Slip

BarksBar Scratchproof Resistant Washable Non Slip

A very cute paw pattern is great for dogs to jump in. All standard vehicles, trucks and SUVs have front passenger seats that are black and water resistant. It is made with high-quality heavy-duty polyester. Extra comfort is achieved by triple layer water resistant PU. The pattern is quilted for a high-end feel. Seat cover can be slid around with the built-in rubber nonslip backing and seat anchors. Premium components are free of Azo dyes and heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury. You will never have to worry about damage to your vehicles again because they were tested to endure extreme temperatures. It is easy to install and clean. Use gentle cycle to machine wash. It protects front passenger seats from messes. It protects front passenger seats from messes.

Brand: Barksbar

👤I wish I had found this a year ago. I take an exercise class 3 days a week and was looking for something to keep my car seat from getting sweaty on my ride home. I had to constantly adjust the wire mesh cushion I bought as I got in. It wasn't all that comfortable and it would shift easily. I found this cover when it wore out and it works great! When I put my big carcass in it, it stays put in 4 different places. It is comfortable and waterproof. I suppose my dog would like it too, but we have stopped letting him drive because we can't be trusted behind the wheel.

👤I love the BarksBar seat covers. I had the bench cover first, then the front cover. These are the best! It's easy to take in and out of the car. They are washed up quickly. Even though 2 large pit bulls are jumping on the anchors, they stay in place. I'll be buying another set soon for our other vehicle.

👤I've had seat covers in my life that have worn out and my german shepherd. It seems like a waste to spend money on car seat covers if you go for the cheapest ones. I got these for less than I usually spend, but it seemed like a nicer quality and more durable than I normally get, and we have two newer cars. I wanted to keep them looking good. I like the covers. They are made from a thick dense material that will protect the seat well and not make you uncomfortable to sit on. I like that the material goes over the bottom of the seat where the dog might rest, and I think it's great. They have a clip that goes underneath the seat to keep it in place. I'm quite pleased with the seat covers. Some people may not like that it's not 100% coverage on the front of the seat and there is no coverage for the back of the seat. I'll add some pictures to show what I'm talking about. I recommend! I still love these covers. It's still highly recommend. They are easy to clean and have no issues with.

👤The seat cover failed and caused damage to my seat with no one sitting in it, which is why 1 star is harsh. The cover should not get stuck to my leather seat on a hot day if I have tan leather seats and a non cloth gummy inside. There are black dots on the passenger seat that won't come off. This product was disappointing. I am not as sad because my car is 4 years old. The seat destroyer is what it should be called.

👤The front seats of my Nissan Rogue are perfect and I bought these for it. The price of these is very reasonable for the quality of the product. I received them the following Monday after ordering them on Friday night. These have 3 support straps on the back of the seat that fit snug and are very comfortable since they add just a little bit of padding... I will be ordering another one for my back seat because I am beyond satisfied with these. These will protect your seats from water, pet hair, and normal wear and tear without taking away from the look of the interior of your vehicle!

4. Amorus Waterproof Washable Automotive Carrier

Amorus Waterproof Washable Automotive Carrier

2 in 1 car seat cover. It was used as a car seat cover and a pet booster seat. The car seat cover is 19x16.5x8.6inch and can hold most dogs up to 25 lbs. It's important to note: Kindly. Please measure your car seat before buying to make sure it fits. It is easy to clean. The pet seat cover is easy to install. The puppy car seat is difficult to slide. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum. High quality material. The material is heavy duty and water resistant. Protects you car seat from scratches, pet hair, mud and water. The box design. The back seat has extra side flaps. It looks like a box with waterproof fabric that zips up. You can put a pillow inside for the cat or dog to rest before a long trip. If there is a passenger at the back seat, fold it in half. If you have a question, please contact them. You don't like what your pet leaves behind when he goes for a ride: mud, wet spots, shed hair and dander, and other hard to fix damages to your car's upholstery. The seat cover will keep both of you happy, with plush comfort for him and a back seat that stays good for you.

Brand: Amorus

👤This has been great. Finding a dog seat for a 70 pound pitbull is difficult. It doesn't do much except keep the hair contained and give my dog a sense of security. She is sitting in a chair. She tries to stay in the seat and not slide into the floorboard. She gets some walls with this. She is laying down with her head on the edge.

👤My two pups are perfect. A medium size dog would fit in the seat box. It is easy to clean and keep pups safe by storing it in a nice bag. I put a collar leash behind the head for added security.

👤I like this product. It works well with my two 10lb dogs. The basket option makes it possible for them to sit up front with me, which is great.

👤It does the trick because the sides are flimsy. I needed to install a car seat that doesn't allow anything to go between the car and seat, so this was an amazing alternative, I couldn't order a full bench seat cover. My dog loved it! It is easy to wipe down and dog hair falls out.

👤My puppy likes this. He was good in it. Doesn't cry.

👤This is something that I love. My husband and I have a brindle boxer that goes to work with us. Our dog loves to ride in the passenger seat like a human and this product allows for it without the hassle of having to put a lent brush on the seat before anyone else sits in it. Awesome!

👤I was confident that I would get a replacement for the doggie car seat because it had an 18 month warranty, but it broke in the first 6 months. I contacted them two months ago, but they never responded. I contacted them again a month later and they told me they already replied, though I have no idea what that reply was, and they asked for my address. I have yet to hear from them after I sent them my address and order info. I would not recommend against this item. I received the replacement after they saw my review and am writing this update under duress. The seller is sending me multiple emails a day demanding that I update my review. The design of the seat is exactly what I wanted and I am adding an additional star to my rating. I used it with a deep dish dog bed I purchased on Amazon and it was perfect, my dog felt secure going to and from work and it was perfect before the zippers broke. I don't have high hopes that the replacement seat will hold up, I had a harder time getting them on the replacement than I did the first one, and they feel quite flimsy, so I don't have high hopes. I love the design of the seat. The company has spent a lot of time harassing me about my review, so they would have a winning product if they put half the effort into it.

5. URPOWER 100 Waterproof Nonslip Backing Anchors

URPOWER 100 Waterproof Nonslip Backing Anchors

The Scratch Proof is made with high quality heavy-duty polyester. Extra comfortability can be achieved with 4 layers of PU. No worries about dirt, dander or claw marks on your seats because it protects them from pet hair and mud. The quick-release buckle around the headrest is not Slip and Slide. Seat cover can slide around if there is rubber nonslip backing and seat anchors. It is very easy to clean and install. Use gentle cycle to machine wash. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum. The Universal Fit dog seat cover is a great choice to protect your front seat. For your pet, it's perfect for large breeds. Measure your seat before you place your order.

Brand: Urpower

👤I didn't buy these as pet covers. I own a Ford truck with leather seats. I wanted to keep the mud, sand and water off the leather seats for those days when we were working in the mud and muck. It's important to keep them in good shape for as long as possible. The brand I bought for the back, that I am very happy with, did not make ones for the front seat, so I bought two of these. We were getting in and out of the truck a lot this weekend, I had a truck full of four men helping the neighborhood out in the rain and mud. The seat covers did a great job. If I had to knock them, I would find out that the seat back doesn't cover all of the seat the higher up it goes, my seats are wider than the covers. I still gave them five stars because they did better than I expected and were very affordable. I put them under the seat at the end of the day and cleaned them off. There was no speck on the leather seats.

👤I bought this in February of last year and I was expecting a lot more resilience from it. When the weather is bad, I let my 60lb lab mix sit in the front seat. I noticed a tear on the seat pad today and I'm not sure how long it will last. I would recommend shopping for something better. I have updated my rating of this seat cover based on 2 things. The seat cover is a good cover and durable despite my issues with it. 2. A couple of weeks ago I received an email from the seller regarding my purchase and they expressed a desire of wanting to make it right by sending me a replacement. It means a lot to me that a seller stands by their product. I got my new cover a week later and was quite pleased.

👤I wanted a seat cover that was attractive, good enough for a pet, and a good fit. Found it! The anchor on my car helps to keep it in place.

👤We bought the upscale version of the SUV for the first time. Oscar and Tucker could put their muddy paws wherever they wanted when they hopped into the back of our previous SUV. I would open the doors when I got home. It would be dry by the morning. That isn't happening with the MDX. The set covers do a great job. It protects the seats, but they are easy to remove and install if we need them. When installed, they stay put, which is more important to me. It's not a big deal when we remove the front seat cover more often. The restrains are pretty durable. I don't have any concern about the long term reliability. I haven't had to clean them yet, but I will post the results. It was a good start.

👤It fits well. I have a car that fits my seat very well. The sides of the seat have flaps that are flexible and firm. The fabric is strong and thick, so I'm not worried about the dog's nails. The buckle that goes around the headrest is my favorite feature. It goes up while the dog is riding with me, then unbuckles and folds all the way down to provide a clean place for a person to sit, or for me to put my purse down. My kids are too big and take up too much room for the dog to ride in the back, so this has been a perfect solution for me. I haven't had a wet dog ride on it yet, but the fabric is water proof for the dog's paws that are wet and dirty, and it's a good idea to take the dog for a walk on the grass. I wonder why I didn't get one of these to protect my car from my kids.

6. FH Group FB066BLUE102 Stitching Compatible

FH Group FB066BLUE102 Stitching Compatible

Take your pets on a road. The best protection to your car is provided by the Bark Lover car seat cover. Get the best car seat protectors even if you don't know what they are. The customer service team always gives you satisfactory service. There are 2 front bucket covers and 2 headrest covers. Special stitching technique allows the side airbag to inflate. It won't stop your side airbags from inflating. The back of the seat is made of stretchy fabric and has an opening pocket. The materials are made from high quality fabric that is easy to clean. Almost all seats are compatible with the universal application. Before buying this set, please make sure your headrests can be detached. Before buying this set, please make sure your headrests can be detached.

Brand: Fh Group

👤I installed this on my Nissan Rouge because it was easy to get dirty beige seats. I wear dark jeans and black pants often, and the dye was 888-282-0476, because the dye was 888-282-0476, because the dye was 888-282-0476, because the 888-282-0476, because the dye was 888-282-0476, because the 888-282-0476, because the dye was 888-282-0476, because The price and easy installation make this a good product. There is a small area of the seat that is not covered, but the fit was good. Not a big deal for me. The bad is that I noticed that the red stitching on the seat bottoms was not good after I installed it. That's the only reason for 4 vs 5 stars. I won't bother to remove or return these for the price and fit. If you are ordering a seat cover, keep this in mind.

👤It is not easy to install over the headrest when it is brand new. It was fine putting over the seat once it was off. I couldn't get the ties between the seat and the bottom of the seat to connect. I tied it. They look nice on my sets.

👤Considering the high cost of custom seat covers, I give these $30 covers 5 stars for ease of installation, appearance and fit. I bought these for my new car, the Prius C, and they look and feel great, even though it was difficult to fit the two rear side straps under the seat. I commute an hour each way to work so my rump is in the seat a minimum of 300 miles a week which may result in quicker wear on the light fabric. I'm very pleased for now. I'll buy the better quality customer covers from my local merchant when they finally tear or wear out. These are a good substitute for protecting my seats.

👤Not worth the hassle of returning. They are not compatible with arm rests, have to either flip them up inside the cover or not use them, or have the seat cover go all the way down. There are two more The white stitching has some knots and excess thread in the middle. SMH is a bad quality control. There are 3 more These are not going to fit on a full size minivan, SUV or car because they are barely fit over my Mazda 5 bucket seats. You get what you pay for. If you can afford it, go for the more expensive ones.

👤The cover can be pulled off or slid up under the seat if the movement is too little.

👤They looked great when I got them. I followed the instructions that were given to me. I assume it's because it's so thin on the sides.

👤I like how they look in my car. They were easy to install. The seat covers fit and are tight, but the headrest covers are big and don't fit as well.

👤The seat covers look like they came with the car. They were easy to install and comfortable.

7. Tapiona Dog Seat Cover Waterproof

Tapiona Dog Seat Cover Waterproof

Customer Assurance: The product comes with limited coverage against material defects and may also qualify for their Worry-Free Program, but purchases from unauthorized 3rd-party sellers may not be covered by Furhaven. One of the widest on the market fits great for SUVs and trucks such as: Jeep, Toyota Tundra, Honda Pilot, Ford F-150 Crew. Before you buy a car, please check the width of the rear seat. The Large Dog Hammock For Truck has a non-slip backing so it is always firmly fixed. It will not stain your expensive leather backseats unlike the anti-slip mesh fabrics. There is a compound called puating POLYESTER. Their truck seat cover for dogs is made of quality polyester with PU coating that never gives off odor in a car. Many others use a coating that is smelly in the hot weather and has a high content of heavy metals, such as Lead and Cadmium. After a few days of use, the coating begins to wear off. A PU coating is much more comfortable. The innovative PU coating on their dog seat covers makes them easy to clean and long lasting. To clean out pet hair, you can simply wipe the pet seat cover down with a damp cloth. They use stronger and denser stitching to make the pet seat cover last longer because they know your Furry Buddy can be naughty on the go. Their pet seat cover is water resistant and soft for your dog to sit comfortably. It protects your car seats. The pet seat cover makes driving safer for you and your pet. Their pet seat cover is water resistant and soft for your dog to sit comfortably. It protects your car seats. The pet seat cover makes driving safer for you and your pet.

Brand: Tapiona

👤I told myself that I was going to leave a review because of the reviews. The Dodge Ram 2500 is in our possession. This covers are perfect. We did it both ways, with the seats down and the platform down, and it fit both ways with some extra room. We did not have to stretch it to get it on the headrests. It is wide and long. We needed two things to do before purchasing this. It is incredibly heavy duty. The quality was great when I pulled it out of the bag. Oh! It has its own bag. Overall, very impressed with this!

👤I bought this to fit in my 2016 Ram 1500 Crew Cab with the back seats up, which gives the dog more room, and it fits perfectly. The material is heavy and I like the added pockets for her leash, water bottle and whatever else I want to put in there. My only wish is for the dog to be able to see through the net panel and for the air to flow through. Even with the AC on, I think it will get warm back there, since the seat cover will be obstructing it. I am going to cut out a piece of paper and sew it together. I hope I don't mess it up. I'll post a picture if it works.

👤I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I'm very impressed with its size. It's a perfect fit for the back of our F250. We have 3 dogs and the seat and hammock covers don't work for us when the seats are folded down. If we use it with the seats up, it doesn't cover all the seats well enough to protect it, because the hammock style puts too much pressure on the head rests. I thought it might fit because it is advertised as covering the seat and then being long enough to include the floor, instead of being a "Hammock". It covers the entire back seats from the head rest to the floor and back up to the headrests of the other seats with a little room to spare so when the dogs are in there, their weight won't be pulling on the head rests and the seats will be protected. I can't wait to see how it holds up.

👤It doesn't fit a full size FORD F250. I will keep bashing it on the review as I keep selling it on Amazon. The back seat has been uncovered. To make this work easier to adjust, change the location of the buckle to the side of the cover. This is a big pain in the ass to get behind the rear seat. It's easy to fix this product and get 5 stars, but why do you put the snaps in the most difficult area of the seat? The left and right seat covers should go to the door jamb. The plastic and carpet should be kept clean as well.

👤For the most part, it fits in the crew cab of our Chevy Silverado 1500. I would give it five stars if it completely covered the seat backs. It comes high up on the back of the front seats, which is great coverage for the bottom of the seats. It seems like it will last a long time. If you have one dog or three, it will be up for the challenge. I will come back and edit the review if not.

8. Aierxuan Waterproof Leather Protectors Universal

Aierxuan Waterproof Leather Protectors Universal

If you have any questions, please contact their customer services. 99% of cars are suitable for the Two Line Zipper, which is designed to fit 50, 40, 60, 40, split rear benches. High grade leather materials are used for maximum comfort during your drive. It is easy to clean and waterproof. The diamond seat cover has rich vision with stitching. It adds a splash of color to your interior and protects your seat. There are compatible absorbers. The air bag will not be blocked since they have kept enough space for it, and two pockets on the front seat back are convenient for storing small stuff. It is easy to install, just 25 minutes. Installation instructions are included in the package. It will not slide after installation. It is easy to install, just 25 minutes. Installation instructions are included in the package. It will not slide after installation.

Brand: Aierxuan

👤I was hesitant to buy them because they were so much money. I decided to buy them after reading the reviews. I was going to send them back for the smallest of improvements, but I ended up loving them. They fit the seats well and are comfortable. The directions were very good. There is a If you're thinking about buying them, just do it.

👤When my son went to put on the back seat covers, he realized he was supposed to remove the bench seat which he was not willing to do. I agreed. We put them on the seats because few people ride in my back seat, but I was not happy with that. The front fit well and looked comfortable. I was concerned that the covers on the car wouldn't affect the air bag since they were installed properly, but I was reassured by the dealer that since the back of the seats were covered, it wouldn't affect the air bag. My money was immediately returned by the seller.

👤I reached out to the seller to see if it would fit my vehicle and was told it would. It was difficult to return a huge box with two kids and masks to the store. The seller should have looked into it before saying it fits my vehicle. The covers are thick and high quality.

👤So far, so good. It has only been a few hours. The back seat headrest covers are attached to the top cover, which I didn't like. If people need to adjust their head rest, this isn't a low for them. I'm afraid that the stitching will be damaged or undone. It makes my car look organized. I drive a car that fits well. I am able to install the booster seat on any side or in the middle. That was important to me. Will investigate, but don't know about the warranty yet. Will update in a few months.

👤The seat covers are great. Definitely recommend buying. Quality is worth the money spent. Instructions on how to install were included in the zip bag. Absolutely love them. They are a dark black and nice red, but I picked them up on my phone as a gray. I gave them a 4 star because they are not a perfect fit for my car, but they are good enough to fit in my car and look good. A universal seat cover. It is really great. My husband got them for me. Aierxuan 5 car seat covers are waterproof.

👤We want to make sure the captain seats are covered for our new car. We ordered one set first because we were a little worried about how it would fit in the second row. We were surprised at how nice it was. It is very easy to install. The video is helpful. It took me about 10 minutes to put them on. The covers look nice. It fits perfectly. It is very easy to install. I put the cover on and the dog jumped in the car, leaving a muddy print. It is easy to clean. I like how it covers the side. A plus for dog owners. The front row of the 2021, Subaru Ascent 2nd row has a headrest cover, which is not a big deal to me. The cover needs to be folded a little bit to fit the hand grab next to the captain seat. There is a If you are putting this on your 2nd row, I want to mention the main thing. You have a car seat. The seller could pre-cut 2 holes for people who need to install a car seat. That's a good thing. The second row has a car seat. There are no holes in the middle of the cover that will allow you to install your car seats without difficulty. Since we are keeping them, we cut 2 holes on the cover to make sure the car seat is tight. An extra step is not hard to do. We ordered a new set for our seats.

9. Waterproof Washable Non Slip Quilted Included

Waterproof Washable Non Slip Quilted Included

If you want to have a happy dog and a clean front seat, you need to have a good one. Your dog will love sitting next to you on their premium dog seat cover and it will save your seat from damage. Their pet seat cover is waterproof from the back to the seat bottom, so if your dog just got done playing in the water, or if he just urinates, you can rest assured that your car seat will be protected. It is perfect for kids, swimmers and beach goers, fly fishers, and others who want their seats clean and dry. The dog seat cover is easy to install and take off with 3 straps and quick release clips. The extra straps allow the cover to be properly secured so that it doesn't slide around. If you want to clean it, you can vacuum it, give it a quick wipe with a wet cloth, or use a washing machine with cold water. Universal Fit and Pet Safe are for front seats in cars, trucks, and SUVs. It's made for humans and pets. Heavy metals and AZO dyes can be harmful to your pet. It won't bleed into your seats because it's color fast and it's resistant to hot car temperatures. A dog safety belt is included as a bonus to make sure your dog is safe with you. The front dog seat cover is the best on the market and they stand by their products. They will give you a full refund if you don't like their product. They are a small company that believes in your satisfaction and they will do everything they can to make you a fan. The pet seat cover has a 2-year warranty.

Brand: Coveted Goods

👤This is the second one I have bought. I have one in my Mazda. I bought it for the Ford F-150. It is a thick material that does not tear after a year. The canvas type covers start tearing when my dog puts his left paw in them. This one holds up well. A small SUV and a 1 ton super duty is what it is. It's attached easily and can be snugged up. If I get another car or truck, I will definitely buy again. It comes in black but does not show stains.

👤I bought several seat covers at an auto supply store for my Nissan Frontier and in a matter of days they all fell off and ended up in the garbage. I have been in and out of these covers for the past three weeks, but they have stayed in place without twisting or wadding. I think it's due to the quilted material, the four anchor points, and better design. The fabric and construction seems very durable and well-made, with the exception of the elasticized skirting around the bottom. The quilted top layer is easy to clean with a little soap and warm water because the backing has spilled water and coffee. I don't think it's a big deal if it's a little more air-tight in the summer.

👤It works well for our dog, who has incontinence. It's easy to put on my car. It is easy to clean. Highly recommended.

👤It is so new that I am giving it a chance to be durable. It appears to be 5 stars on all features, but it has only been a week. It came early and seems to be what I need. The seat belt was praised. It fits my dog's size perfectly, but it may not have been long enough if he were a bigger dog. I extended it all the way. With the window open, we can ride in safety. Great product!

👤The seat cover fits my Ford Escape nicely, and I can have my dog ride shotgun when I have to put the rear seat down. It looks sturdy and fits nicely.

👤I only had this seat cover for a few days. The free shipping was very fast. I am very pleased with the product so far. It was a little more expensive than some similar covers but it was less expensive than many others. It seems to be well made and heavy duty, but it will take time to see how it will hold up. The initial fit of my bucket seat is very good. Some of the covers I looked at were too small. I will have to see how well it stays in position with my dog moving around in the seat and how well it cleans up. The seat belt that came with it seems to be ok.

👤This was the perfect fit for my 2020 car because it gave the driver who took my car and my dogs the option to have my one dog upfront while protecting my car seat and harness.

10. Dog Car Seat Cover Waterproof

Dog Car Seat Cover Waterproof

This heavy duty cover protects your back seat. There are no seat tears, upholstery holes or leather scratches anymore. KOPEKS has a solution for you. DIMENSIONS: It is possible to fit all cars, SUVs, and small trucks from all car brands. Heavy-DUTY, DURABLE MATERIAL: The anti-scratch 600D Oxford fabric has a non slip rubber backing. Heavy Duty Head Rest Straps, Seat-Positioning Anchors, and Non Slip Rubber Backing secure your seat cover in place, preventing it from moving around during curves and sudden stops. Extra secure fit includes easy access to seat belts and added anchor points for a better fit. KOPEKS is the best seller of pet accessories.

Brand: Kopeks

👤The product is durable. Exactly as described. It is long so it will hang down, but it was ok for us. It's a little difficult to wear a seatbelt. It's a good thing.

👤One of the best things I've ever bought for a trip with pets. The seat cover is sturdy. It has worked well for us, as we've used it for three cross-country trips with two small/medium dogs. It's very easy to install - the white tubes are tucked into the seat and the straps are behind the headrests. There is a cover that extends from the seat to the floor, or you can use it to cover up anything you might have between the back seat and the front seats. I bought safety belts that are similar to what you use for car seats, but they fit through the slit in the cover of the Honda Pilot, and it doesn't matter because there is plenty of room. This is a five-star purchase.

👤The dog seat cover we purchased a year ago was the same price. The straps fell apart because it was thin and non-structured. So back to Amazon. I found this one. I knew the quality was better when I got it. The cover is thick, which is necessary on leather seats, and it has clips on the straps, which makes it easier to remove the seat cover. The dog seat cover stays in place on our seat. We have a dog that has hair everywhere, so the seat cover cleans up easily, and the hair comes right off. The cover fits the back of my car very well and it looks great. For the price and quality, I am very happy with this one.

👤This covers the back seat of my pickup and has a feature to keep my dog out of the front seat. It's easy to clean, it's waterproof, and her nails can't get through it. It is easy to store under the seats. Great product.

👤I am glad I bought this. I just got a new Jeep and wanted to protect my black interior from my white dog's fur. This was perfect. The material is very strong. The sticky side on the bottom helps keep it in place. The buckles are easy to install. My dog needs sides to crawl under it, it can crawl between the seats.

👤So far, so good! Our pet gets sick but seems to be okay. He likes to sleep in the back seat of the car, and it has kept him calm on our rides. It isn't very machine washed in my experience. I had to wash it twice because it doesn't do well in our washing machines, and our pet got sick on it. If your washer has a gentle cycle, that's fine, but not one of our options. Don't dry. If your pet gets sick, put his blanket over the car seat protectors. I would recommend this product for your pet's comfort and safety.

👤I chose this seat cover because it protects my leather seats from the medical equipment I carry with me every day. The cover is very durable and easy to put on. It can be a hammock or a cover leg. I can put my purse on the floor and cover it with the seat cover. It is also protected. I might buy one for my husband. It's great.

11. Car Seat Cover for Dogs

Car Seat Cover for Dogs

If you don't have a rear car seat cover, they will be happy to assist you. It is easy to install with quick release clips. Buckle the straps around the car's head protectors and you're good to go. It's easy to clean. The days of cheap dog car seat cover for back seats that ruin your seats are over. Active Pets has the latest in materials technology that creates waterproof barriers between your seats and your dog. Their car seat covers for dogs protect your seats from mud, water and fur, while preventing slip and allowing your pet to feel as comfortable as it would sleeping on their kennel pad. Their dog seat cover will fit any car or SUV. The Active Pets backseat dog cover for cars has side flaps that provide maximum protection for your seats, and with a 60-second installation, you will be ready to go. The maximum open size is 48”x54” The Active Pets dog car seat cover is easy to clean. The seats are made with a top layer of waterproof cotton and a middle layer of waterproof coating and will remain clean no matter how dirty your pet gets. Just vacuum or wipe your dog seat cover with a damp cloth and it will be as good as new in a moment. It's safety first! These amazing Pet car seat covers for backseats define a whole new level of safety, using 4 levels of security to keep your pet safe. The car seat for dogs has a non-slip bottom, two seat anchors, two heavy-duty headrest buckles, and a velcro opening for the seat belt. The whole family will be able to travel together. They make pet seat covers for cars to make your pet safe and happy. Protection and security are what your pet deserves. The Active Pets seat covers are for dogs. They are confident that you will love your dog's car seat cover as much as they love ours. Protection and security are what your pet deserves. The Active Pets seat covers are for dogs. They are confident that you will love your dog's car seat cover as much as they love ours.

Brand: Active Pets

👤I ordered a standard size of the Jeep Grand Cherokee and it fit perfectly. Review tip. I had a hard time deciding what size to order as a lot of people stated "It fits great!", so I wanted to make it clear what size to order. They didn't specify what size they ordered or what vehicle they put it in.

👤Don't buy this cover. It is durable and fits well. The rubber backing can get hot and melt into the seat. I have tan leather seats and they made some black marks on my seats that aren't coming out right now. Amazon does not help to have my seats repaired. Amazon does not send a link to a legal notice that they are not responsible for what they sell. I contacted the manufacturer and am waiting to see what they will do to help.

👤All liquids leak through the main seam that joins the upper and lower cover. My dog had a bladder accident on the lower cover and all the urine flowed back toward the seam and it all leaked out on my nice leather seats. If I had known the cover wasn't waterproof, I would have put puppy pads under it.

👤If you are like me and you look through 100's of reviews and countless listings before buying anything, this is the one. I have had 2 different ones and this one is the best. I wouldn't slide off the seat, it covers the full seat and fits perfectly. 10/10 would be good.

👤We just got a new puppy and a new car. I wanted to make sure that we protected the seats and also that we could take our dog with us. The solution is perfect. It's easy to install, and easy to remove. I like that I can put it in place and remove it myself. The back seat is always clean and there is no risk of nails damaging the leather. The quilted material looks nicer than most of the other options. We will probably get one for our other car.

👤Two kids need seat protection. The center shoulder strap openings are not for seat belt buckles. The seat cover could be slid under the strap, but the bottom part of the center belt would be obstruction. It's probably hot to sit on water. The water is coming off. I tightened the upper straps of the cover so that the center seam could be lifted up. If In gets around to it, tent seam sealer on the back is a simple fix. The fabric is thick. The corners, door openings and edge by legs can be tucked under the seat edge for a nicer fit. I had to cut extra access holes for car seats in other cars because of the Neoprene type.

👤I just installed it and am writing a review. It is easy to install and looks strong. I have two dogs. A female golden and a black dog. The dogs have been in the seat several times. The reason I am giving it four stars is because I wish it had a back belt. I understand it must be universal, but I would like to see a buckle behind the seats of the cars that have rear seats that go down. I will update my review if the seat is rugged enough. I am happy with this product. For anyone else with this concern. I secured the seat to the seat belts with a tie and hooks, but I will not use them for a while. I will use a tie that is long enough that I can hook it behind the seat. If the seat stays in place, this may not be required.


What is the best product for quilt car seat covers?

Quilt car seat covers products from Bulldogology Pet Solutions. In this article about quilt car seat covers you can see why people choose the product. Petsafe and Barksbar are also good brands to look for when you are finding quilt car seat covers.

What are the best brands for quilt car seat covers?

Bulldogology Pet Solutions, Petsafe and Barksbar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for quilt car seat covers. Find the detail in this article. Amorus, Urpower and Fh Group are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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