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1. CAR PASS Universal Steering Universal

CAR PASS Universal Steering Universal

The seat cover is universal. Most cars, sedans and SUVs are compatible with the Super Breathable Series Seat Covers. You could get more auto support through the vehicle fitment chart. They offer a warranty for shopping. There is a full package for seat covers, shielding wheel cover and floor mats. You can change the interior of your vehicle in a few minutes. The seat cover and floor mat sets are good for all weather, and keep your vehicle clean from spills, dirt, and debris. The Airline company is open for headrest. Floor mats have non-skid backing to prevent sliding. It is easy to use and clean. If you have any questions,yuo are covered by their money back guarantee. If you have any questions,yuo are covered by their money back guarantee.

Brand: Car Pass

👤I had been shopping for seat covers for months. I bought a different set and steering wheel cover that was not part of the same set, but I couldn't find anything that was the same. I came across this set after buying it. I would have purchased this over the first set if it had come up in suggested items. I messaged the seller to ask if I could just purchase the seat covers since I already had the steering wheel cover, but they said no. That was not nice. The seat covers should be an option if the steering wheel cover is sold separately. I ended up with an extra wheel cover because I blew more money for everything. The covers are comfortable.

👤Very sad. The seat covers are not the same as the picture. They are supposed to be like the steering wheel cover, but they are not. This is what I received. I would like a 30 dollar refund.

👤Love it, love it, love it. I have had it on my car. It is holding up well for some time now. It took some time to put the covers on but it was worth it. I will have to take pictures. It is of good quality so I ordered it. The color Rose is something I can't remember. The lace part is pink and the rest is black.

👤I am returning and getting my money back. I bought a car seat cover pack for $70. You can see my patio in my photos, and make out a bench and table. From 10 feet away! The stretchy material on top of the gray foam will not do anything to prevent stains or messes on my seats, even though it is a very thin gray foam. The mats are made from felt on the bottom with a colored trim on top, but if you have kids, animals, messy friends or are a mess yourself, you'll only get torn up and thrown out. The bag it comes in says it provides protection, but I am not sure what they mean by that. Getting my money back is what I said. I didn't even try to install them in my vehicle. I have a Dodge Journey, I have 3 kids, and I do construction. After a few weeks, I see this product becoming trash.

👤I like the way these look, lace is my favorite. Good luck if you put them on the back seats. If you can't get to the back of the seats or take the seats out, it's hard to do. It only took 30 minutes to use them for the front seats. The steering wheel cover and floor mates are just enough pink without being too much. Nothing is falling apart or breaking because of the quality. I would buy again. I love the lace.

👤The material is hard to attach to the seats. The lace is very attractive but the backseat has a problem. The material is cheap and thin, and could not get the covered to attach correctly. Customer service was good when returning to the seller.

2. Maples Sheepskin Universal Synthetic Cushions

Maples Sheepskin Universal Synthetic Cushions

BREATHABLE & COMFORTABLE- CAR PASS car seat cushion is useful to relieve fatigue and expedite metabolism. Wear resistant for vehicle seat cushion cove when stains occur. The front seat cover is made of Synthetic Australia sheepskin, not faux wool or woven wool, it is made of Newest High-qualited Faux Fur. Irritating smell is friendly to the environment. This seat cover is for most cars. The wool is about 2inch long and luxurious. If you use elastic bands to connect the seat cover with the back cloth, you can have a side air bag come out. When they choose a seat cover for their car, they must want it to be pretty and comfortable. Irritating smell or harmful chemicals are not included. It is very difficult to clean. If you have a question about this seat cover, please contact them, they have 24 hours online customer service. If you have a question about this seat cover, please contact them, they have 24 hours online customer service.

Brand: Maples

👤The product description is a must read. The ad depicted what was depicted in the seat cover. It took forever to arrive, so you should order it from WISH, I think that's whosourced it for Amazon. It's attractive and comfortable, but I wish the back straps were more attractive. It wasn't enough value for me to order a second seat cover, so I have to figure out what to do with the front passenger seat.

👤I was so excited to find faux fur covers that I didn't bother to read the ad. The smell from the bag was like cat urine, and I wondered if it was brand new. I am not happy with this purchase. Amazon should enforce honest tag lines.

👤The package option is confusing. It appears to be a set of 2.

👤If I could, I would have rated zero. Not thick at all. It sheds a lot. Not what I saw in the picture. Very thin. I was under the impression that I ordered a pack of 2 but only received one. Tracking info is off and delayed. I received it a week or so ago. I got it on April 8th. I think the delivery date is April 27th. It was never received with a tracking number. I returned it as soon as I opened it.

👤It's easy to install, it's soft and cute. My mom and sister are buying some for their cars after seeing mine. I had a problem with the express shipping option, but the seller took care of it, and they made sure I was happy and everything was perfect. I'm very happy with my purchase. These are for people who like soft and fluffy stuff. You will not regret it!

👤The white/gray is beautiful. I like the backing of the seat covers. They feel like real leather. I don't worry about the other things. These are going to be great in my truck, but I would have liked better tracking.

👤This is definitely worth the money. I think there is nothing wrong with these seat covers, they are just too fluffy for me, I just decided that I wouldn't use them on my car seats. I have a style car that is a stick shift, but it has not much room in the car to start with, and no place in the middle for me to store anything since it is a compact car. I returned them because they were a preference for me and there was nothing wrong with them. They don't wrap around the seats like other car seat covers, they just sort of are placed over top of the seat. It looked like a very small sporty car to me.

👤I had to replace a set of these for my car because something got spilled on it and it wasn't salvageable, but it wasn't related to the seat cover itself. Despite ordering the exact same thing, it is clearly two different seat covers. The texture of the faux fur is thinner and cheaper than the colors. The new ones say "FL Maples", whereas the original one says "Maples". Disappointed in the whole thing.

3. Aierxuan Covers Waterproof Leather Universal

Aierxuan Covers Waterproof Leather Universal

The package includes 13 pieces, including a front seat cover, a rear backrest cover, an armrest padded with a zip and a head pillow. Please contact them if you have any suggestions or requirements for the FREESOO car seat covers set. It is possible to adjust. The seat cover is suitable for almost all sedans, SUVs, vans, and electric vehicles because the straps used to secure the seat are resistant and need to be tightened during installation. The material is material. The product is made of faux leather, which is scratch resistant. The biplanes are comparable. The side straps for fixing the seat pillow cover are almost hidden. There is enough room for the airbag to stretch. There are pockets in the front seat back. It is easy to clean with water. The car seat cover can be wiped with a wet towel. It's very convenient. The wear resistance of the button is excellent. It is easy to install. It is easy for beginners to follow the steps in the installation guide and install in 25 minutes. After proper installation, it will never slide. It is easy to install. It is easy for beginners to follow the steps in the installation guide and install in 25 minutes. After proper installation, it will never slide.

Brand: Aierxuan

👤The front set of the jeep wrangler works well. Nice fit. It was unacceptable to back set. They hang over the base with no way to correct it. Even if it was installed correctly, they don't have the same tension straps that the front has, instead just one that goes under the corner on each side. I got the front set after my return was accepted by Amazon.

👤I own a Honda HRV EX. They fit the front seats well and the back seats were difficult to figure out. The seat covers work with them, but you have to put a bit of pressure on the seats as they lock them in place. It is important to check out the videos on the listing for directions. The quality and fit of the car was perfect. No one realized it was seat covers.

👤Installation took about 30 minutes. The instructions were written in a language that was not English, so expect to use your brain a bit, but a couple things weren't mentioned. I think they add a little bit of cushion to the seat. Some people complain that the pieces were loose after installation. You can lower the slack by wrapping some of the straps. I had to do this with the rear seat cover. You have to be aware of where you put the hooks. If you want to eliminate any slack, you need to look for a small hole at the end of the seat pan. I'm sure you can fit these on most vehicles if you are patient and resourceful.

👤I was going to love them when I got them. One of the straps broke when put in, but it was replaced quickly. I disliked these seat covers so much that I had them in my 2020 MDX with the 3rd row. They don't stay put. When I first put them on, they looked like my original leather seats, but you couldn't tell they were seat covers. The anchors don't stay put on the middle row, which brings me to #2. There are two more I don't think these are meant for a 2020 MDX or anything where the seats will be put down, slid, adjusted, etc. The cheap, plastic anchor will come loose if any of the above is true. When I return from vacation, I will try to find an alternative method to keep this in place. There are 3 more The back seat covers in my car are supposed to be sewed together. If you need to easily access the 3rd row, it's not ideal. I regret buying them. If I could do it all over again, I would send these back and save myself $200.

👤I read all the reviews before buying it. I made a huge mistake in getting clothe seats for my traverse, so I was excited to get this. I did the front seat in less than 10 minutes and then did the back seats in 30 minutes or so. The cover on the seats got messed up when I pushed the seats forward to go to the third row. It didn't look good and I was disappointed. It looked cheap. I wanted to look like it belonged to the car. When you tried to move the seats, the strings snapped right off, and I made sure it was all out from the back so it wouldn't be easy to come off. But it did. It was a waste of time. I didn't know if I should continue looking. My sister said she has one that looks like it came with her car. I can't find it. I will be buying more until I find the right match.

4. Waterproof Compatible Automotive Universal Black Pink

Waterproof Compatible Automotive Universal Black Pink

Please allow a small color difference due to the camera or light environment. The material is high quality leather fabric and padded with a sponge. It is easy to clean with a wet towel. The seat cover can be adjusted to fit almost all sedans, SUVs, vans, and electric vehicles. The seat cover adds a splash of color to your interior and is designed to be a comprehensive protection for your seat. There are compatible absorbers. The air bag will not be blocked since they have kept enough space for it, and two pockets on the front seat back are convenient for storing small stuff. It is easy to install, just 25 minutes. Installation instructions are included in the package. It is easy to install, just 25 minutes. Installation instructions are included in the package.

Brand: Lcv

👤It was easy to install, it came with directions and pictures. The seat covers had the same color as the description said. It is perfect because it is thick and cheap compared to other car seats. The quality of the seat covers is amazing. It is a must buy.

👤I don't like that it isn't durable. It was torn from sitting on. I want a new one. I hope the seller will contact me.

👤Not a good fit for a Honda Civic. It is very poor quality. Not worth it. I don't think that's a good idea.

👤I love these seat covers. I was hesitant to buy them because I didn't think they would fit my car, but they fit perfectly and the instructions are easy to understand. It took me 30 minutes to install everything, I am so happy with my purchase, I would buy these seat covers again.

👤The interior of the coche, materiales resistentes, la instalacion de la cubierta del asiento trasero, and so on.

👤The seat covers on my car are thick and high quality.

👤My daughter loves it. It was easy to install.

👤I liked these at first but they started tearing in July. It is not durable at all. It's pretty but very disappointing.

5. BDK PolyCloth Black Seat Covers

BDK PolyCloth Black Seat Covers

The LATCH attachment from In Right can be used for quick installation. These are the perfect seat covers for your new car, or even a car that is just new-to-you. Their car seat covers are designed to protect against spills and stains in your vehicle. They useBREATHABLE MATERIALS for maximum comfort during your commute. The high-quality poly outer layer gives you better air quality so that you stay comfortable during your drive. It is advisable to refresh the look of your vehicle and turn heads along the way. The two-tone design of the seat covers makes it easy to add a splash of color to your interior. The best investment for a new vehicle is easy to install. The installation process for the front seat covers and rear bench seat covers is simple. Their seat covers are designed to fit most vehicles. You can see their images for fitment examples. There may be more work required to create a perfect fit. Their seat covers are designed to fit most vehicles. You can see their images for fitment examples. There may be more work required to create a perfect fit.

Brand: Bdk

👤This item would fit my car. The back bench seat has a 60/40 split, so I was concerned about it fitting. Allow me to talk about the bucket seat covers. They interfere with the seat adjustments controls. The passenger seat has levers instead of electric controls. The lovers don't operate because of the seat cover on the passenger side. There are issues with the back bench seat cover. The first thing I had to do was cut holes in the back of the car for the entire head rest to go through, which meant large holes instead of small holes for just the poles. The directions show attaching silver clips to the elastic straps, but I have no place to heat them on the back of my seat. I can't attach the bottom elastic straps to the bench seat. I can't connect them to the other side of the elastic straps because of the design of the seat. The back part and the large holes for the headrest do not fit in the same place around the bottom of the rest. The lower Corners Bunch up and the entire bottom of the backrest want to pull off. This is the worst $23 I have spent. I cut holes in it so it is no longer resellable. Nobody should purchase. I don't think I would be able to make my own seat cover. This would fit my car, but not this one.

👤New seat covers cost 24 bucks. For front and back seats? I was very skeptical. If they didn't work, I could always send them back. I'm keeping them. The back seat is not easy to install. The back seat installation instructions could have been a bit more detailed. They look nice. There might be a few things here and there, but they are not noticeable to write home about. The head rests in the back seat were too large. I left the head alone. The covers are worth 24 bucks.

👤Does not fit a Camry. My husband is my husband. I have been working on this for several hours. It doesn't fit. I wish I had known that. I thought the function that allowed you to plug in your vehicle information and only be shown items that will fit would work, even though I normally check the reviews. The seller tells the truth, but no one at Amazon is checking that. I am angry and disappointed. The straps broke as we were attaching them. There is a hole in one of the headrest covers. I understand that you can't expect much at low prices, but this doesn't meet my expectations. It's changing my seats so that I can see daylight through the gap in the trunk.

👤Not high quality. Too lazy to come back. Not expensive. I should have known the quality of the fabric. There is an update. The vendor credited back my purchase. I didn't even try to get one. I have to give them a couple stars. Buy something else from them if you don't like what they sell.

6. AOOG Leatherette Automotive Universal Waterproof

AOOG Leatherette Automotive Universal Waterproof

Oasis promiseCover up your old interior. Protect your seats. Make your vehicle unique. Their high-quality, universal fit car seat covers will transform your interior, giving your vehicle a fresh, unique look. The material is high quality. The leatherette materials protect the original car seat from damage. Premium High-Density Foam creates top resilience for maximum comfort during your drive. These are the perfect seat covers for your car. Their seat covers offer protection against spills and stains. The look of your interior is refreshed by high-quality artificial leather and excellent appearance design. Style design. Their universal fit seat covers are compatible with any built-in safety device. The anchor attached to the strap can provide reinforcement. It is easy to install. Installation instructions are included in the product package. It takes 10 minutes to complete the installation if you follow the instructions. Their seat covers are designed to fit most vehicles. If you don't know if the vehicle is right for you, please contact them. Their customer service team is always online. Their seat covers are designed to fit most vehicles. If you don't know if the vehicle is right for you, please contact them. Their customer service team is always online.

Brand: Aoog

👤I was impressed when I opened the box, it looked amazing, the material and thickness was easy to install, and I have a 2000 Navigator and they fit perfectly, my seats are in good shape. I wanted a new look. I hesitated on buying the back seat cover because I wanted to see if it was worth it, but since I just installed them, everything points to stability.

👤I have the worst luck with car seat covers because they never stay in place or look cheap. I decided you get what you pay for and that's the car seat cover set. I am very happy that they fit like they were made for my car. The look and fit are beautiful. They are waterproof and important to me as I always spill something or my kids are. It is hard to clean car seats when there is something in them. I feel it is important to preserve the look of my car, my protectors ring the seats helps keep its resell value. They stay in my place and are non slip. They are high quality and have thick padding. It took 20 minutes to install. They are universal in fit but look custom.

👤The seat covers for the rav 4 were purchased. I am a total slob. I wanted to cover my entire car. Seat covers are easy to install, but it's time to put things down to the seat. They have two tabs that pull through the seat's crack to provide tension and are fastened against the back of the seat. There are hooks under the seat that are supposed to be fastened on the front of the covers. There is a cover on the back of the crack that prevents the tabs from attaching properly. You have to modify the hooks yourself if you want to attach them under the seat. The result is seat cover slippages. The seats don't completely envelope them. There is a gap on the sides and a small portion of the seat. If you are a complete slob, you are insufficient. If you have an open lumbar crack, a place to hook up is a great cover. They don't fit the RAV4

👤The clothes seem to get stuck on it, but I loved the color and style.

👤I bought these to cover the ugly gray that always looked dirty. They leveled up my car. They were easy to install. It wasn't a great fit around seat belt buckles, but overall worth the money. *update* I have had these for several weeks and they are great but I have to get in and out of the car. I had to buy a piece of fabric to hold the seat cover in place.

👤It was easy to figure out the direction. Every time I get out of the car, I have to adjust the seat cover. This shouldn't be happening because I paid for it. The product is a nice quality product and I like it. The headrest covers are silly. They are not a good fit and you want to use them because the material matches the cover.

7. AUTOFAN Leopard Covers Universal Cheetah Crown

AUTOFAN Leopard Covers Universal Cheetah Crown

If something happens to your cup holder insert coasters, they'll replace them for free. You can return the money immediately. Rest assured to buy. A cute dog pattern. The driver car seat cover with cute leopard and crown element is made of premium fabric and 4mm foam padding, which will keep the upholstery clean and dry, and will not decrease the value of your car for further damage. Stay in place. The leopard seat cover set has a soft interior that clings well to the car seat upholstery to keep the covers in place. The front car seat cover stays put with the help of the straps and clips. It is easy to install. The universal car seat covers are easy to install and will fit most of the vehicles on the road. It is machine washed. The package includes 2 front seat covers and 2 headrest covers. Their leopard car seat accessories are for people who love leopard prints. Customer service is provided. If you have any questions, please contact their customer services. Customer service is provided. If you have any questions, please contact their customer services.

Brand: Autofan

👤I love these covers! I bought a used 2005 Honda CR-V and wanted to make it look like it did when I was a kid. I like the feel of this material. Very nice. The front and back seats are very roomy. The first one that I tried was too short, but I tried all of them and two of them were the best fit for the front headrests. No big deal. If your covers don't give you full coverage on your first fitting, try them all. There is a lap strap on the underside of the front seat covers that helps to remove slack in the sitting area. Most people don't notice it. It's at the horizontal crack of the front seat. You can reach the strap from behind if you reach underneath the seat cover. You can attach the center strap to the hidden lap strap if you pull through the seat cover. The steering wheel cover is cute and feels like everything else. The backseat cover of my CR-V has a zip-up to accommodate splits, so I like that. I am glad I chose this product. The bench seat cover was easy to install because the backseats can fold down. A great hack for the bench seat install is to use a long piece of string or yellow lightening and put it through all of the strap holes. To get a snug fit, put the string through the strap openings in a zigzag pattern. Works well. White lightening made securing the bench cover super quick and easy, but we didn't have any pictures of the bottom of the bench seat. The price is a great value. I sat in my car and watched how everything came together. Take your time and try to fit the right fit for your vehicle.

👤I bought this for my daughter. I gave up on installing the back seat covers because it was not easy. You need to know how to remove your car seats. The 1999 honda accord was too big for her.

👤There is a mixed review. The pattern and colors of my new car, the Mars orange, are what I love the most. It was easy to install the front seats. The backseat was more problematic. It takes a little bit to install the leopard pattern. The bench seat was difficult to understand as the new model did not allow me to lift the bench up, so I had to push the cover under the edges to trap it. I had to cut the holes for the seatbelt. The back cover had to have holes made for the right and left. The printed fabric was half an inch larger than the black material. I had to cut the holes for the center headrest. The black material was cut and fitted around the plastic. Don't pull on the elastic fitting devices if you're not sure if you're getting a good fit, I broke off two of them and I was able to get a good fit. The metal clips are not something I like. Plastic sets seem to be less of a hazard than other sets I have used. I'm going to look for a replacement that is plastic and smooth because I'm afraid the little hooks on the back of the backseat will catch on things.

8. So Shiny Rhinestones Colorful Diamonds

So Shiny Rhinestones Colorful Diamonds

There are 11 pieces, including front seat cushion, front head gear, rear backrests, armrest, and middle base mat. Please contact them if you have any suggestions or requirements for the 'FREESOO' seat covers set. Anne Leather is the meterial. The front seat cover can be used to protect it. The crystal rhinestones will make your car's interior look better under the sun. It's easy to install. After reading the instructions, you can secure the car seat with the hooks and anchors. The rubber bottom improves the stability of the cover. It keeps the seat cover from sliding. The package contains a back car seat cover. The package contains a back car seat cover.

Brand: U So Shiny

👤It takes forever to come so you have peace of mind. I wish things came quicker. I want to put them on as soon as possible. I like to buy on Amazon but this took a long time.

👤The crystals could scratch or be uncomfortable on your legs.

9. FH Group FB102BLACK114 Black Cover

FH Group FB102BLACK114 Black Cover

Almost all seats are compatible with the universal application. The bench covers are 52 inches in length. The materials are made from a Breathable 3D Air Mesh fabric that is easy to clean and dry. Almost all seats are compatible with the universal application. The set is not compatible with the front side and rear split functions. The set is not compatible with the front and rear split functions. The set is not compatible with the front and rear split functions.

Brand: Fh Group

👤These were installed in my Dodge Dakota Quad Cab. It was easy to install the front seats. It was easy to figure out what the straps were for. The material is good, softer than I expected, and it looks good with the color options available. The cloth seats were upgraded. Excellent recommendation! The seat covers are better formed after a week or so of use making the look even better. 100% satisfied!

👤The fit and finish of these covers would make people believe I paid more for them. These covers are an excellent value for under $25 for front and rear seats. Don't hesitate to buy them. They looked like they were made for my 2012 Ford Focus, which took about an hour to install. They're very stretchy and can fit almost any seat. My only complaint is that I couldn't get any headrest covers for my rear seats, which have 3 head rests, so they don't match now, but no big deal for me. Don't know how long they will last. I'll be happy if I get a year out of them, and I'll buy another set when they're done. Installation tips: cut the slits to fit over the mounts just big enough so that you can slide the material underneath. I had to cut the back bench cover to allow access to the seat belts. The seat covers need some ingenuity to fit.

👤I didn't think I would be happy with them. The lady doctor gives you a terrible paper cloth to cover up, and I was expecting a similar material for the price. Not the case. My husband's work clothes, the dog and our kids made his interior brown and gross. The kids are the only ones, but that's not here or there. The seats were gross. Theae perfectly priced covers came in a few days and changed the look of the car. It won't win any "best interior" awards, but it won't have people wondering if he transports farm animals for a living. Unless they smell it. I don't think so. He had to cut out holes for the seatbelts and the headrests weren't perfect, but I think I remember reading that it worked better with headrests that were removed. Even for double or triple the price, they far exceeded my expectations.

👤The fabric they describe as having a cool special fabric is just plain old polyester that is more sweaty than leather. They look sharp if it is cold. They ties in front don't line up for a brand new car or at least didn't in my Ford Escape but would have in my older Lexcus car. I could have made it work, but they wouldn't have covered the seat adjusters. They show you how to cut fabric for these obstacles. They are large. If you have little seats in a small car, these will be swimming all over the place.

👤It works well on the Jeep Patriot or Compass Front seats, or small SUV's with similar seat types. Not too snug, and can be strapped on either side. You may want to spray on some ScotchGuard after installation because the fabric is thin. If you stretch on a large SUV or Truck seat, you may tear the stitching or straps.

10. OUTOS Luxury Universal Luxurious Black Gold

OUTOS Luxury Universal Luxurious Black Gold

Every product and service they offer at FH Group is to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Most 5-Seats cars have anti-slip car seat covers. This product can protect the car seats, and keep the original car and the car seat the same. The material is linoleum, a high resilience sponge, and comfortable non-woven fabric. Smooth and delicate feeling, soft texture. It's easy to fit most vehicles with five seats. The installation is easy and fast and can be scaled according to the size of the car, which will improve the fit of the seat cushion. There is no professional experience required. Youthful fashion, 5D full wrap, comfortable cotton and linen material, it is visually a pleasure, and it is very practical to use, so you deserve it. Youthful fashion, 5D full wrap, comfortable cotton and linen material, it is visually a pleasure, and it is very practical to use, so you deserve it.

Brand: Outos

👤There were white powder marks but after a wet wipe it was gone.

👤Ladies, be careful. The stitching on the rest of the head is called King. You can't tell in the picture if it's in the description. I ordered black and pink. They don't fit my Toyota Camry, but I loved them. The head rests on the back seat need to be able to go up and down.

👤The seat covers look great. I bought the interior part of my car because I've been working on it. I've had them for almost 3 weeks. I used the circle thing in the pack to tie them down because my head rest does not lift up.

👤It looks nice after installation. It's difficult to install the back seats. I had a hard time. It could rip the Elastic band if it was tugged too hard. The goal was to make my car look expensive on the inside and it was accomplished. I saw some reviews that said the king was printed on it, but I didn't have any words printed on it, so they removed the king print. I wouldn't mind if the king was a woman. Overall, it serves its purpose.

👤It says a king on it. The seat covers are supposed to be for women.

👤I didn't get the polliws that come with it because I had to take the seat out to put the seat covers on, I thought about getting more, but I didn't.

👤I want the picture of my seat covers to be exactly what I want. There is a crown of black, pink and pink. The word "KING" is embroidered under the crown on the picture. I'm not a king. Okay. That's not bad. I will live with it. The instructions are ridiculous. A bunch of pictures don't help. There was no step by step. I don't know what to do with all the little pieces. Oh, ugh. It should be easy for anyone. I shouldn't have to look at Youtube. It should be spelled out for me. I spent a lot of money on my seat covers. Unless you send someone to my house to install them, there's no fixing it. I was excited to get them installed, but now I have to wait until I have a lot of time to fix it.

👤It's a good product, but it's best for vehicles with no kids. The pink thread in detailing can be undone easily. The tab that holds the seat cover in place breaks when it slides in and out of the vehicle. It takes a long time to install. Nice material. It was comfortable. Not bad. 3 stars out of 5

11. 5 Passenger Waterproof Universal Interior Accessories

5 Passenger Waterproof Universal Interior Accessories

The part number is ECHOXLX002. They use high-quality leather to make car seat covers. The leather is easy to clean, it is waterproof, and the dust on it can be wiped off with a wet towel. The stylish design of the seat cover makes the interior of the car look great. The front of the car is completely wrapped, so you don't have to worry about children kicking it to the back. Safety is always a priority. The position of the airbag port has been reserved. Most cars with 5 passenger seats have a car seat cover. If you have a question, you can contact them. They will not be able to contact you if you leave a comment. There is no requirement for professional experience to install it. It takes about 30 minutes to install by ladies. There is no requirement for professional experience to install it. It takes about 30 minutes to install by ladies.

Brand: In-asche

👤It is easy to install, I did it myself.


What is the best product for queen car seat covers?

Queen car seat covers products from Car Pass. In this article about queen car seat covers you can see why people choose the product. Maples and Aierxuan are also good brands to look for when you are finding queen car seat covers.

What are the best brands for queen car seat covers?

Car Pass, Maples and Aierxuan are some of the best brands that chosen by people for queen car seat covers. Find the detail in this article. Lcv, Bdk and Aoog are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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