Best Car Seat Wedge Gap

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1. Organizer Between Interior Essentials Passenger

Organizer Between Interior Essentials Passenger

Kids love moving around in your car and putting their feet up on your seats. The Backseat Organizers keep your vehicle clean. It's as good as new if you wipe it down. They will work with you to make sure you are satisfied if you don't like your purchase. The safety design of the car seat gap organizer is strictly in line with the car front seat design, and it will not affect the driving. The seat gap storage box has enough space to be moved without affecting the safety buckle. The multifunctional car seat organizers can add additional front seat storage space for you to store stuff, such as phones, parking tickets, wallet, water cups, etc. In that case, the car will be clean. The car seat gap filler organizers are made with the premium material, which is non-slip and anti-fall, and the box is strong. The car seat gap organizer has multi-functional compartments, which include the wire hole, and the box has a user-friendly charging hole. Simply slide the car seat organizers between your seat and center console. It won't affect the front and rear seat adjustments. After installation, it will not fall off. Simply slide the car seat organizers between your seat and center console. It won't affect the front and rear seat adjustments. After installation, it will not fall off.

Brand: Coforder

👤I use it for everything I need. I don't have to put my phone where it will fall. It fits soda cans. I put my bigger cups in the main drink holder. It's well between the seats and console. It's great for travel as we usually have 2 drinks, water and coffee. It will do. The cup holder could be longer. It isn't the greatest. I have contractors glue. I would buy it again.

👤I found this with a filter that would fit my car and it said these would work. They don't fit in. They are terrible. The leather is coming off the cup holders and all of the inside is coming out. I would not recommend this product. I will be giving this back for a full refund.

👤Absolutely useless. I was very careful to make sure it matched my vehicle, knowing that Amazon and the seller probably don't have the expertise to know if it fits all the vehicles they say it does. I tried a lot of different spots, but it just doesn't fit in my vehicle. I might be able to make it fit if the panels were longer. I don't think they'd stay put in a vehicle that doesn't have a gear shift or emergency brake. The cup holder is small. I usually have canned drinks or a small water bottle. It won't work with anything larger than a small coffee or pop. It seems deep enough to support a can, but I wouldn't trust it with anything taller than a flimsy paper cup.

👤The part that sticks between the seat is not sturdy.

👤I had to return them because they were too high in my van. They didn't sit down into the crevice to be a good fit. There is a They had to be returned. I believe a different vehicle would fit.

👤It fits very well in my car. It's too small for anything decent. It broke after a day of use. The piece of plastic broke in half. It was horrible. My phone is not big enough in the phone slot. This ended up breaking the phone into pieces. It is lined with foe leather, which is not sealed down. It sticks up and just doesn't look right. I'm trying another. I think I'm returning them for a full refund. If you need a bit more storage, this is fine for you. Not if you are an adult with full sized items.

👤The leather looked like it was loose when I used it. The cup holder is too small. It holds my coffee thermos. I will keep it. I wish they put better workmanship into the unit.

👤I got two of them for the truck and they worked better than I thought.

👤Aunque un sticker de vinil, tiene una imitacin piel. No recomiendo.

2. Lusso Gear Organizer Universal Accessories

Lusso Gear Organizer Universal Accessories

The solution for neat and organized car interior is called great compatibilty. It is perfect for a variety of types including sedans, SUV, truckers, etc. The 2 in 1 Car Seat Gap Filler from Lusso Gear will keep you safe in your vehicle. You can add style to your vehicle with everything at your fingertips. The Leather Car Gap Organizer pocket keep phones, keys, glasses, change, and other items out of your console and cup holders for a safer driving experience. The foam spacers help wedge the automotive space between your seat and the floor. This car seat caddy can be used to organize your accessories. This stylish car storage insert has a divider to separate your armrest assets. At its opening, the catcher is 14.125" tall. The right size is needed to stop anything you drop. Every Lusso Gear accessory comes with a lifetime warranty. Let them know if you have an issue with your Lusso gear 2 in 1 gap organizers. They will work with you to make it right. Every Lusso Gear accessory comes with a lifetime warranty. Let them know if you have an issue with your Lusso gear 2 in 1 gap organizers. They will work with you to make it right.

Brand: Lusso Gear

👤I feel crazy for getting so excited about a pocket for my car, but my dilemma as to where to put my phone is finally solved! I can finally have my phone plugged in for apple car play and not have to put it in a cup holder. I was able to trim the foam wedge inserts to make sure they fit perfectly and that the pocket stayed in place. I love this little organizer.

👤These fit my car very well. I didn't have many options of organizers to choose from because the gap between the console and seat is only about a quarter of an inch. The hard plastic organizers look a bit neater, but they serve the purpose of holding my phone and other small items. The pocket is not as wide as it would be if it were in a car with a wider gap because the gap between my console and seat is small. I had to use a narrow wedge to fit my phone in the Commuter case, but the pocket is still wide enough to fit it. If you buy this, be sure to save the foam wedges because they hold the pocket open and help make it wide enough so it doesn't fall through the gap. You can choose the size that works best for you, because it comes with 4 wedges. The material used to make the pocket is thicker than I thought, and it holds its shape well. The pocket stayed in place when I adjusted the car's seat. I give this 4 stars because I wish the ends pocket was straight up and down.

👤I have to move the couch to get to the remote and glasses because they fall to the floor when I drop them between the cushions. I followed the instructions in the box when I put the second one in the truck. I snapped a pic of the one I received, if anyone needs it, because people didn't get instructions with their order. I am happy with my purchase of this product. Hopefully, they will last a while.

👤I got these for my car. I wasn't expecting much given the price and the number of reviews complaining about it falling when the seat is moved. The center console of my S5 has very little space between it and the seat, which is an inch at the widest spot and 1/2 inch at the mid seat. There is a good place on the side of the console where I thought these would work well. I wanted to secure them with either Silicone glue or Velcro. I slid them into the spot. It works well there. The opening at that location is very small. The main use was for my cell phone. It works well for that. I put my large cell phone into one of the sections that were divided sideways. The placement of the phone allows for the charging wire to go over the top of the pocket while the phone is flat on its side. The foam inserts allow the pockets to vary in size, while keeping the pockets firm between the seat and console. I'm quite happy where it is, but I'm probably going to move it to the other location eventually. It is sturdy enough for its purpose and looks great in my black/red leather interior, even though it is not constructed to handle a bear attack. If you wedge this between the seat and console, it will move. Complaining about something seems amusing.

3. Keketuohai Organizer Storage Cigarette Lighter

Keketuohai Organizer Storage Cigarette Lighter

If the bulb is confirmed to be a manufacturing defect or shipping damaged, they offer a 1 year warranty. The upgraded version of the seat gap filler has a small item storage organizer and cup holder. It is very popular for car interior accessories. The seat console has a pair for the driver and a pair for the passenger. This car seat gap organizers comes with a cigarette lighter and a dual-usb car charger. Quality and endurance tests are part of the seat gap organizer's existence. This car seat is made from plastic and PU leather and is crafted by their fine artisans. It is easy to install. You can use the 4usb charging ports on the side of the storage box to charge your electronic devices when you are driving. You just need to connect the power to the car seat gap organizers. Most cars and SUVS have car seat gaps. There is a Led light bar inlaid above the edge of the seat, it has a button on the middle of the two charging ports, you can turn on the light at night, but it doesn't affect the driving line. It can provide light sources in the car, but also create a comfortable atmosphere and enhance the sense of luxury in the car. It's good to use for decoration light. Storage Between Front Seats for Cell Phone, Cup, Drink, Sunglass, Credit Cards, Money, Keys, Coins and other small items is large. Their car seat gap organizer makes your car cleaner and tidy, it prevents small items in car falling down from seat gap while you driving, keep yourself focused on the road condition. Every user of the car seat pockets organize their belongings. Storage Between Front Seats for Cell Phone, Cup, Drink, Sunglass, Credit Cards, Money, Keys, Coins and other small items is large. Their car seat gap organizer makes your car cleaner and tidy, it prevents small items in car falling down from seat gap while you driving, keep yourself focused on the road condition. Every user of the car seat pockets organize their belongings.

Brand: Keketuohai

👤You can feel the quality of the build out of the package. The side bolster organizer was wrapped. Each organizer has a plug in. The package description states that this also comes with a cigarette lighter adapter. If you have a port in the back of your car, you should get a multipart adapter. You will be able to hide the wires. Plug and play is all you need to setup up, you just need to put the organizer between the seats and you're good to go. You can turn on and off the LEDs from the built-in ports on the organizers, if you want, but you have to adjust the seat every time it is moved, because the organizers will move back and forward. If you leave the light on, the light will turn off automatically. You can see the ongoing theme in the video attached and the organizers fit the aesthetic of my car. If you want to store your phone, wallet, and keys without having to worry about items falling in between the sear gaps, these are great. As a warning. Being a bigger guy, I notice that these organizers can take up a bit of seat space. I have less thigh space in the seat, so I have to adjust my sitting. I was completely happy with the purchase. When I ordered mine, they were sold out. I was able to get it on the day it was supposed to be delivered.

👤It fits perfectly for the Toyota corolla. Each holder has an USB cable, so it's easy to connect them at the same time. It looks like purple and sometimes blue. If you look at my pictures, you will see that it is a deeper blue than my car's console, so you will need to think about that when purchasing. In my opinion, it's better to spend $20 more on this holder than it is on one that doesn't have it. The button has on/off. It's just an extra, but it's worth it because it really amazed your friends.

👤This product seems promising from all the 5 star reviews that say "the leather is great" and "it adds so much storage" but in my opinion that's a load of bull. It feels cheap. It is cheap. They didn't bother to fit the "leather" all the way around, it was just foam and plastic. The minimum cost is the storage portion. I can bend it using minimal force. I like the idea of the LEDs and the charging sockets but there's definitely no way you'd get much power out of this without it being a fire hazard. If you have a car that doesn't have enough room between the seat and the center console, this thing is garbage. If you slide it forward to clear the seat belt buckle, it will stick out far and look terrible. If you want lights in your car, just buy some led strips and pocket folders. Don't spend fifty bucks on something.

4. Coitak Organizer Leather Console Filler

Coitak Organizer Leather Console Filler

There is a satisfaction guarantee. They will reply within 24 hours if you have a question about the item. They offer a money-back guarantee on quality defects. Please be assured to purchase. Small items are not allowed to fall beneath the seat, and extra storage space is provided by the car seat gap organizers. No more going to the dark to find a wallet, phone or glasses. The gap filler pocket can help you avoid having to stick your hands in between the seats and middle console to pick up things. Premium Material is made of water-resistant, durably constructed PU leather for long time use, add convenience and space for your keys, cards, money, charger, phone and remote. The car seat gap filler organizers is perfect size, it can fit between 1.5 and 2.5 inches of car gap space. Make sure you check the car gap to make sure there is still room for things. They will get back to you within 24 hours if you have any questions. They will get back to you within 24 hours if you have any questions.

Brand: Coitak

👤I got these because my phone and everything else falls down in between my seat and the center consol. I thought these would be great. It will be an area I can store stuff in while I'm driving. They feel sturdy, but are cheap. I hadn't installed the red threading yet. Yeah, stuff happens... I installed them anyways. The foam they give to hold the pouch open doesn't hold it open. The foam has to be weak to wedge the pouches open. The foam began to bend and wrap under the pressure. I am going to see how long they stay. I will keep you updated with any changes.

👤I'm happy I tried them. Surprisingly useful. The gap on my 4th generation Rav4 is what it is. The sport seat edge is on the level. The cup holders are open for cups and the place for car keys, cell phone and other small items is there. Extra storage is appreciated, but it's not very wide or deep. I wish the stitching was not red. This was used for a road trip. They keep small items and papers in the glovebox, which is easy to see.

👤The gap organizers were purchased for our pick-up. They fit into the gap between the seat and the center console and fill a hole that keys can fall into. The amount of room within the organizers will be dependent on how much space you have. Our gap is small and so the organizers are folded into a narrow shape. I can get my phone and facemask into the organizers, but that's all. As the seat is moved back and forth, the organizers move forward and backward within the gap. This can cause the whole alignment to be thrown off and you have to re-position the organizers every time you move the seat. We really didn't gain much usable space within our gap because the organizers is better than nothing.

👤Not sure what would fit in a small car, driver or passenger, the less space you have to work with, and not sure what to do with it. I just bought them to fill the gaps I have and they are loose, they keep falling, and I have to keep pulling them up. It is frustrating. I don't recommend these if you're going to be storing a few phones, a dozen pens, some cards, and lotion. Need. I say more.

👤The seat organizers in my Spider would slip and slide, so I had to send them back. This one had some movement, but it fit perfectly. The problem of them moving was solved by attaching the strips to the side of the carpet. I needed more storage in my Spider.

👤It looks and feels good. I have to play with placement a little as it does fall a bit too deeply between the seats but still better than having an open gap there. I can fish between the seats in the pocket, instead of hunting under the seats. I used to have plastic pockets in my other cars. This is better quality.

5. GAP GUARD Seat Filler SEEN


Extra storage space is ideal for your phone, wallet, cigarette, keys, hand cream, coins, gloves, credit card, documents, pens, maps, sunglasses and other items. It's easy to get when you're driving. This car organizers is made to a very high standard and will last a long time. For cars, trucks, and SUVs. The gap between the drivers seat and center console is filled. The items are difficult to reach if they fall under the seat. The durable design works on both sides of the vehicle.

Brand: Gap Guard

👤A piece of junk! It's a flimsy foam rectangular, low quality foam that you would receive as packing for a box. I thought I was buying a better product which has a cutout for a seatbelt. This is an attempt at a product. 10 cents of material and zero cents of thought.

👤It bites me when I place my order and not read the review. Two cheap pieces of foam that I don't use. I don't want to take time to send them back. Don't buy these! Be careful with the buyer. I installed them. The description says they are durable, not sure how long they will last, but they will fill/guard the gap. They should sell for less.

👤I thought this would be the same as my last car, which had a nice seat filling. When I opened the package, I was surprised to find two foam pieces with holes. It doesn't fit in the front of my seat. If it were under $10, I could have gone to the fabric store and bought my own foam.

👤The product was terrible. Very disappointed. It is a cheap piece of foam and it is not very sturdy. The car of the year is the 2016 Tahoe.

👤It was not what I expected, made of foam. It would be more durable.

👤This did not fit in between my seats. I have a car. It was very cheap and awkward. I bought gap guards with pockets for storage and they work better than the ones I had before. I wouldn't buy this product.

👤There are 2 pieces of uncovered foam for fifteen dollars. Stuffing a towel between the seats would look tacky. I ordered the ones shown on Shark Tank and shipped them back. I thought these were the kind of gift I had ordered.

👤The idea is genius, but the price is ridiculous. What you get for $20 will be meaningless. Even though I appreciated the idea, I couldn't keep it. I rolled the two hand towels up. The concept is the same.

6. SUNMORN Organizer Multifunctional Storage Central

SUNMORN Organizer Multifunctional Storage Central

The seat wedge cup holder is easy to use and close to my body. The central console is not compatible with the seat. Not fit a gap that is less than 0.6 inch. The cup holder should be facing back if you use it on the right side. Are you tired of the coins, cards, and phones always being dropped between the seats? The car seat gap Filler is great to keep your pocket contents organized for an enjoyable ride. Car Seat Gap Organizers prevent items from falling between the car seats, which can cause dangerous distraction as you drive. The material is made of plastic and has strong impact resistance. The car can be expanded and the life extended. It is easy to install between the seat and console. Keep your car clean and organized with the Sunmorn car seat gap organizers. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, they will give you a full refund. It is easy to install between the seat and console. Keep your car clean and organized with the Sunmorn car seat gap organizers. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Sunmorn

👤I am very pleased with the car seat gap organizers. My Jeep Cherokee has it on the passenger side. I knew it wouldn't work if the car seat was higher than the console, but I had to try it on the passenger side. You don't know until you try, and it works perfectly on the passenger side. The little console is not perfect from every angle, but it is a great place to keep my phone, a small water bottle, spare change, etc. It doesn't affect the shifter at all. It isn't a problem to a passenger. I am very happy with my purchase. Exactly what I needed.

👤I like the way it fits and the fact that it catches anything that falls between my seat.

👤It doesn't work for me after 2 weeks of using it in my car. Product keeps sliding off of the seat. The black foam on the bottom keeps coming off. I had to glue it in place. still sliding If I could return it, I would because it doesn't work for the size gap in my car. The cost is the best I could find for the product. I was able to choose a color and it came in multiple colors. It's easy to install, there's a hole on the bottom to pull the charging phone cord through. There is a small area for a drink and where I put my phone. I would have liked to have been a little longer for more things like my keys to put in there, as shown in the video where it would adhere a little better. It is a decent product for the price.

👤This is inexpensive and does what the more expensive ones do. I drive a Lexus. And it looks good. I have it on the drivers side, it is plastic and not a leather looking material like some of the more expensive ones, it does the job and looks fine. When I opened the package, I could see that it had been returned by someone and I had to take it out of the package to get it back. I thought of returning for a new one but it was too much trouble for the cost and it seems to be working fine even when the seats move, so I guess I can't complain too much. I think whoever bought it originally installed it bent when the seats moved. No clue, but a new one would have been nice, not sure how quality control didn't catch it when it was returned.

👤The car seat organizers look nice, but they don't stay in place, like the other passenger side ones. If you step on the breaks a little too hard it will just slide out. It slides quickly. I can't see how I can hold it in place. The small hole for a charging cable is nice, but it is a bit annoying to keep the cable in there. You have to run the cable in again if it falls out. The leather is nice, but it will start to chip away at being in the sun after a while, because it is PU. It slides out of any car seat I have tried, but it fits in any vehicle. It is nice to have more storage space, but it doesn't work well. I wanted to see if there was a way to adjust it to hold it in place better, but I couldn't find a way to get it to stay. The foam does come out, but that doesn't help hold it in place. I think this is a good idea, but it has a poor design to make sure that your stuff won't fly out from between the seats. This should be adjusted to make sure it stays in place.

7. Car Seat Cushion Pillow Driving

Car Seat Cushion Pillow Driving

The manufacturing warranty is 24 months. The car seat cushion is made with 100 percent premium memory foam and provides extra padding to support a better driving experience. Hard seating can cause unwanted pressure in the tailbone. Their car cushion has a cutout that suspends your coccyx. The perfect car seat cushion for short people has a 3 inch thickness, which acts as a seat riser, providing several inches of lift to improve your viewing angle. Car seats can cause pain in your back, hips, and legs if they lack support. The seat cushion cradles those areas to reduce pressure. Their memory foam wedge cushion has been tested by OEKO-TEX to earn their coveted STANDARD 100 label, meaning every component of their car cushion is safe and harmless. Retains its shape after use, so you can sit on your seat cushion for as long as you want without worry of it flattening. The design is perfect for car seats, but also works well for office chairs, wheelchairs, dining chairs, and stadium seats.

Brand: Everlasting Comfort

👤I used it on my computer chair because it is not comfortable and my husband said it hurt his leg worse when he used it. My mom and I both have one. This is a good review. I think all reviews should be seen so that someone can make an informed decision and not only see good reviews. They should give me back the money because it was not a comfortable cushion. Good companies accept all reviews. Product should not only show good.

👤I put "Ask Me About My Butt Pillow" on my college graduation cap because I love this seat cushion so much. People asked about it. What do I say to them? It's great for driving because most car seats slope downwards in the back. Seeing a play, sitting at a desk. It helps align your back by lifting your pelvis higher than your thighs. I use it when I teach. My friends who have tried it want their own. I couldn't recommend it enough.

👤I use this product daily. I feel that it is not good for my back because it has already flattened and I feel that one side is lower than the other. The cushion is not comfortable. I work all day and sit all day. I needed more. I am overweight. My son loved using this product. He thinks it is a great addition. I am giving it to him. If you are a normal size, you should buy it. I originally gave this product a one star, but I was going to change to a 3 star because my son loved it. I declined the money and was told I was going to change it anyways, after I received an email offering a full refund, which I thought was nice, at first. They asked if you could change the content of the review to positive and get a 5-star rating. Can we think about applying for a gift card with the boss? Thank you. This is very upsetting. The people are dishonest. I don't want them to tell me to give a product 5 stars. It doesn't work for overweight people. These people are dishonest.

👤The paint on my car seat left a permanent stain after I used it for 4 days, even though it was not harmful to one's health. The car was taken to the dealer. The dealer tried to remove the stain with industrial-grade chemicals. The BMW official service center supervisor apologized to me and said there was nothing they could do to fix the car seat. What horrible harmful chemical substances are being used in the manufacturing process of this cushion seat? The damage to my car seat is visible, but the health damages are not. Don't repeat my mistake and stay away from this product. I regret buying this product.

👤I use the Everlasting Comfort cushion in my Jeep Grand Cherokee. It does not slide on my leather seats. It provides a lot of comfort. I wish I'd bought this a long time ago. I have been making one hour drives and it has alleviated my back and legs pain. I'm looking forward to seeing how it does on long drives. I plan to buy another to use in the house. The seller reached out immediately to make sure everything was ok.

8. CarQiWireless Cushion Cotton Breathable Office

CarQiWireless Cushion Cotton Breathable Office

Multiple use of their memory foam backrest pillow. The back support of the chair can be curved, back support for the airplane seat, back support for the car, or back support for the office chair, desk chair, computer chair or wheelchair. It was designed with comfort and pain relief in mind. The cushion pad will help relieve the pressure on the tailbone. Lower back pain, numbness and sciatic pain can be alleviated. It's better for an office chair, car seat, truck, plane, wheelchair, floor or bench. Improve driving vision. The seat height can be increased with the help of the memory foam, which is of 2.9 inches. This is the best car seat cushion for short drivers, which provides them extra comfort. There is a non-slip backing and a fixing belt. Breathable and dustproof mesh fabric is easy to remove and clean. The cushion is comfortable. Car chairs, office chairs, and home chairs can be used. Provide a certain height so that you can see better, relax your hands and feet, and adjust your sitting posture. No smell, durable, long use time, no deformation. It was large enough to fill the entire seat. International Women's Day, anniversary,birthday, mothers day, father's day, Christmas, and many more are perfect gifts. No smell, durable, long use time, no deformation. It was large enough to fill the entire seat. International Women's Day, anniversary,birthday, mothers day, father's day, Christmas, and many more are perfect gifts.

Brand: Carqiwireless

👤I bought this cushion for my mother. She is short, has an old car, and needs to elevate more when she is driving. She used a pillow before. This cushion is great. It doesn't slip when you get in and out of the car. It is comfortable and stays in place. Highly recommended!

👤My new job gives me 20 year old cars. I needed something to help with the support. This is the best brand that I have tried.

👤The seat cushion has provided excellent support, comfort and pain relief during long rides in an RV.

👤I use a cushion as a car seat because it is very comfortable and gives me added height as a short person.

👤I was unsure if this was thick enough to fit in my car. I can't see over the dashboard. It worked out well. It was very comfortable to sit down.

👤I needed additional height while driving and I needed this cushion. I can see better over the steering wheel. It is reasonably priced.

👤I am very happy. This is large for my seat and does not slide, so I am happy with that. It removes pressure from my spine. I would order this if I were a character. A great purchase. I am sure that you will never get it back into the carry case, but it will be useful for something else. I am very impressed. My heated seats go through it. Not a problem with that either.

👤I needed a boost in the car and this thinner pad was what I needed. The seat cushion holds its shape well. The cover is well made. It was perfect for what I needed.

9. VLATUO Organizer Multifunctional Cellphones Sunglasses

VLATUO Organizer Multifunctional Cellphones Sunglasses

Their core purpose is customer satisfaction, replacement or refund within 45 days, any questions please contact I. Your gift will be appreciated by car lovers. The car seat gapfiller can be used to prevent items from falling. The charging cable is hidden by a hole at the bottom of the box. Decrease the amount of debris falling into the gaps and increase the storage space of the car will ensure driving safety. It is easy to install and clean. If it is dirty, wipe it with a wet paper towel. The plastic is wrapped with PU leather to increase the sense of luxury and prevent abnormal noise. No degumming, high-density coating. Fit in most cars. There is a universal size. The car seat gap organizers is suitable for most vehicles. Please make sure the seat gap is less than 0.7 inches. The cup holder can hold larger cups. It's not suitable for cars with a center console. If you have a question, please contact customer service. Within 24 hours, they will provide perfect service and reply. Fit in most cars. There is a universal size. The car seat gap organizers is suitable for most vehicles. Please make sure the seat gap is less than 0.7 inches. The cup holder can hold larger cups. It's not suitable for cars with a center console. If you have a question, please contact customer service. Within 24 hours, they will provide perfect service and reply.

Brand: Vlatuo

👤I will be returning the product. The mini soda cans might be held in the cup holder. My cell phone is too long to fit in the cup holder, which is taking up a lot of space. It would fit without a phone cover. I have an phone.

👤It took a bit of seating space, but I got used to it quickly. It's a great item.

👤The item looks good. It wouldn't hold a mug at all. The small bottle of water we put in the drink slot didn't feel very stable. It will fill the gap between the seat and console and be useful for phone calls. We wanted it to hold our drinks. It did not. We sent it back.

👤You can slide into the space between your car seat and consul. The cupholder is not stable for any drinking glass that I know of. If you use a large cup such as a tervis, the ability to use the cupholder in the consul itself is blocked. Quality manufacturing is a great idea.

👤It doesn't have an opening for the seat belt clicker.

👤This is not a good use of money. It's in your way to my car. You don't have a leg room. Don't buy it, it's not worth it.

👤Two would like to have both, only got one.

10. Enchanted Home Pet Orthopedic Backseat

Enchanted Home Pet Orthopedic Backseat

Extra room to lounge is provided. It is open for easy storage. The pocket holds leashes. It was tested safe and non-toxic. The backseat extender is between the 1st and 2nd row of seats. It's in the 1st and 2nd rows of seats.

Brand: Enchanted Home Pet

👤I drive a Jeep. We have dogs. A dog, a female dog, and a female dog are pictured. This is an actual breed description. She was born on Halloween. Our two females don't always get along and having all three dogs in the vehicle without any separation is a recipe for disaster that we don't need. There is a We can go on walks with all 3 if we separated during transport. The Lab has trouble with the space between front and backseat. Anything that challenges his stability could cause him to not want to get into the vehicle. There is a I decided to buy two of these after searching and measuring. They are a good fit. The fact that they can be used for storage is a big plus. I put a piece of carpet on top of the boxes. The backseat cover is kept from sliding. I put our dog in the backseat and he moved around well. Jake approved this.

👤I bought the extender for my senior pittie mix dog, who was going on a road trip. I wanted to make her as comfortable as possible because she is very anxious. I had to take out the items in the side pockets and push the seat back because it fit on the floor of the front seat. It did fit. It was perfect in the back seat for our return trip. I used the extender on the front seat floor for our trip. I put her dog bed over my car seat. I gave her a full bed so she could lay down and turn around. She was secured with a Valstar seatbelt to keep her safe. I gave her 2 of these to calm her before we left. Since I had my husband with me, I put her in the back seat. The same methods were used, but I covered my backseat for the first time.

👤My Shep likes to sit shotgun in my front seat, which is where this extender is used. She's belted in, but her big butt is too big to fit comfortably, so this extender is a great idea. It is too wide. It's a snug fit between the door and console. Unless the door is ajar, it's not possible to open it. It stands up to a 80lb GSD's front paws and upper chest weight if her head is out the window. She is enjoying the ride. I haven't tried it in the backseat yet, but the width clearance is the same. I think I will have the same issue as the front seat.

👤I own a Toyota Camry and the box works great. It is comfortable for my dog because it sits flush with the seat. I need a wide cover for my car seat.

👤This worked out well for me. I have a hammock with a back seat cover for my dog. I hated losing the storage space behind the passenger's seat on long trips, so I went with this. It now holds all the dog supplies I need and a few emergency items that I like to have handy. I'm a big guy and with my driver's seat in a comfortable position, this won't fit behind my seat. My wife is small and doesn't like to sit with the seat moved as far back as it will go. She likes it a little forward and that makes it fit behind her seat.

11. WORDKA Original Filler,Car Cracks,Helps Clean(Black

WORDKA Original Filler%EF%BC%8CCar Cracks%EF%BC%8CHelps Clean%EF%BC%88Black

The WEDGEE fills the gap between your car seats and console. There is a great car storage. Keep your car clean and tidy by keeping the coin, food scraps, and pet hair out of the car seat back gap. The car seat cushion gap filler is very easy to install, just insert between the seat and backrest gap. A stylish color design made of high quality PU leather material for a good look and a long life,waterproof and scratch resistant, that will suit any car interior and can be used in front or back seats. The car seat gapfiller will help you wipe out the mess on your seats and create a neat and clean environment. It will keep your car clean and in order. It can be used multiple times, it can be bought with confidence, you can move it from one car to the other without any issues. It can be used multiple times, it can be bought with confidence, you can move it from one car to the other without any issues.

Brand: Wordka

👤I like how it blends with my car upholstery. It keeps things from falling through the crease. Very nice. I also bought one for my truck.

👤Too long for my seats and I wouldn't stay in place.

👤The quality of the build is good and it fits on my car.


What is the best product for car seat wedge gap?

Car seat wedge gap products from Coforder. In this article about car seat wedge gap you can see why people choose the product. Lusso Gear and Keketuohai are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat wedge gap.

What are the best brands for car seat wedge gap?

Coforder, Lusso Gear and Keketuohai are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat wedge gap. Find the detail in this article. Coitak, Gap Guard and Sunmorn are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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