Best Car Seat Washer Machine

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1. Tub Towels Heavy Duty Multi Surface Cleaning

Tub Towels Heavy Duty Multi Surface Cleaning

Heavy duty wet cleaning wipes are used. The largest wet paper towel wipe is the strongest. There is no water required. Grease, tar, ink, paint, permanent marker, wax, scuffs, lip stick, nail polish, food and drinks, pet stains and more are not removed by this product. The moist towels are gentle on the skin. It contains vitamins E and lanolin. Tub O' Towels can be used as automotive and car cleaning wipes, for the office, boating, and RV's, and around the home. These tough cleaning wipes can be used on fabrics, carpets, vinyl, metal, counter tops, Walls, and more.

Brand: Tub O' Towels

👤A thick cleaning wipe. A large cloth. The scent is strong. The wipes don't sanitize against COVID-19, according to the Rep for the company.

👤These towels are nice. They are large and do a good job of cleaning up spills. There is a Why only one star? The packaging is garish. The towels are jammed into the cylinder so tightly that they can't be fed at a time. You have to struggle to remove the tightly sealed lid and then try to replace it again. The central core of towels had to be taken out in order to free up the rest. That's wasteful, to say the least. The jaws through which the towels are meant to be thread are very strong and sharp. They don't have any flexibility to them. They seem to have lost their stated purpose, rather than facilitating the feeding action. Amazon customers have been complaining about packaging problems for years with no response from the manufacturer. There is a If they don't care enough to make necessary changes, I don't care enough to reorder the product.

👤The towels are great for a lot of things. They work well for household cleaning because they are large and sturdy. The real benefit for me is having a wipe that works for things like the grill, the oven, the dashboard of my car, muddy shoes, chairs and umbrellas that go to soccer games and practices, and lawn furniture. I wipe something down, rinse the towel, and then wipe again. The wipes are heavy enough to hold up through 3-4 rinses. The smell is not strong and doesn't linger on my hands. The 90-count canister lasts about 3 months and the last towel is never dried out when I get to it, because I use these almost daily. The lid closes securely and the towels are easy to open. I don't worry about leaking because the canister is heavier than most, and it's easy to put one in the trunk or cargo area. When the towels are gone, the canister is recyclable.

👤The professional detailer recommended them. I've used name-brand wipes before, but nothing like this one. My Jeep TJ Wrangler was stained with personal dirt that didn't come off with commercial or home brew cleaners. The cleaning challenge was never put down by the other wipes. I had given up. There is no hope. I was amazed that they took the dirt off of the plastic like it was nothing when I tried them out. It went away when it surrendered to the wipes. I had both doors and the console arm rest top cleaned up in less than 10 minutes. The passenger grab rail and air bag cover are different from the wipes in that they are more rubberized. The steering wheel and dash plastic were back to where I like them after a few minutes.

👤These wipes clean the surface of your car, but they leave a greasy stain on the glass and finish. I went to the car wash to clear the mess. These wipes are not gentle on your hands. My palm's skin was damaged by using several of them. I don't think the wipes are safe.

2. Hoover Upright Cleaner Shampooer FH51050

Hoover Upright Cleaner Shampooer FH51050

There are dualspin powerBRUSHES. The dualSpin Powerbrushes work against embedded dirt and tough pet messes. Fast drying uses HeatForce power to deliver even faster drying for any space. Adding the extra solution will help you get the tough pet stains up and out. A wide cleaning path helps you pick up more with each pass, while theremovable nozzle takes the hassle out of clean up. Large tank containment. The large two tank system keeps your water separate from the dirty water. A sample bottle of cleaning solution, 8 ft. cleaning hose, and upholstery attachment are included.

Brand: Hoover

👤This is a good home carpet cleaner that is easy to use, but not overwhelming. If you want to clean your own carpets, you can use this cleaner. The heavier units have more fluid, are easier to empty, and are more expensive than the Hoover. The units cost twice as much and take up twice as much space in your closet. The cleaner uses liquid, a large beater brush, and a vacuum to do its work. The weight of the machine causes the beater brush to follow the water and soap dispensers beneath the machine. One forward pass is used to make a cleaner. A second dry pass pulls back the carpet after the vacuum pulls dirty fluid from it. You don't want to. You roll the machine forward and pull the gun on the first pass, then roll it and vacuum on the second pass. I cleaned carpets professionally while in graduate school, and I'm convinced that the best carpet cleaners use floor buffers with whips attached to the disk and fluid reservoirs. You can put muscle into cleaning and then finish by vacuuming the dirty spots. The steam cleaners get deeper because of heat. The machine does not have the ability to heat steam cleaning. This will do a good job if you don't have the skill to run a heavy floor machine, or if you don't want to rent a buffer. The "HeatForce" warm air drying function is kind of a joke because it doesn't heat the water. My father-in-law has used a cleanser like this to keep the white carpet in his living room clean for many years despite the many children playing there. There are a few cautions. Don't use too much cleaning solution when cleaning your carpets. I only use hot water when I clean twice, because once I clean with solution. Over-application of cleaning solution will cause carpets to attract dirt. Hoover charges a lot for cleaning solutions. Don't use the solution too much. 2. Before using a carpet cleaner, vacuum carpets. The machine will grind dirt into the fabric. 3. There are plastic or aluminum foil patches under wood furniture. When wood is placed directly on the carpet it will leave marks.

👤This is a full review. I had the chance to test this cleaner out. I had a chance to clean my rug. One of the nasty dogs is laying on the rug, which has high traffic. The carpet cleaner was far superior to my expectations. This thing had mud caked on the bottom of the dirty reservoir, as you can see from my photos. The dog water came out of this thing. I tell you that my rugs are brand new and smell great. It only took me 10 minutes to put this unit together. It is easy to clean. The cleaner is worthy of a complete renovation and I rarely redo an entire review. There is a I would 100% recommend this item to a friend, family member or enemy because of the price and quality.

3. Bissell Multi Purpose Portable Upholstery 1400B

Bissell Multi Purpose Portable Upholstery 1400B

Purchases save pets. The mission of the BISSELL Pet Foundation is to help save homeless pets. Removes spots and stains. Clean carpets, upholstery, car interiors and more. The spray and the suck are strong. Strong spray and suction can be used to remove pet stains. There is a large tank capacity. You can clean more if you have a 48 oz. tank. Tools and a formula are included. There is a trial-size Spot & Stain with Febreze Freshness formula. The trademarks are used by The P&G Company.

Brand: Bissell

👤Does a good job. I read a lot of ignorant reviews. 1. Between uses, empty. 2. It gets things as clean as soap and water. A friend has had one for a long time. It was used to refresh a sofa. It was great.

👤The machine has good suction. When the head starts to get stuck, use a dish soap. Put the Dawn on one side and hold it at an angle so the water in your sink doesn't get hot. After 3 or 4 minutes, flush the side of the nosel that has the machine on it, then repeat the steps on the other side. After doing this, the suction was brand new. If you are cleaning up an animal accident, emptying the dirty tank won't get rid of the smell. There is a black gasket at the bottom of the tank. Remove this and be prepared to be disgusted. There is always a build up of sludge after a few pee clean ups. The holes in the gasket are gone when you rinse it. Make sure to replace the gasket in the correct position, there is a small cut on the gasket itself to guide you. We tried other dish soap and they didn't work at all. Don't burn yourself when cleaning the head. Hopes this helps.

👤I am very impressed with this little thing. I bought it because my rescue dog has had accidents and I have an area rug in my living room. The white parts were getting gross and it was gray. Most of the stains came up in one pass. I spray the grosser ones before I take the pass, and they come up pretty easily. The clean water/ solution tank and the dirty water tank have openings on opposite sides. The tank is clean. The tank is dirty. The first time I spilled water, I expected symmetry. The fill tank can only hold so much. If the water level goes above the handle intentions, it will cause an overflow valve and it will spill everywhere. You will need to order more solution. The bottle will get you far. The instructions on the back say to use two capfuls. I don't know what cap that's referencing is, you're not going to get anything clean with that. The market line is on the tank. The instructions are terrible. I figured it out on my own, despite the diagrams being not helpful. It is not difficult when you just look at it.

👤This has made my list of top Amazon purchases. I have two Australian shepherds and they make extra money sitting through Rover. The couch takes a lot of damage from the pups. I had been scrubbing the spots individually as they happened with a spot treatment, but I was left with discolored and stained cushions. I didn't think the scrubbing was getting the couch clean. The cushions have been vomited on, puked on, and stepped on with muddy paws. This is a before and after cleaning with my new Bissel LittleGreen. I am amazed! I think this purchase will be worth the price for the use I will get out of it as a dog sitter. I was going to use it as a spot cleaner, but after watching the dirty water come off of the cushion, I'm rethinking that. I might just clean the whole couch. I still use this machine regularly. I have found that using detergents leaves the couch cushions stiff, but that can be fixed by using only water and no detergent. Good as new!

4. MC1375 Accessories Extra Long Chemical Free Appliances

MC1375 Accessories Extra Long Chemical Free Appliances

The power source is corded. CHEMICAL-FREE CLEANING is a method of deep cleaning that uses hot, pressured steam to eliminate grease, grime, and stains from a wide range of surfaces. TheTILE ACCESSORIES include a floor mop, mop pads, nylon brushes, brass brush, angled nozzle, scrub pad, scraper, and more. The 48 ounce water tank provides up to 90 minutes of steam. There is an optional steam lock for continuous steam, and on-demand variable steam control. Extra-long power cord and steam hose make it easier to reach those who are hard to reach. When choosing a product, you should invest in superior performance and design that will deliver total satisfaction. They will replace it for 2 years if not. A customer service team is based in Kansas. It was built to meet U.S. requirements. Only in the U.S., it is certified, safety-tested, and warrantied. Refer to the User Manual Pg- 17 for all related issues.

Brand: Mcculloch

👤I used the MC1375 for auto detailing. Over the past 9 months, it has seen over 100 hours of use and has become a favorite tool. I have not used it for anything other than detailing, so the following comments are based on that. When ice is filled with cold water, it takes under 10 minutes to heat up. Even after use, it maintains pressure. It's great for sticky cupholders, gum, melted candy, tight nooks and crannies, carpets, fabric seats and especially leather seats. The machine can be reached from the far side without having to move it. One tank is usually enough to finish, but on dirty interiors you may need to refill. If you open slowly, you can remove the water fill cap on a hot machine. If you use common sense, it can be done easily. It's a little underpowered. When working on harder surfaces, more pressure would be useful. It struggles on greasy seat posts and air vent. The hose doesn't seem to hold up well under heavy detailing use. You have to contort your body and hold a steamer to get to all the tight areas when detailing interiors. This puts a lot of pressure on the hose. The protective hose failed behind the handle after 6-7 months of use. It failed again a few weeks later when the hose was attached to the boiler. The company told me they would replace the entire machine free of charge after I contacted them to purchase a new replacement hose. I had a brand new unit on my doorstep in 2 days after I sent them the required photo. I was amazed by the responsiveness of the man. The MC1375 is one of my favorite detailing tools and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase it again.

👤I like to research. Before buying anything over $50, I spend hours on the internet looking for reviews, comparisons, and Consumer Reports. I was certain that this was the best product of its kind. They fooled their master on this one. The first time we used it, it worked. There is no need for back breaking work. We spent the rest of the day admiring how clean the bathroom was, and it met and exceeded my expectations. I recommended it to a friend because I was so proud of the research that paid off. After that, the room only required light cleaning, so the steamer stayed in the closet for months. The biggest attachment we used broke, it was only our third time using the machine. This does not require any elbow grease like a mop would. Most of the work is done by steam. We were surprised that this broke so easily. The floor attachment is useless because the steam shoots out the top of the attachment. This is the one that will be used the most on floors, shower and tub bottoms, and large areas like walls. It broke after a year, but only 3 months. It all looks good on paper, but I wouldn't recommend it again. They skimped on quality with this particular attachment, but they should have had a great product. We disconnected the hose and took it apart, but it lasted only ten minutes. Very disappointed. We had it for a year, but it broke on our third use. Beware!

5. Vailge Waterproof Scratch Nonslip Standard

Vailge Waterproof Scratch Nonslip Standard

Excellent size of 56" wide x 60" long are larger than the other pet car seat cover. Their product protects your car from scratches and mud. It designes for the back of most cars. It is possible to convert between hammock or standard bench coverage. It is easier for your dog to get out of a car. Hair flaps can protect your car door from damage. Pets and kids can share the back seat when zip up for a full hammock or zip down for half/half so dogs and passengers can travel together. Their backseat dog cover has two waterproof layers. The top layer is the 600D oxford with water-resistant coating, and the bottom layer is a new waterproof material. They use heat-pressing technology to connect the top layer and bottom layer, it can achieve 100% waterpoof. Their pet seat cover has a non-slip surface to prevent your dog from slipping when you apply the brake. Seat cover can slide around if there is built-in nonslip backing and seat anchors. Seatbelts have built-in openings. Safety is always a priority. If you don't have a rear car seat cover, they will be happy to assist you. It is easy to install with quick release clips. Buckle the straps around the car's head protectors and you're good to go. It's easy to clean.

Brand: Vailge

👤The material is very strong and it should keep the dirt from getting onto my carseats, the dog hair will fly but the dog's paws should not leave a mark. Side flaps are the next best thing. That is a zip up. They should keep the dogs away from the doors. If your car is not on the large sides, I would stick with the standard large size, but if it is a large SUV, I would go with the extra large size.

👤Two huskies are in my car twice a day, from daycare and from my car. My black seats are covered in white hair all the time. I have had many different back seat covers and they rip, making me buy a new one. We will see how long this one lasts. I like the fact that the seat belts are secured with a piece of fabric in the back. My kids love sticking their heads out the back windows, so I don't secure them. I like the material on the bottom of your dog's crate because my kids were sliding around so much that they were able to hold their paws up when there was an unexpected turn or stop. It is definitely worth a buy.

👤This product is worth a review. I bought a new car. My dog sheds like crazy, and the interior is black fabric, so I have been avoiding taking my dog in it. I bought a car carrier and it is a game-changing invention. It fits perfectly in my back seat, and has flaps on either side so your dog is protected. I took it out of my back seat and there was no fur. I don't have to use a blanket during the ride.

👤I bought this product because I take my dog with me everywhere, and it was damaged and ripped after a month. It seemed to last until the return dates were over. I don't know if I just got poor stitching or if my dog isn't rough on it, it worked well while it was together. I expected the product to hold up better than it did. The sides were small and didn't cover much of the door. I am beyond angry at the poor quality and deceptive quality of this product.

👤I just bought a new car and was not going to let my dog in on the new leather seats. I put the cover on. It is easy to install and it protects a lot. I am very happy. I don't have a large dog, just a standard Jack Russell, so I don't know how it will stand up.

👤I bought this cover to protect my car while I took my pig to the doctor. He had gotten too big to ride outside of a carrier. I bought the highest review at the lowest price because I was sure that he would destroy the cover. I took the cover out of the box and it exceeded my expectations. It was made from high quality materials. It is machine washed. I was very happy with how easy it was to install. It was a perfect fit and stood up to my pig for an hour long trip there and back. It was easy to remove without getting any dirt on the seats underneath and it was ready for the washer, which came out like new. I rarely write reviews unless the product is excellent or bad, I am very pleased with this product. If you need to transport your pet, this was better than you expected and I would recommend it to everyone.

6. Drill Brush Accessories Motorcycle Upholstery

Drill Brush Accessories Motorcycle Upholstery

The nylon bristles can be used on a variety of surfaces. You can clean your gas grill, stove, smoker, oven, or charcoal grate with this no-wire kit. The Ultimate automotive detailing power brush kit has been assembled. It's suitable for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, watercraft, ATVs, and RVs. This brush kit has six brush kits. The Original Drillbrush Power Scrubber in soft white, a MINI Original, a 5-inch diameter, a 4-inch diameter, 2-inch diameter short bristle, and a 2-inch long bristle brush were included. The brushes have steel shafts with quarter inch quick change ends, which allow use with half-inch drills, three-eighths drills, and quick- change drivers. Use the larger brushes to clean large sections of carpet in vans or RVs. The white Drillbrushes have soft bristles that are scratch-free. The steel used for quick change-out of components is 1/2 inch. Clear coated and painted aluminum, magnesium, chrome, and painted wheels are used for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. The power of your drill can be used to clean and scrub. The MINI has a brush. Clean seats and upholstery. To showroom condition, restore carpets, kick panels and foot-wells.

Brand: Drill Brush Power Scrubber By Useful Products

👤I wrote a review for the first time and the brushes made it easy to clean my car. The brush got into the seatbelt buckle area. I saved my hands from being scrubbed. It's the best investment for deep cleaning your car. Next, I'll use it on my furniture.

👤My husband had a drill. I cleaned my shower with one of the brushes, my shower door with another brush and my ceramic floor with a different brush. I wondered why I didn't have it years ago. They do a great job. They seemed to look new after using them. You need to purchase the drill separately to recommend them to anyone.

👤These brushes are good quality and have stiff bristles. I didn't use them on my camper because I thought they might scratch the old painted aluminum. I have used them. They are great for cleaning the bathtub, laundry room sink and other surfaces. I haven't used them for a car yet, but I'm sure they work well. The assortment of sizes is a good value.

👤I will give it a 4 star rating right now because I want to detail a Nissan rogue and a Dodge ram. I will give a usage review after I have used them for a while. Only a true test will tell if the carpet in the vehicle is soft. I love that they are a USA company. I hope they are everything I wanted.

👤They are an alternative to using a hand brush. I bought these to clean the seats and carpets. These were used in a video. I had to buy them to see if they work. Your carpets will come out almost new if you combine this with a good drill, multi purpose cleaner, bottle of stain pre treat, and a good extractor. I didn't mind the stains that wouldn't come out because my SUV is 20 years old. I was able to use most of the brushes in the set, but the five and two inch brush was the one I used the most. The white brushes are best for cleaning. If you're looking to deep clean your carpets, this is the item for you.

👤No directions. You would think that there would be something to indicate which ones are the hardest to use, if you are supposed to use them with your drill and leather. I plan to use it on my ivory sectional. I don't want to abuse it.

👤I saw a video of a detail shop using a power brush to clean upholstery. I saw these brushes on Amazon and decided to try them. I tried to remove the stain from the drivers seat of my car. I tried the small spot brush on it and it worked. I used the brush with the upholstery cleaner called Blue Corral Dri Clean, it is a foam cleaner in a pressurized can that comes out like shaving cream. I only used one of the brushes for one job and didn't give 5 stars. Will know more after I use them more.

7. Hoover PowerDash Lightweight Upholstery FH13010PC

Hoover PowerDash Lightweight Upholstery FH13010PC

Powerful sting REMOVER: Any accident, spill or tough set-in stain should be tackled. It's easy to clean stairs, upholstery or an auto interior with light weight spot cleaning. Convenient and convenient storage makes it easy to go from one cleaning job to the next. It's perfect for pets. The Spot & Stain Pet tool scrubs and cleans messes. The two tank system separates solution and dirty water so you can easily fill, empty and rinse. What's included: Spot & Stain Pet Tools, Rubber Nub Pet Tools, and Trial Size Solution are available.

Brand: Hoover

👤I bought this product to use on a couch cushion, after trying several other things to get it clean, and not getting the results I wanted. I felt the purchase was justified because of the spots and stains around the house. I purchased Hoover brand solution because I knew it was recommended not to use another brand's and because I knew the sample size wouldn't be big enough for the jobs. The Pros are great. The water came out very dirty, which showed me that it was cleaning dirt, stains, and grime. It exits badly. It wasn't because it was too full. The dirty water from the bottom of the unit leaked out of the vent in the back. There were new carpet stains. The whole goal was to get rid of straws. Overall, disappointing. This is a critique of the solution itself. The Hoover brand solution was too strong. I had to take off my gloves and remove the panel to rinse the hose because the solution came in contact with my skin and caused my fingertips to burn. Save your money for something else.

👤Can only be used for very small spots. The size of a quarter. You only use their solution. I wanted it to clean my couch, but it is not possible. Not for cleaning the entire couch. You suck it up after the solution has been sprayed out for about 30 seconds. It would have taken a lot of containers to do a couch. It didn't feel like it was cleaning at all without using water. If you only have a quarter size spot, then you can use a shout and a rag instead of spending $90 on something that doesn't work. I have been a fan of other Hoover products.

👤With a house full of animals and a baby on the way, staying on top of the day-to-day messes is more important than cleaning. I love the Hoover PowerDash GO because it is so small but powerful for cleaning up messes from my petting zoo. There is a bonus: It's so small and light that I want to clean it. This pregnant chick doesn't have to worry about cleaning the carpets because she's pregnant. I lost my excuse to put it off. My husband assures me that this is for the best.

👤The small waste water tank and solvent tank are too small for a recliner cleaning job. After putting the cleaning solution in a pump sprayer, I gave up on the onboard sprayer because it didn't spray well. I had to put the exhaust port on a towel. The bottom line. Unless you are doing very, very small jobs, I wouldn't recommend you to buy again. If the job is small, is it worth the time to set up and put it away?

👤This was what I needed. I have been looking for a cleaner that would clean up spots quickly and I think this is the perfect one. It's easy to use and does what you need it to do.

8. Bissell 78H6B Cleaning Concentrated Shampoo

Bissell 78H6B Cleaning Concentrated Shampoo

These tough cleaning wipes can be used on fabrics, carpets, vinyl, metal, counter tops, Walls, and more. The purchase of abissELL helps save pets. The mission of the BISSELL Pet Foundation is to help save homeless pets. Their most powerful formula is for dirt and stains. It's safe on carpets, rugs and upholstery. It's great for areas that have been heavily cleaned. It's a formula for upright carpet cleaners. The formula does not contain heavy metals, dyes orphosphates. It is a detergent that is Biodegradable. When used as directed, it's safe to use around kids and pets.

Brand: Bissell

👤This stuff is amazing. I tried to use a leftover formula from the rug doctor, but it didn't clean my carpets. I used a pet pro 2x. The stuff got my carpets and furniture clean. The carpet underneath the sofa was also cleaned with this formula. The smell lasts for about 3 hours.

👤I've been using this stuff for a long time. It does a great job of cleaning my carpets. I'll get a stain on it and it won't get cleaned for a while until I'm ready to clean the carpets. I'll shoot out a little extra cleaner onto the stain and let it soak in for a few minutes and then go over it. Even though they aren't new, my carpets look new. The carpets are not nice, I'm seeing some of them. I wouldn't let my carpets get that bad. I would be embarrassed for anyone to see that. I go over each section a few times. Do my entire house. Just use water. I use hot water as well. I still get more dirt out of water. The carpets are clean. I make sure I go over them a few times to make sure they don't get wet. I think the Scotch Gaurd can help get the carpet cleaned again. You need to use this stuff before the stains appear so that they are protected. The level to set the machine depends on how dirty the carpet is. A hallway has a lot of traffic. Heavy use. Set it to normal if it's not really dirty. You don't go through the cleaner fast. Some people should look at their shoes in the house. I don't know what you're doing to get your carpet so bad, but this stuff isn't a miracle worker. You have to be aware of where you live. Clean more often. Maybe use one of the small machines to clean the carpet immediately so it doesn't look like a disaster. It's not good to look as bad as before. When done, it should look new. It will last a long time if you take care of it.

👤I thought nothing could clean our carpets when I tried this. I have lived in the apartment for a long time and have been with many other people. The stains came back after a few weeks of living here, even though they had it cleaned before I moved in. The carpet looked horrible and went through a few winters with lots of tracking through and it was hard to look at. My husband thought we should try this because I was desperate to buy a carpet cleaner. There is a I didn't think anything could clean the carpet or get the stains out that have been here since the place was built. There is a To our surprise it worked. I use it for spot touch ups when my cats throw up because it makes it look new and it also makes it look clean. I will continue using this product and recommend it to anyone who wants to have a clean carpet.

9. Hoover Spotless Portable Upholstery FH11300PC

Hoover Spotless Portable Upholstery FH11300PC

Light weight: This lightweight design will allow you to reach and remove stains anywhere. It's a deep clean that removes anything from pet messes. The 5 feet hose can be used to reach spots and stains on carpets, upholstery, stairs and more. Self-cleaning technology. After each use, flush the hose to help remove dirt. Keep clean and dirty water separate from the tanks to make it easier to fill and empty them. The trial size solution and rubber nub tool are included. The tool protects against mold andbacteria.

Brand: Hoover

👤This Bissel buyer will never go back to Hoover. The owner of the repair shop suggested I take the Bissel to get it fixed because he didn't have any in stock and I was told to go to Amazon. I didn't give a review for over a year. I love this thing after a year. The water section fills before you use all the solution, as it should, but never has happened in other products. A group of kids, a dog, cats, and fish tanks. I abuse this thing. I use them on carpets in our full room bedrooms, as well as all of our furniture and mattresses. I only used the Hoover solution once and that's what came in the box. I have used other brands, off brands, and a homemade solution with fabric softener. I clean this little guy after each use, even though I abuse him. Here is my run. It is safe to use area rugs directly on the hardwood. The wood is never wet. Will use it over towels or a wet vac if there is a big spill of water. Unlike waiting hours with other brands. * It is realistic enough that it can be pulled by the hose while it is being cleaned, and do not need to worry about it spilling. The dirty water seal won't leak when you remove it for dumping. The base unit does not leak. You don't have to clean your carpet and move to a new section to deal with the mess now. A normal household vacuum has a noise level. If you are doing a small enclosed area, there is no need for ear protection. Longer hose that some models have so you don't bang your elbow into the unit while scrubbing. * It is easy to take apart and clean. The self cleaning feature will make sure you don't have any nasty left in the tubes or base. So you don't need to worry about that nasty going onto the next time you clean. Can hear it when it's still sucking up water. The sound on items that are no longer needed is different than the sound on items that are still needed. * The sucking power has lasted for a long time. The solution tank empties faster than the dirty water does. Some may think this is a scam. It has a weight and mass to it so it should fill quicker. It shows me that it's not just throwing water down and picking it up to make you think it's clean. The hose where the handle is located is a problem due to how it is stored. Have not met a cleaner that does not have this issue. * Air drying is the only way to dry the unit. It would be great to be able to use it and put it away the same day. The models are actually sucking up the water, so they can't see it. When it is done sucking, it makes a different sound. * There is no easy way to fill a solution tank without a funnel or measuring cup. When removing the solution tank for a refill, you will get drops from it. I have never had anything fall from the dirty water tank. 2 drops of cleaning solution is not a big deal to me. I will buy the same one again and again if this guy ever breaks. Money was well spent on a product that can take abuse and perform as well as it can out of the box.

10. Hoover FH53000PC SmartWash Automatic Shampooer

Hoover FH53000PC SmartWash Automatic Shampooer

Automatic cleaning. As you push forward, the design automatically mixes and distributes solution. There was a sting REMOVER. The Spot Chaser pretreat wand detaches from the machine to provide instant cleaning action for set-in stains. Drying occurs during the springtime. You can get back to your carpets quickly if you use Dry Only mode with HeatForce. There were attacks on Pete Steele and other people. The FlexForce Pet PowerBrushes are specifically designed for pets, so they can clean deep and resist pet odor. What is included? The trial size Spot Chaser pretreat stain solution is 8 feet long.

Brand: Hoover

👤These are not new. They have to sell refurbished or returned items. I ordered twice and both times the cleaner came and 800-361-3020 items were missing from the box. The first time it was missing the upholstery wand, the second time the users manual, and both times the cleaning and pretreat samples mentioned in the description. The cleaner looks amazing and is exactly what I want, but I will not be buying it from that store. If this is a new item, then it's time to fire the inspectors for allowing it to leave the plant.

👤This machine works well. The machine I've used before is not as good as the one I have now. It was easy to clean and it came apart easily. The hair build up on the bristles was hard to clean, I have 3 daughters and 3 large dogs. The only complaint I have is that when the dirty water container is full it doesn't automatically stop the spray and get on the wall. It's annoying because the walls need to be cleaned, but I have been paying attention to stop it.

👤I am a bit of a clean freak so I have been a huge advocate for the necessity of owning a carpet cleaner with an upholstery attachment long before having kids. More than a bit. I don't use the same areas around the house for my carpet cleaner. I have time to do other household chores. I live in Arizona and have 5 kids, 1 grandchild, and two dogs in my house. Lots of dirt. Thank you for making it so easy to clean the brushes. The dirty water tank made it difficult to empty and clean. What do they expect you to do when you take off the lid and pour? They put a lip around the dirty water tank so you have to watch out for it sticking to it. All carpet cleaner manufacturers forget to cover all screws near water, these get rusted and covered in hair, and that's an issue. The hand tool for upholstery has clever scrubbers which are great for not damaging your nice couch and chair fabrics. My old Hoover dual action carpet cleaner went through a lot more water and cleaner than this machine, which is common with clean freaks, because all we see is dirt EVERYWHERE! I have seen many brands offer certain attributes and Hoover can handle a lot of demanding work for a long period of time. I expect the new Hoover carpet cleaner to last longer because I have a better ability to clean it. Keeping it clean is important to having it last. The Bissell I owned with just two kids and no dogs lasted 1.5 years so why would I waste money on a chance that it will improve when I am happy with Hoover? I hope Hoover reads this and fixes the issues on their next model upgrade.

👤I can't believe how clean our carpets are. The carpets are new because our home is only a year old. I vaccum at least 3 times a week and am so grossed out by the water that I can't swim. I will be cleaning my carpets monthly. This is easy to clean and push. I like the dry button so carpets don't get wet. It picked up a lot of dog hit. I cleaned it before cleaning the carpets. My mom has a bissel cleaner that does a better job than this one.

11. Hoover Cleaning Concentrated Solution AH30924

Hoover Cleaning Concentrated Solution AH30924

Effectively remove dirt and grime from carpets. The cleaning action is advanced. For use on carpets, upholstery, and car interiors. When using a Hoover stain removal and carpet cleaner. For use in deep cleaning machines. When used as directed, Hoover, Bissell and Rug Doctor are included. Made in the USA is made with US and globallysourced ingredients. FRESH LINEN SCENT: For a clean and fresh home. The bottle shape may be different.

Brand: Hoover

👤I have great things to say about this product. I own a Hoover power scrub cleaner, I had guests over, they have a special needs child who spilled black tea over my carpet and rug, I was not upset because it could have been my kid, but I was worried because of the large stain and that too of black tea. I thought my carpet was ruined. I bought this for deep cleaning, a Hoover oxy spot and stain spray. The stain was 3 days old when I applied the pre-treatment. I started my scrubber on wash mode after the pretreatment with this deep cleaning solution and hot water. You can look at my pictures, I thought when I saw them. Don't be over excited because the stain might come back next morning. I woke up and took a picture. I feel like I have achieved a huge cleaning milestone today, I am a happy person. Don't hesitate to buy because I was the same.

👤This stuff is awesome and I bought it off of a recommendation. I washed my carpets with Hoover's Power Scrub, and I couldn't believe the amount of dirt that got out of my carpets. They look brand new. I was careful to clean each spot thoroughly. I like the smell of this product. A clean smell. It's a good recommendation to anyone looking for a good carpet cleanser.

👤The solution removed the previous soap from the last cleaning. I can walk with no shoes on and feel the fresh fibers. I'm very happy with this solution.

👤The product I ordered was not the same as the one listed on the website. Hoover Renewal Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo, Concentrated Machine Cleaner Solution, 64oz Formula, is white.

👤I am very upset that this gallon of solution did not have a cap on it. I know that couldn't have been overlooked.

👤We used this cleaner to get rid of the smell of the pet.

👤It cleans up. The smell is terrible. I only used it on area rugs that were clean and not old. Don't stun the same. I don't know how much is added fragrance and how much is chemicals. It smells like a bad interaction. I have never had a problem before. I like cleaning products with added scent. Some smells are better than others. This is in another realm of smell. I had AC going strong in my house and I sprayed a small amount of Odoban in the air, but the smell of the rug lingered in the morning. I hate wasting stuff, I have a huge bottle to use. Next time, I will buy a different product. I read a complaint about the smell of their fragrance free version, so maybe that's true. Next time, I'll go with a different co. The Hoover wet vac is very good. I'm going to buy some carpet powder to vacuum it.

👤The Hoover PowerWash carpet cleaner was also bought by me. The machine worked well, but this product was very good. It made the carpets look new and the smell is mild. It was like a fresh air open window scent. We had long-term stains from some medically related issues that I didn't treat before using this product. The area was completely free of stains after that. It's quite astounding to say the least. The area had been stained before. It looks brand new. I wouldn't switch to another product after these results.


What is the best product for car seat washer machine?

Car seat washer machine products from Tub O' Towels. In this article about car seat washer machine you can see why people choose the product. Hoover and Bissell are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat washer machine.

What are the best brands for car seat washer machine?

Tub O' Towels, Hoover and Bissell are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat washer machine. Find the detail in this article. Mcculloch, Vailge and Drill Brush Power Scrubber By Useful Products are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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