Best Car Seat Warmer and Cooler

Warmer 26 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. CONFORMAX Airmax Car Seat Back Cushion

CONFORMAX Airmax Car Seat Back Cushion

Can be used in any seat that has a power supply. Made in the USA. Only the seat back cushions are allowed. Seat crotch isn't included. The CONFORMAX gel-foam technology has better comfort than foam alone. Low-profile comfort. Only 1.5 in. It is thick for a perfect fit to the user's body. It increases fatigue resistance for long haul. Every-day driving is what it is. The conformable top surface and non-slip grip back ensure maximum comfort while preventing sliding on most surfaces. There is an important note. The cushions with the Standard covers are the most soft. Airmax cushions will beventilated, but will be firm. Airmax is a 2-way stretch fabric that is ideal for sitting or driving. The covers are spill-proof. Black is safe for washing. Air dry is recommended.

Brand: Conformax

👤The item I bought was recommended on a Chevy Bolt EV forum to fix a problem that many drivers have, that is, the head is forced into an unbalanced position with normal seat adjustments. The product pushed my back forward just enough so that my head has enough range of motion, without compromising the safety purpose of the headrest. It's very comfortable in normal driving. On hot days, my back is notventilated and can get a bit hot and sweaty. Hence 4 rather than 5 stars. I only noticed the problem with the cushion, not the leather seats.

👤I have a fused spine and the new head restraint and bucket type seats don't work for me and cause back pain. I was happy to find a product that offered a full coverage of the seat back in my vehicle, instead of just providing support for the lower back. It has allowed me to be able to drive my SUV without back pain and makes the head restraints feel like a head rest as it is terrible to sit in your vehicle with your head being pushed forward due to the newer head restraints.

👤This has been one of the best purchases I have made all year. I wish I had bought it when I first saw it. I am in my twenties and have a lot of medical conditions that affect my spine, ligaments, etc, and a few broken ribs that won't heal. The head rest pushing my head forward and the sides of the seat pushing my shoulders in was a nightmare. I tried many different back cushions but they didn't work in my car. I would put my purse and coat behind me in desperation. I have not had the cushion come off or shift, it stays in place and does the job. One day, I hope to purchase a travel version or regular version to be able to use it in the house.

👤My back and neck have been killing me since I bought a newer car. The newer seats put the driver in afetal position. We are not safe like that and we are messing our backs and necks. My Chiropractor recommended I buy a different car because he appreciated seeing me so much. To try to resolve the situation, I spent over a hundred dollars on various back cushions. I searched for a car that would be comfortable for my back. What? Is it possible to buy a different car because of an uncomfortable seat? I was at that location. I saw this as a last ditch effort. It's pricey. No way! I was at the point of buying a new car. I'll try the expensive back cushion with great reviews. My back and neck prayers have been answered. Throw away the useless ones I bought. This is the one that works. I'm no longer in a state of being. My shoulders are getting used to going back where they belong. I can finally wear a ponytail. I'm going to buy a second one for when I'm in the passenger seat, because it's equally as torturous on long drives as it is in the passenger seat. I didn't buy the seat cushion because I didn't want to spend more money than I had to. This back cushion is amazing, so maybe I should. I decided against the seat cushion because I like my seat heating and I don't want to feel it on my back. I'm happy with this, and I'm glad I get to keep my car.

2. Cushion Adjustable Temperature Breathable Conditioning

Cushion Adjustable Temperature Breathable Conditioning

Good as Winter Helper is a new model of Sheepskin car seat cover and cushion that is soft wool and good for work commuters, road travelers, taxicabs or any car owner. You can keep your office chair warm and comfortable when you sit in it. Their sheepskin seat pad is perfect for sitting in a car, plane, or at your desk. Please read the manual before using the cooling cushion. Cool seat cushions keep your car cool by protecting you from the heat and humidity and preventing your seats from fading and cracking. The cooling seat cushion circulates air through hundreds of tiny spaces in the microfiber and mesh material. The seat cushion is made of ice silk material and has a layer between it and the car seat. The cool air in the cushion absorbs body heat and reduces perspiration, making it a more comfortable ride in hot weather. Temperature Control15s can be violently cooled, 10 fans inside the cushion are active at the same time to make your summer less hot. The cooling seat cushion has its own temperature control, so you can choose between high or low cooling. The dial can be turned from high to medium to low depending on the temperature inside the vehicle, the weather outside and your personal preference. The cooling seat cushion is universal. Plug it into your cigarette lighter and it will circulate fresh air. The air provides both cooling and comfort. It's attached to your truck, SUV or RV with straps. A cooling car seat cushion is a thoughtful gift. The cooling seat cushion is universal. Plug it into your cigarette lighter and it will circulate fresh air. The air provides both cooling and comfort. It's attached to your truck, SUV or RV with straps. A cooling car seat cushion is a thoughtful gift.

Brand: De.home

👤I'm writing a review for the first time. I was hesitant to buy a product with no reviews, but I'm glad I did. It's not loud in the highest settings. It was 95F in the weather.

👤I have only been using them for a few days in Arizona, but they are working well. It cools you down very quickly. If your car's AC is on, you can definitely hear them. A little bit of a high-pitched noise, but it doesn't bother me at all. You can barely hear them when your car's AC is on full blast. The only major improvement I would recommend is to have the air flow more distributed towards my upper back, as well as to the lower part of my thighs. The cold air is more concentrated in the crevices of my lower back and mid-to-upper butt cheeks. It is too cold for my back. I have to turn it off after about 15 minutes because it cools me down so much. I will wear cotton shirts soon to see if it will prevent me from sweating or if it will evaporate my sweat. The seats are a light color. It is important for me to not have any dark colors on my seats, so great job with that! They are also pretty comfortable. I am a heavy guy. They are not that bad for me, at least with my thick thighs. They look nice as well. The materials flow well and it looks pretty luxurious. If I keep the fans on high speed, I am worried that my heavy weight will damage the break. I will update this review if that ever happens. These add a little bit of bulk to your seats, so keep that in mind. I put them on top of my existing seat covers, and I am too high up on my seat, even with the driver seat all the way down, vertically. I will only use my seat covers during the summer and winter, and take off my seat covers during the summer. If you wantventilated seats, I recommend these seats. Hey! Don't worry about paying a huge cost for aftermarket air-conditioned seats. The seats feel cold on your back because they suck the cold air from your car's AC. Excellent product, thumbs up!

👤It works as well as car seats that have cooling fans. Plug in and cool down. I think this doesn't affect the comfort of my leather seats. This is the second review for this item.

👤The seat cover helps keep you cooler than the factory cooled seats in cars I have owned and driven. Over time, the cooling effect decreases. The seats don't keep the cool sensation going as long as the factory cooled ones. The lights are on and it still makes noise. The cool air is no longer there after 7 minutes. I've tried the weather in the past week in 90 degree weather, with rain, at night, and it doesn't offer a cooling sensation that long. The seat cover is not out of place. I'd be concerned about putting this in my car, but in my opinion, it's not that important. The fans are as loud as those in cars. If the radio is on, it can be heard at top speed. The install was easy. Let's talk about comfort. The seats in the Accord are comfortable. The seats are not comfortable after the seat cover is put on, it almost feels like sitting on a plastic chair. My head almost hit the roof of the car after installing this cover, even with the seat at its lowest height. The placement of the button can rub against the thigh. I wouldn't be able to drive a long distance with this cover as my back would be jacked up. A good idea in theory, but still needs some work in execution. If I'd experienced them before ordering, I wouldn't purchase them.

3. Cushion 1 2inch Comfort Supplies King

Cushion 1 2inch Comfort Supplies King

There is a non-ship bottom fabric. The non-slip bottom design can be firmly fixed on the seat without sliding, and the bottom is equipped with a strap and a retractable buckle to keep the mat stable. This car seat cushion is made of fabric, memory foam, and non-slip Silicone gel, which help you to reduce the pressure on the coccyx. This foam seat cushion for car protects your seat and makes it more comfortable, but it also protects against dust, seat wear, and scratches. The non-slip design of the seat cushion makes it easy to fix the car seat cushion pad when getting in and out of the car. The portable memory foam car seat cushion is very easy to install and can be used for almost all types of seats. You will get 100% customer support after the sale. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Kingphenix

👤I bought a Honda CR-V with cloth seats. The seats were very hard and uncomfortable. I was angry that I spent so much money on a car that it was not comfortable to drive. I found this one while searching for seat cushions. It has made a huge difference. I have been able to drive without thinking about how much my butt hurts because of this seat cushion. I don't know how well it will work on a long trip as I haven't taken one yet. The cushion should be a bit thicker. This is the best cushion I've been able to find that works for my Honda CR-V. Give it a try. You can always return it if you don't like it.

👤The pad is very nice. It's very comfortable. It adds padding to the bottom of the car seat. It makes the shape of your body. clearance for your head inside the car is affected by it. It doesn't seem to make you too hot when you sit on it. It's a little shorter front to back than I'd like for my car seat, but it fits well. There is a Pet fur gets stuck into the weave of the fabric of the top of the pad if you have pets. It would be nice to have some type of straps on the mat.

👤This is an add on for long drives. The material is strong enough to resist tearing and the cushion is well-made. It took a few tries to get the hooks on my seat to work. I was conservative to not overstretch the band.

👤The seats of the Honda Accord were very uncomfortable and painful to sit in. Honda seats are not the most comfortable around. The new cars are hard to drive. I ordered the King Phenix after a lot of research. I am 6' 2” and didn't want a cushion that was too thick or that my head would hit the roof. The seat is thick and large. Not only that. It took the pain in the seat and turned it into a cloud. Something so thin can change the experience of driving a car. It is made for what it is. It stays put and has not moved around on me. I use elastic and chucks to anchor it to the back, but I also use Silicone gel beads on the bottom of the cushion to hold the cloth seats of the Accord. I am happy to recommend the King Phenix seat cushion.

👤We bought a new car with the "stow-n-go" seating so that our two Irish Wolfhounds would have more room to lay down. This vehicle has turned out to be amazing. The cloth seating is the only disadvantage. It became obvious to me that the standard seating didn't provide enough support for a 6'3" male who weighs 235 lbs. I ordered the Comfort Car Seat Cushion to give me the proper positioning for my butt and thigh support in our car seats. Good research on my part on construction and appearance. It's still lacking the support that's necessary to solve my problems. I like how it stays where you put it, and doesn't slip around the car seat. Most people will be happy with this product. I need a solution to my problem and hope to modify the support to provide what I need as an individual. Maybe a folded piece of carpet will give me the depth I'm looking for. Maybe a small flat pillow is placed under the seat. I will eventually work something out.

4. Car Seat Sun Shade Cover

Car Seat Sun Shade Cover

Their shade cover and screens keep your child's seat cool during the hot days and make them more comfortable. The carseat will be cooler than without the sun blocker. It is comparable with most car seats. The elastic material can expand and contract so it can fit on most baby seats. It's easy to install, just pull the edges of the shade blocker over the corners of the seat. It is easy to fold up the sun shade cover to fit in small areas. It is easy to fold up the sun shade cover to fit in small areas.

Brand: Mommy's Helper

👤It works, but not great. The baby was at grandma's while I was out and about and I had it covering my infant seat. I recommend keeping a small spray bottle of water in your purse or baby seat, as well as putting ice packs in your baby seat, to cool down metal and plastic clips. The plastic and metal buckles were hot to the touch, even though it kept it cooler than nothing. I had to wait until I sprayed the seat with water to put my baby in it. It was cheap. It gets up to 120 degrees outside. The high today was 113.

👤I bought 2 of them. They work well. The car seats get hot, but not as hot as they should. I can put the kids in their seats without having to cool the car. The car seat still gets hot, but what do you expect, the inside of a car gets upwards of 200 in 90+ heat. It doesn't make the metal skin burning hot. There are complaints about the material being cheap. It's $7, what do people expect? It has a thin fabric and reflective layers, but you still have to be careful. Did you not think about how it would be put on before you bought it? It's not possible with elves to do the work for you. It's for car seats, which means you have small children. After I get the kids into the house, I put the covers on again. I put the kids in the front seat while I run the errand. I'm happy to have this cover for the summer. I live in an area where I only need them during the summer months. I will buy new ones next summer.

👤I bought a carseat cover to keep the cathouse I built cooler for the stray cat I trapped. He won't let me pet him, but I feed him twice daily. The temp in the Abode has been reduced by several degrees since I put the carseat cover over the side of the roof that sits in direct sunlight. It works! The cathouse has a security cam that monitors temperature. I'm happy I bought this cover because it's already serving its purpose.

👤Puts up in the heat. We get 105 in the summer when we live in Southern California. There are special weeks in the 120s. It was amazing that this would help so much. The car seat would be warm. We had to take the car seat everywhere. It was possible to leave it in the car without endangering the baby. Would buy again.

👤Southern California is where we live. We went to the park and it was so hot that our car seat was so hot, the straps were so hot, and everything was just hot. I had to sit baby in the car because we had to air out it. We're going to Arizona when I decide I don't want to go through that again. It's perfect! We went to the desert and it was very hot, but the baby's seat was not as hot. It was a bit warm. I love it! I take it everywhere. There's plenty of room for larger car seats, and we have the Evenflo sureride. Definitely a must have!

5. 3D Stroller Cooling Comfortable Cushion

3D Stroller Cooling Comfortable Cushion

Premium 3D Air Mesh is made of cooling and Breathable material which keeps cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. Your baby will feel fresh all day. Safe and Anti-Slip are free of harmful substances. The bottom surface is made of non-toxic material. The elastic hook is on the baby seat liner. The baby seat cushion can be attached to the stroller frame. It makes baby feel more comfortable in the pram. Universal Stroller Fit is suitable for all types of baby sitting gear. It's compatible with any sitting gear for a baby. It is easy to install. There is a pack of seat liners for each set. It is easy to clean and machine wash. This is an essential item for new parents. This is an essential item for new parents.

Brand: Korotus Collection

👤I put the multi-purpose cushion on the baby feeding chair.

6. COZYSWAN Organizer Compartments Storage Basket

COZYSWAN Organizer Compartments Storage Basket

The Britax Marathon cup holder can be attached to ClickTight and Non-ClickTight convertible model car seats. Select the clip that is compatible with your car seat. The material for the car trunk is made of heavy duty Oxford and is waterproof. It's great for groceries, travel accessories, storing tools, maps, cleaning supplies, bottles, emergency tools, etc. It's easy to keep your food warm or cool with the two temperature-insulated compartments. The space saver can be extended to 45.3" long and 11.8" wide. Emergency equipment, sports gear, groceries, and auto supplies are in two large compartments in the middle. Small accessories are kept in the box in the special design. You can easily remove the box with the 2 handles on the sides. It's suitable for all car trunks. Two sturdy handles make it easy to carry the cargo organizers to and from your car. There are side pockets for small particles. The car trunk organizers have Sturdy waterproof sidewalls and no-slip foot grips. Two sturdy handles make it easy to carry the cargo organizers to and from your car. There are side pockets for small particles. The car trunk organizers have Sturdy waterproof sidewalls and no-slip foot grips.

Brand: Cozyswan

👤This is a good car cooler section. Two details need improvement, but I would have given 5 stars. 1. The cooler portion needs to be a little bit thicker. A solid case would not be able to stop the water from coming in. Ice is solid for hours. 2. Belcourt straps at each section point would be beneficial. It's difficult to lock off a section.

👤I bought a new SUV and was looking for storage solutions for it. The plastic crate bins I bought were hard to carry in and out of with groceries. I would not consider them user friendly. I came across these trunk organizers while searching for a solution. They have insulated bags on each side for frozen and cold groceries, and they are awesome for groceries to carry into the house. Cannot beat that! The plastic inserts keep them upright in the hatch of my SUV. Definitely recommended!

👤The pros are 1. It's easy to hold bags of groceries. The zip up top 3 is in the insulated areas. If needed, can fold down flat. It's a pity it has something on the bottom to keep it from sliding around. Each of the compartments is big enough to hold 2 plastic grocery bags comfortably. The insulated compartments are better than nothing. This is a great way to hold your groceries in place and products out of the plastic bags while you drive. The sides of the compartment are upright. If you don't need all 4 compartments or need to get the whole thing out of the way, the storage system is a good option. The only gripe I have with this is that with the smooth nylon fabric on the bottom, the organizer slides aroud the back of my SUV when it's empty or just has a few things in it. I wish the bottom was fabric or something to make it more difficult to put the organizers in the back of my SUV.

👤I have been using this product for a month. It has helped me a lot. I don't have the sound of water bottles knocking on the trunk anymore. I had tried similar products before but they didn't last long. I see wear and tear on the organizers, which is a good sign. The 4 compartments are great because they help to separate items and give me more space for my regular car items. The hot compartment didn't keep my food hot for the time period I expected, so it was a lost star.

👤I love this thing. I keep my small SUV in the back of the trunk area to hold any smaller items that would shift around, for example, a self-contained battery jumpstart kit. I will put my groceries in it to separate them from the rest of the bags. I haven't had a lot of time to use the insulated compartments, but I like knowing they're there if I need them. The whole thing is collapsible if necessary. And for the price. I was expecting some flimsy nonsense, but it is not. It has been a great purchase.

7. K Box Electric Cooler Warmer Wheels

K Box Electric Cooler Warmer Wheels

The dimensions are LxWxH. The internal dimensions are 8.1 x 5.3 x 8.1 inches. 15 x 11 x 8.0 inches is the external. Can capacity is 9 (12oz.) cans. Travel that is convenient. The cooler andEATER: Whether you're travelling on the road or camping in an RV, camper or minivan, this large capacity storage container can hold food and drink. PLUGS ARE IN ANYWHERE. The combo has 2 6 ft. There are two extra long cords, one for standard wall outlets and one for car power adapters. Storage compartments are hidden when not in use. There is a lot of storage space. 60 cans of soda or 6 two liter bottles and 15 cans of beer can be found in this cooler. A divider makes it easier to organize and store. Forget ice packs that need constant refilling, take up precious space, and leave you with a watery mess when they melt. The cooler has no ice and maintains a cool 40F temp. There are two handles and wheels. It should be easy to carry or pull. The handle allows you to carry the cooler in hand or use the wheels to pull it on the ground.

Brand: Koozam

👤I got the cooler today. I bought it for our travel trailer. Everyone who camps knows what it is like to have everything iced up for a long time. It seems like you need to add ice every day. I don't have cheap coolers. I put it in my living room and dropped it off. The temperature was 74 degrees. After changing it on, I came back 2 hours later to check and it was at 42. It never went below that Temp after 4 hours. It seems good to me. Adding one or two days to the trip to the campsite will keep everything extra cold. Extra ice is added to our coolers from the small ice maker we purchased last year. We will be going to the Keys in May. Give this thing a test in the heat of Florida. I have changed it. We have a cooler in the Florida Keys that works great, it's 90 degrees out all the time. I don't understand why the price went up so much since I got it, but I would be happy to pay the difference if it lasts for a while. I've already spent $10 on ice in my extreme cooler. The Kbox was worth 0. The Jersey shore is experiencing a heat wave. The cooler is not working after I put the frozen water bottles inside. I can tell you that it's not very cold because I don't have the means to check the temp. Drinks are not as cold as you would like. I wouldn't keep food in this heat. The cooler is in the shade. I might have to put it in a camper to keep it cool.

👤The cooler arrived one day after we ordered it, and we quickly discovered that the power cords are in the same place as the swinging cover. We put the bottles in the cooler and took them to the garage. We plugged it in and went to bed. The soda was very cold in the morning, but it was as expected. When we leave on our trip, we'll put pre-cooled food and drinks in a cooler and take it to the hotel for AC power, but this is all we expected, I think! We're thrilled so far, we're on day 2 of ownership. During the day we'll plug it into the car for food and drinks. Since we can carry food easily now, this cooler will pay for itself since we don't have to buy ice or dry ice. 5 days on the road and half of the bottles in the cooler are still frozen. We plug it in at night at the hotel and it runs on the car during the day. We took it into the hotel every night and ran it on the AC. One or two bottles should fit on the left side where the top has a recess because the bottle is supposed to be 12.9 inches tall.

👤I bought a new Coleman and a K-Box because my old Coleman is 20 years old and seems to be aging. The Coleman and K-Box measure the same inside and out, even though K-Box claims 48 quarts and 40 quarts. The K-Box cooled to 32 after running for hours and the Coleman fell to 19 F from an old 12V adapter. The K-box doesn't state that it stops cooling at 32 F, but it seems not to have the strength to cool down. The Coleman that I have is a 20+ year old, and it cools less well than new, so I ran it. I stuck them, pre-cooled, outside in the shade in 70 F rising to 90 F, and the Coleman's inside was 7 to 11 F colder. In the evening, the temperature is 65 F outside, with a 50% humidity, and in the K-Box, it is 32 F outside, with a 50% humidity. The Coleman cools more when it is unplugged at air temperature. After the first hour, the temperature was 64 F, the humidity was 62%, and the K-Box was 40 F. 30 minutes later (air 78 F, 52%), K-Box 39 F, Coleman 34 F. 30 minutes later, air 86 F, 33%. 30 minutes later, K-Box is 49 F, Coleman is 42 F. The K-Box's heat exchange unit is too small for its compartment. I would use the K-Box if it was 20% bigger and had a 30% bigger heat exchanger. Coleman has 5 stars. The Coleman's is on the side and so you don't lift it every time you open the lid of the K-Box. Coleman's lid lifts with 6 ounces of force, K-Box needs 1.5 ounces of force, and Coleman's design is better.

8. Big Ant Breathable Interior Supplies

Big Ant Breathable Interior Supplies

Generous dimensions and a universal fit at 18 l x 17.2 h. It gives you a boost in driving height. If their cushion doesn't work for you for any reason, return it and they'll give you 100% of your money back or replace it. This universal car seat cushion is Breathable and comfortable, it is useful to relieve fatigue and expedite metabolism. Wear resistant for vehicle car seat cushion cover when there are stains. The Universal Four Seasons design protects against dirt, seat wearing, and scratches. There is a new car seat pad for the new model. Natural and Efficient for Non-slip Tabs - luxury car seat covers without toxin, bottom pad/seat cushion designed with tabs for attaching to the car seat gap easily, adopts nonslip material to ensure safe, prevent falling off from your car driver seat. The auto seat cushions have firm and durable accessories, and are easy to install. The seat cushion can be installed in seconds. The best choice is the Breathable car seat cushion cover, made of activated healthy material, sponge of high elasticity, heat-insulated cloth, keep hip comfortable in long time use. The best choice is the Breathable car seat cushion cover, made of activated healthy material, sponge of high elasticity, heat-insulated cloth, keep hip comfortable in long time use.

Brand: Big Ant

👤I would assume it is easy to clean and lady's because only little crumbs fall the holes. If you sit for a while with shorts on, it will leave marks on your legs.

👤Have it installed for a while. It was almost returned due to noise and sliding, but was able to secure it by pushing the rear part deeper. I wish it was bigger. The open mesh in my car is more comfortable. Open mesh is likely to not protect from spills and dirt. There is some noise as it moves.

👤The hooks are fine, this item is just ok. I put it in a garment bag and washed it twice in the machine. The back needs a better way to be secured, it slips out every few times you get out of the truck. I bought it for my truck because of the seat stains. If you don't mind, you're good! Don't purchase this product if you don't want to deal with that.

👤I tried to patch the stains on the seat with glue, but it wasn't good enough for my daughter, so I put the seat covers on.

👤I bought this to use on my plastic farm tractor seat because it gets too hot and sweaty in the warm weather. The product is a little bit lighter than I wanted but it does a great job of making the seat more comfortable and less sweaty. I'll just buy another one if it ever falls apart, I'm not sure how long it's going to last.

👤I wanted to cover the driver's seat in my Suburban. I tried the cover because my rear isn't as big as my seat, but it was clear that it wouldn't cover my seat. The cover would still work if it stayed on. It slips and moves around too much when installed. It seems well enough made to get two stars. I would sell this seat cover to someone with a small car.

👤This is well designed and durable. It's just about one quarter of an inch thick, but it's more of a seat cover than a cushion. It is what I needed to cover the cushion that I bought, so that it would match the upholstery of the car. I was happy to discover this item on the Amazon site. For me, it was worth the price.

👤The design is comfortable but it moves when you get in and out.

👤The material is algo delgado. Logra reducir el calor del asiento un poco, solo.

👤Le doy 4 estrellas solo porque se mueve mucho cada.

9. COOLTECH Seat Cooler Penguin Blue

COOLTECH Seat Cooler Penguin Blue

The all-in-one baby car seat cooler does not need to be installed. Your baby is kept cool all summer long. It's great as a toddler car seat cooling pad. Their car seat cooler pad will make sure you don't have another hot car seat again. Their infant cooling car seat liner gives you peace of mind that your child is safe in their COOLTECH car seat cooler. Their infant cooling car seat liner gives you peace of mind that your child is safe in their COOLTECH car seat cooler.

Brand: Cool Carats

👤The temperature was 115 degrees in the desert. My son's car seat and buckles stayed cool while we were out in the hot parking lots. The air conditioning was running full blast and his seat felt as if we had left it. I love this thing. You don't have the child sit on this while in their seat. You freeze it before you leave, then you leave it on your car seat, and when you come back to your hot car, your child's seat and buckles are cool. We have a slim Graco car seat that looks like it would work with any car seat.

👤I love it! The handle makes it easy to grab and go from the freezer, and the flat fold doesn't take up a lot of space. Even though it doesn't fit perfectly in my rear-facing car seat, it still works great. I drape it over the seat to keep it nice and cool. My child doesn't get all sweaty. I put the sippy cup on top of the seat to keep it cool. I use it to keep groceries cool when I'm not in the carseat. I thought I was splurging a little but I know I'll be able to use it for years as my kid grows up and into a front facing car seat.

👤If you live in Houston, you don't need to waste your money on this. It is not summer yet. This thing doesn't make it through 5 hours. The car seat was almost as hot as it would have been without it. I only used it for one hour and it was half way melted. I think the time I left it on for 5 hours it got wet but then dried out. I want my money back.

👤During the summer months, this product is a must-have for us. It's much more convenient for the kids when we have to leave the hot car. It's easy to use and stays cool. As the kids get older, we can continue to use this. We can use this to keep the adult seats cool. One of the best products we have ever used.

👤My youngest child has had two in the car, and both my children are prone to scurvy. The car heat doesn't cause them. I'm not sure if I'll buy that yet. I bought this cooler so that I could protect them from the heat. The cooler is small enough to fit in my lunch tote but not the car seat. It's a good idea to remove it before your child is buckled in, and don't put it down in the a.m. because it will last all day.

👤I think it is time to leave a review because I rave about this product so much. It is so useful that we have been using it all summer. We love Florida and this things stays icey all day long in the car and doesn't leak. I have not found anything like it on the market. Thank you for creating this product.

10. Rightline Gear 100R20 Range Carrier

Rightline Gear 100R20 Range Carrier

It is easy to identify. The bag is available in a vibrant blue or purple color to accommodate your taste, while also helping you identify your sleek and durable travel bag among other luggage, saving precious time! It has a personalized name card slot and large graphics. The quality construction includes UV protected material, welded seams, and a hook-&-loop-close flap to protect against rain, snow, heat, heavy winds, and other extreme conditions. Attach the carrier's straps to a vehicle's roof rack, or use the Car Clips to attach the straps to a vehicle's door frame. Their service team is based in the USA and trained to help you with any questions or concerns. The large capacity design has a 40”L x 36”W x 18”H and is designed for SUVs, minivans, and crossovers. It's perfect for moving and vacations. The large capacity design has a 40”L x 36”W x 18”H and is designed for SUVs, minivans, and crossovers. It's perfect for moving and vacations.

Brand: Rightline Gear

👤We traveled from the mountains of NC to the OBX of NC and back. We had a 3 piece wheeled luggage set with two other large bags and 2 body boards. This thing was loaded full but not too full. We could have filled it up with soft items, like deflated inflatables or pillows. I didn't want to push it. It's easy to install on a hard top car. The bags should be clear of debris on the bottom and the car should be washed to prevent scratching. Before throwing the car on it's side, unZIP the back. Then put the product in the bag and zip it up. You can loop the ties through the buckles and then the car stripping with the doors open. Before you tighten the straps, close the door. Once the door is closed, tighten it down. The strap won't come off the stripping when you open the door. If you tighten it with the door open, the hook could loosen and cause injury to your face or stripping. There are hints: 1) This will increase your fuel use. I noticed that my car was getting more mileage with this than I normally do, and I was able to save money. There are two more The front seats of your car have wind in them. We used gorilla tape on the interior of the stripping and it was not bad. When you make a pit stop, you will have to put the tape back on. Duck does not have the same thickness as gorilla. We stopped at Dollar General for gorilla. We had to pack for both the summer and winter because we were in NC, but this was a life saver because we only had to drive for 7 hours to get to the beach. While on the banks, we packed our beach gear and other items in the trunk, so that we had everything at hand. A Northeaster and Gulf Stream depression hit the coast for 3 days and turned into a tropical storm which sent 25 foot waves over the dunes onto the only highway we were driving on. The bag was covered in sand and salty ocean water for days. During the worst of the storm, my car was hydroplaned onto my door as we drove through high standing water. There was no item in the bag that was wet. Not one. The towels were not wet from the dryer. I was surprised. The thing was battle tested. I left the bag on top of my car when the rain was sideways and not phased at all. I was amazed by the quality of the bag. I was not paid to give a review.

👤We loaded up for our trip from Florida to Tennessee after I was impressed by the thickness of the material. We went through a lot of rain, but everything worked out. It held up well and did not leak. We loaded up for our trip home after our vacation. All was good. The material did not hold up well when we took out our luggage. The carrier was fully secured, did not move, and was not rubbing on anything. It was not over stuffed because it was about 75% filled. It flapped in the wind because it was not empty. It did not hold up well, but I am not sure why it ripped and wore so badly. I'm stuck with it because it has a short window for returns.

11. O2COOL Cutie Cabootie Multi Use Liner

O2COOL Cutie Cabootie Multi Use Liner

Stay warm in winter. The combo seat liner from the Cabootie will take you through the seasons with ease. It has two gel packs. Place the packs in the microwave for a short time until the desired temperature is reached. Place warm gel packs in the seat liner. Keep cool in the summer. When the summer temperatures start to heat up, make your kids comfortable. Gel packs were included in the freezer. Once frozen, remove from the freezer. First place into the pouch and then into the seat liner. It lasts up to 2 hours. The Cutie Cabootie multi-liner provides a layer of protection for the car seat underneath and keeps your little one cozy and comfy in any weather. There is a machine that washes spills? There are sticky messes. Accidents? No problem! You can wash the liner on your machine's cold cycle if you separate the inner pouch and gel packs. Only the gel pads should be wiped down. The black fabric baby seat liner is designed to fit most car seats, strollers, bike seats and more. Gel packs, pouch, and machine-hygiene seat liner were included. The black fabric baby seat liner is designed to fit most car seats, strollers, bike seats and more. Gel packs, pouch, and machine-hygiene seat liner were included.

Brand: O2cool

👤I had to protect this seat cover. He had a strange look on his face when I put him in the car seat. He had a blank look on his face as he was so cold. I took him out of the seat to warm him up. I caught it early. My son runs fast. The cold packs were too cold and penetrated through all the layers. It works, but it's too cold for him. I make sure to throw a burp cloth over it to make it less painful for him. I don't put ice packs in the freezer anymore. It's now a car seat cushion. I might just freeze the packs.

👤Our baby stays cool because we live in Arizona. Our little one likes car rides but gets grumpy when it's warm because he sweats a lot. It's great for keeping our baby cool in the stroller.

👤My daughter had to be cold in the backseat because I felt so bad. It takes a few minutes to microwave in the morning before you go out to the car, but it's worth it. It's easier to get my daughter out of her coat when she's in her seat because she's warm in her seat and we can drape the coat over her front to keep her warm.

👤My son is in his car seat. I live in Florida and it is so hot that even with the car cold his back would be sweaty, thanks to this he is fine now with car rides.

👤This thing is amazing. I take my baby out running in the heat so I know he stays cool. We run for over an hour in the 90 degree weather, and the bottom half is always cold when we get home. The top half gets warm quicker since it is his core that is against it. I take it in the car for a few days.

👤This is a reminder that if you are in an accident, the product could turn your baby into a projectile if you put it in between your child and the car seat. Do not use this in a car seat. It is not safe. It's great in the stroller.

👤I need this for my grandson. I put a waterproof lap pad under it. My grandson is not crying anymore. I love this product.

👤What I was looking for. My baby runs hot, I put her in a stroller. She is kept nice and cool. All my friends were recommended 1000%.


What is the best product for car seat warmer and cooler?

Car seat warmer and cooler products from Conformax. In this article about car seat warmer and cooler you can see why people choose the product. De.home and Kingphenix are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat warmer and cooler.

What are the best brands for car seat warmer and cooler?

Conformax, De.home and Kingphenix are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat warmer and cooler. Find the detail in this article. Mommy's Helper, Korotus Collection and Cozyswan are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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