Best Car Seat Vest Harness

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1. Chicco KidFit Belt Positioning Booster

Chicco KidFit Belt Positioning Booster

The DuoZone has 10 positions for growing children. KidFit is kept in place with the help of the SuperCinch LATCH attachment and one-pull tightener. The seat design and double foam padding give support in all the right places. The seat has a single recline adjustment. 2 cup holders fold away when not in use and are easy to clean. The seat pads and armrest covers are machine-washable. The seat pads and armrest covers are machine-washable.

Brand: Chicco

👤We needed two new boosters, one for my car and one for my husband, so I bought this booster seat and the Britax. We decided to get both and return the one we didn't think was as safe. The two booster seats are very similar. The one zip removal of the cover and the simple pulling on the strap in the front of the base are the main differences between the two. My husband decided to use the Chicco because his latch is a bit further down in his seat than mine. The Britax is larger in the upper back support than in the base. My son said that he was comfortable in both. I posted a picture of the two of them in my car to see how they compare. Hopefully it holds up.

👤We bought this for our young child. He is not quite 40 lbs. He likes the double cup holder because it doesn't sit as high up as our old booster seat, and he likes that. He has more leg room behind our seat because it is a sleeker more upright design. I bought 3 more in different colors for each vehicle he travels in because I liked this one so much. Great purchase. Highly recommended. It was easy to install in our vehicles. It's easy to install in his grandparents' cars. He uses the regular seat belt across his lap and shoulder but it doesn't rub against his neck because of the orange loop attached to the booster seat. We are all happy we went with the Chicco.

👤I wish I had bought another Evenflo for my wife's car because this seat seems more comfortable than the one my son uses. The seat belt doesn't want to stay in the loop guide. It has to be reinstalled for almost every ride because it slips out very easily. I don't have to do that with Evenflo. I think the seat belt is guided out of the loop because of how the plastic loop extends downward. Maybe there is an alternate way to fix it. I was hoping that the head rest would support my son when he falls asleep. It is not better than the Evenflo in that regard. The seat belt issue makes this booster less safe than other car seats.

👤I needed to buy a car seat for my granddaughter. We needed an easy in-and-out seat for her because she doesn't have bussing at her school. Her carseat is the normal one. She can't unbuckle herself for school drop off. She needs to be able to do this because you don't want to hold up the car line at school. I wanted to stick with a brand that has served us well, is highly rated for safety, and has a quality product. The Kid Fit is easy to assemble. She went to install it in my car after she sat in it to set the correct size. This seat doesn't work in my car. The seat back of the car seat is not big enough to fit against the automobile seat. The rear headrest can't be removed, so I thought it might work if I removed it. There is a picture with my hand between the back of the Key Fit and the actual car seat. You can see how large the gap is. I put her in the seat with the shoulder strap and pulled her forward on the back of the seat. It was frightening how far the seat would tilt forward even with the sealtbelt on. The back of the KidFit should fit in the auto seat according to the owners manual. This seat would not work for us. This is not the place to take a risk. I've done more research on my car and booster seats. I ordered a seat with a latch system to hold it in place when not in use. Will do a follow up review after that seat is received. I wish it would have worked. Will continue to use the MyFit which is installed in a GMC Acadia for everything but school drop off and pick up. She needs a 5-point harness system until she reaches the 65 lbs. limit.

2. Graco Tranzitions Harness Booster Proof

Graco Tranzitions Harness Booster Proof

A harness booster helps protect your child. They have increased the weight minimum from 30 to 40 pounds to continue to meet industry standards. The harness system allows the head and harness to adjust in one motion. Do not bleach. Busy, active parents will love the lightweight, portable seat. Your child's headrest grows with you. 2 cup holders keep drinks and snacks close to hand. The belt guides help position the seat belt.

Brand: Graco

👤Highly recommend! My son is 4 years old. 2.5 months ago, we got into a horrible car accident. I hit a pole, my car was totaled, and my son had minor whiplash and was released from the hospital the same day. I broke my nose, left ankle, right knee and was 800-273-3217 I have to give credit to this seat for his injuries being so minimal. I bought him another one last week because my car caught on fire in the accident and the seat did as well.

👤I don't usually write reviews. This car seat in the high back booster mode saved my five year olds life this Christmas Eve. Her grandmother was with her. The car flipped onto its side. The side of the car. She was in the driver's seat. We left the church service with her and our little boy. Daddy. We rode home. She does not have a scratch. I am amazed. Our guardian angels in heaven were watching over her tonight and she was safe and secure thanks to the car seat. The family with young children in the other car were safe as well. I have always purchased graco. I will continue to do that. Their customer service is excellent.

👤This is the second seat I've bought, so I'm going to write a review. The seat held up well in a crash. The seat was installed on the side. My husband and daughter came home safely that evening thanks to Ford and Graco. There is no higher praise for a car seat. This is the seat I recommend to everyone with forward facing kids and those with multiple kids. It's perfect for 3 situations. It is easy to install and second to none in my experience. I keep this in our second car so that I can adjust it between my three daughters with ease. They all say it's comfortable. I've had experience with a lot of different car seats and seat combinations with three young children and two cars. The seat is simple and has been my go-to seat recently. It's not fancy, it's not expensive, but it kept my daughter alive, and that's all I could ask for.

👤I thought I could help someone out by writing a review. I almost returned it the night I got it. I researched online for tips to get a good install. I tried tolatch first, but theadjuster kept getting in the way. I couldn't get the seat belt tight enough after locking it. The trick is to leave enough slack in the seat belt to pull as hard as you can until the seat belt is absolutely tight, then lock the retractor and put the excess in. Without pulling the belt horizontally, it wiggled 3 or more inches. It's not safe for a crash. I'm glad for forums online and tips for a tight install. Hope this helps.

3. Universal Stroller Pushchair Harness Locking

Universal Stroller Pushchair Harness Locking

The baby chair replacement straps are made of material. It's durable nylon. The total length was 8.6in and the belt length was 5.1in. The safety seat base is held tightly by a belt with a metal lock clip. It's used for baby highchairs, baby stroller, electric car and bicycle baby seat. The European ECER44-04 has a standard for the produce standard. The European ECER44-04 has a standard for the produce standard.

Brand: Feiteplus

👤It worked just fine, though the pieces have to fit together to insert, which is less convenient than the old one. The strap is longer than any other I have seen. My 3 year old was put on the buckle. In a car accident, the strain on a child's hip bones is more than their vital organs, because the lower part of the Buckle should rest across a child's lap. I fixed the problem so we can still use the buckle, even though I wouldn't recommend this to someone who didn't have confidence in their sewing. I seam-ripped the stitches to affix the straps, then adjusted the length to where I want the buckle to be according to my child's measurements. The strap was reinforced several times with the same box/x pattern as before. I left the excess on the strap so I can trim it and glue it to the binding.

👤I lost the middle class on my child's car seat. It was easy to install. You have to fit the side metals pieces together before you can put them into the middle clasp, which is not good. Not a dealbreaker.

👤The buckle that goes in between the legs is very long and does not work for the Graco extend2fit car seat. The buckle was 2 times longer than the original, which would be very dangerous in an accident. Will be back.

👤I took apart my car seat to clean it. As a replacement, it worked perfectly. It's as easy to install as the original. The original was slightly longer. I had to tighten the arm straps a bit.

👤The fabric part was too long for my liking. The other pieces of the car seat were easy to install.

👤I had to replace a harness buckle. I bought this one. It was too long. The original Buckle was twice the length. We had to make it work by cutting it and sewing it to half the length, otherwise it would be too long for the car seat. I almost sent it back. It is a pain to get one elsewhere.

👤The strap that came with the car seat was too short. This one is great.

4. Adjuster Adjustable Seatbelt Protector Universal

Adjuster Adjustable Seatbelt Protector Universal

The seat strap is made of grade A+ pp cotton and polyester, which is soft, durable and comfortable. It's natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic. It's safe to the baby. It protects your baby's sensitive skin and protects the child from the seatbelt strap irritation. This gives a soft and comfortable feeling. Let them sleep on the long car rides. It is machine washable! There is full adjusted harmony. The baby can feel a great sense of comfort with the different heights of the seat strap pads. It can be used for a long time. Older children who have outgrown their booster seat are more likely to do so. Seatbelt Adjuster fits correctly across shoulder and abdomen, absorb seatbelt shocks, and keep people's neck area free of shocks. A perfect car trip companion for kids. The car child seatbelt is made from high quality materials. The nylon rope is strong enough to ensure the safety of the baby. It is a must-have for your baby. They are confident that your family will love their shoulder pads. There are contraceptive It's easy to install, no extra tools are required. It is easy to install on all seatbelts, just add the universal seatbelt pad. Give your child a safety seat and help them to sit correctly. The best after-sale services. If you are not happy with the product, please contact them. All issues will be solved in 24 hours. Their priority is your satisfaction. The best after-sale services. If you are not happy with the product, please contact them. All issues will be solved in 24 hours. Their priority is your satisfaction.

Brand: Renzhichu

👤My special needs child was taking off his seatbelt while I was driving. I tried a different strap holder that connected the lap and shoulder belt, but it didn't work. I was having a hard time finding anything that would work, but this has worked so far! I am not sure if the Lap belt is safe if it goes across his lap rather than over his stomach, so I would like to see a longer version. I think they could improve the design in that way, but it is working for now.

👤The seat belt is pulled in the stomach. I believe you should use a booster seat. I got my son a booster seat. I wanted something that was more secure for my baby's chest. This works well with the booster. My kids like the design and don't mind it. I know their internal organs are safer and have more protection. I provided a picture of the bottom seat belt to show that the seat belt is secure and not going in the child's stomach. The device has an adjustment strap that makes it higher or lower depending on the child's height.

👤My baby brother hates the car seat belt and I feel safe since he can't remove the cover. I recommend it to anyone who has children who don't like seatbelts. It's easy to install or remove the light in the car.

👤This pulls the lap belt up onto the soft stomach area of a child instead of down on to their lap, poor belt placement like this can cause major internal injuries, I can't believe they're allowed to sell such an unsafe product.

👤The principal mantener erguido el nino, tiene a mini fallo de diseno, pues, solo un poco menos. alguno pueda.

5. Adjuster Seatbelt Support Headrest Protector

Adjuster Seatbelt Support Headrest Protector

The kids seat belt cushion pillow has a clip. The Car Travel Pillow supports the head, neck and chin. The seat belt can be damaged. The seat belt shoulder pads are made of PP cotton and covered with a soft micro-suede fabric. The car seat belt is made of durable baby cotton fabric and easy to install. The seat belt Pillow and cover can be easily removed and cleaned. All cars and all size of seat belt are compatible with the Universal Design. Give your kids a safety seat and help them to sit correctly. The seatbelt pillow will stay in place if the clip is placed under it. The seatbelt pillow will stay in place if the clip is placed under it.

Brand: Carperipher

👤Was not sure how this would work. We put it in the car after we received it. Our son likes it. He can sit in the seat without a booster seat. I feel more confident and safe letting him replace his booster seat with this device because it allows the seatbelt to fit him properly. There is a pillow on the seatbelt. The clip that protects the pillow is very useful. Even if he falls asleep, this product holds him in place. The plastic snaps on the lower cover don't get hot in the sun. The cloth on the back of the cover is soft and smooth. I am very pleased with this product. It is soft and durable. It can be washed and the pillow cushion can be removed for easier cleaning. It is great for traveling because you can install it in a cab and not have to worry about a booster seat. Each car can have one after we purchased 2. My 8 year old son is capable of folding himself in with no help from me. Excellent product! I highly recommend. Check your state's childseat/booster seat laws.

👤I love these! My kids like them on our road trips.

👤It's not easy to put up 3 stars. You need to stretch out the seatbelt every time you unbuckle it to put it back in place. The shoulder pillow is useless when my child sleeps because the seatbelt is stiff during a sudden stop. My child's head bends like nothing is holding her neck when the seatbelt shoulder strap moves.

👤My son loves the pillow rest, but the adjustment around the straps doesn't seem to help. It's not as big as it's pictured and doesn't do anything, but the pillow is really soft and cool. It's easy to install. It makes it harder for him to wear his own seatbelt. I might just keep the pillow on it and remove the adjuster.

👤The front attachment made it impossible for my child to Buckle himself in because the clip falls back inside the front piece when it is unbuckled. We tried it for a week and took it off of him. The only thing it needed was another button or snap at the front of the piece to keep it from being sucked back inside. I guess no one thought of this. I did not waste my money because I am going to try to engineer it in the south.

👤My 7 year old does not need this to push the seatbelt down. The seatbelt neck brace is something he likes. He uses a booster seat to sleep. This product is worth nothing more than that. I did not buy this for the good neck support. For that reason, 1 star.

👤This is a good fit for the in between child.

👤My 5 year old granddaughter was purchased when she transitioned from a 5 point harness to a booster seat. All of that was over powered because she is very small. Every time we unbuckled, I had to remove the shoulder part. It might work better for a bigger kid.

6. Kneeguard Kids Children Compatible Accessory

Kneeguard Kids Children Compatible Accessory

The package content and age are listed. The car seat footstool is compatible with all car and booster seats. The Footrest should be used as soon as kids are walking and sitting in a forward-facing car seat until their legs reach the floor of the vehicle. Installation: The seat has a latch behind it. The hooks that slip under the seat are for cars that don't have the latched system. The footrest can be folded down to make it easier to get in and out of the car. The Footrest has been medically approved and recommended by a renowned orthopedic surgeon. The Footrest provides long term leg protection for their knees as well as increasing their comfort. The Footrest has an easy height and angle adjustment to fit different levels of comfort. The Kneeguard Kids have passed crash testing and have the same safety standards as the Footrest. The Kneeguard Kid's footrest has been patented in the US. The Kneeguard Kids have passed crash testing and have the same safety standards as the Footrest. The Kneeguard Kid's footrest has been patented in the US.

Brand: Kneeguard Kids

👤The item is not good, but I like the concept. I don't understand the reviews. This item was very weak and flimsy. The piece of plastic that holds the footrest in place is very fragile and can break easily. The product makes clear on the item, box, and instructions not to use it as a step. That makes no sense. Your child will have to stand on the footrest for the most briefest moment in order to get out of the seat. Are we supposed to place our kids in the seat in order to avoid stepping on this thing? It's ridiculous. I don't understand why manufacturers do this. Please make a quality product. If the product is good, we will happily pay the higher price for it. But to charge us $50 for a flimsy product? We have 2 kids, that's $100 for a substandard item. You have to be kidding. We were happy to return ours. I recommend that you stay away from this item.

👤When my 6 year old started to complain about numbness in his feet after long car rides, I started looking for a footrest. I settled on this one because it looked good. I ordered one to try out because they addressed the problems that I was experiencing and the same unit would be able to give relief to my younger kids as well. The locking mechanism on the foot plate broke after the second use. I don't think it's obvious where it might have popped out of place. I expected the build on this footrest to be more sturdy, given all of the advertising for crash testing. When I heard a pop and the two tabs locked the footplate in the open position, I activated the mechanism to move the footplate into place. I'm not sure if I want to request a second unit because I'm not sure how quickly this broke. I will be sending this back to Amazon after requesting a refund.

👤I put this in my car for my son who is in a booster seat. The installation took a while. The car's latch system was to blame. It was difficult to attach this to the latches. It wouldn't stay in place after it was installed. The most frustrating part was folding the footrest so my son could get in and out of the car. My fingers are sore from trying to adjust the footrest. It wouldn't fold down. I'm going to take everything out of my car. What a waste!

👤It's hard to keep in place and the leather seats tear up. They wouldn't return or replace it after 8 months, even though they bought a product warranty, because they couldn't adjust to my 45 inch tall child. Total waste.

👤I have had this for more than a year. It was easy to use when I first got it. It was difficult to get it adjusted, but we eventually got it. I adjusted it twice after installing it. It was difficult, but we got it. After less than a year of use, it was stuck and we haven't been able to adjust it any more. I can't change the slant. The foot rest is stuck in place, but the bar will go up and down. I tried a second time and it didn't work. I want to change the position of my son, but I have not been able to because everything is in place. I paid $50 for a plastic stool. I'm giving it two stars for the first 6 months, because it used to do what it was supposed to do.

7. Premium Buckle Robot Release Lanyard

Premium Buckle Robot Release Lanyard

Buckle Robot is made in the UK and is easy to install but impossible to unbuckle until intended. Before you buy this belt lockbuckle guard, you need to read the main description. The Buckle Robot was designed with a robot face to teach children about Buckle Safety. The YELLOW version has the same shape and design as the blue version, but without the robot face. Do you worry about your loved ones not wearing a seatbelt? Not when you use the Buckle robot safety device cover to secure the child seat. It is made from high-grade safe materials. It's simple and effective, slots over the seat belt receiver button and clips into place. 100% of tested veals have a regular seat belt buckle. It is the only product that has a unique release key and safety yard. What if you don't like it? They offer no quibble refunds because they are confident you will love it. Your opinion is the top one. What if you don't like it? They offer no quibble refunds because they are confident you will love it. Your opinion is the top one.

Brand: Niftyso

👤I like it. My son is special needs and I am glad to have this. He likes to be free and always wears a seat belt. He doesn't usually stand or walk while driving. He sat on the seat without a seat belt. I have to pull over or tell him to back off because I notice him doing it a lot. It is easy to set up, and I'm impressed with how this works. That is worth it. I guarantee this is a lifesaver. I was relieved to know that my son is wearing a seat belt. For myself, mom's approved!

👤I was so worried about how I would keep my toddler from undoing the seat belt and standing up while driving that I thought Amazon would have something to help. I'm very happy I got it. I was always stressed because my son unbuckles the seatbelt holding the base of the car seat. He couldn't unbuckle it after I installed it again, so he hasn't touched it since. I will give you an update on how long it takes for him to figure it out. So far, so good.

👤After looking at reviews, I decided on this product. I was so happy to purchase it. Our granddaughter loves getting her seatbelt unlocked and now she has a booster seat that works. She cannot get out of her seat. I love that I can get my key out of my key ring. She is now safe from getting loose while we're driving. Someone else said our granddaughter was doing exactly what our child was doing to get out. Thanks to Amazon, I can make up my mind on what product works for us.

👤Great product! The special needs 8 year old was unbuckling his seat belt. It's easy to get into his belt with the key we have. We put the lanyard over the seat's headrest so he couldn't reach it. The key can be removed from the lanyard and put back in. Highly recommend this product.

👤The concept is great, but not the fit. The cover keeps popping off of the seat belt. I have put it under the dog seat cover with the hope that it will stay in place but next time it pops off, I'll have to take it out. I think I'll throw them away. It's pretty useless.

👤The dog did not get caught in the seatbuckle connection. There is not a better way to disengage the assembly, but we hung the key from the front seat headrest to keep it handy should we need it.

👤She keeps a daredevil in her seat. This was purchased to stop a four year old from escaping, she can't get out until she is let out.

👤This product seemed like a great idea for my 5yr old who is constantly getting out of his car seat, which is not safe. Within 10 minutes, he figured out that he could use the seat next to him to get it unlocked. SMH. He continues to escape because there is no other place to put him. The concept is easy to use and I gave it 4 stars.

8. Hifold Fold Highback Booster Racing

Hifold Fold Highback Booster Racing

The hifold booster seat is the world's most adjusted booster, with unique "multi-fit" technology that can be adjusted to 243 individual settings. The car seat is designed for kids aged 4 and up with a height of 40 to 59 inches. The world's most portable booster. The multi-fold system folds down to a compact size for storage, travel, and more. It is lightweight and has a carry strap. The hifold kids booster seat keeps your child safe and comfortable while they grow. The seat, body, head width and height can be adjusted. Ultra-light weight foam for superior impact resistance. This portable car seat is regulated for global use so it can be used anywhere in the world except Australia and Taiwan. The Creative Child Product of the Year Award was won by the CONVENIENT AND NARROW OSTER SEAT. For older kids, grandparents cars, or for fitting three children in a row, use this car booster seat. The Creative Child Product of the Year Award was won by the CONVENIENT AND NARROW OSTER SEAT. For older kids, grandparents cars, or for fitting three children in a row, use this car booster seat.

Brand: Mifold

👤I love this booster. I was a little weary at first, as a former car seat tech I am very picky about what seats I use, and the Mifold is not a recommended seat because it gives a poor belt fit. I wanted to try it out. My small 7 and 8 year olds are very comfortable and easy to adjust in this seat. It's great for very skinny kids. The hips should be adjusted very narrow. It works well with 3 across. The price point is the only thing that needs to be fixed. It would be much more realistic if it was $80. I would like to get another one.

👤The chair is made for posture correctness. Some of the flaws are more apparent to me now that we have had it over a month. There is no padding in this chair. It is either better or notexistent. I understand that padding will make it more bulky, but it defeats the purpose of marketing it as a compact traveler. I think comfort is the most important consideration in a seat. There are two more My son's thighs are on the actual cars seats, and he only has seats on the chair. On long drives, there is a chance that the chair will fall off and the car seat will start. My solution has been to put a sweater under the thighs. The lap belt is a joke. It just slides out because nothing keeps it locked in place.

👤We live in NYC, and we use the ride-sharing service. A child seat in an ride-sharing service can change a $10 fare to a $35 fare and a 4 minute wait to a 25 minute wait. I carry a small gym bag around NYC when we go out and about. It was paid for itself in two weeks of weekend rides with our little guy. If you are mobile, this is a must buy.

👤It's not good for 2 years old. I think it's only good for a few years.

👤I already used the mifold. I wanted to have 3 seats in the back row. It is very comfortable for the kids and I can adjust it. I can easily place them in my trunck without sacrificing the whole space there. It is easy to fold and unfold after some practice.

👤I haven't tried it yet. I have unfolded and refolded, which is confusing but really not bad. Everything gets easy if you just get used to it. Was surprised by how much it weighed. The weight in the description was heavier than I thought. Its not very heavy. I think I'll get a shoulder pad for the carrying strap when I'm in the airports.

👤If your child is between a 5 point harness and a regular booster, this is what you need. The car seat is designed for kids who are in high back boosters. We needed something lightweight and easy to carry with us as we travel around the world, but also share rides with others. It is very easy to fold up with a few clicks. It was simple to travel through airports, as it folds up and can be carried around the neck like a cross strap or strapped to the handle of a rolling bag. It was carried into baseball games by us. It fits in the carry on compartment of an airplane. It is not designed to be used as a car seat on an airplane, just a vehicle with a shoulder strap. It's easy to get the seatbelt through the belt strap guide. My 6 year old could unbuckle herself. I would recommend a high back booster for any family travelling.

9. COOLBEBE Straps Shoulder Pushchair Stroller

COOLBEBE Straps Shoulder Pushchair Stroller

Seat belt cushions prevent slippage and provide effective security in the car, infant carrier or stroller. The velvet pads are soft enough to allow your child to experience the joy of the journey. The Soft Wraps Belt Covers are made from Super- soft velvet-touch fabric and provide additional comfort to prevent rubbing and irritation from car seat straps. It's very difficult. All car seats, infant carriers, and buggy straps are compatible with the Seatbelt Strap. Soft Wraps can be used for a lot of things. The black belt cover is simple and elegant. It is easy to clean. The fabric and foam are both made of 100% polyester. The Soft Wraps keep your seatbelts and straps clean. They are easy to remove from the go. Hang to dry and cold wash cycle. They will get back within 24 hours, if you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch, they will keep your car/stroller neat and organized. They will get back within 24 hours, if you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch, they will keep your car/stroller neat and organized.

Brand: Coolbebe

👤I got this for a kid for a road trip and it was one of the best purchases I've ever made. If you have kids that fall asleep in the car often, it gets used a lot. It's very comfortable, the pillow is not attached so the sleeve can be washed. It's soft but supportive and easy to install, it's easy to disassemble or move to another vehicle if you need to, and it's bigger than it looks. I recommend it if you nap in the car or find your seat belt uncomfortable. I got a large one for a kid who was 5 years old at the time. The time when the adults use it.

👤I wanted to love it but didn't. It was great at first, it was used for my son. The pillow and case are not sewn together. The case on the seatbelt was the only thing that kept the pillow in place. It is soft and fluffy, but wished it was one piece.

👤These are great. I needed these because the ones I had in my car seat were short and would slide back, which made it hard for him to push his head forward. They were thick and cumbersome. I reminded them that my boy has a chunk on him. When he would be buckled in, I noticed that his redness was really irritated. These are not thick, but they are soft enough to prevent that belt rash, so if you are looking for something thick and supportive, don't get these. They are long so they don't get pushed back.

👤I have purchased car seat shoulder padding like this before and it was made with a soft foam material and a soft exterior. These are soft on the outside, but they are very special. It almost feels like the manufacturer forgot to add the memory foam and just shipped empty, soft sleeves. I wouldn't recommend it. You can get a product from a different city in China that will send you real soft padding, not just a soft sleeve.

👤I'm not complaining since the price is so low, but the pads on the seat are not as thick as I expected. If that helps anyone, they are a bit thinner than neoprene.

👤My child is 3 years old. The car seat straps are life saving. They hold his head up and don't let it fall from one side to the other. Not to mention, soft! There is no cushion or support in some of the reviews. This was not the case for me. The straps had a cushion and support. Would buy again.

👤After a long road trip, I bought these car seat strap pads because the straps on the travel car seat were getting in my toddler's neck. We were going to deliver them to the vacation condo and put them on the car seat. The velvet is long enough to cover the straps on his shoulders. He sat in his seat for the rest of the vacation after there were no more car seat strap marks on him. They air dry quickly. I'm getting another set for our other car seat.

10. Backpack Safety Walking Upgraded Toddler

Backpack Safety Walking Upgraded Toddler

The safety material. The anti lost wrist link is made of durable PU material which is difficult to cut off with a knife. 2in1 Leash. You can easily switch between backpack and wrist leash. It is easy to use, just put the connected buckle into the harness or wrist link buckle. It will work out great. The anti lost kids leash has a key on the adult's wrist to prevent the child from forcibly unlocked it by himself or others. The shoulder straps, chest straps and wrist band allow your kids to play and run freely, without worry that they will be tripped over. The size can be adjusted to fit your needs. It's Breathable fabric, it's comfortable to wear for both adults and kids, and it has a soft sponge pad in the wrist strap and backpack leash. It's Breathable fabric, it's comfortable to wear for both adults and kids, and it has a soft sponge pad in the wrist strap and backpack leash.

Brand: Fzbjayoon

👤The clip can be unbuckled if the key is attached to the wristlet. It is a vest and not a wristlet for the child. A child could end up with a nurse's elbow. My only concern is how quickly a child will outgrow this. This won't last very long for a more stockier toddler. I can see it lasting for a while if you have a long and lean child. If my kid is going to book it in a different direction, they aren't getting too far out of reach and aren't running into the street.

👤The harness and leash was great for our daily walks. Thanks to the harness, we've been able to keep our toddler safe from falling, hitting his head, and many other close calls. Today was the biggest close call we've ever had because we relied so much on the harness and leash to pull our toddler back from falling, we didn't think we could count on it. The leash broke as we were walking up a steep staircase to the 3rd floor and our kid almost went flying down the stairs.

👤I put it on my son twice and he stretched it a little, but the strap on his wrist clip just came apart. If he ran towards the street and it snapped, he could have gotten seriously hurt. I only used this twice and it just got worn down and he was wearing it for 5 minutes each time.

👤Our two year old loved it. We bought this before we went to sesame place because we knew it would be crowded and our 2 year old wouldn't want to sit in his stroller the whole time. We had peace of mind and he was free. Many parents inquired about where they could purchase it. It locks. It was a huge relief to know my child was okay. We also purchased a wrist to wrist harness and a hit with our child.

👤The harness is too high and doesn't fit that well on the child, but the rest of the product is well designed. It is a good product for the price, but on some levels you get what you pay for. I wasn't as happy with it as I wanted, but it works and is worth 12 dollars.

👤I have spent the best money on my son so far. We live in a marina and I have this one all the time. The leash on the spring gives him room to stray. All clips have a lock. If your child is in an area that is free to roam, you can leave the harness on your child and open the leash. You just clip and go when you hook up. The leash is amazing. A good purchase.

👤My one year old is going down the creek with me. I only use the wrist to wrist one because I don't have to worry about him falling in the water. I would love to wear one of these in public, but I'm kinda embarrassed to do so. You need to discipline your child and teach them the word. No. They need to learn from their mistakes. It's like a dog on a leash. I think it's great in some places but not in others. The product is great. It is very comfortable and has a lot of padding. It's not bulky but it's comfortable. It has a lock if your child is a magician.

11. Mifold Grab Booster Seat Slate

Mifold Grab Booster Seat Slate

The world's most compact and narrow booster is called the COMPACT AND NARROW BOOSTER SEAT. Mifold is smaller than a traditional booster and just as safe for kids aged 4 and up. The foldable booster is ideal for travel, it fits into a child's backpack, glove box or parent's handbag, making it perfect for ride sharing and much more. Mifold ensures optimal seatbelt fit. The grab-and-go car seat adjusts the adult seatbelt by pulling it down, instead of lifting the child up. Instructions for washing the fabric with soap and water. There was no bleach. To remove soap, wipe it with clean water. Air is dry. This product is only for use in the USA and is not the International version. This travel car seat has won many awards, including a Mom's Choice and Parents' Picks Awards. It is a great choice for older kids, grandparents or for fitting three children in a row. The dimensions for the open mifold are large. When it is closed and folded, the dimensions are 2x10"x5". The dimensions for the open mifold are large. When it is closed and folded, the dimensions are 2x10"x5".

Brand: Mifold

👤We really want to like this. For our 8 and 6 year olds, we got two of these for a vacation where the longest driving was 3 hours in the car. The plastic clip on the belt didn't bother them in the back or in their shoulders, they just had the belt in their neck. We couldn't get it comfortable for the kids. The seat was slippery so it kept folding. The seats should stay in place. The seats hurt my kids' bottoms. It wouldn't have taken much more to make it better. I was hoping for a good product or something. My kids don't like it, but it will do for the quick trips or an emergency extra seat.

👤I bought this one and the inflatable one, but was not sure which one would be better. We are going to keep the inflatable one because this one might work for quick trips. My 5 year old is the one who made this decision. He likes the inflatable one because it doesn't hurt his bottom. When he first sat on this one, he was not comfortable.

👤Being a Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructor for 30 years, I was very interested to see this product, as I love to see new innovations in the field of child passenger safety. The quality of the Mifold was good and the claims were impressive, but I don't think it stopped there. I tried different kids on the Mifold. The belt fit was ok, but not up on the abdominal area. I had to take the kids out of the seat because they had moved forward on it to fold their legs over the edge. When a child has no "BOOST", they don't behave like a crash test dummy, and when they do, they slide forward on the seat to get comfortable. A child sliding forward leaves a gap behind them that loosens the seatbelt, in order to be able to fold their legs over the vehicle seat. An actual booster seat should be designed to prevent this. Booster seats are designed to raise the child's head height to prevent them from sliding on the seat in the car. The Mifold only addresses belt positioning. I am not happy with the product and will return it.

👤We chose to support the project early on. We recommended these to our neighbors shortly after we got ours, and within a short time they had fixed the biggest annoyance I have ever encountered. The slide outs are not locked. Without fail, these slide back in and you have the worst time removing the lap belt. What happened next? The child would be put in the car and the person would just go over the lap belt. It's not designed for that. I told them that I was worried about the quality of ours. They said that it met all safety standards, that's how they were designed. Your customer service is terrible. You don't take into account what people will be doing to get away from the annoyance your first models created. Instead of helping these first supports get upgraded models, you back up your first models and tell everyone how you made the changes. I'm not going to upgrade. I'm not buying from them again. I'll stick with the booster seats that my child likes the most, and which are rated higher than the ones he'll use, because I know he'll use them as designed. Thanks for nothing! You lost a customer.


What is the best product for car seat vest harness?

Car seat vest harness products from Chicco. In this article about car seat vest harness you can see why people choose the product. Graco and Feiteplus are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat vest harness.

What are the best brands for car seat vest harness?

Chicco, Graco and Feiteplus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat vest harness. Find the detail in this article. Renzhichu, Carperipher and Kneeguard Kids are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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