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1. UPPAbaby VISTA Lower Adapters 2015 Later

UPPAbaby VISTA Lower Adapters 2015 Later

It allows for multiple second seat configurations. The attachment was quick and no tools were included. The dot indicators have color coding to make sure the payment is done correctly. The stroller folds. It's compatible with VISTA 2015 and Bassinet. It's compatible with VISTA 2015 and Bassinet.

Brand: Uppababy

👤I was tricked by these and found they didn't fit with the toddler seat. My goal was to have my baby in his car seat up high, and my two year old down below. To do that, I have to find out if I need to buy another toddler seat. I bought this stroller system to use it as a double. I feel tricked and trapped into putting more money into this stroller. I wish I had bought a different stroller system for my first baby, instead of buying a double stroller. This makes me so angry because I never write reviews. I feel like they don't force their consumers to buy more in order to make it easier to understand.

👤The only reason it has two statistics is because it clips onto the stroller. The toddler seat on the bottom of the vista clips has a ridge on it that the lower adapter does not, meaning that I cannot use it when I turn my single into a double. I need my baby to be in the bassinet at the top. I don't know who designed this, but it wasn't a parent. If there was an alternative, I would buy it.

👤I bought these to see what the various functions were. The strollers click onto the adapters perfectly. Blue dot and yellow dot are the colors. They will allow you to put the Mesa infant car seat on them. If you are using the Mesa or the Bassinet in the lower position, you need them. The people who are able to say so. The MAXI COSI and PEG PEREGO Adapters are not compatible after playing around with different configurations. The seat is not compatible. Bassinet clicks on perfectly,Chicco is compatible, and the Peg Perego adapter clicks on. Mesa clicks on. MAIN SEAT doesn't work on the lower part of the device.

👤They are easy to install. The rumble seat is only used on the front of the car and the description is vague. The toddler seat of the Vista can weigh up to 50 lbs. It can be forward facing. We have a two year old. The toddler seat can only be used in this position if you put it forward facing. Our two year old is already 35 lbs and the rumble seat is only $180. The toddler seat in the upper position facing the back of the stroller had the car seat accessory in the lower. You can't see your newborn until you have a toddler seat and a rumble seat.

👤The seat was put into a grooves to prevent it from fitting on the lower level. Their lower level seat puts them in an awkward position and they don't like using the stroller with two kids. The stroller and accessories were the biggest regret. The Bugaboo works with two kids. For 2 kids, it is TERRIBLE that this is a single kid stroller.

👤The plastic is not metal like the frame and can come loose over time, but others have touched on this. The whole rumble seat fell forward yesterday when the brackets on it loosened. He landed on his face and is bruised, but won't need stitches. I was able to pull off the brackets after looking at them, although it was a bit tighter than it was when I first installed it. It should be made of metal, like the frame, and it should also have a mechanism on the back of the frame to hold it in place. I taped the brackets to the frame, but they're not coming off without a knife. It's difficult to learn a lesson. Hopefully, the design flaw is recognized by Uppababy.

2. UPPAbaby MESA Infant Seat Shield

UPPAbaby MESA Infant Seat Shield

Vents on the side ensure maximum comfort. It is easy to attach, remove, and clean. It is compatible with most infant car seats. It folds compactly for easy storage.

Brand: Uppababy

👤We used this to protect the baby when we took him out. It is easier to keep him occupied when he can see us. The handle hole is small so it is hard to hold on to. This is a plastic material so it can get warm even with the fabric on the sides. It is not something you want to keep your baby in for a long time. We have definitely gotten more from it.

👤This was exactly what I wanted. Having a baby in 2020 is scary but I know he will be protected from the elements and hopefully cut down on his exposure to germs. It took some effort to stretch the Baby Trend car seat to fit, but I am happy it worked out.

👤We love it. There is a small gap under the mesh when we put our Keyfit30 on. It doesn't bother us at all. We bought this for the baby because of the COVID protection. We know that the mesh is not perfect. We would also like a baby that can breathe. There are so many sick kids in the waiting room that we use this. We use it in the elevator. Before purchasing this, we draped a baby blanket over the car seat. That worked for a while, but now Baby freaks out when he can't see. We remove the cover when the weather is nice. 1. Don't want the baby to get overheated. There are spots on the plastic that make the sun look worse. This is a must buy for us.

👤It is easy to put on my snugride 35 infant car seat and it does its job. I would recommend this to anyone.

👤After some really rainy weather here in NorCal, I bought this. I like the cover for protecting my little guy. My daughter was the only one dry in the parade because of the rain. The cover is easy to attach. The mesh side vents are a great addition to the product and the opening for the handle is great. I can't attach this one handed as I try to do everything while having a baby, but it is easy and fast. I keep the cover on my car in case there is a rando rain. The handle flap can get wet from rain and make it to your child's face. A quick adjustment of the angle you are holding the carrier and closing the flap bit keeps them dry. It's a good idea for anyone with the Mesa.

👤During these times, we bought this for our baby. We use it to take her from the car to the doctor's office as a precautionary measure. It's nice that it has an opening at the top to grab the handle. There is a mesh area on both sides. It gets warm inside on hot days. It seems like it would work well moving between cars and houses in the rain.

👤Me encanto! Ajusta perfectamente al modelo, chicco keyfit 30. Excellent recommendation.

3. 2018 UPPAbaby Birth Kit Charcoal

2018 UPPAbaby Birth Kit Charcoal

It's suitable for children 0 months to 20 lbs. Attaching the MINU stroller to it in seconds. The mattress has a 5-point harness. The canopy has a sunshade that is extendable. Zip on/off boot cover with stroller. Zip on/off boot cover with stroller.

Brand: Uppababy

👤It's easy to attach! I don't know if people know but this is a stroller attachment. I got a good deal through the warehouse. The price was like 60% off. It was brand new and damaged. It's easy to install and will be great for the baby.

👤This kit is no exception, and it's hard to say anything negative about the Uppababy. We use it for pushing our baby around the house and outside. The inner pad is not permanent and can be removed for cleaning purposes. I love this thing.

👤The from birth accessory for the stroller is not very useful. The flat design makes the stroller ride very dramatic and the baby feels every bit of it. It would be cool if the bassinet fit the stroller. The sunshade is nice but it doesn't fit my needs. It would be good for someone without a car.

👤If you want to give a false advertisement, show all the pictures with the bassinet and stroller frame. There is no stroller frame. Deceiving.

👤I used it. I was new and it had everything I needed. My daughter likes it. She takes naps when she is with the doctors.

👤A great gift for a new born. This is a gift for someone.

👤We bought this for a small baby that was too small for her carseat and didn't feel it was safe for her to be in it while walking outside. The folding stroller is small and light weight, you don't have to take it off, and it has a bassinet that holds folded.

👤No se dobla con el coche. Tiene los straps inamovibles, lo Cual es medio incomodo.

4. UPPAbaby MINU Adapter Maxi COSI Cybex

UPPAbaby MINU Adapter Maxi COSI Cybex

Mico, Mico AP, Mico NXT, Mico Max 30, Cabrio, and CabrioFix are compatible with Maxi-Cosi models. Not comparable with Maxi-Cosi Prezi. It is compatible with Nuna Pipa. It's compatible with Cybex Aton, Aton 2, and Aton Q. For the MINU stroller only. For the MINU stroller only.

Brand: Uppababy

👤You have to take them off to collapse your stroller, which is annoying and dumb. The purpose of using this with the car seat is to have an easy, lightweight stroller. I wish Uppababy had thought of this issue.

👤This was bought for our Minu, which is our companion to our main stroller, an Uppababy Vista, and one sticking point for us is that while our 7mo might soon outgrow, we still have to use the Minu. We bought the Minu and these adapters after returning the Yoyo+. To keep things short, these do what they were intended to do, and hold the carseat and the built-in attachment points on our Vista. The plastic that the adapters are made of is very durable and has tabs that interlock with the Minu attachement points. They use a combination of interlocking plastic tabs, a first friction fitment and a metal latch to attach the Minu. The bag that is part of the kit is made of nylon and has a metal clasp in the middle, so it does not interfere with the folding of the stroller. Sometimes it is necessary to fit the bag in the only way they know how, which is by hanging it above the front of the basket area. It's not ideal to have to find a place to hold the adapters for a second while you fold the stroller, but it's not a deal breaker. It doesn't take long to take them off after just a couple of uses. It's easy to get it right the first time because of the color coding of the adapters. The toddler seat is always taken off in official literature. To get a good lock onto the Mesa carseat, one needs to lower the seat to clear the foot of the car seat, and we found this not necessary in our use. - The Minu canopy along with the Mesa canopy provide nearly 100% coverage over the baby when the carseat is in place. The Minu is the best compromise between portable and capability for our family. The Minu is more manageable than the Vista for traveling, we've gotten it to fit in all the overhead bins on Southwest, American, and Alaska/Virgin America flights we've taken with it.

👤The directions aren't clear, but the Mesa can be used while the Minu's toddler seat is installed. To make room for the Mesa, you need to recline the toddler seat. If you have two kids, it's quick to switch between a newborn and toddler. The only downside with them is that the stroller can't be folded with the Mesa adapters installed. It's not that difficult to fold a stroller.

👤It works! There's no reason these should cost that much. It's made of plastic. The cost is likely to be between $1 and $2. I wish it was easier to put the car seat on the adapter. It can be difficult because of the angle. The design has room for improvement.

👤You can't fold the stroller with the reviews on it. They work well if you can get over that aspect. It's not that hard to take them on and off each time, and the bag that was included is supposed to keep the adapters nearby. The car seat is a bit higher and closer to the mom, which we liked. It leaves a small gap between the stroller seat and car seat so you can use it as an extra stroller. It's stable enough to be outside. My wife went to the local zoo. She was impressed with its stability and ability to give different terrains. It was worth it. The price for the mesa ones was the second biggest gripe. It's like fifteen dollars more. The minu should bepaired with a nuna pipa lite/lx model. Light weight combo is the best.

5. UPPAbaby Leather Bumper Bar Cover

UPPAbaby Leather Bumper Bar Cover

For a rich and classic appearance, 100% full grain leather is used. Embossed for added resilience that wipes clean. There are zips over existing bumper bars. The UPPAbaby VISTA, CRUZ and RumbleSeat models are new. In order to reduce associated risks, the use of toxic chemicals in manufacturing has been restricted. In order to reduce associated risks, the use of toxic chemicals in manufacturing has been restricted.

Brand: Uppababy

👤I just purchased a '15 Cruz and went to a store in Rockland to get a new one, and they replaced my entire frame with a new one, including the factory leather handlebars which I previously did not have. The leather looked nice, but the missing piece was the grab bar. I tried to stretch it over the cover, but it was not possible. I wonder if the grab bars have changed over time. Some people had it on without a cover, in one case the leather cover was all loose. I removed the neoprene and installed it, it was still tight. I'm a train mechanic and it took some effort to get this thing on. I used my leatherman pliers to pull the remaining half way up. This thing matches the handlebars perfectly and it looks like a factory because it's so tight on the bar. It took the stroller over the top. If they sewed a little pocket for the zip to fit into, it would be the only change I would make. Its sweet, other than that.

👤I bought this for my MINU to see if it would fit over the bumper bar, but it didn't. The cover is too short and does not cover the entire bumper bar. I tried to make this work but it didn't because the MINU's bumper bar is so ugly.

👤The bumper bar on my seat got scratched and I wanted to replace it. It is at least 6mm wider and 6mm longer than the original. The bumper bar is bulging. The whole thing looks weird because it doesn't fit tightly around the bar.

👤It was not an easy task to put this on. The directions and reviews say to leave the cover on and install it over the bar. That would not happen. It was easier once I took the cover off. It makes it look nicer than the black.

👤My wife wants to add leather covers to our stroller. The covers for the stroller handles and lap bar have been purchased. They look great on the stroller. They cover the stock foam grips as they were getting a bit worn and chewed up. They were difficult to install. I had to get the leather wet in order for it to fit. The lap bar was tight and I was worried it would break. I stretched the leather for a while and finally got it on. The handles went on without much effort.

👤I like the look of the saddle leather with my stroller. My son seems to like it, as he always has his hands or feet on it. The leather is easy to clean. I don't like the look of the zipper. I read several reviews and thought it would be difficult to install, but I didn't have any issues with my vista. The leather cover is tight over the stock bumper cover. I removed the bumper bar completely when installing the leather.

👤I have become insane. I spent 45 minutes working on this on the bumper bar of our toddler seat. It is very difficult to get the leather around the bar. I don't understand how Uppa baby can describe this as easy install. It looks good after it goes on. I can't seem to get the last 1/2 inch to fit. I've been pulling on the zip up and it's hurting my fingers. It's the dumbest first world problem ever.

6. 2018 UPPAbaby MESA Infant Seat

2018 UPPAbaby MESA Infant Seat

The MESA Infant Car Seat is new. The system installs in seconds. Side impact protection is integrated with the no-rethread headrest. There are pockets for harness buckles. Attaches to strollers. The seat fabric is replaceable. Carry handle with stroller release button. It is suitable for infants 4-35 lbs. And up to 32 in height. It is suitable for infants 4-35 lbs. And up to 32 in height.

Brand: Uppababy

👤We liked the cruz and vista. The Mesa is easy to install and it goes well with the strollers. The air in the car seat doesn't flow because his head is protected. Our lo starts to sweat after a 5 min ride when the weather is just above 75 and we had a fan over him, but again he's over heated after 10. I searched online and found other people had the same concerns. The design looks nice, but it can be dangerous for a baby. The overheating problem was reported by me to the customer support team. The people who answered the phone said that babies will sweat in the car seat, that our product passed the standard, and that my own child also sweat in the car seat. There will be no product recalls if she's correct, as everything on the market passed the standard initially, and later problems were reported and discovered. Our baby is very happy with the Diono car seat and doesn't cry or sweat in it.

👤This car seat is a must buy. I researched for months to find the safest carseat, and we chose this one. We have no regrets. It's one of the top safety features on the market. I'm a worse case scenario type person and the thought of driving with a newborn gave me high anxiety. Our son was in this car seat, so I was reassured. If you haven't already done so, please check out the safety features. After reading the instructions, it was easy to install this base. The indicator on the side tells you that it's installed correctly. It's nice to be able to check the indicator to make sure nothing has changed. The seat is very comfortable. Our son hated being in the carseat, but once we got him strapped in, we were able to sway the seat so he wouldn't fall asleep. I liked that he didn't flop to the side as much as other babies. It's easy to clean since most of the fabric comes off. It is not cheap and has a sleek look. It is a bit heavier. We didn't mind it because safety was our top priority, but if you're looking for something light weight this may not be the right one. The Mesa car seat was one of the best decisions we made. It's on the pricier side, but a car seat is something you should spend a lot of money on. I recommend it to all expecting parents.

👤A baby is crying in a car seat. I will be calling Uppa again to find out why she is so uncomfortable. She has straps cut into her legs and her back is so rounded that the head pillows force her to sit in the bucket of the seat. We have to get into the car many times. If we are in the car for more than 30 minutes, she cries herself to sleep. I will update this when I get answers. This is my sixth baby. I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. It shouldn't be difficult to use a car seat. Uppa has great customer service. They helped me during a video conference and made a few adjustments that were not in the manual. I follow the directions when I read mine. We are not happy with this seat, 6 months later. She is only 17 years old and not going to fit in much longer than that, so I think she is at the max for size. Huge waste of money. It looks good. It is beautiful. If it won't go the full year, it's not worth it. The other car seats are not as good as this one. The seat is expensive or the adapters is too big. We tried our best.

7. UPPAbaby Snack Tray for Minu

UPPAbaby Snack Tray for Minu

The stroller is compatible with UPPAbaby. The formed cup holder can fit sippy cups and juice boxes. It is easy to clean the surface. The tray pivots to fold. There are accessories included for attachment. There are accessories included for attachment.

Brand: Uppababy

👤It does not fit on the G-Luxe frame. It was nice but I wish it fit. It was a bit pricey.

👤You would expect the snack tray to come with the stroller if you pay $400+ for it. The snack tray is expensive. It's easy to install, but you have to play around with it to figure out how to fold the stroller with the tray attached.

👤It was worth waiting for, and it was finally available. I like that the tray collapses so I can fold the stroller up, and it is easy to switch back and forth. My two year old is easy to slide behind the tray, and having a spot to put her water where she can access it is a game-changer. This addition to the mina stroller is a must have.

👤I adore UPPAbaby so much. The high quality products were worth the price. A bit pricey. You get what you pay for with UPPAbaby. The products are amazing. The tray is a bit high. If your child is starting to eat, I don't recommend this. My 18M is ok with this. She will have room to grow with it.

👤We use this tray a lot. It is a great high chair replacement. The tray is a little high for my 1 year old. We have been using this for a while and it is really useful. Definitely a good purchase.

👤This is a great addition to the Minu stroller. It is a nice size for drinks and food. The clear plastic seems to scratch pretty easily, and is the biggest cons. This will not look great after a few years of use.

👤One of the brackets was missing. There was no witness that said it was manufactured correctly. The product is still assembled and operating, but the tray is loose if you press on it. Returned for a new one and was hoping the next one would be inspected before it was shipped.

👤They had a snack tray for the minu stroller. The cup holder is deep so it fits my daughter's sippy cups. It is easy to clean.

👤There are no clips that are not good at all for the trae.

8. UPPAbaby 0262 MESA Base

UPPAbaby 0262 MESA Base

Infant carrier is not included. UPPA baby Mesa's smart secure auto-retracting mini latch connectors combined with a red to green tension indicator window is an industry first. Infant carrier is not included. A low-profile base. It's for all year MESA infant car seats. The base bottom won't damage the car interiors. The tightness indicator is red. The Infant Car Seat has a plastic and metal construction. The base is 21.3”L x 14.5”W. It was 10.3”H. 13”H is the highest level. The tightness indicator is red. The Infant Car Seat has a plastic and metal construction. The base is 21.3”L x 14.5”W. It was 10.3”H. 13”H is the highest level.

Brand: Uppababy

👤Don't buy two carseats or any other nonsense. Just buy it. You don't have to worry about which car you used the most when you leave one in every car. Do you want to drive halfway to work, only to realize that you've got the baby's carseat base in your car, and your sleep-deprived wife will kill you if she finds out she can't leave the house? You don't. It's not pretty, so save yourself the hassle and buy the stupid base. What more do you need to know about it?

👤We bought the travel system for our baby, and we love it. We have a base in both cars because we bought a second base. It's very easy to install and secure. The level window shows the seat is installed correctly. I know this is a solid piece of equipment, so I have less anxiety driving with the baby. The carseat can be used without a base in emergencies. The seat has directions on how to use it.

👤I bought this base for my vehicle because I wanted to transport my grandson without having to change seats. It was a smart move, but it was expensive. I used Youtube to help set it up and it worked out well. It only works with the Uppa baby systems. Do not try to use a baby seat that is not an Uppababy baby seat. It won't fit, it won't lock, and it won't endanger the child. If you don't have the seat, you can purchase the base. You don't know the base is with the seat until you get it. You use a stone to kill two birds.

👤I love the stroller and car seat. The base came quickly. Their products are of good quality. I was very pleased with the base. It can be difficult to get the green on the base of the car seat. It's still fairly new, so not sure how it will hold up over time.

👤The Mesa extra base is only needed for convenience. It's so easy to take out a vehicle, it makes an extra base worthless. The base with a seat belt makes it more necessary. I've only used it with the latches so far.

👤This base is easy to install and safe. As grandparents, we only needed the base, and encouraged both of our pregnant children and spouses to get an Uppa Baby stroller that would accommodate the same base. They got the same stroller, we got the base, and we can't wait to have our soon-to-be born grandchildren riding in our car!

👤I believed that the level was faulty as well. The levels are on the side of the base. The green/red piece on the top is not a level and will not turn green until the hooks are latched on and the unit is pressed down. The seat belt part will never be green if you use it. They didn't do a good job differentiating in the manual and I thought it was a faulty unit. It was a bad user. If you have the Mesa, the base is easy to install.

9. UPPAbaby VISTA Upper Adapters 2015 Later

UPPAbaby VISTA Upper Adapters 2015 Later

A quick, no-tools attachment. The dot indicators are colorcoded to make sure proper installments are made. The stroller folds with the help of the adapters. The Bassinet, Toddler Seat, and Mesa Infant Car Seat are not included. The Bassinet, Toddler Seat, and Mesa Infant Car Seat are not included.

Brand: Uppababy

👤I have had the Vista stroller for a couple of years and love it for my only child. I bought the rumble seat with the addition of a new baby. I can fit two together. A 3 yo should not be in a stroller at this age. If you live in a neighborhood where you can walk to a lot of places, it's worth it to get the rumble seat so both kids can sit comfortably in the stroller. I tried to stack the seats without the upper adaptor. This is not practical. The toddler in the upper seat can still sit well, but there is not much room between the upper and lower seats. I don't think it would be comfortable to have the back of another seat so close to your face, because you are not squeezing the child in the rumble seat without it. The seat is very sturdy even though it is a little more difficult for the older child to climb up since it is higher. Since you pay a fair amount for the stroller system already, I'm giving this product 4 stars instead of 5, not because of the product quality. If you are also looking at the lower adaptor, I don't think it's necessary to add it to your system. If you have twins, you can have two carseats or two bassinets stacked. The bassinet is on the bottom and you can't see the newborn. The rumble seat only fits the lower adaptor that is included. The infant insert can be used to put a baby as young as 1 month into a reclined position.

👤This doesn't fit the Todler seat. The machine that makes money is called Uppababy. I bought two sets of adapters hoping to have a car seat on top and a stroller on the bottom, but the lower one doesn't fit the native stroller seat. I don't have a choice but to put my baby in the bottom because it doesn't mention it. This brand is so disappointing.

👤I didn't buy these because I need the adapters, I bought them because they were good. I bought these because I saw another mom who had an infant carrier car seat that was higher than normal. I asked her how she got that high. She told me that she loves the extra height of the carrier because it is better than the normal height. I bought the adapters and it was a game-changing purchase for me. I was able to place him inside the rumble seat with the help of the adapters. I don't want to remove them because I did that once and regretted it so much. The vista was too low in my opinion. I like the way the adapters give extra height.

👤Everything works. It's frustrating to have to pay for add ons when the original stroller was so much to begin with. This product works. The toddler seat and rumble seat don't have enough room for the kids. I wish something came in, instead of having to shell out so much. I don't recommend it to my friends. I don't want them to get trapped in the endless upgrades that I feel are trapped in. If you are ordering this, you are already in my boat.

10. UPPAbaby Adapters Maxi COSI Cybex Besafe

UPPAbaby Adapters Maxi COSI Cybex Besafe

Not applicable in US/CA car seats. It works with VISTA V2, CRUZ, and CRUZ V2 strollers. The indicators are color-coded to make sure proper installments are made. There is more space between the primary and secondary seats. The stroller folds with the help of an accessory. The stroller folds with the help of an accessory.

Brand: Uppababy

👤I was excited to get the adapters so we could use the car seat that was given to us. The Clek Liing Infant Car Seat is here. We have no other options aside from the regular height adapter, which I feel will also have the same wobble issue, and I am really disappointed to learn that it's not a great fit. Without a baby in it, the car seat is wobbly. The video has been attached so anyone reading can make their own judgement.

👤The Nuna ring version is a good option for one hand removal. The tabs are on the side of the car seat. The cover on the car seat covered the side buttons. It was a hassle so we switched to the Nuna one. Less of a throbbing head.

👤The design is terrible. It is not easy to attach a car seat. You need to get it on each side perfect. Or it will not snap in. A ring would have been better. To remove the car seat is a lot of work. You can't hold the handle and remove it because you have to use both hands to push a button. Not looking forward to using this when the baby is heavier. The stroller won'tlatch closed if the stroller is folded in the way. The design from the company was terrible. So sad about this. I keep it because it is the only one I can use.

👤I think people are overreacting when they say that the car seat is very bad. It does have a shake but the car seat adapted are over fine, I would recommend this product.

👤I was disappointed that it did not fit my car seat because I asked a question about it. It has been difficult for me to find compatible ones, so I hope this review can help. I will call the manufacturer to see if they have the parts still in stock.

👤I have a car seat and stroller. I was disappointed when I reassembled this to find that the car seat is shaky and wobbly when attached to the adapters. I am returning this for a ring style car seat. It was difficult to lift the car seat out of the stroller as you have to press down two buttons on the side. I can't imagine trying to remove the car seat from the stroller with a heavy baby in it. The ring style adapter is a single hand release and you can use your other hand to lift the car seat handle out of the base.

👤I own a stroller and a bike. The fit of these adaptors is perfect.

👤I was able to fit my baby on top and toddler facing the world. The installation and use is very easy. I am not sure why other people mentioned that the car seat didn't work for them, but I am sure it did when the stroller was loaded with both kids. Great purchase for us.

11. RumbleSeat NOA Carbon Saddle Leather

RumbleSeat NOA Carbon Saddle Leather

VISTA V2 is compatible with VISTA models. It can be positioned forward and parent-facing. The canopy provides shade from the sun. It's easy to peek in with the mesh panels. The entire harness system can be loosened or tightened in a single motion with a sliding shoulder adjustment. The Bumper Bar, Bug Shield, and quick attachment to VISTA are included. The Bumper Bar, Bug Shield, and quick attachment to VISTA are included.

Brand: Uppababy

👤The toddler seat that comes with the stroller is much larger. My 2 year old won't last long. It comes with its own special ones, which is another downside. If I want to put the rumble seat on the bottom, I have to use a different attachment and switch it out again. It is absolutely ridiculous. The foot test on this seat isn't adjusted so it's not as comfortable for my daughter. It is small.

👤I bought this seat for my granddaughter's stroller. My grandson is 2 years old and my granddaughter is 7 months old. She is in her new seat. I tried to get this color from another dealer, but it wasn't available on Amazon. The other dealer couldn't seem to get it in stock and kept putting it off. I ordered it right away after trying Amazon again a month or so later, and they had the color Jake. It had to be the same color as the stroller to match it. I think my daughter-in-law is happy with the new seat and the stroller. We appreciated that it was delivered in a timely manner.

👤I bought a second one for another family member because it worked so well. The set grows with the child.

👤The lower adapters was part of the item ordered. The rumble seat can no longer be used.

👤If you want to use the vista as a double stroller, it's necessary. The rumble seat weight limit is lower than the toddler seat, so keep that in mind.

👤Every time we think we have what we need, there is another part we have to buy. I don't like this thing.

👤I had to keep the item because it took 6 weeks to arrive and it was a gift.

👤We need the second rumble seat because we have twins. The stroller and attachment is perfect.


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