Best Car Seat Unbuckle Clip

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1. GOOACC Clip Pliers Fastener Remover

GOOACC Clip Pliers Fastener Remover

An Occupational Therapist with thumb arthritis invented the family. It's much tougher than carbon steel pliers, made of No.65 Manganese Steel bar. The ergonomics design has a Poly Propylene Ethylene (PPE) handle, anti-skid and no grinding to hands, a comfortable handheld for easy removal of plastic bolts, door panels, dashboard and other upholstery. Effective Effort Saving - Adopts a labor-saving lever and spring loaded design of the plier with a long handle, and simply get all stubborn clips removed without damage, a real time and effort saver! The thickness of the plier head is only 1-2mm, which makes it easy to slide into confined areas. It's great for automotive interior and exterior trimming work, but can also be used as a bike tire removal and pushpin puller, and a canvas bag for easy storage. It's great for automotive interior and exterior trimming work, but can also be used as a bike tire removal and pushpin puller, and a canvas bag for easy storage.

Brand: Gooacc

👤Disappointed. Great idea, but really bad materials. Lasted a week. Pulling plastic clips can cause stress in the metal.

👤I have heard good things about this tool. This one is terrible. The pliers completely bent out of place when I removed the second clip from my bumper. Very disappointed.

👤The push pin removal kit came in really handy when I had to remove the push pins from my Suburban. I could reuse the push pins again, instead of messing the head up and having to use a new one if removed with a screw driver, because I came in a great high quality red canvas bag.

👤The product broke on its first use. The pry bars are nice, but the pliers broke the first time I used them.

👤The price was much better than I expected. The metal bar stock is strong. I bought this set to help me remove the inner fender lining of the Accord to replace the head light bulbs. I used each tool in the set for its purpose and removed the clips without damaging them. I recommend this set.

👤The design is sturdy, but it's too thick for removing plastic clips, so I used a plain flat-tip screw driver. I had to wrap the plier with electric tape to make sure it wouldn't scratch paint. I would go for a strong plastic removal if I could find one that was strong and sturdy.

👤I finally caved in and bought the removal tools after 5 decades of fiddling with cars. It would have made my life a little easier if I had saved some of the damage for reuse. I was terrified of the clip fastening removal process until I got this.

👤I decided to send these back after reading some reviews about quality issues. I have a pair of inverse pliers, but they are limited in what they can do. I wanted something with a head configuration that could be interesting. I used them to help remove small lines that are over 20 years old. These pliers were stressed to their max by me. I bench tested the pry bars and they held up to a lot of pressure. The tool box has a welcome addition of keepers.

👤Para quitar las grapas y tolvas.

👤I watched a video on how to change my headlights. It looks like it could last forever.

👤The cheap pry bars will be used to make my own in the future, but the pliers are awesome.

👤Las herramientas son funcionales y apropiadas.

2. UnbuckleMe Unbuckle Grandparents Children Invented

UnbuckleMe Unbuckle Grandparents Children Invented

The proven car seat buckle release tool eliminates thumb pain and broken nails from unbuckling a child's car seat. Scientifically tested. The lever arm helps anyone with limited hand strength unbuckle a child's car seat. The soft surface is designed for comfort and keeps it stable. It works on all child car seats, strollers, high chairs and other push-button devices. An Occupational Therapist with thumb arthritis invented the family. An Occupational Therapist with thumb arthritis invented the family.

Brand: Unbuckleme

👤Works well! I've purchased these before. The black and white were the first to be eliminated. The only issue was keeping up with them. I bought them so my kids could unbuckle themselves. They were kept in the cup holders of the car seats for a while, however, over time they would get dropped or lost, and eventually stepped on. I tried a competitor that was attached to the strap. The problem was that there wasn't a back behind the product that would hold it together. I'm back to the UnbuckleMe in new colors. They work well. I had to purchase a tether to keep these attached to the car seats so my 4 year olds can use them and not lose them, so I decided to start at 4 instead of 5. There is a loop for a keyring on UnbuckleMe!

👤I saw this on the show and had to get it. I like it. I ordered the 2 pack because we have a car seat in each vehicle and we are the grandparents of a four-year-old. I love the bright colors and the red is in my car. The red buttons on the car seats are difficult to press and I thought I would need the jaws of life to get him out. It was frightening to think that if an accident happened I would not be able to get him out quickly. The invention was made by a grandmother and her daughter who were having trouble getting the child out. Thank you for your thumbs and fingernails.

👤I hurt my arm trying to unbuckle my kids, but these didn't work for me. My 4 year old couldn't do it. My 6 year old had an easier time unbuckling himself without this device. It is too large for little hands to be able to squeeze it. It requires that you pull down at the same time. It will be impossible to unbuckle if you let off the slack. This was a huge waste on a bucket seat, it doesn't work on infant seats. My kid was playing with this thing and losing it. It has no hole so I can't attach a cord. My 4yr old was able to use that better, so I went with the bucklebee. The item was thick and well made, not flimsy at all. It's up to personal preference and what works best for you.

👤I wish I had them a long time ago. I had to unbuckle my 2 oldest children when I was pregnant with my third child. I was doing that until I bought these. They are mature enough to keep buckled while the car is moving but not strong enough to unbuckle themselves. They did. The method of unbuckling click seems to have made the 3 year old understand how to do it himself. My 5 year old uses it easily. It's good to know that they can get out in an emergency and still be able to be with my kids.

3. Harness Safety Adjustable Universal Replacement

Harness Safety Adjustable Universal Replacement

The modernest technology and high quality material make the Safety Belt Buckle a must have for your car trip. It is important to locate and curved seat strap to ensure the safety of the child. The seat belt should be in the correct position of the child's body, and not move to the child's face and neck. Harness straps are kept close and secure. Unfastens with one hand. The materials are MATERIALS. It is made of nylon PA66 material and automotive special plastic and has good mechanical strength, good toughness and wear resistance, self-lubricity, good oil resistance, excellent gas barrier and heat resistance. The car seat belt is anti-skidding. The right size stroller set is suitable for most children. The safety chest button is built in. It's suitable for small babies. The safety belt clip is designed to assist in the installation of a baby car seat. Pull out the vehicle belt as long as you can, then use their clip to fix the bet. You can easily install the car seat. The safety belt clip is designed to assist in the installation of a baby car seat. Pull out the vehicle belt as long as you can, then use their clip to fix the bet. You can easily install the car seat.

Brand: Proens

👤I lost a piece of the original clip, but it's the same size as the original, so it's a perfect replacement for an Evenflo car seat. I don't have to buy a new car seat because one piece got lost. Since my kids are still using the 5 point harness, I didn't have the chance to try the other piece for seat belt. It's a 2 pack and you get one clip for the car seat harness and the other for the seat belt, but it seems like there's a lot of confusion about it.

👤My toddler figured out how to untangle the last chest strap, so I had to replace the car seat chest clip. This one takes a lot of force to open, so kids won't be able to take it back, but not much for adults. It works out perfectly for us, and she is safe again in her seat.

👤I was unaware that you could buy replacement parts for Britax safety seats before I found this on Amazon. My toddler broke his brother's car seat when he strapped in a stuffed bunny. I thought I had to buy a new seat. But no! This is incredibly simple. Save hundreds of dollars if you install this easy.

👤My four-year-old daughter has always been in and out of everything. She always finds a way out of her shoulder straps when we go for a car ride. It took a few minutes since you have to thread through the straps. It was worth it. It keeps her shoulder straps on. You can adjust the Buckle up and down to fit your body. I loved that this came with another piece for when they're older and switch to a booster seat.

👤We thought we would need to buy a new baby carrier after the cross-chest buckle broke. I ordered one because I discovered that this product was available. It was easy to install, so we didn't have to buy a new carrier for the baby who is going to be the last grandchild in our family, as everyone has enough children to not be planning any more.

👤The clip on my car seat looked different, but it fit perfectly. It was very easy to remove the top belts and the clips slid on nicely. Pay attention to how the clip slides out. There are no instructions sent with the clip.

👤I replaced the broken Baby Trend car seat with the Chest Clip because the black straps fit perfectly without extra space and it worked better than the original one. There is a I am happy that the packaging was used for a small item. It was the right size for the item.

👤This seems safe, but it is wider than the original one. We missed the recall due to the broken clip on the Britax B-Safe 35. I would ask a professional prior to using if it would work on a new born width, I was not sure how well it would work for my 4 mo old. We don't plan on using our infant seat for a long time.

4. Kneeguard Kids Children Compatible Accessory

Kneeguard Kids Children Compatible Accessory

The package content and age are listed. The car seat footstool is compatible with all car and booster seats. The Footrest should be used as soon as kids are walking and sitting in a forward-facing car seat until their legs reach the floor of the vehicle. Installation: The seat has a latch behind it. The hooks that slip under the seat are for cars that don't have the latched system. The footrest can be folded down to make it easier to get in and out of the car. The Footrest has been medically approved and recommended by a renowned orthopedic surgeon. The Footrest provides long term leg protection for their knees as well as increasing their comfort. The Footrest has an easy height and angle adjustment to fit different levels of comfort. The Kneeguard Kids have passed crash testing and have the same safety standards as the Footrest. The Kneeguard Kid's footrest has been patented in the US. The Kneeguard Kids have passed crash testing and have the same safety standards as the Footrest. The Kneeguard Kid's footrest has been patented in the US.

Brand: Kneeguard Kids

👤The item is not good, but I like the concept. I don't understand the reviews. This item was very weak and flimsy. The piece of plastic that holds the footrest in place is very fragile and can break easily. The product makes clear on the item, box, and instructions not to use it as a step. That makes no sense. Your child will have to stand on the footrest for the most briefest moment in order to get out of the seat. Are we supposed to place our kids in the seat in order to avoid stepping on this thing? It's ridiculous. I don't understand why manufacturers do this. Please make a quality product. If the product is good, we will happily pay the higher price for it. But to charge us $50 for a flimsy product? We have 2 kids, that's $100 for a substandard item. You have to be kidding. We were happy to return ours. I recommend that you stay away from this item.

👤When my 6 year old started to complain about numbness in his feet after long car rides, I started looking for a footrest. I settled on this one because it looked good. I ordered one to try out because they addressed the problems that I was experiencing and the same unit would be able to give relief to my younger kids as well. The locking mechanism on the foot plate broke after the second use. I don't think it's obvious where it might have popped out of place. I expected the build on this footrest to be more sturdy, given all of the advertising for crash testing. When I heard a pop and the two tabs locked the footplate in the open position, I activated the mechanism to move the footplate into place. I'm not sure if I want to request a second unit because I'm not sure how quickly this broke. I will be sending this back to Amazon after requesting a refund.

👤I put this in my car for my son who is in a booster seat. The installation took a while. The car's latch system was to blame. It was difficult to attach this to the latches. It wouldn't stay in place after it was installed. The most frustrating part was folding the footrest so my son could get in and out of the car. My fingers are sore from trying to adjust the footrest. It wouldn't fold down. I'm going to take everything out of my car. What a waste!

👤It's hard to keep in place and the leather seats tear up. They wouldn't return or replace it after 8 months, even though they bought a product warranty, because they couldn't adjust to my 45 inch tall child. Total waste.

👤I have had this for more than a year. It was easy to use when I first got it. It was difficult to get it adjusted, but we eventually got it. I adjusted it twice after installing it. It was difficult, but we got it. After less than a year of use, it was stuck and we haven't been able to adjust it any more. I can't change the slant. The foot rest is stuck in place, but the bar will go up and down. I tried a second time and it didn't work. I want to change the position of my son, but I have not been able to because everything is in place. I paid $50 for a plastic stool. I'm giving it two stars for the first 6 months, because it used to do what it was supposed to do.

5. Point Harness Padding Buckle Technology

Point Harness Padding Buckle Technology

For an easy and accurate installation of the belt lock off, use the vehicle lap belt. The child's height is 17 - 32 inches. The 2 inch padded shoulders are ez buckle. It was easy to install. All SxS and UTV's are compatible. Buckle technology! Offroad use is the only use that is easy to install. Buckle technology! Offroad use is the only use that is easy to install.

Brand: Aces Racing

👤The harnesses do not direct fit without modifications. The lap belt section of the harness has bolts that don't fit the holes in the brackets. The Honda bolt has a shoulder so that the brackets can pivot. I replaced the bolt without a shoulder because I found that there wasn't a reason for that part of the harness to pivot. I found a bolt 2 " 7/16 fine thread that worked well. I used two washers between the bolt head and the frame. I used the rubber washers against the frame. It works perfectly.

👤These fit great with my factory seats, I purchased them for my 98 jeep wrangler. I would recommend these to anyone who wants to put them in a jeep. Make sure that you install the extra harness bar so that the seatbelts can mount to them.

👤The product is great. Belts look nice. Buckle is a little weak. As long as it holds, that's all that matters.

👤The installation process was easy. No instructions were needed. The adjustment of the harness to your fitting is the hardest part. I went with this set of 2 because it was the least expensive and I have no regrets. I've taken my RZR out a number of times and the harness feels safer when we go through the steep trails.

👤I like them. When we play with our daughter in the back, I feel safer. It looks nice and feels sturdy if you unbuckle quickly. I only have to retighten after rough rides. It works great with the RZR 1000. The seats we added to looked cool.

👤I installed 4 of these harnesses on my vehicle after I did the factory seats. The harnesses fit my 4 year old perfectly when he is in a booster seat. I can easily recommend these to anyone who wants to switch from a 3 point harness to a 4 point harness. If you don't modify your seats to have pass throughs, I don't recommend them. I installed them without a harness, but when you take them off they fall behind the seat. It makes it difficult to get them back on.

👤My son's Polaris 170 worked great with these harnesses. It was very easy to install. You will have to take off the panels. It took about 30 minutes. The seat belt switch requires a bypass. I pulled out the switch and put heat shrink on it to make it work.

👤When you watch the video on installing the harnesses, it's absolutely spot on with what you need to do. He has all but one hair on his bald head. I am very happy with them and they are very easy to use for my son who has cerebral palsy. Happy trailes.

👤The reg belts in the Moto Z Force800 EX were replaced. The old belts were terrible. These belts are comfortable and easy to install. They have a nice padded piece. The waist buckle is very smooth and they are easy to adjust to. Our Side by side has been upgraded. They shipped quickly and the price was excellent. Highly recommended. If you are that kind of person, the decals are nice.

6. Safety Buckle Pro Seatbelt Locking

Safety Buckle Pro Seatbelt Locking

Safety Buckle Pro seatbelt cover for kids is the answer to a continuously increasing problem, toddlers unbuckling their car seat while you are driving. The Safety Buckle Pro seat belt guard is made in the USA and is easy to install but impossible to unbuckle by kids. Universal fit is made from stronger and more durable plastic material. Locking clip is a car seat accessory that keeps the seat tighter and more stable. It's very helpful when it comes to special needs children and older people, decreasing the risk of unbuckle the seat belt. It's very helpful when it comes to special needs children and older people, decreasing the risk of unbuckle the seat belt.

Brand: Safety Buckle Pro

👤I have a child with a learning disability who gets upset when I'm in the car with him and he takes off the seatbelt and attacks me when I'm on the highway. My child has attacked me so many times in the car that I didn't know about this. Our ABA therapist recommends it when I am driving.

👤The product would work for most children. My 17 year old daughter was able to break it and unbuckle her seatbelt, creating a potentially unsafe situation on the highway. Smaller and younger children would not be able to break this product. The manufacturer immediately refunded my purchase after I heard about my experience with the product.

👤If you have a child that doesn't understand that taking their seat belt off is dangerous yet loves to see your reaction when they do it, this product is for you. It became impossible to drive my son anywhere by myself once he realized that he would get a reaction from me if he unlatched his seat belt. I had to have someone in the car with him. I came across this product and it changed our life. We don't have any issues in the car now that he knows he can't change the seat belt. He doesn't fight when he goes into the car because it's a lot more enjoyable. I was worried if he was going to unbuckle his seat belt. I'm pretty sure he picked up on that, as parents of special needs kids we know how intuitive our kids are to our feelings. Such a small device but a huge relief.

👤My grandson with severe disabilities gets out of his car seat with ease. It was very bad! He is all safer because of this lock clip.

👤If you have a curious little one who is into unbuckling while you're driving, this is a great recommendation. My 4-year-old is buckled in. If you're using this, you should not allow your child to wear sunglassses. I figured out how to unbuckle it so he wouldn't have to wear sunglasses in the car.

👤I got this set to stop the child car seat from being accidentally unbuckled by a rear adult passenger, and to use the locking clip for a car seat that doesn't have a built-in lock-off. I thought it would be simpler than the metal ones. The seat belt locking clip does its job, but it's annoying to use it with the loose buckle cover, which is what it says. The locking clip in this kit is useless. You need to move the two arms together to close the little plastic latch at the end. It's impossible to close the arms tight and close the clip with any kind of fabric in between the arms. I was forced to go back to the metal locking clips because I had no idea if the plastic one was safe to use with a child seat in a vehicle.

👤My son likes to unbuckle his seat belt, so I had to find something. This product is perfect. You just need to put it on top of the click button and you're good to go. I thought it would be hard to get the key to unlock, but it only takes 3 seconds.

7. Graco SlimFit Convertible Seat Darcie

Graco SlimFit Convertible Seat Darcie

Your child can grow from a rear-facing harness to a highback booster in a 3-in-1 car seat. The seat is 10% slimmer because of the dual cup holders that rotates away. A combination of the most rigorous crash tests helps to protect your little one in crashes. The harness and headrest can be adjusted in one motion. The safest fit for your child is to choose the perfect height for their headrest. The recline helps for a better installation. Push-button In Right LATCH has an audible click to help ensure secure installation.

Brand: Graco

👤We were in a car accident at 60mph. A 2 year old child walked away from an accident after biting his tongue. He was thankful for the protection this seat gave him.

👤I've been wanting to get a second car seat for a long time. I went to the local stores to try out the Slim Fit after seeing the price drop. The Slim Fit and the Milestone are both on sale at Walmart for the same price. My primary car seat is a Graco 4Ever. Both the SlimFit and Milestone have the same features. My daughter and I chose Slim Fit because of the two cup holders. The seat is very comfortable. There is a good amount of cushion in the head and butt area. Ours has been in use for several years and feels more comfortable than the 4Ever. The beams are reinforced with steel like the 4Ever, but they are not as thick or wide. The SlimFit is a bit lighter because of this. The in Right latch system is a must have for the Slim Fit. The installation is easy, but the in Right belt is a bit harder to get as snug as I want. That could be because it is brand new. The harness adjusts when you raise and lower it. The seat is a bit larger than the 4Ever. I am testing out the Slim Fit in my Mazda CX-5 and I feel like there is more room for passengers than when I have the 4Ever in the same place. There are only 4 "recline" positions. I would like to see 5. The 4Ever has two recline positions just for forward facing, which is a plus. It's a little more comfortable with the added recline. The SlimFit is definitely comparable to the 4Ever. If you can purchase below retail, I would recommend it. There was a photo added for asthetic comparison.

👤Ok. All of the pictures should be forgiven. Seeing comparison pictures of new car seats helped me make my decision. We are getting a new car seat. I drive a small car, the 2015 crosstrek from the Subaru line. If I could do it all over again, I would buy a minivan that we didn't need and I wouldn't want a teenager sitting in the back for family outings. The seat is a bit slimmer on the slimfit due to the lack of armrest and cup holders. The back and headrest are the same on both seats, but the back of the slimfit is a solid panel as opposed to the extend2fit with an open back. Both of these differences are functional and mearly. The recline option is the same, the padding is the same, and the wonderful sliding headrest to adjust height is the same. The water under the bridge made it difficult for me to get the latch through the rear pass. The seat is heavy and not a good choice if you want to carry your car seat through the airport or move it on a regular basis. I don't like the fact that the infant seat insert is not included, there are a lot of cracks in the fabric and it is hard to get gummy snacks out of it. The seat is sturdy and well built, which is a bonus since I won't need another car seat for the kids down the road. It is nice. Installation was ok. 10/10 would buy again.

8. My Travel Tray Enjoyed Toddlers

My Travel Tray Enjoyed Toddlers

Adults are focused on the road.

Brand: My Travel Tray

👤Heavy work. I thought it would be smaller. It works amazing.

👤It comes off easy and spins.

👤The product is the best thing I have ever ordered, it works great in the car stroller, and they want to eat or snack.

👤It's easy to fit a car seat for snacks. She likes to use it.

9. Toddler Harness Adjustable Stroller Pushchair

Toddler Harness Adjustable Stroller Pushchair

Two layers of side impact protection include an energy-absorbing shell and foam-lined headrest. The safety seat clips are made of high quality zinc alloy and plastic, which are hard to damage, soft and comfortable for your child. The baby safety seat clips length is 23 cm/ 9 inch, width is 9 cm/ 3.54 inch, and more suit for baby 5 point, if the buckle cannot be removed. The function is extensive. The crotch and curved seat strap can be found with the help of the car seat buckle, which can be used to control the opening force of each buckle. It is easy to install and remove the safety seat base, the Japanese Buckle on the bottom of the seat, the shoulder strap and the five-point lock. Perfect Thanksgiving Christmas gifts are replacement straps for most Baby Highchairs, baby stroller, electric car and bicycle baby seats. Perfect Thanksgiving Christmas gifts are replacement straps for most Baby Highchairs, baby stroller, electric car and bicycle baby seats.

Brand: Silence Shopping

👤It took my daughter about a month to figure out how to unbuckle herself from her car seat after reading my original review. I missed the return window as well. It is garbage and unsafe. Save money. I bought this because my daughter's car seat leg strap was too short. She is 2. I don't like the fact that there is a small plastic peg and you have to align both buckles, get the small plastic peg into a hole and then push both buckles into the clicker part. This is not ideal with a 2yr old who doesn't like getting into her car seat. There is no way to get this buckled until she settles down. I wish I had seen this in the reviews.

👤The harness clip that came with our carseat needed to be replaced because it was too short. He is 3 1/2 feet tall and weights 47 lbs. The original clip was shorter than the one we ordered. It's a must buy for bigger kids.

👤It was used for a 4Ever. The installation is hard on any carseat, so I don't blame the buckle. It worked great once I figured out how. I requested the part from Graco to make sure I had the part I needed, but I was going to have to wait a while to get it, so I got this to be on the safe side. You will need to use the inserts that come with the buckle, not the old one.

👤I bought these because I misplace my son's seat belt. I was forced to get a replacement because it wasn't safe and he could unbuckle himself. The issue is that he can unbuckle himself with these, as the release button is on top, so he can push down on it and break it. Not good! I would replace these if I could find one with the button in front. I tighten the straps if he clicks/buckles himself in. Good for a young child. It's bad for a 4 year old. I think that's correct.

👤After washing the cover, we lost half of the original buckle, so we bought this as a replacement. I'm thankful there wasn't a fire or wreck where she would have been trapped. I am thankful that this was a backup seat and not her regular seat. Do not recommend this product.

👤It is great, but you have to hold the two pieces together. This would sometimes be a problem for parents with a struggling child. I missed the option of one buckle at a time because I was juggling. I feel like it is great quality.

👤The 3 year old can unbuckle this in a second. There is a The blocks came undone while the car was moving. This is not a good excuse for a replacement buckle.

👤It is easy to install and does the job. The buckle is easy to release. The two harness clips have to be aligned and held together at the same time. When my child is wiggly, that's the only issue.

10. Universal Anti Slip Compatible Strollers Schoolbags

Universal Anti Slip Compatible Strollers Schoolbags

The child chest harness is easy to use and can prevent the belt from falling down or moving around. The middle lock design may prevent your child from accidentally unbuckle it. Universal design allows for a maximum 1.5 inch width harness strap, which is perfect for baby strollers, seats, high chairs, backpacks and so on. The chest clip is easy to use and clips on the strap in a few seconds. Press the quick button in the middle with one hand and it will release it. It is made of high quality material and is harmless. This chest clip is a nice gift. This chest clip is a nice gift.

Brand: G Ganen

👤The chest clip is too wide on our stroller. My son's ribcage is too wide to fit through the straps on his shoulders and he can't get his arms out. The two buttons on the clip would make it easy for some children to figure out how to remove it. I installed it out of his sight so he wouldn't know how to remove it. He doesn't like how it feels against his chest, but it may be a sensory thing. I'll be looking to replace it soon.

👤My child still unbuckles her seatbelt despite the long strap. The strap must be at least 6 inches long. To keep the seatbelt tight, I had to LOOP this strap around the seatbelt, which was uncomfortable and probably a safety hazard. The "childproof" on this thing is impossible to get.

👤I put this on my granddaughter's seat. Within minutes she opened it. The sides have two clips that allow children to open it. It is hard to make smaller because it is too wide for the average child. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

👤I was skeptical when I bought it, but it has been a lifesaver for us. My two-year-old refused to stay buckled in her car seat and tried to open her door after slipping out of her car seat straps while we were driving down the expressway. I freaked out because my fiancĂ©e was in the car. She's not been able to get out of the safety belt and it's saved her from a lot of stress in the car.

👤It was much wider than what was described. I tried using on a toddler. It did nothing to hold them in. Had to come back and get the version from Amazon, which actually fits.

👤The product is easy to clip on, but it's too wide for my infant's carseat straps. This may be better for toddlers who don't have the chest harness.

👤Our escape artist just takes it off for children younger than three.

👤This should come standard with ap bike children seat.

👤I got this for my daughter's stroller as she sometimes finds a way to take her arms out of her harness. I didn't see that it's quite wide and that it isn't adjusted. I thought it would work for my 18 year old, because it's described as a baby chest clip. It is too wide. It's not worth coming back for the price.

👤When I washed the straps, I found it worked better than the one car seats that come with them. And it can be adjusted.

👤It works for the bob strollers that don't have a chest strap. I just bought this because I wanted to build something.

👤It would be difficult to use if you have dexterity issues, which is great for the grand kids to have.

11. Buckle Pal Convenient Lightweight Essential

Buckle Pal Convenient Lightweight Essential

Make your life easier by not unbuckling your child's car seat. The Buckle Pal car seat opener was designed to make unbuckling easier. Go and turn on the clip-on. Their car seat key has a clip-on key that can be attached to your purse, stroller, keys, and more. You will never lose it. Use on any car seat. Use on any baby, toddler or child car seat. The perfect gift for any mom is the Mom to be gift. She will appreciate it! It is made with durable material so you can use it for a long time. It is made with durable material so you can use it for a long time.

Brand: Eztotz

👤It works but not great. I have had it for almost a month and it hasn't broken yet. It is worth it to not break a nail.

👤I bought this so my 5yo could unbuckle his seat belt. I tried using it, but it wasn't any easier than pressing the button. We have a car seat. The button is easy to use for this seat. I know there are seats out there that are hard to press the button, so it would be useful if it was a more challenging button.

👤It does the job, but it is annoying when it is in your purse or pocket.

👤It works well and is a little bigger than expected, but it is bulky, so you have to put it on a keychain.

👤This works well. The little tool is perfect for pressing the release on my grandson's carseat, as my fingers were having trouble doing it. It's so easy!

👤Sper is used when you have long nails.

👤I had to purchase this to unbuckle my grands from the seat.

👤I usually wear nails that are too long for me to unbuckle my son's car seat without either using my knuckles or struggling and ending up with a broken nail. This little tool is perfect for that. I just slide the bar under the buckle and press down, the sides of the latch come out quickly and easily. I would recommend this item to anyone who loves long nails.


What is the best product for car seat unbuckle clip?

Car seat unbuckle clip products from Gooacc. In this article about car seat unbuckle clip you can see why people choose the product. Unbuckleme and Proens are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat unbuckle clip.

What are the best brands for car seat unbuckle clip?

Gooacc, Unbuckleme and Proens are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat unbuckle clip. Find the detail in this article. Kneeguard Kids, Aces Racing and Safety Buckle Pro are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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