Best Car Seat Umbrella Replacement

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1. Evenflo Self Folding Lightweight Automatic Carriages

Evenflo Self Folding Lightweight Automatic Carriages

An instant folding of SATISFACTION: The Otto folds on its own, making it easy to use. An instant folding of SATISFACTION: The Otto folds on its own, making it easy to use.

Brand: Evenflo

👤I needed a replacement stroller for my last one that broke and this one was close to it. I like the stroller but I don't like how low the child sits and how high the handle bars are since I'm only 5'3" The last stroller was comfortable at my waist. I took two stars for the seat for the child and the footrest. The footrest is flimsy and does not hold much weight. The biggest con to this stroller is how the seat in its most upright position is still too reclined for my child and requires me to provide extra support so she sits upward more comfortably. I wonder if my straps are broken on the stroller because I am able to push the seat forward even though I am unable to tighten the straps. The stroller is fine. The straps on this stroller are terrible. The terrain that the wheels do not do well on is not smooth. I wouldn't recommend this product to others. I would like to return it.

👤I used this stroller as a step up from my Besrey one step fold infant stroller. It is bigger and heavier so it wasn't too bad. It was perfect to travel on land. The wheels were tight and squeaky, but that was the only catch for me. There is no way to fix the problem that persisted when I tried usingWD40 The pros outweigh the cons. The color and material are good, easy to fold and unfold, and can be done with one hand, and there is good basket space, leg space can move up or down. The front wheels are not as fluid in movement as past strollers, and they are not as good at squeaking.

👤The wheels are not strong. After a few uses, the strollers wheels came off. The stroller should be more durable because we live in a flat area. We only used it once a week after having it for a month. We wanted something that was easy and light for walking. Really disappointed...

👤It doesn't cost 400 dollars, but I'm not impressed at all. The stroller looks good, but it's not what you'd expect. Even though my carriage weighs twice as much, it's harder to push it. I can't get the stroller to be in a normal sitting position because of the difficulties of maneuvering it. The highest it will go is in a reclining position, which is not great for a 2 year old. Will be back.

👤It folds quickly! Good quality stroller.

👤The stroller is easy to fold, but I am only 5'1" and the handlebar is too high.

👤On our vacation, this stroller came with us. It was small and light. The stroller is the best. I love it!

2. Brica Deluxe Snack Blue Grey

Brica Deluxe Snack Blue Grey

The snack catcher and drink holder are included in the improved snack Pod. The tray can easily be detached for dishwasher cleaning. Attaching a quick-attach clamp with a secure grip is easy. The drink holder is self-adjusting. Top rack dishwasher safe. Top rack dishwasher safe.

Brand: Munchkin

👤I attached mine to a stroller. It's easy to install and remove when the chair is tilted. It's a problem with other trays that must be cleaned before tilt the chair back, the clip is at one level and then above is the actual holder and then you put your cup or drink. It will make it hard for your little ones to see. The snack cup is high so my toddler has to reach over and above to see what's inside. I removed the snack cup from the picture, but it's still high up. This will help you make a decision. Click "helpful" if you want to take a second.

👤I couldn't hook it on to my safety seat. It would pull up the fabric. It did hook to my door, and that worked out well.

👤I was very impressed with this snack. I was able to fit it in my car seat. I am not reaching to the back to grab my LO milk cup. She put her milk in her cup holder. She likes to snack on cheerios while we drive to work. The cloth of the car seat did not fit well over the Pod. I attached the pad to the seat with a piece of plastic. I attached the cloth again. My LO is 18 months and I can easily use this snack Pod. Also fits the cups with handles.

👤I am very pleased with ours, it just came in the mail. We have a stroller that does not come with a snack tray or cup holder for our little guy, which is a total necessity for any stroller in my opinion. I am happy I found this. It is sturdy and will do what we need.

👤I bought this to use with my daughter's Britax Boulevard car seat because it was one of the few snackpods that would work with that seat. It works but not very well. It was too far away for her to reach when I put it on the arm. She was able to kick it until it came off the arm, because it took up most of the room for her leg. She's a bit bigger now and I can mount it on the outside, but she still pulls it off when she gets angry. It is easy to clean. It has been thrown across the car several times and even thrown out of the car when parked. It wasn't much of a scratch. It should be attached to the seat better.

👤The cupholder has a great grip, but it's nearly impossible to take a cup out without an adult pulling and tugging. I might be cutting those parts out because my daughter can't take the cup out herself. I love it! I will attach the belly bar to the stroller once it arrives in the mail to fit better in the smaller places here in Japan. It works well. The grip is strong with the angle of my stroller.

3. Carseat Canopy Caboodle Jersey Stretch

Carseat Canopy Caboodle Jersey Stretch

The replacement umbrella has a lining. The car seat has a stretch cover. The car seat has a stretch cover.

Brand: Carseat Canopy

👤I'm giving this 5 stars because it's very pretty and soft, my granddaughter looks adorable in it. She doesn't get hot in her car seat since it's t-shirt material. The good news is that it has two holes where the stress points are. I understand the need to use extra thread, but it has caused the fabric to tear. The upper strap goes over her arms, while the strap that comes up from the bottom is the other hole. For $60. It should not have holes. I hope the manufacturer can come up with a better way to strengthen the stress points.

👤Not padded on the bottom. We had to put this over the boy's cover. The seat belt will go where the cover goes if you travel in a different car. I could cut and sew myself. I think it could have already had these. It claims to have padding. There would be no padding on the carseat after they grow some. A sheet over the carseat. Will work with it.

👤We used this to cover our son's carrier so we could use it for our daughter. It is convenient for easy cleaning. It covers the carrier well. The fabric is very thin, and the pink cover is different than the blanket, canopy cover, full cover, and headrest.

👤The material is very thin. You can put the canopy over the existing one, like you can with the main seat cover. The canopy is very thin so you only use it when it's warm outside. It is pretty but not practical. A waste of money.

👤You will need to keep the original cover on. You could just cut and sew the holes in the blanket yourself, it's just like throwing a blanket on the seat. Not worth 60 dollars. You will need more. We all bought this to change the style of the covers we already had. pointless save money

👤This cover is wonderful. It's easy to install. It's soft! It's perfect for a sweet baby girl.

👤This canopy is awesome! My 1 year old used to use the car seat that is covered with the head support for the babies head, but my next child will be using the car seat, so I want it to be extra clean. The cover is stretchy and the fabric is soft. I would have liked to have been with my son.

👤The seat cover with elastic is not the same shade of pink. Everything else looks good.

4. Black Stripes Jersey Stretch Caboodle

Black Stripes Jersey Stretch Caboodle

The Jersey Stretch 5 Piece Canopy Set is made of Jersey fabric. Car seat and baby not included. 98% Viscose 4% Elastane. The machine wash is cold and gentle. It's a good idea to wash with like colors. Do not use bleach. It was tumble dry. The canopy is 39.5 in. x 28.6 in.

Brand: Canopy Couture

👤Everything sticks to it, even though it's love and material. I don't recommend it if you have animals that shed.

5. Graco FastAction Jogger Stroller Gotham

Graco FastAction Jogger Stroller Gotham

FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller accepts all Graco infant car seats. A one-hand fold running stroller has an automatic storage lock and is self-standing when folded. The 3-wheel stroller has air-filled rubber tires. Light oil can be used if the wheels don't sound right. The infant jogging stroller has a locking front wheel that makes it easy to transition from strolling to jogging. The stroller is lightweight and easy to fold. The stroller is lightweight and easy to fold.

Brand: Graco

👤This stroller is made from high quality materials. It's a heavy machine. The sun shade is superior to every other stroller I've owned, there are tie downs to help you better secure your belongings, and it's easy to fold up. You don't have to hold it or lean it against the car when it's folded because it has a kickstand that allows it to sit in the upright position. It's a great feature that I didn't think I needed. We use it for hiking trails that are unpaved and it pulls the weight of this area. It is easy to push through grass and mud with the big wheels. I have a couple small complaints. 1. My cell phone isn't always within reach when we are in rougher areas. 2. This thing is large. I have to take the wheels off to fit them in the trunk of my car, but it still irritates me because they come off with the push of a button. I don't understand why I have to take the wheels off every time. Traveling with babies is hard. I don't want to touch muddy tires when I put this thing in the trunk. I'm a mess by the time I'm done. 3. The stroller is very tall. I'm 5'7" and my husband is 6'2" so we don't have a problem with this, but I'm pretty sure anyone shorter than me will be uncomfortable pushing this stroller. I love this stroller for it's practicality, outdoor capabilities, and tie downs. There are only a few things that need slight improvements.

👤This stroller is great. This is the perfect height for me and my husband. Our feet kicked the basket in our old stroller. No more! It is well made. I love that my car seat is in it. Can't wait to run! The phone holder is the only thing I have to complain about. I have a galaxy s7 edge and it's not possible to fit. My husband's phone won't fit unless the case is off. Can't even put it in the cupholders, but I love that it has a leash to use while running in case you fall the stroller won't go flying! I knocked off 1 star because I was tired after my first run. It's hard to get it into the trunk of my car. Overall, really happy with this purchase! The wheels get wobbly once they start deflating.

👤I was excited to use this product. I was hoping this would make jogging with my stroller better for my son. The three wheel air filled tires do help with the bumps, but not as much as I 888-276-5932s The front wheel was very annoying after the first three to four uses. The cellphone holder isn't big enough for a modern cell phone. The key holder lid rattles when you run/walk, it's not good. I have to leave my stroller open until I can hand my son off to my wife in order to get it to close and lock in place, it's not very easy to do. The kick stand does not come out. I find it hard to control running with one hand. The cup holders for the parents are too small for some water battles. The child can eat outside after our walk. It's easy to remove the stroller. The cover gets the job done by covering his face and head from the sun. The seat belt is easy to use.

6. Doona Infant Seat Latch Base

Doona Infant Seat Latch Base

The 5-point harness and theadjustable handlebar act as an anti-rebound bar inside the car, as well as being the highest safety & quality standards, TUV and FAA aircraft approved for travel, 2 years manufacturer's warranty. The stretch material canopy and shoulder pads are made of Baby Safe Materials and Breathable Textiles. The Doona infant car seat, Doona bamboo infant insert, Doona bamboo head support, and Doona vehicle seat protector are included in the set. Babies between 4 lbs. and important size and usage information. To 35 lbs. And max. The height is 32 inches. The Doona Infant Car Seat is only in the back. Doona is small and lightweight. The car seat weighs only 16 lbs. The base weighs in at over 10 lbs. Doona is small and lightweight. The car seat weighs only 16 lbs. The base weighs in at over 10 lbs.

Brand: Doona

👤This is the best and most satisfying purchase I have ever made in Amazon. We were able to leave the hospital with the baby the next day, because it arrived just the day after it was born. It was amazing to learn how to use it. We walked from the hospital to our home instead of using a car. Our baby has always felt comfortable when we seat him in the Doona, and it has been since then that we have been using it. It has served its purpose for every use we have thought of for it. Taking the baby to the restaurant for lunch and dinner is one of the use cases we have successfully checked. It is small enough to avoid people getting in close proximity to its wheels. The baby should be taken on a ferry. It worked well in the car seat. The baby really likes traveling since his first day out, thanks to the Doona. All of the drivers were impressed with how easy it was for us to get the baby in and out of the car, converting from stroller to car seat and back to stroller in an easy operation. They don't need to get off the car to open the trunk or help with the stroller because it's a car seat. It has made our life out of home a lot easier. Take the baby to the beach with a car seat that you can convert to a car seat with the handle and then pop it out when you hit a palm tree. We put a blanket over the Doona because the shade helps keep the baby comfortable but we go extra cautious. There is no mosquitoes or too much sun or wind. There is an official sunshade. We didn't want to wait for shipping times so we went the cheap way. The baby is going to the movies. Yes! Babies like the movie even if it is three hours long. We put the Doona in a car seat. If the baby is showing signs of wet diaper, you can change it during the movie to avoid crying. You can enjoy your movie date again if you seat close to the aisles or next to the handicapped seats. Since we found out we can do things we like, having done this helped us. The baby is on a plane. We had an international flight at week 5 and we felt like we were in a picture studio at the airport. It was easy to get to crowded places. There are two ways to travel with it. If you take the baby to the gate, the airline will take care of it and put it with the cargo and you can use it through customs and luggage pick up without having to hold it. And... 2. The Doona is certified for air travel so you can take it on board with your baby. We saved money by choosing option 1 and using baby formula. The stroller/seat was the easiest to use, and the airline staff said that too. There were other babies on both flights and they weren't having as good a time as we were. It's easy to take the car seat through the security check. It goes through the X-ray machine in a car seat. The right size for that. Taking the baby to doctor's appointments is a good idea because waiting rooms can get crowded and make other people uncomfortable. The Doona has a mode that I have never seen in reviews or elsewhere: just pull the wheels and leave it in the floor. It works like a rocking chair. Try it when you get yours and you will be amazed at how rocking chair mode works. I have never seen so many people with the same name. Getting in and out of elevators with one hand will take less space than if you use two hands. It is easy to do. It is so small and flexible that you can take it to the outlets and feel like a Kodak picture spot/opportunity. In the first two months, nothing has changed and we are happy we went the Doona way. The baby didn't notice the change after we removed the newborn insert. Thank you Doona, we have been happy parents. Our baby is 2.5 years old and we miss the Doona. We used it for 15 months and then we missed it again. It made another happy family after us. We would buy it if there was a similar one for toddlers. I still think it was the best purchase ever.

7. Graco Pramette Stroller Reversible Ellington

Graco Pramette Stroller Reversible Ellington

There are three strollers in 1: Infant Car Seat Carrier, Infant Bassinet, and Toddler Stroller. As a baby grows, the stroller seat can face parent or the world. The toddler seat can be used as a true pram in bassinet mode. The infant car seat in the SnugRide 35 lite DLX is rear-facing for infants from 4 to 35 lbs for an easy transition from car to stroller. One-hand stroller folds for easy storage. One-hand stroller folds for easy storage.

Brand: Graco

👤The baby is not due for a few months. I noticed a few reviews that said they didn't get the two small pins that are for the back wheels. I thought it was the same thing, but after checking the bag again, they were in it just small. The buttons on the car seat are on the front, and I wish they were on the back, it makes it difficult to put the handle down. But could be me. The canopy on the stroller and car seat makes it easy to change into a bassinet.

👤This combo is amazing. I read some reviews and was nervous when I saw that someone said the carseat fell out of the stroller because it wasn't good enough. The cottering pins were difficult to put in the back wheels, but I got them after 10 minutes of messing with it. When people said they were small, I was expecting a lot smaller. They are about half an inch in length and about the thickness of a wood pencil. Even though I was bending the pins and trying to figure out how to put it in, I never lost its shape or got damaged even though I was rough with the pins. The instructions are very clear and easy to understand. The carseat was easy to understand. I didn't read the instructions to adjust the harness. This is my first child and I have never adjusted a carseat or put together a stroller. I messed with the stroller for a second and there are a lot of little things you can do to improve your stroller learning experience. The carseat clipped the stroller. I put the carseat facing me as if I was pushing the stroller because I left the stroller in the toddler position. I moved the carseat around to make sure it would fit. I was rough with the stroller to make sure the car seat wouldn't fall out, but nothing happened. It was solid. It is easy to store away. The wheels are so smooth that I haven't tried outside yet. I think this combo is very good. It is very cute and I love how the canopy covers the sun from the baby's eyes. If that's true, I feel like it's more private. I would probably pick the same stroller and carseat combo again. You won't be disappointed.

👤This stroller is the most difficult stroller ever invented. I bought it because it is very beautiful. It is easy to fold up and change from carriage to stroller, but it fails when it comes to being functional. I was able to catch my daughter because the stroller clicked into the car seat. The car seat fell out as we walked. Do not buy this if you don't have a lot of time to adjust this thing or if you are a parent that is on the go.

👤Having a baby sleeping in a bassinet was a great life saver for us. We didn't want the baby to sleep in the car seat for a long period of time while the parents were shopping. The transformation option from bassinet to big boy/girl is amazing. It is easy to attach a car seat to a stroller. The compartment under the stroller is perfect. Can fit a backpack diaper bag. The folding of the stroller frame is easy. Smooth sailing and easy to push and maneuver. The 3-in-1 takes up a lot of car space because it can be wide, and it can be difficult to get through narrow places at the stores. The bassinet and stroller frame should be in the trunk of the car, and the car seat should be used. It takes up all the space in the Honda Civic. The baby has more to do, but we have already used all three functions and mom and dad love the stroller.

8. Britax One4Life ClickTight All One

Britax One4Life ClickTight All One

One4life converts from a rear facing infant car seat to a forward facing booster seat. The One4life convertible to booster car seat can grow with your child from 5 to 120 pounds and up to 63 inches in height. Two layers of side impact protection surround your child's head, neck and torso. Patented v-shaped tether, high strength steel frame and crumple zone help keep your child safe. You'll know it's right in the first three steps. Premium comfort includes cooling channels and mesh. Safe wash cover is safe to machine wash and dry, and dishwasher safe cup holders are easy to clean. The fit is perfect: 15 position headrest and harness with one hand. The fit is perfect: 15 position headrest and harness with one hand.

Brand: Britax

👤The car seat came out just in time, I have been looking for it. I wanted an extended rear facing car seat that was up to 50 pounds, as I have read that rear facing is best for little ones. I wanted the seat to be convertible to a front facing and booster seat so I wouldn't have to use multiple car seats over the years. There is a I wanted it to be safe. I narrowed it down to the nextfit max, graco extend2fit, and this car seat because they all have the booster option. The graco extend2fit would have been my choice if the seat hadn't come out. This car seat is the winner over the graco. There is a The installation is easy. I don't have to worry about messing with the latch, and I only have to close the click tight panel under the seat once I put the seatbelt across. My mom sat in it and was impressed by how comfortable it was. I was worried that it wouldn't fit in my car because of the extended rear facing seat. I was expecting a front seat passenger but there is still room for a passenger in the front seat. If it's in your budget, stop searching and get this car seat today. The safety of my child is worth it even though it is on the pricier side. It is worth the investment when I consider that the seat will last 10 years, and that I spend more time eating out than I did on the seat, it puts things in perspective. If it was helpful, please give this review a thumbs up.

👤I have removed a star for lack of comfort. Without a pull-up on but with the Britax Seat saver in use, my son started complaining about his bottom hurting and the seat being too hard about 25 minutes into the ride. I put my hand on the seat cushion and felt a bar under the seat cushion. The cushion isn't padded enough. That is not comfortable! This is very upsetting for a seat like this. The manual storage location is stupid. It is under the seat cushion behind the child's back, making it more difficult for the child to sit on. It would get torn up from all the moving around of the child. I don't like storing it in my glovebox. It should be with the seat. The only RF seat that has a shell tall enough for my son, who is only in the 75th percentile for height, is this one. I liked the harness straps, but now they seem to be falling apart. I'm going to keep an eye on this. There is a lot on this seat that needs to be improved. I'm very disappointed that there is no anti-rebound bar for this seat. The seat was shown with the anti-rebound bar, which was supposed to be used for a leg rest. The anti-rebound bar was not mentioned when the seat was released. An ARB might be available at some point, according to the company. Not good enough. Britax states the importance of the ARB and then releases a seat that doesn't have one. The seat cover doesn't fit the headrest. I've talked to someone else who has this seat and it's the same as mine. There is a lot of foam around the top of the seat. I don't like it. All. . It seems like it's too easy for the foam to be damaged. The headrest is moving a lot. This seems odd to me. It doesn't fit in the seat shell. I hear it rattle when my son moves his head. It seems like it should be better for the price. This seat is quite wide. I measured at the cupholders. Since we don't have any other passengers in the back seat, it does fit in my small car. The cupholders are easy to remove. It would be dangerous for the driver to have cupholders launched around the vehicle if they pulled them out and thrown them around by a young child. The seat requires the child's head to be below the shell, which is confusing. I don't like ambiguous rules for car seats, though I know a lot of them have this rule. I'm going to talk to a tech about how to measure that. My son is 42" tall and is 4 years old, so he seems to fit well in it. We finally found a seat that he can use to max out rear-facing in height or weight, because he has such a long torso. We already had a seat he could forward face in, so hopefully the rule won't affect that. I've only allowed my son to sit in the seat with a pull-up on so far, and I'm concerned the crotchbuckle is too short, which could cause him to break his crotch. I will find out if the Britax Seat Saver will be comfortable for him without a pull-up. The seat was easy to install. This is the only seat I've tried that is easy to install. It installed more evenly than any of the others I've tried. I like that the seat cover is machine washable, but I haven't tried removing it yet. It's machine dryable, which is great, but I will probably try not to dry it to help with longevity. The seat is quite tall. I have to have it on the second-to-last recline in order to be able to see out my window. The comfort of the seat, ease of installation, and height of the shell are the big winners here. The straps are easy to tighten and I like them. I leave the straps and unbuckle to get my son in and out so I don't have to tighten it all the time. The anti-rebound was supposed to be available. The ARB is more important with bigger kids since they have more force. There are some things that need improvement on this seat, but there are also some great things about it. I don't think we will keep this seat. The Nuna Exec comes with an anti-rebound bar and is easy to install, so we might end up with it.

9. Rosy Kids Carseat Caboodle C031200

Rosy Kids Carseat Caboodle C031200

The infant car seat cover has a canopy. There is a slip-on car seat cover, a replacement canopy, and two safety strap covers. The headband hair bow and flower pins are only for select patterns. There is a matching baby blanket, D-ring nursing cover and canopy cover. The kit is great for traveling and outdoor activities. There is a universal size and shape. It works for Britax, BabyTrend, Cosco, Eddie Bauer, Evenflo, Graco, Maxi cosi, Peg Perego, and Safety 1st. There are more details about fitting in the description. Make sure the original canopy of your car seat is taken off. The canopy can be used to replace the original one. The seat has a cover over it. Quality and soft! A perfect baby shower gift. Put the cover in the bag for easy machine wash. The canopy is not machine washed. Put the cover in the bag for easy machine wash. The canopy is not machine washed.

Brand: Rosy Kids

👤I bought this item for my baby girl. You should be prepared for some kind of compliment everywhere you go. It took 10 minutes to set up. The Britax B-Safe car seat had a canopy on it, but I replaced it with a seat cover. It works well. The baby is 2 months old and the seat is not dirty. She looks great in all the pictures. When I handle it, it doesn't come off on its own. I have not noticed anything that is annoying about it. It isn't a completely snug fit, but it does give it some wiggle room so it doesn't come off when the baby is inside. Everyone asks where I bought it. This purchase was very good! If you are a girl with a little princess, this is a must- buy.

👤I used the item for a used swing that I got for my granddaughter. It is so beautiful and precious. I like it. The company was very nice talking to me. Thank you.

👤This was gorgeous and I loved it so much.

👤I love it! It feels like a thin fitted sheet, I paid 45 dollars for it. 45 bucks is a bit much for a thin piece of cloth. I'm happy that it's not too hot for the baby, and it's pretty, so I'm happy! It's a good thing. I think the price is a bit high.

👤Mucho dinero esto.

👤The canopy is great. It was a carseat for our princess. It was well made and the price was great. It was washed and dried well.

👤love it! I need one for the stroller.

10. Graco FastAction Jogger Travel Stroller

Graco FastAction Jogger Travel Stroller

The infant car seat is rear facing and can be used for up to 32 lbs. One second, one hand fold provides the ultimate in convenience for moms on the go. Air filled rubber tires have a smooth ride. The lock on the front wheel makes it easy to transition from strolling to jogging. The multi position reclining seat is for baby's comfort. The multi position reclining seat is for baby's comfort.

Brand: Graco

👤This has been a very reliable stoller. The stroller is sturdy and we love taking it on multiple flights. My husband is 6'2 and I am 5'5. It's great for the beach, walking on the boardwalk, or just going around the city. We have had this stroller for over a year and I will discuss the benefits and drawbacks. The child seating is easy to take on and off and is comfortable for him. I feel safe with how he is fastened. It works well for diaper changes. This area is easy to clean with a cloth. The black always looks clean. These wheels are very easy to roll and are great for any terrain. The lock on the front wheel takes some getting used to and we haven't quite mastered it. On flights, the wheels deflate easily, but are easy to pump back up with a bike pump. There are cup holders on both the parent tray and child tray, which we enjoy, and it has storage for your keys and other small items. The phone holder isn't usable as we have an apple phone. They are too large to fit in this piece. The child tray has cup holders on it. They popped in an out recently due to heat or wear. I took them on a flight and lost cup holders. The stroller's large storage is great for travel. It is large enough to hold our luggage. The snack tray is long enough for my son to grab some snacks. It is very easy to clean. This is quite annoying. When wheeling and drag it kicks down. It is not easy to clip on the stroller storage below. This might be the most annoying thing about this stroller. We have had this stroller in the rain and it works great. In the summer, the umbrella is great because it keeps the sun off the baby, and there is a flap at the top of the umbrella that can roll back to keep the baby cool. It does a great job of keeping baby dry when it rains. The stroller was impressive when we were in NY. My baby was dry even with the mesh like sides of the umbrella covering. The system is easy to use. It was easy to get up and go when he was small. The weight and folding is great for traveling. The stroller is heavy and worth it because of all the bells and whistles. Replacement parts. This needs to be fixed by Graco. You can't buy replacement parts without the model number and manufacture date, which are very hard to find on this stroller. I want to purchase a new tray as my one got damaged when I traveled, and I have been unable to locate a new one. It has been a good stroller and would purchase it again. I wish I could get the replacement tray as I am missing the cup holders that fell out in travel.

👤This travel system was found here. I waited for the price to drop to $249 so I didn't need it immediately. I love the whole system. I have a second child and the seat that I use to use has held up well. The canopy on the seat is not user-friendly. It is flimsy and my husband complains about it all the time. I took it off because I use a cozy cover and it gets in the way. The seat canopy is great when used in conjunction with the stroller canopy. Air can move through the stroller canopy. The stroller is heavy. Maybe it's not too heavy for someone taller than me. It's not easy to load/unload in my car. I like that it's a bit heavier, I know that it's well-made and built to last. The ride is so smooth that both babies never had a problem falling asleep in it. Most cell phones won't fit in the little compartment meant for cell phones. That compartment must have had a Motorola Razr because it's all that's fit in there. I'll be selling it to buy a double stroller. Something tells me that a double won't be as easy, I never had a problem maneuvering this stroller at all. I bought this because of the many reviews, and I try to do the same thing. I hope this helps someone else.

11. JANABEBÉ Universal Canopy Carriers Chairs

JANABEB%C3%89 Universal Canopy Carriers Chairs

98% cotton and 2% lycra. A natural garment of Spain. The baby carriers group 0 car seat has a Janabebe universal hood canopy. 98% of cotton knit and 2% lycra is made. The hood can be combined with the liner to give a modern look to your baby carrier. It was made in Spain. The cover/liner shown in the pictures is sold. Cotton is Breathable and Soft. Cotton is soft and comfortable. It is not a cause of allergies or sensitive skin. The yarn spun from the fibers won't cause irritation or static electricity. Cotton is the most popular material for items that are close to your body, like T-shirts and underwear. Cotton doesn't contain chemicals. Cotton fabric is very absorbent and allows air circulation that discourages fungi from growing in moist environments. Synthetic fabrics don't offer the same level of Ventilation as man-made materials do. Cotton is the most popular material for items that are close to your body, like T-shirts and underwear. Cotton doesn't contain chemicals. Cotton fabric is very absorbent and allows air circulation that discourages fungi from growing in moist environments. Synthetic fabrics don't offer the same level of Ventilation as man-made materials do.

Brand: Janabebe

👤I decided to buy these. The quality is very good and the way it came out was very satisfactory.

👤It doesn't hold up enough when it falls. The car seat is not comfortable to carry.

👤It's a good way to keep the baby out of the sun. Adding a front piece of fabric of about 15 cm wide would help to avoid the sun on baby's face.

👤The product is cheap but not cheap. I won't be shopping here again.

👤It arrived a week early and is as pictured. The quality and looks are great.

👤Doesn't fit anything. Not worth the money.


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What are the best brands for car seat umbrella replacement?

Evenflo, Munchkin and Carseat Canopy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat umbrella replacement. Find the detail in this article. Canopy Couture, Graco and Doona are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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