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1. EcoZen LIFESTYLE Entertain Essential Comfortable

EcoZen LIFESTYLE Entertain Essential Comfortable

We take a lot of pride in the quality of the products they produce, so they offer a full lifetime warranty on every tray that leaves their door. If you need them, they will always be there. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any issues, they'll be here to help. Anna have a stress free relationship? Keep your kid away from you. Their tray is sturdy and easy to use while on the go. They have side and front pockets that hold everything they need at their fingertips, as well as an integral cup holder to make sure drinks are always close to hand. Unique design with kids in mind. The 'Soft Flap' is simple and effective in preventing things from falling off the tray. The front buckle straps help support and keep the tray level. The tray is made with a design that makes it easy to remove and put it away. Their design has a flexible base and long straps to ensure comfort. Their Travel Play Tray is easy to clean and has been extensively tested to fit most car seats. Premium nylon with top quality craftsmanship is made of non-toxic and PVC-free. It is designed to be strong and resistant to the love of small toddlers. Their tray surface is waterproof, making it easy to clean. They back their product with a 100% Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty because they believe in the quality of it. You can buy with peace of mind. Add to cart now to start the journey! They back their product with a 100% Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty because they believe in the quality of it. You can buy with peace of mind. Add to cart now to start the journey!

Brand: Ecozen Lifestyle

👤It was a game-changer when I took it on a road trip. The pockets are big enough for different items and the lap area is not flemsy at all. The side areas keep on the lap and don't roll everywhere. None of the sides came apart. The strap is long enough to fit around a carseat. I expected the pockets to fit more items. I didn't stop my kid from falling asleep either, so it doesn't appear to be uncomfortable. Even though the car sits across the lap, getting in and out of it was very easy, you just have to unbuckle one side and get back in the car. I looked for a soft material so that if we were in a severe car accident, there was not a chance of hitting the chest orabdomen with hard plastic or metal. My daughter was small when we used this and it worked well for her.

👤The car seat tray is sturdy. I liked the plastic holder for my phone on the car seat I purchased for my daughter. Her car seat is designed to slightly recline until she reaches the right weight to be seated upright, which is why the mini tablet tilts forward. The reclined position makes it easier for snacks and cups to fall toward her. I wish it had a cup holder in the corner of the tray. She is too small to reach the side pockets of the cup holders and the tray covers them. I found it convenient that the strap was long enough to pass through the seat belt opening in the back, so I could adjust it. Buckles and adjustments are on both sides so getting her out is easy from either side. It folds flat under the seat.

👤The quality of the tray was very nice and we were very happy with it. There was no funny smell. Not flimsy. It works perfectly with our Graco Extend-to-fit. Our daughter has an iPad mini. Her princess thermos is heavy and filled with milk. My 4 year old was able to move the tray whenever she wanted, we didn't make it as tight so she could do this. She had a lot of room to play with her figurines and color her masterpieces. This tray is wonderful! Along with the design, quality impressed us. This tray was well worth it at all costs. Even though we have no issues, the customer service has been outstanding.

👤I bought two trays for my kids because we have two kids. They liked playing with it at home and setting it on the floor. It's nice that there are a lot of different storage compartments with one for a water bottle. They have side pockets that can hold smaller items. The tray sits at an angle towards my kid when I put it on the carseat. The tilt will cause the toys on the tray to go towards my kid's belly. There is a lip at the end of the tray that holds the item in place and doesn't let it fall out of the tray and into the car. It's hard to find things that have fallen between the seats when you're a parent. This design was appreciated a lot. The tray was hard to put on and take off from the seat, which I didn't like. I have to wait until my child is in the carseat before I use the strap. The side flaps have a buckle at the bottom that makes it hard to reach both sides. My kids can't remove it on their own if it's buckled in, because they can't reach it. When the tray is on my son, he gets a little bothered. I pulled over on the side of the road to help him take it off. My daughter seems to enjoy it more if we use it in the car, but she tends to look down a lot if we use it in the car. It hasn't worked out well for us and I love the idea of using this in the car. My kids were able to use it at home and place it on their laps.

2. Backseat Organizer Storage Foldable Leather

Backseat Organizer Storage Foldable Leather

100% money back guarantee. Please let them know if you're not happy with their product and they'll give you a full refund or replacement. You can wipe off the mud, candy, milk, and cleaning with the waterproof material. STURDY FOLDABLE TRAY & ADJUSTABLE. The hard-shell organizers can hold up to 2 kilograms. Premium quality PU leatherstays are useful for a long time. It makes your car comfortable. The car organizers will hold your car organizers and protect your seat from scratches. There are 10 separate compartments with different sizes that allow quick access to iPad, phones, bottles, umbrellas, papers, magazines and more. There are 10 separate compartments with different sizes that allow quick access to iPad, phones, bottles, umbrellas, papers, magazines and more.

Brand: Enlitoys

👤It was used for a long trip. Our daughter likes the compartment for her things.

👤I don't know what I did before I got these. No more cleaning up the back seats, no more souls drinks or garbage on the floor, no more phones and tablets floating all over my van. This makes it so easy for the grand children to keep organized. There isn't a lot of fights over two. I've spent the best money in years.

👤It's very convenient. I wish it was a little bit better for the price. It protects the back of the seat.

👤I like it a lot, but when you want to fold the table up, the rough Velcro rubs the back of the front seat, and the fabric gets stuck. I will make something to fix it.

3. Kids Travel Tray Accessories Waterproof

Kids Travel Tray Accessories Waterproof

The versatile car seat tray is ideal for strollers and high chairs. Click 'add to cart' to complete your travel accessories for kids. Their premium portable activity kids travel trays are the perfect accessory to keep the toddler engaged and quiet. The kids car seat tray is reinforced with padded side walls to keep things from falling off. The car lap tray needs large buckles to hold it in place. It's the bottom base for added stability, whether you're using it as a snack tray, for coloring or for toys. The kids will love it and so will you. Keep everything at your kid's fingertips so they don't distract you from the road, it's a perfect foldable kids lap desk. It's road trip essentials and accessories give you a break and keep your kids busy. Life with kids can be chaotic and noisy, so their car activity table can help keep them engaged. Use the car travel tray as an activity tray with side pockets to keep crayons, pencils, markers and coloring pages in place. The clear back pocket can be used to keep extra coloring books for roadtrips, or to hold a tablets in the front seat to watch shows. The Clear top of the kids travel table allows you to put coloring pages in so the kids can color with dry erase markers. Start over when done. Give the lap desk tray as a gift or use it to fill it with all the essentials the kids could need when traveling, it's a perfect Christmas or birthday gift. The lap table for kids will be appreciated for a long time. You can request a free coloring eBook. They take pride in the quality of their craftsmanship and offer an extended warranty on each travel tray that they sell. When traveling, their car seat table is the first thing you should pack to avoid the stress that comes with road trips, plane or train rides. Their seat desk is portable and easy to carry with a padded carrying strap. They take pride in the quality of their craftsmanship and offer an extended warranty on each travel tray that they sell. When traveling, their car seat table is the first thing you should pack to avoid the stress that comes with road trips, plane or train rides. Their seat desk is portable and easy to carry with a padded carrying strap.

Brand: L T G Lil Tots Gear

👤The base could be a little stronger. It's great to keep kids busy.

👤My son can play with his cars and eat his snacks while I drive him to and from his doctor's appointments. We drive an hour or so to and fro a couple times a week. I like it. It is very sturdy and easy to clean. It was difficult to get my don in a car seat to fit around the seat and it was hard to take on and off to clean. I recommend it for long rides.

👤This travel item is very small when not in use. There are lots of areas of storage. It's perfect for long trips or for a little one to use while eating.

👤They were bought for a road trip. It worked well for them. It's easy to clean. Definitely recommend!

👤Works well on trips. Like the organization.

👤I have a 3 year old that needs to be doing something every waking moment or she will go crazy. Long drives in the car can be difficult. The lap desk is versatile. Your child can use dry erase markers to do the same page as many times as they want under the clear film, and you can slide coloring pages or alphabet worksheets. There is a clear pocket on the back of the desk that you can use to hold extra sheets so you can change them out as often as you want. The desk folds down and has a long carrying strap for easy transportation. This has a cup holder and storage pockets as well. It's a great setup for anyone who spends a lot of time in the car.

👤This is a great set up for a lap tray. Since my child was small, we have had a few lap trays. My child and I both prefer this one. The first thing I love about the tray is that it folds up flat when you don't use it or want to take up more space in the vehicle. I like that my child is able to use this around himself. The pockets on the sides are necessary for pencils, markers, snacks, and a drink. It can be used as a dry erase board, as my child has said. The coloring sheets can be slid under the lap tray surface. My child loves his tray so he is excited to spend more time in the vehicle. That is a victory. The mom and child have approved it.

4. Travel Toddler No Drop Holder Airplane

Travel Toddler No Drop Holder Airplane

If you can't find a special gift for your kid's celebration, give them something that's designed to support their active imaginations. Show your love and care to your kids, nieces, or nephews and get them an ideal present with their car seat table tray for preschoolers. If you click 'add to cart', you will get a table that fits any car seat or booster and can be wrapped up for Christmas or other celebrations. Kids travel essential is a toddler tray that keeps your child busy while on a road trip or flight. Travel activity tray can be used anywhere. Their kids travel tray is made of safety material and has a firm surface to make sure your child is safe on the road trip. It is easy to clean and safe. The Trip with Less Mess was designed with mesh bags and a storage pocket. The raised edges keep the food, snacks, game toys, and tablets from sliding down. The cooler cup holder keeps the bottle warm. The kid tray is portable and foldable. The tray is easy to carry with your children. Birthday, Christmas, or any other holiday can be gifted. It's a good ideal kids table tray/ lap tray/ desk tray/ portable car seat tray/ travel food tray for trip, which is compatible for the car seat, strollers, high chairs, conventional kid's chairs, and dinner tables. It's a good ideal kids table tray/ lap tray/ desk tray/ portable car seat tray/ travel food tray for trip, which is compatible for the car seat, strollers, high chairs, conventional kid's chairs, and dinner tables.

Brand: Soulamor

👤It was perfect for the airplane tray. It kept his markers and crayons out of the way and prevented them from rolling onto the floor. He was excited to set up his own area every time we got on the plane after an 18 hour flight. I was glad I went for this, there were cheaper versions. On long car rides, it is very sturdy and will definitely use it.

👤I bought this for a car ride with my kids. I'm very happy that I did. The product made riding and eating less messy and helped keep toys off the floor of the car. Would recommend!

👤This is better in the car than it is in the grocery store, and I highly recommend it.

5. JOYTUTUS Steering Multifunctional Organizer Commuters

JOYTUTUS Steering Multifunctional Organizer Commuters

The large capacity design has a 40”L x 36”W x 18”H and is designed for SUVs, minivans, and crossovers. It's perfect for moving and vacations. The flannel pocket at the back of the steering wheel computer desk is designed to fit most vehicles and new steering wheels. The JoyTutus steering wheel desk is a better option than other plastic steering wheel trays because it won't leave a scratch at the steering wheel and there is no need to rotation the steering wheel. You can put the flannel back pocket on the steering wheel. The steering wheel desk is a good place to eat, study, and work in the car. The tray can be installed on the steering wheel and also at the back of the seat. You just need to store it quickly after using it. The car eating tray is a good place to eat your food. The retractable straps on both sides can be adjusted to fit your body shape, so you can find your most comfortable position. It has a small storage pocket and a water cup pocket that can hold water cups, pens, documents, etc. The leather of the laptop stands for car is used in the bottom of the bag so that food sauces and messes can be quickly removed with a wet paper towel. You can now choose Gray and Blue. Don't use this car desk in front of the steering wheel for your safety. The product is patented. You can now choose Gray and Blue. Don't use this car desk in front of the steering wheel for your safety. The product is patented.

Brand: Joytutus

👤This purchase has changed my life. It's so easy to chart in between visiting patients when I'm in a vehicle. I no longer have to contort my body in order to get to the keyboard from my center console. My neck was bent in uncomfortable ways when I sat my tablets on my lap. There is storage space for pens, folders, and badges. This is a product that I love. Genius!

👤It was ready to use immediately after it arrived in a professional package. I clipped the short strap around the Drivers Seat of my car and found the table to be pretty solid to eat on. The table is sturdy enough for your average burger fries and medium drink, which is my primary reason for purchasing. There is a lot of storage for things. I think it would do well. positioning may be needed for each car. I had to move the Drivers Seat up and the back rest forward to get a more level table that was flush with the floor. Refer to my video for clarification. I had to hunch over to grab some food. This is tailgate life, not the Ritz Carlton. It does well for our dining out adventures.

👤I work as a home health nurse. I travel to homes and stay in my car for 8 hours a day. I was looking for a desk that I could use to break my bank account. I read a review and was interested in it. This is perfect. It is easy to use, folds up for easy storage, and wipes easily, and is the best choice I could have made. I have a keyboard with me. They fit well. I am very happy.

👤There is an update Feb 2022. Jenny from Joytutus contacted me. She apologized for the bad user experience, thanked me for bringing it to their attention, and said that they would take it into consideration in the next product upgrade. I will get 50% of the money I paid back, which will be used to modify this. That kind of commitment to customer satisfaction was completely unexpected. I bought this hoping it would help us when we do thedashboard dining thing. Some foods are not good for taking home. We've been eating in the car while they're fresh. The rounded dashboard of our Acura makes it hard to hold a food tray. The tray isn't horizontal even with the steering wheel in its highest position and the driver's seat moved as far back as possible. Only a slim and flat-chested person can lower the tray to a usable position, if you look closely at their photos. I'm not that slim and I have more than my share. The tray is hitting my chest at too much of an angle for assistance. I could modify it to work better, but haven't done it yet. This would be great for use in the back seat if we still had kids.

👤When I have to wait in the car, I bought this laptop case. It is pretty neat. I used it to log on for work while waiting for my kids appointments. It is light and sturdy. I had enough room to put my phone and mouse on it. I would recommend that people who have to travel and wait around and still have to work do so.

6. Kids Travel Tray Toddler Book

Kids Travel Tray Toddler Book

Kids Travel Tray by Kids Bright Toys is 16 x 13 inches. No more fumbling around for things in your car for your child. Order and sanity will be restored with their travel tray. The toddler travel tray is perfect for long road trips. Their children want to play with toys, draw, create, watch videos and eat their snacks, so they've included 2 zip-up pockets for pencils and coloring books, and a storage area on the surface of the lap tray for the car seat. The toddler car seat travel tray can be used on strollers, booster and most car seats while traveling. Their toddler tray is sturdy, has a solid plastic surface, and uses straps to keep the side walls standing, it's better than other toddler trays that are flimsy, small or fold on themselves. A soft pillow is included to rest on your toddler's lap. The kid travel tray was designed to be closed on the front side using a buckle, so that your children could carry it on the shoulder and keep their crayons and art creations inside. To make it easy to fold the car seat travel tray for toddlers, they added a shoulder pad to the strap and created a special bag. There is an extra storage bag and e-book. Family travel games. They use their own products every day and they are real people. They want the same for you as they want for their family. They cut no corners when manufacturing the car seat activity tray and they will cut no corners in their support to you by providing the finest products and unparalleled customer service.

Brand: Kids Bright Toys

👤My kids liked them. We had snacks and treats. It was great for our road trip. It smelled strongly of chemicals when it arrived. I left it outside for a week and it still smelled. Didn't bother my kids. I didn't like it at all.

👤These were perfect for a road trip with two kids. They can color and build Legos from the table part. They don't work well in a Graco 3-in-1 car seat. The table is still usable despite the flaps on the side sticking up. It would work better in a booster seat.

👤My granddaughter was able to play, eat and color because of this.

👤This is great for traveling. Markers and crayons were kept out of the van. During a road trip, I did some puzzles on it. Like all the pockets for keeping things organized. It is very easy to close and strap shut, it seems very sturdy so far. Would definitely recommend.

👤You need this when traveling with kids. My daughter likes this tray.

👤It is a great product. I have to return it because the seat arms are not long enough to balance the desk.

👤I ordered two table sets for my daughters because I was not happy. The ebook wasn't included in any of the sets, and the eraser board was missing. One of my daughters won't be with us for the road trip.

👤My daughter likes this tray. She is 3. She can have her dolls in her lap without it being a complete mess for me. She doesn't mind when we use this for long car rides to her dads. We show her the toys and play with her for a while and make it an exciting thing to take to the next parents car. My sanity has been kept intact with its sturdy walls and complete coverage because my daughter would scream if she dropped something and I wouldn't pull over on the highway to fetch an doll.

7. Lamela Kids Travel Tray Activities

Lamela Kids Travel Tray Activities

The Sheriff star, dark blue denim and road print are perfect gifts for any kid. It could be used as a snack tray table, travel snack tray, car back seat tray, stroller tray, and plane travel tray. Lamela Back Seat Lap Tray is ideal for keeping your kids entertained. For your kid to have fun on a long trip. The tray needs to be fixed. In their lap, they can play, color, or watch cartoons. Parents love it because of its quality. Lamela Toddler Travel Activity Tray has safety Buckles on both sides to quickly fix it. Remove it according to your child's needs. Lamela Activity Lap Tray is comfortable for your kids. When your kids are happy, you travel smoothly. And happily. Lamela Hanging Table Tray is light and portable. It's lightweight. It has a padded surface that is great for your kids. It is easy to clean. Carry it with your kids. The Kids Stuff Organization has different pockets on the sides and front of the car seat tray. It also has a cup holder to keep their favorite drink close by. TILE ACTIVITY Lamela On The Go Travel Tray is perfect for almost all car seats. It is the result of their designers outstanding craftsmanship.

Brand: Lamela

👤My daughter is in a wheelchair and needs a tray. The trays for her wheelchair were expensive and interfered with her wheeling herself. The tray is small and has an edge in front to keep items from sliding off. I gave it 4 stars because I'm not sure how sturdy it is, but she loves it and the independence it provides for her.

👤My three-year-old loved the tray. She didn't use the holder because I have a TV in the van. When she is older, that may change. My two-year-old was tolerant for a short time, he threw a fit and wanted it off, but he doesn't tolerate things on or around him for long. They were easy to set up and take off. I would recommend them to friends and family.

👤When our daughter was a toddler, we used another brand and model, but it was foam and the buckles broke, I was not interested in having another one, but we are about to travel. We haven't used this yet, but a replacement is being sent because of a malfunction on the top storage bins, but that doesn't affect its function for the most part. This is awesome. I could tell the difference from the bag. What a pleasant surprise! My 3yo old son has nothing on this. The cup holder on the side allows for more workspace, and the surface is sturdy enough to draw or eat and play. It fits my husband's iPad Air perfectly with room to spare. It is secured to the table top and I would not have a problem if it disconnected while on the road. I will need to help our littles, but for the quality, that is not a deal breaker. The product is superior. I will update my review after our trip.

👤We have yet to use them but we frequently travel to see family and I have been eyeing this for awhile but finally made the move since my next trip with the kids will be me alone. I will be watching how they work on our long drive next week and hope it makes traveling with little kids easier.

👤I received this today and I think my kids will love it. They get bored on the car for a long time when we travel. They're going to have fun with this. It is made of good material and will last. I will be updating in a few months. Got here quickly. Thanks.

👤It works great for my kids. They can eat on the road and not make a mess and they can play toys on the floor. It is hard for them to play in their car seats because they are strapped in so they can't move to reach. I like the table top, it has pockets and a raised edge, and the belt is easy to remove. I don't own a DVD player and we live out in the country so it's a long drive to get one. I have a lot of kids. The laptop table makes it more enjoyable for everyone.

8. Seven Sparta Compartments Organizer Anti Slip

Seven Sparta Compartments Organizer Anti Slip

The dimensions are 17 12.4in and 43.18 31.5 cm. The package includes a travel tray, doodle mat, and water pen. The car organization for passenger seat can be used for placing multiple items, such as drink, cup holder, pizza, snacks, laptop, keys, phone, glasses, pen, etc. The anti-sLIP design is a new one. The Anti-slip rubber strip and strap is designed to keep items on the tray from sliding around on your floorboard or drink spillage, so you can drive safely. The convenience multi function is a function. The lightweight car tray table can be used in a car or home to make things easier to reach. Attach this to the seat belt by dropping it down and making sure it won't slide around. It will get more support and attention. The passenger seat tray has hooks on the front that are perfect for hanging small bags. The passenger seat tray has hooks on the front that are perfect for hanging small bags.

Brand: Seven Sparta

👤This is great. I bought one for my husband because he sometimes has to drive too much. I've been using his car while I'm in the shop. I've found this thing to be of amazing help, even though I'm not on the road more than half an hour at a time. The cell phone opening is small for me. I'm sure it'll fit a standard phone, I eat snacks in the car when I don't have time for a real meal, and the shallow round section holds single-serve containers of Pringles very well. I haven't needed the straps that come with the tray so can't comment on those, but the back legs are perfect for the bucket seat. The flat surface of this tray makes it a great travel companion. If it isn't obvious to you on the product page or in person, don't use the circular spot to hold a cup while driving. It's not designed for it, but it's a good depth to sit a cup in.

👤A very useful product. I almost didn't. I am glad I did because I saw some of the negative reviews. The quality and sturdiness are exactly what I would expect. It's easy to install because it sits securely on the seat. There are no clear instructions for using the stretchy straps. I like to put it in the backseat when I have a passenger, because there is no easy way to attach it to the seat or seatbelt. I don't have any issues with it sliding off the seat.

👤I really like this. I live in a state that is different from my family's and I love using this seat tray when I drive home. It's handy when I have to just sit groceries on it and it's also handy when I'm eating and driving. I don't want to get in trouble. I like to sit my purse on it, it helps when digging through it. Again, while driving. It's funny.

👤This is a tray that you can put in your seat. It's hard to make a mistake. Installation is the only real trick. The tray -5 stretchy traps, what appear to be two additional non-skid feet for the legs of the tray, came with my product. It's pretty easy to setup. Each slot on the tray has a strap placed into it. The straps have a rough "hook" side and a soft "loop" side. The straps are designed to stretch across from one side of the tray to the other side. The only thing that can be done is to make sure that the strap is installed on one side of the tray and the hook is on the other side. The straps can be attached with a twist. Don't worry, you will see what I mean when you attach them. The only thing that falls short is that the seatbelt attachment is not great. There is a slot on the back of the tray for attaching the 5th strap. The strap is supposed to be used to secure the tray to the seatbelt. The way I did it was to put the seatbelt on the empty seat. The tray legs should be behind the lap belt. I wrapped the strap around the lap belt. It's hard to get a rock solid mount since the strap is stretchy. I might try to run the strap through the seat crack between the back and the bottom, then secure a stick to the end of the strap. The tray will be pulled back into the seat if the stick isn't able to fit through the gap. The cup holder is not designed to hold a cup while the vehicle is moving. The hole is not very deep.

9. Expander Compatible Nalgenes Camelbak Diameter

Expander Compatible Nalgenes Camelbak Diameter

To prevent the seat organizers from slipping off when braking, they designed a length-adjustable anti-slip insert buckle, or you can also put the safety belt through the two fixing straps at the back of the case to fix it. Water cups and drinks can be fixed by the internal elastic band. The new generation upgrade version is called CAR CUP HOLDER EXPANDER & TRAY. The cup holder for the car has a diameter of 3 inches. The lower cup holder is compatible with 32 to 40 ounce bottles and cups. There are bottles in a 3.4" diameter. The cup holder is secure and will hold your drink within reach. The tray can be attached to the upper cup holder to hold extra storage. The tray can be used for many things. There is rubber on the tray to keep items from moving. Their cup holder is the best choice if you spend a lot of time on the road and always eat. It is an excellent gift for anyone with a busy schedule who needs more space in the car. Make sure the base is sturdy by expanding it from 2.6 to 3.9 feet. Please note that you can twist it, tighten it, or expand it, and that you can restore it. The cup holder expander base can be used to fit different vehicles, such as motorcycles, boats, trucks, RV's and golf-carts. It was easy and rigid to install. There is rubber that will keep your hydro-flask from moving. It is easy to install the cup holder in the car's cup holder. Step 2 is to twist either the top or bottom section. The cup holder base should be covered with a rubber coaster. Take the tray off the upper cup holder by squeezing the bottom buckle. The tray holder bottom should be covered with a base rubber pad. Their cup holder expander fit most car cup holders, but it may not be compatible with certain styles of cup holders, such as cup holders that have a unique shape, are slanted sharply, and have a cover that flips up or in. Measure your cup holder to make sure it fits. Their cup holder expander fit most car cup holders, but it may not be compatible with certain styles of cup holders, such as cup holders that have a unique shape, are slanted sharply, and have a cover that flips up or in. Measure your cup holder to make sure it fits.

Brand: Seven Sparta

👤I bought this for my Toyota RAV 4 and it doesn't fit in the cup holders. You need a lot of clearance to turn the unit. You can't turn the cup holder if it's close to the gear shift or stereo console. If it had fit, the tray would be on my lap. It fit in my husband's car. The large cup holder holds a hydro flask.

👤I wanted to like it. I did. It's useful. It isn't made to last very long. As you install it, everything seems great. It's very useful and holds for a while. I work out of my car for about 10 hours a day, so I have to make my car feel like my living space. I have a lot of cool accessories and gadgets for my car, and this one was one I wanted to be a part of. At first, it worked well. The table is useful and cool. I usually have to dig into my passenger seat or other cup holders full of stuff to find things, but the table is great for holding stuff without it falling from the weight. Don't put something heavy on it. Sometimes the table can get in the way. If you drive a truck or SUV for the larger driver space, it would be more comfortable, but for me in my Mazda3 it needs to be adjusted so the table doesn't hit my shift knob. I like to twist it so that the table goes over the cupholder and I can extend it when I need to. I twisted too tight and the glue holding the little pads that twist into the car cupholder ended up coming off. I'm coming up with a solution that uses gorilla tape pads and glues rubber onto them, but I would like the original item to already have this solved. I have to come up with something good because it's already come out of it's base 3 times. This can happen with this item. I think 4 stars is more than fair. I don't want to replace anything on here that is similar. I'm going to have to do it myself. It's well made, besides the rubber pads.

👤The holder and tray does what it says it will do. It adds a sturdy tray and doesn't remove a cup holder to do it. If you are the only person in the car, you can swing it to the right in front of the passenger area. If you have two people in the car, then this won't work because it will always be in the way of something. Either the passenger or the shift lever.

👤I just survived a 13 hour car ride with my son. The right size is not too big or too small. My car was less dirty at the end of the trip than it usually is. The people who said it was too hard to install did not read the directions. I would change it so the hole in the tray has a drop bottom so he can hold smaller bottles. I gave it five stars.

10. ElfAnt Multi Functional Car Steering Portable

ElfAnt Multi Functional Car Steering Portable

It can only be applied to the steering wheel with a diameter of less than 11 cm. The steering wheel is covered by this size. It can be installed on the seat headrest. The portable car tray can be used as a notebook support or desk and can be used for food or drinks. The ElfAnt portable car tray can fit into the back of the car seat when not in use. Headrests that can't be slid are not available. One of the hooks is used for the headrest. You feel tilted when you place a laptop or other item in the tray. You feel tilted when you place a laptop or other item in the tray.

Brand: Elfant

👤My truck is my office and I move around all day. I love this more than my apartment.

👤This thing is terrible. It is a flemsy POS and you cannot get it flat to set anything on. Total scam.

👤I use it in the second row of my SUV. I was able to attach it to the two posts of my headbutt, but it wasn't going to work with a small laptop. The bottom portion of the device is not supported unless the back of the seat is at a 90 degree angle to the floor. If you are like most drivers, the back of the seat is at a reclined angle. The bottom edge of the device is close to the back surface. This design is unsound. The photo was attacked. The plastic hooks are cheap and will break if you remove them more than 6-9 times. If you drive with the back of the car straight up or tilted forward, you will be banned from using this product.

👤I bought a clip on trays that wouldn't work on the Mercedes steering wheel. I tried this one and bit the bullet. I like it very much. It is simple to install and could be a little larger. I like that I can sit in the drivers seat and enjoy the view while working or eating. I don't want to have to look at the back when I set up the table. It's a good solution for a couple of reasons.

👤Does everything advertised and that I needed it to do, but the tray is small, so it loses points. I intended to use it as a mouse pad, but I got the impression from the pictures that it would be big enough. If you fit an Arc Mouse on there, you can move it a quarter of an inch forward before you fall into the trench. It would be great to see a larger tray variant. If there was a way to fold this flat enough to fit into a backpack, it would be a five star product. If you intend to use that tray for your mouse, you better be small. If you plan on leaving this in your vehicle for when you need it, and you don't need to use a mouse, this is the best thing to do. It's definitely not going anywhere if you have a large range of placement options for you to choose from, you just have to play around with it for a minute until you get it. It's simple enough to make do without some simple instructions in the box.

👤If you do computer work in your vehicle like I do, it's a back saver. To adjust the steering wheel angle, hang on and type away. I love this thing.

👤I bought it for my car. I eat in my car during the lunch break. This would be a great tray for me. It is a little high for me on the steering wheel. If they had added one more adjustment at the bottom of the tray, it would have made it a little lower. It is good. I liked it. It is good for you if you are 6 feet tall. There is no height adjustment, why not 5 stars?

11. Zento Deals Multipurpose Handy Tray

Zento Deals Multipurpose Handy Tray

The Multipurpose Handy Car Tray is a top quality tray. It has a desk underneath, 2 drink holders, a napkin, and a tissue holder. The car tray is small. The classic color of the desk will match any car interior. The Multipurpose Handy Car Tray is portable. It's the most convenient and practical tray with many uses. This can hold your device. You can use it as a lunch tray, item holder, laptop holder, or any other function that you can think of. The tray has a hook on the bottom that you can use to hang your bags. The Multipurpose Handy Car Tray is a good accessory. This is recommended for drivers who travel with their cars and want to keep their car clean and organized. It is a great gift for your loved ones. The Multipurpose Handy Car Tray is easy to install. It's very easy to install, you just have to put it on the back of the car seat. The Multipurpose Handy Car Tray is very light to carry, but sturdy enough to hold food, drink, and even a laptop. The desk is very sturdy and would last a long time. The Multipurpose Handy Car Tray is very light to carry, but sturdy enough to hold food, drink, and even a laptop. The desk is very sturdy and would last a long time.

Brand: Zento Deals

👤I would give this product a zero star. The travel tray is really bad. To connect it to the back of a seat in the car, you have to have the back of your seat straight up, with no slant for the tray to work. The tray just swings back and forth after the strap is connected to the seat. The tray will tilt forward and everything will fall off into your lap. It is supposed to fold closed to make more room and leave it connected to your seat and be out of the way. Don't waste your money! The product is called Crap.

👤I will explain the 3 pictures I have added. The first reviewer mentioned opening the tabs on the side before opening the tray, as shown in the picture, and I am unsure of their purpose. We have a Suburban with leather seats, and we use them for my children in the third row. The second row headrest does not tilt or move. The pictures show that it wouldn't fit in my vehicle, and it would slide down to the base making the tray useless. If it was tight enough on the headrest, it could be used for a child. There are 3 pictures in this picture. I really wanted to like these, I love the idea of them. They felt cheap and not very sturdy because they were lacking in execution. The top clip to open the tray was hard for me to open. I don't think my children would be able to open them easily. Will be returning them.

👤I love this! I got these because I was tired of my backseat being a mess when we were eating on the road to or from hockey practice. The trays are easy to install and have enough space for everything so the kids don't have to juggle. When you have a lot of items, the diversity of two cup holders is nice. When we first got them, they were a little hard for my boys to open on their own, but they have loosened up a bit and they boys have masters on them. They take up very little space. They are large enough to hold a full meal, but small enough to not feel crowded. It is easy to clean. It was worth every dime I spent on them. My youngest broke one of the ones we had. He was four years old when he opened it and pulled the tray down so hard that it snapped off, but he still likes to destroy things. Even though he broke it, I replaced it immediately because it was better than I expected.

👤When we received this item, it was used, scratched, and dirty. The seller apologized and gave me my money back. This item is very helpful and we like it, so I am giving them 4 stars. My son is able to use this without any problems, and we washed the tray multiple times before using it. We like it and recommend it.


What is the best product for car seat tray table?

Car seat tray table products from Ecozen Lifestyle. In this article about car seat tray table you can see why people choose the product. Enlitoys and L T G Lil Tots Gear are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat tray table.

What are the best brands for car seat tray table?

Ecozen Lifestyle, Enlitoys and L T G Lil Tots Gear are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat tray table. Find the detail in this article. Soulamor, Joytutus and Kids Bright Toys are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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