Best Car Seat Tray for Food

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1. Macally Cup Holder Tray Car

Macally Cup Holder Tray Car

The perfect ride for you. Is it possible to eat lunch in the car? They've all been there. When you are parked in your vehicle, stop juggling your burger and fries on your lap and enjoy your meal with their car table. Their car cup holder tray will add practicality to your vehicle while keeping it organized, and it has a padded smartphone stand that is great for enjoying a show when eating. UnLIMITED ADJUSTABILITY. The cup holder table has a jointed arm and is designed to allow you to adjust the table to the perfect position or to change the tray back and forth between you and the passenger. There is a secured 888-405-7720 888-405-7720 Most vehicles will work with their cup holder tray. The rubber mounting points of the car tray make it impossible for it to leave scratches on cup holders. Macally's goal is to help you improve your daily routines with easy to use and convenient products. They are confident that you will be satisfied with their tray and will be able to return it for a free return.

Brand: Macally

👤This product does what's advertised and is a good build quality for the price, the instructions are clear and the packaging protects the product and shows off its features, this is one of the most descriptive boxes I've seen in a while. The tray in our Model X is easy to use and helps keep us from hunching over food wrappers. After our next road trip, we will buy a second. Why after? This extra trip will allow us to see how we want to use it with a packed car, instead of a day trip.

👤The part that goes into the cup holder is too small. It doesn't have any leverage to stay in the cup holder. It becomes unstable because of a small amount of weight. It falls out of a car.

👤This is one of the best vehicle accessories I have ever purchased, and that is not an exaggeration. I've been looking for something like this for a long time, and besides one other similar product with bad ratings, this was pretty much it. I was surprised that there were no written reviews about this car table tray, but I decided to give it a try since it was an Amazon Prime product. The tray works as advertised. It's a vehicle accessory that allows a small food tray to be added to the car. It's fully variable, in both the size of cup-holders and the angle of the food tray, as well as in the orientation and angle of the food tray. The build quality, attention to detail, adjust-ability, and small foot-print are all superb. It's just as big as it needs to be. A detailed video review is attached for reference. Even though there is a manual in the packaging, the box itself is detailed with instructional pictures. I'm not complaining about this, but it makes the manual pointless. It was a little funny. I highly recommend it. I can't think of a single con. When using the tray for food, you should probably lay down a couple napkins on it first, then toss away the napkins when done, rather than deal with washing the tray later on. The phone holder is only intended for use while parking, and this is also mentioned in the instructions. You shouldn't be looking at your phone while driving because the phone may slide off.

👤We buy food and go to the lake to eat. I like it. It's pretty sturdy. You can adjust the base in the cup holder. I don't want to try to balance food. Don't drive with coffee on a tray, it can hold a lot of it. Buy it.

👤I like that it adjusts to cup size by twisting the buttom, it's well worth the money. My husband is my husband. I use it in our semi. If we buy a quick bite, we don't have to try to get to our food in an awkward way. We use this to put our drink in the other cup holder and then put our meal in the food tray. You don't have to worry about food spilling over. It is a life saver for us semi drivers.

2. Seven Sparta Compartments Organizer Anti Slip

Seven Sparta Compartments Organizer Anti Slip

The dimensions are 17 12.4in and 43.18 31.5 cm. The package includes a travel tray, doodle mat, and water pen. The car organization for passenger seat can be used for placing multiple items, such as drink, cup holder, pizza, snacks, laptop, keys, phone, glasses, pen, etc. The anti-sLIP design is a new one. The Anti-slip rubber strip and strap is designed to keep items on the tray from sliding around on your floorboard or drink spillage, so you can drive safely. The convenience multi function is a function. The lightweight car tray table can be used in a car or home to make things easier to reach. Attach this to the seat belt by dropping it down and making sure it won't slide around. It will get more support and attention. The passenger seat tray has hooks on the front that are perfect for hanging small bags. The passenger seat tray has hooks on the front that are perfect for hanging small bags.

Brand: Seven Sparta

👤This is great. I bought one for my husband because he sometimes has to drive too much. I've been using his car while I'm in the shop. I've found this thing to be of amazing help, even though I'm not on the road more than half an hour at a time. The cell phone opening is small for me. I'm sure it'll fit a standard phone, I eat snacks in the car when I don't have time for a real meal, and the shallow round section holds single-serve containers of Pringles very well. I haven't needed the straps that come with the tray so can't comment on those, but the back legs are perfect for the bucket seat. The flat surface of this tray makes it a great travel companion. If it isn't obvious to you on the product page or in person, don't use the circular spot to hold a cup while driving. It's not designed for it, but it's a good depth to sit a cup in.

👤A very useful product. I almost didn't. I am glad I did because I saw some of the negative reviews. The quality and sturdiness are exactly what I would expect. It's easy to install because it sits securely on the seat. There are no clear instructions for using the stretchy straps. I like to put it in the backseat when I have a passenger, because there is no easy way to attach it to the seat or seatbelt. I don't have any issues with it sliding off the seat.

👤I really like this. I live in a state that is different from my family's and I love using this seat tray when I drive home. It's handy when I have to just sit groceries on it and it's also handy when I'm eating and driving. I don't want to get in trouble. I like to sit my purse on it, it helps when digging through it. Again, while driving. It's funny.

👤This is a tray that you can put in your seat. It's hard to make a mistake. Installation is the only real trick. The tray -5 stretchy traps, what appear to be two additional non-skid feet for the legs of the tray, came with my product. It's pretty easy to setup. Each slot on the tray has a strap placed into it. The straps have a rough "hook" side and a soft "loop" side. The straps are designed to stretch across from one side of the tray to the other side. The only thing that can be done is to make sure that the strap is installed on one side of the tray and the hook is on the other side. The straps can be attached with a twist. Don't worry, you will see what I mean when you attach them. The only thing that falls short is that the seatbelt attachment is not great. There is a slot on the back of the tray for attaching the 5th strap. The strap is supposed to be used to secure the tray to the seatbelt. The way I did it was to put the seatbelt on the empty seat. The tray legs should be behind the lap belt. I wrapped the strap around the lap belt. It's hard to get a rock solid mount since the strap is stretchy. I might try to run the strap through the seat crack between the back and the bottom, then secure a stick to the end of the strap. The tray will be pulled back into the seat if the stick isn't able to fit through the gap. The cup holder is not designed to hold a cup while the vehicle is moving. The hole is not very deep.

3. AutoChoice Foldable Portable Hanging Steering

AutoChoice Foldable Portable Hanging Steering

Keskov offers a 30-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee and the Best Replacement Policy in the Improbable case that the Folding Lap desk doesn't meet your expectations, if you buy it with confidence. Order your items today with no worries. The maximum load is 6.6lb. It is not recommended to write on this product, and it is forbidden to use it as a handrail. You can use it as a portable tray and steering wheel tray. The telescopic plate on the back of the tray can be used to adjust the height of the tray. The board is moved to the 2nd position. You need to install the car seat back hook if you use it for a portable tray. You need to install the steering wheel hook if you use it for steering wheel tray. You can put the steering wheel tray in the trunk of the car, install the car seat back hook, and put it in the car seat back pocket. It is a great gift for friends. It makes traveling easier for people in business, tourism and leisure. If you have a problem with the product, please contact them, they will give you a satisfactory service. They will give the absorbent microfiber towel as a gift. If you have a problem with the product, please contact them, they will give you a satisfactory service. They will give the absorbent microfiber towel as a gift.

Brand: Autochoice

👤I bought these for my teenagers because there was no dining-in policy. It has been great dining in my car. I highly recommend them because they are easy to install.

👤I gave this to my son to eat on the road. This made a mess in my car. As you drive, it closes and becomes a table. The hole for drink does not hold.

👤I received these for the kids for a road trip and was very disappointed. To change the thumbscrews from their stowed position to usable position, I had to loosen them completely. It is almost impossible to get them back in when they fall out immediately, and you have to get them as loose as possible. The support arm on the underside of the trays was almost stuck to the units we got, even with the thumbscrews out. The kids were frustrated because they couldn't do it on their own and they needed to reach by their feet to get snacks and activities. The design of the trays is not good. When we set them up as we intended, we found that the cupholder wasn't deep enough to hold our kiddie-sized cups, and it wasn't good enough for keeping crayons from rolling away. I tried to fold them up again, even though the thumbscrews were out, but it was almost impossible. I pulled the plastic trays out in hopes that I would find a way to make them usable again, because I was sure I would break them. It is not a useful or well-made product.

👤I work from the cab of my truck as a travel blogger. Finding a good place to stop and break out the laptop to write something down or to write when the emotion of the moment is on me has been an issue for me. Sometimes a rest stop or diner is not available on the backroads of Nevada. The steering wheel laptop desk is entered. This thing is designed for use. I have no idea how I'm going to live without it, but it has proven to be the best investment I've made in my business so far. It was very easy to set up, and I was able to work for hours just sitting in my truck, pulled over in a random parking lot. It fits perfectly on any standard steering wheel, with its frame more than able to support a small laptop or tablets. The thickness of the plastic for the tray is something I would improve on. It's almost too light, too thin, but I know they were going for it. I feel like I might break it if I lean too much on it, because you can't rest your hands on it without it bending a bit. There is a This is a great product and a great solution for those of us making our living on the road. You can't beat the value at the price point.

👤My toddler is in a carseat. Setting it up flat will make it easy to rest on the cup holders on her carseat, so that should make coloring easier. It's completely flat against the seat and out of the way. The hooks from the headrest could be shorter, but I think it's more universal for different cars and provides better leverage. It has a small ridge around it to keep things from rolling off. I haven't been tested by the baby yet, but I'm happy with it.

4. Newellev Foldable Working Accessories Texture

Newellev Foldable Working Accessories Texture

Their service. They will reply to your questions within 24 hours. The center console and window console can be used in the co-pilot and driving positions. In the long wait for charging and traffic jams, this portable car tray can be used by driver for food or as a notebook support or desk providing convenient place for notebook, grocery food, drinks and etc. It's easy to install and store the laptop working desk in the car window console and center console, when not in use, fold it and store it in the rear seat or trunk. The grooves on the desktop can hold water cups, smart phones, etc. The items won't slide even at high speeds. durable and efficiacious High quality premium material was used in the design. The Lighter Car Laptop and Food Tray is very strong. durable and efficiacious High quality premium material was used in the design. The Lighter Car Laptop and Food Tray is very strong.

Brand: Newellev

👤Was impressed at first. All the screws are falling out just six months later. I don't know if I can fix it on my own.

👤It's super sturdy and folds up. The seat needs to be moved all the way back to the drivers seat.

5. OxGord Kids Activity Tray Organizer

OxGord Kids Activity Tray Organizer

There is a one year warranty. One of the main concerns of parents is endurance, so they provide a 1 year warranty on kids toys. If there is an issue with the tray, please contact them so they can fix it. OxGord is proud to offer an exclusive car seat activity tray. The soft car seat tray is perfect for boys and girls. The activity tray is great for eating, play and storage. While you travel, the tray is anchored to the car seat with a locking strap and deep soft walls. Their car tray has extra soft vinyl to protect your baby and make cleaning a breeze. Simply wipe messes away with a wet rag. You can easily detach the activity tray even while in transit. There are pockets for robbery. The mesh pockets are great for storing toys, baby books, pacifiers, diapers, bottles, and snacks. You can go anywhere with one easy to install activity tray that can hold all your baby's or toddler's travel needs. Travel time should be turned into playtime anywhere. The Play tray and activity center can be used with high chairs, conventional kids chairs or even air travel. This versatile travel table can be used to create a safe and clean station for eating and playing.

Brand: Oxgord

👤The beach trip with the 20 month old triplets was perfect. They liked eating lunch off of them.

👤Does not fit in front facing car seat. The travel tray is not wide enough for the safety first car seat we have. The fit of the tray makes it sit at a sharp angle, and everything on it slides into the child's lap.

👤Before we hit the road, I should have tried this out. The straps are too short to fit around my child's car seat. The ix car seat is forward facing. It's a shame. I was excited for my child to have something to play on.

👤We travel from Kentucky to Minnesota every year and have a hard time eating in the car and having a place to play with our toys because we don't have a place to stay. They were helpful with snacks and the older ones to play Legos. They tend to angle toward them, but I knew that double cup holder car seats would be an option. My older one had no issues. It's a good idea for the money to be used for something quick and needed. We are going to upgrade to something more level for the younger kids.

👤Don't waste your money. The cardboard is covered with a raincoat. It is not durable at all. I would have spent more to get a good one.

👤It did what we needed and was good for the price. If the kids want to push the part closest to them down and make the whole tray lean back, you can leave the tray smooshed somewhere.

👤Not strong whatosoever. This one is not as good as the one I bought for my daughter. I wish I could return it because it doesn't hold anything.

👤It's great for travel with little ones. Useful to use activities to keep them busy while traveling.

6. Lusso Gear No Drop Traveling Airplane

Lusso Gear No Drop Traveling Airplane

Every Lusso Gear accessory comes with a lifetime warranty. Let them know if you have an issue with your Lusso gear 2 in 1 gap organizers. They will work with you to make it right. Play time is called tray time. The Lusso Gear car seat travel tray is great for toddler fun. The foldable table accessory keeps children occupied with various things. Lusso Gear's child tray accessories are made of reinforced fabric and toddler-friendly plastic and come with a safety strap. The dry erase board is 16"x12.5" and can be used for many things. The collapsible travel tray has mesh pockets and marker slots to keep toys and art supplies organized. Sturdy walls and a cup holder keep things in place to protect rear carseats. There is fun with a Detachable Tablet. The no-drop iPad holder fits most tablets to keep kids occupied. A touch-sensitive cover protects your technology. Every Lusso Gear accessory comes with a lifetime warranty. Let them know if you have an issue with your travel tray. They will work with you to make it right. Every Lusso Gear accessory comes with a lifetime warranty. Let them know if you have an issue with your travel tray. They will work with you to make it right.

Brand: Lusso Gear

👤I would like to give this 5 stars. I couldn't fit it into my carry-on luggage or my backpack because it was too long. I had to carry it on my own. It is perfect when you are seated and traveling. My daughter's drink, crayons, iPad, snacks, and other items can all be contained without falling off the airplane tray table. It was easy to clean. I wish the side flaps were strong enough to help the tray stand upright, but the whole thing worked well despite that.

👤These trays were very nice. I bought two for the trip to the beach. It was easy for my 5-year old to take off when done, it was comfortable, flexible, sturdy and easy to put on, and it was also easier to do if you are not hanging over the front passenger seat while going 80 mph in the mountains. She ate meals and snacks with no spills, colored, ate, and played with a Barbie house that was strapped around her. I had faith that it wouldn't go anywhere. I reviewed it because it is labeled for kids. It was perfect for her harness booster. It wasn't ideal for my 2-year olds car seat, but she has to be just like her sister so everything has to match. It wasn't a great height for my 2 year old to like it for a short time. She colored a little but she couldn't get to the side pockets or the cup holder because the tray covered the cup holder on her actual seat. I decided on the way home to just put it around her again, after having strapped it around her a couple times. I loosened the harness, but it didn't last long since the 2-year old attention span was so long. This product is easy to use and sturdy. When I have to work while we travel, I see myself using it. We didn't use the attachment because it seemed too small for our iPad with cases on them. I have not checked.

👤No. Just no. It didn't come with the holder or the straps to attach it to the child. I bought this product for a long trip and I'm not happy about it. I have time to get a new one. The tray and cup holder were the only things that came with it.

👤My kids will travel on an 8 hour road trip with me. The person loved them. Both girls thanked me multiple times and asked if they could use it around town, not just on road trips. Their cousins drug their mom to the car so she could see them, hoping she would get them some as well. Kid tested! A cousin approved!

👤Can't wait to use them on our beach trip. It has a lot of departments to keep your arts and crafts together. I filled the iPad holder with coloring books, small board books, and paper because we don't have an iPad for our kids. It's easy to put together and breakdown, and it's easy to store under the seat. Kids are 2 and 4 years old.

7. Eating Adjustable Swivel Holder Easter

Eating Adjustable Swivel Holder Easter

BMZX will give you a 100% money back guarantee or a 24 month warranty to make sure that this will be your favorite risk free purchase. Please contact them if you have any questions. This is a convenient rotating circular car food tray, provide the convenience of gourmet food for the front and back passengers with their car cup holder table when safely parked in your vehicle. Simple and easy installation. The design is strong and easy to install. You can twist the base of the food tray for the car. Measure the size of your cup holder before purchasing to make sure it fits the size of their base. Each tray for eating has a surface that measures approx. The overall height is suitable for most cars, allowing you to eat and watch TV in a comfortable position, and the phone slot is compatible with most phones. Useful and functioning. The car cup holder tray is small enough to fit in your car, and you can enjoy the meal in the car easily. Their service. They will reply to your questions within 24 hours.

Brand: Aloka

👤This tray is perfect for my cup holder. It's great. My husband has to eat in the car for lunch every day since covid. This is what he needs.

8. JOYTUTUS Steering Multifunctional Organizer Commuters

JOYTUTUS Steering Multifunctional Organizer Commuters

The large capacity design has a 40”L x 36”W x 18”H and is designed for SUVs, minivans, and crossovers. It's perfect for moving and vacations. The flannel pocket at the back of the steering wheel computer desk is designed to fit most vehicles and new steering wheels. The JoyTutus steering wheel desk is a better option than other plastic steering wheel trays because it won't leave a scratch at the steering wheel and there is no need to rotation the steering wheel. You can put the flannel back pocket on the steering wheel. The steering wheel desk is a good place to eat, study, and work in the car. The tray can be installed on the steering wheel and also at the back of the seat. You just need to store it quickly after using it. The car eating tray is a good place to eat your food. The retractable straps on both sides can be adjusted to fit your body shape, so you can find your most comfortable position. It has a small storage pocket and a water cup pocket that can hold water cups, pens, documents, etc. The leather of the laptop stands for car is used in the bottom of the bag so that food sauces and messes can be quickly removed with a wet paper towel. You can now choose Gray and Blue. Don't use this car desk in front of the steering wheel for your safety. The product is patented. You can now choose Gray and Blue. Don't use this car desk in front of the steering wheel for your safety. The product is patented.

Brand: Joytutus

👤This purchase has changed my life. It's so easy to chart in between visiting patients when I'm in a vehicle. I no longer have to contort my body in order to get to the keyboard from my center console. My neck was bent in uncomfortable ways when I sat my tablets on my lap. There is storage space for pens, folders, and badges. This is a product that I love. Genius!

👤It was ready to use immediately after it arrived in a professional package. I clipped the short strap around the Drivers Seat of my car and found the table to be pretty solid to eat on. The table is sturdy enough for your average burger fries and medium drink, which is my primary reason for purchasing. There is a lot of storage for things. I think it would do well. positioning may be needed for each car. I had to move the Drivers Seat up and the back rest forward to get a more level table that was flush with the floor. Refer to my video for clarification. I had to hunch over to grab some food. This is tailgate life, not the Ritz Carlton. It does well for our dining out adventures.

👤I work as a home health nurse. I travel to homes and stay in my car for 8 hours a day. I was looking for a desk that I could use to break my bank account. I read a review and was interested in it. This is perfect. It is easy to use, folds up for easy storage, and wipes easily, and is the best choice I could have made. I have a keyboard with me. They fit well. I am very happy.

👤There is an update Feb 2022. Jenny from Joytutus contacted me. She apologized for the bad user experience, thanked me for bringing it to their attention, and said that they would take it into consideration in the next product upgrade. I will get 50% of the money I paid back, which will be used to modify this. That kind of commitment to customer satisfaction was completely unexpected. I bought this hoping it would help us when we do thedashboard dining thing. Some foods are not good for taking home. We've been eating in the car while they're fresh. The rounded dashboard of our Acura makes it hard to hold a food tray. The tray isn't horizontal even with the steering wheel in its highest position and the driver's seat moved as far back as possible. Only a slim and flat-chested person can lower the tray to a usable position, if you look closely at their photos. I'm not that slim and I have more than my share. The tray is hitting my chest at too much of an angle for assistance. I could modify it to work better, but haven't done it yet. This would be great for use in the back seat if we still had kids.

👤When I have to wait in the car, I bought this laptop case. It is pretty neat. I used it to log on for work while waiting for my kids appointments. It is light and sturdy. I had enough room to put my phone and mouse on it. I would recommend that people who have to travel and wait around and still have to work do so.

9. Pillani Kids Travel Tray Car

Pillani Kids Travel Tray Car

The backseat organizer is the perfect accessory for long road trips, family vacations, or extended rides in the car. Keep your child entertained even on long drives. Their kids travel tray is designed to hold up their iPad or tablets so they can easily watch their favourite shows while giving them the freedom to play, make drawings, and enjoy their food comfortably. It has a mess-free design and comes with 5 original printed games kit and 4 colourful markers to let them explore their creativity through art. The car seat tray for kids is a small size of 16 x 13 x 4.5 inches with easily accessible organization pockets. It sits securely on a child's lap and allows kids to enjoy road trips while drawing with their art supplies, having snacks, or playing with their favorite toys. Parents will be able to enjoy a quiet ride with this tray, as their kids will stay entertained during flights. Premium Quality for Long-Lasting Use is made of high-quality materials to give your kids a travel companion that will last a long time. It is a lightweight and tough material that can keep up with road trip activities for kids. It has a padded shoulder strap for a comfortable carry and a collapsible design for convenience of storage when not in use. The safety of the kids travel tray is guaranteed by the combination of the straps and buckle. Kids won't have to switch places when they get hungry because the Mess-Free & Multipurpose Entertainment gear has a food tray that doubles as a drawing platform. The water bottle holder on the car seat tray is easy to reach. It has a shoulder pad for a comfortable and strain-free carry. The extra high side walls are perfect for kids, measuring 12in in length and 4in in height. If you can't find a special gift for your kid's celebration, give them something that's designed to support their active imaginations. Show your love and care to your kids, nieces, or nephews and get them an ideal present with their car seat table tray for preschoolers. If you click 'add to cart', you will get a table that fits any car seat or booster and can be wrapped up for Christmas or other celebrations. If you can't find a special gift for your kid's celebration, give them something that's designed to support their active imaginations. Show your love and care to your kids, nieces, or nephews and get them an ideal present with their car seat table tray for preschoolers. If you click 'add to cart', you will get a table that fits any car seat or booster and can be wrapped up for Christmas or other celebrations.

Brand: Pillani

👤It was a lifesaver when I bought it for my nephew on our recent trip to Disney World. He doesn't want to sit in a car seat for 7 hours as we travel to Florida. Because of the weird position of the booster seat, it is almost impossible to play on his tablets. It creates an even level or table where my nephew can put his favorite toys and snacks. There were no things falling on the car's floors in front of him. The table is collapsible and takes up no room at all, but it also has plenty of leg/ feet space underneath, so that it isn't uncomfortable at all. I plan on getting a second one for when he is sitting on the couch or on the bed. Excellent product, would recommend it.

👤My child likes the tray. It's easy to keep everything in the tray in the car. Kids should be occupied while traveling. The material is sturdy and has pockets for storage.

👤The table works great as a travel table but the pictures are not accurate, the sides are not rigid as they appear to be, and the child's lap supports it up. It's easy to carry and fold up.

10. CPROSP Multi Function Computer Foldable Portable

CPROSP Multi Function Computer Foldable Portable

If you have a problem with the product, please contact them, they will give you a satisfactory service. They will give the absorbent microfiber towel as a gift. This steering wheel tray is perfect for taking lunch, it's easy to eat something like hamburgers other than finger foods when you get out of the house, or use your truck or car as a mobile office, you can use this as a desk top for writing note or taking order from customers The table is made of heavy duty plastic and can hold a water bottle, large fries, and a whooper size sandwich. It is a good place to hold an electronic device, hold a meal, or read. It takes a few minutes to fold this back seat tray. It's perfect for snacks in the back, no longer needed to think about where to put books and drinks. If you are using this item for someone in the back seat, you need to make sure the front seats have bars. Don't put hot drinks on it, there will always be emergency turns and sharp braking situations, so please don't. The height and angle of the tray can be adjusted according to your convenience, making your journeys more enjoyable and fun. If you have any questions, please contact them. The height and angle of the tray can be adjusted according to your convenience, making your journeys more enjoyable and fun. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Cprosp

👤I got a car desk because it's not safe to eat in public. I eat my food in a parking spot so I can enjoy it while it's still warm. I thought the table would make the car dining experience less of a juggling and balancing act. I put together similar assemblies often. The table cannot be installed in a usable position while you are sitting. I don't want to have to leave the car, so I haven't tried it outside. I tried every possible position for the pivot points and sliding joints. No luck. I don't think this desk is a good idea.

👤Being a real estate agent requires me to use my truck as needed. I had reservations about buying this model, but I have been pleasantly surprised by its stability and function. I use a smaller laptop than most people, but I could see where someone using a large-screened laptop could have an issue with this smaller platform. The desk is in my truck's armrest storage compartment when folded. The steering wheel slot design found in other offerings wouldn't work with the included headrest hooks, so my family could use it in the backseat if they need it. The shiny stiff plastic with which this is made feels like it could become brittle and breakable as the years and temperature-variability of in-vehicle storage take their toll. This is a quality product. I would recommend anyone who is a vehicle-office enthusiast.

👤I use this while driving. I have a 15 pound text book. You can have lunch in your car as well.

👤I don't know what the complaints are about installation. I had it installed and adjusted in 4 minutes. I agree that it could be more sturdy but it is what I need. I have more meals in my car with Covid. Would I trust a large laptop or soft drink for a sandwich and fries? No spills on my clothes. I love it!

👤I love this tray. I drive a Dodge avenger and this fits on the wheel. It's much easier to eat in the car. I would have found this years ago. It can be adjusted in a number of ways to make sure it sits level in front of you. It's not a big deal to leave it in the car when not in use since I don't have passengers. I don't put the drink on the tray just because I don't want to overload it, but it holds a full meal along with either my phone or tablets to watch a video.

👤After buying my new car, I impulsively purchased this one. I'm that guy who can't pass a burger joint at odd times. It's worked well for a few times, it seems secure. It's a bit bulky so you have to fold it up, but at least they give you some options on setting up the desired way it's going to work for you.

👤The tray works well. It can hold a regular plate. A big soup bowl is not heavy. The seat is behind it. There are places for a drink and condiments. It's okay to raise and lower again, but not without some work. I am satisfied with it.

11. Activity Carseat Toddler No Drop Borders

Activity Carseat Toddler No Drop Borders

Children are 12 times more distraction to drivers than talking on a cell phone while at the wheel, according to researchers. The average parent takes their eyes off the road for three minutes and 22 seconds during a 16-minute trip. A car seat table with a stand-alone iPad holder is a must-have for safe travel with children and you can fully concentrate on the road. The work surface is surrounded by walls that prevent toys, pencils, and snacks from ending up on the car floor. It's a great way to reduce stress while your child is happy. There are special slots on the left side for charging cable. Their travel tray has a screen protectors so you don't have to worry about spills on your tablets or phones. There are large side mesh pockets. Extra space for toys, crayons, books, water bottles, snacks and extra large pencil case is provided by the built-in cup,bottle holder and side pockets. There is an extra-large pocket for books, larger toys and personal items. A fun journey for your kids in one carry case which can be securely attached to the front seat headrest for the most stable play and work tables, car seat organizers. The support provided by the Detachable tablet holder enables continuous watching. A portable snack tray is perfect for a long trip. The drawing tray has an innovative layer that can be used for dry erase markers. It's a smart use to organize your travels with play, study, artwork and a tablet. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. A waterproof 600D surface fabric protects from heavy smelling and is easy to clean up. The side pockets can be secured to the bottom of the tray, and the walls can be removed to make it easier to store.

Brand: Witrip

👤The tray is great for traveling. I got it for my child. He likes to write on the dry erase board. More art work has been done on this tray by him. The side walls are high and soft. He likes to keep his pencils and coloring books in his large side pockets. The plastic smell of the tray I got before was terrible, I couldn't stand it in the car. This one doesn't have that smell. It was a life saver for a 7 hour flight, and I love the fact that it is portable. Great purchase!

👤Quality control is lacking. The white board tray is peeling. There is a black mark on the packaging that is fresh out of the packaging. The outer fabric is discolored. Haven't used it yet, it's messed up! I am not sure if it will hold up to my rough toddler, or even if it will be cleaned if it is peeling already. It isn't even competitively/ cheaply priced compared to other options. I don't recommend.

👤This thing was what we needed for our road trip. This thing was a life saver when we traveled 1300 miles. It held up well to a lot of things. It was easy to clean when we got home. Our daughter was kept entertained and was nice to have some snacks in traffic. You have to peel off the plastic layer to use the white board. We did not have bubbles or cardboard in plastic, and we had no problem peeling it off. It worked well. We bought a package of markers that worked great.

👤A road trip with a 17 months old was a life saver. I ended up with snacks all over the seat and her toys didn't fall to the floor cups.

👤It seems like it will be great for our road trip. The dry erase board is not smooth and it is bubbled up. It is wrinkled and you can push the air bubbles around on the tray. I think the tray will be great for other things, but not for drawing on with dry erase markers, that is a deal breaker for me.

👤My child loved this tray on our road trip. It was great for drawing and coloring. We keep our iPad in a foam protectors case that is hard to get on and off, so we didn't use the iPad holder. He was able to hold it up on the tray. I thought the pockets on the hanging sides were going to be stiff like the foam walls on the top. I was wrong, but it was fine. We are going to keep it in the car because he enjoyed it so much. Great product. It was well made. Would definitely recommend.

👤This is not a white board. A piece of cardboard has a sheet of plastic over it. I expected better quality for this price. Not happy at all.

👤It was great to start. It was bought for a long trip. Lasted two days. The plastic coating on the dry erase board crinkled so badly that it could not be removed.


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