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1. Britax View N Go Backseat Organizer Tablet

Britax View N Go Backseat Organizer Tablet

IPads and other tablets fit up to 15 inches behind a non toxic, non PVC touch sensitive viewing panel. Easy entry ports for headphones or charging cords are included in the 9 mesh pockets. It is easy to attach the back of most vehicle seats with the straps. Crash tested and approved for use with Britax car seats. The dimensions are 13.14 inch L x 22.84 inch H x 0.4 inch W. The dimensions are 13.14 inch L x 22.84 inch H x 0.4 inch W.

Brand: Britax

👤I wanted my girls to be able to watch movies on long car trips. It says on the box not to use on the front of the seat, but I assume it means as a kick mat, which is not what we are using it for. Adding aftermarket seat covers from the car seat manufacturer is not allowed and may make the seat installation unsafe for your child. I put it on the front of the center bench seat of the Honda odyssey and it fit perfectly. The material is strong and tough, so no worries with it coming undone. The only thing I disliked about the pocket was its glossy appearance. It's so shiny that you can't see what's on the screen, even with tinted windows. It works for what I wanted it to do. Definitely recommend.

👤This is the only product of its kind that I know of that has been crash tested, so that's the most important factor in me buying a second one now that we're done with this one, but trying to connect this thing to the front of a seat for a rearfacing

👤I specifically purchased a britax product because of their priority on safety. I trust that britax makes the safest products on the market, because many such items are not crash tested and wouldn't be safe in case of an accident. It is easy to use. The spot for a tablets is sticky so it's nice and snug inside. I am very happy with it.

👤We have used this as a break glass on long cross country trips and have used it for longer drives in the car. I am happy to report that my surface pro 3 is in there. I can put a mouse in the sleeve and have it plugged in. It is not air tight and the device is a little warm, but nothing more than a phone in a case. If the product broke, we would definitely come here for another one.

👤It wasn't right with my head rest. I eventually got it to stay. My son liked using it because he didn't have to look down to watch his device. It can hold a lot.

👤This was a game-changer for long drives because it held toys, books, sunglasses and an iPad with a kid show.

👤Well made and does a good job. You have to put it around your seat to work. Would prefer a different method.

👤This thing works well and is excellent for the price, even though it has occasional glare.

👤I've tried many of these things. The jolly jumper version is perfect. It works amazing. It fits my front seat perfectly. The screen is high so little feet can't kick it.

👤I bought this for long trips. My daughter will have her iPad with her.

👤I could not find a car screen holder that was close to the car.

👤It does the job, but only a bit.

2. Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Circa

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Circa

Easy installation: Patented click tight makes it easy to install a car seat. No rethreading, ever: Quick adjust 14 position harness with click and safe, snug indicator gives a click sound when the harness is tight. An audible click is given when you pull to the proper tightness. The shoulder width is 16 inches. The steel frame and impact absorbing base are surrounded in safety. It fits. The rear facing 5 to 40 pounds and the forward facing 20 to 65 pounds are both dimensions. Buckle strap depths are 5.25"/7". Buckle strap depths are 5.25"/7".

Brand: Britax

👤After only three weeks of using the brand new seat, I decided to remove my baby from it because the seat belt was not holding up. I don't know if it's a coincidence or if it's life threatening in the case of a crash, either way it's a problem with the seat I bought. I returned it through Amazon and will contact Britax with photos and video. Attached is a photo.

👤My goal in a convertible car seat was to be safe, easy to install, and easy to use, but also something that didn't take up too much space (both width and length), and a cover that could be removed easily for cleaning. The Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat, the Chicco Next Fit Zip Convertible Car Seat, and the Diono Radian 3RXT are all in the $250-$300 range, and were my top choices after a lot of research. I kept the Britax because none of the 4 had what I was hoping for. I wanted a convertible car seat that fit in the middle seat with a chicco keyfit 30 on one side and a passenger on the other with a comfortable level of comfort, but I didn't want it to be too big. I installed each seat I purchased in the middle seat next to the chicco keyfit 30 and my reviews are based off of this position. I hope that my efforts can help others. I didn't rate these seats by any of the companies or sellers, my hope is to help others in a similar situation. The seats have pictures in order from left to right. I was impressed with the ease with which the seatbelt was fastened. The seatbelt is the recommended method and I didn't try it with the anchors. It kept the seat secure in the window or the middle seat. The seat in my car covered the window-seat belt, so a third passenger option is impossible unless you purchase an extender, which is what I decided to do. The cooler material option that I ordered is not cool as there are small circles cut out of the top layer of material and I can imagine it being a mess in the future. I can't comment on the material's actual benefit since it's possible that the child could get crumb-hoarding in hot climates. It's not a problem to figure out where the indicator should be when it's rear vs. front facing. The cover is easy to remove, but there are a few separate pieces to be removed which could be nice if only one part needs to be washed. The shoulder belt insert can be adjusted with the changing height of the child. I had high hopes for this one since I have been a fan of the Keyfit 30. I was expecting more with the high price. The zip-off cover is very useful. I couldn't get a safe installation of the seat in my car because it was difficult to install and it was next to an infant car seat. The installation behind the passenger seat was easy. I was not able to tighten it enough to be safe and forward facing, and it was difficult to get the seatbelt tight enough for a stable ride. I was able to put the seatbelt on when the seat was in the middle of the backseat. It was a bit more cosier than the Britax Boulevard, but it was still open for fastening because of the base and fastening connections. It is easy to change the recline. Instructions for leveling are clear. Consumer Reports did not give the Diono Radian 3RXT a very good rating, but they did give it a good rating because of the ease of installation. If you want to sit 3 across, this is a great option. It is very heavy, can fold up a bit for easier storage, and has a lower profile as shown in the photos. It can take up more space when rear facing so the passengers in the front will lose more leg space as compared to these other seats. I wanted to like this one enough to keep it, but the cover is more complex to remove and it just takes a lot more effort and time. I would buy this as a third seat if I had to put 3 across in my car. It would be difficult to get it installed and for the child to use the in-car seatbelt unless you get an extension. The SureRide DLX carseat is not as good as the others. I would expect one with a much more reasonable price. The weight is the biggest pro. My sister-in-law has 5 children and she loves this seat. She likes the ease of cleaning the cover and this one is the easiest compared to the others. It is very difficult to get the seat secure with it in the middle next to the chicco keyfit 30, like the chicco nextfit and diono. Britax thought the Britax was about 1/2 and inch smaller than the next fit. I will probably buy one of these in the future to use as a travel seat when flying and to prevent damage to my nicer car seat.

3. Car Seat Travel Bag Backpack

Car Seat Travel Bag Backpack

The baby safety car seat bag is 34x18x18 inches and is compatible with almost all major brands of car seats. All your needs are met with the completely accommodate booster seat, toddler car seat and convertible car seat. The foldable carseat storage bag has a built in pouch when not in use. This kind of premium material is water-resistance, tear- resistant and extremely lightweight, strong enough for long-term use. Full function. Kid carseat cover protectors will keep your kid carseat out of harm's way. The padded backpack straps make carrying more comfortable. It's easy to get a large car seat into a small bag. The car seat baggage check bag is a good help for your travel, it's hands-free carrying, it's a perfect solution for your flight or car trip, and it keeps your carseat free from nasty crud during transit/relocating. Save your money and troubles by using fees. One car seat, a duffel bag, and a personalized luggage tab are included. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact them, they will be happy to resolve them. One car seat, a duffel bag, and a personalized luggage tab are included. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact them, they will be happy to resolve them.

Brand: Profaster

👤I bought this bag to hold my child's car seat and 2 boosters. If I wasn't using it, my stroller would fit in it. It is large and has a flap with a clip. Everything was in place. Don't expect your items to be completely safe because it doesn't have any padding. It made walking through the airport much easier for my husband as he wore it like a backpack. My brother, who has no children, was impressed.

👤I have traveled with this bag twice and it has made our trips easier. It had fuel dumped on it when it was in transit. The entire bag was soaked in fuel. Thankfully, it kept my jacket out of our car seat. The quality of this bag saves us from having to buy a new car seat and jacket, because I am so grateful for it. We will be buying a new bag. It is easy to store and fold. I recommend this product for car seat protection.

👤They look nice at first, but they are made of cheap fabric. The car seat hitting the back of your legs makes it impossible to walk and pinching your neck shoulders, because of where the strap placement is. If you try to carry the bag with hand, the car seat will flop around in there, making it awkward. We had to tie the string ties back up after they broke on the flight. I'm amazed our car seats didn't lose pieces, the bags ripped and over four spots each. I expected better for the price and to be able to use them again. I should have bought a cheap bag.

👤Excellent product that protects your child's seat. I tried it on a long flight and it worked out well. The option to fold it inside the puch makes it very convenient to store. My child's car seat was new and there were no scratches or stains. The two backpack straps allow you to carry it around the airport as a backpack while you use your hands to pull your bags, stroller, etc. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to take their car seat on an international flight.

👤We looked for a new bag after the southwest bag developed a tear. We wanted to find one with double shoulder straps. I chose this one because it has a top flap that can close and it has draw string openings. The draw strings are so stiff that the top opening does not close all the way, and there is a big gap no matter how hard you pull. The cheap plastic buckle for the top flap is not very good and does not click. If you can't close the opening and secure the flap, any items in the bag other than the car seat can fall out. The bag seems to be strong. It's just the first impression, so it's not a trip yet. I'm hesitant to use it because of the fear of losing stuff. We will most likely find another product before the trip.

4. Britax B Lively Double Stroller Compatible

Britax B Lively Double Stroller Compatible

There is a new side by side double stroller with improved features. The travel system is compatible with a Britax or BOB infant car seat. The lightweight stroller has all wheel suspension, a parking brake, and a self-standing quick fold. Extra-large storage basket, 6 pockets, independent reclining seats, and UV canopies. Buckle strap depth is 4.5 and the seat's birth to 50 pounds each seat maximum. For children up to 6 years. For children up to 6 years.

Brand: Britax

👤Do not buy any of their strollers. When you fold the stroller up, the connecting pieces don't stay on it. Which leads to airlines or any transportation losing the adaptor pieces. When you call Britax for a replacement part, they are very rude and tell you they don't have any more. They don't know when they will have more. My stroller and carseat are useless together. Save your money and find a company that cares about their customers. I spent 2 hours on the phone with Britax and was promised that a manger would call me back. There was nothing they could do for me. I repeat - spread your money around.

👤We love this stroller. I bought the Uppa Baby strollers because they were the best. They were heavy and had to be remembered in order to assemble the stroller every time we used it. The double stroller and all its parts took up my entire Ford expedition trunk. We didn't use the stroller because it was so expensive. The Britax B is lively double. It is light weight, one piece, easy to fold and takes up very little space in my trunk, it is the perfect marriage of several key points. I didn't think I would like a wider stroller. Kids can't grow and stretch their legs. I have yet to find a place that I could walk through. Both kids are very close to me. I felt like my toddler was in a different zip code because I couldn't see her, but it sounds silly. I can shop for my family of 8 without a cart because of the enormous basket on this stroller. I have a Britax seat that can fit in this stroller, but my baby car seat can not because it only has an accessory for a Britax seat. It is not a big deal to simply carry the baby. On occasion, I have put my infant in a carrier and my 8 year old gift pound son has hopped in for a ride with no problem. This stroller was clearly designed by a real mom with real life challenges, it looks sleek, turns on a dime, and doesn't require my husband and I to rendezvous at the trunk and struggle to assemble the many pieces and adaptors. You will not regret the purchase.

👤I'm not happy that the double stroller doesn't have an accessory for the britax car seat. The only reason we bought this was because of the stroller with the carseat. I'm mostly to blame for not reading the product description. There is so much in the middle of the page that I focus on price and go to Q&A and reviews. There are several responses from the manufacturer that make it sound like it comes with the car seat accessory, but from the Q&A it doesn't specify if the question is for the single stroller or double stroller. We bought it because we thought it was the most logical thing to do, but the double stroller is not any better than any of the other strollers out there. 1. Why would I want a stroller without a carseat? If my kids are big enough to not need a stroller that is too reclined, I would get a different stroller. 2. Is this a car seat manufacturer? Shouldn't the focus be on the products that work well with their carseats? 3. It makes no sense to me that the single stroller adaptor is $90 and the double stroller adaptor is not compatible. I immediately returned it after I realized my mistake. Don't make the same mistake.

5. Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Cover

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Cover

The Boulevard ClickTight Convertible cover set is a good backup or to refresh an older car seat. The cover set only includes the seat cover, headrest, and two comfort pads. It is compatible with only Britax Boulevard ClickTight convertible car seats. The dimensions are 22.75” L x 5.5” H x 21.5” W. The dimensions are 22.75” L x 5.5” H x 21.5” W.

Brand: Britax

👤Absolutely love this seat! The seat is easy to install and adjust from one child to the next, I love it, I have two grandsons who are infants and one who is a toddler. Installation is easy and the babies like to be in this car seat and I highly recommend it.

👤It looks like a brand new seat. There is a new black cover on the left.

👤The cover is not what you get. You get the cover. It will not stay on the Boulevard seat. This is not true marketing.

👤Britax is always good. The cover gave life to the boulevard. The material is plush and looks great.

👤It's easy to install. My daughter loves it because of how comfortable it is. It is definitely worth the money.

👤My son's britax boulevard was perfectly fit by this cover.

👤The back window broke and sent glass all over the carseat. I didn't want to buy a completely new carseat, but I did want to wash the cover. I checked the cover only. I was happy to find this one. I was a little worried that it wouldn't fit. I bought it. I bought it because it fits perfectly. If you need another cover for your carseat, I highly recommend buying this because it's a gender neutral color and it's not the original that stinks to the high heavens. BUY IT! It is a great purchase.

👤100% recomendado para renovar los forros.

6. Highpoint 2 Stage Belt Positioning Booster Ventilating

Highpoint 2 Stage Belt Positioning Booster Ventilating

2-in-1 The highpoint belt-positioning high back booster car seat is easy to covert to a backless booster to keep your child safer. Cool ride. A ride with plush foam padding and Cool flow ventilated mesh fabric is a great ride for a big kid. 40 - 120 pounds and up to 63" height are ideal. The big kid has foam padding and arm rests. There are 3 layers of side impact protection. There are 3 layers of side impact protection.

Brand: Britax

👤After reading about a 5 year old who was internally decapitated by a cheap booster seat, I immediately researched and ordered a new one the next day. I haven't had it long but it's great. I have a booster seat that is triple enforced on the side and it is a much more robust product than the other ones. I feel good about investing in my daughter's safety. The booster is still fantastic almost 9 months later. The car looks new and easy to use. Everyone loves it and I have recommended it to many friends.

👤We will never skimp on car seats and always get the best of the best. Britax is for us. Always. It is a no braineR choice for us because of the ease of use. When I bought a spare vehicle, I returned it because it was terrible, but I couldn't get it installed. People were complaining about the color. It is grey enough for me. I could see how it would look in some lights. Maybe? I have three girls so I wasn't worried. If you are thinking about spending money to get a Britax, do it. You will never regret spending money on a car seat, but you may regret not buying the best one if something happens. Britax is the best to buy.

👤Going from a low back booster to a high back booster was a challenge. I like the security of a car seat. I needed safety, comfort and two cup holders because my son outgrew them. There are not many brands with cup holders. The quality and luxury of the Graco is something that grandparents have. Absolutely recommend. I don't get to receive for free. 5 year old can use it on his own.

👤I have an older version where the back doesn't come off. My daughter and I were tired of exchanging seats all the time. I didn't mind spending the money because I knew my daughter would be safe. I like the brand of the car seat. Excellent product! It's easy to install and comfortable. My daughter is 7 years old and will be able to fit for awhile.

👤I needed the next stage for my daughter, but they all seem flimsy. The Britax infant carrier is worth the money. I was correct. The seat is rock solid. The seat is soft to the touch and resembles memory foam. The sides by her head are the same. My 6 year old is very comfortable with the latch system. It's worth the extra money for safety and quality. I ordered #2 for the car.

👤The seat is great but the top headrest is not gray. Not happy with the quality issue.

👤This is the first Britax booster for my 6 year old. The quality is inline with previous Britax seats. The sides of the head cushion could use more padding. The seats were used for a few days and we took a 1 hour road trip. My kid was complaining about his back every minute on the trip. He is not picky. The edge of the back was where the ALOT was stuck out. I will give it a few more days of break and try a few things. If things don't work out, I will return this item. I'm surprised the rating for this is above 3 stars on Amazon, it's a design issue.

7. Britax Stroller Organizer Holders Black

Britax Stroller Organizer Holders Black

The lightweight stroller organizer has a large center storage compartment with silent magnetic closure for snacks or diaper bags, and 3 easily accessible outer pockets for small items like cell phones and keys. The cup holders keep drinks cold and baby bottles warm. All Britax strollers and most major stroller brands have straps fastened onto their handles. The stroller folds and collapses for easy storage. The cup holders are 6 inches deep and fit the stroller handles from 13 to 21 inches wide. The cup holders are 6 inches deep and fit the stroller handles from 13 to 21 inches wide.

Brand: Britax

👤I need an organizer for my baby Jogger City Select stroller. I couldn't decide between the Britax stroller organizers and the Pure Bliss stroller organizers, so I bought both at the same time. I kept the Britax and sent the Pure Bliss back. Material and sewing on Britax is a bit better. There were some sloppy stitches on the Pure Bliss model. Britax has a metal bar around the top that helps hold the organizers shape. The magnetic snap is closed by this. There is no support or structure to the bag to help it hold the magnets. The size, the pockets, the insulation, the Velcro straps were all very close to the same. There was a microfiber lining on the center outer pocket. I can't imagine fitting sunglasses in there, even if that reviewer mentioned it for sunglasses. Half of my phone is not in there. The insulated cup holders had a different size. The Britax has larger cup holders. It works well with a standard baby bottle if you have a larger water bottle or fountain drink. My thermos is easy to fit in the hole with no struggle. I have attached some photos for reference. The Britax is behind the PureBliss in the first one. The Britax has a sharper shape in the center flap. The rubber ducky is in the pocket in the second photo. The pocket is roomy and slightly padded, and it fits the same in both models. The cup holders are visible in the third photo. The Britax has larger cup holders than Pure Bliss. The fourth photo shows how the organizers look. They work on my stroller with the handle extended, but prevent it from reclining. I have to pull the organizers back to allow the seatback to recline. I've gotten used to it. I'm happy with this style of organizing. The outer pocket holds my phone, the snap pocket holds my keys, and the cup holder holds my drinks. There is too much to choose from in the world of baby gear. I hope this helps you make an informed decision.

👤The Britax stroller organizers have plenty of storage, a strong magnetic closure and insulated drink holders that are easy to fit my water bottle in. I bought the Britax, Momcozy, and E&E stroller organizers. I kept the Britax because it's magnetic closure on the top pocket was strong and worked better than the one on the E&E. The extra bag on the base was not necessary for my needs and did not make up for the center main pocket not staying shut. Both the Momcozy and the E&E have nice zip-off cases. My S10 wouldn't fit well because they are so small. The Britax had open pockets on the front. The middle pocket is where my phone fits easily. The drink holders are easy to fit into and the fast food drink cups are not stuck as they were in the E&E. Even though the Britax stroller has a drink holder and caddy built into the handle, it fit well on the Chicco®Bravo® LE Stroller. The stroller was fully reclined and it worked well. Britax is my top choice. If you don't mind a bag that doesn't have pockets to quickly slide items into or out, I would choose the Momcozy. All of the organizers fold up with the stroller. The organizers are the same as the stroller.

8. Seat Travel Carrier Check Pouch

Seat Travel Carrier Check Pouch

The dirt and grease in airport loading bays can be dangerous for your car. The car seat travel bag is easy to clean. The gate check bag is bright orange and easy to spot. The bag is 36" long X 18" high and 18" deep. It helps to protect the contents. It's important for travel. A handy travel pouch is folded up. It's easy to slip into your handbag or hand baggage when you're not using it. It's important to remember that weight is everything when traveling, avoid bulky or padded wheelie car seat travel bags. Clean well fitted car seat. Happy children! This carseat bag will protect your investment in a very expensive car seat which may be prone to dirt and damage when flying. The new design of double handle and pitchforks. The bag now has a double handle and a shoulder strap. The bag is supposed to be used for Gate Check at the airport. The bag is supposed to be used for Gate Check at the airport.

Brand: Alnoor Usa

👤I bought two for the trip. It was easy to store and liked the bright orange color. The straps on the car seat aren't adjusted so you can't cinch it tighter so that it doesn't sway as you walk. The strap came apart on the return flight. The closing is not very secure and it takes a while for it to open back up. Good idea, but wouldn't buy again.

👤It was easy to find her seat on the first flight with a baby. It's still intact after the two flights. We have one of the biggest infant seats made and it still had plenty of room for a toddler seat later on.

👤I got this at the last moment to take a booster and three beach chairs to south Florida. There is a travel umbrella on the beach. There is plenty of room to spare. Make sure you pull the nylon cord tight so you can double knot it. I was able to carry it in my back and suitcases. Highly recommended!

👤It has made four flights on planes so far and is in great shape.

👤The last few flights on the airplane. A hole began to wear in the bottom of the bag after the fourth trip. It is either not great quality or the airlines are rough with bags.

👤This was a great carrier. It's easy to put the seat in.

👤The bag was used at the airline. There is not much protection because the material is think. Our Grace 4ever was too heavy and we have fathers who gate check. The straps help. The bag was not fully closed to prevent dirt from getting on the car seat because the cinch top wouldn't fully cinch. It was great for our trip. I would like the straps to be a little more snug.

👤The bag is large. It's a breeze to carry the carseat through the airport and on shuttles because there's plenty of room left over. Absolutely would recommend!

9. Britax Allegiance Stage Convertible Static

Britax Allegiance Stage Convertible Static

Installation of a car seat is easy because of the push button latch connectors and built in lock offs. No rethreading, ever: Quick adjust 10 position harness with headrest grows along with your child. Remove the car seat cover without removing the harness. Side impact protection, steel frame, impact absorbing base, and forward movement are designed for safety. It fits. The rear facing 5 to 40 pounds and the forward facing 20 to 65 pounds are 26 x 18 x 21 inches. It fits. The rear facing 5 to 40 pounds and the forward facing 20 to 65 pounds are 26 x 18 x 21 inches.

Brand: Britax

👤The seat is FAA approved, but can't be used with a seatbelt. The seat is designed so that the belt goes between the plastic shell and the cushion, which means that the seatbelt installation cannot be done when the baby is in the carseat. The plane buckle ends up under the baby's back or bottom. No way around it. I tried different types of aircraft from 2 different companies, but nothing worked. This is a design flaw for a seat that is approved by the FAA. It hasn't been tested for airplane travel.

👤I returned my Extend2fit because I couldn't get my daughters straps to fit against her chest. The carseat is easy to adjust. The straps loosen and tighten just as easily with the simple press of the lever. After fighting with the Extend2Fit, it was a relief to know that it was not right. The manual says to be reclined all the way into the third position for rear facing, which was ridiculously easy just like everything else about this seat, so ignore the review that says "does not recline", because the "recline" bar is bright red and says "RECLINE" The best thing about this carseat is that it doesn't have to be threaded at babys shoulders. The back of the seat has a panel that clicks up and down to adjust the height of the straps. It could not be any harder. I had to remove the gray flexible chest straps because my daughter is small and they couldn't fit against her belly. The booklet said that they were designed for when your child is forward facing, as they are an extra shock absorbing safety feature. The seat is easy to adjust, and as a mother I feel more confident that my daughter will be safe in it. I would have gotten this instead if I had known what I know now, because I would have wasted time looking for a sale price on that one.

👤My son is 1.5 years old and I have used the Britax Allegiance with him since day one, and now use it for my daughter. These car seats are very easy to install. I used a Gracco car seat at the in-laws when we were there and it was very cheap and not very sturdy. The only way Britax could improve on this car seat is if they made it recline at more of an angle for infants. When we brought the children home from the hospital, they were almost sitting upright because there was not enough angle. These car seats are not included.

👤This carseat is so exciting! Love the cushion behind the seatbelt. It was easy to install.

👤We love our Britax car seats. Our kids are comfortable in them and we don't worry about their safety when using them. They fit into all of our vehicles, from our small sedan to minivan.

👤I own 5 britax car seats for my 6 grandsons and will only buy this brand in the future. I have ever bought a car seat that was the safest and most durable.

10. Britax Emblem Stage Convertible Seat

Britax Emblem Stage Convertible Seat

Installation of a car seat is easy because of the push button Latch connectors and built in lock offs. No rethreading, ever: Quick adjust 10 position harness with headrest grows along with your child. Remove the car seat cover without removing the harness. The shoulder width is 13 inches. 2 layers of side impact protection, steel frame, impact absorbing base, and forward movement are designed for safety. The shoulder width is 13 inches and the dimensions are 26 H x 18 W x 21 D. The shoulder width is 13 inches and the dimensions are 26 H x 18 W x 21 D.

Brand: Britax

👤I recommend this car seat, I was in an accident with my five year old and spun around, but this car seat did not hurt him, he was more surprised about the noise than I was, luckily we are both okay. I bought the same carseat for my child that I already had, please anchor them in so the carseat does its job.

👤My child is able to loosen the straps. Is this a design flaw? Is anyone else having this experience? Britax needs to address this immediately.

👤I was very upset to find that my straps were no longer strong. I contacted Britax costumer service very angry and they said that a rat probably chewed them. I was insulted that they would think a rat was in my car. I'm pretty sure I've felt my seat on my porch overnight, and it's full of crumbs, so they're probably right. They immediately sent me replacement straps. I am very proud of myself. It's a good seat.

👤I can't imagine putting a baby in this seat. I feel very unsafe doing that. My 11 month old is still sitting up after I reclined it all the way. It is inexpensive and shows in the design. It is easy to install the Nuna rava at home because it is the same way. We bought this as an extra car seat so that we wouldn't have to fly with ours every time we go to Boston, where our family lives. I am buying the Rava here as well. If you want to install it and make it uncomfortable for your baby, you shouldn't buy this car seat. My son falls asleep in his carseat at home because it is inclined, but he hasn't.

👤My daughter insisted that this brand was the best. It's difficult to install. I wouldn't buy this brand again. My granddaughter can't even move her seat because of the padded shoulder straps. She doesn't complain because she's very good natured. I can't imagine her having to ride for a long time.

👤I researched the best car seat for my toddler. The baby gear lab car seat had one of the highest crash test ratings. The seat adjusts with a click of a button. The install is easy. The click tight function is not present. I don't mind that it had a higher crash test rating than the other britax seats. I bought a second seat to use between her dad and grandmothers car.

👤I hate this car seat. I would return if I could. There are straps that are tangled. It is very difficult to adjust. It's not clear how you should install the seat belt. I don't like it!

👤Our first born outgrew his infant car seat so we bought this. Great husband had no issues with installing. It's easy to get him in and out of our truck, but I have a hard time reaching it.

👤Me gust mucho y super mis expctativas, excelente calIDAD y FCIL USO.

11. Britax B Ready G3 Stroller Pistachio

Britax B Ready G3 Stroller Pistachio

Double seating with the same mobility as a single stroller is a versatile design. The B Ready Bassinet, Britax Infant Car Seats, or B Ready Second Seat come with 12 seating options. The travel system is compatible with all Britax and BOB infant car seats. An extra large UV 50+ canopy, a handlebar, and a storage basket are included. Birth to 55 pounds; maximum unfolded stroller dimensions are 44 L x 24 W x 43.25 H inches. The body has 80 percent of foam and 20 percent of fiber. The body has 80 percent of foam and 20 percent of fiber.

Brand: Britax

👤The B-Ready stroller is easy to use, well made, and versatile. When you are trying to understand what additional accessories you need to transport two little ones in the stroller at the same time, the different seating arrangements can be very confusing. I wish someone had told me a year ago about some thoughts and tips. The B-Ready stroller is versatile. It has two different seating positions that can seat an infant or a toddler. The upper position is straightforward: the included seat will fit a toddler, or you can use a compatible infant car seat. If you want to use the lower seating position, you need to purchase a lower infant car seat accessory. The "B-Ready Second Seat" is required to place a Todler in the lower position. The B-Ready Second Seat is required to put a toddler in the lower position because the stroller's seat can only be installed in the upper spot. I had a hard time deciding what seating configuration made the most sense for our two children. There are pros and cons to each configuration. Toddler on top, infant seat on bottom, requires the purchase of the lower infant car seat adapter, and it's the main advantage that your toddler will have a better view than in the lower position, where he would be staring at the bottom of the infant seat above him. An infant in the lower position is less likely to complain about the view. - If you want to continue using the stroller in double-decker mode, you will need to purchase the B-Ready Second Seat because your infant will become a toddler eventually. The B-Ready Second Seat requires the purchase of the Infant seat on top, toddler on bottom, and there are two main disadvantages. Since you already have two toddler seats, you won't have to purchase anything else to use the stroller with both kids. If your kids are too far apart in age, the stroller will not be an issue if your younger one is out of the infant seat. We're going to need both toddler positions with an 18-month spread. You have to consider whether you want to lose your storage space, what kind of view your toddler will have, and whether you want to purchase one additional accessory or two. Hopefully this will clear up some confusion so you don't get confused like I did a year ago.

👤I had a previous britax. I used it as a double stroller for over four years and we used it as a single. A total of 6 years of use. We were able to fit the britax infant car seat in to the stroller base. I liked it. We wore it to the edge. It was done. The newer model was the top choice when we got pregnant with another child. It was a bit pricey. I waited for it to drop. I loved the former model so much that we landed on the b- ready again. The first thing I saw was it. The frame is a bit bulkier. I was a bit disappointed with the newborn and school drop offs. Lifting it up to the suburban is difficult. I was getting so frustrated that it was in the car waiting for our baby to arrive. It should be flat but it isn't. This is a design flaw. It is banging around like a teter totter. Sometimes I want to stop the car and throw it out. It is loud and annoying. The other thing is that we had to get a car seat that could fit in the stroller base, so we got a car seat that could. Even without a baby in the car seat it is difficult to align it and set it in its place. I can not imagine a six month old trying to do it. I am not weak or small. It would be more difficult for a smaller person. I need to be able to put the car seat on quickly. I wish the box was still there. I could return it. I am pretty disappointed.


What is the best product for car seat travel cart britax?

Car seat travel cart britax products from Britax. In this article about car seat travel cart britax you can see why people choose the product. Britax and Profaster are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat travel cart britax.

What are the best brands for car seat travel cart britax?

Britax, Britax and Profaster are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat travel cart britax. Find the detail in this article. Britax, Britax and Britax are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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