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1. Britax Allegiance Stage Convertible Seat

Britax Allegiance Stage Convertible Seat

Installation of a car seat is easy because of the push button latch connectors and built in lock offs. No rethreading, ever: Quick adjust 10 position harness with headrest grows along with your child. Remove the car seat cover without removing the harness. Side impact protection, steel frame, impact absorbing base, and forward movement are designed for safety. It fits. The rear facing 5 to 40 pounds and forward facing 20 to 65 pounds are dimensions.

Brand: Britax

👤The seat is FAA approved, but can't be used with a seatbelt. The seat is designed so that the belt goes between the plastic shell and the cushion, which means that the seatbelt installation cannot be done when the baby is in the carseat. The plane buckle ends up under the baby's back or bottom. No way around it. I tried different types of aircraft from 2 different companies, but nothing worked. This is a design flaw for a seat that is approved by the FAA. It hasn't been tested for airplane travel.

👤I returned my Extend2fit because I couldn't get my daughters straps to fit against her chest. The carseat is easy to adjust. The straps loosen and tighten just as easily with the simple press of the lever. After fighting with the Extend2Fit, it was a relief to know that it was not right. The manual says to be reclined all the way into the third position for rear facing, which was ridiculously easy just like everything else about this seat, so ignore the review that says "does not recline", because the "recline" bar is bright red and says "RECLINE" The best thing about this carseat is that it doesn't have to be threaded at babys shoulders. The back of the seat has a panel that clicks up and down to adjust the height of the straps. It could not be any harder. I had to remove the gray flexible chest straps because my daughter is small and they couldn't fit against her belly. The booklet said that they were designed for when your child is forward facing, as they are an extra shock absorbing safety feature. The seat is easy to adjust, and as a mother I feel more confident that my daughter will be safe in it. I would have gotten this instead if I had known what I know now, because I would have wasted time looking for a sale price on that one.

👤My son is 1.5 years old and I have used the Britax Allegiance with him since day one, and now use it for my daughter. These car seats are very easy to install. I used a Gracco car seat at the in-laws when we were there and it was very cheap and not very sturdy. The only way Britax could improve on this car seat is if they made it recline at more of an angle for infants. When we brought the children home from the hospital, they were almost sitting upright because there was not enough angle. These car seats are not included.

👤This carseat is so exciting! Love the cushion behind the seatbelt. It was easy to install.

👤We love our Britax car seats. Our kids are comfortable in them and we don't worry about their safety when using them. They fit into all of our vehicles, from our small sedan to minivan.

👤I own 5 britax car seats for my 6 grandsons and will only buy this brand in the future. I have ever bought a car seat that was the safest and most durable.

2. BRITAX S09790900 Stroller Organizer

BRITAX S09790900 Stroller Organizer

The stroller has a large center storage compartment with a silent magnetic closing. 3 easily accessible outer pockets for small items Two insulated cup holders keep drinks cold and baby bottles warm. All Britax strollers and most major stroller brands have straps fastened onto their handles. The stroller folds and collapses for easy storage. The stroller folds and collapses for easy storage.

Brand: Britax

👤This is perfect for my stroller.

👤It's a bag. It gets the job done.

👤I wanted to use this to keep my wallet, keys and phone handy but only use it for 1/3. I wish there was more room for the middle compartment because the straps connect to the handlebars. The middle compartment is not big enough to hold most wallet so you need to put individual cards in it. The magnetic closing is convenient. The cup holders are small and won't fit my water bottle. You can fold the stroller.

👤I bought this add on for our stroller to hold cup holders. I didn't like carrying my coffee around. It is great for holding drinks but very deep, my Tim hortons large sticks out. Extra large coffees fit better. The centre compartment is small but works well for a few bucks.

👤It seems flimsy. The stitching is not strong enough. It felt like it would break the stitching when you pulled it tight. Will review after a few months.

👤I thought it was amazing. The product doesn't work. It hangs from the handle bar, so if you go over a driveway, your coffee will spill. They need to make one with a more stable grip.

👤It was a perfect fit and went on without a hitch. The reason I gave it 3 was because your drinks can't be full when in the holder. You have to put drinks in a container to prevent spills. It does the job.

3. Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Ashton

Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Ashton

The child's shoulder width is 16 inches, the child's rear facing height is 7.6 to 18.65 inches, and the child's forward facing shoulder width is 12 to 18.65 inches. No retreading, ever: 14 position harness, 2 position buckle for a comfortable fit as your child grows. Hand wash. The best vehicle installation angle is ensured by the 7 recline positions. A steel frame and impact absorbing base are surrounded in safety. It fits. The rear facing 5 to 40 pounds and the forward facing 20 to 65 pounds are both dimensions. It fits. The rear facing 5 to 40 pounds and the forward facing 20 to 65 pounds are both dimensions.

Brand: Britax

👤Call the manufacturer. We bought it because it says it can be rear facing. The instruction manual says the same, but the sticker on the car seat says not to do it if you're over 20 lbs. After we threw away our previous car seat, we installed this one. It's a snug fit for our 20 lbs son rear facing.

👤I bought this because I read good reviews, installed it, and was very happy with it, but then I bought a second convertible car seat, which had good reviews, but was much cheaper, and that's when I found out what it's like to install most. Holy shit! I have seen what the other side is like. The hard part of installing a convertible car seat is figuring out where to route the belt. How tight is the belt? It needs to be tight enough to fit against your upholstery. Finding a way to achieve the required level of tightness in most car seats is a lot of hard work. This is true if you use a car seat belt. You have to pull hard and pull in the right direction, and you have to press down on the car seat to make it fit. I'm 6 feet tall and weigh over 200 lbs, so I'm not a small guy, but I nearly broke my back trying to get my other car seat into the back of my Toyota Camry. Enter the Britax ClickTight system. The ingenious thing about the ClickTight is that the seat- bottom opens like a hatch during installation, which makes it a self-locking system for your seat belt. You open the hatch, route the belt through the holes, and then close it. Voila! Your belt has been automatically tightened, with the help of some nice cam-lever-ish action that converts the moderate force of closing the hatch to a much higher force that tightens and locks your car's seat belt to the car seat. You don't have to use the locking mode on your seat belt because the ClickTight has locked the two pieces of the belt together for you. The Britax Marathon ClickTight comes with the LATCH/ISOFIX system, but you don't have to use it. The ClickTight system is better than the LATCH system, so the manufacturer recommends that you use your seat belt with the ClickTight system. I want one of this thing for myself because it looks and feels so comfortable. It's easy to adjust and the harness is great. Drawbacks? It's not cheap and it's heavy. I'm very happy with this car seat, especially since I've experienced how hard it is to install car seats with more traditional securing mechanisms. This thing is a game-changer.

👤I love this seat. It is easy to install. You can lift the middle of the car seat and justbuckle the seat belt and it feels secure. It will be keeping my daughter safe in the car. I wish I could put her in the middle seat. If her seat is in the middle, it will be hard for anyone to sit in her seat, since it will be on either side of her. I have her behind the car. No big deal. Definitely recommend the great car seat.

4. Britax Car Seat Shield Grey

Britax Car Seat Shield Grey

The reflective material on the car seat protects it from absorbing heat. The car seat keeps the same temperature as the vehicle and protects it from the sun's harmful rays. The slip on/slip off design is easy to use and folds away. It's a universal fit for use on all Britax car seats. The dimensions are 24.9 W x 29.14 H x.125 D inches. The dimensions are 24.9 W x 29.14 H x.125 D inches.

Brand: Britax

👤Our baby's carseat is kept from getting hot when we park our car on the street. The seat doesn't feel hot when the cover is removed because it's been 100F the past few weeks. It's not cool. Definitely not hot. I would be okay putting the baby in the seat after removing the cover because I know it won't burn her. It works well for an infant carseat. We have a carseat. We will use the infant seat for a convertible carseat once the baby outgrows it. It was a good value and well made. The fabric is lovely. Even with one hand holding the baby, it's easy to put on and take off.

👤The car seats keep the temperature cooler than it was yesterday. They don't fit our Britax Advocate with the anti-rebound bar. It's frustrating to pay twice as much for a product I thought would fit my seat, only to discover that there's no comparison with the anti-rebound bar. A Britax product is disappointing.

👤It's easy to use. I am not sure how well it reflects heat yet, but I am positive that it will be a huge help in the Houston heat. I took one star off because it keeps popping off when I try to put it on. There is a loop at the bottom, but it is not clear to me where it should go. Maybe it is because my seat is still rear-facing, and the loop hooks will be easier to access when it is front-facing. It takes me a few tries to get it on, but it is not hard to do.

👤I'm so happy I found this. I couldn't put my son in his car seat because it was so hot. It's summer in central Florida. Even if it's 98 degrees out and sunny, his car seat is going to be cool enough for me to put him in it without fear of him getting burned. I put a small cloth over the buckles just as an added precautionary, but this cover keeps the temperature acceptable. It's very easy to put on and it fits perfectly.

👤It fits our Britax Boulevard car seat perfectly. It doesn't seem to help with the heat. I found it to be true that it keeps the buckles from getting hot. On the Boulevard, the metal buckle components are not exposed to the child's skin when they're fastened. The seat fabric was supposed to stay cool. The seat cover is a failure. After sitting in the car under the sun for an hour or so, the seat was as hot as it always has been. We live in the southwest, where the sun shines all day long. I bought a black car despite my dad's advice. Our conditions are not normal. Someone who lives in a cloudy area might have better results.

👤It is made of flimsy material. You can see through it, but I am not sure how much light it reflects. The elastic is too small to fit over the Britax car seat. It becomes very taut and doesn't have enough grip to hold onto the seat when we install it on our rear-facing car seat. It flies off and hits me in the face as I try to tuck it in. It is disappointing for how much it cost. I wouldn't recommend this product.

5. BRITAX U711900 Britax Stroller Midnight

BRITAX U711900 Britax Stroller Midnight

The 3 wheel stroller has no flat rubber tires, and one hand quick fold. The stroller seat reclines to accommodate sleeping infants or toddlers. The travel system is compatible with all Britax and BOB infant car seats. The UV 50+ canopy has 7 pockets and a large storage basket. The stroller dimensions are 44L x 24W x 42. H inches. The stroller dimensions are 44L x 24W x 42. H inches.

Brand: Britax

👤I give it a 3 star because it looks nice. I regret buying a stroller because I researched so much before I did. 1. I can't get it in the trunk. I can't lift it high enough to not touch the floor, so I have to open it and fold it on the floor. It is difficult to fold regardless of my height. 3. I keep bumping into things with the back wheels. It gets too hot for a baby and there is no padding. The baby keeps trying to sit up. The strap mechanism to sit up or lay down is the biggest issue for me. You have to pull on both straps at the same time to get it to sit up correctly and not tilt to one side, and it is almost impossible to do so while baby is sitting in it. It is difficult to lay down slowly because the baby is pushing the button so fast that it scares the baby. I really don't like this stroller.

👤This stroller is very cute. I first saw it in stores. I knew I wanted to buy it. I had the B-agile. I can compare it to that one. The one with the handle is 2 inches longer. The wheels are hard rubber-ish and not the typical plastic ones. The basket at the back of the stroller is much larger and I like the fact that the foot rest lifts up for access under it. The only complaint I have is how Britax strollers recline. They link a backpack strap. When you raise it from the reclining position, the straps pull tight, but at the top, they pull too tight. It means that you need to get down there and hold the straps down and pull to an up position. I love this stroller. My sister and I both recommend it. * I hope my review helped you make a decision about purchasing it.

👤There are a lot of things I like about this stroller, but the front wheel has some issues. The bottom basket is great. I thought they were overselling the front opening and the flexible back entrance, but they add a lot of convenience and have become my favorite features. The steering is smooth. I push the stroller with one hand, even though it's in a crowded restaurant. If you are holding a crying child, this is great. The visor is large. The coverage is great, but I would prefer not to have to deal with the zippers. We have never had a situation where we could not block the sun from his face. The reclining cords are a pain to use. They get stuck so badly that we can't use them with the baby in the stroller because the effort to get them unstuck would wake him. They have gotten better with time, but they still have some issues, such as the front wheel shaking when I am on a sidewalk with an inlay pattern or a well-maintained walking trail. I called the company and they immediately sent me a new stroller. The replacement did the same thing. The front wheel area doesn't have anything to absorb impact It is hard plastic banging against metal. There should be a spring or a rubber gasket. I tried to fix it myself because I was fed up with it. I put a nylon stocking between the two pieces of plastic after taking the wheel off. The vibrating stopped. Please note, Britax, and fix the issue. As our baby gets heavier, the problem is going away, so maybe just don't buy this stroller until your child is 20 pounds or always carry a bag of rocks in the basket.

6. BOB Gear Rambler Travel System

BOB Gear Rambler Travel System

The complete travel system includes a jogging stroller, B-Safe Gen2 infant car seat, car seat base and adapters. Smooth Ride: Mountain-bike-style suspension for an ultra-smooth ride, and air-filled tires save on trunk space. Kid comfort: fully upright, padded seating allows your child to see the world; one-hand recline adjustment lets you quickly lay the seat back with the squeeze of a button. Britax Safety has a sturdy build with a high- strength steel reinforced car seat base and protective shell. 3 easy steps to install with confidence are: connect lower anchors, pull straps to tighten, and click carrier into base. 3 easy steps to install with confidence are: connect lower anchors, pull straps to tighten, and click carrier into base.

Brand: Bob Gear

👤Bob has a stripped down version of the other strollers, like the flex 3.0 and adventure pro. The storage pockets are missing on this model and the handle grip is not on it. It is the lightest stroller of the various models and has some benefits. Don't worry, if you are a johnson, you won't miss out on the extra pockets on the more expensive models. The signature shock of this stroller is key for a comfortable ride. The wheels are smaller on the rear compared to the more expensive ones. This stroller is packed with features that you really need, but there are no options that are necessary. Check out my video. Press the helpful button if you find my review helpful.

👤I wanted to hate it. I loved how light it was and how small it was. I loved how easy it was to push and that the sun visor went far down to protect my little one from the sun beams. It pushed on the beach as well. The wheels losing air from being in my car was great, but I never had any issues with it. I don't like the things. It is really small. I have a small girl. I felt like her butt wasn't on the seat enough because the seat ledge isn't deep. Her head touched the top when the visor wasn't down. My little girl is a peanut. She is two years old and weighs 22 lbs. If you have a 1 year old, they will grow up. It should be a more long term stroller for the money. The basket under the seat is small. There is little room for storage. I felt the handle bars were short without being able to adjust them. I am considered tall for a female 5ft 8 inches but the dads out there are much taller. I had trouble with the height of the stroller. I was hunched over to push it. The child's foot space is very small. If you're looking for a bob stroller and want to save money, I recommend you buy the bigger revolution style stroller. I don't think it's fair to get all the bells and whistles for an extra $100. The stroller would be perfect for a shorter, more dainty mom but she wouldn't have enough room for her child to grow into it. I returned the stroller and went back to my jogger.

👤I was looking for a jogging stroller. I was told I had to get a stroller if I was going to run. It's what all the cool moms use. I looked them up and was horrified when I saw the price. Like it? Right? I wouldn't get many years use out of it, and my son is 18 months, so I couldn't justify spending that much. I don't want a grown child in a stroller. I searched for two months. These women will let their $400+ strollers get completely covered in God knows what and not clean them once, and still have the audacity to list them for $250+! I decided to bite the bullet and order this bad boy because I know I can sell it on the market place and get more than I paid, since I got an open box one. I am the cool military mom on my block. It looks great. My son falls asleep on the ride. I don't form a runner. I haven't been running in years. I gained some weight during the Pandemic so this is my way of losing it. I can run much faster with this thing than I did on my own. That's a plus.

7. Britax Infant SafeCenter Latch Install

Britax Infant SafeCenter Latch Install

3 easy steps with SafeCenter LATCH: connect lower anchors, pull straps to tighten, and click carrier into base Brita safety: The steel frame and SafeCell crumple zone help keep your baby safe. Relax and meditate. Easy-read level indicators are visible from all angles. Relax and meditate. Easy-read level indicators are visible from all angles.

Brand: Britax

👤This is my second Britax car seat. I got into a serious car accident that destroyed my car, but my baby remained asleep and unharmed. I will say that this car seat is safe, and it stands up to its top safety ratings. It is very easy to install, which is something you won't get with cheaper car seats. I used a Graco infant car seat for the first and second time and it was difficult to install and move between vehicles. It has better cushion than cheaper seats. The car seat is heavy. It is heavier than other models. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone because it will not unlatch from the car seat base as well as the Britax stroller it goes with. This is not acceptable for a 260 dollar car seat. It's difficult to unlatch it and you need to be around the baby. This can be the difference between a successful transfer to keep the baby asleep and a successful transfer to wake the baby up. Not ok, Britax! I did not have a problem with my car seat.

👤Britax does not fail. I bought a compatible stroller for my first baby. Sturdy and safe.

👤I had a britax car seat. I had the same issue with both. The seat was stuck to the base when I tried to remove it. It was very frustrating and unsafe. I went with Graco.

👤The carseat is great for my baby, who is 20 pounds. Simple, comfy, spacious and great quality. We also have a small keyfit for him.

👤The Britax fan products are made with the child in mind. It is easy to click the baby in. Britax is made in the USA.

👤The car seat is large. If you have a small car, I wouldn't recommend this. The passenger seat needs to be pushed up to the dashboard in order to fit in the back seat. We couldn't put it behind the driver's seat. I would have liked to go with the Nuna Pipa.

👤My baby's legs are covered in the bottom clips. She doesn't seem to care. I don't like how it leaves red marks on her.

👤The material is very soft and I was able to install it into my Jeep without my husband's help. I can't wait to have my little one in this carseat and know she will be safe.

8. Britax B Lively Lightweight Stroller Raven

Britax B Lively Lightweight Stroller Raven

The B-lively stroller is lightweight with all wheel suspension for smooth rides and one-hand, quick fold makes it easy to store and go. Convenient features include a storage basket with front access, a large zip pocket, and a window. The stroller seat reclines to accommodate sleeping infants or attentive toddlers. The travel system is compatible with all Britax infant car seats. The fit is suitable for babies up to 55 pounds. The fit is suitable for babies up to 55 pounds.

Brand: Britax

👤Do not buy any of their strollers. When you fold the stroller up, the connecting pieces don't stay on it. Which leads to airlines or any transportation losing the adaptor pieces. When you call Britax for a replacement part, they are very rude and tell you they don't have any more. They don't know when they will have more. My stroller and carseat are useless together. Save your money and find a company that cares about their customers. I spent 2 hours on the phone with Britax and was promised that a manger would call me back. There was nothing they could do for me. I repeat - spread your money around.

👤We love this stroller. I bought the Uppa Baby strollers because they were the best. They were heavy and had to be remembered in order to assemble the stroller every time we used it. The double stroller and all its parts took up my entire Ford expedition trunk. We didn't use the stroller because it was so expensive. The Britax B is lively double. It is light weight, one piece, easy to fold and takes up very little space in my trunk, it is the perfect marriage of several key points. I didn't think I would like a wider stroller. Kids can't grow and stretch their legs. I have yet to find a place that I could walk through. Both kids are very close to me. I felt like my toddler was in a different zip code because I couldn't see her, but it sounds silly. I can shop for my family of 8 without a cart because of the enormous basket on this stroller. I have a Britax seat that can fit in this stroller, but my baby car seat can not because it only has an accessory for a Britax seat. It is not a big deal to simply carry the baby. On occasion, I have put my infant in a carrier and my 8 year old gift pound son has hopped in for a ride with no problem. This stroller was clearly designed by a real mom with real life challenges, it looks sleek, turns on a dime, and doesn't require my husband and I to rendezvous at the trunk and struggle to assemble the many pieces and adaptors. You will not regret the purchase.

👤I'm not happy that the double stroller doesn't have an accessory for the britax car seat. The only reason we bought this was because of the stroller with the carseat. I'm mostly to blame for not reading the product description. There is so much in the middle of the page that I focus on price and go to Q&A and reviews. There are several responses from the manufacturer that make it sound like it comes with the car seat accessory, but from the Q&A it doesn't specify if the question is for the single stroller or double stroller. We bought it because we thought it was the most logical thing to do, but the double stroller is not any better than any of the other strollers out there. 1. Why would I want a stroller without a carseat? If my kids are big enough to not need a stroller that is too reclined, I would get a different stroller. 2. Is this a car seat manufacturer? Shouldn't the focus be on the products that work well with their carseats? 3. It makes no sense to me that the single stroller adaptor is $90 and the double stroller adaptor is not compatible. I immediately returned it after I realized my mistake. Don't make the same mistake.

9. BOB Duallie Jogging Stroller Adapter

BOB Duallie Jogging Stroller Adapter

The perfect travel system can be transformed into a BOB Gear duallie jogging stroller. The infant car seats are compatible. There are two Snug Lock 30 and 35. Revolution Flex duallie 2016+, Revolution Pro duallie 2016+, Fit4Mom Stroller Strides duallie 2016+, and Sport Utility duallie 2016+ are compatible with the BOB gear strollers. It is possible to connect one infant car seat and snack tray for second child with no tools required. Do not run or jog with your BOB Gear stroller if you are using an infant car seat. The stroller may become unstable. Do not run or jog with your BOB Gear stroller if you are using an infant car seat. The stroller may become unstable.

Brand: Bob Gear

👤It is exactly what we needed and it is a bit pricey. The nuna Pipa car seat we got was only compatible with the single BOB stroller. We love our single but also use and love our double so this was going to be an issue. It may work with the graco adapter, after a lot of research. I ordered one to try it out after I bit the bullet. Well. It fits perfectly. My baby will be here any day and I can't wait to walk with him and my toddler.

👤1. This item works with a graco click connect. I'm not sure why others think it doesn't. It's easy to fit. 2. It is very flat with a car seat in it. I showed this to the car seat tech. She said this is an ideal position for a new born with a head slightly above the bottom. My baby is comfortable. 3. I docked it because the description said it folds. This is false. It is easy to remove and install. It would be better if it folded for the price. 4. I docked it a star because it's expensive and lacks some obvious features that make it easier for the older child to get in and out. Maybe I'd be okay with this if it was a cheaper item. The shade cover is problematic. You can make it work. It gets all in the baby's face if you are not careful. This could have been avoided with some reengineering. I would buy again since it's the only option. It is flawed but usable.

👤After looking at all of the Amazon reviews, this model was the one that fit the Nuna Pipa. I am so relieved! I was still hesitant even though a few people mentioned it worked. It was easy to do today. The Bob duallie clicks right into the adapter. The Nuna Pipa infant car seat popped right in, and then it clicked into the adapter. It feels safe and secure. I would never know this wasn't designed for the Nuna Pipa if it weren't labeled for the Graco car seats. We have a Bob duallie revolution pro stroller and Nuna Pipa infant car seat.

👤We have a toddler and a one-month-old baby, so we bought this accessory for our Bob duallie. We ordered a car seat accessory. We could use it with the baby. The toddler was not able to climb into his seat anymore because the snack bar was on his side, and the whole adapter was needed to remove it. He had to be lifted in and out, which was uncomfortable and impractical. The canopy restricted the placement of the chicco keyfit car seat. It's not practical to secure a car seat with an additional belt. The setup was not working well for a toddler and baby so we returned both the stroller and adapter.

👤I am very disappointed that I received this adapter. I'm going to keep it because there's no other option, but for the price of the BOB stroller and the extra $100 for this adapter, I would expect it to function better. The car seat reclines more than I would like. My baby is almost laying down. The main reason I'm frustrated is that I can't fold the stroller with the adapter on. Really? How could they not make that work? I don't need to install and uninstall the stroller adapter every time I load and unload the stroller in my car because I have a toddler and an infant.

10. BOB Revolution Travel System Graphite

BOB Revolution Travel System Graphite

The complete travel system includes Revolution FLEX 3.0 jogging stroller, Britax B-Safe Gen2 infant car seat, car seat base and adapters. Air-filled tires and mountain-bike style suspension give a smooth ride. There are 6 storage pockets and an extra large cargo basket that give you plenty of room for your gear. Britax safety includes a sturdy build with a high- strength steel reinforced car seat base and Safe Cell crumple zone. Installation is easy with safe Centerlatch: connect lower anchors, pull straps, and click carrier into base. Installation is easy with safe Centerlatch: connect lower anchors, pull straps, and click carrier into base.

Brand: Bob Gear

👤Our BOB experiences have ranged from very early models via hand me downs to the 2012 BOB duallie, which I have fond memories of, but there is a bit of a gap between our first two kids and our most recent addition. I've been using a different model jogging stroller and I know that the BOB is winning hands down. We just updated our car to a third row mom-mobile and it's a pretty sweet ride. I'm more excited about the stroller than the car. I'm going to talk about the improvements to the BOB, but just know that my first two kids are 8 and 10. I'm comparing it to the BOB models I've used, as well as my most recent jogging stroller, since I'm not a fan of the word "jog" just me. Ok, then. Here we go. The stroller can sit all the way up. My 9 month old son loves it. When I parked them side by side, I could see the huge difference in seat angles because he was so far back in our old stroller. The seat adjustment is much easier on this model. You can get the angle you are looking for by squeezing the back piece and using the straps. The seat material should not be placed in front of the seat or near the top. I knew I had to have done something wrong when I saw my 9 month old had not much head room. The seatbelt is very easy to use. The seatbelt is a huge improvement over the other models I've used. There are two small pockets for snacks. Everyone loves pockets. When the canopy is fully down, I can take my son for longer runs because only tiny toes stick out. There is a clear vinyl window that you can see your little passenger in, and it has UP 50 fabric. Excellent for playing peekaboo. The handlebars is changeable! I'm late to the game because the handle is different, but I'm aware that the flex is the whole deal. 10. I adjusted it because I had to show everyone. I was amused, my daughters, my husband, myself. I have T-Rex proportioned arms. I'm happy that I can drop the grip when I run. My shoulders were not comfortable with a taller bar. There are pockets! I love pockets. I know I have. There are more pockets for me to love. There is a zip on the back of the canopy that fits my phone, if you are trying to guess sizes. There are pockets in the back of the basket. There is a zip pocket on the back as well. Would I add a new addition? Maybe? The pockets on the stroller may be enough to stock the child with snacks, toys, and diaper bags for a long trip, since I run with a hydration vest. If you prefer a bottle, you may want to get one. It is well equipped for the pocket situation. It is easy to steer. I didn't realize how heavy my older stroller was until I took BOB for a spin and realized how much easier it was on my shoulders. It felt light and I could use one hand to guide it. I had been avoiding taking the kid out on my runs because it was almost too much. I can't wait to hit the road with him. The rest of the information. The front wheel is a different color and you can't use a weird lever to pop it off, now you use an allen wrench to tighten it. The little pin in the front is the same as the one in the back. Final thoughts? Love it. It would definitely be recommended. Swipe right.

11. Britax B Covered All Weather Infant Cover

Britax B Covered All Weather Infant Cover

It is Breathable, Stretchy and Soft material makes it a perfect gift and it is perfect for nursing babies because it can be used as a baby carrier cover. The all weather car seat cover provides protection from the sun, rain, wind, and insects while maintaining access to the car seat handle. The Compact fold for storage blocks 98 percent of UV rays. For rain and wind, a clear shield keeps your child dry and comfortable, and for insect control, the shield folds back to expose a large mesh window. Can be installed with the existing car seat canopy. The dimensions are 16 W x 17 H 25 D. The dimensions are 16 W x 17 H 25 D.

Brand: Britax

👤The cover works with the Nuna Pipa car seat. The cover doesn't have any structure so you need to leave your canopy on. The cover is easy to use,durable, has mesh on the side that is covered, and the view hole up front is great because you can still see your baby and they will not get wet. I like this more than a lot of other covers. 1. You can leave it on while driving and baby has plenty of air, unlike other covers that are just made of plain plastic and you have to take off and open it. It is easy to take baby out and still have the cover on. You can have access to your child without taking the cover off if you flip the cover over the handle. 3. It is easier to use than the clearly vinyl plastic because it is more flexible. The cover worked great when we lived in Oregon. We are going to buy this for all of our new parent friends. Definitely recommended.

👤This was used for our trip with a 6 month old to cold, snowy, windy Whistler, Canada. Light weight and easy to pack. It fits over a carseat. It's easy, fast, convenient, and it took a few practices to put it on and take it off. I prefer to put it on after placing the carseat on the stroller. I strapped the baby in with his outfit and put on a fleece liner for the carseat, then tucked him in with a warm blanket after I put the cover on. I traveled to Asia with this and it worked well in the humid climate. I've used this for a while now. I ripped a small hole in the breathable part of it while packing it. I think that's a user error. You don't have to store it like a baby, I folded it up into a 1 gallon Ziploc. I put it in another bag andluggage and that's what caused the rip. It is a great buy for travel because it can be stored in a pocket of luggage. Adapts to different types of weather.

👤It is difficult to get this around the top handle when not needed. It doesn't have anything to keep it out of the baby's face. It is difficult to keep the bar in place when trying to put the cover on it. It's difficult to check on the baby or remove the side straps if you have a cover that's one. This is a poor design and a life safety hazard. I noticed the clear plastic had white lines in it when I tried to get the carrying handle in the up position.

👤I like this product. I don't feel like spending $50 for a rain cover and $25 for a net just to keep the Doona consistent. The Doona doesn't have a single feature. I don't need to adjust when using the Doona because it's only partially taking it off. It's perfect, only then that. My husband and I are going to get another one just in case. If you go somewhere and you don't want people touching your kid, it's perfect.


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