Best Car Seat Toys for Babies 6-12 Months

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1. VX Star Ornament Hangings Stroller Activity

VX Star Ornament Hangings Stroller Activity

The toy straps are easy to use. The cute deer is made of plush material. Baby's emotion, vision, grasping,tactile senses and hand- eye coordination can be developed naturally. Hang on baby strollers, cribs, Pram, Bed, Car, etc. When you squeeze the ball, it can play music. The hanging characters encourage the baby to reach. It's a good gift for a baby.

Brand: Vx-star

👤My baby girl loves this item and I am glad I bought it. She likes bright colors and the musical ball. This toy makes her reach for more. Its a good length. I have no problem with it staying in the car seat, it was a great buy.

👤When my son was around 3 months old, I gave him a stroller toy to encourage him to touch things. I put it on his stroller's belly bar so he could grasp it and play with it. It made stroller time special for him. He is still attached to the belly bar and still loves the toy. I play music before we go for our walks. He sits on the stroller while I get ready. He likes to grab the elephant ears and tiny balls and put them in his mouth. Since he is teething, he still enjoys fiddling with these, even though the world around him gets most of the attention. I think the toy paid for itself twice. My son was interested in it and it is still working. The giraffe can still slide around the belly bar with the help of a piece of velcro. This one is definitely the best in the sea of baby toys.

👤I bought this for my baby to hang on the car seat to keep him entertained. He loves it and is about to be 6 months old. I put it in his lap after removing the car seat handle. He likes chewing on it. I put it in the wash and it came out perfect. There is a small noise maker and two things for baby to chew on. The baby loves the toy.

👤I bought this because it is long enough for my baby to use and reach for in the car, and I am glad I did.

👤I looked at many of these before buying one for my son. I was very happy with this one. The picture you see is what you get. My son loves the pieces for teething babies.

👤It pushes and twists the stroller bar for different parts and toys. Can also use crib rail, car seat bar, etc. Very versatile. It needs to be wet-wiped because it is not machine-washable. It will work for a while, until it gets dirty. She loves it now.

👤I bought this for my grandson to keep him entertained. He's almost a year old and he plays with his car seat, which doesn't hang, but he plays with it when I pick him up. It's soft and has a lot of things to keep him happy. He loves it!

👤It's impossible to carry a car seat by the handle if this thing is on it. It is all up in my baby's face. I took it off. I wish I could return it.

2. MARUMINE Teether Development Hanging Stroller

MARUMINE Teether Development Hanging Stroller

Their baby spiral activity toys have different animal patterns, soft and colorful fabric, which can give your children a funny amusement and interaction when they are out or bored. It is a great gift for baby showers, children's day, birthday, christmas, etc. You need to press the music box which is inside the cow's body to play the music. When shaking it, the hanging toys will make a sound. Their plush infant rattles are good for baby's teeth. It's safe for baby's teeth. This is a cute animal plush toy. The baby rattle toys are light with a perfect size for the baby to hold and hug. There is a C clip on the top of the car seat toys that can be used to attach to strollers, prams, beds, carriers. It's easy to hang or take down. It's suitable for toddlers outside or inside. Music and bright colors will help baby to focus. It's a good baby toy. It's suited for babies up to 12 months old. The surface is wet. A special gift for a baby shower, birthday, Children's Day or Christmas.

Brand: Marumine

👤The music stopped playing one day after I couldn't get an Amazon return. There is no place to replace batteries. I bought this item because it had sounds. After a few weeks of rarely used battery, this toy is not special and does not entertain my infant. I would have returned to buy a different toy.

👤My 4 month old loves the toy but the music is dying and there is no way to replace the batteries. It is stupid to make a toy like that. The toy is useless after the music dies. The model of a toy for children is stupid.

👤I have bought this item twice and both times the music doesn't work. It sounds like the batteries are malfunctioning. The music quickly drowned out after we started using it. The music box didn't work the second time we got a replacement. You can't access the batteries. I tried to get a replacement for the toy because my baby loves it. The replacement doesn't work either.

👤The quality of this cow is pretty good. It doesn't make music. I ordered a cat and a cow. I got two cows. It's not a big deal. Neither one makes music. There is a bell in the head. There are some bell ringers out there that would take offense if I said that a jingling bell is not music. I will stick to my story unless they come and shake this toy for hours to entertain my child. This will suffice if you just buy a cute toy that makes a nosie for the baby or you shake it. If you want a toy that you can press a button and have it play a song for your baby to sleep in or entertain them while they lay on a mat, this is not the toy for you.

👤The music box in the tummy does not work. It doesn't plan any music at all.

👤My daughter was about 2 months old when I bought this. She likes to look at it and grab at the rings. The music started to sound like it was dying right away. The batteries seem to be going right away with no way to change them. She likes the colors and rings of the toy.

👤I was shopping on Amazon for some interactive toys when my daughter started crawling out of her crib and I saw a video of her laughing and giggling while watching the toy for sale. There is more for the cow. She hasn't let it ruin her reputation. It's soft and well made and she loves to chew in it and I will be getting a cat if I ever find it.

👤La atencin del bebé tienes colores. No solo da. Ahora solo is normal. Aparte debes estar presionando cada 10 seg.

3. Inflatable Beginner Activity Development Through

Inflatable Beginner Activity Development Through

A color packing box is a perfect gift. You can teach your child how to speak and recognize words by reading these books with it. It gives your child hours of fun. HOOVY Safari Friends inflatable baby roller is a ball drop toy. HOOVY has a baby roller with 2 Rattle balls and 1 light ball inside and a colorful animal design that encourages fun play. Assists in the development of muscles in the head, neck, shoulder, hands, and legs. The HOOVY Safari Friends inflatable baby roller helps with development. They wanted to create more than just a toy for infants and toddlers. They created a baby roller with a viewing window to see the rattle and light balls inside. The Rattle Balls and the LED Light Ball are played through a little maze, which teaches cause and effect, as well as hand-eye coordination. Easy set up, cleaning, and packing are things that are easy to carry. To deflate this is very easy and quick, you just have to squeeze the nozzle to let the air out. It is easy to clean the dirt off of the smooth surface. Put the toy on the floor and watch the baby have fun. Children's crawling roller is made of high-quality materials, non-toxic and safe for children. It is not easy to burst tough materials. The material is easy to deflate and has no leaking air. The inflatable is designed for indoor and outdoor activities. Perfect gift for baby through toddler stages. HOOVY has an exceptional satisfaction guarantee. They will work quickly to fix the issue if you contact them through contact sellers. They will make you happy with your purchase and your kids will love it. 10% of the proceeds from the hoovy mission will be donated to charity.

Brand: Hoovy

👤I bought this toy for my niece. She is learning how to crawl and playing with toys that roll on the floor are fun. She just laughs and laughs and goes and touches it and it rolls away. My sister is able to relax while she plays because it keeps her entertained for a long time. This is so cute, you just blow it up and there are toys inside. I bought this toy for my niece. She is learning how to crawl and playing with toys that roll on the floor are fun. She laughs and chases it after it rolls away when she crawls and touches it. My sister is able to relax while she plays because it keeps her entertained for a long time. This is so cute, you just blow it up and there are toys inside. Any baby that is crawling will love this toy.

👤My son is 7 months old. He beats the shit out of it because he can't taste it.

👤The roller toy my daughter in law put on her baby shower registry is made of heavy duty and durable material. There is a colorful design with cute animals. There are two rattling balls inside the sound that make balls drop from one level to the next one through the special holes inside. The baby activity toy is great for babies to play with and is great for visual stimulation. A repair patch is included. Highly recommended.

👤The product is good so far, but I don't like two aspects. It doesn't come with pumps. I have to blow it up. I don't like the light. I think the light is too bright for baby's eyes. I would most likely not buy it if I read the introduction carefully, as it comes with Led light.

👤My son is a climber and tries to stay on it. If your baby is close to this point, it may not be worth it to buy. He loved pushing it around and chasing it, but it only grabs his attention in a dark room because the lights are the only ones that catch him.

👤I received a product that wasn't inflated. I didn't check it because it was a gift. It inflates but deflating very flimsy plastic, so I feel embarrassed to give it to a friend.

👤I bought this for my baby to help with his development. I practiced tummy time for my baby on this. Slowly it improved his hip and leg strength and helped him get to crawling position. I am grateful for this product. Keep in mind that each baby is different.

👤My grandson is a big fan of it. He chases it around the room. I don't like the fact that if he lays on the top and it rolls, he can hit his head on the floor. He learns quickly and doesn't lie about it. The lights get his attention. He likes it a lot.

👤Ma fille de 5 mois adores rouler dessus.

4. Baby Soft Hanging Chime Rattle

Baby Soft Hanging Chime Rattle

Music and bright colors will help baby to focus. It's a good baby toy. It's suited for babies up to 12 months old. The surface is wet. A special gift for a baby shower, birthday, Children's Day or Christmas. There are four different animals included in the newborn stroller car seat toy. Babies could be inspired by bright color and cute animals. The soft rattle musical toy is built into the crib and makes a soft, cozy and soothing sound. When parents play with their babies, they help strengthen their muscles and develop grab ability. The carseat toys for infants to plastic ring hook and short plush are safe and non-toxic. The ring hook is easy to hang, suitable for baby strollers, baby toys, 0-6 months clip on, activity stroller, car seat toys, hanging toys for baby gym, very easy to hang or take down. This plush animal wind chime has a teether on each interactive toy that your baby can hold and chew on to help ease baby's toothache. Babies will love and enjoy these toys, they will be a good friend of babies. A cute newborn baby activity toy is a great gift. A perfect first year toy for baby, hang it on a wall and give it as a special gift for a baby shower, birthday, children's day or christmas.

Brand: Blppldyci

👤The teether on the lion and elephant are very dangerous if the baby gets it too close to his face. They are pointed and not rounded like the picture shows, which could cause a serious injury to the baby.

👤I'm glad that they make noise because when they first arrived, you could hear what they were. I was not sure. If they made noise. He can either grab or hit the hoops on the mats if they're close enough. He loves the one that makes a chiming/ringing sound when he hits the toys. The toy will usually end up in his mouth if I just give him the toy and let him play with it. I found that these are safe for him to do. I put them in the laundry bag and put them in the washer. I hung up the toys on a hanger to let them dry, even though you could hear them making noise during the wash. I've been able to put these on his car seat, on his mat, in the playpen, and anywhere else he wants, he absolutely loves playing with them. These seem to be his favorite.

👤Excellent eye catching colors! These are perfect for small hands. They have a rattle that your baby will notice. The bright colors make it easy to focus on eye hand foot coordination. Each one has a stuffed animal. My grand baby loves them so much that her mom puts one on the stroller, bouncy chair, and tummy time mat. Good quality. A great baby shower gift!

👤These are my kid's favorite rattles. The Baby Einstein play gym is recommended by me. These two are the longest I have ever seen him play with. The rattles are long, have multiple features, and make a cute rattle noise. My 4mo enjoys how well he can maneuver them and get them to his face. There is a My only request is a way to attach them to his car seat. They need a way to hold it in place.

👤I bought these for my four month old and he absolutely loves them. He is entertained by them for a long time. We hung them off the hook above his bouncer and he would just sit there and grab and move them for a long time. As he works on his fine motor skills, he will need lots of long thin parts.

👤The gift will be used to entertain the baby while traveling.

👤Highly recommended. My babies love them. The little rattle on them is cute.

👤This is a great find. The sound of bells is very pleasing and is rare to find in infant toys. Highly recommended.

5. Munchkin Float Play Bubbles Count

Munchkin Float Play Bubbles Count

There are 2 whirly toys that spin and rattle. The bubbles help baby's sense of sight, hearing and touch. The rings are moving around the bubbles. There are bubbles in the water.

Brand: Munchkin

👤We just started using them and one of them is already full of water. I got these to replace squirt toys that retain water. My son seems to enjoy them.

👤The disco turtle and the little pinwheel are cute. My daughter loved playing with them out of the tub. The spinners inside are engaging and the bumps on the side make them noisy. These shouldn't be marketed as bath toys. These toys were perfect because they didn't have holes for the bath. I am glad we only brought two because they became unsanitary after leaking and filling with water. The squishy toys that fill with mold are worse than these. I think these are great toys if they weren't labeled a tub toy. If I was giving a gift, I would want to know that the two sets of toys are packaged separately.

👤The toys are in good shape. My eight-month-old likes them. I received two packages of the same two toys, the whale and the spinner. The little stick with the blue and red balls was not given to me. The toys are nice. My son can't pick them up at his age because they are too big, but they are fun and large enough to be enjoyable. The product isn't as described. You should get two sets of the same two toys.

👤This is the best bath toy. Excellent quality! And cute! The plastic ones with holes on them are not the best feature of this. We only get toys that are mold resistant for our baby. The little turtle has a shell that is shinny. Our baby loves the sounds they make when they shake it. They are put in the living room to be rolled on the carpet as a play toy. The balls have little things inside that try to balance themselves. Our baby loves this toys a lot. The price is great for 4 different ones. Get them! You would love them too! It's a good thing.

👤I thought I was getting 4 different toys, based on the photos. The 2 packages are the same 2 toys. It's too much of a hassle to return/exchange, but you might get 2 packages of the same toys.

👤I thought they would be great. My granddaughter has only used them at my house four times since I got them. The bubbles have water inside. I threw it away because I knew that soon it would be mold and I didn't have a way to open it and dry it out.

👤I didn't receive any of the toys I was supposed to, but I'm not the only one who didn't. I got 2 of the penguin and 2 of the spinning thingy. I don't think my baby notices, but it wasn't what I ordered. So minus 2 stars for that. The toys seem to be fine. My child is 10 months old. He plays with them in the tub, but he is not very happy with them. He puts them in his mouth and they are too big to be a choking hazard. They can be slippery, but my son likes that they slip out of his hands and into the tub. I like that they are sealed so that no mold can grow on them, which is a problem with a lot of bath tub toys. They are all ok.

6. BeeSpring Hanging Rattles Spiral Stroller

BeeSpring Hanging Rattles Spiral Stroller

The package includes a PC. The picture show has a colorful color. The picture show has a colorful color.

Brand: Bigib

👤Be careful. This item is terrible. Listen to the other reviews. We received this item a month ago and have been using it ever since. A week ago, my little one was able to pull the yellow flower-shaped toy and the spiral plush part ripped open and the stuffing came out. My little one just turned 4 years old and has been grabbing and pulling toys for a month now. I didn't realize the toy had torn open until I took her out of the car, and she had a bit of stuffing on her lap. She was not able to grab the stuffing and put it in her mouth. She would probably choke. I feel like this is not very good. There is no reason that a toy for an unfaithful partner can break. We used a different spiral car seat toy for six months with my eldest, because nothing like this had ever happened before. Skip this toy. If you spend a couple more bucks you can get something else.

👤Please read. I have never left a review before but felt compelled to do so. The product came so poorly made that it would choke a child. It was so bad that it was easy to break. I didn't want to give it away. I threw it in the garbage. Do not buy.

👤I ordered 2 of them. I gave my daughter in law's carry seat because my grand daughter loved it so much and she's in their car seat everyday. I received my car seat yesterday, it looks used, and the ball that has the beads in it has a cigarette hole in it, and the beads are gone. It was very disappointing the second time. The colors are not as bright in this one as they are in the first one.

👤The stuffing was already in multiple spots when I got this item. Poorly made! Do not recommend.

👤The product is good. The baby is interested in the toys. I liked the idea of it being wrapped around the bar in front of the baby. I bought it for my baby who hates the car and needed something to distract him in his seat. The toy doesn't stay in place when put on the bar. It slides down to one side or another. This is not good for baby as once the toy is bunched up the hanging pieces sit in a pile and don't move or wiggle as they should. If you want something to hang from the carseat bar, you can either use another product or be prepared that this wont stay in place. It has become a toy for us.

👤This is great for strollers. I put it around the rails on his changing table to keep him occupied. The construction is good. The colors are bright. Should the need arise, I would purchase again. There was a need to purchase again. Our daughter needed a car seat for her grandson. Since I have my own plethora of his needs at our house, she saw how much our lil Nugget absolutely loves it, so she had to buy her one for her car/house. Nuggie is 7 years old and still plays with his "woogie" daily.

7. Taf Toys Fascinating Stimulates Development

Taf Toys Fascinating Stimulates Development

A busy book for kids is a perfect gift for 2 year olds and older toddlers, or for your own kids, or for a special handcrafted gift for your nephew, niece, or God child. There are benefits to development. The Koala Daydream Stroll arch is designed for two stages of development and provides entertainment for babies. 0M+ The Koala Daydream collection inspired the soft rattling dolls. A 5M+ baby begins to play with hanging dolls, pulling and gabbing, which helps to develop their senses and fine motor skills. Babies sense their sense of sight, sound and touch through smiling characters, rattles and textures. This allows your baby to look at the toys and play with them, practicing motor skills and eye-hand coordination. The hanging toys are attached to the arch and your baby learns to grasp them and understand cause and effect. The activities are ENGAGINGACTIVITIES. As you walk with your baby, there are lots of baby-activated hanging toys that offer fun. Three hanging soft toys provide plenty of activity for baby to feel and grab, including Soft rattling dolls taken from their Koala Daydream collection, Kimmy the Koala, Scotty the snail and colorful rainbow with fascinating rattle movement and sound, keeps baby busy and parent happy, while strolling along, for easier outdoors There is interest in the weaving tapestries. The toys have fun and engaging materials. Provides visual stimulation. There are a lot of asparagus spears. Babies can play in strollers, prams, car seats and bouncers with the help of plastic clips. The soft arch bends forwards, backwards, up and down, making it compatible with baby's age and playing preferences. With the flexibility of the Koala Daydream arch, a simple adjustment can be made to alter the toys that are within baby's field of vision.

Brand: Taf Toys

👤A must buy. We no longer had a handle to hang her toy from when we upgraded the little misses car seat. We found this after searching. It works well and keeps my little one happy since she still gets to play with her toy in the car. Thank you for the great product. Without it, we would be lost.

👤I expected the toys to come off. I thought I would be able to unvelcro the pieces and hook on what I wanted. Not a big deal. I would have preferred it that way. I can hang other toys off of the ones that are there. Happy to have this! I use a bouncer. I think it would fit on a wide variety of baby gear.

👤Very versatile. It can be used on my baby Bjorn lounger. It's nice to be able to put it not too close to a child but not too far.

👤So cute! It was the same as my Mamaroo and the newborn insert. The baby is too young to interact with the toys, so he can't wait until he does. The clips are very sturdy and can be adjusted in a way that makes them feel like they are going to break them.

👤I don't recommend this product. I thought it would be cool since we could attach it to anything. Wrong! It is poorly built. It might be a good idea to stack it to something that is small in width. I will be coming back because my product was bad from the jump. Not going to bother getting it again.

👤This is a great way to attach things. It is flexible and bendy. My son likes it. We used it all the time and it snapped. The inner tubing broke. I contacted the seller and they replaced them. Customer service is great. It's a great toy to attach to bouncers, strollers, etc.

👤My son is using the Even Flo Grow with me car seat. I was able to use this as a toy. I clipped it onto the cup holders of the car seat. He absolutely loves it.

👤My baby loves this! The hooks are easy to fit on.

👤I bimbo diverte a guardare e giocare. Non sono staccabili, quindi ne lavare ne cambiare. Inoltre il meccanismo per muoverlo. I lascia fisso nella medesima posizione se lo. Ottime le pinze, permettono di adattarlo.

👤Poco comodo, ma carino. I prezzo elevato.

👤My 3 month old loves this, we attach it to everything, including our Mamaroo, and she is happy to entertain herself for a while and smile at the Koala!

👤The TAF TOYS propose a arche de poussette. Le petit doudou vient compléter, MzE L'arche est parfaitement, s'est s' Joli est vraiment, quand on la découvre pour la 1re fois. The 30 cm was a partie la plus large and it was a grosses pinces de fixation. Les 2 fixations were des "pinces-crabes", qui se serrent et se desserrent facilement. L'extrémité de ces 2 pinces sont recouvertes d'un épais caoutchouc coloris. Une fois mise en place. Celle-ci orientée de différentes faons grce aux 2 boutons poussoirs. 3 jouets sont cousus et suspendus. The toucher de bébé is a diverse texture that includes the Tissus, the velours, the ruban, and the plastique. Du clair, du blanc, et quelques petites touches de couleurs notamment. Aussi, vous souhaitez un jouet plus flashy, qui n'est pas pour vous. The final of theAU Une arche facile installer, qui durant le courses. Les coutures sont propres et la taille des jouets adaptement. De plus, elle est trs beaucoup de bonnes. Reste le prix, that's 45, that's beaucoup, that's beaucoup, that's beaucoup, that's beaucoup, that's beaucoup, that's beaucoup, that's beaucoup, that's beaucoup, that's beaucoup, that'

8. Sassy Stacks Circles Stacking Learning

Sassy Stacks Circles Stacking Learning

Straight post accepts different sized rings. It's easy for a baby to grasp the rings. Textural variety is great for mouthing, each ring has a different texture and weight. The baby can hear the sound of the beads in the ring. The age of the manufacturer is 6 to 24 months. It is free of the harmful substance, BPA. The age of the manufacturer is 6 to 24 months. It is free of the harmful substance, BPA.

Brand: Sassy

👤I used these for something other than my horse. Highly durable. He loves them!

👤My son needed this one to help with stacking. stacking was one of the areas he was struggling with. I ordered a variant of this stacker while I was still at their office, because they used a variant that had a lot of success. So far, so good. He likes the red ring with yellow dots. He liked the one with the beads. The rings are made of plastic. They are very strong. They are still going strong a year later.

👤My six-month-old granddaughter loves playing with this toy. She is too young for stacking, but enjoys exploring the different rings. She likes the clear rattle because of the different colors and texture. The toy will provide years of fun and learning.

👤I really like it! My 6-month-old doesn't seem to mind that it's a bit smaller than I expected.

👤This toy is great for play in a variety of ways compared to the traditional ring stacker. In newborn days, black and white rings can be used. A single ring can be used as a rattle. All rings can be used to explore. The only things that I would like to see improved are the holes in the loops being bigger so the toy can be used in later years as a ring toss and the material being used to be something other than plastic.

👤Don't recommed at all. This toy is very easy to fall over. It is very difficult to stack the rings.

👤I bought these for my baby. The design is great. The circles are great for learning because of their weights, shapes and sizes. The smaller rings are made out of a softer material so it's not as hard when the baby tries to bite it.

👤Our 10-month old has been using this set since she was 3 months old. The clear ring is her favorite. She likes banging them together. She still doesn't know how to put them back on the stacker. You have two additional toys when the stackers are removed from the base.

9. Bright Starts Around Walk Around Activity

Bright Starts Around Walk Around Activity

For a long time, this is the design: walk-around activity center or standing activity table. The design has a walk-around seat. When you play the drum set lights up. There are 10 tropical activities, including a drum set with song and drum modes, spinning parrot, bead chaser, toucan spinner, whale, surfing monkey, and spinning turtle. Play music, lights, and toys in all directions to keep baby's attention. Play music, lights, and toys in all directions to keep baby's attention.

Brand: Bright Starts

👤My very active 9 month old loves it. It didn't take him long to figure out how to walk in it, and he hasn't been walking yet. Less than an hour later. He was running around with a toy. He likes the toys on the activity table. This is a big win for containing a crawling and busy baby because it has lights and more musical options. A+.

👤My son loves it, it keeps him entertained for hours. He plays with his siblings. It was easy to assemble. I worry that it will come apart or even turn sideway when he goes around the walker with him. I purchased this product back in August and it was perfect, my son is only 8 months old and he was able to move the toy around. I wish I could do more to get it fixed. I did my research on this walker until I saw the video and realized it was something he would love. I can't risk him getting hurt. I would give this walker 5 stars. I have been with it for 1.5 months and it is giving me headaches. I need to find another walker.

👤This is the perfect alternative to a traditional walker, I would even go as far as saying that it's better than a traditional walker. My 6 month old son has gotten the walking motion down without any of the safety concerns that a traditional walker brings, but we have a split level home with stairs that would be dangerous for a traditional walker. It is a bit bulky, but not as heavy as a stand alone jumper. Our son loves it! When he loses interest in one section, he moves to another, and each one has helped develop his motor-skills. I would recommend this toy to anyone.

👤It's worth the wait! It took a couple of weeks to get to me, but it was said it would take a month or more. It's good! We only had it for a few weeks, but my son is now 7 months old. He was 21 lbs at his 6 month check up. He doesn't tip this over. He likes to walk in circles with his toys. It's great because of our limited space. He has a walker that he loves, but he gets bored of the toys quickly, and I have to move him a lot. I like that once he's in it, I can just keep an eye on him and not have to move him when he gets stuck. I don't like that it's hard to store anywhere or to move quickly, but that's minor for me.

👤When I saw this online, I thought of a stationed walker. My child is almost 7 months old, and she can't even spin around because the crack in the picture gets caught, and we had to lift the seat to go over it. Either it was faulty or just junk. When we got the box back in June or July, it looked like it had been used, but we were able to open it at our new house. I regret buying this, and wish I had gotten her a walker instead, which is why I'm having to buy a walker for her. If you don't want your child to spin/walk around the toys, you'll have to get up every few minutes to play with another toy. This is good for small spaces, but I would get something different. It's not worth the hassle or money.

10. BABYFUNY Baby Toys Months Educational

BABYFUNY Baby Toys Months Educational

Fine Motor Skills is about improving the flexibility of fingers and palms. Encourages crawling as your child chases the rattle ball. Sensory play and discover. Baby shaking toys. It's great for baby girl and baby boy toys. A small mirror on the ball can help cultivate your child's ability to gaze and observe. This will be a perfect gift for your baby, whether they are looking for Baby Toy 3 to 6 months or Baby Toy 6 to 12 months. Visual Development The ball stimulates baby's visual development. Hearing development. Hearing development can be stimulated by the sound of small beads on a ball. Customer satisfaction is their number one priority. They ship by Amazon. Just enjoy your purchase, any questions could be answered in 24 hours. Customer satisfaction is their number one priority. They ship by Amazon. Just enjoy your purchase, any questions could be answered in 24 hours.

Brand: Babyfuny

👤A cute toy. The same as in the picture. My 7 month old loves it.

11. Mini Tudou Building Teething Educational

Mini Tudou Building Teething Educational

It is a perfect gift for babies because it is 26 x 20 inch and suitable for all baby girls or boys older than 3 months. A baby blocks set has an animal,shape, fruit,Arabic numerals and geometrical patterns on the sides. Children can develop their sense of touch and vision by touching and observing these patterns. The blocks can help the baby grow up. The baby building blocks are easy to stack and pick up. It can be squeezed and made a sound. It is soft,chewable and perfect for babies who are just getting their first teeth. Blocks for babies provide fun for kids. Teaching kids letter, counting,balancing,building and other motor skills. The carved number is a good way to learn Arabic numerals. It can be used as a match game. Baby blocks are made from food grade silicone and are safe.

Brand: Mini Tudou

👤On Cyber Monday, I bought these. I like the subtle shades of the colors. I really like the animals and some of them look weird. They seem to be well-made.

👤It's nice for little kids. I was frustrated about what to buy for a child, until I saw this product. It was in a good quality box and the blocks were organized in the box. It is soft and round, non swallow, attractive squeeze sound, decent color, and it fits the needs of a little baby! I found this and I am very happy.

👤These are great for encouraging fine motor skills. My baby loves them. She has 2 1/2 teeth and chews on it. She shakes it and hits it against the wall. She uses her finger to touch the pictures on the cube. The noise is not loud. If you knock on them, they will sound like wood. They are not like baby bottle nipples. There are some animals and shape names on the cubes that might be helpful to know. A tiger is 3- square. A triangle, rabbit, and dragon. circle sector? A snake. A 7-star horse. The lamb cross is an addition sign. The monkey is supposed to be a subtraction sign. The 12 animals match all Chinese zodiac signs so it must be that. It would be fun to find out which one your baby is.

👤These things are useless, and there are more mouth-fitted chew toys. They have shapes that are meant to fit in one another, but they're so rubbery you can easily fit a hexagon in a square, or a circle, or whatever, which makes them horrible for teaching shapes. When you connect those shapes correctly, they don't stick or hold, so that doesn't teach anything. The colors are dull at best. These are blocks that look good in photos, but don't do much else.

👤My daughter is 6 months old. She likes to knock it down when we stack them up high. She can learn the numbers later, if she plays it long. I didn't smell anything.

👤There is an air hole on each one of them, so it's hard to clean them. Babies chew and eat. I don't know how to clean and dry the cubes. I tried to clean it with some soap water, but the water never got out after a few weeks. I don't allow my baby to play with it. There is a germ pool in the cubes.

👤My baby loves these blocks. I was looking for something that was light enough for her to pick up and soft enough for her to chew on. These were perfect! I like the muted colors.

👤I am very happy with the set of soft blocks that I received for my baby. The blocks are made of soft material and the colors are lovely. The packaging can make a great gift. My son loves playing with this toy. The material is difficult to use. The texture is great for sensory play and can be used for stacking. They have numbers, shapes and addition/subtraction signs on them and can be used as cognitive toys later. My son will be well-entertained if the toy is used for a long time. All money spent well.


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