Best Car Seat Toys for Babies 0-6 Months Light Up

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1. Hahaland 12 18 Months Toddler Infant

Hahaland 12 18 Months Toddler Infant

Hundreds of thousands of baby teethers are sold by Towwi every year, making them the choice of hundreds of thousands of families. The brand has stable production and after-sales services. The cute elephant baby piano comes with 7 fun play ways that will help your child improve their fine motor skills. Sound and light effects will make your babies want to play. It's a perfect choice as baby toys 6 to 12 months, gifts toys for 1 2 year old girl boy. The baby girl boy toys are made of non-toxic premium ABS and are safe for your little one to play with. It doesn't have small parts to avoid a hazard. The smooth edges will not hurt your baby's skin. It is small for baby's hands to train grasp ability. The soft lights design helps visual perception and does not harm eyes. Learning Mode and Music Mode are the play modes for baby toys. Learning Mode encourages baby to speak by playing numbers, songs and animal sounds. Music is provided for entertainment. Music can accelerate brain development in children, particularly in language acquisition, reading skills and mathematical learning. It is a good choice for 1 year old girl boy gifts. The baby piano is a cute toy for babies at different ages. It can be used as tummy time toys to help develop neck muscles. It is possible for your baby to play with it when sitting. It can be taken away as a little companion for baby 12 to 36 months. The volume adjustment button can be used to turn music down. A helpful function for parents. The baby infant toys are made of shatterproof materials, so they are sturdy and durable, and worry-free. 3 xAAA batteries are required. Their baby girl boy toys will make your family happy. Let them know if there is an issue after use and they will make a solution that is special for you.

Brand: Hahaland

👤I bought this for my one year old on her birthday, but my three year old loves it. I can get some things done around the house if I distract them for a while. It has been thrown around and dropped on a daily basis for about a month now and no damage has been done. A fun toy would purchase again.

👤My son loves playing with it because it has different tunes. It is with him everywhere.

👤I thought this looked great for a 6m old but I realized it was TINY when I received it. A baby won't be able to hit an individual key.

👤At 6 months, I bought this toy for my boy. He loves it and is almost 11 months old. The perfect size for babies. Beautiful colors. You can change the volume. Put it in the diaper bag. The winner!

👤I decided to try this because my daughter loves elephants. She loves it! She always goes for this one when she is in the play area because we have many toys with music at home. She always has this on hand and she talks to it like they are having a conversation.

2. VTech Baby On The Moove Activity Bar

VTech Baby On The Moove Activity Bar

The U.S.CPSC has a safety standard for toys. The On-the-Moove Activity Bar has 45+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases. Swing the cow back and forth and you can hear sounds. The bird has a ring that is easy to grab to build motor skills, and the baby-safe mirror helps build self-awareness. The included elastic straps allow the toy to be attached to most infant carriers. The batteries are for demo purposes only and should be used for babies from birth to 3 years old.

Brand: Vtech

👤The toy is cute. My 4 month old loves a lot of the different play things. He was giggling for the first few minutes in the car when I put this on his seat. The toy isn't suited for all car seats. If I place the toy too low for my son to reach, it will hit him in the face. If he spins the cow, it makes him angry. I think it is a great idea and a very cute toy, but there is no warning that it does not fit all car seats. I am not returning this because he loves the toys so much, I hope he will be able to play with it out of the car, or he will not be able to use it until he is taller.

👤The toy is constructed well, however it has a number of flaws. There is a single button to start the sound effects. Every time my child hits the button, it will start out with the same song. The only way to progress on to new sounds is to keep hitting the button. Adding a car seat to your baby's car seat may be a mistake. It will rest against the top of her head when I push the bar back before removing her. 3. The straps that hold it on are easy to pull apart. My smaller child uses the car seat, but her toddler sister likes to remove it whenever she gets a chance. It looks nice, it is made well, and it is loud enough.

👤My 4 month old son was upset because he couldn't get the toy to his mouth. I had to buy a set of linking rings for him to play with. It can play many different tunes, but it often reverts to the same "I am a little happy cow, moo", which makes you crazy on a car trip.

👤This is great. My friend had one on her stroller and her baby loved it, so I bought one and my baby was entertained every time he was in his carrier. The song is very popular and will get stuck in your head, but it's worth it for a content baby while you are driving.

👤A carseat toy is worth a lot of money. It works great on our keyfit30 car seat. Our baby can reach the toys in the carseat without having to remove the toy each time or the carseat is lowered, because the stretch on the attachment straps will adjust the position to be high up. It doesn't play enough "songs" and you have to constantly push the button for the cow to play another song which is helpful when I'm driving and need to entertain the baby in the back seat.

👤Great product. I don't know if it's just my baby's car seat or if she's only 5 months old. It is close to her face when it is attached. It is like bam in the face when pulled down. I still use it because she will look at it. I think the graco car seat is made from something. It is the click and go. A new car seat. It will last many years until it expires. There were no complaints. Works how it should.

3. Smily Mia Silicone 0 6Month Replacement

Smily Mia Silicone 0 6Month Replacement

It's not possible to wear aNEVER DROP: The baby's hand is free and more comfortable than a mitten. There is no need to use a clip. It's a good idea to keep it from dropping. Natural Mom's Breast Feeling: Breast&nipple shape with super soft skin-like silicone works great for picky beast feeding babies. The hand wrapping part is impossible to flip out, so there is no suffication risk. There is an easy way to hold the hollow penguin body. The nipples are on both sides when the baby is holding it. REPLACEMENT FOR FINGER SUCKING, PEDIATRICIAN RECOMMENDED. The baby is prevented from sucking their own fingers by the little hand inside the penguin. The product can be brought to mouth to help with motro skill development. A good oral habit establishment helps. It's easy to wash because it's made of food grade silicone. It can be done in hot boiling water. Put it down and rinse it after use. It's easy to wash because it's made of food grade silicone. It can be done in hot boiling water. Put it down and rinse it after use.

Brand: Smily Mia

👤It's a good thing that it's a Hazard. The idea is great. I recommended it to everyone. My 5 month old loves it. One of the perfectly shaped nubs is coming off. My baby has no teeth but she tugs on it. It feels like this should not be happening.

👤I ordered this for my grandson. The picture of the pink one was blue in description and the picture of the blue one was pink in the description. I ordered the one that said blue and thought they would go by but I got the pink one. No one else should get the wrong color. My grandson has the gray one and he loves it.

👤I wanted something to take the place of his fingers so they don't get stinky from burp and whatnot. I was hopeful because he never accepted a pacifier. When my son took it, I was pleasantly surprised. He reached for it when I didn't have it on his hand. I like that he can grab something else if he wants to, because he can easily get his hand out of it. If you want a certain color, make sure you check the TITLE of the product at the top of the page, not the color selection. The product title should match the picture. Light Blue was the picture I ordered, but the top page title said Light Blue. Hope that helps!

👤This toy saved my life. I was glad to find this. My daughter is 4 years old. She uses me as a pacifier. She would nipple on my breast without causing my skin to go raw. It was comforting to her. This toy doesn't leave her side. The handle is easy to keep up with. She will hit herself in the face sometimes, but it doesn't bother her because it's soft. It is shaped like a nipple. She loves it because of that. Make sure you wash it off before giving it to your child. I have told many people about this already.

👤Such a great company! I told them that I got the wrong color but they responded immediately and sent the right color. No need to send the other one back. I was told to use it for a backup. I think that should no longer be an issue for anyone since it has been fixed. My son is 3 months old. I got him this to help him crave his little urges, but he struggles with hand/eye coordination, so he gets frustrated. If I hold it for him, he likes it. It will be even more satisfying in a month or so. It was a great purchase for me.

👤My baby is almost 4 months old and she loves this toy. The reliability of teething toys is questionable. I wish I had known about this product sooner. The company sent an email to me to make sure I liked the product and to let me know if the baby wasn't happy with it. I think it's cool that the company invests so much time and concern in their customers and believes in their products. Would recommend.

4. VTech Light and Spin Tug A Bug

VTech Light and Spin Tug A Bug

This infant toy is safe, soft, and has an interesting texture. It is a good gift for your baby to be able to express themselves. You can see a colorful light show inside the spinning shell and hear fun songs, sounds and music. When pressed, the caterpillar sings, plays music and says friendly phrases. Three rattling beads are in black, white and red, which makes the ring easy to grasp. You can attach the cute snail to strollers, car seats, and diaper bags with the c-link. Two adorable insect character voices entertain a baby.

Brand: Vtech

👤I found this item when I found it at Walmart, it was sold out online before I could buy it. My son loves the colors, the ring and the spinning. He plays with this toy a lot. It's a good idea for a baby to reach out and grab toys.

👤I found it loud and annoying, so I can't say I love it. I own some other musical baby toys, but this one is loud and talks a lot. A little bit of cheese. I like softer things. He didn't like it either, because it distracts my 3 months old. My baby was a little scared by it at first. It definitely distracted him. When we go out, I will probably use it. Not for indoors.

👤My son would have given it 5 stars, but the toy barely made it to 2.5 months before it died. It only lasted for a short time. Is it possible to replace a battery? Don't recommend!

👤I don't like that it stays connected to the orange hook. My kids kept messing with it. We can't attach the orange circle hook to anything because we can't find it. It would be nice if it could stay attached like other's.

👤My son likes this toy. The music is fun to listen to even after 300 times. My child would lay in his play gym for long periods of time. It lights up as well. I had to replace the plastic ring that held it up. It would not have felt good coming down on my baby's head. I had a plastic clip that would lock in place if it fell on him. The plastic hook should be replaced for this reason.

👤The ring on the bottom of the pull was the first thing my son grabbed and held onto. When he moved his arms, he pulled the ring and activated the lights and sounds. I like the lights and sounds and it encourages baby to interact.

👤We received it on time, but when we tried to use it, there was no sound, and the clips that it was to hang it on were not working. A good baby toy.

👤I retired that toy after my son grew out of it, but found it in the car and the oldest wanted to play with it, and the 6 month old is enjoying it.

👤My little man has been playing with this toy for a while. It's great for travel as well. I don't hang it on anything because it's too heavy.

👤It is not meant for infants or toddlers. This item is for a young child. There is a The pulling function of the toy is difficult for a baby or toddler.

👤It was great for the price. She loves it, it was bought for her granddaughter.

👤A baby is being kept occupied with a stroller and bouncer. Music and light are what I have. Such a purchase.

👤Jadore! Is it possible to fille de 4 mois?

5. Funsland Baby Toys Toddlers Baby Stroller Sensory Toys

Funsland Baby Toys Toddlers Baby Stroller Sensory Toys

A toy for babies. The clip on toy designed with 3 cute animals and bright colors can help baby develop recognition of animals, attract their attention, and stimulates their visual development. The hanging toy has bell sounds when you shake it. It helps to improve baby's hearing and sleep. Multi-color patterns and sweet sounds help your baby develop eye and hearing coordination, and motor skills like grasping and pulling. The rattle toys can be clipped onto a stroller, car seat or baby's cot. You can carry it with you anywhere. This infant toy is safe, soft, and has an interesting texture. It is a good gift for your baby to be able to express themselves.

Brand: Funsland

👤My son loves this mobile. It was bought at 4 months. The rattle in the center has a nice deep jingle that I don't hear often in kids toys. That was a huge plus. It's colorful, and has a wide opening clip for easy application. It was something I didn't know I needed, and we use a lot of it. It's great for the car, pack and play. We highly recommend! There are not a lot of "teething" textures. I wasn't looking for that when I bought it. If your child can pull hard, it may come unclipped and fall. There have been no injuries with this. It's just note worthy. Just get it if you're on the fence.

👤My 5 month old hates being in the car seat so we bought him a toy to amuse him while we drive. He doesn't cry as much anymore because he loves it. This is used in the pack n play to replace the broken mobile. It's beautiful colors are perfect for him to grasp. The umbrella folds down for easy storage. You can use it anywhere because it has a pinching clip. We would definitely recommend.

👤It helped us keep our baby happy and entertained during our road trips. It's very useful in a lot of situations. The colors and the chime are great ways to get her attention. We loved it.

👤Is very cute. It's easy to assemble. You can pack it away if you fold it back together. Love the colors and feel. It's a calm sound that isn't annoying. Great toy!

👤The best baby product is in the toy area. The middle piece has an Awesome little bell inside. The 3 month old was laughing and giggling for thirty minutes. I've used it in many places. Above the changing table is a car seat. It is very well made. Sturdy plastic, good sounds. I'm surprised this toy doesn't have more purchases.

👤The baby was hit in the face by the car seat.

👤My niece is 3 months old and my 14 month old would have played with it if I had let her. When my baby was younger, I wish I'd known about this.

👤It folds up for travel. My grandson loves the soft tinkling sound that it makes when he touches it. The clip can be used many different ways. I put it to the stroller canopy and the playmat arch.

👤Jee a facile mettre et/ou enlever. Ma cocotte s'amuse beaucoup, surtout lors des promenades d' auto ou de carrosse. Je n'ai pas plus loin sur la poignée du banc d' auto. J'aime beaucoup!

👤My daughter loves this. She likes to grab the orange ring and chew on it or throw it around and make a lot of noise. The toys have been good for her to chew on. She has been a source of entertainment since she was 2 months old.

👤It was large for hanging to a stroller. When baby pulls or leaves hanging toys, they hit her face, making her cry. Won't recommend.

6. Infantino Hug Tug Musical Bug

Infantino Hug Tug Musical Bug

It's easy to attach most carriers with the straps. Pull down for fun. This bug plays music for 90 seconds. The package includes a peek n' see mirror and knotty legs.

Brand: Infantino

👤I bought this because baby has a giraffe from the same company that he loves to pull when he's in his car seat. Maybe it has a different tune and he can get a new toy. The music is the same, but the one I got is a little different because of the flat note. The main problem is that. It is difficult to pull it down unless you grab the whole head and pull it off the side. A baby is not going to be able to do that. The baby can pull the legs even if he can't reach the ring. I wouldn't recommend this one.

👤We bought it twice. One of his favorite toys was the one we bought for our first child. We have made a second purchase for our newest member of the family and it is a hit. The cute little toy is durable and the song is cute, but not too loud like some baby toys. It is easy to strap to the activity mat. It's worth it for the smiles to come.

👤I gave this to my granddaughter because her mother didn't understand why the baby would like it. My kids all had a toy similar to this that I put on the handle of their car seat or stroller and all four of them loved it. My baby loves it! I bought it to use only when she was with me and it would live at my house until she came back again. Her mother begged to take it home with her after she saw her playing with it. I let her go. The toy is everywhere with them. I bought this for the baby at 4 months of age and she is 8 months old and still loves it. I believe all babies need one and would give them as gifts to anyone with a new baby.

👤I bought my first one four years ago for my son who will be 4 in June and I am now using it for my son who is 3 months old and it still looks good. This thing is a God in the car, grocery store, etc. The magic of this thing will bring quiet happiness to your small human. This woman would have gone to crazy town without it. Great purchase.

👤I'm giving this toy 3 stars because it appears to be well made and durable, and it's a good idea. My young grandchild can't operate the big head of the caterpillar herself because it's so big. It should have a loop on the head so that little ones can grab it. I have to pull her head down. The music is terrible. It's not a pleasant tune and it sounds out of tune. I can't recommend it.

👤When my grandson was 2 months old, I bought him this. It plays a pleasant melody when you extend it, which doesn't make grownups crazy. I hang it from his playpen so he can pull on the rings to make the music play. He smiles when we give him something to play with. It's still his favorite toy months later.

7. Euyecety Stroller Activity Hanging Baby Fox

Euyecety Stroller Activity Hanging Baby Fox

Their baby spiral activity toys have different animal patterns, soft and colorful fabric, which can give your children a funny amusement and interaction when they are out or bored. It is a great gift for baby showers, children's day, birthday, christmas, etc. A newborn baby needs a certain amount of time to develop its visual ability. The black and white high contrast baby toys are the best choice for the baby to see. The adorable newborn hanging rattle toy with animal design can inspire baby's visual development and cultivate baby's color perception. The baby toys don't play music. The fox spiral infant toy has a chicken, a mirror and a snail hanging from it. The chicken will make a noise when squeezed. The snail has a bell that makes a sound when you shake it. The toys for the car seat are designed with sound paper in the fox's ears. The baby's grasping ability will be improved by using the mirror to attract their attention. 100% Safety and Parent Assured. Euyecety's baby stroller toys have been certified in the US and the EU. The material is 100% safe. Non-toxic, non-BPA-free. PP cotton is suitable for baby's hand feeling and is in the newborn toys. The crystal fluffy fabric is close to the baby's skin. It's safe in the mouth for teething babies. The 0-12 months baby toys help improve their babies visual and auditory development. That would be a great gift for your baby's birthday, Christmas, Newborn, Thanksgiving, New Year, and Baby Shower Party. It's suitable for baby toys 3-6 months, baby toys 3-6 months, baby toys 3-6 months, baby toys 3-6 months, baby toys 6 to 12 months. Hand washing is recommended. A multi-functional car seat. When your baby sleeps, you can put the toys next to him. The Activity Spiral Stroller toys can be used to help your baby sleep all night. You can put baby toys in the Baby Gym, Play Mat, Strollers, Cribs, Baby Car Seats, Cot. Please contact their customer service if you have a question. They will give 100% satisfaction to parents and babies.

Brand: Euyecety

👤The rattle is very loud. I had one that was on the carrier. I moved it to the back of the car to make a sound with the smallest amount of movement. I think it's only to be used during playtime. Not for me.

👤The toy is soft and the baby is not scared when you move it because it doesn't have a loud noise. It is easy to move and place somewhere else.

👤The design doesn't play music as it's promoted. I tried to press the button, but nothing. Please let me know how to turn the music on if I am doing it wrong.

👤I got this for my baby and he loves it. It has a relaxing sound. He is almost 8 months old.

👤We put this on the swing handle so my daughter can use it. At 4 months, she still loves it, even though it was given to her at 2 months. We call it Kitty/Deer because we don't know what it is. It is worth the money. Well made and safe. A great skills toy for focus, reach, and learning voices.

👤The idea of this was great, but we took it off because it got in the way of grabbing the car seat handle. It doesn't stay in one spot easily and moves around a lot so the dangly parts don't easily flow to the baby.

👤It is useless if you remove it. It is peeling and now looks nasty. I had to throw that piece away. The review has been updated from 5 stars to 3.

👤The photo shows it sitting, but it doesn't. The toy would be better without the mirror. I looked cute but it was disappointing.

8. HOLA Rattles Activity Crawling Educational

HOLA Rattles Activity Crawling Educational

The Rattle Ball baby toys are perfect to hold, grasp, tap and strengthen babies hand muscles. Encourages crawling as your child chases after a sensory ball. Baby shaking toys. It's great for baby girl and baby boy toys. The baby girl boy toys are made of top quality materials, which is durable and the best choice for health of your baby's growth. The toys for babies are unaffected by the fact that the ball toy can be dropped from the dining table multiple times. Baby would chase the ball toy crawling. toddlers enjoy shaking the activity ball The music is sweet, which is good, because kids could play their activity center ball toy with a mirror and learning blocks all afternoon. There are baby toys 3-6 months old. 100% Food Grade Plastic is what the fun infant toys are made of. The educational first toy is adorable and entertaining. Help hone your child's mental and physicals skills with this fun yet educative learning toy for babies. Children can play with this baby toy without supervision. The activity ball makes delightful sounds when shaking, which attracts baby's attention, and also trains baby's hearing. First birthday gifts for boys and girls. A 1 year old boy girl toy is a good Christmas gift. The activity ball makes delightful sounds when shaking, which attracts baby's attention, and also trains baby's hearing. First birthday gifts for boys and girls. A 1 year old boy girl toy is a good Christmas gift.

Brand: Hola

👤The 7 month old likes this toy. I don't think he likes it over his other musical toys, but he does grab it to play. He works on fine motor skills. It will keep him entertained for a short time, until he grabs something else. It's easy for him to hold, chew on, and throw around. It has been very durable. When I first bought it, he would seem to get his hand or foot caught in it, but he did manage to get out without any issues. I would recommend watching younger ones with this toy that have not yet developed their motor skills. I think it will be used for a long time because it has become more entertaining to him. I'm happy with this purchase and he is too. It's a good thing.

👤I was impressed with how many features are included in this ball. My baby is very fond of grabbing it. The rain stick center has small details that impress me. They did not skimp on features. The ball was larger than expected. It gave me more space to pack in the features.

👤I have been occupied for 4 month. It was easy for her to grasp.

👤My grand baby loves this toy. I bought this for him when he was 9 months old, but he didn't really start playing with it until he was a year and a half old. When we were older, he started to notice it and enjoy it. He likes to show me things on it. He likes to put the squeaker on his face. It's a funny thing. I would recommend this for babies for a long time.

👤It is good but not great. There are parts that are not accessible for little fingers. The person is the squeaky.

👤This was given to a seven-month-old grandson. He immediately held it and was enamored with the vibrant colors and movement of the various pieces, so much so that his three-year-old brother wanted to play with it too. A good choice for a young baby. I didn't observe him use it for teething, so I'm not sure about that aspect.

👤My 9 month old doesn't like the features and is not drawn to them. She likes sliding beads so it might be a few months before she sees it.

👤My child loves this toy. There are a lot of little things on it. It keeps her occupied during playtime on the floor and will also bring it with her for longer road trips. Definitely recommend.

9. INTEGEAR Educational Keyboard Toddlers Dinosaur

INTEGEAR Educational Keyboard Toddlers Dinosaur

Babies at many ages and stages can play with a multifunctional baby activity toy that is safe and fun. Once they grow up, explore the baby cuddle toy safely. It is light and perfect to hug and hold. There are two different editions of piano toys, one with a dinosaur and one with a giraffe. A set of portable musical instruments will make your little boy and girl recognize the scale by pressing the piano keys and enjoying different animal sounds. Their early learning toys with bright colors in cute animal shape can instantly attract baby's attention and promote their visual development. Pressing the keyboard and it plays a few songs and makes a few animal sounds with colorful lights that exercises baby's hand-eye coordinate ability, finger motor skills, color recognition, and emotional intelligence. These musical light up toys are designed to be the perfect size for a small child. The handle on the toy is perfect for 12 months. The volume adjustment button lets you change the volume. Their baby educational toys are made from safe and strong plastic with fine workmanship and are safe for kids to play with. The round edge protects your baby's hands. Looking for a perfect gift for a baby? Don't settle for boring things. They have musical baby piano toys. Give your child a gift that makes them happy.

Brand: Integear

👤I don't like them. It should have been mentioned that they are the exact same toy with the exact same songs and effects. If you only have one child, I feel like it is a waste of money.

👤Our 1 1/2 year old grandson has cerebral palsy. Fine motor control is something he can work on because he doesn't open his hands as much. I thought I would have to send them back. He takes the time to use one finger and press the small buttons because he is so motivated by his love of music.

👤The baby likes the noises of animals. The battery cover should not be put on the toy with screws. She pulled the batthery cover out after messing with it. The thread was gone when I tried to screw it back. I can't let her play with it.

👤This product is okay. A 3 1/2 yo and a 1 year old both enjoyed it. One of the items took AA batteries, while the other tookAAA batteries. I brought 4AAA batteries as a gift for traveling, but when I got to them, one took the other AA, which was disappointing.

👤He was 2 months old when he loved them and is 4 months old now.

👤My 6 month old grandson loves them. Both are easy to grab and hold. There is a good variety of music. Good value for money. Definitely recommend.

👤My baby likes these. The sounds are great for learning and the colors are pretty. I like that I can change the volume on the sounds.

👤Grandson likes the lights and sounds. It's perfect for his hands.

10. VTech Baby Rattle Sing Puppy

VTech Baby Rattle Sing Puppy

The development of the brain and eye. Their blend of vitamins helps support baby's overall growth and brain and eye development. To hear the colorful beads rattle, shake the rattle and sing with the puppy. The puppy's cheeks light up when Rattling and introduces the concept of cause and effect. There are fun phrases, sounds and songs on the music button. Two textured rings rattle and turn to build motor skills as they are stimulated by colorful, crinkly ears. The batteries must be used for demo purposes only, and new batteries should be used for regular use.

Brand: Vtech

👤A cute toy. My baby is a big fan of musical toys with lights and rattles. This toy made him want to do more. It has sounds and rattles. The paper on the ears is crinkled. The baby is distracted.

👤My twin babies love this product. There is a huge problem. A piece from the back is loose. I took it off because I was afraid. This could be a hazard. Please be aware.

👤The toy's ear had a hole in it, which was mended together with solder. It looks like metal is being worked on a piece of fabric. The metal was easily removed with a small amount of finger pressure. I am pretty sure that this metal is not safe for a baby to eat. I cut off all the metal solder after the metal came off. At least the ear is safe now that it has a hole in it.

👤I got one for my niece who is out of state. I had to play with it myself. The puppy would start talking or singing when you rattled it. I left it on the couch for a second, and when I came back our cat was staring at it. He was able to get it to talk to him in a matter of minutes. He tried to bite me when I tried to take the package away. I let him play with it for a while before I could get it away. He was sleeping next to it. SMH. I had to mail out the other one so I'm ordering one for him today. So... I would recommend this for cats if they like toys that make noise and light up. Just saying.

👤One of our top toys. We didn't want to give in to electronic toys but our son loves anything that lights up and I was looking for an interactive rattle-like toy. The bottom rattle part is not great for learning hands as it is hard to grab the center rod, but the black parts are soft and make it great for chewing on, and the beads are not annoying. This toy teaches cause and effect. Our son was shown that moving the beads on the center rod would set off the sounds and light up the puppy's cheeks. He's been batting away at it since 2mo and is now starting to chew on the rattle part and try to coordinate his little 3mo fingers to press the button on the collar thattriggers more elaborate songs. If you're looking for a toy that has the lure of an electronic toy but isn't completely void of any development of motor skills, then this is the one for you. It time itself out so that you don't accidentally kick it in the middle of the night if the baby falls asleep with it or it gets left on the floor.

👤The rattle arrived yesterday. I was excited until I saw it. The rattle is too big for my little one. On the first night of having it, my 6 month old uses it as a weapon. It's a shame. She will grow into the weight and it will help her with grasping. The music was not bad since I wasn't looking for a loud device.

11. TUMAMA Activity Stroller Hanging Learning

TUMAMA Activity Stroller Hanging Learning

If there is a quality issue, 100% money back. They will love the great gift if you add it to the cart. TumAMA baby toys are made from safe material and tested to the highest US standards. The Babcock Companies. The animals in the toys are friends with your baby. Design in bright color stimulates baby's visual abilities. SENSORY TOYS The soft voices of the learning toy attract your baby for hearing development. ACTIVITY TOY The clip on toy has a hanging rattle on it that allows baby to hold it to chew on and help ease baby's toothache. With a C clip on the top, the hanging toy is easy to use indoors and outdoors. Best gifts. To bring a cute companion to your babies. The stroller toy is a great choice. In the same time, the baby toy helps to develop the ability in early ages of 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 to 12 months and 1 2 year old. The toy would be a great gift for children.

Brand: Tumama

👤The toy was easy to assemble. The dangling toys can be slid through loops on the underside. I'm not sure if I'll give this 4 or 5 stars. Baby loves it so much that he grabs the toys and pulls them so hard that he unbinds them from it. You have 5 toys in one. My baby finds it fun to throw the toys all over my living room. We live in Wisconsin and it's pretty cold right now so not many stroller walks are happening.

👤I washed the hanging toys in a laundry bag and dried them in the air. It hangs well in many places. I was surprised by how well it was made. I'm not a fan of fun house style reflections. The toys are easy to get into the baby's mouth. I was happy I purchased.

👤The toy is cute and light. My 7 month old loves playing with it. We have had it for a few months and it seems to hold up. My daughter smiles when she sees it on car rides.

👤I attached a link toy to my son's play mat when he was a baby and he's still loving it six months later. It can be hung over many different places and different lengths of toys ensure he can grab at least one of them at a time. The first toy he liked the most was the monkey followed by the teether and now the ring as he pulls himself or the toy down. He doesn't know how to press the bird to make noise. The bright colors and soft toy make it a must buy.

👤This item is very cute. I bought it for my baby. It is pointless for what I need it for because it falls to one side. Doesn't stay in place.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter to play with while in the car seat, I thought there would be music from looking at the photo, but it is not.

👤This is a cute baby toy. You can hang it from his bassinet or hold it and look at him in the mirror. Everyone loves this! I am not sure if it is for teething or not.

👤My six month old loves it. I use it on a lot of things. It makes my little one curious.


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Hahaland, Vtech and Smily Mia are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat toys for babies 0-6 months light up. Find the detail in this article. Vtech, Funsland and Infantino are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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