Best Car Seat Toys for Babies 0-6 Months Farm

Months 8 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Itzy Ritzy Jingle Stroller Activity

Itzy Ritzy Jingle Stroller Activity

Itzy Ritzy's Ritzy Jingle travel toy is perfect for on-the-go use and can easily be attached to car seats, strollers and activity gyms. The Ritzy jingle encourages reaching and has two rings for baby to grasp. The baby will enjoy the gentle sound of the jingle ball on the Ritzy Jingle. The adorable cactus is made of plush fabric and on-trend prints and it stimulates the baby. The Ritzy Jingle is designed for babies. The Ritzy Jingle is designed for babies.

Brand: Itzy Ritzy

👤I would recommend this for teething. The bottom is almost like plastic and she wishes it was silicone. I wouldn't recommend it for teething.

👤The koala teether and the cactus were bought by me. The cactus is my favorite stroller toy. I like how all the toys can be mixed and matched. They're great quality as well. If you're looking for a toy that's modern but still colorful for a baby, I recommend these.

👤The little sloth is adorable. My baby loves the sound of the two plastic hexagons on the end. There is a soft rattle inside the sloth. The sloth is soft and easy to hold. We use this on our car seat and on the floor in our play gym.

👤It looks better in person. This was a gender neutral gift for a friend who is having a baby and not knowing the baby's gender until birth.

👤The product is similar to pictures. My son loves them and I bought three different ones for him. I love them because they are cute, easy to take on and off, and loud enough for babies to like them.

👤I got this for us to take a trip with, but my daughter loves it so much that we clip it everywhere. A diaper change, a car seat, and even a pack and play. It's cute and not loud.

👤The toy is fun to hold on the stroller. The colors are bright. As shown, it was delivered.

👤My baby likes this. It is cute and can adjust to different shapes.

👤The little rattle is functional and beautiful. It offers sounds and stimulation. I love it!

👤It should cost half the price. Cute and soft.

2. Funsland Baby Toys Toddlers Baby Stroller Sensory Toys

Funsland Baby Toys Toddlers Baby Stroller Sensory Toys

A toy for babies. The clip on toy designed with 3 cute animals and bright colors can help baby develop recognition of animals, attract their attention, and stimulates their visual development. The hanging toy has bell sounds when you shake it. It helps to improve baby's hearing and sleep. Multi-color patterns and sweet sounds help your baby develop eye and hearing coordination, and motor skills like grasping and pulling. The rattle toys can be clipped onto a stroller, car seat or baby's cot. You can carry it with you anywhere. This infant toy is safe, soft, and has an interesting texture. It is a good gift for your baby to be able to express themselves.

Brand: Funsland

👤My son loves this mobile. It was bought at 4 months. The rattle in the center has a nice deep jingle that I don't hear often in kids toys. That was a huge plus. It's colorful, and has a wide opening clip for easy application. It was something I didn't know I needed, and we use a lot of it. It's great for the car, pack and play. We highly recommend! There are not a lot of "teething" textures. I wasn't looking for that when I bought it. If your child can pull hard, it may come unclipped and fall. There have been no injuries with this. It's just note worthy. Just get it if you're on the fence.

👤My 5 month old hates being in the car seat so we bought him a toy to amuse him while we drive. He doesn't cry as much anymore because he loves it. This is used in the pack n play to replace the broken mobile. It's beautiful colors are perfect for him to grasp. The umbrella folds down for easy storage. You can use it anywhere because it has a pinching clip. We would definitely recommend.

👤It helped us keep our baby happy and entertained during our road trips. It's very useful in a lot of situations. The colors and the chime are great ways to get her attention. We loved it.

👤Is very cute. It's easy to assemble. You can pack it away if you fold it back together. Love the colors and feel. It's a calm sound that isn't annoying. Great toy!

👤The best baby product is in the toy area. The middle piece has an Awesome little bell inside. The 3 month old was laughing and giggling for thirty minutes. I've used it in many places. Above the changing table is a car seat. It is very well made. Sturdy plastic, good sounds. I'm surprised this toy doesn't have more purchases.

👤The baby was hit in the face by the car seat.

👤My niece is 3 months old and my 14 month old would have played with it if I had let her. When my baby was younger, I wish I'd known about this.

👤It folds up for travel. My grandson loves the soft tinkling sound that it makes when he touches it. The clip can be used many different ways. I put it to the stroller canopy and the playmat arch.

👤Jee a facile mettre et/ou enlever. Ma cocotte s'amuse beaucoup, surtout lors des promenades d' auto ou de carrosse. Je n'ai pas plus loin sur la poignée du banc d' auto. J'aime beaucoup!

👤My daughter loves this. She likes to grab the orange ring and chew on it or throw it around and make a lot of noise. The toys have been good for her to chew on. She has been a source of entertainment since she was 2 months old.

👤It was large for hanging to a stroller. When baby pulls or leaves hanging toys, they hit her face, making her cry. Won't recommend.

3. Infantino Spiral Activity Toy Pink

Infantino Spiral Activity Toy Pink

Includes peek n' see mirror, crinkle bug, textured fabrics and satin ribbons. Wrap around most strollers and cribs. China is the country of origin. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Infantino

👤My child loves looking up and reaching for the toy. I pictured it spreading across the handle, but it doesn't. Instead it was all together. I put a small zip tie on each end to hold it in place, but it wasn't a big deal.

👤The spiral activity toy is bright and has four hanging items for your baby to play with. The bee makes noises when you grab it, the cow/pig is a plush toy, and the mirror is cute for baby's reflection. The idea of the spiral activity toy is a great one, but poorly executed. The spiral was too tight. It does not sit on my daughter's car seat, but is bunched up in one spot tightly coiled. I kept it because I wanted it to stretch out like in the ad. I tried stretching it out. The coil on the spiral is too tight and awkward to use on the crib rail, but it did stretch it out a little, though it was not close to what was shown in the ad. The spiral activity toy is not recommended by me. I gave the spiral activity toy two stars because my daughter can still play with it and like the bright colors and dangling toys. She still uses it as a hand toy even though it doesn't dangle or function to its fullest.

👤I bought this for my baby for Christmas and it wasn't what I expected. I thought it would stretch across his car seat handle, but it doesn't, and it just falls to the side. Don't waste your money.

👤My son hates being in his car seat and we were looking for something that would make it more comfortable for him. We decided this item was the best after looking through several different options. It stays too tightly coiled, but this is not an issue for us as we weren't looking to have it permanently attached to the car seat handle. Our intentions were never to use it while driving, but rather as a distraction when we are shopping, running, or going for walks. We inspected the item after we received it. It was mint. We stretched the toy out so that only the ends of the toy were wrapped around the widest point of the car seat handle, after washing it in a net bag in the washing machine. This toy is what we were looking for.

👤My baby took to this very quickly. My baby is 3 months old and loves to go on walks. I looked at toys like this for her bumper bar because she is reaching for toys and tugging on them. I picked this because of a few reasons. The toys aren't long, which makes them great for the bumper bar. If I put the toys on her carseat handle, they would be hard to find. There are many toys. My baby likes grabbing the rings the most, but I think she will like the mirror and other toys as well. The price was on the lower end of the range. The toy is very small. I had to wedge the end of the toy into two rings from other toys to spread it out. The toy was stretched out so that my little one could easily see it and play with it. The toys should stretch out more with time. I am very happy and recommend this toy.

4. The First Years Rattle

The First Years Rattle

The baby rattle has high contrast patterns to encourage visual tracking. The grip is convenient. Baby's early grasping skills are encouraged by easy grip fingers. They are tying toYS. The rattle toy has soft teething surfaces. It's ideal for your newborn. It's ideal for your newborn.

Brand: The First Years

👤A great first toy for your baby. The circular design makes it easy for the baby to grasp the rattle. The baby can chew on it. Big bold colors will draw your baby's attention. It is not an annoying sound. A soft sound. It's great for teething infants. Your baby will love this. I know I do. Highly recommended.

👤This is the best baby rattle I have ever heard. My child's first rattle was this one. It's easy for a baby to grasp when they're still working on their motor skills. I recommended this rattle to friends and family because I loved it so much for my little one. This is the best first rattle.

👤My little girl likes this rattle. It's been a great gift to give her because she's falling asleep. She likes to fall asleep with a toy, but when she's fighting her sleep she waves the toy around and sometimes hits her head with it. I bought her this one. It's the right size for her small hands. It's soft. She won't hurt herself. She likes to suck on the little hands and feet when she's trying to sleep since she won't take a pacifier.

👤I like this toy. I have a 5 month old boy and his second favorite toy is a school bus plush toy. He plays with it for a while and doesn't get bored. He loves the material at the end. The little antenna. It is easy to clean in the wash, we hung it dry and then hand washed it. I threw it in the washer because I didn't know how to wash it. So. Yes. Good price. There was nothing negative. It helps with his teething.

👤My daughter is close to the hand eye coordination milestone. The larger butterfly is made by the same maker as this toy. The small size makes it easy to carry around. She loves hearing the crunch from the legs and automatically listens to the rattle sound. The same can be said with a butterfly. She loves following the flapping effect above her. She hugs it when it lands on her chest. I recommend these toys for your new born. The lady bug and large butterfly are a great combo for home play time.

👤My 3 month old granddaughter took to the toy immediately, but I don't know what it is. I had to buy two more for my house and the babysitters. As soon as Tommy comes out, she's all smiles, even though she could be in the grumpiest mood. Perfect size for little hands, perfect texture for teething, perfect shape to hold on to. Just like my granddaughter!

👤My baby loves his first rattle. The circle design makes it easy for him to grab and hold. It's small and light for him to handle. The soft texture on his gums is caused by teething. The bright colors and patterns seem to draw his attention. Quality is great.

👤My daughter loves this caterpillar. She was 4.5 months when I bought it. She still loves it. I put it in her laundry and hung it to dry. She likes to play with the antennas. She likes chewing on the feet and they are good for sensory. There is a The caterpillar has a rattle in it and she seems to enjoy it. I think it is her favorite toy because it is small enough for her to grab.

5. Baby Car Seat Toys Rear Facing

Baby Car Seat Toys Rear Facing

Talking stuffed animal education toy is for babies 3 to 24 months old. Infant car seat toys make road trips fun. The mat is suitable for newborn to toddler. It installs in seconds and is easy to adjust. There are sensory car seat toys. It's a perfect baby shower gift for boys and girls.

Brand: Kenley

👤A good baby toy. Excellent material, odorless and pleasant to the touch. I was satisfied with the purchase and recommend you!

👤Imagine driving along and a hard plastic ball swings in front of your baby's face, and he has the ability to knock it into his teeth or face, but the creators of this toy didn't think about hanging a hard plastic ball inside the center hanging owl. I will return this immediately and look for something safer. I only used it once, but it's no longer relevant for me. It's obvious that this is cheap. The design is not very stimulating for my baby. The sky is dark and the bus is yellow.

👤It was a lifesaver for our 7 hour car ride. My 6 month old hates riding in his car seat but he loved playing with his new toy. When it was too dark to see his toy, he would cry in the car. When my older two kids are babies, I would love to have one.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the toy. The fabric is soft and colorful and it's odorless. It has a duck, a star, and a penguin that can be removed. It is easy to install. You can adjust the straps to make sure the toy won't bother your baby. I believe the toy can be washed by hand because it looks like plastic. I can't wait to play with this toy. My baby will love to play with it.

👤I gave this as a gift to my best friend. She hates her car seat and was having a hard time driving with her little one in the back screaming. I sent this out so that mama can concentrate on the ride. I highly recommend!

👤The toy is not functioning as shown, but it still keeps my little one entertained. The straps don't stay on top of the headrest, but it works out okay because the baby couldn't reach the toys if they did. When the straps slip down the sides of the headrest, the top flap falls forward, allowing the baby to kick and grab toys. It is easy to hook to the head rest. The baby is 5 months old.

👤My baby used to scream in the car. We drove our car and the stop signs were busy. She talks to dolls after setting this toy. It is so cute and funny. It is a game-changer. One of the best things I got for my daughter.

👤The car toy is the perfect size for my child and it has lots of different things to play with. My car rides are very easy now that it is entertaining for my kid. It's a good recommendation to everyone.

👤Comes in a box. A great toy for babies. It is a quality product and can be seen. My boy likes squeezing duck and making noses.

👤I bought this for my son and was very happy with the end product as it had good quality and bright colors. They give you three different toys that make different noises. My son likes the duck the most.

6. ORZIZRO Stroller Bassinet Squeaker Rattles

ORZIZRO Stroller Bassinet Squeaker Rattles

You can clip to a stroller or carrier. The musical car seat toy is made of premium quality soft cotton plush, design in bright colors and cute fox, baby will be attracted and love it. The crib mobile toys with sounds paper, jingle music, rattles, bibi squeaker, help to develop infant's senses, hand and eye coordination naturally when play, keep baby occupied instead of crying or being fussy! With the fox rattles toys, you can teach baby to recognize bright color animals, increase their curiosity and enrich their cognitive world. It is easy to spiral the adorable toys on car seat mobile, baby carrier, bassinet stroller bar, crib rails, shopping cart handles, etc. Birthdays, baby showers, Children's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. are great gifts. 100% money back if there is a quality issue. Add to cart and buy the cute stroller toys for your baby boys and girls.

Brand: Orzizro

👤The toy is cute. My baby loves the plastic spinny. The song from the avocados is louder than I anticipated and the swirls are close so all the hanging toys end up bunched together. It is hard to stretch out the toys so they are not all on each other, and if yours is small, he/she might have trouble reaching them. The one I saw was a lot better than the one I received, with a slightly offbee color, skinny body, and inconsistent thickness. This is just a bunch of makeup and doesn't really matter to me. It was just something I didn't expect.

👤A cute car seat toy. A bunch of fun sensory things made by a very well made company. The carseat handle is skinny and tall. It is hard for our baby to reach the toy in the carseat. We use it for tummy time and other things, but I wish the hanging toys were a bit longer so that he could reach them in the carseat. He pulls it down after we hung it from the tail. Maybe we should have looked at the dimensions of the toy before buying it.

👤This is supposed to solve the problem of the toys hanging too low and hitting the baby in the face, but it is very flimsy and just all over the place, not what I was looking for.

👤A cute toy was given to my baby for his car seat, but it was not easy to reach. I don't know if my car seat handle is long. It didn't work for us. Returned it. A cute toy.

👤My baby loves this at 2 months and 4 months. He tugs at the toys and looks at the fox face. It is the only toy that he has shown any interest in. Everything is secure so you don't have to worry about it falling apart.

👤The baby was 3 1/2 years old. trae una msica. la navidea tiene a baby el elefantito, agarrar una lindo mil gracias.

👤It is very difficult for this piece to stay on. It is hard for a baby to reach it if you keep it on. The bird chirps off, the elephant plays music, and my daughter loved those two pieces.

👤The cute toy would work for the car seat, but my baby can't reach it because it's too low.

👤My daughter hates her carseat, so I loved the idea. The toy is not as big as it looks in the picture. She can't reach the toys and makes her angry. Maybe better suited for a stroller.

7. Baby Einstein Tunes Neptune Musical

Baby Einstein Tunes Neptune Musical

You can take seafaring fun wherever you go. It connects to strollers and car seats. 45+ songs and 3 different languages are played. A toy for babies. A toy for babies.

Brand: Baby Einstein

👤My baby likes these toys. He hates his car seat and this helps. The light that flashes during the music isn't too bright for nighttime drives, and the music is not annoying.

👤The noises from this toy are not annoying. The turtle in the middle is not secured on the bar. If it is mildly disturbed, it will fall off and hit the baby.

👤The warning label on the toy bar said it was not to be used in a moving vehicle, so we bought it. It's disappointing considering that we purchased it for. It's marketed for a car seat or stroller activity bar. Disappointed. Returned!

👤My baby got this at 6 months. The turtle is not very sturdy and he has been hit in the head/face several times. The middle piece is not always on.

👤I bought this for my six month old granddaughter. I was worried that it would hurt the baby's ears because of the loud volume. It needed something to control the volume.

👤My child loves the toy in the car. If your child has problems with flashing lights, that's the only problem I can see.

👤I would love to play with this toy. The straps are loose and slide down to the ground. The turtle is not strong on the pole. The one we received had an off switch and two sound settings, but it didn't have a toy wrap around it.

👤The toy was easy to attach to the stroller or infant carrier. I wish it had more song selection. If your baby likes it, you have to constantly push the button to play.

👤It is a good product. You can't change settings for voice only.

👤I love how my baby smiles and bounces for the music as well as the multiple language bits that the toy plays. I like how they made the toy non-magnetic. There are huge selections of sounds from this. I am happy that the baby is happy. My only suggestion is not to have the light too close to your face in a dark setting.

👤The little man loves this. Great purchase.

👤timo custo benefcio. Recomendo.

8. MARUMINE Teether Development Hanging Stroller

MARUMINE Teether Development Hanging Stroller

Their baby spiral activity toys have different animal patterns, soft and colorful fabric, which can give your children a funny amusement and interaction when they are out or bored. It is a great gift for baby showers, children's day, birthday, christmas, etc. You need to press the music box which is inside the cow's body to play the music. When shaking it, the hanging toys will make a sound. Their plush infant rattles are good for baby's teeth. It's safe for baby's teeth. This is a cute animal plush toy. The baby rattle toys are light with a perfect size for the baby to hold and hug. There is a C clip on the top of the car seat toys that can be used to attach to strollers, prams, beds, carriers. It's easy to hang or take down. It's suitable for toddlers outside or inside. Music and bright colors will help baby to focus. It's a good baby toy. It's suited for babies up to 12 months old. The surface is wet. A special gift for a baby shower, birthday, Children's Day or Christmas.

Brand: Marumine

👤The music stopped playing one day after I couldn't get an Amazon return. There is no place to replace batteries. I bought this item because it had sounds. After a few weeks of rarely used battery, this toy is not special and does not entertain my infant. I would have returned to buy a different toy.

👤My 4 month old loves the toy but the music is dying and there is no way to replace the batteries. It is stupid to make a toy like that. The toy is useless after the music dies. The model of a toy for children is stupid.

👤I have bought this item twice and both times the music doesn't work. It sounds like the batteries are malfunctioning. The music quickly drowned out after we started using it. The music box didn't work the second time we got a replacement. You can't access the batteries. I tried to get a replacement for the toy because my baby loves it. The replacement doesn't work either.

👤The quality of this cow is pretty good. It doesn't make music. I ordered a cat and a cow. I got two cows. It's not a big deal. Neither one makes music. There is a bell in the head. There are some bell ringers out there that would take offense if I said that a jingling bell is not music. I will stick to my story unless they come and shake this toy for hours to entertain my child. This will suffice if you just buy a cute toy that makes a nosie for the baby or you shake it. If you want a toy that you can press a button and have it play a song for your baby to sleep in or entertain them while they lay on a mat, this is not the toy for you.

👤The music box in the tummy does not work. It doesn't plan any music at all.

👤My daughter was about 2 months old when I bought this. She likes to look at it and grab at the rings. The music started to sound like it was dying right away. The batteries seem to be going right away with no way to change them. She likes the colors and rings of the toy.

👤I was shopping on Amazon for some interactive toys when my daughter started crawling out of her crib and I saw a video of her laughing and giggling while watching the toy for sale. There is more for the cow. She hasn't let it ruin her reputation. It's soft and well made and she loves to chew in it and I will be getting a cat if I ever find it.

👤La atencin del bebé tienes colores. No solo da. Ahora solo is normal. Aparte debes estar presionando cada 10 seg.

9. World Carle Hungry Caterpillar Count

World Carle Hungry Caterpillar Count

Help baby to learn and begin story time with a soft fabric book. An on-the-go book lets baby play and explore. Soft toys. The fun interactive materials keep the baby busy. A clip for attaching a stroller or car seat to a soft baby book. Babies are first toy. The carseat and stroller toy is ideal for baby showers, 1st birthdays, and is popular for boys and girls ages 0 months to toddler. The cloth book is free of harmful substances. Soft books, or teether books, are classic retro toys that have amused babies for decades. The infant book is fun to read with bright colors and sounds. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a book that helps your child learn and grow as it brings memories from your own childhood. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a book that helps your child learn and grow as it brings memories from your own childhood.

Brand: Kids Preferred

👤My mostly toothless rescue is not a big fan of toys and likes to shred papers and magazines. The small rubber piece on one of the corners was perfect for her. I had to take the red ring off because it was brittle and he was able to break it off. It is still holding up well after a few months. My kids loved this book.

👤It is very thin and flimsy, and only going to number 5. I am not sure how it would hold up if you just wiped it with a cloth and ate it, there are two pages that have teeth. For a few dollars more, you can get whole sets for more value. I bought it because I thought it would be cute. The cover is related to the caterpillar. Disappointed.

👤This book will be a great Christmas gift for my niece, I was excited to see it in a baby version.

👤I thought it was a rip off when I first purchased it. The book only has 3 pages and is $7. I had half a thought to return it but decided to forget about it because I never stop being busy with a newborn. When my little one was 3 months old, he became grabby with his hands and loves to play in the play gym. I started to change up his toys that dangle from the gym for variety and one day I threw on this book and it instantly became his favorite item. My baby likes tearing at the pages. The pages are thick for his little hands and the only toy that keeps his attention for more than 20 minutes at a time is this. This item reminds me that even though I don't like a particular toy, it doesn't mean my baby won't love it for his own reasons. Knocking off a star for cheap fabric and a bad clip-on. If you're thinking about buying this toy for an infant, I'd recommend getting it. Apparently my 4 months old is strong enough to rip the clip off the book, tearing the fabric and all.

👤The baby loves this book. It's only 3 pages but it serves its purpose. My baby likes this toy.

👤At three months old, my little girl is able to hold her own and play with this book that she has loved since she was two months old. I bought this book because of her teething stage. I wanted something safe for her to enjoy since she's been fascinated with putting her hands in her mouth. She only had a light toy at two months that she could handle on her own. The crinkle pages made her want to hold and play with it, which made her able to grasp things well with her hands. She would flip the pages and smile at the noises. She can chew on it now. I wash everything when it arrives, and this was washed fine in the machine. The squeaker works great and doesn't show signs of wear. I dried it. She likes the little leaf on one of the pages. Each page has a nice texture to it for a baby to feel. This little book is perfect for a young baby who is learning to grasp and or teething.

10. Munchkin Float Play Bubbles Count

Munchkin Float Play Bubbles Count

There are 2 whirly toys that spin and rattle. The bubbles help baby's sense of sight, hearing and touch. The rings are moving around the bubbles. There are bubbles in the water.

Brand: Munchkin

👤We just started using them and one of them is already full of water. I got these to replace squirt toys that retain water. My son seems to enjoy them.

👤The disco turtle and the little pinwheel are cute. My daughter loved playing with them out of the tub. The spinners inside are engaging and the bumps on the side make them noisy. These shouldn't be marketed as bath toys. These toys were perfect because they didn't have holes for the bath. I am glad we only brought two because they became unsanitary after leaking and filling with water. The squishy toys that fill with mold are worse than these. I think these are great toys if they weren't labeled a tub toy. If I was giving a gift, I would want to know that the two sets of toys are packaged separately.

👤The toys are in good shape. My eight-month-old likes them. I received two packages of the same two toys, the whale and the spinner. The little stick with the blue and red balls was not given to me. The toys are nice. My son can't pick them up at his age because they are too big, but they are fun and large enough to be enjoyable. The product isn't as described. You should get two sets of the same two toys.

👤This is the best bath toy. Excellent quality! And cute! The plastic ones with holes on them are not the best feature of this. We only get toys that are mold resistant for our baby. The little turtle has a shell that is shinny. Our baby loves the sounds they make when they shake it. They are put in the living room to be rolled on the carpet as a play toy. The balls have little things inside that try to balance themselves. Our baby loves this toys a lot. The price is great for 4 different ones. Get them! You would love them too! It's a good thing.

👤I thought I was getting 4 different toys, based on the photos. The 2 packages are the same 2 toys. It's too much of a hassle to return/exchange, but you might get 2 packages of the same toys.

👤I thought they would be great. My granddaughter has only used them at my house four times since I got them. The bubbles have water inside. I threw it away because I knew that soon it would be mold and I didn't have a way to open it and dry it out.

👤I didn't receive any of the toys I was supposed to, but I'm not the only one who didn't. I got 2 of the penguin and 2 of the spinning thingy. I don't think my baby notices, but it wasn't what I ordered. So minus 2 stars for that. The toys seem to be fine. My child is 10 months old. He plays with them in the tub, but he is not very happy with them. He puts them in his mouth and they are too big to be a choking hazard. They can be slippery, but my son likes that they slip out of his hands and into the tub. I like that they are sealed so that no mold can grow on them, which is a problem with a lot of bath tub toys. They are all ok.

11. Caterbee Activity Stroller Accessories Blue Elephant

Caterbee Activity Stroller Accessories Blue Elephant

Size (inches): 16l x 3w x 27h; cm: 41l x 8w x 69h There are hanging toys that have fun. The hanging toys can make a noise. It's easy to spiral on a car seat. A baby can touch, pull, and squeeze safely with a baby tooth gel. The toy can be separated and cleaned.

Brand: Caterbee

👤We got this product for our 4 month old who hates cars. The handle of the car seat was supposed to be put on this. It will not stay wrapped around the handle. I attached the parts that hang down to the handle on my own. They don't reach far enough down to be in her sight line when you pull the shade over her. The shade is blocking them. She isn't distracted by them like I thought she would be because the handle is above her head. My LO doesn't want to look up. My dog wants to grab them. Good idea, but doesn't work for car seats. She might use the stroller handle when she is a bit older.

👤The product arrived on time but was poorly packaged as if it had been opened a few times because the sticky part no longer worked for the outside packaging or the clear packaging inside. I don't have to worry about my neighbors stealing since it was left in front of the door of my house. I would have sent it back if I had purchased it as a gift, but I am very disappointed that I didn't.

👤When I put it on his car seat handle, my son flinches a lot when he thinks they will hit him in the face. They are a little short and don't attach well to the top of the stroller. Will probably attach to his crib. I don't think I'd buy it again.

👤Great product! My baby loves this toy. I have a toy wrapped around my seatbelt. My baby is able to see it from a short distance. You can place the giraffe toy somewhere else if you remove it. I put it on the handle of my baby's carrier. I add the entire toy set to the baby carrier. It is very cute. I love it!

👤The elephant can easily get around a car seat or crib. The hanging animal rattles and scrunchy animals are great for little ones to play with. I gave this to a baby. It is worth the money. This baby toy is very good.

👤I had to add link rings to make the toys longer because there wasn't enough time for the baby to reach them. I wouldn't buy again.

👤I like hanging toys. It has enough soft sounds to keep the baby busy. The baby likes the sound of the elephant's ear and the sound of fish. Very pleased with the purchase.

👤I use it in the stroller and car seat. The toys are low enough for my car seat handle, but it is perfect in the stroller. I put it in her lap because she can't reach them in the car seat on the handle. It keeps my baby entertained for a while. She chews on toys. A bonus is that it stays where you put it, and doesn't slide down the handle.

👤Only half of the toys on the elephant come off when they are washed. The fish and bananas are sewn on. The giraffe and hoop rattle are not on the ground. It does a good job of entertaining little one, but it doesn't match the description.


What is the best product for car seat toys for babies 0-6 months farm?

Car seat toys for babies 0-6 months farm products from Itzy Ritzy. In this article about car seat toys for babies 0-6 months farm you can see why people choose the product. Funsland and Infantino are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat toys for babies 0-6 months farm.

What are the best brands for car seat toys for babies 0-6 months farm?

Itzy Ritzy, Funsland and Infantino are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat toys for babies 0-6 months farm. Find the detail in this article. The First Years, Kenley and Orzizro are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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