Best Car Seat Toddler Accessories

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1. Smart Elf Protector Protective Protectors

Smart Elf Protector Protective Protectors

Smart eLf car seat protectors fit all sizes of baby infant car seats and booster seats. It is possible to protect your car's upholstery from stains, smells, scratches and dents, which will increase your car's resale value and extend the life of your vehicle. Smart eLf ultra-durable car seat cover set are high temperature resistance, they will not melt even in hot weather, so you don't worry about it stained your leather or fabric seat! Will not leave any marks on the seats. This car seat protector is great for long trips with young travelers, sweat after sports and work out, kid mess and drops, spilled drinks, food, rain, and it protects cloth leather seat from spills. There is no more mess in the car floors. The car kick mat has multiple pockets and an iPad holder, so it also functions as a backseat car organizers. In this way, your kid's toys and water bottles will always be easy to reach and long car rides will be calmer. The kick mat car seat protectors are 18 x 26 inches and can be adjusted to your needs. Jeeps, trucks, vans, SUVs and your car are all ideal for their kick mat organizers. Being waterproof it can be used in a heavy duty way. Imagine not having to clean your car seats again. The heavy duty elastic straps are the best part. You will not know they are there. The kick mat car seat protectors are 18 x 26 inches and can be adjusted to your needs. Jeeps, trucks, vans, SUVs and your car are all ideal for their kick mat organizers. Being waterproof it can be used in a heavy duty way. Imagine not having to clean your car seats again. The heavy duty elastic straps are the best part. You will not know they are there.

Brand: Smart Elf

👤The cover under the car seat is waterproof and perfect for the Sportage. The fabric of the seat cover is a bit slick, so be sure to put your car seat nice and tight. The cover that holds the tablets and toys isn't as good as the first half. It says that it fits my vehicle, but it doesn't. The second and third straps keep slipping off the seat even if I put them tight. My vehicle is the same as before. I feel like the straps are too small to fit the seats in my car and it wouldn't be a problem. It might fit other car seats better. The concept is wonderful. My sons are holding a couple of books. There are pockets on the sides that you can put drinks in. It is definitely a space saver. There is a small slit in the side where you can put the charging cord into the tablets. I would recommend this duo to any parent who wants to save space and keep their cars clean. It is great for long rides, you don't have to worry about your child holding the device for too long, it is in the pouch.

👤So far, they seem great after they were installed. I don't like where the third buckle is for the back seat protectors, it would be in the middle of the person sitting in that seats back, which wouldn't be comfortable. The top and bottom buckle seem to work well. The pocket has a buckle on it that doesn't allow you to tighten it.

👤Adding a second grandchild means adding a second carseat. Three years ago, I purchased a seat protectors for my carseat. My fist one was nicer for the same amount of money. It's easy to install and cover the seat. The back of the front seat has an over cover. When the older grandchild puts his feet up, this one stays in place. My old one had a hard time securing the bottom because the cover kept his feet off my upholstery. This product is very good. The value is great.

👤The pictures of the "2 pack" are misleading as there is only one item in each pack.

👤The seller is responsive. The seller made it right. It is a good price effective means for basic protection.

👤The seats in your vehicle are the most important factor in the installation process. The length of the straps are not included in the dimensions listed. They weren't long enough to fit around the front seatbacks of our car. SUV seats might be more robust. The soft material of the seat protectors is not strong enough to protect the seat from the seat base. We put the new cover over the older one. The storage areas are not accessible when the child is properly belted in. If you ask me, it's kind of weird. It was a poor purchase and too much hassle to return.

👤I love this duo. I thought I would have to buy both backseat and seat protectors separately. I only found them in a 2 pack. I found this! I wanted one of each and it was exactly what I wanted for my 3 year old. I just bought a brand new car with leather seats and now I don't have to worry about her kicking the seats or getting her crumbs in between the cracks. The pockets are great to keep things organized. If you have kids, this product is worth the purchase.

2. My Travel Tray Charcoal

My Travel Tray Charcoal

Happy kids, keep snacks and small toys away from the floor and in the car. Keeping parents' eyes on the road reduces distracted driving and makes driving safer. Light weight and portable - Innovative, patented design fits inside the cup holders of most cars, kids' car seats, strollers, lawn chairs and more! The top rack dishwasher is easy to clean. The family is made in the USA and free of harmful chemicals. The family is made in the USA and free of harmful chemicals.

Brand: My Travel Tray

👤The cup holders of the car seat are made of plastic and have a second cup fit so the tray will fit but it doesn't go all the way in the cup holder without the second cup fit. It is not loose either. It is odd but it works. It is worth it to buy because I haven't seen anything like it before. It helps me avoid dirty cup holders. There is a My kid has a hard time pulling it out because of the feature that tries to keep the cup from flying out of it. It comes with a thick wide rubber band that I put around the cup holder to keep it from twisting or slipping. I like the idea of the tray being thrown around, and my kid likes having it, so I don't think it's necessary. We all love it.

👤I haven't tried it out with my children who tend to throw things yet, but I like having the second cup to fit in because it makes it easier to get in and out. The cup holders on my Maxi-Cosi 70 are made of Silicone rubber and hold in place. It looks like the extra cup is too big, but because of the texture of the cup holder, I can move it out of my way to get them in and out of it. The cup holder is made out of a type of material that makes it harder to jiggle. I'm very excited to try this out.

👤These are versatile and useful. I couldn't find a lap desk or tray that was comfortable and didn't require pulling over to adjust or remove These are good for the kids to have a bit of fun. I ordered two at once and only one came with a rubber grip.

👤My child's Funtainer thermos cup wouldn't fit in the cup holder, so I wanted to love this. It makes sense, because it has to fit in the cup holder, so it will be even smaller. I didn't think that through, so I was disappointed. I don't know what cups would fit, but it would have to be narrow.

👤This is a great solution for my grandson. He takes a snack and drink with him. This works well. I would recommend it for adult cup holders.

👤I am happy with this product. We needed a good option for my daughter to have access to snacks on a long car trip because she can't yet reach into the cup holders of her car seat. The answer was this little tray. I ordered a second for my older son because it was so convenient.

👤Why didn't I think of this? Genius!

3. Graco DuoGlider Connect Stroller Glacier

Graco DuoGlider Connect Stroller Glacier

Accepts two rides. Click connect infant car seats; tandem stroller holds 2 children up to 40 pounds each One hand, standing fold closes without bending, leaving one hand free for the baby, and easy access, a drop down storage basket lets you reach in without disturbing the child. The rear seat of the double stroller is flat when the baby has had enough adventure. Lockable front wheels with suspension for superior maneuverability; parents tray with storage and 2 cup deep holders for convenience on the go. The Stroller weight is 29.5 pounds, the Stroller length is 36 inches, the Stroller height is 41 inches, and the Folded height is 29.5 inches. The Extra Large storage basket has room for all your essentials. The Extra Large storage basket has room for all your essentials.

Brand: Graco

👤I ordered this stroller and am quite happy with it. It's ideal for my two girls, a newborn and 2.5 year old. I like it because it has a few full seat options for my older daughter, which would be great if the older child was 4-5 years old. We've used two configurations so far. It's easy to push as double strollers. It folds flat if you remove some of the trays and it fits into the back of my SUV.

👤If you remove the front tray and canopy from the Honda Fit, it will fit in the trunk. I can review it better after months of use. Pros. The build is strong and the back seat is great for older children because it reclines so much. It is very heavy to lift, and long to walk in corridors or elevators. Until it locks is quite complicated to fold it fully closed. To get to the under basket when the back seat rest is fully reclined, you have to use the side openings. Having 2 children in a single stroller sleeping at the same time is a blessing and I still rate it 5 stars. If you want to make sure that everything is ok, you should turn the front wheels so that they face backwards, adjust the front seat back rest down, twist the grip and step on the basket until it folds, and check the lock on the left. Well done!

👤I'm very excited for this new double. I needed a stroller that would allow for my 21 month old to ride, as well as hold the new baby while she is in her car seat, because we have three children and one more on the way. The Ready2Grow Classic Connect Double was discontinued in the year of our last baby's birth, and it is not compatible with the newest car seats, which are now "Click Connect", not "Classic Connect". It's frustrating to have to get new gear, but also gives me an excuse to get new things for the new baby. It took a lot of research for me to figure out why our car seat wouldn't fit our stroller. There is a The newest Ready2Grow Click Connect Double is similar to the DuoGlider, but does not allow for all the extra ways for an older child to sit and stand. We already have the old ready2grow double, so that's not a problem. Would a car seat fit in one of the seats? Yes! It definitely does. It can fit in either the front or the back, so another child can sit in the other. It's easy to put together and the kids love it. I love it! There is a large storage compartment underneath, as well as a nice quality adult cup holder. This stroller is very good.

👤I love the stroller. I was stuck in a situation where my double stroller went missing. I was in need of a new toddle quickly. Even though my car seat is baby trend, this stroller is able to fit any car seat. It was easy to put together. It's very smooth when walking around. The cup holders are easy to put back on. The opening of the stroller was the only thing I didn't like. The latch is what I mean by this. You have to pull very hard to unlatch the stroller. I would recommend this stroller to anyone with more than one child.

4. MZTDYTL Backseat Organizer Protectors Accessories

MZTDYTL Backseat Organizer Protectors Accessories

Their car seat organizers come with a lifetime warranty and friendly and responsive customer service. The large backseat organizer is 24” x 16”inch. It's large enough to cover the backs of the seats. There were dirty shoe prints on the back of the seat. It's suitable for most cars and SUVs. It's easy to clean dirty shoe prints with a wet cloth. It is fast and convenient. The material is durable. The back seat protectors use a strong 600D Oxford cloth, nylon, and a clear pocket. There are mesh bags at both sides that you can use to store drinks, power bank, books, magazines, snacks and more. The universal quick fit is given by the extra long,adjustable straps with quick-release buckles. 2 pack of backseat car organizers + 1 year warranty guaranty,unconditionally refund or resend with any quality problems, 24 hours quick reply, only offered by MZTDYTL 2 pack of backseat car organizers + 1 year warranty guaranty,unconditionally refund or resend with any quality problems, 24 hours quick reply, only offered by MZTDYTL

Brand: Mztdytl

👤These are not easy to fit in a seat. The person sitting in the front driver and passenger seat is wearing the strap because it requires you to wrap it around the front of the seat. It doesn't fit in. A hard pass is something to recommend.

👤My kids thought they'd hold the tablets and toys when I bought 6 of these. The buckles flopping free when they come off. I had to tie the knots by the buckles. Within a week, the side of the holder was torn down. The view of the tablets is blocked by them up top.

👤I changed my old one before I left for the long trip. She used it to hold her IPad and her color pens. The bottom is the best one because it has more space but not as much depth as my last one.

👤The product was really disappointing. The water bottle holder and the clear screen holder came unstitched. I would give the benefit of the doubt that there was a manufacturer error, but my review is that they are not child proof.

👤A great place to keep a few small items. The material is thin and flimsy, and the pockets are shallow. The way the strap wraps around the passenger seat is odd. The photo they show is a little dramatic, but I can't fit much in there. I still use it faithfully because it makes life easier.

👤I have only had them for a couple of months. No crazy use, just normal wear. Would not recommend it.

👤My kid is in his car seat and the window is low. There was one pocket that burst a seam. My child is very hard on things like this.

👤They do the job and are cheap. It's easy to put on and seems very durable with a toddler tugging at it.

5. DMoose Activity Toddlers Waterproof Stroller

DMoose Activity Toddlers Waterproof Stroller

The fun, kid-friendly travel play area is the ultimate car seat tray for kids travel, airplane travel or this small lap desk for kids lets them draw, color, play games, watch movies on a tablets, or enjoy drinks and snacks on the go. Their tray for kids travel has a soft, wool padded base that is lightweight and supportive and has reinforced walls to keep snacks, toys, or crayons from rolling away or falling on the floor. The DMoose kids car tray has a waterproof surface that makes it easy to clean up spills. Remove it with the one-click buckle and wipe it down with a wet wipe or rag. Long rides and trips give children an opportunity to stay mentally and physically engaged while promoting independence and creativity, which is why it is supported by early learning adventures. The stretchy pockets of the travel tray for kids car seat help keep your child more organized and prevent things from rolling around on the play surface. They are perfect for small books, toys, pacifiers, bottles, sippy cups, snacks, or other essentials.

Brand: Dmoose

👤My 3 year old and I traveled for 3.5 hours with this tray table. It was very easy to set up. It was stable for the whole ride and has plenty of compartments for snacks, toys, water bottle, etc. She didn't ask for the iPad because it was good enough to color on, play and eat off of. I put it in the sleeve on the way back so she could watch it. I am happy with my purchase. The princess theme pattern is very sweet.

👤Our 3 year old grandson plays away the miles with the DMoose Kids Travel Tray, even the best travelers get bored. It worked well for eating lunch on the road as well as for playing with toys. The size of the tray was right and the clips on either side made it easy to remove. There is enough lip to prevent toys and food from spilling. We didn't use the easel feature to prop up the tablets, but it will work well when that time comes. Very pleased with the purchase!

👤It's perfect for long drives. I don't have to hear it. My toddler's life is held by it. There is a place for her water bottle, snacks, crayons, toys, and tablets. It's helpful and keeps things organized. It's hard for her to take it off on her own if she wanted to, so I couldn't give it 5 stars.

👤This product is designed to do something. The reviews mentioned that it is not very sturdy. This is true to some degree. I'm pretty sure it's a safety issue. If you were in an accident, you wouldn't want a hard tray in your child's abdomen. That makes sense. We placed a small travel pillow between her legs to give her more support. There are places on the tray that a sippie cup can easily slide into, but the tray also covers the cupholders in the carseat. It wouldn't be that great for a cup with a lid from a restaurant, but if you take a sippie cup to pour those into, your golden.

👤We haven't used the travel tray yet, so I need to revisit my review. I will be going to Minnesota on 3/22 to put it in the car and see how it goes. My grandson loves it and I am very happy with it.

👤This is for our 3 year old to have on our cross country move. It is easy to set up and pack up. It was nice for her to have her own table with everything accessible so she didn't have to stop and grab her things every 5 minutes. It was a great holder of tablets. She could watch movies when her toys were dull. We would get a second one for my youngest when she is old enough.

👤I wanted to like this for my rear facing toddler. It's huge for her. Very heavy. The iPad holder did not stay upright. It was in her face when I got it to stay up. It was too big for a 2 year old lap. It may work better for a 3-6 year old. We will try later.

6. Enovoe Back Seat Protector Kids

Enovoe Back Seat Protector Kids

Their large, two count, 18” x 24” car kick mats are designed to cover your entire seat and protect your car's interior from unwanted dirt, mud, and scuff marks. Their elastic straps are longer and have a snug fit for sedans, trucks, SUVs, and even minivans. The heavy duty elastic straps are the best part. You will not know they are there. Don't sacrifice style when you don't need to. Their sleek, luxury kick mats will complement any interior and give you a clean and stylish solution. Quality materials are used to make their premium car kick mat. Don't settle for less. Their kick mats are waterproof and are easy to clean, so they are a great way to protect your seat from rain, snow, and sleet. Simply wipe them with a damp cloth. There is only one thing to it. No machine-wash is required. There are bonus gifts of $20 value. They're giving you a bonus e-book on games and activities to entertain your children during car rides. A child-development specialist co-authored the book and it is full of fun and beneficial activities. No more boring car rides. You will wonder how you ever managed without these in your car. You will not regret it! You will wonder how you ever managed without these in your car. You will not regret it!

Brand: Enovoe

👤They fit perfectly on my car, my grand kids were in the back seat, and there was no need for the little ones to mark up the backs of the leather seats. The product has been very good so far.

👤I thought this would protect my seat. The sides don't stay in place. I have to adjust these every day. It looks sloppy. I'm getting rid of it. I wish I sent it back to get something else.

👤I bought a pair of these. When our other child became forward facing, I bought a new pair. One of the mats came loose at the seams, but the other three were still new. I took a picture and sent it to the company. I received an apology from one of the company's founders in less than 24 hours. He made it right with a full refund and replacement mats. The mats work well. The company has held up since 2016 and stands by their lifetime guarantee.

👤We bought a new vehicle and wanted to protect the seats. We have two young children, and these were what we were looking for. They were easy to install and hidden so you can't see the straps from the front seats. They were large enough to cover the seats on our yukon, and exactly what we were looking for. There is a word for that. We will be buying the same ones if we put these on the back of the se one row seats.

👤The design of the kick mat is poor because the straps that go around the bars are on the top corners. We got rid of them and then bought this one.

👤I have a one year old that loves putting his feet up, but it is not good for cloth seats. He is at daycare all day. I don't want to see his baby foot print ruining my tan seats. The product was easy to install and gave me comfort. It cleans easily and at a decent price. Great buy should last for a while until he learns better.

👤I need to check the date on my purchase of these mats, but I can tell you that they have been awesome and absolutely worth the purchase. Since the day that I received them, these littles have been seat savers. It rains here a lot, which makes for muddy outdoor adventures. The brand has a solid construction, easy to install, and easy to clean. I landed with 4 brands that I had in my cart. Buckle the smaller strap around the neck of the car's seat. Next is the lower back of the car seat with a longer strap and buckle. Call it a day if you need to tighten those straps. They are great for keeping the backs of your car seats clean, as long as your car seat manufacturer allows the use of one of these between the car's seat and your child's car seat. Purchase it!

👤I pulled the seat guards out of the box and put them on the backs of the minivan for a long road trip. They were easy to install and fit perfectly. The mats are thin and the stitching is weak, so I have questions about their ability to hold up against Mr. Four Year Old in the Back Seat. I might have expected more given the number of positive reviews on the site. I guess you're getting what you paid for, but these may only ward off the powers of dirty feet for a road trip or two so best to set your expectations accordingly.

7. ROVICLU Seat Travel Tray Kids

ROVICLU Seat Travel Tray Kids

We use their own products every day and they are real people. They want the same for you as they want for their family. They cut no corners when manufacturing the car seat activity tray and they will cut no corners in their support to you by providing the finest products and unparalleled customer service. A kid's road trip is essential to make your little passenger comfortable and your driving easier. It keeps them entertained. The car seat tray for kids travel makes room for kids to keep their hands busy, because it is designed so that every part offers function. They can play with toys and draw and write on the dry erase board table. Don't let your child get hungry. Their kids car tray can be used for snack breaks, especially for longer rides. There is a stand to hold a device. It is secure yet easily replaceable. The strap has padding that won't strain your child's back. It folds into a small and travel-friendly size. The versatile car seat tray is ideal for strollers and high chairs. Click 'add to cart' to complete your travel accessories for kids. The versatile car seat tray is ideal for strollers and high chairs. Click 'add to cart' to complete your travel accessories for kids.

Brand: Roviclu

👤We bought these for a long road trip and they were perfect to keep two 8 year olds occupied, with the pockets to hold pens, crayons, markers and the sturdy whiteboard that was fun to play games on and provided the perfect surface for coloring books. When they were watching the iPad, we used it as a tray for food and snacks. They were excited to carry it themselves and look forward to testing it out on the plane.

👤You should buy this if you have small children. I've looked at these trays many times but didn't think they were worth the price. They are. My kids were busy for 18 hours. They are helpful when they are eating because they give them a surface to store their food on. They don't fold up when you aren't using them.

👤I took this for my grandson when we were going to Florida and he loved it, I even took it inside the hotel for him to use.

👤I like this option for children. My daughter is too small for it, she makes a mess, and it's not easy to clean the fabric part. This would be a great option if you are 3 years or older.

👤I bought 2 trays for the trip with our granddaughters. They were easy to install and stay on their carseats. The compartments can be used to store supplies. The girls enjoyed using them in the car and in the cabin, and also used them on a table and on their beds.

👤My children make car rides very difficult, so I got them two of these. These trays help a lot. One of the clips snapped in half and I contacted the page and they sent me a new one free of charge. Customer service and product are amazing.

👤This is also good in the car and on the couch. Definitely recommend!

8. Maxi Cosi Pria Convertible Peach Amber

Maxi Cosi Pria Convertible Peach Amber

The car seat is 3-in-1. Up to 100 pounds in booster mode. Side impact protection technology with GCell protects your child's head where it's needed most in a side impact crash. The harness holders keep the straps out of the way. Easy click-in for better installation is what the one click Latch system has. A quick fit shoulder harness raises the harness and height. A quick fit shoulder harness raises the harness and height.

Brand: Maxi-cosi

👤Since 2007, we have used Maxi Cosi for all of our children. Due to a car accident, we had to replace the Pria 85 for our last two littles. The seats performed well during the accident, and my 3 month old stayed asleep through the whole thing. After an accident, car seats must be replaced. We decided to try the new 3 and 1 because we thought it would be an upgrade. It is not. It feels nice with all the padding, but as soon as you remove it, there's almost no comfort left. You can see the curve of the plastic frame underneath the cover. I would have had to replace all of our sippy cups if we had kept the seat. We couldn't get it mounted properly in our large expedition because of the two other things. We ordered the Pria Max 85 direct from Maxi Cosi at a sale price of $220 each, and returned them almost immediately. That seat is a thousand times better than this one. Better quality fabric, better comfort, more stable infant inserts, magnetic chest clips, and an appropriate sized cup holder are some of the things that have been improved.

👤The seat is hard to tilt when a child is sleeping. We had a cosi for three years and thought aboutUpgrading, but I'm going to return it and go back to the old seat. My daughter's head is falling forward.

👤My daughter is 6 months old and she is in a car seat. I was worried that it wouldn't fit in my car. It was fine. The passenger seat has to be completely forward so no one can sit there. The car seat is beautiful. It was very comfortable for my daughter. I would highly recommend them because of how safe and secure they are.

👤Oh my good fortune. My son is happy in this seat. It is safe and comfortable for him. So happy! He is 11 months old and dislikes travel. He will sometimes fall asleep in the car because of this seat.

👤I really wanted to use this seat. There were a few things that I noticed when I put my boys in it. The fabric was nice and the boys seemed to be comfortable in it. The seat is very deep. I am not sure that would work for my son. The main issue that I noticed during this initial fitting was that the buckle was very cheap and it almost had sharp edges that could potentially dig into their skin. The straps were thin and other reviewers had complained about it. The car seat was light for its size and made me wonder if it was safe during a side impact collision. I still liked the seat despite this being a deal breaker. Installation was the problem, which is why I returned it. There is a If I only needed this as a forward facing car seat, I could keep it, but I need it rear facing for at least another year as my boys are 11 months old and weigh 20 pounds. The car seats are great, but Rear facing is terrible, and it would have made it a great forward facing seat for them. It didn't fit in my car. I own a Toyota Highlander and it should not have been a problem. I had to move my seat. The seat was easy to install, but my husband couldn't get it tight enough. You could press a finger on the back of the car seat and the base would flip so that the head of the car seat was touching the head of the highlander. This is a huge problem. If we had been a collision, the seat could flip forward with my child in it. We couldn't refuse to do this no matter what we tried. We read the manual multiple times and tried to adjust it. It wouldn't fit. It wouldn'tlatch down correctly. It is going back! I have the Britax Marathon, Britax Emblem and Graco 4ever. I will try to find one that works, but sadly it is not.

9. Toddler Carseat Activities Essentials Accessories

Toddler Carseat Activities Essentials Accessories

Kid Safe is a worry free design. They want you to be happy with this tray. Register your warranty and then use the code on the instruction insert. The kids' travel tray is a perfect solution for organization in-vehicle, train, or airplane. Kids use the play tray for hours of entertainment. Girls can watch iPad, draw, play, eat and drink while you can rest or drive. It's easy to clean and drink. Parents can use wet tissue to clean up while kids can draw on the dry erase board in the foldable car seat tray. The folding carseat tray can be carried on the back of the car seat with the detaching strap. Most car seats are compatible. The travel table is designed to fit most car seats and strollers. The large stand fits most tablets and keeps them from falling over on road rides. The collapsible storage compartment is designed to hold toys, snacks, and crayons, keeping them neat and clean until you reach your destination. The raised soft edges design keeps items in and avoids dropping them on the floor. Keep your car out of the mess with lots of pockets to hold small items. Their car travel accessories are safe to use. This travel tray is strong and can be used in a car, plane, stroller frequently. Children will be more comfortable with the warm design. Their car travel accessories are safe to use. This travel tray is strong and can be used in a car, plane, stroller frequently. Children will be more comfortable with the warm design.

Brand: Menzoke

👤My daughter loves this. It is great for travelling and at home. She wanted to keep using it at home because she was so attached to it. She keeps her dry erase pens in the side storage pockets. It has 3 dry erase boards. It has a cooler pocket for drinks and snacks. The main clear compartment has a cable hole that she can use to charge her tablets on long journeys. It has a carrying strap as well. I will have to buy my 3 year old son a one as he keeps trying to steal it.

👤What a great idea. We put this on her car seat and she was very excited. She can watch cartoons while she plays with her toys if she has a place for a tablet to be placed. You can keep her sippy cup within arm's reach with the pockets that it has. This is a great product. Thank you so much!

👤A nice travel set for kids. It is easy to fold. My 3 year old likes it.

👤There are great organizational pockets for art supplies. It is easy to transition from car to house desk. My child loved it and used it for a 6 hour trip.

10. COOLBEBE Straps Shoulder Pushchair Stroller

COOLBEBE Straps Shoulder Pushchair Stroller

Seat belt cushions prevent slippage and provide effective security in the car, infant carrier or stroller. The velvet pads are soft enough to allow your child to experience the joy of the journey. The Soft Wraps Belt Covers are made from Super- soft velvet-touch fabric and provide additional comfort to prevent rubbing and irritation from car seat straps. It's very difficult. All car seats, infant carriers, and buggy straps are compatible with the Seatbelt Strap. Soft Wraps can be used for a lot of things. The black belt cover is simple and elegant. It is easy to clean. The fabric and foam are both made of 100% polyester. The Soft Wraps keep your seatbelts and straps clean. They are easy to remove from the go. Hang to dry and cold wash cycle. They will get back within 24 hours, if you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch, they will keep your car/stroller neat and organized. They will get back within 24 hours, if you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch, they will keep your car/stroller neat and organized.

Brand: Coolbebe

👤I got this for a kid for a road trip and it was one of the best purchases I've ever made. If you have kids that fall asleep in the car often, it gets used a lot. It's very comfortable, the pillow is not attached so the sleeve can be washed. It's soft but supportive and easy to install, it's easy to disassemble or move to another vehicle if you need to, and it's bigger than it looks. I recommend it if you nap in the car or find your seat belt uncomfortable. I got a large one for a kid who was 5 years old at the time. The time when the adults use it.

👤I wanted to love it but didn't. It was great at first, it was used for my son. The pillow and case are not sewn together. The case on the seatbelt was the only thing that kept the pillow in place. It is soft and fluffy, but wished it was one piece.

👤These are great. I needed these because the ones I had in my car seat were short and would slide back, which made it hard for him to push his head forward. They were thick and cumbersome. I reminded them that my boy has a chunk on him. When he would be buckled in, I noticed that his redness was really irritated. These are not thick, but they are soft enough to prevent that belt rash, so if you are looking for something thick and supportive, don't get these. They are long so they don't get pushed back.

👤I have purchased car seat shoulder padding like this before and it was made with a soft foam material and a soft exterior. These are soft on the outside, but they are very special. It almost feels like the manufacturer forgot to add the memory foam and just shipped empty, soft sleeves. I wouldn't recommend it. You can get a product from a different city in China that will send you real soft padding, not just a soft sleeve.

👤I'm not complaining since the price is so low, but the pads on the seat are not as thick as I expected. If that helps anyone, they are a bit thinner than neoprene.

👤My child is 3 years old. The car seat straps are life saving. They hold his head up and don't let it fall from one side to the other. Not to mention, soft! There is no cushion or support in some of the reviews. This was not the case for me. The straps had a cushion and support. Would buy again.

👤After a long road trip, I bought these car seat strap pads because the straps on the travel car seat were getting in my toddler's neck. We were going to deliver them to the vacation condo and put them on the car seat. The velvet is long enough to cover the straps on his shoulders. He sat in his seat for the rest of the vacation after there were no more car seat strap marks on him. They air dry quickly. I'm getting another set for our other car seat.

11. Toddler Collapsible Storage Stroller Airplane

Toddler Collapsible Storage Stroller Airplane

Precise for use for toddlers, baby and big kids. The tray needs to rest on your child's lap because it doesn't stand on its own. Simply open the travel tray and secure the belt around your child. Simply un-attach the velcro, fold and put the bag inside. It's easy to carry, travel friendly and packaged well. Birthday, Christmas, and any other holiday gift packaging is available. The eco-friendly, odorless materials of this car seat travel tray have been rigorously tested and certified. The edge of the tray is made of soft plush material to ensure safety. The ultimate vision enjoyment. The stand is large enough to hold most tablets. Big kids can use the large car seat trays to draw, play with toys, or eat a snack. The kids tray essentials have a stronger strap and a better buckles. There is a dry erase board with a bonus. The dry erase top could be drawn directly on the travel desk by using the dry erase markers. The MENZOKE Kids Travel Tray is great for keeping your child and toddlers entertained. The lap car seat tray is made for travel and features raised edges to keep toys from rolling off. There are two pockets in the tray that can hold toys and snacks. The cooler cup holder keeps the bottle warm. It's easy to converse. If you travel a lot, this foldable kids car tray is perfect for you to create a safe and clean environment for eating and playing. The toddler travel tray is a perfect gift for any holiday, including birthdays, Christmas and any other occasion. It's easy to converse. If you travel a lot, this foldable kids car tray is perfect for you to create a safe and clean environment for eating and playing. The toddler travel tray is a perfect gift for any holiday, including birthdays, Christmas and any other occasion.

Brand: Menzoke

👤I bought 3 different ones for my family to visit. I'm trying to be as prepared as possible because it's a 2 day drive with 2 toddlers. The tray is the best. I took a chance because it was within my price range and could be delivered overnight. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, and large enough to fit all the magnets, sticker books, and various activities and supplies I have dumped in the backseat for my kids to play with. I was a little worried about the back wall on the tray table being too small, since I wasn't planning on using the tablet holder. Since it's a large plastic compartment, I can put up a picture or something else. I put a colorful alphabet chart there, and the kid loved it. It folds up nicely. This one has a cute design and looks like a bag when it's folded up. The tray tables I got did fold up, but it was more of an unimportant thing. I love this one. I highly recommend it.

👤I bought this thinking she could use it on the ground, but the image shows the tray standing up on its own, it is not that sturdy. It is similar to many other products on Amazon. I think it was different because of the picture.

👤The product didn't work for us. It wasn't big enough to fit around our carseat and was too flimsy to write on. We have an extension 2 fit. It was very upsetting to not be able to use it.

👤I bought this for my 20 year old for a road trip. The design is sturdy. This is large for my little one's lap. The side flaps are a good idea for older kids. If the child is ready, I would suggest folding the sideflaps under with a piece of velcro. It's good if you set it up before you hit the road. I tried to attach it on the road but it didn't work because the strap goes behind the carseat. It was easy to fold. It will work better when the child is older.

👤We used this on a plane and it worked great, but I wish it had more support for the IPad. Kids liked it.

👤This is a good product. A three year old has an attention span of a gnat. We usually take 1-2 long drives a month to visit my parents or our vacation house. The travel tray kept my son busy for the two hour drive back from our vacation house. My wife was able to get some quality audio book time in and the other kids were able to play with their new stuff. The quality may not hold up to young, rough hands, so it may rip in some areas. It's worth the money.

👤There was nothing in the package that held up the sides or tablets. We had to use duck tape to hold the holder and sides up on the activity table. I would recommend something else that stands up to tinkering.


What is the best product for car seat toddler accessories?

Car seat toddler accessories products from Smart Elf. In this article about car seat toddler accessories you can see why people choose the product. My Travel Tray and Graco are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat toddler accessories.

What are the best brands for car seat toddler accessories?

Smart Elf, My Travel Tray and Graco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat toddler accessories. Find the detail in this article. Mztdytl, Dmoose and Enovoe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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