Best Car Seat Stroller Combo Girl Under 100

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1. Baby Trend Travel System Bluebell

Baby Trend Travel System Bluebell

Attach the Flex-Lock Infant Car Seat to the stroller's child tray to make it easier for small passengers to have a secure ride. The base for finding a proper fit in the car seat is included. The seat has multiple recline positions to accommodate your child's needs, and a five-point harness helps your baby stay securely in the stroller. The tray has a covered storage compartment and two cup holders. Extra large storage basket is JPMA Certified. Extra large storage basket is JPMA Certified.

Brand: Baby Trend

👤Do not buy this travel system for your baby. It's a nice travel system, but it's not safe. The front wheel got jammed the third time I used the roller. The travel system changed with my birth in it. She was hospitalized with a serious condition. During the fall, she hit her head. It's not worth saving your child and money.

👤This travel system is wonderful. It is easy to fold and unfold. It's not too heavy for me to get in and out of the car. The pattern is lovely. The cup holders for parents are too small, so I wouldn't give it 5 stars. I almost returned it. A small bottle of water is the only drink that will fit. Like the smallest size. Not even a bottle of dasani will fit. The purpose of cup holders is to hold drinks in the bottom. I hope the child cup holders fit her sippy cups. I hope they work when the time comes, they appear to be the same size. Only walk on the side walk. They fall off when I load it into a car. Customer service has been contacted. Will update with the results. Customer service is terrible. My issue is still unresolved. I think they are trying to make sure my warranty is not renewed. They want all the usual stuff, including the model number and receipt. They want pictures of the issue. Then a video of the issue. They want a written description of the issue. I'm tired of it. I just want my stroller fixed.

👤I bought this for my grandson's shower gift. I don't know how durable it will be, but it's miserable to unpackage and assemble. It was nearly impossible to collapse again after assembling it. I can imagine a young woman trying to fit it in her trunk while her baby cries in the car seat, and she is too young to drive. It is said to collapse with a one handed squeeze. It might be true if you have large hands, but most women don't have large hands and will have to use both hands. It has to be lifted up by the handle to fold it. I don't have to use it.

👤This combo is pretty good. I have an issue with it. My baby was in the car seat for two months. He couldn't fit in his car seat because he was only 11 lbs. The straps were so tight on him that they had to be pulled out. Very dissatisfied. There are marks on the plastic where it looks like it should have a hole, and the shoulder part doesn't have an adjusted height. There were no holes. The buckles were difficult to hook. It is a pain to hold the bottom buckle together. There is a The car seat is cute, but as long as he fits, it works. There is a I would have liked a different one. The stroller is great, but he is a little small in the seat, but we are using it! There is a The handles can be adjusted for height and comfort. The top of the cup holder is nice. The baby has a cup and tray. You can pop it open with a button you hold. It is a piece of cake because you use a little force. The car seat is small, so it's not worth it.

2. Disney Minnie Stroller OnBoard Delight

Disney Minnie Stroller OnBoard Delight

4 smart programs make cooking your favorite rice and grains easy and fast. Four smart programs for cooking white rice, brown rice, quinoa and oatmeal. It takes just a few seconds with the touch of a button to steam veggies, fish, and more. It is lightweight and easy to store. The Zest Plus comes with a dishwasher-safe steamer tray, rice measuring cup, and rice spoon. If you are not in North America, please check your power supply's voltage. Extra thick inner pot with ceramic coating for cooking. The 18/8 lid is made of steel. The 18/8 lid is made of steel.

Brand: Disney

👤I gave this one star because I paid full price for the item on Amazon. My heart was set when I saw my first girl. Dry milk on the seatbelt is disgusting to bring your baby home from the hospital. The top tray and the pin that goes to the wheel for the stroller were missing. It would have been different if the description said used. I paid full price and way more when I found the same one after it was less expensive.

👤The good reviews out numbered the bad for this combo. I ordered it. I don't understand why this thing has great reviews. This item was cheap and flimsy. The stroller wheels wouldn't stay on, and they would fall off in the back of the car. The car seat was not good. The part of the baby's car seat that wouldn't stay on was the actual one. The foam insides of the seat were visible from the top of it. The canopy to cover the baby was very flimsy and would break if you tried to use it again. The pink mickey mouse in the car seat was just for decoration. I thought it was an infant head support. You have to adjust the size of the straps under the car seat. Most of the current ones are easy to adjust from right in the front. I didn't know I hated a car seat as much as I did. I am thankful for the return policy. I decided I couldn't live with this anymore and I sent it back to Amazon on Tuesday and got my refund by Friday. I don't think I would use this for the next year or so. I replaced it with the Evenflo Sibby carseat stroller combo and am very happy with my decision. I highly recommend that one. Any one that isn't this one? There is a The clip on the car seat is called a keyhole clip and it's the worst thing that can happen. Its hard to explain. You have to be at the right angle and have both hands completely free to even put them in. It's a big pain in the ass.

👤I bought this for someone. Great product. The picture is exactly as it is. The material and color are perfect. I hope the stroller and car seat are what I pictured. The base of the car seat is not in the original picture. The stroller needed assembly but it took me less than 10 minutes to do it. The delivery was quick. Less than a week. . I'm happy to be giving this as a gift. I might order one for me one day.

👤I've been stuck with this piece of junk for 6 months. I hated a piece of baby equipment. The only way to adjust the straps is from the back of the car seat, which is different than the front. It's hard to adjust after your baby is strapped in. You have to put together the puzzle with one hand while trying to fit the whole piece into the buckle. You will throw this thing in the dumpster if you try doing that with a baby that is not happy. The stroller's front right wheel decided that it was going to stop turning and steering on the pavement. If you take it to a store, it stops steering and you have to drag it. My daughter is just 6 months old. I am buying a convertible Graco car seat and a new stroller and saying goodbye to the worst travel system ever made.

3. Baby Trend Skyline Travel Starlight

Baby Trend Skyline Travel Starlight

The handle is height-adjustable and easy to fold. The design has locking rear wheels. The child's tray accepts baby seats. Ally 35 infant car seat and base are included. There is a large storage basket. There is a large storage basket.

Brand: Baby Trend

👤Before purchasing this travel system, I did a lot of research on different brands and their reviews. My first child was born 10 years ago, so there is a huge change in these products. A lot better! I am very disappointed in this product. It is not safe, convenient, and poor quality. There is a The hardest thing tofasten the buckle is my biggest complaint. The buckle is not pictured in any of the photos. My daughter screams the whole time because it is hard to get it in. The straps are not the same length. I re-thread it at least 3 times. The shoulder straps don't tighten all the way with the strap. When she was a newborn, this car seat was unsafe. The stroller is hard to fold up. I have never had a problem with the cheap travel systems from Graco. I will most likely purchase a new stroller and car seat very soon.

👤I was excited for the travel system but hated it. My baby couldn't stand being in it. It doesn't recline enough so her head hung dangerously when she fell asleep. It was so bad that I was afraid to take her anywhere I didn't have to and would sit in the back with her. She wouldn't have been supported if we'd been in an accident. Buckles are a pain to use, had to struggle to get it off the base, and the stroller leans to the sides. I'm always making sure to correct it. I bought it for the value but ended up changing to a Chicco because I don't have any of those issues anymore and feel safer.

👤Absolutely love this stroller set. It was easy to put together. I wanted a stroller that was comfortable for my baby to ride in and this stroller is just that. It has a nice color and print.

👤I've never written a review before but I feel like I've done it because my 4 month old daughter was in the car wreck and was in this car seat. I wouldn't have had my baby if it wasn't for this car seat, it's safe, thank you so much, the person driving the car crashed into a pole, my baby was the only person in the car, it's safe, thank you so much,

👤This travel system is wonderful. You can adjust the base of the car to make sure your baby isn't sitting with his/her head tilted forward. The back of the stroller can be tightened if you want to attach the car seat. The stroller can be folded up with standard storage space. I would recommend expecting people. Also! I got a great deal.

👤I bought this combo for my friend who has a premature baby. The baby has a feeding tube and oxygen and the storage underneath was able to hold all of her necessities. It is a nice product, despite the bad reviews. My friend has no problem with either the stroller or the car seat. This is her first girl after 2 boys and it is pretty and feminine. She and I looked for a couple of days for a car seat and stroller combo, and we came back to this one.

4. Summer 3Dpac Compact Stroller Black

Summer 3Dpac Compact Stroller Black

A lightweight stroller makes any outing a little easier, and the Summer 3Dpac CS Compact Fold Stroller has a padded carry strap and lightweight frame for quick pick up and go. The car seat is compatible with the Summer Affirm 335 and the Graco Click Connect 35. Only the baby trend secure snap gear 35 is available. There are optional adapters for the Summer Affirm 335 Infant Car Seat that can be purchased separately. The maximum weight for the toddler stroller is 50 lbs, but it can grow with a baby and will allow for long-term use. Features include an extra-large canopy with flip out sun visor and peek-a-boo window, auto lock, large storage basket, smooth glide wheels, parent and child cup holders, and 5-point safety harness. Features include an extra-large canopy with flip out sun visor and peek-a-boo window, auto lock, large storage basket, smooth glide wheels, parent and child cup holders, and 5-point safety harness.

Brand: Summer Infant

👤There was an error on 7/17-21. We took this stroller on a family vacation and spent 10 hours at a theme park. We used this stroller only for our 3.5 year-old because we left the 10 month-old with grandma. She was comfortable the entire day. There were 6 towels in the basket, a Jujube BFF hanging from the handlebars, a 40 Ounce sized Yeti and a 22 ounce bottle. The Wow Cup hangs from the handlebars, a side saddle bag is stuffed on one side, and a Stroller cooler is mounted on the other side. I added a Valco Baby universal cup holder to hold soda purchases at the park. The stroller was perfect. It was easy to carry our daughter and everything else. My husband was surprised that he was never impressed with strollers. The cup holder that came with the stroller was not good. Unless it's a standard water bottle or baby bottle, whatever you put in there is going to fall out. My daughter's cup kept falling out. I might use a zip tie around it to hold things better. It saved a lot of space in the car for packing. I would buy the double if it had a Ray. It was written for a stroller. I can't comment on the stroller itself, because I haven't had long. I have 7 kids and many strollers. A leg rest that raises and lowers, decent canopy, decent storage, reclines more than an inch, a tray, and a decent basket are some of the must haves for me. This stroller has all of the above features. Without being crazy expensive. I had 5 strollers in our family room last week. My husband wanted to know why our strollers kept growing. We have an upcoming vacation and our travel stroller, which was light weight and had all the features I like, was big when folded up. This one was half the size. I like this stroller. My 20 pound baby is very comfortable in it. He wasn't happy in the front of the two things. He likes our book, but our stroller is too big to travel with, and we keep it inside the front door for walks around the neighborhood. My extremely tall 3.5 year-old, who is 98% for height, fits in it as well. 2. Leg rest goes up, so no legs dangling! 3. My older daughter's legs don't hang past the place where they rest their legs because it is long. There is a problem with some strollers. There are really short leg rests. My 3.5 year-old is around 35 pounds and 38 inches tall. Her head does not reach the canopy. 4. The canopy is pretty decent. Is it a baby Jogger canopy? No. It's better than the canopies on lighter weight strollers. I'm happy with it. 5. I didn't have to buy it separately because it has a tray. This is a must for little ones. All of my kids have loved holding onto this. I don't want a stroller that doesn't have a tray or a bumper bar. 6. It reclines. I probably won't be able to change a diaper in it because it is not a flat recline. Most travel strollers only recline. A child can sleep in this stroller. 7. It has a cup holder. It's pretty flimsy. It holds a water bottle or sippy cups, but not my 32 ounce cup. I will be adding another cup holder. Valco Baby's universal one is my favorite add-on. They don't budge, they hold the cups. There are 8. A good basket. Is this going to hold a lot of stuff for my large family? That's why I have a double stroller. I am a huge overpacker, so I can't get my diaper bag in the basket. When the stroller is empty without tipping, I add stroller hooks to hold my bag's weight. I put the side sling bags on each side of my strollers for more storage. You can access the basket from the front. There are 9. My phone, wallet, keys, and other items are in a pocket. There is no need for a stroller organizer. 10. The fold! It's half the size of my larger strollers. My husband and my kids were impressed. This will be great for traveling or when my baby is at the end of his strolling years, just to have a smaller stroller in the trunk not taking up as much space. 11. The handle bar is not adjusted. It works for my husband at 6'2. There are 12. The ability to maneuver is great. Even with a 35 pound 3.5 year-old in my home, I glide like a butterfly. The small fold did not. It is the first compact stroller to have suspension. I can push this with a big kid in it. 13 The feeling. The travel strollers I have had are rickety to push as the child gets heavier. This one doesn't feel like that at all. It feels good! I don't like 1. The tray is on or off. It doesn't move out of the way to allow a child to climb in. 2. The cup isn't big enough to hold a big cup. It will flip with a drink. Still, we have a cup holder. 3. If I hang my diaper bag on the back, it pushes the seat up a bit. I wish it had a deeper recline. That's it! The pros outweigh the cons. I think this will be our last stroller. When our last baby is bigger and we no longer need to carry the kitchen sink with us! This will be great to keep in the trunk after the double stroller age. I wouldn't be able to get anything done if we were rocking a sit and stand style stroller. If it had a bumper bar or tray, I would buy the double stroller version.

5. Graco Travel System Stroller Azalea

Graco Travel System Stroller Azalea

The Graco travel system includes the top-rated Snug Ride Click Connect 30 Infant Car Seat. And up to 32. The Click Connect system provides a one-step, secure attachment of an infant car seat to a stroller. Your child will enjoy riding on suspension. When you're out and about with a baby, a locking front-swivel wheel gives you more control. The carry strap makes it convenient for mothers to carry their things. Mild soap and warm water is all you need to spot clean the stroller frame and seat pad. The carry strap makes it convenient for mothers to carry their things. Mild soap and warm water is all you need to spot clean the stroller frame and seat pad.

Brand: Graco

👤There are some reviews that say the car seat is hard to get off of base and that it doesn't click in right to the stroller. I checked everything yesterday when I got mine. We triple checked the base and car seat after my fiancĂ©e put the stroller together. The set is pretty and perfect. The stroller was light and I am happy with my purchase.

👤I love this stroller and car seat. It's very easy to set up and collapse with one hand. With one hand, steers easily. It was perfect for us. The photo was taken with extra padding since our girlie was still young.

👤If I could, I would give 0 stars. Since 3/30/2018 this stroller has only been used occasionally. It is falling apart today. The wheels have come off. I bought it for a shower gift. I have to figure out how to find parts to fix the wheels.

👤It took me 5 minutes to set up, just like the photo, lightweight, and great maneuverability. It was light, easy to push/steer, and had a big under carriage and cup holders. We were very pleased with our purchase. I have not had a problem with the car seat getting stuck in the base. I've owned strollers in the past that claimed to be one hand fold, and it says one hand easy fold for the stroller. I couldn't do it because of my arthritis, but I can with this stroller. Can't wait to use it!

👤Disappointed. The car seat carrier is cheap. I have a baby who is in a very strong "V" shape in this car seat. Her legs are above her head and it looks uncomfortable. The retractable cover makes loud clicking noises if the baby is sleeping and it's not ideal. The car seat carrier is difficult to get out of. It's not easy to get the car seat off the base. You have to lift the front latches up and then out, because they stay caught, and you have to maneuver them in a way that makes them fall out. We have a SUV and put her in the middle of the back seat and healing from a c section having to lean over to the middle seat is difficult enough, but when my baby is sleeping I have to try to get the seat off the base. The product was not very good and I don't recommend it.

👤My daughter and I got into a wreck a week ago. When she was xrayed after the accident at the ER, she only had seatbelt burns. I had broken bones of my own, so I am a different story. I can deal with my injuries, but I don't know what I would have done if my baby had been hurt. Her life was saved by this car seat. It gets my approval. I hope no one ever has to be in a wreck with their baby but accidents happen and this car seat works.

6. Baby Trend Stand Stroller Morning

Baby Trend Stand Stroller Morning

Your little one is protected from the sun's harmful rays. You and your baby can keep their essentials in the large storage basket. Only the rear shuttle. You can fold the stroller with one hand. The infant car seat can be used in both the front and rear positions. There are plenty of riding options for kids with front and rear seats. There are plenty of riding options for kids with front and rear seats.

Brand: Baby Trend

👤It's great for my baby and toddler combo. I take it everywhere.

👤I got this despite the mixed reviews on it. The chart says that it will fit in the back. I suggest using the straps provided to keep it secure. If you put the baby car seat on the back, make sure to have sealed beverage cups. It's over the baby. I would not want hot drinks on them. As seen in a picture.

👤Wow! I am very happy that I bought this product. It is a perfect height for me at 5'9". I don't have to bend over. I have a 3yr old and 9mo old who fit in it, and I can take them out to paved lakes without having to make a dozen trips. I can't say enough good things about the cupholders, they are easy to get through, and it's not too long. I use cupholders for food and drinks. It was easy to assemble. It is not too heavy. Great product. Great purchase.

👤I still love this! There is a If you are on the fence, go for it. I only had this for a few days. I am in love. It seems too good to be true that I have a newborn and a toddler. The baby is in the back of the car while my 2 year old is in the front. The standing spot was a hit with the 2 year old. The keyfit 30 can fit in the front with a red strap. I like it better in the back. I like that a 2 year old can be strapped in while sitting in the front spot, it's a little safer than sitting in the back. It's not hard to close up, but you have to position the wheels to close fully and small. I put it in the trunk of my Camry because I forgot to put the cups on the front and the back of the car seat in the back. The single stroller that I used in my travel system was so heavy that it took up a lot of room. I'm really glad I got it and I can't wait to see what it will be like in a few months. BUY IT if you want to make life easier for you and your kids.

👤I received the stroller at my baby shower after I registered for it. My baby was born a month later. I decided to move the infant car seat to the back after two weeks. The seat in the back caused one of the cup holders to not attach when I did this. There is no place for my toddler to have a snack and a cup at the same time with only one cup holder. The stroller was too big to fit in the original box. $30 of shipping supplies include bubble wrap and packing paper. I received a new stroller after returning to Amazon for a "free" return. The snack tray is loose after 6 weeks of having a new stroller. I cannot use my infant car seat because of this. The new piece can be delivered in 4-7 days. If I want it sooner, I will have to pay a shipping cost. I know it's only fifteen dollars. I've already paid $30 for a faulty stroller. I am frustrated that I don't have a stroller or a baby at home. I will never buy a Babytrend item again. Terrible customer service. I would have bought Grace Ready2Grow if I had the chance, but I'm still considering buying a Graco infant car seat and stroller instead. My in laws have a stroller that allows more recline on the front seat and also includes two umbrella shades. They have had a few pieces wear over the years, but have no issue with the new pieces being sent out. I was going to try the Babytrend sit n' stand, but I regret it.

7. Kolcraft Lightweight Protection Independently Reclining

Kolcraft Lightweight Protection Independently Reclining

The lightweight design is perfect for traveling and day trips. This stroller is fully assembled and has a width of 31 inches which will allow it to roll through any door smoothly. Large canopy has three tiers for maximum UV protection and coverage. You can easily keep an eye on your baby with a peek-a-boo window. The seat is moving. The Reclining seat has a 5-point safety restraint system. The total weight is 80 lbs. The seat does not recline completely. The seat width is 12.5 inches. Extra storage includes one parent tray with two drink holders, and child trays with dual cup and juice box holder. Two large storage baskets hold all baby's necessities. Convenient self-standing fold is perfect for car travel and vacations. The dimensions were folded into a single shape: 20L x 31W x 33.5"H. There is a manfactURER note. Customer service and support are what Kolcraft stands for. Let them know if they can help you. There is a manfactURER note. Customer service and support are what Kolcraft stands for. Let them know if they can help you.

Brand: Kolcraft

👤My 1yo twins are getting a "umbrella" stroller. I compare the features of the DuoGlider and the one we have. It's not an umbrella stroller because it doesn't have an umbrella fold. It's kind of a bonus that folding umbrella double strollers are very tall. The DuoGlider is very long, but this is much shorter and better for the back of my car. I can't fit a stroller in the back of my Mazda5 without folding the third row down, but this fits pretty compactly. It takes up the whole back if laid flat, but I can fit it in on the side of the car, blocking the rear view mirror, and leaving an awful lot of cargo space. Enough for a cooler. It's very light at 23 lbs. There are strollers that weigh more. I can get it up and down the steps on my own. There is a parent tray with two deep cupholders. The cupholders are large enough for a fountain drink. Two child trays with cupholders are also available. The child cupholders are small and may not fit a lot of sippy cups. If you're not using handles, take & toss cups fit right in. It's not a perfect fit, but it fits well. The handles on the cups will not fit. We mostly use the 10oz cups while out of the house, and those are tall enough that using the collar with handles isn't a problem. If you're wondering if your sippy cups will fit, you can use Take&Toss cups as a comparison. Anything larger than a Take&Toss cup is not appropriate. If you want to remove the trays, it's very easy to do. There are two small storage baskets instead of one large one. The basket has a weight limit. They're too small to fit in my diaper bag and the DuoGlider's basket was hard to get stuff into and out of, so we're used to not putting things in the baskets. It is easy to get stuff in and out. There is room for a picnic blanket in one basket, a small cooler bag, and baby carriers in the other basket, which is all we need. The baby seats have a 5 point harness, which is a big plus for us. The harness is easy to use. There is a peekaboo window on each canopy that is made of mesh. I like this more than the plastic ones because it can allow for extra air flow on hot days, or be closed if the sun is shining on the baby's head. Each canopy is large. The canopy coverage is very good. You can adjust the reclined seats to any level between upright and slightly reclined with a sliding buckle. This is for babies who can sit on their backs. My girls don't like being reclined and will sleep sitting up, so we don't see that as a problem. My girls should fit in this for a long time because of the tall seats. It doesn't accept infant seats. Each seat has a small mesh pocket that is large enough for a food pouch or a small toy. The stroller is side-by-side and it fits through every door we've tried so far. It's quite maneuverable, but it has small wheels so it's a bumpy ride. I would recommend this stroller for city dwellers who will reliably walk on the sidewalk or paved surface. Gravel and sand are not allowed. It was easy to push over smooth surfaces, and going uphill was much easier than it was with the heavier stroller. It can be turned with one hand because it has a full handlebar. I am 5'7" and my husband is 6'2", but my husband found the handlebars a little short. He didn't think he didn't like the stroller. We did not kick the basket. The brakes are not flip flop friendly, but they are easy to lean down and flip with a hand. We've had it for a day. That's a good start, it's not broken. If there is no update, assume that it is going strong. The stroller is pretty good for the price. I have a few things that are common to nearly every stroller, and the missing features like full recline that might be a dealbreaker for someone else don't matter to us. It is definitely worth the money, even at the price I got it for. It's probably still worth the money at the price point, but you should set a price alert because it goes on sale every now and then. We knew the wheels were not good for sand, so we went for a week and a beach vacation. We didn't try. The girls seem to like the ride. They don't object too much because the recline is small enough that they can sleep. The baskets have front access which I didn't think was important, but is very useful when using a stroller as a high chair. The shoulder straps are easy to detach from the belt so that the girls can use the trays without having to get them out. Navigating indoors can be a challenge, but as long as all arms and legs are inside the stroller it's generally workable. The brakes can be operated with a bit of practice in my Reefs flipflops. Dollar store flipflops wouldn't have much luck. Most strollers do not have seats that can be removed for cleaning in case of bodily fluids, but they do have seats that can be removed for cleaning. Nature's Miracle does not stain or damage the seat fabric. If you're not planning on off-roading, this is a vacation stroller. There is no sign of damage or wear after being gate checked on five flights. We put the tray in a checked bag prior to flights because the tray pops loose when gate checked. We forgot to pop off the tray before we flew and it got lost. The parent tray replacement was $12 from the manufacturer, which is a good deal. The new stroller requirements at Disneyland are ok with this stroller.

8. Graco FastAction Jogger Travel Stroller

Graco FastAction Jogger Travel Stroller

The infant car seat is rear facing and can be used for up to 32 lbs. One second, one hand fold provides the ultimate in convenience for moms on the go. Air filled rubber tires have a smooth ride. The lock on the front wheel makes it easy to transition from strolling to jogging. The multi position reclining seat is for baby's comfort. The multi position reclining seat is for baby's comfort.

Brand: Graco

👤This has been a very reliable stoller. The stroller is sturdy and we love taking it on multiple flights. My husband is 6'2 and I am 5'5. It's great for the beach, walking on the boardwalk, or just going around the city. We have had this stroller for over a year and I will discuss the benefits and drawbacks. The child seating is easy to take on and off and is comfortable for him. I feel safe with how he is fastened. It works well for diaper changes. This area is easy to clean with a cloth. The black always looks clean. These wheels are very easy to roll and are great for any terrain. The lock on the front wheel takes some getting used to and we haven't quite mastered it. On flights, the wheels deflate easily, but are easy to pump back up with a bike pump. There are cup holders on both the parent tray and child tray, which we enjoy, and it has storage for your keys and other small items. The phone holder isn't usable as we have an apple phone. They are too large to fit in this piece. The child tray has cup holders on it. They popped in an out recently due to heat or wear. I took them on a flight and lost cup holders. The stroller's large storage is great for travel. It is large enough to hold our luggage. The snack tray is long enough for my son to grab some snacks. It is very easy to clean. This is quite annoying. When wheeling and drag it kicks down. It is not easy to clip on the stroller storage below. This might be the most annoying thing about this stroller. We have had this stroller in the rain and it works great. In the summer, the umbrella is great because it keeps the sun off the baby, and there is a flap at the top of the umbrella that can roll back to keep the baby cool. It does a great job of keeping baby dry when it rains. The stroller was impressive when we were in NY. My baby was dry even with the mesh like sides of the umbrella covering. The system is easy to use. It was easy to get up and go when he was small. The weight and folding is great for traveling. The stroller is heavy and worth it because of all the bells and whistles. Replacement parts. This needs to be fixed by Graco. You can't buy replacement parts without the model number and manufacture date, which are very hard to find on this stroller. I want to purchase a new tray as my one got damaged when I traveled, and I have been unable to locate a new one. It has been a good stroller and would purchase it again. I wish I could get the replacement tray as I am missing the cup holders that fell out in travel.

👤This travel system was found here. I waited for the price to drop to $249 so I didn't need it immediately. I love the whole system. I have a second child and the seat that I use to use has held up well. The canopy on the seat is not user-friendly. It is flimsy and my husband complains about it all the time. I took it off because I use a cozy cover and it gets in the way. The seat canopy is great when used in conjunction with the stroller canopy. Air can move through the stroller canopy. The stroller is heavy. Maybe it's not too heavy for someone taller than me. It's not easy to load/unload in my car. I like that it's a bit heavier, I know that it's well-made and built to last. The ride is so smooth that both babies never had a problem falling asleep in it. Most cell phones won't fit in the little compartment meant for cell phones. That compartment must have had a Motorola Razr because it's all that's fit in there. I'll be selling it to buy a double stroller. Something tells me that a double won't be as easy, I never had a problem maneuvering this stroller at all. I bought this because of the many reviews, and I try to do the same thing. I hope this helps someone else.

9. Graco Pramette Stroller Reversible Ellington

Graco Pramette Stroller Reversible Ellington

There are three strollers in 1: Infant Car Seat Carrier, Infant Bassinet, and Toddler Stroller. As a baby grows, the stroller seat can face parent or the world. The toddler seat can be used as a true pram in bassinet mode. The infant car seat in the SnugRide 35 lite DLX is rear-facing for infants from 4 to 35 lbs for an easy transition from car to stroller. One-hand stroller folds for easy storage. One-hand stroller folds for easy storage.

Brand: Graco

👤The baby is not due for a few months. I noticed a few reviews that said they didn't get the two small pins that are for the back wheels. I thought it was the same thing, but after checking the bag again, they were in it just small. The buttons on the car seat are on the front, and I wish they were on the back, it makes it difficult to put the handle down. But could be me. The canopy on the stroller and car seat makes it easy to change into a bassinet.

👤This combo is amazing. I read some reviews and was nervous when I saw that someone said the carseat fell out of the stroller because it wasn't good enough. The cottering pins were difficult to put in the back wheels, but I got them after 10 minutes of messing with it. When people said they were small, I was expecting a lot smaller. They are about half an inch in length and about the thickness of a wood pencil. Even though I was bending the pins and trying to figure out how to put it in, I never lost its shape or got damaged even though I was rough with the pins. The instructions are very clear and easy to understand. The carseat was easy to understand. I didn't read the instructions to adjust the harness. This is my first child and I have never adjusted a carseat or put together a stroller. I messed with the stroller for a second and there are a lot of little things you can do to improve your stroller learning experience. The carseat clipped the stroller. I put the carseat facing me as if I was pushing the stroller because I left the stroller in the toddler position. I moved the carseat around to make sure it would fit. I was rough with the stroller to make sure the car seat wouldn't fall out, but nothing happened. It was solid. It is easy to store away. The wheels are so smooth that I haven't tried outside yet. I think this combo is very good. It is very cute and I love how the canopy covers the sun from the baby's eyes. If that's true, I feel like it's more private. I would probably pick the same stroller and carseat combo again. You won't be disappointed.

👤This stroller is the most difficult stroller ever invented. I bought it because it is very beautiful. It is easy to fold up and change from carriage to stroller, but it fails when it comes to being functional. I was able to catch my daughter because the stroller clicked into the car seat. The car seat fell out as we walked. Do not buy this if you don't have a lot of time to adjust this thing or if you are a parent that is on the go.

👤Having a baby sleeping in a bassinet was a great life saver for us. We didn't want the baby to sleep in the car seat for a long period of time while the parents were shopping. The transformation option from bassinet to big boy/girl is amazing. It is easy to attach a car seat to a stroller. The compartment under the stroller is perfect. Can fit a backpack diaper bag. The folding of the stroller frame is easy. Smooth sailing and easy to push and maneuver. The 3-in-1 takes up a lot of car space because it can be wide, and it can be difficult to get through narrow places at the stores. The bassinet and stroller frame should be in the trunk of the car, and the car seat should be used. It takes up all the space in the Honda Civic. The baby has more to do, but we have already used all three functions and mom and dad love the stroller.

10. Jeep Unlimited Reversible Handle Stroller

Jeep Unlimited Reversible Handle Stroller

For infants who can sit unassisted up to 50 pounds, the stroller is a travel system. This stroller is compatible with the following infant car seats: Greco snug ride, click connect 30, 35, 40, evenfall nurture, evenfall embrace. Spot or wipe clean is care and cleaning. The child tray with cup holder swings away for easy ins and outs and the canopy with pop out sun visor is ideal comfort. It makes traveling easy, with a large storage basket under the frame, a quick and compact fold, and a five-point safety harness. Smooth ride: 7 front lock wheels; 8 shock absorbing back wheels; linked brakes lock both rear wheels by pressing a single pedal; assembled dimensions: 33.9"L x 20.5"W x 42.9"H. The folded dimensions are 21.3"L x 9.8"W x 31"H. Smooth ride: 7 front lock wheels; 8 shock absorbing back wheels; linked brakes lock both rear wheels by pressing a single pedal; assembled dimensions: 33.9"L x 20.5"W x 42.9"H. The folded dimensions are 21.3"L x 9.8"W x 31"H.

Brand: Delta Children

👤I was looking for a lightweight good quality stroller for under $100, but didn't want an umbrella stroller or a flimsy stroller. The stroller is very similar to other strollers that are more expensive. I'm very happy that I bought this. It has a good sun shade, adequate storage, and a comfortable seat that reclines so that my baby can sleep, all of which make it a good baby stroller. My baby was in the stroller for hours at the 4th of July parade and without any problems. The stroller was easy to push and turn. I used it on indoor concrete floors, streets, sidewalks, and gravel, and it worked well. This was easy to assemble and fold. The only other thing I would have added was a cup holder for the parent, which I could easily solve by ordering a stroller attachment bag that has built-in cup holders. I decided to write a review for this product since it appears to be new on the market and lacks in reviews. I highly recommend this stroller for someone who wants a good quality lightweight stroller without breaking the bank. I decided to update my review after using this stroller all summer. I agree with what I wrote. This is an excellent stroller for the price. I wish I'd spent the extra money to avoid the cons. The cons are 1. Storage basket is small. It is large enough for a backpack, but not large enough to hold winter coats or beach towels. If you cram stuff in the basket, you can't push the stroller forward. 2. There is no parent cup or tray. 3. No one fell. It is easy to close, but he cannot hold your baby one-handed. 4. Sometimes it ends up laying down in the dirty parking lot while I try and find a space for it in my car, because when it is closed it doesn't stand up. 5. In reverse mode, this doesn't work well. It is impossible to walk without hitting the wheels, and you cannot steer it without great effort in reverse mode. 6. The height handle is not adjusted as advertised.

👤I am very happy with my purchase of this stroller. It was easy to assemble. One of the main reasons I wanted this stroller was that the handle reverses easily. The cushion is very comfortable. As parents, we know our children sleep longer in reclined positions. The wheels are nice. An umbrella stroller folds up nicely and small, perfect for a full size stroller. My baby is 40 lbs. We needed something heavy duty because he's not even 1 yet. We already have a jogging stroller. All very satisfied! The first picture is regular with baby in front facing mode, the second picture is a video of all the reclines, and the third picture is of baby facing you.

👤The concept of this stroller was great but it has many flaws. Some of the things cannot be looked at because of safety. 1) The breaks on the back wheels are no longer working. The end pieces of its plastic are bent and do not properly lock. I have had a stroller roll away when I have been in an even surface and I have had to lock the stroller in position if I want to drive it. The whole experience is weird and uncomfortable because you can't make proper turns in reverse because the back wheels don't swivel. There are 3 more There are only 3 reclines on the seat. . My 10 month old child can only sit STRAIGHT UP for so long, which causes her to slip sideways, as she can't rest her head on the side bard. The second recline position is for when she is awake. She can't due to the seatbelt, she is constantly trying to sit up. If you have an emergency diaper change, the third recline is all the way back. The back of the seat is too short. I know this stroller won't last long because my 10th olds top of the head is at the edge of the padding. The stroller would be uncomfortable for a taller child since they wouldn't have a head rest. The clip won't lock. I had to get my husband to lock it up. When the stroller is locked, it still tries to open. I have checked and rechecked, but cannot find the issue here. I wanted to return the stroller, but the box was thrown out.

11. Kolcraft Lightweight Stroller Multi Position Reclining

Kolcraft Lightweight Stroller Multi Position Reclining

Light weight The lightweight design is perfect for traveling and day trips. The assembled dimensions are 18.6 x 29.9 x 41.7 inches. The extended canopy is for maximum UV protection. You can easily keep an eye on your baby with a peek-a-boo window. One-hand folding is easy. It's perfect for car travel and vacations. All-terrain wheels and front suspension make for a smooth ride. The seat is moving. Child up to 50 pounds and 40 inches tall can be accommodated in the reclining seat. The seat does not recline completely. The floor to seat distance is 14.5. There is a room for storage. A large storage basket holds all baby's necessities. There is a child tray with a dual cup and juice box holder and a parent tray with two water bottle holders. There is a room for storage. A large storage basket holds all baby's necessities. There is a child tray with a dual cup and juice box holder and a parent tray with two water bottle holders.

Brand: Kolcraft

👤The product is brilliant. Enjoy it. The pros are 1. The stroller is sturdy for the price. 2. It's incredibly light. 3. It was very easy to assemble 4. The wheels work well. The stroller is moving well. 5. The baby has a nice cup-holder. 6. The bottom has a lot of storage space. It is very comfortable when we go for walks with our keys and phones. 7. There is a see-through sheet on the visor. My baby loves looking at me when I laugh. She can see me when I'm in the stroller. The cons are 1. "One Hand Fold" is not completely true. I need to push the front against the wall while turning the knob on the handle to fold it. We need to suck the folded part in for it to lock in place. It keeps popping back out. 2. The cup holder by the handle is odd. The visor can get in the way of the cup holder if it isn't out. If you pull the visor back and put a cup in it, it knocks your drink off. It is not that big of a deal. 3. The breaks are difficult to apply. It is not easy to lock. If you wear flipflops, you may break your toe trying to take a break. 4. The shoulder strap is not normal. My 1 year old can pull it out of her hand. She can pull herself out of the shoulder straps in a second if we put them on. If you are looking for a stroller that is easy to carry and can handle a bit of walking off roads, definitely go for it. This is a sturdy product and the cons are more related to comfort than function.

👤I was looking for a small lightweight stroller that was not as small as an umbrella stroller. This thing is amazing. My 2.5 year old loves it! He doesn't fight me to sit in it. He likes having a tray for his rocks. It's a good thing! If I had to pick one thing I don't like about this stroller, it would be that the seat doesn't recline as much as I would like, but that's a small price to pay for the awesomeness that is this cadillac of lightweight strollers! The seat is upright if you want it to, the child and parent trays are great for taking a drink or snack, and the basket below the seat is great for storing food. I wouldn't recommend putting anything small there or it will fall out, the easy assembly was amazing, and I didn't have to look at the instructions to put it together, it was so nice to pull it out of the box. I will not go on INRDeals I highly recommend it! My 40lb tall son is 2.5 years old and sitting in a stroller.


What is the best product for car seat stroller combo girl under 100?

Car seat stroller combo girl under 100 products from Baby Trend. In this article about car seat stroller combo girl under 100 you can see why people choose the product. Disney and Summer Infant are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat stroller combo girl under 100.

What are the best brands for car seat stroller combo girl under 100?

Baby Trend, Disney and Summer Infant are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat stroller combo girl under 100. Find the detail in this article. Graco, Kolcraft and Delta Children are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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