Best Car Seat Shampooer for Auto Detailing

Shampooer 3 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Adams Air Cannon Car Dryer

Adams Air Cannon Car Dryer

The safest way to dry your vehicle is with a towel, microfiber accessory, or even a chamois. The warm, dry air of the Air Cannon Car Dryer makes it easy and safe to dry a car without the risk of damaging it. The self-expanding and retractable 30 foot hose takes up less space than a conventional air dryer. The forced air dryer removes soap suds, water, and any loose surface contamination without the risk of scratching your finish. The attachment allows you to get close to the crevices without damaging the surface. Speed control can be adjusted with slow, safety-start. The Air Cannon can move over 58,000 feet per minute of clean, warm, dry air. You can easily adjust the amount of air you can move through the dryer system with their state-of-the-art control system. It has noise-cut technology for quieter operation. What's included? The Air Cannon is a great addition to your car cleaning supplies. When this box arrives at your doorstep, it includes a self-expanding and retractable 30-foot hose, a fan tip, and pointed tips to make washing your car easier. There is a 110% Satisfaction Guarantee and a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. They believe that this is the best car drying air blower on the market. They will do everything they can to make it right if you don't agree.

Brand: Adam's Polishes

👤I became frustrated with the amount of time it took to dry the car and the fact that I had not been able to find an adequate drying cloth after purchasing a soap cannon. I decided to purchase a drying cannon and put it in the towel. I saved a few bucks and got it via Open Box. The first one did not have any nozzles or hoses. Everything was in the box when the second one was used. Open Box deals used to be a good deal because it was an item that was damaged in the warehouse. The item has probably been used and returned for a good reason. In my experience. The cannon is not an exception. I finally put it to use after sitting in the garage for several weeks, but was disappointed. The drying cannon is not better than using a towel. It will increase your drying time by a minimum of 20-30%. This increase in time is due to the need to develop a technique so you don't go over the same area multiple times and the cannon is not as powerful as the description would lead you to believe. I don't see this as being as strong as a leaf blower. It's possible that because the hose is so long, it's not as strong as it needs to be to make the drying go fast. The air is heated. It comes and it goes. If you own a Mini or a Soul, it will take you 30 minutes to dry a small vehicle. What about the Honda Accord? It will be warm, then warmish, then warmish, then cold for 45 minutes, and then it will be mostly cold for the rest of the day. Water seems to have appeared out of the blue. Does the cannon stand still? It does and the hose is 30 feet so you don't have to move the cannon more than once. Would I recommend this to someone who is looking for a quicker way to dry their car? I wouldn't. The device is not faster than it is. It's difficult to dry a few inches of your car at a time and then dry it again when you blow water back on the same area. Who would I recommend this to? Me. The person who is on the second one can't return it. It does some things well. It gets in the crevices when you put the chamois away. It took twice as long as I could have done with a towel, but my rubber floor mats were completely dry. I hope that you will take the time to read this review. If you are on the fence, I will tell you that this is not going to make you happy. It will leave you frustrated and wondering why you didn't listen to the review. The device is a good start, but it needs more power to be an effective drying tool and to surpass what a hand/towel can do in less time. Why did I give it three stars? I struggled between 2 and 3. I would have given it a rating of 2.5. It does work, but not the way most people think it will, which is why so many people return them. For $300, I would suggest buying your child a pointless toy or toy that they keep asking for. This is not going to make you happy.

2. BISSELL ProHeat Revolution Upright 1548F

BISSELL ProHeat Revolution Upright 1548F

Purchases save pets. The mission of the BISSELL Pet Foundation is to help save homeless pets. The Leading Rental was cleaned out. Half the weight of the leading rental carpet cleaning machine. The MAX Clean Mode is on. Removes dirt, stains and allergens. Two specialized tools. Pet messes on stairs, upholstery and hard-to-reach areas can be removed with the Pet Stain Tool and Tough Stain tool. Dirt and Stains can be removed. Use with the formula. Eliminate more than 85% of thebacteria. Use with the Antibacterial formula. There are two DirtLifter PowerBrushes. There are rows of bristles that are cleaned to remove dirt.

Brand: Bissell

👤Buy a carpet cleaner. The only pictures you need are the before and after pictures of dog pee that I cleaned out of the carpet. Black lights are not lying. I have seen a lot of reviews bashing this cleaner because it is leaking. It uses liquid and has water lines. Yes. If you disconnected the water tanks immediately after you finish, it won't leak that much. When I get done removing the clean tank from the top, I pull the lever to let the rest of the water out. After you turn it off, the leaking is eliminated. The hose attachment works the same as you would expect. I had to clean dog pee from my girlfriend's car seat because the hose attachment was beautiful. There is a lot of cleaning liquid. The pee was removed from the fabric and it was not wet after. If you have pets, it is a must if you don't want to always be wearing flipflops around the house for fear of stepping in a pee spot. It is recommended that you get a small black light flashlight to find places that need cleaning.

👤The machine is lightweight and easy to manipulate, but it left me overwhelmed. I used the new machine after vac'ing the carpet twice with a Bissell vacuum cleaner. This was a "pet-pro" model and it seemed to plug up fairly quickly. It was reviewed that it was better than professional machines. I found it hard to clean brushes and nozzles, and I will want to redo this first room in a day or two to get it as nice as possible. The reviews and features indicated that this would be an easy chip shot, so maybe I should have called them back this year. I think this model would be good for touch-ups or bi-weekly to monthly maintenance, but I don't see the deep clean part.

👤I don't know why people write negative reviews about this product. A cat urinates on only one room. The product is easy to use, and we had a carpet that most people wouldn't throw away. I was able to get the carpet to look like I could entertain guests. The machine is able to remove stains. It doesn't leak, but it does create little carpet balls that need to be cleaned out of the brushes and head after use. Our carpet is 22 years old and looks brand new. The people who complain about the machine are using it like a vacuum. Within 12 hours, our carpet was completely dry. I held the Trigger down for three passes, one forward, one back and one forward again. The carpet was sucked at a rate of about 1 ft./min. If you want to get the most out of your cleaning, you need to make sure that the small sections are cleaned at a time that is convenient for you. It is important to go slowly when cleaning. I've used at least four different carpet cleaners and this is the best one I've ever used. I don't think I would want to use it for a large room because of the size of the head. I would rate this 10 stars. Roll up your jeans if you use this machine in bare feet. The hard way is where I found it. We leave blue stains on the carpet because I was stepping on my blue jeans with my heel, even though they have been washed many times. The stains were removed with this machine. Many people want to rip it out of the box and use it immediately. I think it is important to read all the directions with this machine. Good luck! The cleaner continues to impress after 3 months of use. It's easy to use and easy to clean. Make sure to vacuum before using. For the best results, go slow during the process. A rate of one foot per minute will make a difference.

3. BISSELL® SpotClean Portable Antibacterial 3194

BISSELL%C2%AE SpotClean Portable Antibacterial 3194

Purchases save pets. The mission of the BISSELL Pet Foundation is to help save homeless pets. Spot and Stain Cleaner is their most powerful. Works on carpets, stairs, upholstery, and more. Stubborn pet stains and embedded dirt can be removed. Combines professional cleaning formula and superior scrubbing action for the best cleaning results. Professional style results. Powerful portable deep cleaner removes dirt and stains. Tools and a formula are included. There is a deep stain tool, a tough stain tool, and two trial-size Formulas.

Brand: Bissell

👤This little machine punches. I used to clean my car. I left the sun roof open during a rain storm and flooded the interior of the car, which was already gross. The car was filthy. The mix of rotten milk, mold, cat urine, and mystery odors was horrendous. The machine is new and the inside is new as well. I finally have a nice smelling car after buying it.

👤I got this to clean my microfiber couch, but now I want to clean everything. The couch is at least 10 years old, with a family of 5 dogs and cats. There were spots from spills and general accumulated dirt. The couch is a few shades lighter after I ran the steam cleaner over it twice. It worked well at getting stains out. The deep scrubbing tool is a little awkward to use, the cleaner shoots out the sides and gets everywhere. I used the small tool to spray the entire couch, then used the deep cleaner tool to scrub and vacuum.

👤I tried it for the first time on a large rug. The rug I got about 5 years ago is dull and stained with kids and dogs. I rented a machine but it didn't do anything. I paid $400 for a well known carpet cleaning company to ship it to Dallas, where they claimed to have submerged it, but it came back smelling the same. I worked on sections at a time, and I can tell you that this cleaner gets it done. I emptied the dirty container several times. I was amazed at how much dog hair came out. The Max Pro cleaner was the best. I am going to fix my old couches.

👤I didn't take a better picture of my couch. It had gotten worse than the picture I have here. I had previously tried to clean the couch with baking soda and a steamer, but it made the stains worse. I have had this couch for over two years and it hasn't been deep cleaned in over two years. I was surprised by how well this worked. The machine is easy to use. I couldn't see the stains and dirt from 2 years ago. The couch was back to its original color. I am obsessed. I used it to clean my mattress which had been stained with pet stains. Before and after pictures. Looks like brands are new again. I can't recommend this machine enough.

👤I bought this product because of the review that said it could suck a fart out of carpet. My dog has had medical problems that cause a leaking butt. It has removed all the stains thus far. The cleaner left some spots on the rug, but I got the rug with the house. The rug and carpet are still soft. Definitely recommend! I have a Bissell crosswave, but it doesn't do anything. It's all around the worst. Carefully choose your Bissell products.

👤I knew I needed one of these after using my father's older ProHeat to remove some blue ink stains from our white living room carpet. The model does a great job of pulling nasty stuff out of carpet and upholstery, even though it doesn't have a water heating system. I use it to clean pet urine, but I have also used it to remove red juice from our white rug. The solution Bissell sells for this thing is too expensive, that's the only complaint I have. You don't have to use it. I recommend buying a gallon of the concentrate from the hardware store. The clean tank needs to be filled to the water line. You will be set if you mix it around a bit. The solution is twice as good if you use the gallon of OdoBan, which is less than half the price of the Bissell stuff. Enjoy!

4. MZY LLC Detailing Cleaning Dashboard

MZY LLC Detailing Cleaning Dashboard

It's ideal for spotting, upholstery cleaning and vehicle detailing. The package includes: 5 x car detail brushes, 4 x car drill brush, 2 x drill polishing pads, 1 x wash mitt, and a replacement Vent brush. Wheels, tire, Leather Seat, Rims, Exhaust Tips, Bumpers, Inner fender, Undercarriage, Air Vents, and more are included in the automotive detailing kit. You can choose from 5 different brush sizes, which will give you enough length to easily explore and reach into the narrow or tight space. 3.5 inch medium car corner brush is the best for car interior corners, it is a good tool to reach tight, narrow and hard to reach spaces. The detailing brush set is ideal for cleaning the interior and exterior of the car. A car detailing brush set is a great gift for car buffs, truck enthusiasts or classic car fans. It's good for cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, exhaust tips, wheel, rim, tire, wheel well.

Brand: Mzy Llc

5. Car Vacuum Cleaner Rechargeable 2x2000mAh

Car Vacuum Cleaner Rechargeable 2x2000mAh

The cleaner is equipped with high- performance luminum alloy fans and will help you easily clean your car seat, or home sofa. This car vacuum comes with a charging port, you can use household sockets, laptops, desktop computers, mobile power, and car ports for charging, which is simple and convenient. The charge is long runtime. You can use 15-20 minutes of cleaning time, and you only need 3-4 hours to fully charge this small vacuum cleaner. The Capable Compat Car VACUUM is available. The handheld car vacuum's weight is just 0.8 pounds and you can easily remove the HEPA filter for cleaning and washing. It has a protective lid to keep the trash out of the container. The product package includes a car vacuum, a charging cable, a brush nozzle, a cleaning brush, and a user manual. If you have a question, please contact the customer service team.

Brand: Autoommo

👤I bought this for my daughter because she complains about her seats being dirty. It is easy to use and she has enough power to get the job done. She told me it takes seconds and her seats are clean, she also tried it on her car carpet and said it worked there as well. Definitely worth it.

👤The bag was very easy to empty. The video shows that it worked perfectly. If you have smaller children, I recommend this product.

👤The area behind the wall heaters in my apartment is hard to reach and accumulates a lot of dust. There is a It gets the job done, it removes the big dust particles that are obvious: hair, dead cells, big lump of good ol' grey dust. It doesn't remove sticky spider webs or cereals from the floor since the suction is not powerful. I watched videos that said the suction was good, but I don't think so. I think I didn't get my money's worth because mine just gets the job done. The two extensions that come with the brush are useless because the brush will get caught up in the dust and not be able to remove harder stains. I would have liked it to cost more than $25, but I recommend you try another brand.

👤It doesn't work at all and the sound is very loud, I was so disappointed it didn't have a power source.

👤Sometimes cheap electronics are designed to last until the return window closes. This one worked well for about a month, but now it is dead and won't take a charge. I would return it. I missed the return window. When electronics stop working, Amazon needs to make exceptions. Thanks to Amazon, Frustrating and a waste of money!

👤At first, it was great to me. I couldn't get to many places. The one provided was practical. The battery dies quickly. The charge can be bad enough to not work after being plugged in. If it is a good amount, it won't crack. I can't promise it will work again. I do a lot and need a durable and long lasting product. This can only go so far because I like in between my seats and the console clean.

👤The power of the vacuum was not what it should be. Please don't waste my money. To top it off. I bought it as a gift and it was embarrassing so I have to replace it.

👤This was a perfect car vacuum since I could move it around in the car without having to worry about cords. It was very easy to clean after I had done it, and it was good for small messes. It stopped working one day after the window closed. It wouldn't hold a charge and wouldn't even turn on while plugged in, so it was the 1 star.

👤The portable car vacuum cleaner is lightweight, comes with a carrying pouch for easy storage, has a cleaning brush, and is charged for almost two hours. 20 minutes continuous usage, comes with 2 additional attachments for cleaning, and a brush to remove stuck debris, but the manual is almost useless, and opening the lid is difficult.

6. Rug Doctor Universal Hand Tool

Rug Doctor Universal Hand Tool

The Professional Spot & Stain Plus OXY is a trial formula. The deep cleaning power of the Rug Doctor's machines can be extended by reaching all the nooks and crevices. The cleaning solution is 888-282-0465 and it is 888-282-0465 to wash away wine and coffee stains, pet hair, vomit, feces, mold, mildew, dirt, and mud. The twelve feet of flexible grey plastic hose tubing is perfect for stairs, reaching under furniture, and cleaning right up next to baseboards. It is an essential tool for detailing cars and boats because it reaches all the floorboards, even underneath seats and in trunks, as well as refreshing fabric and upholstery to remove smells and stains. Dirt can't hide in even the hardest to reach places with Rug Doctor's cleaning solutions and machines.

Brand: Rug Doctor

👤The universal handtool for cleaning doesn't work with the prescribed medication. I wish I could give it a few stars. The rug doctor carpet cleaner does not fit into the bottom of the adapter. The handtool is not designed to connect to the Rug Doctor. There is a false advertisement.

👤The newer version of the tool made it impossible for me to clean my couch because the head of the tool would not stay connected to the hose, even though it was red in the picture. The quality of the rug doctor seems to be going down.

👤I spilled gas inside my truck and had to clean my dog's mess. I went to look at renting this and they wanted a lot of money. I have my own now after just 2 days. I highly recommend this one because there are two different types. The other one does not work very well. You don't have to squeeze it that much because it starts working right away. It doesn't leave everything soaking wet, and you can go quickly because it sprays a good bit. I was able to do my entire Ford explorer and my lazy boy, but I did not go through half of a tank. I did the back of the explorer three times because of the smell. I used a cleaner with OxiClean and it worked. You can see from the picture that it does suck up a lot of dirt. I will tell you this because I found out the hard way that you really need to vacuum first. This is the kind of thing you can rent in the store, even has a nice mesh bag. I am very happy that my son is using it on his vehicle. I included a picture of the rug Doctor because it is easy to hook up. You know which model it worked on.

👤This item is garbage. It looks like 8 year olds built it. I had to duct tape the water line because it wouldn't stay in the mounting points. The water line is under the Trigger and won't allow you to start the water. The cheap clamps on the hose don't seal and it sprays out of all sides of the connection, so it doesn't matter...on the bright side, it sucks a lot!

👤Something jammed up in the slide mechanism after use. Customer support was not helpful when I contacted them. Looks like they are trying to get the customer to leave. Wanted to run a $60.00 accessory around town instead of sending a new one out with a call tag to return the broken one. Well... I got it to partiality work, but it still isn't good. I'll be throwing the entire machine and attachment in the trash and trying the other model. Will never buy a rug doctor again. I will not let anyone know.

👤I am struggling with this. It struggles to suck up the water that spits out. The water dribbles out of the mouth. I have rented these many times and never had that issue. I would return it. I waited to use it so the return window wouldn't open.

7. VARSK Inflator Portable Compressor Pressure

VARSK Inflator Portable Compressor Pressure

A set of specialized pet tools. If you have weak power problems, please clean the Hepa Filter. Only 12V dc power can be used. The "I" mode is to vacuum in the portable machine. The "II" mode is to inflate. The digital tire pressure display is easy to read and has a built-in light that illuminates your surroundings to provide extra safety and security. No more flat tires! You will never have to worry about a flat tire with VARSK air tire compressor inflator. 35L/MIN (1.24 CFM) Fast Inflation Speed: high-efficiency direct-drive motor can inflate 195/65R15 car tire from 0 to 35psi in 6 minutes. When the preset pressure is reached, the automatic stops. It's going to save you on the road. It can handle most inflatables, balls, motorcycles, sedans and SUVs, but not high-pressure RV and truck tires. Keep your car clean. It can pick up dust, debris, and coins easily, thanks to its strong cyclone suction. You get one bonus HEPA, which is a good thing, because it's not necessary to replace it often. The next use of the filter should be cleaned and dried. The dust cup makes it easy to dump trash. It has 3 different vacuum nozzles to meet your car cleaning needs. Strict quality controls! Before leaving the factory, every VARSK device undergoes a 50-point inspection to make sure it performs to the high standard they set. All spare parts are tested and examined for strength. You can connect a plug to the rear wheels with the extra long power cord. The VARSK air compressor tire inflator is designed for normal size cars. Not suitable for big vehicles with high pressure tires. You need to start the car engine if you don't plug in the DC 12V cigarette lighter located in the car before each use.

Brand: Varsk

👤I bought it because I needed to clean my car from the dog hair and crumbs. The cute bag that came with it keeps the little parts out of the car. The air compressor works well and it shows the digital number for the air pressure in the tire. We were able to set it to a number and once it pumps enough air to that number, it shuts itself off. I no longer have to pay for air at the gas station. The vacuum is strong enough to clean off dog hair. The little heads that come with the seat can be used to get around. I recommend this product to everyone I know.

👤There were a lot of negative reviews about this vacuum, mostly about it's inability to pick up small items. I know that it won't pick up a bowling ball or anything, but when compared to other car vacs at this price point, this one has much more to offer, especially with that built-in air compressor! Who are the chefs? Try using the attachment that comes with it first, such as the brush and extension hose, which works great for pet hair and pebbles.

👤My SUV is now that SUV. I've tried everything. Other car vacs are not good. My shop vac is big. The crevice tool is used to clean the Grand Canyon. We bought this with our tax refund. My car was trashed so it was either destroyed or killed. This vac... man... It's a champ! When I bought the car, my floor was not as clean as it is now. I'm okay with that because it doesn't like to suck up paper. My vac hates candy wrappers and paper. It sucked up the cereals like nothing. The best part of the whole thing is the hose. I can go to many places. I switched between the brush and the crevice tool. My favorite part is that this will live in my car and when my daughter spills her cereals or I'm waiting to pick her up at school, I can run the vacuume. Maybe my SUV won't turn into that SUV again.

👤This is the best vacuum I have ever purchased. It is small and has a lot of power. It comes with a storage bag. It is convenient to use with the cars own power, no need for outlets or extension cords. It is cable that reaches into the trunk of the car. I never knew how useful the vacuum with the light could be. The other vacuums overheated just minutes after use, but this one never turned off. I cleaned it with the brush that comes with it, and it picked up the power after 30 minutes. Did I mention that it comes with an extra filter? The filter that comes with it is very sturdy and looks like it will last a long time. I am very pleased with the vacuum. The extension hose is what I liked the most about it. It was easy to reach the hard to reach areas with my other vacuums. I can't wait to try the air compressor option for my tires. It is my first vacuum with that option. This is the most useful vacuum I have ever purchased. I recommend it to everyone. There are all pros and zero cons. That is amazing!

8. BLACK DECKER BDH1200FVAV Automotive Vacuum

BLACK DECKER BDH1200FVAV Automotive Vacuum

Dust, dirt and debris are cleaned. It's hard to get a vacuum to the areas underneath and between car seats. The cigarette lighter sockets have a 12V adapter in them. The dustbowl has a capacity of 19 ounces. The Hand vac is ultra compact because of the patented motor in the filter. The cyclonic action spins dirt away from the filter. The components include a flexible hose, flip up brush, wide nozzle tool, and long Crevice tool. V DC is corded.

Brand: Black+decker

👤I needed a vacuum for my car and around the house. I didn't like the short battery life of the rechargeable vacuums that I looked at. If the battery runs out, you have to put it on the charger. I tried this one out because it plugs into the cigarette lighter and is not limited in time of use. You can convert the cigarette lighter plug to a power source in a few ways. I already have a battery ups that outputs DC to a female cigarette plug, so I solved the problem. It's portable inside or outside the car. I just carry the battery. I think this is great for cabins with limited outlets. You might want to clean the boat. You could get a wall AC to DC conversion.

👤There wasn't any suction at all. This thing is not real. I've used portable dust busters that have more power. It is only good for large pieces of trash. It won't pick up dog hair stuck in the carpet. I initially purchased because of the price, but now regret the purchase. This vacuum doesn't work for your auto.

👤Really good product! The brushes are very comfortable to use and the suck power is good for this size.

👤This is a mixed review. It's not an awesome vacuum. It does what it needs to do. I was between the 12v version and the rechargeable one. I only planned to use the 12v in the car because I didn't want to bother with the battery problems and I didn't want to bother with the unit being charged. The cord is long enough to get you where you need to go. There is a If you plan on detailing your vehicle, you should spend the entire day. One reviewer said that you could get more suction by using a straw. It does turn off by itself. When it's under too much load, you have to be careful. You'll be clicking it on every time if it's not there. I found it shuts off fast if it stays stuck on something that raises the pressure. I just use it to get rid of the debris. It does this well, but anything that's in the carpet forgets it. If you spend some time on it, you can get it clean, but it will take too long to use a real vacuum. I got it to get rid of the loose stuff before I attract bugs. You'll be fine if you look at it that way and don't expect anything else. I don't see why they couldn't make a more powerful unit that was corded.

👤I have been using this vacuum for about four months. The vacuum is a work horse and I thought it was bad. I picked up some lint. It's not a commercial vacuum cleaner, but it gets the job done. My driver uses the vacuum 2 times a day and has no regrets. One thing you can't do in vacuuming is check your filter because you can lose suction if your car is dirty. If not in a rush, the suction is great.

9. BISSELL SpotClean Portable Cleaner 2458

BISSELL SpotClean Portable Cleaner 2458

Purchases from Bissell help save pets. Bissell supports the mission of the foundation to save homeless pets. Their portable spot and stain cleaner is the most powerful. It combines superior cleaning solution and scrubbing action to remove pet stains. It leaves you with professional-style results. The power of OXY will permanently remove tough pet stains. A stain trapper tool is included. Also comes with a stain tool and two urine eliminator formulas.

Brand: Bissell

👤I have 3 carpet cleaning machines that I use for different types of jobs, like semi-annual whole house cleaning and smaller jobs, like smaller than your hand. The larger machine will do a better job, it also costs more, and the middle machine is not as good for messes that don't require that big machine. It does an acceptable job, but it takes longer to dry. The last one is a mixed bag, for small stains, just fill it up, sit it down and press the button, it does wonderfully, but for anything that would require you to actuallu use the attached hose it is woefully inadequate. The middle machine here is less than 15 lbs fully loaded with water and solution, the hose is long enough to store it, and for once Bissell fixed it where the hose stays in place. The brush works on the power of your arm, which is the same as the vacuum power, it pulls less water out, and the drying time is longer. I used it on a set of 10 stairs with 2 small landings and was exhausted by the time I was done. The big machine takes about 30 minutes to clean up after the job, the small machine takes about the same amount of time. The machine took about 5 minutes to dry on the deck, and then it was time to leave. I did not test this machine but I can see that it has a separate head that you can use to clean up smelly messes that you don't want to suck down into the bowels of your machine. It is a 3 Star machine but for apartment dwellers and people with limited budgets, it can be a lifesaver.

👤This is a really nice small appliance. I have a dog with medical problems and they have issues with the carpet. Since we are remodeling, I'm not too concerned with the carpet being hurt, but flooring is down on the list of tasks for 12 to 24 months. I don't have professional crews in every 3 weeks so I bought this to keep my sanity. I was impressed with the cleaning ability of it and the cleaning solution that comes in the package. Having owned brands such as kirby, rug doctor, and Hoover. The small unit was the best one to clean. I used the solution half or less than the recommended ratio to avoid the hard carpet and spots from soap being left in the carpet. It is easy to clean after use. There would be leaking problems if the dirty water compartment was not tight. Unless you want to use them for target practice or basket ball, the plastic is sturdy. I have avoided Bissel products due to bad reviews but I am happy with the unit so far. It was nice for the price.

👤I use this all the time and I love it. I wouldn't buy the pet version again because the attachment for pet messes is not needed. The standard vacuum head on my daughter's is larger than the one on the pet model.

10. Rug Doctor Extracting Upholstery Neutralizes

Rug Doctor Extracting Upholstery Neutralizes

The portable spot cleaner can hold 64 ounces of solution, but it only weighs 15 pounds. A powerful handheld brush makes 1200 movements per minute to remove stains. The functions with double the amount of competitors to extract stains faster and shorten dry time. The portable spot cleaner has a retractable handle, a 5.5 foot hose, and carpet-friendly wheels. The Portable Spot Cleaner feathers cleaned area so newly cleaned carpet fibers blend well with surrounding ones.

Brand: Rug Doctor

👤If you have an area that needs to be cleaned frequently, add this step to your cleaning routine and the area will stay cleaner for a long time. This removes detergent from the machine. You should do this after each use. If you want to clean the area, you can refill the detergent and use plain hot water. The detergent is removed from the carpet fibers. When dry, residual cleaners are more likely to be dirty than fibers with no residual detergents. I think you'll find the dirt prone area is much cleaner.

👤This thing is pretty amazing. I didn't want a big carpet cleaner but a small one with the same power because we only have carpet on the stairs. I wanted to find something for the stairs and the interior of my car. After trying out a different brand at Lowes, I decided to do more research and give it another try with a different brand. I'm very happy I did. This thing has a flaw. I still rate it 5 stars because of its cleaning ability. The flaw is that it tends to leave a small puddle of dirty water under the machine, but can be fixed by placing it on a folded towel instead of directly onto the floor. The problem is solved by the puddle not being big enough to soak through the towel. It is possible to get all of the cleaning fluids soaking up with the help of the power. I followed someone else's review and did a second cleaning pass with just water after using the original solution to get rid of the soap left behind. Lots of dirt was lifted by that Second pass. I would buy another one if I was given the chance. I'll be trying it out in my car. After 2 years of owning the house, the stairs are not clean. The carpet looks fluffier and softer after two passes with just a water solution.

👤I bought this one after reading reviews and it was about 40 percent more expensive. This one is better in a lot of ways. The luggage style handle makes it easy to get it around, and it has wheels which are great. It is louder than the Bissell and more of a machine to store. It takes up a bigger area. I didn't feel like it was cleaning as well, so I wasn't sure about it. The rug doctor requires that the brush be straight up and down instead of at an angle when you pull to suck up the dirty water, and I realized that I was holding the brush at the same angle I did the Bissell. It is making my carpets very clean. I am very satisfied after a few weeks. The Bissell is a great product for its money, so don't break the bank for small jobs just to get it. I use it for cat throw ups because I have an elderly cat with acid reflux. His food tends to stain the carpet and he does a great job of removing it. The biggest flaw in the machine is filling up the containers. The clean water tank can't sit in the sink so you have to have at least two people open and ready to pour one handed. I dropped it a few times when I first started. Make sure you do it over the sink. I have spilled the waste water tank but I like that the bottom comes off and I can clean it out. That was not an option for the Bissell. I ordered The Rug Doctor carpet cleaner because I don't like the smell as much as the Bissell does, and I also think it doesn't completely get odors out of the carpet. I might try this machine with my old pet cleaner after it's gone. I'll know if the machine is doing hard work or if it's the cleaner. If you have to clean up a poop mess like I did when my dog got into something she shouldn't have, you will notice a strong odor coming through the vent of the machine as you clean it. I wish they could fix it. I was worried that it would ruin the machine, but it seems to be fine. The clean water tank was full and the waste water tank was nowhere near the amount of water that was expelled from the clean water tank during its last use. That is a negative.

11. WX030L Power Portable Vacuum Cleaner

WX030L Power Portable Vacuum Cleaner

The standard vacuum tubing is compatible with most carpet cleaning systems. It is a compact, on-the-go cleaning that is perfect for the home, office, and car. One-touch emptying system with HEPA filters and a tank that holds 6oz of dry debris. Do it all with the same battery. Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx products. Low for most cleaning tasks and high for messes that are stuck deeper down. The retractable hose is extendable up to 4 feet so you can get around corners and clean ceiling fans or window treatments. There are cabinets, desk drawers, trunks and backpacks. It's square size stacks nicely and it only weighs 3 lbs. You can get in between the car seats, the console and the dash, and the couch. You can get in between the car seats, the console and the dash, and the couch.

Brand: Worx

👤The vacuum cleaner is working. There is no spare air filter at Poor business practices. 3 stars were deducted because of this. Customer service is not available. Nobody answers the phone, no email for customer service, and live chat is shut down.

👤The price of the vacuum will double if it comes with a battery or a charging point. It's cheaper to buy it all together.

👤The product performs as advertised. I can't locate replacement filters so I gave 1 star. The manual says the filter set is not dirty but it also says to replace it every 90 days. I can't find the replacement filter on the Worx website. If customer service can provide a solution, will update. Amazon Product Support can't locate replacement filters, and no response from my written request to Worx. The unit is going back to the 20v Black + Decker model.

👤The size is small and light. That is all. The power is very bad. I use it in my shop. If you have a 1/2” x 1/2” wood chip, it won't pick it up. The power button is in a bad location. I didn't know how to turn it on. When I got it. You have to press the button hard for it to work. I don't like Workx products, so stay away.

👤It works better than expected. There was a bit of hair and dust when I emptied it.

👤I've owned several small vacs over the years and this is the best one. It's very convenient to have around and easy to store. The two-stage filter is easy to clean and it is not hard to wash. I couldn't be more pleased with my WORX vac.

👤This is the perfect small vacuum for anyone who uses Worx products. The vacuum has enough power to clean the car. It is very light and compact. The fact that you don't need a plug makes this perfect to keep in the trunk and be available on the spot.

👤Excellent unit. The features of a larger shop vacuum are available in a miniature version. The 20 V power system works well. Tools in their own slots. It's easier to get into awkward spots in a car with the hose. Two speeds and two different tools are perfect for my needs. I have never had a better portable vacuum. Don't expect the upright to have the same amount of force. I think it is the best. I have other tools and now the quality is there.

👤I have a number of other worx tools that I'm happy with and thought this would be a handy addition. Make sure you have a battery operated unit like this, as the power is ok for light jobs. I don't think I would use this to clean my card since I already have a regular mini shop vac in my garage that is much more powerful. If you have a boat or camper that doesn't have any power, I can see this being useful. I would use that over this. I know it will be useful here and there, but for the price, it's too expensive for the power you get.


What is the best product for car seat shampooer for auto detailing?

Car seat shampooer for auto detailing products from Adam's Polishes. In this article about car seat shampooer for auto detailing you can see why people choose the product. Bissell and Mzy Llc are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat shampooer for auto detailing.

What are the best brands for car seat shampooer for auto detailing?

Adam's Polishes, Bissell and Mzy Llc are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat shampooer for auto detailing. Find the detail in this article. Autoommo, Rug Doctor and Varsk are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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