Best Car Seat Safe Jacket Baby

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1. Cupcake Toddlers Infants Traveling Reversible

Cupcake Toddlers Infants Traveling Reversible

It's safe. No more worried about safety when you put your baby in a coat. Try their poncho. It goes on the seatbelts. It's easy to take your child out into the car wearing a poncho, sit them in the carseat, flip the poncho over the top of the car seat, and put the poncho over the seatbelts. See the photos for the examples. Quick. Get in and out of the car quickly. The Traveling Poncho has a slip on over your child's head, which allows for extra room for a hat if needed, and the rest of the poncho is spread over your child's body for full coverage and warmth. The poncho is rectangular in shape and long enough to provide warmth. Kids have the freedom to move their arms or keep them under the blanket for warmth. It's perfect for winter or fall. There are certain things that fit. The poncho grows with kids up to 4 years old, and is one size walkers. Parents of new walkers should make sure their child doesn't trip on the poncho. MMY INVENTED: A small company in Michigan is certified veteran and women owned and designed in the USA. In a rush? You are in luck! Take a look at the pictures submitted by their satisfied customers. Thank you for supporting their business. It's unique: custom printed fleece. The girl traveling poncho has a bright blue background with cupcakes on it, and a rose trim around the hood and poncho, as well as a dark pink reverse side.

Brand: Birdy Boutique

👤A short ride in the car for our toddler is what we have to do when we live a short distance from our daycare. We don't want to put her in a carseat on cold days. It works well for her to walk to the car and to the daycare. Our daughter is small for her age, but so far she is handling it well. It took a few days for her to stop fighting it. I think she will be bigger and more cooperative by next winter. I call her my little cupcake when she wears it and tell her to get her cupcake on when it's time to wear it.

👤Absolutely love it! It is perfect, we get a lot of praise for it when we are out. It keeps my baby warm. My daughter is just 1 years old, so we use it when we go out to parties in the winter. It is thick, double sided and soft.

👤I bought this for my 20 month old, so it is big on her. I think it will help me this winter. I like the main fabric for warmth, but not the style. I don't like the fabric around the edging. I think it will tear quickly as I carry my daughter in and out of the car this winter. I will recommend this to my friends. Every time I opened the door, my daughter's old blanket fell out of the car into the dirt. Problem solved!

👤It arrived before the expected time. The shipping time was something I was nervous about for so long. My daughter is a year old and on the smaller size, she is covered, keeping her warm in the car. She will be able to use this for a long time. It is strong, soft, and perfect for the winter. It's easy to put her in her car seat.

👤Air dry it after you wash it. The opening for the hoodie was smaller than I should have bought it, as my 8th month old wears a 12 month old clothing. I paid a lot of money for a poncho and I was expecting better tailoring, so I might have it adjusted by a tailor.

👤My child is 1 1/2 years old. It is cute and we get many positive comments. The neck hole is too small and tight, making it difficult to put on/off. I don't think this would fit with an older kid.

👤This is the most adorable thing ever. I didn't know it had roses around the hooded part. My daughter's foster daughter looked adorable using this, she is very cute on her own. I like the poncho so much that I'm willing to hang dry it, but I don't like that they recommend it. I wrapped it up myself before putting it on our little girl.

👤I ordered this for my 2yo so she wouldn't have to take her coat off and put it on when we got in and out of the car. It keeps her warm. I have to put it on every time because she slips it off very easily. She will grow into it over the next couple years and I love that.

2. North Face Infant Reversible Perrito

North Face Infant Reversible Perrito

It can be made in the USA or imported. There is aVERTIBLE LOOK. It's just as unique as your little one. For two looks in one, this fully reversible can be flipped. Don't let the heat get to you. 70% post-consumer synthetic Heatseeker insulation is compressible and has a great warmth to weight ratio. Light rain is repelled by the Durable Water-Repellent Finish. It was covered in warm weather. The most important part of the hood is the fully insulated one, which helps retain heat at the head. There is extra storage. The side pockets on the outer jacket and the secure zip chest pocket on the reverse help little kids store playground essentials. Chin guard for safety. The north face. An embroidered logo on the left chest and back-right shoulder shows on the outer jacket and chest pocket on the reverse for a signature look.

Brand: The North Face

👤I got a size up for my 9month old because he wears 12 month clothing. The jacket sleeves are long and simple to roll up. Next winter he will have a chance to wear something. I love that it's reversible material keeps my kid warm and it's where I live so it's perfect.

👤My grandson is very fond of this jacket. I like that it's changeable. I wanted it to be a little big so that he could wear it out.

👤The jacket is great for winter as well as spring and fall.

👤Excellent quality and adorable!

👤The sleeves are long. We ordered 18 months. The size sewn in on the garment showed 18 months, but the plastic packaging and primary tag said 12-18 months.

👤A nice coat. It was bought for a baby. The arms are long. But cute.

3. Stretchy Breathable Windproof Universal Patented

Stretchy Breathable Windproof Universal Patented

The baby car seat covers fit in just seconds. It creates a nice environment. It's perfect for napping during outings. AJUSTABLE OPENING allows the mom to take a peek at the baby without taking the baby car seat covers off. You can change the light, temperature, and visibility of the infant car seat covers. It's easy to fit and it's universal. Most baby car seats have stretch fabric and snaps. Infant car seat covers are kept in place by snaps. The space saver pouch has a head flap that can be used for easy storage. A hanging loop makes a portable easy carry. ACRABROS versatile baby car seat cover is a perfect gift for a baby shower, a mom-to-be or a new mom. It will become the most loved essential for mothers. ACRABROS versatile baby car seat cover is a perfect gift for a baby shower, a mom-to-be or a new mom. It will become the most loved essential for mothers.

Brand: Acrabros

👤I am in love with it. The material is high quality. It is thick to keep my baby warm. There is no hole at the sides. The air can be allowed in with the zipper. There is a button on the top. It fits my car seat well. I like the pouch that I can put the canope in when I don't use it. It was worth the money.

👤I love this cover. The material is stretchy and not too thin and the colors are vivid. I want a shirt made out of it. It's perfect for a winter in the south. My baby doesn't like being in hot clothing and blankets. This is perfect! I can cover the baby in a blanket and hat when it is cold outside because it blocks out all air. It works for my Graco click connect car seat. It's worth every penny for winter babies.

👤I am very happy with this cover. It's flu season in Texas. These are perfect for my two infants. I have a graco snugride. I don't have to change my cover. I can either zip up or leave open. The babies fit in the opening. The material moves with ease. A very satisfied customer. I have had some time. The covers went over the handle. I came back. This is a great product. A baby is at a doctor's office. I'm so glad I was able to seal him up. It's a good thing.

👤The car seat handles are used to cover the whole car seat. Some car seat covers do not hug the car seat's self without using the handle and are right in babies face. It's water proof. It's easy to carry the carseat. It's easy to put a baby in a car-seat and leave it on. It's. Warm. It's easy to take off and put it back on. If you take it off, you can put it into its own bag, which looks nice and tidy. It has mosquito nets. Sometimes. I wish I could secure the bottom part with a stretchy band, but it slips off the bottom. The covers that attach only to the car seat base are the best because they don't cause the cover to slip off when you adjust the car seat handle. The tent type is better.

👤So great! The pattern is thick and stretchy. I wish the mosquito net had an elastic band on the bottom to help keep it from taunting me. Would definitely recommend! I think it is good for both summer and winter use.

👤The fabric is stretchy and warm and it's also soft. I can get the baby in and out without having to remove the cover, and most of the handle is exposed for a secure grip, because the hole is wide. There is no problem with the canopy on the carseat. I leave it up to make the cover better. I am very pleased with this product.

👤I like the fact that it's easy to put on, and that it's not hard to use over time because of the wetness. My baby is protected from the wind and snow and even light rain. One woman I passed by at the hospital put a hold on the elevator and I've had tons of praise for it. She could ask me about the cover and take a picture of it. She could get one as well, since I pulled it up on my Amazon orders so she could be sure to get the same one.

4. Diono Radian Convertible Design Across

Diono Radian Convertible Design Across

Rear-FACING FOR LONGER. The slimfit convertible car seat is designed to keep your child's rear facing up to 50 lbs. Approx. 7 kilo. 4 years old. The high back corset is made of high back material. The high back booster seat mode is now up to 120 lbs, 54 lbs. The high back booster adds protection and comfort to any child transitioning into booster mode. A car for 10 years. The radian 3R can be adjusted to fit your child from birth to 120 lbs. The ultimate protection for your child is created by the reinforced steel core, made from automotive grade high density plastic and steel. The original 3 Across is built with a radian slim fit convertible design to fit 3 across in most vehicles without compromising child or passenger comfort. It's a good idea to have your children in the backseat. The original 3 Across is built with a radian slim fit convertible design to fit 3 across in most vehicles without compromising child or passenger comfort. It's a good idea to have your children in the backseat.

Brand: Diono

👤It was not taken lightly that I had to order 3 of these carseats. We absolutely love them. They fit in the 3rd row of the car. The good is very easy to clean. The only issue is that they are very long and if you are rear facing in the photo it sticks out a lot. These are by far the hardest. I'm not sure if it was because we have so many or so close together, but if it was, uninstall it. If you have 3 under 2 like me, you should buy this carseat because it will fit 3 across and save you time trying to fit 10 other carseats.

👤The car seat is heavy. Installation was easy for a small person like me. However! I had my son in this car seat when we were t-boned. My son was behind me because it was difficult to get him out of the middle seat in a big F-150 after we were hit. I learned something. I had to have emergency surgery for a broken skull, fractured eye sockets, and brain hemorrhage. I have a long recovery ahead of me, but my son died. I think this car seat saved his life. My son came out of the wreck without any injuries. The attending EMTs told me that they were surprised to find us not dead but unharmed. This is a very sturdy car seat that is easy to install. My son is a big boy and has always been comfortable in it. My son spills everything and the cover isn't as easy to clean as I would hope for, so I wish it was made of a stronger fabric. It stands up to a delicate cycle, but some messes require more scrubbing that this cover wouldn't stand up to. I would recommend this seat. The nurses asked about the car seat when they found out my son had been in the wreck, and he was happy and healthy. I told them to use this Diono.

👤The back of the cover is ripped after one wash. How is this product supposed to last? They are waiting to hear if they will replace it.

👤The 4th seat arrived and is not an open box. Don't give up, another open box used seat arrived today. I'll keep coming back until I get a new one from Amazon. I went from four stars to one in a shabby update. My daughter in law just got one of these and wants the same set up as the others, so I bought her a spare. I can see that the seat is in a bashed up box. The packing is retaped and some bits are missing. This is shabby. I didn't buy an open box so I'm sending it back for a replacement. I'm not the only buyer to get a used seat. I bought 3 of these for a 2015 Grand Cherokee, but I wouldn't bother with the middle unless you want to be pushed up against the steering wheel. I'll get another Diono 3R for the middle forward facing position in 18 months. The seats are too tall for rear facing. Everything else is okay with the seats. Excellent build quality.

5. Columbia Toddler Glennaker Jacket Hyper

Columbia Toddler Glennaker Jacket Hyper

The Columbia Youth Boys' Glennaker Rain jacket is made of a waterproof nylon shell that can be used for rain, sleet, and snow. There areANDY features. The soft shell rain jacket features two side pockets, elastic cuffs, an elastic hem, a hood, and reflective detailing to ensure ultimate security and protection for your little one. COMFORT AND WARMTH: What are they? The boys' rain jacket is made of nylon and lightweight. It's the perfect first line of defense for rainy play dates.

Brand: Columbia

👤It was a good fit and lightweight. The X Small should last my son at least two years and maybe three. You're welcome for my service if you include the size chart that was on the tag. Your kids should be outside.

👤The jacket is well made and lightweight. It was perfect for my son. I wanted him to have a bigger room, but it was too big to exchange. The size chart will save you time.

👤I love this jacket, it's great for layers. My son is 5 years old, and he's wearing xs.

👤I bought this for my 11 year old son a couple weeks ago. It was the perfect layer for him to wear alone on 60 degree days with a tee and to have over his Nano on cooler days. It's lightweight to stuff in the pack or tie around the waist. It was never used in a rain, but the water was shed under the falls in Zion.

👤The quality of Columbia. A rain jacket. We bought a baseball jersey for our 6 year old son to keep him dry in the Seattle spring weather. I'm writing this because I wasn't sure about the size when I ordered. "Big Boys - Small" was ordered. Our 6yo is about 48 and 47 lbs. The jacket is loose but will fit for another season. Happy with the purchase.

👤We received this a few weeks ago and it was in great shape. We have to put it to the test this morning. My son had to walk to the bus stop, but we got a solid rain. I was soaked to the bone and his pants were soaked through, but his top half was bone dry. The hair on his face was dry so the hood was effective. The jacket protects against rain and wind. I don't know if it can fight off the cold well because it's hot and humid here. My son is tall for his age and the medium fits well. It may fit through next summer as well. I'll buy another one when he's older.

👤Amazon doesn't have much to offer big boys when it comes to rain jackets. I needed something that my son could wear in the rain. All the choices seem to come from random Chinese factories, so you never know what you'll get. The Columbia rain slicker is a name brand that is expensive. I thought I was buying something high quality when I found this. It was the lightest piece of material you've ever seen. I feel like I got ripped off by the price. I will never order from this brand again.

👤My oldest child just started kindergarten. I ordered him a rain jacket and some rain boots because we walk to school every day. We have to try it out at the teacher night. He loves it! I decided to buy a larger size and go with Columbia because it will hold up for a couple years for him and then we can pass it down to his younger siblings. He likes the color and it fits him. I bought him a size 8 and it will fit him through next year because I like the length on his body. It is a shell and does not have any warming layers. I want him to be able to wear this on warm rainy days in Texas because I want him to get overheated. My son is looking forward to rainy days when he can use his cool blue jacket, because we're very happy with the jacket so far.

6. JJ Cole Original Bundleme Strollers

JJ Cole Original Bundleme Strollers

The pantyhose are not required. Your baby will enjoy maximum warmth wrapped in plush inner faux shearling with a luxuriously soft Thermaplush exterior. The weather is ready. The machine washer safe allows for easy temperature control to keep your little one comfortable on the go. The style is refrigerated. It's a great gift for expecting parents or your family if you choose between multiple styles. The back panel of the car seat has been removed to allow the safety straps to rest directly on your child. The style is utility, sophistication, and style. Their goal is to provide products that are relevant to busy parents. Most strollers and carriers are compatible with the product. Most strollers and carriers are compatible with the product.

Brand: Jj Cole

👤Before you can leave the hospital, you have to see a car seat specialist. The product was not approved by the specialist. You can have something on top of the car seat, but not inside. I wish I'd known that before I bought it.

👤Even with the back removed, it doesn't seem safe to use. I wanted to love it because it looked like it would be good for keeping the baby warm. The material is soft, but it adds too much bulk and requires the straps on my baby's car seat to be loosened, which makes it unsafe in the event of an accident. It was too thick and my baby seemed uncomfortable when strapped in. It was warm, but also sweaty, which is a plus. I purchased it because my baby's face was left exposed to the elements because I decided not to use the flap over his face. I decided to return it in favor of a shower cap style seat cover because I didn't want anything to interfere with the straps.

👤I was having a hard time finding a sleeping bag that fit the bassinet. I needed something for my baby to lay down in while we walk in the winter, and they all seemed to be for toddler seats. I didn't want to spend $200 on a baby brand if I didn't need it. There is a back flap, but it doesn't seem to make the baby uncomfortable. He was asleep in minutes after he was in it. The back is flat. With the flat back, I don't need to watch him to make sure he doesn't press his face into a hood. I feel safe having him in this sleeping bag.

👤I was very happy to find this listing because our Fall/Winters in Seattle can be pretty cold. We knew we had to get something to protect our baby from the cold because our older son has soccer practices and games outside in the cold for a few more months. It feels even colder because we get a lot of wind. This works well. I don't have to keep him warm with blankets or bulky coats. It was easy to install and we love that we don't have to worry about our little one while enjoying the soccer fun with our other little man. The baby can get too warm and sweaty if they don't check on them often. A hat and socks are just fine with a thin bodysuit. Baby should not be overdressed. It is easy to open on one side so you can get cool air in quickly. Our baby had a diaper leak while in this warm place. We had to run it through the wash and it was easy to remove and install again. We have only used it in the carseat, but we will use it in the stroller when he is a little older.

👤My baby was in the stroller and he was throwing his blanket off his legs. It's easy to zip him in to keep him warm. We can walk for up to an hour in 35 degrees with just this covering his legs and feet. We add a snowsuit if it's below freezing. If we fold the front part over and tuck it in, we can solve the issue. It is able to tolerate a small sprinkle. We walked through the rain for 25 minutes. Very happy with the purchase. We originally bought the infant size since it said it would be for up to 12 months. It was too small. If your baby is sitting in a stroller without a carseat, you'll want this size.

7. Evenflo Infant Weather Shield Melange

Evenflo Infant Weather Shield Melange

It protects your child from the elements. The materials are waterproof. For the best defense. The side panels are mesh. Provide air for your child. The clear front window allows you to see your little one while they are enjoying the world around them. The clear front panel allows you to reach in if you need to. The clear front panel allows you to reach in if you need to.

Brand: Evenflo

👤I bought this so that I could leave the hospital during the Pandemic and have protection for my baby. I have a graco snug ride and it fits perfectly. There is a small gap on both sides. I'm okay with that. Let it go. There is some air in. I love covering her and giving her protection. It makes me feel safer taking her out. It is very thin, but water doesn't throw it. I keep the hood of the carseat up. If someone coughs or sneezes, I know she is protected.

👤The best product for babies right now. It's perfect for going to the doctor or a stroll with my little one, we have a newborn and this is perfect. It's nice and it's Breathable. My little one doesn't complain at all, and mama approved.

👤We bought this product to give us peace of mind when we are out in public. We have a graco car seat that doesn't fit on the sides, but we expected that and it isn't a dealbreaker. It is lightweight and comfortable. There are some loose threads and the zip is cheap. I used a hair dryer to smooth the plastic when it arrived.

👤The baby was kept dry in the storm. It was worth it. I had higher hopes for it. The fabric has enough space to go over things but it needs more give. For small things it pops off. We were going to walk home with a wet baby, but luckily we were in the rain. I don't need anything else but the car seat because it's a product specifically made for my stroller, but I still feel like I need another layer of protection. It's great for some extra protection. I keep it for protection against wind and it came in handy for me, so it wasn't a waste of money.

👤I use it on my car seat because it blocks the sun from my baby's eyes when it's really sunny. I like that the cover protects my baby from cold wind, rain and the fact that not everyone wears masks makes it a big shield for my baby. This item is very good. There is a We're in the car when I go out. I always lift the cover to make sure my baby has enough air, especially when it's hot outside. Be careful with that.

👤I use this to block the wind and rain from my car seat. It fits perfectly and blocks out the elements while I can still see my baby in a car seat. The fabric matches the seat. The plastic is wrinkled when you take it out of the package but I was able to smooth it out with a blow dryer. It is difficult to make it smooth but it still looks good.

👤I really want to love this item, but it's so boring. Material is light, which can be a plus for traveling in the middle of a hot summer rain, but it feels almost too light. I wouldn't consider it cheap, but not top quality fabric. This is where it failed me. I had to tug at it in different ways to make it fit. If you're in the middle of it and trying to put it over the car seat, you'll be happy. It doesn't have enough money to stay in place.

8. Skip Hop Automotive Accessories Universal

Skip Hop Automotive Accessories Universal

The baby car seat covers are perfect for cold weather travel. Their cover has elastic edges to secure it around the car seat. If you want to keep the collar closed, snap it to the outer layer for instant temperature control. The front flap has a roll-away design that makes it easy to access the baby. Soft fabric for baby's comfort and elastic bottom for a snug fit on any car seat are features of the universal fit car seat cover. The flap is zip-off for easy access. Size (inches): 16l x 3w x 27h; cm: 41l x 8w x 69h Size (inches): 16l x 3w x 27h; cm: 41l x 8w x 69h

Brand: Skip Hop

👤I have a car seat cover that fits over my keyfit 30. The baby's face would be a huge gap because it does not fit over. If I positioned it just right, it would lay down perfectly, but it would gaps and hit the baby's face, and leave a gap in the top for wind or rain. It seems very strange. If you want to keep the face part pulled back with a baby's face exposed, this is not the right cover. I'm really disappointed and confused with all of the positive reviews on this, maybe it's just the Chicco car seat that I have that it doesn't want to fit but it just doesn't fit tight enough. I had to return it. I think I'm going to go with Cole.

👤We have used this car seat cover three times. The cover arrived in time for the winter. This item was a perfect fit for our baby's infant car seat, but did not cover the side impact bars. We were able to pull the cover over the seat in a few seconds, the elastic edge held in place, and we have not taken it off since. The outside material is similar to the smooth material of a sleeping bag, and the inside is soft plush. It feels very well made and warm. The cover was black and the interior was white. It was very sleek and matches any car seat color. The buttons were black. The temperature was very comfortable when we were outside in 10 degree F and we were able to feel our baby. When it is windy, this cover was very helpful. We had a blanket that wouldn't stay in place when the wind blew. The price is a very good value. We did not feel like we were sacrificing anything by getting this cover. This was definitely worth it since our baby will likely outgrow the car seat after one winter. The cover does not cause any safety concerns because it does not go between the baby and the car seat and simply goes over the car seat. We left the cover in place because we could easily remove it while in the car. The ease of use of the zip up is important when we are also holding our little one in the other hand. The buttons are a bit stiff. We prefer that instead of the opposite. Only one improvement is the strap that holds the cover. The top and bottom of the cover would flap around if there was only one strap holding the middle of the cover. It does its job and is definitely not a deal breaker. There could be buttons on the top and bottom of the cover that would hold the strap in place if the cover were to be rolled up. This product is a very good investment and would definitely recommend it. We hope to get a similar product for the stroller.

👤The product is well made. We don't think it's convenient. We thought the reviews were promising and we would love it, but we found the fit tight and the opening too large. The fit of the baby carrier is tight, but there are openings on the sides that allow cold air in. The cold air in Wisconsin is not good for an infant. The opening looked like it would cover the whole thing when it was open, however, there's a slight upper part that's not covered, and when closed, the upper part of the cover sinks into the baby's face, which irritates the infant who ends up. We can't really cover him and have to use a wrap or blanket over the opening, which defeats the purpose of that opening cover. I was going to go with a different cover but I saw this one and decided to buy it. I regret that decision but we don't want to lose money on this and buy another one so we're just going to stick with it.

9. Bumkins Supersized Oversized Waterproof Resistant

Bumkins Supersized Oversized Waterproof Resistant

The loop and hook are closed. Bumkins original waterproof fabric is great for highchairs and car seats, and it is also great for babies and toddlers. Attaches over the back of the shoulder with a hook and loop for a quick and tug-proof fit; crumb catcher / pocket helps contain spills; 18” across the chest, 18” across the bottom and 18” from neck down. Bumkins signature waterproof fabric is lightweight and comfortable, yet it is strong and durable.

Brand: Bumkins

👤We bought this to catch puke and protect the straps of the carseat for my 2yo girl. If she gets sick again, it looks like flowers will do the job because she loves them and doesn't mind wearing them. I don't think vomit would stay on this bib, but it looks like it will protect the parts of the carseat that are awful to clean. It has caught a lot of saliva from car naps. I'm very happy we have this. It will probably last her another year or more.

👤I bought this for my toddler who gets sick. It is easy to roll up and store in the door when not in use.

👤Our first one was disastrous for our 2.5yr old. She was about to turn a year when we got the first one. I recommend these to every mom. The first was upgraded to an art smock but still had a lot of life left.

👤I have five bibs that cover my kids' clothes, they are great.

👤It's what I needed. It fits my children perfectly. Completely covers. It's waterproof.

👤A big bib. It's perfect for our child when they want to keep their car seat from being thrown up.

👤This is the right size for my toddler. It is easy to clean and wipe. A pouch that can catch food.

👤Awesome for kids who get carsick. It is really long and covers the hard to clean parts.

👤Muy buen ahora. Cubreficient, pero no se manchen su ropa. El largo is ideal.

10. JJ Cole Bundleme Bunting Strollers

JJ Cole Bundleme Bunting Strollers

No worries about rolling over your child's blanket with your stroller wheels - or worse, losing their favorite blanket. The back panel of a car seat can be removed to allow the baby's back to rest directly on the back of the seat. On cold days, the hood is easy to remove to keep the baby warm. Weather resistant nylon protects against wind and rain while the luxuriously soft inner thermaplush adds style and warmth. There are two sizes available- infant or toddler. There are two sizes available- infant or toddler.

Brand: Jj Cole

👤I am sad about this one. I wanted to like it. It is too warm and soft, doesn't cover their face right, and is a pain to install in an American style car seat. It is also small. My baby barely fits it. It might work better in a stroller. We don't usually go out in the stroller during the cold months. A city kid would benefit from being in a stroller. I don't want to say it. I don't recommend.

👤The product is beautiful to look at. It was installed in the car seat. The product doesn't say if you should put the infant insert under or over it. After only zipping/unzipping twice, the zip is catching white threads from the stitching. The top of the product is a problem. It doesn't matter what we did, the top dropped into the car seat. It would be on the baby's face. It looks like it would be tight across the pictures.

👤The footmuff is perfect. I bought this to keep my baby warm when it was very cold in NYC. It is easy to get a baby in and out of the house with the use of the zippers on both sides. It would be difficult to use the oversized buttons. My baby pulls off all of her hats while wearing the hood. My baby takes her shoes off to keep her feet warm. There is a pocket on the outside that can be used for pacifiers and toys.

👤A happy baby and parent! The material is very soft and warm. It's easy to install. Very pleased! I don't have to put a coat on the baby while he is in his carseat. Carseats and bulky coats do not mix. A bulky coat makes it unsafe to adjust the carseat straps. This product fixes all of that. Buy it!

👤I like this thing. I had something similar for my daughter when she was a baby, but all the safety stuff out there said this was not good. I got a cover for the car seat because my 6 year old was in it. I needed to keep her warm in the cold. I tried a blanket, but she kept pulling it over her face. The car seat cover was purchased over the whole thing. Hated it. I couldn't see her in the car when it was put down, it was a pain. I went back and bought the same thing my older daughter had. Not sure what other people are complaining about. The back of the thing can be removed to make room for the shoulder parts. I have no issues with it being tightened. There are people who don't know how to use it. I like it. It keeps my daughter warm, I can pull it down once we are in the car, but my daughter doesn't like having stuff over her, so it stays on attached. It was perfect! My daughter is 6 months old and I bought the infant one so she can grow up this winter.

11. MaxKids Toddler Winter Outerwear Apricot

MaxKids Toddler Winter Outerwear Apricot

Cotton,Wool. There is a registered brand called ScofEEL. Cotton blend material is super soft, cozy and comfortable. Cute and fashion design hood, great gifts for christmas theme, can easily match with skirts, pants, sweaters, etc. Fleece lined, warm for cold Winter, also suitable for casual, daily, play, outdoor wear, also can be a good costume cosplay clothes. It's perfect for casual, daily, play, outdoor wear, Christmas costume, girls gift or photography.

Brand: Scofeel

👤I love this coat because it is cheap. The cloth is really nice, but it's cheap. The design inside is similar to Burberry. I bought this for my daughter.

👤The infant wore this during the winter. It was a perfect way to get from car to store. It is not warm to stay outside. It works well for slipping on and off after having an infant in a car seat. The style and function were praised.

👤The hood is too big. The body is too short. The hood falls off when my 5 month old wears it because it's too big and covers her shoulders. I didn't like the fabric at all. Nothing is warm or soft about it. I don't think you should. The buttons have fallen off. My baby didn't put them in her mouth because I found them all.

👤It's cute and thick to keep warm. There is a The hood depth is not very deep. The hood is useless because there is no way to keep it on.

👤My granddaughter cannot use her coat in her car seat. She can also be warm and she does not impede the use of the car seat belts.

👤I wanted this exact color and inside print for my daughter's trench coat. It was going to cost me around 90 dollars for the fabric to be made. I was amazed at the price of this little thing. I put it on her for the trip to the store. She looked so cute, and I got a lot of praise for it. It is perfect for spring and fall. The price is hard to pass by, the style is cute. This purchase was very happy with. I ordered my daughter's usual size. She can wear it more in the spring as it has become bigger.

👤We put the jacket on the baby when we brought him to the car. We took the jacket out of the car. It's not an easy procedure. Pull on the poncho and you'll be able to pull off in the car. It saves time.

👤It is cute. The hood is useless if you are a bit small. I wouldn't consider it a great winter option because it is not fleece lined. It might be good for a chilly fall. I bought it so I could put my son in and out of his carseat without the winter jacket shuffling. It might not be warm enough.

👤Little Miss is adorable in this poncho. The length of the poncho is shorter than I anticipated. I was hoping that it would protect her from the elements more than it does, but still a very cute poncho!


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