Best Car Seat Repair Kit Vinyl

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1. LOGIANIS Leather Couches Self Adhesive Furniture

LOGIANIS Leather Couches Self Adhesive Furniture

There is a self-adhesive couch patch that can work on many fabrics, including leather, vinyl, and many other upholstery fabrics. It is possible to bring your furniture and clothes back to life. The leather patch is made of 100% PU leather, which is soft and close to the leather. The large leather repair tape has a width of 15.7X48 inches, so you can cover a large area. Self-adhesive leather is strong and smooth. Leather patch is suitable for a wide range of furniture. Clean the area and cut the leather patch with scissors. You can stick the leather repair tape on the furniture by tearing off the backing paper. They have 10 Classics leather colors available, please make sure to compare the color on the detail page before purchasing and choose your right color.

Brand: Logianis

👤We have 3 cats and have always had leather sofas, but they decided to use them as scratching posts because they thought the material on the new ones was similar to their scratching posts. The boys were able to turn our sofas into their own toys because we used a leather patch to cover the back of the sofas. Absolutely worth the purchase.

👤The quality of this patch material is better than most of the materials I have had to patch. It holds very well. It turned a couch into something I can use for a long time.

👤It was used to repair a car seat. The edges started coming up quickly. The fabric came off when I had to remove the glue from the leather seat. It was a real challenge to remove the seat glue.

👤If you use it in places where there is movement in the material, the corner wants to peel it up. The glue could be stronger.

👤The glue did not stick well. I had to use my glue gun to stick to the leather of the coach I repaired.

👤I thought it would solve my problem, but after a few minutes it fell apart, disappointing me because I thought it would solve my problem.

👤It's hard to stick on curves.

👤A pesar de haber limpiado, a los varios das se inici a despegarse.

👤Se ve amigos. Ya lo volv.

👤El adhesivo de material iso No recomiendo.

👤No lo use porque el tono, escogi es cafe, pero diferente al tono de mi sofa.

2. Chemical Guys Conditioner Protectant Fluid_Ounces

Chemical Guys Conditioner Protectant Fluid_Ounces

It's not just for cars. Everyone has something leather in their home and Leather Cleaner and Conditioner can help. They all wash their skin and hair on a regular basis, and use conditioners and lotions to keep their skin hydrated and fresh. Why wouldn't you do the same thing? Most of the car interior surfaces are cleaned and protected. Total Interior is the only product that protects and cleans the entire interior of a car. It's safe. Total Interior is safe for a lot of things. It's easy and fun. Chemical Guys products make cleaning easier and faster, which makes cleaning more fun. It's easy and fun. Chemical Guys products make cleaning easier and faster, which makes cleaning more fun.

Brand: Chemical Guys

👤These are great for cleaning leather seats. It made my 2012 Acura MDX look great. I recommend using a leather brush and gently scrubbing the leather with the cleaning solution, then applying some conditioner with any form of pad, letting it sit for a little bit, then buffing it out. It will look great. I usually do this at night when there is no sun and I have time to sit and look amazing for the next day and weeks to come. The dash board, plastic material, car screen, door panels, etc. are all great candidates for the interior cleaner.

👤The interior cleaner works well but isn't special. It did a good job of cleaning my non Leather surfaces. Even though it says it cleans glass, I would stick with regulars glass cleaner. It can, but it leaves streaks. I would use alcohol for cleaning touch screen displays. The Leather cleaner did a great job of cleaning the stains. Very pleased with the results. This is the best product in the bundle. The soft texture of my leather has been restored. It feels better when I get my car. The smell is great. It sticks around for a while and smells fresh. I get a lot of praise for how nice my car smells after using this conditioner.

👤The leather cleaner and the interior cleaner are not worth it. I had to clean the interior again after I finished cleaning it, but the Tub O Towels product was better than the chemical products I used. The smell of the products is amazing, but it only lasts a short time.

👤I have never had leather seats before and live in a very dry climate. It was easy to use. The spray for the touch screen was great. It smells like new leather.

👤This stuff is not normal. My Dash Board has never looked better and it lasts a long time. I would suggest you buy sponges that work well and spread the chemicals well so you don't need to use a lot of product.

👤The leather was brought back to life after I purchased a used QX80 I took care of my wife's car the next day because I loved it so much. Excellent! Also great smell!

👤It's okay. I was not happy with how hard I had to work to clean the seats. The stuff in the bottle had a nice smell.

👤I love these products. Will buy again and again.

3. Leather Adhesive Upholstery Furniture Handbags

Leather Adhesive Upholstery Furniture Handbags

The life time warranty. Every product is covered by a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their products, they will give you an exchange or refund in full amount. The leather patch size is 3 X 60 inches, made of PU leather, which has good and clear texture, soft and luxurious. The leather repair kit has high Viscosity. The leather pastes are strong and don't drop. The edge of the leather patch kit is anti-curl and tougher. Self-Adhesive leather rapair patch is easy to use. You just need to peel the leather repair tape backing paper, then stick a patch on the holes, press firmly, and it will paste strong and cover the damaged area. Make your couch new again. Without waiting and ironing. The leather scratch repair patch is easy to cut. It can be on a cushion or on a corner. You can cut it into different shapes with scissors. Sufficient space will make your sofa comfortable. This repair tape can be used to repair cracks in vinyl sofas, chairs, car seats, bags, wallet, boots, jackets, belts, suitcases, boots, car seats, gloves, motorcycle seats or cover holes.

Brand: Prudiut

👤I bought this tape to re-wrap my headphones. The faux-leather looks nice and it's much thicker than expected, so it doesn't look cheap. Smoothing it around the band was easier because it has a tiny bit of stretch to it. The tape is very low-tack and is good for temporary positioning. I had to glue and cut the tape in sections to fit the curves of the band, which made for a much messier and time consuming project, but the end result looks pretty good.

👤This product patches my black vinyl desk chair holes with a good texture and color match. There is a lot of product for a small job. The product won't make a chair look new after 3 weeks of sitting on the patch. I'm still satisfied with the product. I might discard vinyl or leather items if I purchase it again.

👤I decided to try it on an office chair after reading reviews of the product. I applied the patches before adding superglue to the backing. It has been less than a week, but it looks good.

👤Use gorilla glue to make it stick.

👤No good. Doesn't stay where you are. There is a sticky substance on moves and leaves. It's not easy to cut into shapes. No instructions.

👤Great product. It worked great for my chair.

👤The product did what I wanted it to do. It was nice to attach on leather.

👤It is possible to cut it to size with just a pair of scissors. It seems to have stuck perfectly on the backside of my belt. I don't know if it's durable because it hasn't been that long.

4. Fabric Boat Waterproof Pontoons Sailboat

Fabric Boat Waterproof Pontoons Sailboat

Money saver is to repair crotch areas. If it already has tears marks, use the patches to prevent future problems. It is possible to prolong the life of your new clothes by placing a patch inside of them. Not only pants and jackets can be fixed, but also sheets, car seats, even socks. The fabric you are going to repair has to be able to tolerate the highest temperature of an iron. There are repairs in AWNINGS, SAILS, TENTs and more. Their clear repair tape is thick, durable and creates a watertight seal making it a highly effective pop up camper repair tape, bimini repair tape, pontoon boat seat repair tape, awning repair tape, sail repair tape and camper awning repair tape. It works well to reinforce the seams of a canvas tent, canvas sail and for boat tarp repair. Their marine upholstery tape is long lasting. Don't replace! tarp and tent repair tape is waterproof and can stand up to the heat and sun. The canvas tarp and boat repair tape creates a water-tight patch that resists the elements and can be used to fix a variety of items that have torn or need reinforcement. The clear repair tape is ideal for sail repair tape, pop up camper canvas repair, RV awning repair tape, leather repair tape, patio umbrella repair and more. Ultra-durable and flexible are the words that come to mind. Their tarp and RV canvas repair tape is easy to use. It's great to have an emergency kit with you so you can get to work quickly. This tape can be used as tent seam seal tape, tent repair tape, awning tape, tarp repair tape waterproof, kite repair tape, for sunbrella repair, inflatable rafts bounce houses and more. Crystal clear and repairs are used. The waterproof tape can be used on a variety of materials. Their tarp and awning repair tape is crystal clear so it blends into the material it is being used to repair. This rip and seam tape is great for fabric awning repair tape, hot tub cover repair tape, kite tape, canvas awning repair tape, trailer awning repair tape, sail repair tape and more. Crystal clear and repairs are used. The waterproof tape can be used on a variety of materials. Their tarp and awning repair tape is crystal clear so it blends into the material it is being used to repair. This rip and seam tape is great for fabric awning repair tape, hot tub cover repair tape, kite tape, canvas awning repair tape, trailer awning repair tape, sail repair tape and more.

Brand: Better Boat

👤The fabric on our awning was not affected by the rotted thread. I applied Tear Mender to the seams after removing the fabric. This tape was used to back up the Tear Mender repair. It seemed like it should work. The tape fell off after I reinstalled the cover. I'm sure it works on certain things, but it didn't work on our awning material.

👤The tape was terrible. The product was advertised as a repair product. I am very disappointed that it doesn't work. I have tried other tapes at the stores, but they didn't work. I decided to try it. I put tape on the hole in the canvas. It rained and the tape fell. I had tape on the roll. I tried to fix it again. I put the same hole in the cover. After it rained, it fell off. The tape did not live up to my expectations. I don't know what they mean by warmth when it comes to boat covers, so I gave it one star.

👤This was bought for a convertible top and it doesn't stick to the canvas or the glass. I thought it might work because the description mentioned boats. It doesn't work on small above ground pools. Put the tape in the inside and outside of the small hole. It still leaks. What a waste.

👤This product is not useful. It doesn't stick to anything. It does not stick when you try to put it on. Immediately, it come off. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. A waste of time and money.

👤It was bought to fix a boat cover. The edges left it up. The thickness was not bad. If it doesn't stick very well, I would use gorilla tape.

👤I bought this to fix my tent. I cleaned the area before applying tape. I sewed the tape onto the fabric so that it wouldn't stick to the hole, after I put tape on the inside and the outside, and left it for 24 hours, so I could check if it was sticking or not. I wouldn't recommend tent patching. It was thick tape and it would be very durable. I don't think tent material is what this can be used for.

👤The seats on my boat are old. The tape worked well to cover them. The surface does not seem to be uncomfortable to sit on.

👤This product is terrible. It is not waterproof. How do it get 4 stars? Water can only touch this tape until it is waterproof. The second day tape was on the pool cover. We cleaned and dried the area before applying the tape. Before putting the cover back on the pool surface, apply applied pressure. The previously clear tape is turning white and detaching from the pool cover. Within 24 hours, this happened. Not waterproof.

👤tre plus large, se faire on y arrive.

👤I should get a few more years use of my bimini boat top.

👤It's used on mooring to cover snap holes.

5. 40x160cm Self Adhesive Adhesives Bondingadhesives Handbags

40x160cm Self Adhesive Adhesives Bondingadhesives Handbags

Do you have damaged or scratched leather furniture in your home? Your furniture's life span is not over if it is damaged. You need to fix it at home instead of buying new furniture. The leather repair kit from YAFLC will help you repair leather furniture quickly and make it look new. Leather YAFLC leather repair tape is waterproof, resistant to ordinary scratches, strong self-adhesive, durable, no glue remains even if the leather tape is replaced with a new one, safe and healthy. The thickness of their leather patch has been upgraded to 1mm, and the leather repair tape is flatter than traditional leather repair tape. The thickness of traditional products is usually between 0.2 and 0.7 MM. YAFLC leather repair patch is made of high-viscosity material, which is more sticky than traditional vinyl repair leather. Their patch is attached to the holes without curling. The leather repair patch works perfectly. Cut the size according to your needs, peel the leather repair tape backing paper, then stick the patch on the holes, stains, or rips in the leather product.

Brand: Yaflc

👤This is what I was looking for. I plan to cut and sew the faux leather to fit the two office chairs I recovered. Many leather patch materials are too thick to work with a sewing machine. This is strong, but thinner, making it easier to work with. The leather pattern is quite realistic and I wanted it to be easy to work with. The glue was not a problem for my projects. The material looks like real leather because of the color and finish.

👤The couch is in good shape despite the sun destroying the cushions. I thought I would give it a try. I tried a different brand of patch and it was not good for big coverage area. It worked well on my cushion. The glue is strong so it won't fall off accidentally. It looks good from a distance, I did it edge to edge as best I could. You can tell if you feel the edge or examine it up close, but I don't have a problem with that. I didn't think it would be perfect, but I want to extend the life of the couch a little. I guessed that the colors were hard to determine. Pull the backing off, stretch taught and push down to grab the area.

👤I ordered a patch to fix two small cracks in a genuine leather recliner. The dark gray ordered was noticeably lighter than the recliner and would have looked like an amateur patch job if I proceeded. The leather self-adhesive appeared to be durable and high-quality. A piece of repair leather was put on a faux leather notebook. The material was easy to cut with scissors and the glue remained firmly affixed. I intend to use the repair leather on another project, an outdoor snowblower's leather cover to repair a few tears. The leather was furled in a plastic bag, which made it difficult to work with it, but it was shipped quickly.

👤I used this to make a new bed for my cat. I have a leather couch and my cats like it. The leather shown here is oiled. It was easy to install. The sticka is very strong. I wrapped the leather side of the sticky sides around the aross at one end and pulled it to the other, so that it was the leather side on top and bottom. I'm glad for the quick, convenient and elegant solution for boring cat beds.

👤No le di 5 Estrella porque el pecante no es de alta calidad, pero me despegaba mucho a pesar de. uno en otra pagina y era de calidad. Se refiere, pero el material de alta calidad me fascina, ese sentido.

👤The leather patch needs to be Peel and stick. Five stars. Pets cause holes and scratches in leather furniture.

👤Large piece of leather is good for repairs.

6. Strongman Tools Professional Leather Instructions

Strongman Tools Professional Leather Instructions

We are the first to sell leather patch tape and it is reliable. You can compare the colors on the details page if you want. The dark brown color of upholstery repair tape may be different due to the different light. You can contact them at any time if you have a problem. 4x more of each paint, a large piece of backing, and 2 bottles of glue are worth more than the price. You can use their kit to touch up and restore your items, not just for repairs. More paint is added. For genuine, Bonded, Italian, Bycast Leather and More! Their repair professionals carefully selected 28 pieces to make sure that you are not left behind or out of pocket. They provided you with videos, guides, color charts and more. They are here to answer any questions you have. Your purchase is protected by a LIFETIME warranty. They will return your money if you don't like it. Your purchase is protected by a LIFETIME warranty. They will return your money if you don't like it.

Brand: Strongman Tools

👤The seats of a 21 year old car were cracked. I contacted the customer service after having a few questions. They have helped me with how to start the repairs and follow up. I am very happy with the company's customer service. You can see how bad the cracks were from the attached photos. Two kits gave me enough glue to fill the cracks. It was easy to mix paint, just need to let the test paint dry to determine the ginal color. The color was a little lighter than the original, but not much. I didn't sand glue the filling down enough because I have no experience. The purpose of this repair was to prevent the cracks from getting bigger. The glue was flexible and held the job together. I am very happy with the purchase and the assistant I received.

👤Product performance and Customer Service are listed with 5 stars. The package is easy to use. The videos on their website are helpful. You have to do this on any repair kit, but getting the color to match the leather is the most difficult part. The glue that fills tears and holes is easy to use. These people have gone above and beyond the call of duty by reaching out to me on several occasions to check on my progress and offer help on getting the color matched correctly. Their responses to my questions have been in the same day. When I finish, I will post more about the final product, but I didn't want to wait until then to review it. I think the small tears that I have done look great, as they are not visible to customers in my office.

👤Great product. I used brown to match my couch. The directions are clear. The "brown" dried darker than I expected, but there was an alcohol wipe before it was dry. I had a clean slate. I added layers to the scratch with the tip if a tooth pick happened. My kids could not tell where the scratch was because it dried fast. If you look for it, you can see it, but if you are standing and three feet away, you can't see it. The kit did a good job filling the torn corner on my chair, I used the filler in two thin layers. I worked this one slowly. I can walk by without seeing it. The chair is black, so no one has noticed that I fixed it. I'll try to rip the side of my seat. The product and the JAM-Products are great.

👤I have tried to use this product on the same sofa twice. Within a week or two of sitting, the patch work begins to peel off. My fixes were worn. When it was almost dry, I used the matched squares to get it to bleed into the leather. Didn't matter. The glue starts to fall off when you start to sit or have contact with the location of the fixed area.

7. Leather Patch,Self Adhesive Adhesion Adhesive Multiple

Leather Patch%EF%BC%8CSelf Adhesive Adhesion Adhesive Multiple

If you have a question about their products or want to modify the size, please contact them by clicking the button. Within 12 hours, they'll help you. They offer competitive quotation and service for renovation merchants. They'll give you a refund or free replacement if you don't like your order. It's not easy to fall off a patch if it's damaged leather or vinyl. It's easy to use and there's no need for a restorer. You just need to follow the steps. Leather and vinyl products can be repaired with a patch. It is applicable for couches, car seats, car interior, recliner, furniture, bags, suitcases, belts, jackets. There are great solutions for leather and vinyl damages. The repair patch is applicable to a variety of crafts. The leather repair patch tape roll is 8 x 11 inch. They provide multi colors to meet your needs, such as dark gray/black/light brown/dark black/beige/ivory gray/light gray/coffee/khaki/orange/red/green/navy blue/dark blue. High grade leather is used in the repair tape. Leather Accordding with EU Environmental Requirement Standard. For your health and full life. There is a leather repair patch. No waiting times, no ironing, no sewing, no heat, no tools, no leather, no self-Adhesive Strong and Durable. Non-residual glue,paste strong. The life time warranty. Every product is covered by a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their products, they will give you an exchange or refund in full amount.

Brand: Legardliliu

👤I was able to fix 1 computer chair, arm part, car seat, and leather recliner because of the amount of money you gave. I made sure that the stuffing, string, and whatever else was hanging out was tucked inside the things I was repairing. Before applying this, I made sure the surface was clean and dry. I was able to measure before cutting to make sure I had enough. After holding for a couple of minutes, this leather repair really stuck on to whatever I was applying it to, and I just pushed down firmly. I waited at least 24 hours before using or sitting on the repaired part. Since applying and fixing my furniture a month ago, this is still stuck onto those items and shows no signs of being removed. Even though you can see where these were repaired, it was so much cheaper to buy new items that still work.

👤I got a great deal on a massage chair. It had some serious damage to the leather upholstery, but I thought I could live with it. It was the perfect solution that I came across. It was very easy to use. It looks like it is as good as new. I was a little worried that the patches would be different. Since I am a wheelchair user, it could hurt me. It worked out well. The patched fabric and the original upholstery are the same.

👤My baby tore a hole in a table and I was wondering how to fix it. I suggest anyone with the same problem try this product.

👤The patch on the office chair began to peel away after being tried to repair a tear. A new and larger patch was applied after the patch was removed. Within a short time, the new patch began to peel away. This product will not do what you want it to do. Not recommended.

👤The description on the website is not correct. The beige is white. Returned and got the apricot.

👤The product is easy to use and bonds well. The color match was very lucky. Unless you really look for them, you can't see patches. The key is a color match.

👤They work well for my torn chair.

8. Black Leather Vinyl Repair Kit

Black Leather Vinyl Repair Kit

30-day money back and 1 year free replacement warranty are included in the manufacturer guarantee. One of the best leather repair kits for furnitures and car seats is one that comes with clear instructions. Make your leather look new again with cover marks. Excellent for repairing scratches, tears, holes, rip, and cracks on leather and vinyl. Restore any leather material. Their leather repair kit is made of high quality, super-fast drying repair compound that will help repair scratches, holes, tear, crack, mark, pet cat or dog damage on your leather. Easy to follow 5 step process for repair results. Get a free email instruction guide, online color mixing tool, and a step-by-step video to help you with your repair. They are here to help you through the process and will answer any questions you might have during your repair. 100% response rate! 30 day money back and 1 year free replacement warranty are part of the manufacturer guarantee.

Brand: Fortivo

👤The basic product works. The instructions were incomplete on how to open and cut the tube tip. Plan to use gloves to protect your hand and allow enough time for the area to be prepared for repair and the treatment to dry. It can take up to 10 hours to dry per application. The last repair took less time than the first, but it took three applications. The repairs can smudge on clothes, hands, or other items. It's a good idea to have a wet paper towel handy. The repair was a success after the messy process. First, learn how to apply the repairs. The lack of instructions and diagrams made my initial experience less than desirable.

👤My car seats are made of leather. They were cracking and tearing. It was a decent price. I decided to try a fix. I didn't think it would work so well. The seats are almost new. It is easy to use and follow directions.

👤I bought a leather jacket with a cigarette burn on the right sleeve and it is worth over $300.00. I knew that I could fix it if I could find the right product, I was a former auto body man and painter, and I had your repair kit. I'm looking forward to wearing my nice leather jacket and nobody will notice the repair.

👤This stuff is great. My dog stands on the edge of the couch to look out the window, and over time ruined the corner. The ugly brown was the color underneath. It wasn't an option to put it under the original fabric. It isn't perfect, but it's better.

👤I got a pleather jacket from a local thrift shop that was in good condition, but peeling near the collar. I picked at it, which made it worse, but I put on three coats of this stuff and it looks like new. Four. It would probably look brand new. I took these photos where the light was shining right on the jacket, so you can barely see the patches, but nothing stands out when I wear it. I wouldn't recommend using a foam brush to apply the pain. If it is applied that way it will get rough. I got a bigger paintbrush for the later coats and it is smooth now.

👤Cats and leather are not a good combination. My friend's favorite lounger had some picks, a scratch or two, and a "crease" spot that I said should be repaired before they got worse. It was easy to match the kit I got for him because he is a black lounger. It was easy to use. I would like to try it out as I have a couple of expensive handbags that I would like to touch up. It's a good thing.

👤I bought this on a whim and didn't research the product, but it turned out to be exactly what I needed. I chatted with an employee online about how effective it would be on these vans, which needed touch ups very bad, and it was crazy how things worked out. I decided to start in a small area that wouldn't be noticeable if things didn't work out. Within moments after the first small application, I knew this stuff would bring these shoes back to life, gradually moving from section to section with ease and minimal usage. I used a stiffer paint brush that I had from home, because the little brush in the package was not enough for my situation. I started playing with different ways of applying the product and found that cross-hatching style first with the grain of the horizontal then vertical or vice versa worked best and then to get the excess amounts worked in as well as ensuring the application was evenly spread out. I only put one application to each area and let it dry over night, and I will update if that process is needed to be done. The pics were taken before use and after use, as it was still wet. I would recommend this to anyone with leather shoes that need a little life put back into them, as I am beyond satisfied with the purchase. There are so many benefits to buying with these kind people. You will have to wait and see for yourself. I intended for this to be helpful and informative. Thanks for your time and have as much success with this product as I did.

9. Endhokn 200ml Leather Recoloring Repair

Endhokn 200ml Leather Recoloring Repair

It is an excellent arts & crafts tape for your do-it-yourself projects, such as making beautiful notebooks with leather covers for your friends. Save on replacement costs. Leather repair kits can be used to repair scratches, cracks, burn holes, discoloration or cracks. Leather products that can be repaired and renovated include vinyl products, car and bicycle seats, sofas, belts, leather bags, leather shoes, leather jackets, etc. The last effect is to hide scratches, repair holes, and waterproof after completely dry. There is a wide application. It's suitable for synthetic leather and artificial leather products. Water won't penetrate your leather, so you can repair it. The large Chinatown leather color repair kit is for repairs. The leather repair kit has a large capacity leather repair paste and rich repair tools that are easy to use.

Brand: Endhokn

👤It wasn't possible to mix the exact color. I got close. The problem is twofold. There is no way to match the grain of the leather when you apply the repair material to it after the color is mixed. The problem is that it only works in areas where there will be no stress. It didn't work well on a car seat. I let the small crack on the side of my car seat cure for two days after I fixed it. The problem was once I sat on the seat, the horizontal crack opened again. The repair material was not strong enough to hold the crack closed and stick to the leather. I put the repair material behind the damaged area and over it for a better adhesion and used several thin coats instead of one thick one which is supposed to be better but it is still not adequate to repair that area.

👤Works well. It came with the backing patches. More than one application is required for deeper puncture wounds.

👤I took care of some spots on my truck seats. There are no holes. A little darker. I didn't lighten it. I might have matched it with a little effort. It is very easy to clean hands. It was only used a few days ago, so no one knows about longevity. If a re-do is needed, I have plenty left for another two or three coats.

👤My friend had a pair of boots that were getting chewed up and she was going to throw them away. We ordered this product after I suggested that we try something to fix it. It took a number of coats to do the job, but she's wearing them again!

👤The price is easy to use and my sister gave some snow boots that were great but had 2 small rips. He's the ceiling material that is like a patch and I wore them all winter and they still hold a great price.

👤Product cover bucket seat is easy to clean and stays in place.

👤I had high hopes for this product, but it did not work for me. I followed the instructions and only applied the sticky product after making the leather. It didn't seal the tear, so it didn't work for me.

👤When I received my package, it was clear that the product was not new.

👤I just got on with the product after it arrived upen, I only needed to fix a small patch. It's great, it covered up the patch and everything, but even after 48 hours, it's still sticky. Maybe you could spray a sealer to fix that. There is a I will wash the product and redo the patch if I get a spray for it.

👤The instructions were followed on here as well. The chair was perfectly good and was going to the knackers yard. If you value your time money or sanity, do not buy.

👤It is good to colour over a lighter shade of leather. It's useless to patch over scratches or cuts. Unless you use it to polish your shoes, don't waste your money.

10. Leather Available Self Adhesive Upholstery Furniture

Leather Available Self Adhesive Upholstery Furniture

Have your leather, such as sofas, chairs, car seats, leather bags, or leather garments, been damaged by pets or sharp objects? Their leather patch can save your money. 50% thicker than similar products, 10 X 12 inches. It is soft and resistant to wear. They have a variety of colors for you to choose from, including the most commonly used crazy horse skin, which is oil wax leather, oily, slightly gradient, and lambskin. The glue is odorless and eco-friendly. It is easy to use and fit on the surface of the item. It takes a few minutes to make your item new again. Drop down the page and compare the texture and color on the detail page. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Npbag

👤I'm not happy with this patch. It looked okay going on to a leather chair, but there were other better choices. I rounded it with scissors to prevent it from peeling off after a week. The patch was on the back of the chair, not in a place where it's being put under a lot of pressure. The only way to get a refund is to peel the patch off and send it back. It looks like I'm stuck with it because I didn't want to do that to the chair. It is ironic when you think about it.

👤The perfect match was surprising to me. I covered the tears with the tape and you couldn't tell where the tape started. The tape is still intact after two weeks of use. When I ordered more tape to finish the couch, Amazon told me it was no longer available. Most disappointing.

👤Wow! It worked well. I would like to give it more than 5 stars. The bible survived because it lost its spine and fell apart. Thank you for your product, we can use it again.

👤I ordered this to be used in a different way. I'm using it to make a mark on the back side of the bow. It's working well. The pads are under a lot of pressure. I left the pads too long to see how the glue would hold up. The glue on the back of my pads is almost permanent after a couple of days. There are many uses for this stuff. The next project will be leather padding at the bottom of a crochet hook display stand. I'm building for my wife.

👤I received it in a timely manner. It is large. The color matches well. I was able to cover the arms and seat of my chair. It was easy to work with. I applied it as instructed. It was easy to apply since I was covering large areas. The corners and edges are starting to unstick now that it's been on for a few weeks. It has popped up and is moving. I'm not sure what I'll do about it, the rest is stuck to the leather. If I try to peel it off it will rip the leather. I'm very happy with the color match and ease of application. I don't think the product's glue is durablity around the edges.

👤I think the product works well for its intended purpose, it is affordable and easy to apply. If you are patching a "real" leather, it will look more like a "Leather Looking vinyl" patch, so it won't blend nicely with your leather sofa/seat, unless of course you are patching a " cheap" leather. It's not a fault of the manufacturer or the product itself, it's a judgement call. I can't judge the material's longevity as it's only been a week or so since I applied it. I'm not surprised if it starts to show a thread around the corner.

👤It looked like it would match the shade of brown, even though I had a feeling it wouldn't match my furniture. The cracks were covered and smooth to the touch after it blended in. The only thing that bugged me was the way it was packaged. I couldn't get them out completely because the piece was folded tightly. I applied faux leather to a piece of furniture that had a small defect.

11. Leather 17X55inch Self Adhesive Reupholster Furniture

Leather 17X55inch Self Adhesive Reupholster Furniture

SUPER STICKY The Ozazuco leather repair kit is made of high quality latex and has high viscosity, which makes it difficult to tear down after attaching. The leather repair tape is made from high grade leather. Leather Accordding with EU Environmental Requirement Standard. For your health and full life. There is a leather repair patch. No waiting times, no ironing, no sewing, no heat, no tools, no leather, no self-Adhesive Strong and Durable. Non-residual glue,paste strong. Large leather repair tape is 55 inch. You can cover large areas with it. The couches and furniture chairs look brand new. Save your money by not buying new furniture. You can cut as you please. Super Strong Glue is perfect for patch, it is not thick or thin. Leather repair tape is easy to use and cut with scissors. Place the areas that needed repair on top of the backing. The surface should be new. It brings your furniture and clothing back to life. The leather patch can last a few years. The patch is large enough to fit for couches, recliner,sofas, chairs, car seat, bags, purse, boots, down jacket, belts, cushion, luggage, gloves, motorcycle seats, recliner, handbag, truck seat, and other vinyl leather furnitures. Excellent leather patches for fixing scratches, tears, holes, Rips, Burns or Cracks, well for Uneven or curved surface, holding up perfectly. The leather surface may vary in color depending on the light. They have more than 10 Classics leather colors, so make sure to compare the texture and color on the detail page before purchasing and choose your right color. 100% If you have any questions or are not happy with it, please contact them and they will replace it or give you a full refund.

Brand: Kjml Diy

👤Peeled the tape off to make room for the product. There is no durability at all.

👤When you receive it, check the size. My was more than half of what they said. It was more like 16.2” x 31” than 17” x 55”!

👤The glue is weak. Make sure you get it right the first time. It's hard to work with, you have to crease right away. It was necessary to use additional glue and a different patch liner. How long? Time will tell. The color matches well. Unless you need to color match and can't find another, would avoid.

👤The corners barely stick and started peeling.

👤I cleaned the leather first with a leather cleaner and then allowed it to dry completely to cover the cat scratch damage. The patch began to peel back. Glue is not sticky.

👤The vinyl patch material is not very strong. The color gray did not match my van seat completely. The problem is that the glue isn't strong enough to hold it's place. I cleaned the car seat leather with rubbing alcohol to remove any oils on the leather and removed about an inch of the rolled up material to ensure full strength 'fresh' glue before peeling off the backing. I rounded off the corners to prevent curling up of the patch material after installation and applied the patch about 17 inches by 20 inches, covering as much of the seat bottom as possible without having a joint in the middle of my seat. I did this on a nice day. I don't drive my van every day, but the patch was unglued and curling up after a week. My solution... I bought a seat cover after I bit the bullet. Hopefully the seat rip won't grow. This patch material isn't good for car upholstery in Alabama.

👤It's easy to apply, the texture is exactly what I needed. It doesn't stick for a long time, glue doesn't allow to use another good glue, and peeling off after two days is bad. There is a If you have a faux leather sofa, don't bother with it.

👤It is not for a leather repair. It is too thick for that. You will need something more flexible for a genuine thin leather. I had an ugly gaping hole that needed to be covered. The material won't allow for a smooth surface without wrinkling. There is a I had to cut it off first because the thin paper is sticking out to make it easier to separate it from the glue, which is not very dense. Not much but an unnecessary operation. It will fix your ugly sofa, you are not ready to part with it.

👤Realmente sirve para reparar muebles de vinilo, pero hay...

👤It works well on my massage chair and is easy to use. Thanks!


What is the best product for car seat repair kit vinyl?

Car seat repair kit vinyl products from Logianis. In this article about car seat repair kit vinyl you can see why people choose the product. Chemical Guys and Prudiut are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat repair kit vinyl.

What are the best brands for car seat repair kit vinyl?

Logianis, Chemical Guys and Prudiut are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat repair kit vinyl. Find the detail in this article. Better Boat, Yaflc and Strongman Tools are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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