Best Car Seat Repair Kit Stitch

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1. KONUNUS Leather Self Adhesive Furnitures Jackets

KONUNUS Leather Self Adhesive Furnitures Jackets

The PU Leather Material is waterproof and durable, Soft and durable as real leather, and could work on leather, vinyl and many other upholstery fabrics. The leather repair patches are 8 x 11 inches and provide ample free cutting space. Leather that never leaves scratches, paste strong, do not drop, paste on a few seconds, and leather that is soft, durable, and non-residual, make it a good material. Just peel, stick and press. Leave it for a while. The stronger it sticks, the longer. It is difficult to find paste in the break or stain. You can cut it into different shapes with scissors. The repair patch is great to repair a crack or cover a hole in your leather sofa, couch, car seat, handbags, jackets and other leather materials.

Brand: Konunus

👤I had high hopes for these patches. The patch looked good, even though it wasn't a perfect color match for my recliner. The chair was not used in that time, so half of it came loose. A thin mesh of glue was left on the chair after the leather was removed. I removed the patch, then cleaned the area with alcohol, and tried again, and this time it was the same result. The patch was flapping in the breeze within 24 hours. I got a refund after I asked for it. Disappointing.

👤This worked well. I bought these seats for a steal. It had a major flaw. There is a hole in the head of one seat. I used 2 of these patches to cover the hole, one on the inside and one on the outside. I cut a few small patches. For a screened in room to watch outdoor movies it will work just fine. I don't know how long these patches will last, but I will do it again in a year if need be.

👤I used this product to repair a few pieces of furniture and it is very thin. It doesn't stick into thewrinkle very well because it is thin. I used a thin coat of Gorilla glue to get good adhesion with covering real leather and rubbing it over and over to smooth into crevices, the sticky stuff doesn't work that well.

👤After a week or so, they started pulling up at the edges. We had a large area that required two sheets and they peeled up making it worse. It seems reasonable that it wouldn't work because the patches were too small. The smaller patch we used left a lot more damage than before. I am very unhappy with how these turned out. A manageable problem was turned into a terrible problem by it.

👤The ragged leather chair looked like it should be thrown away. I applied the patches to the chairs. I was not expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised by how the chair looked. The chair may have another couple years left in it. The application of the chair arm was difficult as the ends are rounded, but I cut the slit into the patch and folded it down to form the arm. The glue is strong and won't require additional tape to secure. Very happy with the outcome.

👤We have cats and damage to the couch. These were covered well and stuck together. I would like them to be more permanent but I understand why you would want to remove the patches. They are thick enough but not thick.

👤Time will tell if it is doing its job. I noticed that the sides of my ottoman were not holding up. The top is sticking like I want it to. Time will tell.

👤I used it for our Love seat and it made it look brand new and the Cats didn't notice.

2. Leather Adhesive Sticker Furniture Handbags

Leather Adhesive Sticker Furniture Handbags

Self-Adhesive leather couch repair tape. The leather scratch repair tape is made of eco-friendly material and is very durable. It is 4 x 63 inches. The leather repair patch is larger than most of the other leather patches, so you can cover larger areas. You can cut any size as you please. The leather is perfect for a patch. The leather repair kit for furniture is made of premium leather that is strong and thin which makes it look more flush than typical duct tape. It is safe to health and feels comfortable in touch. The leather repair kit is more sticky than traditional patches. No smell, 100% PU, eco-friendly. The material is soft and waterproof. The leather repair patch is easy to use. Remove the protective film from the back and stick it to the repair part. All the scratches, cracks and holes on the leather surface will disappear when you peel and stick. You can cut the patches according to their shape and size. It can be removed without leaving a mess. The leather patch fabric is designed and created by a professional craftsman that is close to true leather. The edge of their leather patch is anti-curl and can blend perfectly into the leather surface to increase the service life. They have a wide variety of classic colors to match the color of your projects. Make sure the color is correct. Before purchasing, please compare the texture and color on the detail page. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Samhome

👤The product was nice, but the color wasn't what it looked like in the pictures. The dark brown was lighter than expected. I'm going to order coffee in hopes that it will give me a dark brown color.

3. 22Pieces Leather Needles Scissor Projects

22Pieces Leather Needles Scissor Projects

There is a lifetime warranty. Every product is covered by a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their products, they will give you an exchange or refund in full amount. Leather Sewing Tools: 7 x leather sewing needles, 8 x leather sewing thread, 9 x big eye blunt needles, needle bottle, awl, tape measure, scissors, sewing thimble. The leather sewing kit has needles of various sizes and shapes, including blunt needles, pointed needles, and triangular pointed needles. The needle is sharp. The leather sewing tool is very practical. It can meet your basic needs for leathercraft, whether you are a professional or a beginner. The sewing thread is made of good quality material. The awl is made of metal and has a wooden handle. It can be used as a gift for friends and family. Their 30 pieces of leather thread set can be used for many things. It will help you complete your crafts in a more efficient way.

Brand: Jupean

👤This product saved my leather couch. I have two rambunctious boys and an energetic dog that have caused a lot of wear and tear but this set has saved me from buying a new sectional. If you want to fix things yourself, watch a few upholstery repair videos, use a pair of needle nose pliers, and be patient.

👤It has many different types of needles. Everything you need to sew leather. A great value.

👤This kit is perfect for someone starting out, it has a good variety of products.

👤Everything I needed for repairs was included in the kit.

👤I love this set. The thread is very high quality.

👤This set came in for a low price and good quality. I would buy this again. Thank you.

4. Sewing Needles Upholstery Leather Vitoki

Sewing Needles Upholstery Leather Vitoki

TEAR-AID repair patches are made in the U.S.A. Prepare to be a hero by keeping TEAR-AID handy. Don't throw it away. Heavy duty curved upholstery needles are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The carpet needle is 45mm, the Sail needle is 58mm. The carpet needle is 45mm, the Sail needle is 58mm. Curved mattress needle 1: 49mm, Curved mattress needle 2: 32mm. Sewing leather, blankets, thicker fabric, canvas, tarpaulin, also make bags, basket repairs, sofa, furniture, etc. It is important to keep out of the reach of children sharp needles when removing and using.

Brand: Vitoki

👤I ordered 2 packs of these just in case, so I could sew a 1 inch rip in a seam of heavy duty fabric. Both packs had every single needle broken or bent.

👤The first needle broke when I used it to weave hair clip ins. I thought I was being a bit rough. It broke after weaving a row. It is easy to break on hair wefts if you use heavy duty needles for thick fabrics and good to sew for a mattress. Smh.

👤It's good to have these in your kit. Bug Out Bag is used for repairing a lot of things. You can use the inner-strands of the "550 Para Cord" for sewing repairs or modifications. You may want to purchase a leather punch to assist. I recommend this product to my friends. Cheers. The LORD says salvation is of him. Jonah 2:9c [KJV]

👤The strap on the boat lift canvas came loose from mistitch. Started with two sewing needles. The needles looked good. The needle broke in two after being inserted into the canvas holes. I broke almost all the needles in the kit after getting the strap stitched on. They didn't have the right temper or metal.

👤All needles broke after st.

👤I used these to tighten the straps on a faux-leather tote bag, and the largest, thickest needle worked well. The needles are attached to a card that identifies which fabrics they are to be used for. Depending on the thickness of the item you are sewing, you may have to try more than one needle. For example, if I was doing a repair on a thinner piece of leather, the one marked for it was not thick enough. When sewing, use patience, push the needle through one layer at a time, not both layers, and you might want to use a cloth to help you push it through, in order to put less pressure on your fingers. I would recommend these needles for sewing jobs.

👤I bought this set to make baskets. I used the'sail' needle to get through the bark. You can watch a video on our channel "Creating A Simpler Life" where I make the basket. These were definitely worth the money.

👤I needed to fix a Bownet bag for my soccer goal. The smaller curled needle broke as it tried to pull through the material. There is no problem with the larger needles. A simple case of user error is more likely. It was worth the money over regular needles.

👤Shipping was slow as described.

5. Leather Repair Patch Tape Kit 4X60inch Adhesive Furniture

Leather Repair Patch Tape Kit 4X60inch Adhesive Furniture

Leather sofa tape are available in multiple colors and sizes. There will be slight color differences due to the screen display effects. They will provide you with the best service if you can't choose. They use environment-friendly glue, 40% higher in viscosity than similar products, and it's easy to peel and stick. Compared with other leathers that are too thick and easy to peel, they use a special lightweight and comfortable fabric. It is thin enough to fit into the existing surface. It can also ensure that their products will be with you for a longer time. The leather repair kit with high-grade PU fabrics and Strong adhesive is very practical, which make the patch fit your leather well and not easy to find. It's not necessary to spend a hundred dollars to make your item look new again. Isn't it a good choice for your prized possession? Widely use. The First Aid Patch Fix Tear Kit and other leather/vinyl material can be used in a wide range of objects. If you have a question, or if you are not satisfied with something, just contact them and they will replace it or give you a full refund.

Brand: Ivrybri

👤My plastic yellow National Geographic telescope was turned into an item worthy of living in our clubroom. It's easy to use. A new discovery! Will definitely be doing more.

👤The leather was ok, but the backing was weak. I had to use spray glue to patch the couch.

👤These helped fix my couch. The edges will need to be replaced eventually because they don't stick very well. The edges are sticking up. The white line is from the leather patch. The glue needs some work.

👤They don't stick and it's a waste of money. They should be ashamed of themselves for doing such a thing.

👤If I could give a zero rating to the product, it would not stick anymore.

👤The tape does not stick. Very disappointing.

👤No sirve, no adhiere, no pequeo para el precio.

👤I was hoping to fix my couch, but it didn't stay on.

6. Strongman Tools Professional Leather Instructions

Strongman Tools Professional Leather Instructions

We are the first to sell leather patch tape and it is reliable. You can compare the colors on the details page if you want. The dark brown color of upholstery repair tape may be different due to the different light. You can contact them at any time if you have a problem. 4x more of each paint, a large piece of backing, and 2 bottles of glue are worth more than the price. You can use their kit to touch up and restore your items, not just for repairs. More paint is added. For genuine, Bonded, Italian, Bycast Leather and More! Their repair professionals carefully selected 28 pieces to make sure that you are not left behind or out of pocket. They provided you with videos, guides, color charts and more. They are here to answer any questions you have. Your purchase is protected by a LIFETIME warranty. They will return your money if you don't like it. Your purchase is protected by a LIFETIME warranty. They will return your money if you don't like it.

Brand: Strongman Tools

👤The seats of a 21 year old car were cracked. I contacted the customer service after having a few questions. They have helped me with how to start the repairs and follow up. I am very happy with the company's customer service. You can see how bad the cracks were from the attached photos. Two kits gave me enough glue to fill the cracks. It was easy to mix paint, just need to let the test paint dry to determine the ginal color. The color was a little lighter than the original, but not much. I didn't sand glue the filling down enough because I have no experience. The purpose of this repair was to prevent the cracks from getting bigger. The glue was flexible and held the job together. I am very happy with the purchase and the assistant I received.

👤Product performance and Customer Service are listed with 5 stars. The package is easy to use. The videos on their website are helpful. You have to do this on any repair kit, but getting the color to match the leather is the most difficult part. The glue that fills tears and holes is easy to use. These people have gone above and beyond the call of duty by reaching out to me on several occasions to check on my progress and offer help on getting the color matched correctly. Their responses to my questions have been in the same day. When I finish, I will post more about the final product, but I didn't want to wait until then to review it. I think the small tears that I have done look great, as they are not visible to customers in my office.

👤Great product. I used brown to match my couch. The directions are clear. The "brown" dried darker than I expected, but there was an alcohol wipe before it was dry. I had a clean slate. I added layers to the scratch with the tip if a tooth pick happened. My kids could not tell where the scratch was because it dried fast. If you look for it, you can see it, but if you are standing and three feet away, you can't see it. The kit did a good job filling the torn corner on my chair, I used the filler in two thin layers. I worked this one slowly. I can walk by without seeing it. The chair is black, so no one has noticed that I fixed it. I'll try to rip the side of my seat. The product and the JAM-Products are great.

👤I have tried to use this product on the same sofa twice. Within a week or two of sitting, the patch work begins to peel off. My fixes were worn. When it was almost dry, I used the matched squares to get it to bleed into the leather. Didn't matter. The glue starts to fall off when you start to sit or have contact with the location of the fixed area.

7. TICARVE Cleaning Detailing Automotive Universal

TICARVE Cleaning Detailing Automotive Universal

Money back Guarantee if not completely satisfied with Drillbrush Products. Dust cleaning gel is perfect for cleaning the nooks and crannies in your car. Cleaning car gel cleaner is a great way to get into the nooks and crevices of the car. Take out the dust cleaning gel and knead a few times. The dirt would be carried away with the car cleaner slime if the vent cleaner was pressed slightly on the dust surface. Cleaning gel for car interior can be used multiple times until the car's color changes. Put the car goop cleaner back into the jar and put it in a cool place. Don't wash the car cleaning gel with water. Car slime is made of high-tech cleaning material with lavender scent. Cleaning glue for sticky dust is not sticky to hands. Car cleaning leaves no mess. All TICARVE car putty cleaner are new. If you find that the package is damaged or opened, they will give you a full refund and send you a new one. All TICARVE car putty cleaner are new. If you find that the package is damaged or opened, they will give you a full refund and send you a new one.

Brand: Ticarve

👤If you like clean but not super clean, get this. This is to detail my car. There are a lot of corners in the car. This will give you a lot of satisfaction after you are done. I pinch and use part of it because you can't wash it. I don't want to taint the pure clean ones so I didn't put the used one back. I threw the portion away because it was too dirty. It will clean the smallest place for you. It was very satisfying.

👤I used it once and it worked great. I put the container in my office. I wanted to use it again a couple weeks later, and it was completely liquified. Completely useless! I didn't have it in direct sunlight or a place that was too warm, yet it broke down from its gel state to a liquid. I spent my money on a product.

👤I couldn't even get it off of my hands, and I didn't sit outside for more than 10 minutes, so I think I got a faulty one.

👤One time, I used it and did a great job. I used it in my car to clean out all the nooks and crannies. There is a container in the house. It turned to liquid when I used it again about a month later. I was shocked. Had to throw it away.

👤I love it! When it arrived, my wife made fun of me for buying it. I saw that advertised and thought to myself who would buy it. It works great, jokes on her. I am sitting in my truck. It is the cleanest it has been since I bought it. Have you ever wiped your dash and noticed that the lint is stuck, almost as if it is worse? My dash looked new after this. Dust and lint free, with a slight shine. I will order another one for my other car.

👤Don't waste your money. It sticks to your hands. It won't pick up anything from cracks or seams. Dust was barely picked up from my dashboard. It reminds me of a toy.

👤It works great on my car. The best solution for me is this gel. I use this Universal Ticarve Cleaning Gel to clean the air vent on my car, it helps me remove all the dust that accumulated on my car since I bought it. I am happy with the purchase and recommend it to other buyers.

👤My son used this to clean the dashboard of our cars. He thought it made it very easy to do a chore. The car was professionally detailed when he finished it. We are both happy.

👤Don't buy this. Within a few days, it becomes a puddle of gunk. I kept it at the recommended temperature. I was going to use it today. I spilled the "cleaning gel" all over my car seats and dashboard. I should have thrown the money in the trash.

👤I keep it in my car all the time. It is easy to pop it out and roll it over the dust. It seems to keep cleaning even though I don't know how to clean it. Once this one gets too dirty, you can just buy another one.

8. ILOFRI Adhesive Upholstery Automotive Interior

ILOFRI Adhesive Upholstery Automotive Interior

50 * flat staple, 50 * outer corner staple, 50 * inner corner staple, 50 * wave staple, 1 * pliers, 1 * utility knife, and 24H Attentive Service. It's not easy to fall off a patch if it's damaged leather or vinyl. It's easy to use and there's no need for a restorer. You just need to follow the steps. Each package has a graphical sticker to meet your needs. Quick Fix Leather Repair patch works on leather and vinyl products. It is applicable for couches, car seats, boat seats, upholstery, recliner, furniture, bags, suitcases, belts, and down jackets. There are great solutions for leather and vinyl damages. The repair patch is applicable to a variety of crafts. The leather repair kit is made from high quality synthetic leather that is very durable and friendly smell. The leather is soft and exquisite. A nice appearance is made by the lita texture surface. The leather repair patch tape roll is 3 x 60 inch. They provide multi colors to meet your needs, such as beige/ivory/light gray/coffee/dark gray/black/light brown/brown/dark brown/dark black/khaki/orange/red/green/navy blue/dark blue. If you want to modify the size, you're not sure which color/texture is best, or you have any doubts about their products, please feel free to contact them by clicking button. A question. Within 12 hours, they'll help you. They offer competitive quotation and service for renovation merchants.

Brand: Ilofri

👤This is a great product. It took 3 tries, but this one is a perfect match. Sticks are good, blends are good.

👤It's easy to use, cut, peel and sticks. It can be cut to a design, circle, star, square or oval. A great fix to a torn car seat. The box says black, but the tape is Gray. The price for easy fix repair is great. There are packaging errors.

👤To cut out shapes, the vinyl had decals on it. My dogs toenails are covered.

👤I'm only giving it a 4 because of its size. It's perfect for covering long narrow areas. The leather is thick, so it doesn't lay smoothly on a cushion. I wish they came in bigger sizes. I wanted to use it for my car seats, but I will probably have to return them.

👤It didn't work for me. I used it on a couch cushion, but it didn't stick very well. The area began to pull away after I cleaned it.

👤The product isn't horrible, but it doesn't work well on furniture that is used on a regular basis. There are tears on the sides of the couch. If the tears were in an area that you couldn't see, then it wouldn't work as well.

👤I bought 2 rolls of vinyl to fix the arms of my wife's desk chair. Needed to wrap one strip along each side, and a third strip down the center over the top of the first two strips. The product wouldn't stick to the vinyl surface of the chair arms, and it wouldn't stick to the top seam of the chair. The money was wasted on 2 rolls.

👤I used this to repair the armrest of my van. It was easy to apply.

9. Cleaning Universal Detailing Automotive Interior

Cleaning Universal Detailing Automotive Interior

Practical Sailor has a top rated general cleaner. The perfect car cleaning tool. Cleaning gel can be used to clean hard to reach spaces such as air vent, steering wheel, console panel, storage bins, cup holder, door handles, and dashboard. It's easy to use, just push the car cleaning gel into the cracks and press the car vent cleaner on. You can pull out the keyboard cleaner slowly and the dust will be carried away with the cleaning gel. Don't press the cleaning gel hard on the mechanical keyboard. ECO-FRIENDLY: The keyboard cleaner is made of cleaning gel. The kit can pick up dust. It's possible. The gel can be used multiple times until it turns black. After use, put the gel in a sealed box and store it in a dry place. Don't use a car vent cleaner to clean a computer screen. Don't wash the universal cleaning gel with water. There are multiple uses. The automotive dust clenging gel can also clean the home and office, PC keyboard, printer, cell phone, calculator, TV remote and many other things. Dust removal for the car would stick to the water resistant surface if it wasn't water resistant. There are multiple uses. The automotive dust clenging gel can also clean the home and office, PC keyboard, printer, cell phone, calculator, TV remote and many other things. Dust removal for the car would stick to the water resistant surface if it wasn't water resistant.

Brand: Pulidiki

👤Please don't do the obvious thing and try to make pleasure out of it. Don't get me wrong, it works. I was able to finish. I tried to use it to clean my car, but it made more of a mess than it did. I'm buying an extra one so I can keep one for Friday night when my friends don't want to hang out and for car cleaning when I'm not around.

👤When I received it, it was a mess. It was watery and would separate. I put it in the fridge and it hardened a little but not enough to use in the pictures. A bad batches is not consistent to description or pictures of the product. Take your chances for the lowest price or get a better quality product.

👤After seeing another reviewer with before and after pictures, I decided to use this on my two gaming keyboards. I wanted those results. I pressed down on my keyboard to get the dust off the keys while they were off. It did a good job grabbing what it could and it looked better. When I turned on my computer, there were characters hidden in the password space. I realized that pressing the blob on the keys caused some of them to be stuck. I tried to fix it, but I couldn't figure out which key was stuck. It's a password field that shows up as stars and no option to change it. It took a while but it seems to be okay now. I checked my laptop and the same thing happened, but the fix was not as bad since I went through it just before and the keys weren't as deep pressed. There is a If you use this on your keyboard, be careful pressing the keys too much. Roll it into a thin noodle like shape to get it in between. I will probably use a wet cloth on the car dash, but what is the difference with using a dry cloth? The dust it collected made it less sticky.

👤I found them to be worthless after I used them for auto detailing. The material falls apart when you use it, so you have to pick up tiny pieces of it, and it doesn't pick up the dust. Poor execution, a great idea.

👤I don't like this at all. It picked up dust and turned my fingers blue. I washed it with soap and warm water and it was still blue. I have purchased a different brand before in yellow and it seems to work better. This thing leaves a trail of dirt behind, not the clean wipe that my picture shows. I bought it because it has a high rating, but I don't know how it gets that high rating.

👤The idea was a good one, but the product barely picked up anything when it was used to clean the center of a car. It will be a new tub of slim for a child. Save your money and try something else. The seller will contact you and try to guilt you into taking the review. Don't buy from this seller.

10. Numola Leather Self Adhesive Genuine Furniture

Numola Leather Self Adhesive Genuine Furniture

There are three different sizes of leather furniture repair kit, which can be used with whole vinyl repair tape or cut to different sizes with do-it-yourself shapes. Fix broken furniture in seconds with upholstery tape and faux leather patch. The new leather upholstery repair kit is anti-curl and wear proof. The patch is soft and waterproof. There was no sign of repair. It is wide applicability. The leather Vinyl repair kit can be used for leather seats, furniture, car motorcycle, couch, chair, bags, purse, belts, gloves, shoes and leather jackets. They are the first to sell leather patch tape and it is reliable. You can compare the colors on the details page if you want. The dark brown color of upholstery repair tape may be different due to the different light. You can contact them at any time if you have a problem.

Brand: Numola

👤Well packaged. It was shipped very quickly. The ones in Amazon included heating after application for extra strong adhesion. It's easy to use and the weathering on my recliner has been great.

👤I just received it and gave it 4 stars. We'll see how long it lasts. It seems like it will hold, but not sure yet. The ease of use and placement went well. It is on the driver side of my vehicle. Getting in and out is hard. Time will tell how long it will last. The update is** It has been over a year since I applied it. It's the same piece in the same spot.

👤I wore a hole in the armrest from my elbow and bought a chair that had it. This material is very easy to use. Highly recommended. I will buy the other recliner when it develops a rip. I didn't have to buy a new chair.

👤After 3 days of applying, the leather piece is separated from the main piece. Don't waste your money. We have not been sitting on that part of the couch.

👤My dog ripped the material off of my recliner. This patch saved me from buying a new chair. I have to order another one because I assumed two patches came in the pack. It blends into my chair. This was a great purchase.

👤I saw a comment that said the glue on the sofa is easy to fall off and leave. The glue on my sofa did not fall off when I tried it, but I found that the effect was not as advertised. I think people who say glue isn't good may have a bad use for it. I was satisfied with it.

👤I was not sure what to expect, but this product exceeded my expectations. The sheet was protected well by the packaging. I put it on my ripped sofa a week ago and it is still new. The color was the same as advertised. It's perfect for my sofa. Excellent quality is recommended.

👤The patches worked well. The color blends well, but you can still see the seams. Some of the leather was discolored and had a tear in it. The patches were soft enough to make the existing wrinkling on the leather seat disappear. The leather looks better than it did before, but it isn't the exact finish we have. I ordered more patches to fix the seats that were cracking and fraying. The glue is holding up well after several weeks of use. It would be great if they could sell a patch that covered the entire seat.

👤The tape did what I expected, but now they have it cheaper, so I order more, and try another color to see if it comes closer.

👤This was my second order. The first order was not what I wanted it to be. Instead of coming back I ordered in a lighter colour. The patch was the same color as the first order. I applied the patch today. My daughter ripped them off. She had to peel them off so they wouldn't stick.

11. ATOLS Plastic Welding Machine Stapler

ATOLS Plastic Welding Machine Stapler

Universal Studios. The repair kit is easy to use. It can be used for carpets and upholstery in a variety of places. Reliable QualityStainless steel staple will not rust and 4 types of staple to meet your needs. The design maximizes the load. It is possible to prolong the service life of broken parts. Attach the plastic quickly and easily. Strong for shock and twist. Humanized design, fast heating for 1-2 seconds. The operation is safer and more convenient because of the light on the front of the plastic welding machine. The design is suitable for palm. The rubber handle is comfortable and will not make you feel tired. It was quick and easy. 98% of the plastics on the market are repaired. It's perfect for repairing bumper, dashboard, lamp holder, plastic ring, radiator, spoiler, handles, headlights, plastic wings, car and motorcycle plastic device. 50 * flat staple, 50 * outer corner staple, 50 * inner corner staple, 50 * wave staple, 1 * pliers, 1 * utility knife, and 24H Attentive Service. 50 * flat staple, 50 * outer corner staple, 50 * inner corner staple, 50 * wave staple, 1 * pliers, 1 * utility knife, and 24H Attentive Service.

Brand: Atols

👤It worked out great. If you want to have a good pair of cutters, I would recommend ordering extra. It would have a cleaner look and less work if it was repaired from the back side. If you can't cut off the staple first, then you should use a good bit of your dremel to grind down the leg that isn't cut off first. I told a friend about the ATV/UTV plastic repair. I found it to hold better if I started at one edge of the break and pushed the staple to the center of the break, or if I started at the center of the break and slid the staple to the side of the break. It seems to be holding up well after 3 weeks. Make sure you wear proper protection for your eyes, face, and breathing, because plastic stinks.

👤The plastic welding machine works well, but the kit is supposed to include a pair of wire cutter to cut the metal pieces. It was missing. The box that contained the kit and the box that contained the cutter were not the same. It is hard to give a good rating when something is not there.

👤I do a lot of plastic repairs. I have my own fleet and I resell it. This tool is perfect. The plastic welder from Harbor Freight is very similar to the ones on Amazon. Between the two of them, I can make some great repairs. I've repaired broken seat pans. Replacement staplers are cheap on Amazon. Can't recommend this kit enough.

👤I buy generic tools when I know I won't be using them often, because of the cheap price, and that's why I was skeptical of this product. I used this tool the day I got it and it heated up quickly and I was happy with it. I repaired 2 broken items and the tool still works, so it paid for itself. If the brand has any other items, I will give them a try.

👤The case is brittle and terrible. I used a gun and a stapler to repair the case locks after they broke. Then factory! Can't wait to use this gun and it works great! Can't wait to use it more. I'm sure that will be the case soon. Thank you!

👤It worked out as expected. Follow the instructions in the letter. Do the work slowly. There are two inch spaces between the two clamps. I used plastic bonding glue to seal everything. It worked like a charm.

👤Needed to fix a fender. I watched you-tube and tried it out. It works well and holds the pieces in place. The tool is great for repairing cracks. The metal piece is put into the plastic to hold it together.

👤The hood on my lawn mower was damaged. I had never heard of this type of tool. I didn't want to spend a lot of money to get a replacement hood, so I ran across this plastic welding tool. I made a purchase after watching a video. The instructions are vague, but the U-tube explained the procedure well.


What is the best product for car seat repair kit stitch?

Car seat repair kit stitch products from Konunus. In this article about car seat repair kit stitch you can see why people choose the product. Samhome and Jupean are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat repair kit stitch.

What are the best brands for car seat repair kit stitch?

Konunus, Samhome and Jupean are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat repair kit stitch. Find the detail in this article. Vitoki, Ivrybri and Strongman Tools are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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