Best Car Seat Rear Facing 12 Months

Facing 3 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Safety 1st Comfort Convertible Niagara

Safety 1st Comfort Convertible Niagara

The built to grow for extended use through 3 stages is 5-50 lbs., forward-facing 22-65 lbs., and belt-positioning Booster 40-100 lbs. Actual fit may be different. Some children will not be able to fit in the seat for the full weight and height ranges. The baby is cool, dry and comfortable. Side impact protection. There are three pillows for a snug fit. There are storage pockets with the soft touch armrests. There are storage pockets with the soft touch armrests.

Brand: Safety 1st

👤I was so upset when I opened the box. I was expecting a pretty beige car seat that would match the interior of my car and the pad I bought for it. I got a grey seat that doesn't match anything and doesn't look like what I paid $150 for, the logo is iron-on instead of the embroidered version in the stock photo. I know I sound a little odd. I searched to find the right colored seat. It wasn't cheap. I wonder if this is just a cheap knock-off of the scam because there wasn't even a packing slip. Is it safe for my son to ride in? I am not sure if this will go back.

👤The carseat was everything that the positive reviews said it was. It keeps the child cool. My child's back was not sweaty or hot when I removed her from the seat. This is important because we live in Houston and it is very hot. It's easy to install. The harness and belt strap fit perfectly. She went to sleep almost immediately. There are several tilt positions for infants to toddlers.

👤This is a great car seat. It was easy to install. I can wash and put the car seat back on without taking it out.

👤My child always falls asleep in the car and this gives her something to rest her head on. I ordered after my son had an older model. I needed to buy a new one. The old one had a pillow air cushion near the head and it was really nice. This brand is so much better than other brands that are hard. It's easier to clean the cup holders with 2 of them. My daughter removes them all the time. The seat has more padding. It looks great in my car. It's easy to install. I tilt it back so she can sleep better when she falls asleep.

👤Its big and heavy. The baby's face broke out even though I washed the cushions. The baby sweated more. A nice carseat. It's not for my baby. The carseat was narrow even after I removed the newborn cushion, it still seemed that way. I have a new born version of this carseat that I like better, but it still doesn't keep him cool. This brand is not something that I like.

👤A good car seat. The Britax is our other car seat. Our son likes this one. It seems very comfortable. The seat belt has side clips that hold it in place. It loosens and tightens. There are two cons that prevent 5 stars. cup holders are a nice feature, but they cause the sides to be high and it's difficult to get him in. He is starting to climb himself. There is a The Britax seat has a little play compared to the install, and it is hard to get tight. The Britax has a click n lock that makes it very easy to install. It doesn't move. The Britax cost a lot more and we love the color of the Safety 1st seat.

2. Britax B Safe Gen2 Flexfit Infant

Britax B Safe Gen2 Flexfit Infant

B-Safe Ultra is something that I'm looking for. B-Safe Gen2 Flexfit is the next generation of Britax infant car seats, made with a spacious seating area and tagless smooth-touch knit fabric, it's perfect for babies up to 35 lbs. Brita safety: Sturdy build with a high- strength steel reinforced base and SafeCell crumple zone; protective shell with foam provides head-to-toe safety The 6-postion, quick-adjust 5-point harness and headrest move together to create the perfect fit as your baby grows. Installation with confidence is achieved by connecting lower anchors, pulling straps to tighten, and clicking carrier into base. Cool air flow helps keep your child cooler and more comfortable. Cool air flow helps keep your child cooler and more comfortable.

Brand: Britax

👤This is my second Britax car seat. I got into a serious car accident that destroyed my car, but my baby remained asleep and unharmed. I will say that this car seat is safe, and it stands up to its top safety ratings. It is very easy to install, which is something you won't get with cheaper car seats. I used a Graco infant car seat for the first and second time and it was difficult to install and move between vehicles. It has better cushion than cheaper seats. The car seat is heavy. It is heavier than other models. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone because it will not unlatch from the car seat base as well as the Britax stroller it goes with. This is not acceptable for a 260 dollar car seat. It's difficult to unlatch it and you need to be around the baby. This can be the difference between a successful transfer to keep the baby asleep and a successful transfer to wake the baby up. Not ok, Britax! I did not have a problem with my car seat.

👤Britax does not fail. I bought a compatible stroller for my first baby. Sturdy and safe.

👤I had a britax car seat. I had the same issue with both. The seat was stuck to the base when I tried to remove it. It was very frustrating and unsafe. I went with Graco.

👤The carseat is great for my baby, who is 20 pounds. Simple, comfy, spacious and great quality. We also have a small keyfit for him.

👤The Britax fan products are made with the child in mind. It is easy to click the baby in. Britax is made in the USA.

👤The car seat is large. If you have a small car, I wouldn't recommend this. The passenger seat needs to be pushed up to the dashboard in order to fit in the back seat. We couldn't put it behind the driver's seat. I would have liked to go with the Nuna Pipa.

👤My baby's legs are covered in the bottom clips. She doesn't seem to care. I don't like how it leaves red marks on her.

👤The material is very soft and I was able to install it into my Jeep without my husband's help. I can't wait to have my little one in this carseat and know she will be safe.

3. Chicco Toddler Venture Easy Extend Headrest

Chicco Toddler Venture Easy Extend Headrest

The 2-Stage base converts to provide more upright, spacious seating for toddlers without taking up extra space in the vehicle. Growth is accommodated throughout both stages with a padded harness. It's easy to install with the reclineSure leveling foot, Ride Right bubble levels, and SuperCinch LATCH tightener. There is no head or body support for newborns or smaller infants. For travel system use, compatible with Chicco strollers. For travel system use, compatible with Chicco strollers.

Brand: Chicco

👤The car seat is comfortable. It looks not cheap. It feels sturdy and safe. I bought a second Doona after selling one. This is a wonderful travel system that we use with our stroller. Can't recommend this seat enough. It's never a problem to make sure the correct seat or stroller is in use because we have the same setup in both cars.

👤We were so excited to order the same carseat for our 2nd child that we ordered it for our first child. We love this carseat. It's functional. It was comfortable. It was made of great material. It has great safety features. The carseat has adjusted to our 1st born's growth really well. Highly recommended. The base is a bonus. Everything is easy to use.

👤My mother bought this for me and my wife and we absolutely love it! Our baby seems to like it because it is light and easy to move. Thank you for the gift.

👤My baby has used this since he was 3 months old. We flew from Atlanta to San Diego with it. I like it. I've used infant seats before, but this is the best I've ever used. My child hates this car seat. He cries in the car seat, but he does everything else. He's a grumpy kid. The first seat was tried by a different brand and it didn't work out. He wouldn't be able to breathe in it. He is breathing better in this seat. I had to go for a season without a car, traveled a lot, and this seat had a great seat belt system to use in ride hailing services, and I clipped it into my city select stroller. The base is easy to install. My son is 28 lbs, 32 inches and 21 months old. We will have to look for a new seat soon, but I was so happy to have an infant seat that lasted as long as this one. The benefits of this seat outweigh the drawbacks, and it was a bit heavy. My son's birth has caused me to have mobility issues. I use a stroller to lean on while I walk. My hands are useless because of my disease. I could handle this seat. I feel like almost anyone can manage.

👤The looks and safety of this car seat is good, but it is heavy and gave me 3 stars. I feel like I am throwing a saddle on a horse with my baby in it. I have to let it go. My mom is a strong woman and she struggles a lot. The chest clip is small, which makes it hard to unbuckle.

👤The design is beautiful. It's easy to install. It feels safe. Highly recommended.

👤It accommodated multiple stages. It only took a few minutes when I was 40 weeks old. The instructions are easy to follow and allow for multiple configurations. The chicco caddy is compatible with multiple products. Also use with the City Mini G52 Baby Jogger stroller. It is easy to adjust straps.

4. LAMAZE L27024A Lamaze Freddie Firefly

LAMAZE L27024A Lamaze Freddie Firefly

The toy encourages development of the senses. Surprise Crinkles is a soft velour body with multiple textures for baby to discover. The interactive toy helps baby learn to focus, track images and explore the face. Delightful sounds keep baby entertained. The clip-on stroller toy is easy to attach to strollers, carriers and diaper bags. The clip-on stroller toy is easy to attach to strollers, carriers and diaper bags.

Brand: Lamaze

👤My 7 month old had black dye on his tongue. I called poison control to make sure he was okay. The teething toy should not bleed dye like that because it is a quality issue. He did not suck on it for a long time. I will have to contact Amazon to let them know about the quality issue.

👤If you want your child to have fun and you also want to enjoy a full cup of coffee before it goes cold, buy this now. We have the Montessori inspired Lovevery activity mat because I am a young woman with annoying mom tendencies. My three month old daughter often fusses a couple minutes into it and requires helicoptering to have real success. I clipped Fifi onto one of the hanging bobbles after my baby played happily and independently for five minutes. This was before her sleep time. She was up for over an hour. Unprecedented. Fifi is a nightmare. Fifi is the best bang for your buck. My baby is in a better mood. My baby can easily entertain himself. I felt like a successful mom. Buy five dollars.

👤I bought this for my 4 month old for tummy time and car rides because he was showing interest in grabbing and holding on to toys. When I opened the package, my husband joked, "they really stuck every distraction they could fit onto that toy." There is a squeaker, a mirror, rings, a teether, bright colors on one side, and black and white colors on the back of the toy. It is a very engaging toy. The packaging says to clean. I washed it right after I got it and it was perfect on the delicate cycle. I hung it to dry.

👤My daughter is almost 3 months old. It's a great sensory tool that makes crinkly noises, has a ring and a mirror, and is very clear. The colors are bright and cheerful, and I like the addition of black and white on the backside of the wings, as the eyes on the firefly. I realized that she is drawn to black and white because she always tracks my cell phone cover. The designer of this toy understands children. She likes to touch, kick, taste, grab, gaze, and pull on toys. It works well in the car with the car seat handle, and even helps distract her from crying when she can't get out of her car seat. This toy is very good.

👤My baby girl liked this toy. It was the favorite toy. She had it when she was about 3 months old and it was huge. She is now 6 months old and it is still a big toy when she is in her car seat, but she loves the crinkle sounds it makes, and she chews on the white one. She doesn't like the squeaky on the wing or the ladybug bite plate because she likes gnawing on the head, wings and white clip. There are a few complaints about this product. We've purchased two of them. I noticed that the fabric strip that holds the white clip/ring to Freddie's head started to tear when I received the first one. I thought it might have been from Sofia's eagerness, but I now think it was flawed stitching. The only way to clean this toy is by hand, but once you wash it, you will notice the white is not as white as it used to be. Freddie doesn't look as clean after a bath, so I think this is worth mentioning. Our second purchase was necessary because we thought we lost Freddie. As I was cutting the plastic strip to remove Freddie from the cardboard, I noticed a small hole on Freddie's head, which was close to the seam on his head. Freddie # 2 is damaged from the start. I'm not sure if I should send him back or stitching it up. Freddie #2 was purchased on Amazon within months of Freddie, so we paid about 3 more for him. Freddie the Firefly has been an amazing toy for our daughter and I highly recommend him since others have failed. Lamaze Captain Calamari has been laying around for as long as Freddie # 1 and is just now receiving a tiny bit of interest, Lamaze Tug & Play Knot, and Lamaze Flutterbug. If you get Freddie, I suggest you look him over for manufacturing defects and return him if you find any because your baby will love him and you want him to last.

5. Graco Admiral Convertible Seat Studio

Graco Admiral Convertible Seat Studio

It was designed to help protect your rear facing child from 40 to 65 pounds. Simply Safe Harness System adjusts the harness and headrest height with one easy motion. A combination of the most rigorous crash tests that helps to protect your child in frontal, side, rear, and rollover crashes; additional testing based on the New Car Assessment Program and for extreme car interior temperatures is what the Protect Plus engineered is. The 8 position headrest can be adjusted using one hand. Installation in the rear facing position using LATCH and an easy to read level indicator was painless. Installation in the rear facing position using LATCH and an easy to read level indicator was painless.

Brand: Graco

👤Our compact sedan is too big for our Graco Extend2Fit, so we bought this as a second car seat. The admiral fits well in our cars. The strap adjustment is easier with this one. Very pleased with our purchase.

👤It's very difficult to loosen the straps on this car seat because you have to do it every time. You used to lightly tug on the straps when lifting a flap in an older version. In this model, you have to reach your fingers deep inside a small hole and then press down on a lever while tugging on the straps. It is difficult to do this when the car seat is in the rear facing position. I don't think anyone with short fingers or large fingers can do this.

👤The car seat was purchased to replace the first one. When choosing a car seat, the only things that mattered to us were that it was small, easy to use, and looked sleek, and that it was able to sit next to an infant car seat. Safety mattered too. We were having trouble fitting an infant car seat next to a convertible car seat for our small car. It worked with this seat. My daughter loves it. As our child grows, it is easy for parents to adjust. It was more difficult to install than our Safety 1st. We don't move the seat so this didn't matter to us. We would definitely purchase the same one again.

👤I bought this for our second car and was not impressed. Roll up the towels to put under it in order to recline. That doesn't seem safe and isn't worth the money savings.

👤The car seat is great so far. It was easy to install and my son was comfortable. It has a good amount of padding, unlike some of the other carseats. My 13 month old can easily reach his sippy cup and put it back, the cupholder is at a great angle. I was afraid it would be too large to fit in my small car, but it fits behind the passenger seat.

👤I bought this car seat for my dad because he helps transport my son. My son loves it and is comfortable in it. It has a lot of room and is cute. My son is a year old and weighs 30 pounds. There is room for him even with his coat.

👤The seat is attractive. Minimum efforts are put into it. The foam is very thin and you can feel it through the plastic. The plastic seat is not hard like our other one. I can bend, push and pull it. There are two bars. The other seats have stronger bars. I picture a large vehicle hitting my baby girl side of the car and this seat doesn't feel safe to me. We are buying the Britax One4Life. My heart is against this seat. My bank was happy. I don't think this would protect my girl in my car. It would be better for an SUV, van, truck. Make sure you check the plastic before you use it for your child. It is a great seat because it has a circular cup holder and some have square cup holders. That is nice. The seat cover makes it easy for our daughter to get sick in the car. I will buy a steam cleaner for her. The only thing that is a downside is that it doesn't have a cover at all. The cost with accessories is $500. This seat is budget friendly and much safer than other car seats you can find. The seat is not safe for us.

6. Solution Reclining Protection 12 Position Height Adjustable

Solution Reclining Protection 12 Position Height Adjustable

The Solution B2Fix+Lux Booster Seat has a patented reclining headrest that tilts back to prevent sleepy children from nodding off. The headrest can be adjusted into 12 different positions, so it can be tailored to your child's growth rate. The B2Fix+Lux Booster Seat is perfect for children 4 years and older. The lightweight design of the booster seat makes it easy to move between vehicles and it reduces strain on your back. Installation of the booster seat is easy with the Rigid LATCH connectors. In the event of a side impact collision, the Linear Side-impact Protection System (L.S.P.) on your Solution B2Fix+Lux Booster Seat absorbs impact forces, helping to protect your child's head and upper body. The solution B2Fix+Lux Booster Seat has two dishwasher-safe cup holders for easy access to your child's favorite drinks. The solution B2Fix+Lux Booster Seat has two dishwasher-safe cup holders for easy access to your child's favorite drinks.

Brand: Cybex

👤My daughter is very fond of this car seat. She says it is very comfortable and she can be in it for a long time. I love that it has an anchor system. That was a big selling point for us. It is very easy to install. 10/10

👤It wouldn't be good for long trips to hard.

👤I thought I was getting something huge and bulky when I saw the size of the picture. My son's old car seat takes up more space than this one. It saved space in my car. I am very happy I bought this. The safety that they have puts my mind at ease when I drive.

👤Safety straps need to be attached to the car seat. The seat moves a lot when you get in and out.

👤There was no way to open the package. I am not sure if I can install without that critical piece.

👤The cup holder was broken when my kid hopped on my back seat. I don't want to use this because it's a safe car seat.

7. Safety 1st Convertible Harvest CC267DWV

Safety 1st Convertible Harvest CC267DWV

The ride has a rear-facing weight of 5-40 pounds and a forward-facing weight of 22-65 pounds. Side impact protection. It's in the back seat of most vehicles. The cup holders are dishwasher safe. Easy up-front adjustment with the 5-point harness. Easy up-front adjustment with the 5-point harness.

Brand: Safety 1st

👤I will try my best to explain this, but here is my review of the Safety 1st. The car seat is convertible. I bought this car seat to put in my mom's truck as a rear facing car seat. I put it in my car to make sure it was ready to go before we left. When I put it in my car, I noticed there was a slight issue, but I figured it was because I did it quickly. I put it in my mom's truck for the trip. We started our journey after we thought all was good. The level line was no longer level to the ground after we stopped to get gas. I reinstalled the seat after figuring I did it wrong again. The seat was leaning backwards when the car was stopped for gas. I adjusted it again and went about our way. I told my mom that the seat wasn't securing the right way when we got to our destination. I pulled the book out and made sure I did everything correctly. I had. We went about our trip. The kids seats were moved from my mom's truck to my sisters truck. I couldn't get it to sit properly rear faced. I put her in it rear facing because it was secure and felt safer than turning her front facing. I felt better if she sat front facing then back because there was something off with the seat. We left and went back to California and it wouldn't secure in my mom's truck. I put a blanket under the one I rolled up hoping it would help. And it did not... She got sick and vomited when we put her front facing again. I flipped her around and drove home. I wrote to the company about my concerns and didn't hear back. It was not sitting well with me. They pulled my email up after I called them. FaceTiming me to make sure I was installing the seat correctly. Which I was. They called another employee to watch me install the seat. I showed them how she would end up laying on her back in the car if it pushes backwards. They told me that the seat isn't compatible with my car. I told them that I have installed this seat in three different vehicles and that it works in all of them. They said that it wasn't compatible with them. I tried to find a compatible car seat list on their website. There are reviews on the website stating the same thing I am having. They issued me a refund and had me destroy the seat to see if they are having the same issue. I don't know how I feel about that. I hope this post convinces people to purchase this and save a baby's life. The lady on the phone from the company said that the seat should not push backwards so that the baby is laying on their back. The child should not be able to push their feet on the back seat. Ever. I was trying to prove to them that point. I don't know if they believe me. I will not buy another seat from them.

8. Diono Radian Convertible Design Extended

Diono Radian Convertible Design Extended

Newborn positions are safe and convenient. The newborn travel high wedge is used to create a lie-flat travel position. The innovative technology helps to keep the airway open. Remove the wedge as your baby grows to allow the infant positioning liner. Rear-FACING FOR LONGER. The slimfit convertible car seat is designed to keep your child's rear facing up to 50 lbs. Approx. 7 kilo. 4 years old. Shell and components. Spot clean. A car for 10 years. As your child grows, the radian 3RXT will adapt to fit your child up to 120 lbs. The ultimate protection for your child is created by the reinforced steel core, made from automotive grade high density plastic and steel. The original 3 Across is built with a radian slim fit convertible design to fit 3 across in most vehicles without compromising child or passenger comfort. It's a good idea to have your children in the backseat. The original 3 Across is built with a radian slim fit convertible design to fit 3 across in most vehicles without compromising child or passenger comfort. It's a good idea to have your children in the backseat.

Brand: Diono

👤We bought a radian for our second child and loved it. It is the most secure car seat I have ever strapped my kid into, and we have owned a lot of Graco and installed in several different models and types of car. I had to fight for more than 30 minutes in my mom's Ford Explorer with Graco and wanted to set the car on fire after she made me move it over in the hot Texas weather. I install mine and won't move it for any force in heaven or hell unless I am flying, so it's not like I do a daily ruck march with it. Diono is giving you a crappy, thin car seat cover and charging the same price as they did before. The difference between the two year model and the 3RXT is so large that you can tell they have changed their minds. I don't see how it isn't going to pill in the wash because it has less padding and is thinner. My child is going to destroy it. Most of the pics are in the "feel", but I have included a reference to old versus new. The fabric in the upper trim series car seat is supposed to last 10 years and cost $300, but I find this very disappointing. It's the same microfiber that I use on a couple of wal-mart $30 booster seats, or on universal car covers. I think it will turn green in the sun. The color of my radian ixt is the same as when I bought it two years ago and it has been washed a lot. I thought the car seat I received was the wrong one, because it said "Radian R" and the fabric was not stamped with the words. I think my confusion is reasonable because it shows on the box as "Radian RXT". They have pictures on their website and on Amazon. Nope. They are all the same fabric. Diono, car seats are expensive when you have to replace them constantly as you have kids, or have more than one so you aren't dealing with the logistics of changing cars with your spouse or parents just to get kids from point A to point B. Parents can easily save a lot of money by buying something less expensive. I wonder if they are as innovative as Diono claims, because I see a star there for the cheapness. If a company wants to repeat business, they need to do things well across the board. I came back because I loved it so much. I'm not sure if I need another one or if they'll go back to better covers. For reference, these install amazingly well in Toyota corolla, Sienna and Highlander and even the tiny Prius, but rear face in a Prius puts the front seat up too far for anyone over 5'6 to sit comfortably. You will still be angry if its leather, because they really didn't want anyone to use them and they are set too close together, so cranking down and getting the seat tight enough is a hassle. Don't let the entertainment package on a Ford Explorer fool you, not a young family with car seats.

9. Baby Einstein Soother Melodies Newborns

Baby Einstein Soother Melodies Newborns

25 minutes of light effects. It fits most crib rails. Light and volume control can be used to adjust to baby's preferences. Up to 12' away, remote control works. It is easy to wipe down and clean. It is easy to wipe down and clean.

Brand: Baby Einstein

👤My daughter likes this. She was 6 months old when I got this. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, she will stare at this thing. I turn it on for her and she stays awake and falls asleep with the sound of the ocean waves. The mechanism is a little noisy but it is comforting to an infant. The crib light is helpful at night when we have to look for her or just to see to pick her up. My daughter has no issues falling asleep with the full light feature in a dark room. If you use the motion all the time, the batteries can go by fast. I've used it for a couple of months with no dead batteries. Plan on buying it soon. We use it every night for the sound of the ocean. My daughter is now over 10 months old. She will wake up in the middle of the night and push a button in her crib to turn it on, then off, then on again. She can go back to sleep without waking us. My daughter is almost 14 months old. She still uses this to sleep. It was the best purchase ever. There are batteries that are Rechargeable.

👤This was with our baby very early on. He did not respond until he was 3-4 months old. Like many other reviewers, I have the same likes and dislikes. The pros and cons of this are as follows: - very soothing and hypnotic, just like an aquarium - volume control - sea sound or music sound options - attach easy to crib - does use high quantity of batteries It was a problem until we started using rechargeable batteries that were difficult to change. I understand that screws are used to keep the battery covered. For as often as batteries are needed to be changed, there needs to be a quicker access option. I am not sure who thought this was a good idea but on top of having a low battery light, there is a low battery chime, which is not useful. When the batteries are low, the chime will go off every 5 seconds. The stupid thing starts chiming when the kid is trying to sleep and you turn it on to help your baby. Completely counterproductive! I have to sneak in the nursery to turn it off before the baby wakes up. The product is great but needs to address some of the major flaws.

👤I absolutely love this machine. It's relaxing and does what it claims to do. The music is gentle and I like the fact that you can switch between music, white noise, and a lighted up screen. You can have a combination of lights and sounds. It is great! It is very user-friendly. The motor is not loud on my device. I put it on and my son fell asleep quickly. I haven't had to use the remote yet, but that seems easy. You have to use close to that machine, so it is not convenient, but you don't have to walk up to the machine to turn it on. It was easy to install on the crib. It came with batteries, but you have to supply the batteries for the remote. The device was great. It is great for my little bundle of joy. I highly recommend it.

10. Graco 4Ever DLX Seat Fairmont

Graco 4Ever DLX Seat Fairmont

You can use 4 in 1 car seat for 10 years if you change from rear facing harness car seat to forward facing harness car seat, high back belt positioning booster, or backless belt positioning booster. The protect Plus helps to protect your little one in crashes. Simply safe adjust harness system adjusts the height of your harness and head rest to 10 positions in one motion to ensure that your child is always secured. Do not bleach. 6 position recline helps keep your child comfortable. The audible click on the In right Latch attachment helps ensure secure installation. Installation of the seat belt is easy with the belt lock off. The rapid remove cover removes in 60 seconds. Mild soap and cool water may be used to clean metal and plastic parts. Mild soap and cool water may be used to clean metal and plastic parts.

Brand: Graco

👤Please read the manual. The first bad review I saw was of a sleeping baby girl with her neck in a bad position because her parents didn't install it correctly. She is small and should be in the rear facing position with the straps below her shoulders, which would mean the headrest would be lower so she wouldn't be in an awkward position. Also, tighten the straps. The installation is hard at the seatbelts. If your baby is 40 lbs or more, make sure to use the seatbelt and avoid LATCH because my son is close to 40 lbs. If you front face, please choose a position that is easy for my son to fall asleep in. When facing forward, make sure the straps are above the shoulders. The nextfit zip is easy to take off and wash, and it is easier to put a baby in the middle seat. The side protection ofChicco makes it a boat, but it doesn't have the bulkyness of Graco Trueshield. I bought 2 and will update my review as time goes on.

👤The baby is not comfortable to sleep in. I was expecting a good all in one car seat for my baby but this is one of the worst purchases I have ever made. I regret buying it because it might hurt my baby's neck. It is too expensive to just get rid of it.

👤The Bryant style was ordered by me. In all of the photos, it is grey, but it is burgundy. It is grey in a customer question. It is not grey.

👤I'm really upset to write this. I like graco. I would caution you against using this car seat. My son is 4 years old and I have a car seat that is facing the other way. Every time he falls asleep, there is limited neck support and he is in pain the next day. Poor guy! The next thing is the safety lock. If the car seat is rear facing, the latch system can be used. The graco car seat can be front facing. I can use the system. Not using the latch system makes me very nervous. I would caution you on those two things. Both safety and comfort. Hope this helps!

👤She was outgrowing her infant seat when she moved out of her old car seat. It was easy to make the adjustments so she could wear it like a glove. The modifications they made to the DLX version are nice, but not necessary. The center strap/button is in a better place to ensure a snug fit and the cover is easier to remove. If your budget is tight, the non-DLX is equally secure and easy to manipulate, even if you have 2 DLX versions.

👤I bought this two weeks ago. It took me a long time to pick a car seat for my son. I read reviews on different car seats. My husband thought it was crazy to spend that much on a car seat. I really like this car seat, so I'm glad I argued. If it gets dirty, it's easy to remove the padding. Just a few clips and boom it off. You can adjust the harness straps by pushing a button and pulling up. Instead of having to take everything apart and put it back together again. I like the extra padding and the seat positions. It's easy to install but it's difficult to uninstall. Some people were complaining about weird noises, but I haven't heard them. I have noticed a few draw backs to this type of car seat since purchasing it. My son is 5 months old and needs a carrier while we're out. I can't put him in a shopping cart, so I'm looking for a small sling or carrier that I can keep in the car for when we're out. The second con I have noticed with this type of seat is that you can't take these out or they aren't supposed to be, unlike the infant carriers that you can carry with you anywhere. There are restaurants. I don't eat out much. I can't put my baby in a restaurant because the car seat is in the car. I have a carrier so I'm looking for a portable high chair for those situations. I couldn't eat until the family was done. Since he was strapped to my chest, I could eat since he wasn't in a sling.

11. Baby Trend Secure Infant Chambray

Baby Trend Secure Infant Chambray

Side impact head protection can be achieved with the use of energy-absorbing foam. The 5-point safety harness has an easy one-hand harness adjustment. There is aremovable 4-piece grow-with-me insert. A large canopy and carrying handle. One-hand easy-access seat release. Minimum age is 0 months and maximum is 24 months. Minimum age is 0 months and maximum is 24 months.

Brand: Baby Trend

👤This is a great car seat. The MANUAL is the best place to read all of the people who say the straps are too short. Since we brought him home, my son has grown to 21 pounds 27 in and still fits comfortably. The straps have to be taken off the hook in the back.

👤My grandson is very comfortable in this seat. His parents love it and it is light in weight. They like it.

👤I got my seat today and it was very nice. The insert for baby under 8 lbs will be safer than having a small baby with butt up. To fit better in the seat. I'm very happy that this seat will update after the baby arrives.

👤I ordered two of these for my twins and they are beautiful. The car seat is strong. The padding in the car seat made my preemie babies feel safe and comfortable. The adjustment of the chest straps is not as smooth as I have used in the past. There is nothing a little extra manipulation could not fix when the straps get stuck. Would purchase again.

👤I wouldn't feel safe with my baby in this car seat. The left side of the strap is more loose than the right side because they are hooked in at the same spots. It took two people to loosen the straps and put my baby in. I don't know why other reviews don't mention the fact that the base only clips at the front and you can tilt it forward at the edge of the seat. I did not feel comfortable driving in my neighborhood at this speed. Trying to tighten the base is a joke. I had to adjust it after 3 people tugged on the anchor straps. After the anchor straps were loosened, I tried to tighten them every which way and try to keep the back of the seat from lifting completely off the seat, but the straps wouldn't budge the second time I gave them.

👤This car seat is very comfortable for my baby. It fit him well as a newborn. It is very strong. I was going to purchase a much more expensive one but chose this one instead. The quality for the price is amazing and it clips into my stroller.

👤Don't throw that styrofoam insert away, it goes under the cover to boost newborns up, and you can read the Dang manual on it.

👤This car seat is terrible. I've owned about 6 different car seats and never had any issues until I bought this one. The hole is not big enough because the clamps that are supposed to attach to the car latches don't make a click sound. In an accident, it will likely fall. There is no way to tighten it enough. You can't use your hands to attach the clamps to the latch because they are fully exposed metal. The metal makes it hard to move.


What is the best product for car seat rear facing 12 months?

Car seat rear facing 12 months products from Safety 1st. In this article about car seat rear facing 12 months you can see why people choose the product. Britax and Chicco are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat rear facing 12 months.

What are the best brands for car seat rear facing 12 months?

Safety 1st, Britax and Chicco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat rear facing 12 months. Find the detail in this article. Lamaze, Graco and Cybex are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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