Best Car Seat Protector for Leather Seats Gray

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1. INFANZIA Protector Padding Protection Upholstery

INFANZIA Protector Padding Protection Upholstery

NapUp makes it possible to have sweet dreams in car seats. They promise that their sleeping aid strap and headrest stops neck strain in its tracks. They back that promise with a 1-year warranty. The car seat protectors can protect leather and cloth fabric car seats from spills, dents, and scratches. The pockets in the bottom are ideal for quick and organized access to toys, snacks, drinks, bottles, and wipes. The child carseat protectors are waterproof and easy to clean. It can be washed or wiped off with a cloth. Overall Seat ProtectionNon-slip mesh backing with tab for extra grip and tight foam cushion increase compression and create maximum resistance to prevent wear and tear. The seat mats help protect against spills. This seat cover is compatible with all infant carriers, convertible car seats and booster seats. It is a perfect seat cover for your pets. Installation of the seat mat is done in minutes. Their No-Hassle Refund Policy and Lifetime Support are backed by their 100% Lifetime Guarantee. Their No-Hassle Refund Policy and Lifetime Support are backed by their 100% Lifetime Guarantee.

Brand: Infanzia

👤I noticed a mark on the seat after taking my daughter out of the car. I tried to wipe it off, but no luck. I bought a new car last month.

👤This product would be perfect for protecting my leather seats from my baby car seat. It looks thick and durable, but once you get it, you will realize it is a thin material with no thickness at all, and I feel like this is not worth it. The whole concept was poorly made. I should have folded one of my towels and put it under my baby's car seat. When my son eats chips in the car and it falls through the seat and lands on this, I can just pick it up and dust it off, it is the only good thing about this. The organizers is nice. I have no use for that. This is very thin. If they remake this and add cushion it would be great, but just prepared to have to buy something else. There were no instructions on how to install it. I assume you put it on your seat.

👤Seams are coming undone and not helping with the indents from carseats. I've only been using them for a few days. I returned the ones I ordered from another brand because they didn't fit my truck the way I wanted them to, and got the ones I ordered. Very happy with the way they fit. I don't know how well they hold up, but I'm very happy with them so far.

👤It seems decent. I bought this to use on the third row of our car. It is too short for the pockets to hang down and usable, they come up under the booster, which is fine with me since we weren't planning on using them anyway. If you want to use the pockets, you may want to measure to make sure it will fit in your car. I was worried that the backing would come off on the seats if it was exposed to high heat. I don't think it will do any harm because we are in the third row with dark tint, and it will get hot enough to do no harm. I don't like the backing material, but it's worth $10 to put a layer under a light booster, and I don't think it would protect much from a big carseat.

👤Y'all! I love these things and I mean it. My husband and I traded our truck with leather seats for a SUV with cloth seats. I could take the car seats out once a week and do a good clean and condition, but it's not easy for cloth seats. I bought them. I love them so much that I give them to my husbands vehicle and my mothers. They aren't bulky and don't slide around either. I would recommend you if you have good grades.

👤I don't know how to rate this. I live in a place where the temperature can reach 115+ degrees in the summer, so I'm really nervous about putting the rubber part on my seats. I put a pillow case under it. I couldn't fit the seat belt in the middle seat because it was wide. I don't know what I would use the pockets for, but I would say it's more for a rear facing car seat since my kids legs hang over the edge.

2. Motor Trend MTSC304 Two Tone Leather

Motor Trend MTSC304 Two Tone Leather

Installation of a car seat cover is easy. It can be removed in a few minutes. It doesn't require any special skills or experience. These are the perfect seat covers for your new car, or even a car that is just new-to-you. They offer full seat protection against spills and stains in your vehicle. Premium materials are specially selected for comfort and protection. microfiber leather has a soft touch with natural spill- resistant properties. The best investment for a new vehicle is easy to install. The installation process for the front seats is simple. Their seat covers are designed to fit most vehicles. Product images for fitment examples are available here. Motor Trend has high-quality products that protect and enhance your car or truck. They have everything from car covers to air fresheners. Motor Trend has high-quality products that protect and enhance your car or truck. They have everything from car covers to air fresheners.

Brand: Motor Trend

👤It took me about 30 minutes to install this product. It ripped the mesh part. It barely covers the seat and slides off because of that. You sit in the seat and the back and seat slides off into a mess of fabric under your legs and behind your back. The seat and back are shown separately in the video. I received something completely different. A piece of furniture that cannot fit in my car. Not happy with the purchase at all.

👤I ordered the seat covers because the description said they would fit my car. The seat cover on the driver's side has torn as shown in the pictures above, I received the car seat covers on June 12th. I don't think you should buy these car seats.

👤They are stylish and soft. I can't keep them in place, so I'm constantly changing them. I have experience with all seat covers and it's not a big deal for me. Definitely a good purchase. I haven't had elastic for a full year, and it's starting to ripe. I got them back in June. They're not good for hot weather. When I get out of my car, I find myself sweaty. The sweat stains on the seat covers are not appealing to me or the passenger.

👤I can't return it because you ripped it trying to put it on. Very disappointed.

👤It's not a perfect fit, but what do you expect from a budget product? It's not perfect on the seats of my 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix, but it's close to perfect. The cover should stretch to cover the seat over time. It's comfortable, it looks cool, and I feel like I got exactly what I paid for.

👤The seat covers fit my car well, but they are a little loose on the back of the car, thats expected with a universal seat cover. They are a bit pricey, but they are very comfortable. It's great for old cars with dirty seats. I will update my review if my seat covers rip. The seat covers are still holding up great. It's still comfortable to sit in. It works well on ford taurus 2005 seats and doesn't slip when I sit on it.

👤How disappointing. It was ordered for my son. The design was completely different than what I ordered. My husband tried to fit them on his truck. The fit wasn't great, but at least they went on. It was ripped within the first week. I love paying $30 to be annoyed.

👤I would love to return these. It is too late to return them since I had to move to take care of a COVID family member. They are very hot and will make you sweat no matter how cold you are and the fit is terrible on the sides of the seat. I wish I wouldn't have bought it. The quality is good, but the look is disappointing since it said it would fit my vehicle. Its sad that it love motor trend products. I buy their products for all of my vehicles.

3. Leather Protectors Bottoms Compatible Vehicles

Leather Protectors Bottoms Compatible Vehicles

It's a universal fit and hint. The seat covers fit any car. Seat belt locks shouldn't be covered up and cars with different seat belt locks should be checked out before buying to make sure they are compatible with this seat cover. Sanqing car front seat cover is made with excellent PU Leather, Multi- layer sponge filling, and perfect stitching. It is very soft and comfortable, easy to clean, and scratch resistant. The non-slip backing ensures that the seat cover stays in place and matches the original leather seats perfectly. The seat has a full edge to prevent dirt and wear. There is a crease due to the car seat cover being packaged compactly. It is easy to make the crease flat again after a period of time with their seat cover. Front Pocket design can put mobile phones, credit cards, keys, etc. Your car interior will be more upscale and suitable for all seasons with the geometric embroidered design. It's size is 20.8'' x 20.8' (53* 53 cm) and is suitable for all shapes and sizes. Simply place your chair around the hooks and clip holders and you are done. Measure your seat and compare it to their dimensions to make sure you get a great fit. If you have a problem with their car seat covers, please contact them and they will try to solve it within 12 hours. Simply place your chair around the hooks and clip holders and you are done. Measure your seat and compare it to their dimensions to make sure you get a great fit. If you have a problem with their car seat covers, please contact them and they will try to solve it within 12 hours.

Brand: Sanqing

👤They look good. It took more time than expected because the hooks and plastic holders were not installed, but they do look good.

👤I bought these to protect the seats. The color is not as yellow as I would have liked. The back of the seat is not as soft as I would like. I still think they were worth the price and will do the job of protecting the seat bases.

👤I put them in the back of my car. They were easy to install. They are comfortable to sit on. I have only had them on for a week, so I can't speak for their longevity yet. We will see. I recommend... so far.

👤This item is beautiful. Be careful when taking the package out. It's cheap and fragile. This thing won't last a week. It is worse than fake pleather. My came dirty. Highly disappointed. Will have to buy another one from a different company.

👤I have bought other covers and assembled them. This is cheap and the covers didn't do anything. I believe this requires straps to keep the sides from pulling up. The fit-up was not what was expected. The cover is not comfortable because of this.

👤Sturdy construction, easy to install, and fit the seat bottoms perfectly.

👤We needed to protect our cloth seats in the van. They are comfortable. I am not sure how heated our seats will be. They work well. We love these seat covers and would buy them again.

👤They fit the car seats perfectly.

👤One of the slices was quite deep, so I had to return the item. The issue will be fixed and I will update the review. I have since ordered some more and was refunded for the damaged covers. I am very happy with them, they fit nicely and look good.

👤The fabric is soft and nice looking. The elastic loops were not impressed. One of the four was ripped out. I know how to install seat covers.

👤I put them in my car because my seats were a bit worn. The colour is the same. It's easy to install. Good value for money. I am happy with my choice.

👤Quizs las correas deberan ser goma.

👤Excellent! It is comfortable and we feel like we are in a car.

4. Caterpillar MeshFlex Automotive Covers Trucks

Caterpillar MeshFlex Automotive Covers Trucks

It is easy to install, just 25 minutes. Installation instructions are included in the package. It will not slide after installation. Durability protection is offered by the car seat covers from the work site to the home base. The modern styling helps to refresh the look of your interior by covering up old, worn-out seats. During your daily commute, specially-selected materials help to provide maximum comfort. The honeycomb mesh back and seat of their covers give you enhanced air flow so that you stay comfortable during your drive. Cat automotive seat covers are designed to fit most vehicles. Their form-fitting design uses anchor bars that are built into the covers themselves to provide a snug fit in nearly in vehicle. A unique side stitching technique is used on each seat cover. This stitching is designed to release when the side airbag deploys to allow for interference-free operation of built-in safety features. The universal fit design and easy to follow installation image make it easy to install the front seat covers. You can see their images for fitment examples. There may be more work required to create a perfect fit. The universal fit design and easy to follow installation image make it easy to install the front seat covers. You can see their images for fitment examples. There may be more work required to create a perfect fit.

Brand: Caterpillar

👤I only got a matt seat cover, not a set, and it's more like a mat with straps, not a wheel cover. This is not an advertisement.

👤The seat covers I bought were based on the reviews and pictures of the product. The pictures were different than what I received. The seat covers were supposed to be two but I only received one. If pep boys were still around, I could probably find a pair for less than $10 there. I'm very upset with the seller and I'm frustrated that Amazon allows such a seller on their site. My seat cover is being returned.

👤It arrived sooner than expected. I used them as a slip cover on my son's stroller because the headrest doesn't fit and they look nice on my F-150. I had to cover the buttons with straps because I didn't want to cover the center of the seat.

👤I was hesitant at first to apply these to my car. It's very hard to find a seat cover that fits my car because you have to moddify and cut it. I took them out of the package and applied them to the front seats of the car in less than 30 minutes. They feel good. They don't get too hot in the weather. Very comfortable. If they are similar seat dimensions as a 2017). I recommend this to any corolla user. I would recommend this as a personal opinion. It was nice for long distance travel. It makes your seat comfortable. The bottom straps for the seat should be adjusted. It will be a tad tight. But will not be a concern. The seat cover stays on nicely. The Headrests and the back covering were the only draws back. The back covering is very thin. Pull it lightly, otherwise it may rip. It will go on nicely if you are easy about it. There is a The headrests for a corolla are small. It's not a bad thing. If you don't plan on raising your head rest and keeping them at seat level, then it's barely shows unless you pull on it. I don't know if they are waterproof. I never tried it out. I am very happy with this purchase, I hope My Review helps. I will update if I learn new things. Hopefully won't have that P.S. The last 7 seconds of the video show the interior of my car.

👤The picture I received is not what I saw. I received a cover from the head rest down, but it didn't wrap around the seat. A mat. It's like putting a towel on the seat. The material is good, but not nit. My back was sweaty more than usual. If you need to throw something over the seat because your clothes are dirty, it will work.

👤Great product. Customer service is great. The price is great. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤The price is 35 dollars for two seat covers and two headrest covers. I own a 2008 Toyota RAV4 and they fit well. If you have seats that are bigger, don't buy them. It isn't ideal to cover the back of the seats where the elastic pouches are and the sides where the seat adjustments are. I wanted them so I wouldn't stain the seats more than I already have. I thought they would be thinner and stretchy but they look good and fit well for the price. Hopefully, they will last for a year or so. If I still have this car, I might look for better ones.

5. Protector Shynerk Carseat Automotive Upholstery

Protector Shynerk Carseat Automotive Upholstery

Best value, best quality for the best price, don't overpay,ANDY STORAGE has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. The perfect storage area to tuck toys, diapers, and wet wipes out of site is provided by the built in mesh storage pockets that hang beneath feet. The auto car seat protectors for infants, baby and child are backed by a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. It plays defense against the messiest kids and you will love it. It's easy to clean spills and messes in a car with children and pets because it's waterproof. The car seat mat is easy to clean, it is made of 600D waterproof Oxford fabric. The fabric is tough enough to protect against scratches and compression marks. The child car seat cover has a slide-proof construction to keep the seat from sliding once installed. The cover of your child's car seat can slip on the seat surface if it is not secured. It is easy to install and compatible with all car seats. All cars, trucks, vans and SUVs have the same car seat pad that is used under a child's safety seat. It is easy to install and attach to the headrest. The extra tall back panel is designed to fit larger car seats. The vehicle seat cover comes with a strap that can be adjusted to secure the back panel to the car's headrest. Remove and install your child's car seat. The cover of your child's car seat can slip on the seat surface if it is not secured. If you have any questions or suggestions about car seat protectors, please let them know. If you have any questions or suggestions about car seat protectors, please let them know.

Brand: Shynerk Care

👤A very similar looking name brand product that costs twice as much is an excellent product. We own both and I am very pleased with them. They offer great protection for the seats; it is not just a piece of foam, but a thick, durable material that will hold up for as long as I use car seats. They do not slide under the car seats. I have tried several car seat protectors but none have allowed for the car seat to move even though I tightly strap it down. This one doesn't. We own three now.

👤Installation of the car seat protectors was very quick. It fits the back seat of my SUV perfectly and the design is compatible with the location of the baby car seat base. I like that it's black and blends well with my car's interior, because it won't show long term use for a long time. It is light. The anti-slip design is very good, it keeps my baby car seat base in place and secure against the leather seats. If you need to have a baby car seat permanently installed in your car for a few years, this is the product for you.

👤We love this seat cover. It was a pain to hold in place while installing the car seat because it didn't have a clip on the top like this one. I got this one for my daughter and loved it so I decided to throw my sons away and order another one. These are the best car seat covers. No dents in your seats. The feature is water resistant. Especially when training a toddler.

👤I needed to protect my toddler from my carseat. I didn't know that the carseat would leave almost irreversible damage to my seats and that she had an accident when she was in it. I was looking for a barrier. I was surprised at how long this seat protector was. It is thick and water resistant so the carseat can't leave any more lines and dents. If she has an accident now, I can clean that up, instead of having to have my car seats looked at again. The product is great and the price is great.

👤It's a perfect fit in my new car, it keeps my leather seats clean from dirty kid shoes, and it prevents the indents from the car seat. Doesn't get in the way of the clips. It takes some bending to get it flat. I will be getting 3 more to cover the seats in both cars.

👤I love this seal protecter. It's easy to install. I bought two car seats. The grip on my leather does not stick to it, and the covers are thick, so I don't have to worry about my leather being damaged by the bottom of the car seats.

👤I used to have one of these, but we sold our car and had to buy a new one. I love how easy it is to clean. I love that there are all the snacks for the kids in that section and I don't have to wash the seats or take the food between seats. I don't have car seat marks on my seats.

6. Tike Smart Premium Seat Protector

Tike Smart Premium Seat Protector

This high-quality car seat protectors from Tike Smart will protect your car upholstery. Protects against liquid spills and car seat impressions. High back for use with car seats with a strap to prevent sagging. LATCH compatible. The waterproof fabric has a soft mesh backing to prevent slipping and shifting. Heavy duty materials and workmanship are of the highest quality. It is a gray color that matches your car's interior leather or upholstery. Medium size. It was 19” wide. The bottom section is 17 feet deep. The upper section is high. Most cars, minivans, and small or mid-size trucks and SUVs are compatible. You can have kids and a nice car with one of their car seat protectors. It's easy to install, with a Lifetime Money-back Guarantee. You can have kids and a nice car with one of their car seat protectors. It's easy to install, with a Lifetime Money-back Guarantee.

Brand: Tike Smart

👤The backs of the seats were not protected from the forward facing car seat pressure points. It didn't make it to the edge of the seat on the bottom. If you drive a bigger vehicle, it would be worth looking into a bigger seat protectors.

👤The leather seat was good quality, but the top part was not big enough or the strap long enough to reach head rest. It is very short. My car is a sedan, not a big 4 wheel drive vehicle. I just left it there, but it seems to cover the rest of the car seat. The seat part was enough and I can wear my seat belt without any problems.

👤I bought some covers for my Nissan. They are small. The material looks like plastic, not microfiber, on the picture. They look durable on the plus side.

👤I liked the color and product. I don't have to worry about the seat being damaged. I think it will run small coverage with the next size up car seat. Some people mentioned that the color was off. I think it matches my interior of my Mercedes.

👤It looks like it is well made and durable. Time will tell, but haven't used long. This is not made for most vehicles. The length of the strap is too short and prevents the seat protectors from reaching the seat bottom. I had to modify the strap of a standard size sedan to make it reach. If you have a small car it would work out.

👤It was made of heavy material. I wish the color was lighter. Yellow tones don't match my interior. It will protect seats if necessary.

👤I wish the mat was bigger. My car letter car seat is damaged by the baby car seat. It's sturdy but needs more options or improvements. The new born car seat is smaller than the all steps car seat. I own a Siena. I like the color grey.

👤It's easy to install. 3 were bought for the middle row. The protectors didn't work with the double seat. The others only worked with one seat.

7. Protector Protectors Organizer Pockets Waterproof

Protector Protectors Organizer Pockets Waterproof

The baby car seat protectors for kids make your car upholstery organized. The car seat cover with one-piece design is compatible with all types of cars seats, trucks sedan and SUVs, and it has a large coverage that could protect the entire seat back. The anti-slip car seat protectors are perfect for children. The 2 mesh organized pockets are convenient for kids snacks, toys, drinks and keeps them within reach. The baby car seat protectors are also for pets like dogs and cats. The car seat kick protectors could meet the needs of parents. It is easy to clean and fold Stains with a damp cloth. The baby car seat protectors can protect the car seats from spills, dents, and scratches. The water-resistant carseat protectors are made of 600D fabric, which is eco-friendly, and are made with all-around protection for your car. The car seat cover has a slide-proof construction that makes it easy to install, and it's also easy to use. Don't worry about your child's car seat slipping from the cover because the car seat protector won't move once installed. Their top priority is your satisfaction. The rear car seat protectors have been backed up by them. If there is a problem, they will give you a prompt help within 24 hours. Their top priority is your satisfaction. The rear car seat protectors have been backed up by them. If there is a problem, they will give you a prompt help within 24 hours.

Brand: Orient Famulay

👤I was looking for a cheap way to protect my seats from the impact of the car seats, and to collect the crumbs from the inevitable snacking in the car. These were not what I expected. Excellent and very sturdy! I am 40 weeks pregnant with my 4th child and installed these. It's definitely an easy process. There are two other car seats in the back of my car. I was too pregnant to maneuver around the seats to take a good picture of them, but I got out of the van to install them. These seat covers are a must for all mothers.

👤I was worried that my car seat base would slip if I put this between it and the seat, but it is completely snug and not going anywhere. I like that they're completely black, so they blend in with the interior of our cars, and they're thick enough to save my leather seats. They have a pocket in the front. It's nice to have a burp cloth and a pacifier case. I was happy to see that this pack of two was the same price as a single one of some other brands, but I don't think they are of poor quality. My husband and I both have one in our cars. If another baby comes along, I would recommend or purchase again.

👤It was just perfect. I took a picture with the seat cover on a chair to get a better look at the product. The price for two is great. The material is strong and wipeable.

👤The seats in our new van are protected from car seats. They are large, which is good, but you might want to measure the height of your seats first to make sure they don't go too high up. They fit well in the Honda Odyssey. They are a little wider than some others, which could be a good thing for pets. We only had them for a couple weeks but so far they are working great.

👤Absolutely loved the protection on my car.

👤I got a new car with beige color seats that I wanted to protect from stains, after I used them in the front seat my cup of tea tipped over, I removed the cover to clean up the stains, and I was pretty sure there would be stains on the seat.

👤The covers work well. They are comfortable and cover the seat. After about a month or two, they are no longer used. They move when I sit on them. Not much of a problem. I wanted something that wouldn't move. I'm going to look for something similar with more security.

👤The product is very nice. We had it for 2 weeks and it was easy to set up. We think we'll find a way to manage this because our Chevy van captain and passenger seats are too long. The seat cover fits over the Captain seat very nicely. The deep front compartment pockets of the covers are an excellent addition. We chose them over the cloth wrap.

8. GIANT PANDA Covers Passenger Minivans

GIANT PANDA Covers Passenger Minivans

The universal fit design and easy to follow installation image make it easy to install the front seat covers. You can see their images for fitment examples. There may be more work required to create a perfect fit. The PU leather material is easy to clean. The sponge filling is soft and comfortable. The seat covers stay put because of the non-slip backing. The front seats of your car will be protected from scratches, dirt, and spills with a full coverage design. The front seat covers have diamond embroidered on them. You can complete it in 10 minutes. There is no need to flip the seat. Installation instructions are included. Not all sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and minivans fit. Not all sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and minivans fit.

Brand: Giant Panda

👤They look great. It's great to be fit. I own a Dodge car. My car looks brand new. My seats are comfortable. This was the change that I wanted.

👤I would have sent it back if I had not had to wait so long. I am going to throw it in the trash after 30 days. This would fit my Escape. It was a bad fit and no one wants to wear it. Too many pieces to start with. The plastic pieces snapped. I tried to keep it in place with bungee cords. It is a mess. I was also hopeful. I have pieces that don't fit that have nothing to keep them in place. The prices at the center were terrible. I have a second job as a rideshare driver. It looks like a child tried to look good. What a failure. I am out 80. Rip your money up instead of getting this. It will be useful if you can tape it back together. More than I can say.

👤I love my car. The interior is black leather and beautiful, but I live in Texas and the heat is not a joke. It feels like you could get burned if you are wearing shorts or a skirt, even if you have a window cover. I've bought other material covers for my cars in the past and they never held up or deteriorated over time. I don't think that will be a problem for these. The set up was easy and I did it myself. It's pretty self explanatory and you should read it once to make it easy on yourself. They fit well and went on without a hitch. You wouldn't be able to tell these are not my original seats if you are getting in through the passenger or driver side. The head rest is the only thing that is given away. They have pockets in the back of the seats that I like because I was worried I'd lose them. The material is easy to clean. I went to South Padre and the sand vaccumed out with no problems, but I also have a cat and any cat hair that made its way onto the seat did not stick and also vaccumed easily. My boyfriend is a messy chip eater. I have not had any issues with the car seat covers. I have had these for 3 months and no shifting has happened. The majority of the parts are material. My legs and thighs have not been burned since I got these. I think that is my greatest victory since I wanted to buy these. The front passenger and driver only get these. I don't need the back seats because I don't have more than one passenger. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from the same vendor for the back because of how amazing the front ones are. If you are thinking about these, they are worth the money. I've bought so many cars over the years that I've had to throw them away or take them off because they would fall apart in a few months, or I would have to cut holes to make them work. I'd have to remove them to clean because cat hair, dirt and dust would get through to the original seats and wouldn't vaccum off the covers easily. I don't have a problem with these, they were made for my car and came with it. The controls are covered, seat buckles are exposed, and they are fitted so well. I have not had to adjust. They look beautiful. I'll keep you updated as we go through the winter to see if they do as well.

9. Smart Elf Protector Thickest Non Slip

Smart Elf Protector Thickest Non Slip

This back seat baby mirror has been awarded. The infant car seat mirror is designed to keep you and your baby safe. Thousands of families put their faith in their rear-facing car seat mirror to make their journeys easier. Smart eLf is a car seat protection that protects leather and cloth fabric car seats from spills, dents, and scratches. The pockets in the bottom are perfect for storing your child's toys. Premium 600D Oxford fabric is used for this car seat cover and it is easy to clean. It is not necessary to spend a lot of time cleaning. You can use a damp cloth to wipe off spills. Machine wash are not recommended. Multifunctional Protector The baby car seat protectors fit for the large size carseat. Even for pets, dogs, and cats, as a pet seat cover. It is convenient for family travel and it fits in the back seat,rear seat or front seat of the car. It's the parent's favorite. The car seat mat has safety straps that will tie the cover securely to the head. Attach them securely to achieve a perfect fit. Seat protectors can slip under your legs and make you feel uncomfortable. The anti slip dots on this car seat cover give it extra grip. It's perfect for people traveling with kids, their family, or solo. The protectors fit most vehicles with a seat measuring 18 x 19 inch, the back 18 x 23 inch and the mesh 14 x. It was large enough to cover the bottom portion of the seat. Meet most of the automotive installation needs. The protectors fit most vehicles with a seat measuring 18 x 19 inch, the back 18 x 23 inch and the mesh 14 x. It was large enough to cover the bottom portion of the seat. Meet most of the automotive installation needs.

Brand: Smart Elf

👤They will leave an imprint on vegan leather or the electric car seats. I can't speak for other car manufacturers but I can't speak for a company called aTesla.

👤We just bought a new car with leather seats, and I knew we needed a solution so that the booster seat wouldn't leave any marks in the leather. These had the best reviews and I can see why. They're easy to install, seats don't slide around, and they're very well made. We bought these and they are highly recommendable.

👤They will harass you if you put a negative review about this product. Over the last 8 months, I have contacted Amazon several times because they won't stop using my personal email. Amazon keeps telling me they will escalate it. My boyfriends seats were not protected by these. The cover on the car seat was not the only thing that was missing. I think it would work if you used both of them. The padding says it is not thick. I will return these.

👤The only protection you will get is from liquid spills through the car seat. It's flimsy and doesn't do anything to prevent damage to your seats.

👤I went from a newborn car seat to a bigger convertible all in one seat. I decided on these. It was very easy to swing over the back seat's headrest. They had a slight scent, but nothing could be done in a few hours. I have a sedan and you can't really see the pocket, but I would definitely buy it again.

👤So far, so good. I will update my review if necessary, as my little boys will put the sturdiness of these to the test. It's easy to install. My minivan seats are good. I didn't realize I needed the kickplate, but it will help keep shoes off the seat. The plastic wrap had a strong odor when it first opened. I left them to air out in the garage and didn't smell anything for an hour.

👤The bottom of the car has a non skid to help keep it in place. It's very easy to put in the car and keep the seat in place. The bottom mesh pockets make carrying snacks an essential requirement.

👤I have had these protectors for less than 3 months and they are already falling apart. The piping around the base is coming off and the organization pouch is also coming off. We only take our kids out in the car once a week as we are mostly home due to Covid. If I had my toddler in and out of the car daily, it would be worse.

👤The protectors are thick enough to protect against leaks. My son had an accident and I only had to wipe it down with baby wipes. It is a thick material. It is water resistant. The protector protects from muddy toddlers shoes. The seat makes a lot of dirt because my son puts his feet on it. I can just wipe the dirt down and it will look clean again. It's very easy to install. It must have been in your car. Highly recommended!

10. Smart Elf Protector Protective Protectors

Smart Elf Protector Protective Protectors

Smart eLf car seat protectors fit all sizes of baby infant car seats and booster seats. It is possible to protect your car's upholstery from stains, smells, scratches and dents, which will increase your car's resale value and extend the life of your vehicle. Smart eLf ultra-durable car seat cover set are high temperature resistance, they will not melt even in hot weather, so you don't worry about it stained your leather or fabric seat! Will not leave any marks on the seats. This car seat protector is great for long trips with young travelers, sweat after sports and work out, kid mess and drops, spilled drinks, food, rain, and it protects cloth leather seat from spills. There is no more mess in the car floors. The car kick mat has multiple pockets and an iPad holder, so it also functions as a backseat car organizers. In this way, your kid's toys and water bottles will always be easy to reach and long car rides will be calmer. The kick mat car seat protectors are 18 x 26 inches and can be adjusted to your needs. Jeeps, trucks, vans, SUVs and your car are all ideal for their kick mat organizers. Being waterproof it can be used in a heavy duty way. Imagine not having to clean your car seats again. The heavy duty elastic straps are the best part. You will not know they are there. The kick mat car seat protectors are 18 x 26 inches and can be adjusted to your needs. Jeeps, trucks, vans, SUVs and your car are all ideal for their kick mat organizers. Being waterproof it can be used in a heavy duty way. Imagine not having to clean your car seats again. The heavy duty elastic straps are the best part. You will not know they are there.

Brand: Smart Elf

👤The cover under the car seat is waterproof and perfect for the Sportage. The fabric of the seat cover is a bit slick, so be sure to put your car seat nice and tight. The cover that holds the tablets and toys isn't as good as the first half. It says that it fits my vehicle, but it doesn't. The second and third straps keep slipping off the seat even if I put them tight. My vehicle is the same as before. I feel like the straps are too small to fit the seats in my car and it wouldn't be a problem. It might fit other car seats better. The concept is wonderful. My sons are holding a couple of books. There are pockets on the sides that you can put drinks in. It is definitely a space saver. There is a small slit in the side where you can put the charging cord into the tablets. I would recommend this duo to any parent who wants to save space and keep their cars clean. It is great for long rides, you don't have to worry about your child holding the device for too long, it is in the pouch.

👤So far, they seem great after they were installed. I don't like where the third buckle is for the back seat protectors, it would be in the middle of the person sitting in that seats back, which wouldn't be comfortable. The top and bottom buckle seem to work well. The pocket has a buckle on it that doesn't allow you to tighten it.

👤Adding a second grandchild means adding a second carseat. Three years ago, I purchased a seat protectors for my carseat. My fist one was nicer for the same amount of money. It's easy to install and cover the seat. The back of the front seat has an over cover. When the older grandchild puts his feet up, this one stays in place. My old one had a hard time securing the bottom because the cover kept his feet off my upholstery. This product is very good. The value is great.

👤The pictures of the "2 pack" are misleading as there is only one item in each pack.

👤The seller is responsive. The seller made it right. It is a good price effective means for basic protection.

👤The seats in your vehicle are the most important factor in the installation process. The length of the straps are not included in the dimensions listed. They weren't long enough to fit around the front seatbacks of our car. SUV seats might be more robust. The soft material of the seat protectors is not strong enough to protect the seat from the seat base. We put the new cover over the older one. The storage areas are not accessible when the child is properly belted in. If you ask me, it's kind of weird. It was a poor purchase and too much hassle to return.

👤I love this duo. I thought I would have to buy both backseat and seat protectors separately. I only found them in a 2 pack. I found this! I wanted one of each and it was exactly what I wanted for my 3 year old. I just bought a brand new car with leather seats and now I don't have to worry about her kicking the seats or getting her crumbs in between the cracks. The pockets are great to keep things organized. If you have kids, this product is worth the purchase.

11. Coverado Seat Breathable Protectors Compatible

Coverado Seat Breathable Protectors Compatible

The package includes 11 pieces, including a front seat cushion, front head gear, backrests, and a rear base. The seat covers are stylish and modern and add a touch of fashion to your interior. They can stay cool in the heat and warm in the cold with the fabric in the center part. You will feel like a royalty once upgraded. The pack comes with 2 front seat covers and 2 rear seat covers, which are compatible with most cars, SUVs, Truck and Pick-up. You can easily change the look of your seats. There is super Ior protection. The seat covers can protect the original upholstery from spills, stains, pet hairs and harmful UV rays. They are resistant to fading, gentle to touch, and made for a long time. There is a main functionality. The seat's full function and control, such as seatbelts, armrests, and seat adjustiments, are kept intact by seat covers. The headrest covers allow easy adjustment for comfort and safety. DEFINE YOURSELF. These covers can be used to give your vehicle a high- performance look. Feel free to contact them for support if you need it. DEFINE YOURSELF. These covers can be used to give your vehicle a high- performance look. Feel free to contact them for support if you need it.

Brand: Coverado

👤There are no instructions. It's a nightmare installing. We haven't gotten to the back seat yet. I think we'll love them when we recover. There's good news too! We did not kill each other.

👤It was hard to find a set of seat covers that cost less than 200 dollars. I have a car with ivory cloth seats that is in perfect condition and I am lucky to leave a pen and ruin it. I have gone through two sets of cheap covers in a big box store and they didn't fit right and I couldn't put down the seats. It's important to protect the resale value. I love how classy they look. This is a good investment. People are disrespectful of other people's belongings and it's sad, so beautiful it will up your ratings for sure. If you're on the fence about pricing, this will help. To get the right fit, you need to input the exact car model.

👤I thought the covers wouldn't fit when I tried to install them. I gave them another chance and I am thankful for it. They fit in a glove. The price is justified because of the amazing quality of this item. The installation took around 2 hours. Go ahead and buy them. You will not regret.

👤I am wondering if they sent the wrong instructions. The old seats are working ok because the bad visuals were trying to say something, but I didn't know what they were talking about. I think they are a nice improvement over my worn out seats. It is much more comfortable. Where are the install videos that you mention? The instructions are bad and make me think there is a man in China laughing at us.

👤The directions were helpful. I was trying to figure out where they went before I realized they were extras. I expected it to be more difficult to put on than it was. The head cover didn't fit my Chevy Colorado perfectly, but my wife added an extension to the velcro connection and it works great. One of the better decisions was this purchase. Thanks.

👤These car seat covers look better than my old ones and will protect my leather seats. My problem is here. They don't have enough hardware in the package to complete the install. I can't complete the installation yet because there was only one package and it only had enough for the front seats. It is a challenge to get the straps around the seats. If you put pictured or written instructions in the pack, it will help. I would give a higher rating if I could complete the install.

👤The back cover seat does not fit well on the top part, and the middle join on the bottom part is loose. It's perfect, and I love it the color and everything is super comfy, I used in the year 2022.

👤I added these to my access cab and they fit. I was skeptical of the quality and fit, but I was pleasantly surprised. There are some spots that aren't flush, but it's not bad and you can't really tell. The bottom loops hung down because it didn't come with instructions. There wasn't a place to put it, but using small bungees worked. I am happy with it because it is on and not moving.


What is the best product for car seat protector for leather seats gray?

Car seat protector for leather seats gray products from Infanzia. In this article about car seat protector for leather seats gray you can see why people choose the product. Motor Trend and Sanqing are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat protector for leather seats gray.

What are the best brands for car seat protector for leather seats gray?

Infanzia, Motor Trend and Sanqing are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat protector for leather seats gray. Find the detail in this article. Caterpillar, Shynerk Care and Tike Smart are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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