Best Car Seat Protector for Back Seat Suv

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1. Petech Waterproof Scratchproof Hammock Protection

Petech Waterproof Scratchproof Hammock Protection

We know the importance of the waterproof for dog back seat cover. The dog car seat was made of upgraded grid pattern with a water- resistant coating and hot pressing technology instead of quilting, it also used a needle hole to avoid leaking water. The cheap dog back seat cover ruins your seats. The Petech dog seat cover with mesh window is a great way to improve air circulation in the summer and winter. Make sure your dog is warm and cool. The visible window allows your dog to see you, it helps your dog reduce anxiety, and it helps your dog remain calm when traveling. The perfect size of 54"W x 58"L is perfect for different vehicles. Supplies your pets with comfort while keeping your vehicle interior safe from scratches, fur, and urine. It's perfect for protecting from baby car seats. It can protect the back seat from spills. The dog car hammock protects your dog from injury when the emergency brake and turn, and you will be less distracted as a driver. The side flaps make it difficult for dogs to get to the floor of the car. The hair and dirt on the car seat covers for dogs will stay on the surface of the seat, so it won't hurt the leather bench when the dog jumps in. There is a pocket for storing personal items. You can easily install this car seat cover for dogs in seconds with 2 quick release buckles, 4 sets of straps and 2 seat anchors. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth, vacuum or water shower.

Brand: Peticon

👤I have tried many times to get the seller to sell this product, but they have not responded. The seller doesn't back up the product after 30 days since the return window is closed, so do not recommend him. There are many competitors that offer the same product and better customer service. VISION! The seller contacted me and apologized for sending me another seat cover.

👤My dog always slips between the door and seat. She seems to be more comfortable with the sides enclosed. I have been to many of these hammocks and this one is my favorite. I like how thick it is and the right portion is great if you have a human passenger. The mess middle is a great place for her to see me. My boy doesn't care either way. He just sits and looks out the window. I hope this one doesn't rip at the front seam like my other two sellers did. It won't allow me to change my pics. I live how easy it is to remove the fur from it. The fur would be put into the fabric. This one is my favorite.

👤This dog seat cover is very nice. The seat cover would be better for someone with a bigger backseat. The cover on my Nissan is loose but still does everything it is supposed to. I like how it looks and feels.

👤I bought a new car and wanted to keep my seats nice. I needed something better than just a sheet because my mastiff mix can rip through sheets with his toenails. I decided to give this cover a try. It's easy to install, no matter what kind of car you have. It feels very strong. It will be easy to wipe clean. It comes up the sides to cover the doors. It's a small price to pay for having the doors covered, and you can use the cover without zipping up the sides, but it's one of the drawbacks, it's the smallest pain in the rear to let your dog out, but it's a small price to I recommend this to all dog owners.

👤The quilted design on the waterproof fabric looks nice and is distinctive, it's padded without being too thin or too thick, and it seems durable. The side flaps that clip into place using the grab handles above the rear doors on the interior of the car protect the doors from scratches and slobber, and I love them. It has rubber handles between the rear seat panels to keep it in place while I drive my dog around. The mesh panel in the front of it makes it easier for my dogs to see me while I drive. A great product!

👤I own a Nissan Xterra. Very active outdoors. I had to modify the back seat head rest because it wasn't compatible with the product. It's easy to install on the front seats. It's a bit loose and doesn't come up to the top of my seat. About halfway done. The underside of the seat belts has a part that is coming off in about the same amount of time as the underside of the Velcro strips. My dog is 120 lbs. and rides with me every day. It has held up to the wet, sand, and dirt, but doesn't stay in place anymore and dirt and sand get on my seat. He moves around on the front side and it slides a bit. It did its job of protecting my seat, but the underneath does not hold up to a lot of use. There are a lot of black pieces on the back seat. It was amazing at first, then it fell apart. It's still usable, but not as secure. I want the dirt and sand to not get to my seat. I decided to ditch the hammock and go back to seat covers, as you can see in the pic, all of the rubber grip is worn from his daily use, it is now all over my seats and floorboards waiting to be vacuumed.

2. Kick Mats Organizer Accessories Automotive

Kick Mats Organizer Accessories Automotive

It can be difficult to clean up messy car seats as a parent, but this car seat protector is very easy to clean and maintain. Less time spent cleaning up is more time spent on other things. Protects more of your seat. Compared to other brands, the double layer Extra large Size of 24” X 16.5” covers 15% more of your backseat. Peace of Mind is protected against damage from snow, sleet and mud. Perfect carseat saver cover for cars, SUVs, truck or even your minivan seatback. Your cleaning time can be saved. It is easier to clean the Kick Mat than it is to clean the chair seat backs. 2 mesh pockets will help you organize your things. Every time you travel, fill the mesh pockets with whatever you want. Car storage organization. The kick mat car seat protectors are ideal for all types of cars, from jeep, truck, van, SUV. Kick mats are great for extending the life of your backseats and improving your car's interior. Protect your seats. It's ideal for people with kids and pets as well. Maintaining flawless car upholstery is important for many years to come. Kick mats are great for extending the life of your backseats and improving your car's interior. Protect your seats. It's ideal for people with kids and pets as well. Maintaining flawless car upholstery is important for many years to come.

Brand: Xbrn

👤I received these in the mail but I am not sure about theDurability. I think these should work because I have a toddler that likes to put her dirty shoes on the seats. They appear to be cheap and a bit tacky. They serve their purpose.

👤One top strap broke on one of the back seat covers after only a month of use. Stitching for straps and pockets needs to be stronger. If your toddler pulls on them occasionally, they won't hold up. It's a pity. Even though they are tight, they hang a bit loose. I wish they didn't have pockets because they end up with trash, but I suppose that's better than the trash on the car floor. It's a good thing.

👤I have a toddler who loves kicking the passenger seat. I don't care if she kicks the seat or not. There are two pockets to hold things. Highly recommended!

👤These are fine for what they are and probably built better than other similar products. That is not saying much. The whole category of kick mats is sad. I've tried a few and looked at many. This product category is ripe for someone to do this right. Is that LL Bean? The corners do not stay up like they show in the picture, they are a bit flimsy. They are thin and flimsy, and look a bit junky on the back of my seats. The pockets are probably not good for holding a lot of stuff. I have had them for a couple of weeks and I have twin 6 year old kids. I think they will hold up for at least a year, but not great. The stitching is better than most other brands, but the hardware is a bit flimsy. The car looks not quite as nice as I would like.

👤I was so excited for my grandsons to ride in my car and not have to carry their tears in their pockets. The problem was that the pickles were not very durable. Didn't last very long. I need another one with more pockets.

👤This was a good deal. It saved my SUV from the soles of my four year old's tennis shoes. Buy it and use it. I put one in my car and the other in my wife's. It's time to share!

👤I got this because my 8 year old puts his foot behind my seat. I got this for protection because I have a new car. I like the small pockets. He can put his toys in there.

👤I bought them for my new car. My five year old daughter is in the backseat. These were easy to assemble. She has been able to put all of her stuff in the slots.

3. Nonslip Waterproof Scratchproof Backseat Protection

Nonslip Waterproof Scratchproof Backseat Protection

It is easy to install and clean. It's easy to clean by vacuum or by wiping the dirt away. Can't be washed. The dog cargo cover is new. They know the importance of waterproof dog car seat covers. The bench car seat cover was made of upgraded fabric with a water-resistant coating, it also used hot pressing technology instead of quilting, without a needle hole, to avoid leaking water. The cheap dog back seat cover ruins your seats. It is possible to fit different vehicles within 52"W. Supplies your pets with comfort while keeping your vehicle interior safe from scratches, fur, and urine. It can protect the back seat from spills and damage from baby car seats. Allow access to child car seat via 4 Velcro openings. The bench dog seat cover is more durable and soft. You can share the back seat with your pet with this bench car seat cover. Car seat protection. The bench dog car seat cover protects the seat from being scratched. The hair and dirt on the car seat covers for dogs will stay on the surface of the seat, so it won't hurt the leather bench when the dog jumps in. You can install this car seat cover in seconds with 2 quick release buckles, 2 sets of straps and 2 seat anchors. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth, vacuum or water shower. You can install this car seat cover in seconds with 2 quick release buckles, 2 sets of straps and 2 seat anchors. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth, vacuum or water shower.

Brand: Peticon

👤Couldn't wait to put it in after getting it about 20 minutes ago. I have a 5 year old boy and two dogs and I am excited to see how this goes. The material seems to be water resistant. I will find out soon.

👤I like that it's easy to install. I can't put my arm rest down because the front seat covers don't make for Arm Rest. I like putting my arm on it, so I would be happy if they could make a vehicle with arm rest. I show it to my coworker and I recommend it to anyone who has a small child or pet. I wanted to order the grey one for my old Chrysler 300 2006 but no money is available right now. The hour was cut from work.

👤If you have leather seats, the hard plastic handles in the fold will damage the seats over time. It does not fit in the back seat of a Mazda. It is good quality. Good material. It didn't work for me.

👤The back seat is covered because of children. There are a few things that could be better. I wish there was something on the sides and bottom that held the item down tight, the Velcro is very sticky, and it's hard to keep the buckles up. The car seat has to be buckled in and also has its own straps, but this cover doesn't understand that, so the straps get in each other's way. I know it is water proof, but it could be a little more comfortable. If you want the cup holders, the middle piece zips right down. It will do the job for a while for the price. There is an update. The item did not last very long, the middle zip broke, the flap broke, and one of the straps broke. It was cheap and only lasted a short time.

👤It's easy to install, it looks nice and it doesn't slide around a lot. The slots for the belt buckle are made from a material that's close to the center, so the kids won't have a hard time trying to rebuckle. It works well in my Toyota rav4 LE. Will be taking a long road trip with this. Hope it holds up!

👤Was just to install. I like how sleek it is in my car, I have beige leather seats. It covers almost all areas except for the head rest. The sides of the seats are also covered. The cup holder is in the middle of the item. The material protects well and doesn't feel cheap.

👤Our Nissan Sentra has a perfect back seat cover. It was very easy to install and it stays put. My main use is to protect my seat from my wheeled walker. The walker picks up leaves, dirt, snow and ice, and the seat cover looks new again. I love this product.

👤I bought a few from the brick and mortar stores. The seat cover is perfect, it covers the bench seat nicely, and the back rest is almost all the way up. The straps keep it in place. Doesn't move. It's easy to wipe clean and doesn't hold dog hair. The dog nails are like a champ. I own a f-150 with cloth seats and 2 dogs. One of my dogs likes to walk side to side from window to window. After a few months, it still looks new. There is nothing to complain about.

4. Smart Elf Protector Protective Protectors

Smart Elf Protector Protective Protectors

Smart eLf car seat protectors fit all sizes of baby infant car seats and booster seats. It is possible to protect your car's upholstery from stains, smells, scratches and dents, which will increase your car's resale value and extend the life of your vehicle. Smart eLf ultra-durable car seat cover set are high temperature resistance, they will not melt even in hot weather, so you don't worry about it stained your leather or fabric seat! Will not leave any marks on the seats. This car seat protector is great for long trips with young travelers, sweat after sports and work out, kid mess and drops, spilled drinks, food, rain, and it protects cloth leather seat from spills. There is no more mess in the car floors. The car kick mat has multiple pockets and an iPad holder, so it also functions as a backseat car organizers. In this way, your kid's toys and water bottles will always be easy to reach and long car rides will be calmer. The kick mat car seat protectors are 18 x 26 inches and can be adjusted to your needs. Jeeps, trucks, vans, SUVs and your car are all ideal for their kick mat organizers. Being waterproof it can be used in a heavy duty way. Imagine not having to clean your car seats again. The heavy duty elastic straps are the best part. You will not know they are there. The kick mat car seat protectors are 18 x 26 inches and can be adjusted to your needs. Jeeps, trucks, vans, SUVs and your car are all ideal for their kick mat organizers. Being waterproof it can be used in a heavy duty way. Imagine not having to clean your car seats again. The heavy duty elastic straps are the best part. You will not know they are there.

Brand: Smart Elf

👤The cover under the car seat is waterproof and perfect for the Sportage. The fabric of the seat cover is a bit slick, so be sure to put your car seat nice and tight. The cover that holds the tablets and toys isn't as good as the first half. It says that it fits my vehicle, but it doesn't. The second and third straps keep slipping off the seat even if I put them tight. My vehicle is the same as before. I feel like the straps are too small to fit the seats in my car and it wouldn't be a problem. It might fit other car seats better. The concept is wonderful. My sons are holding a couple of books. There are pockets on the sides that you can put drinks in. It is definitely a space saver. There is a small slit in the side where you can put the charging cord into the tablets. I would recommend this duo to any parent who wants to save space and keep their cars clean. It is great for long rides, you don't have to worry about your child holding the device for too long, it is in the pouch.

👤So far, they seem great after they were installed. I don't like where the third buckle is for the back seat protectors, it would be in the middle of the person sitting in that seats back, which wouldn't be comfortable. The top and bottom buckle seem to work well. The pocket has a buckle on it that doesn't allow you to tighten it.

👤Adding a second grandchild means adding a second carseat. Three years ago, I purchased a seat protectors for my carseat. My fist one was nicer for the same amount of money. It's easy to install and cover the seat. The back of the front seat has an over cover. When the older grandchild puts his feet up, this one stays in place. My old one had a hard time securing the bottom because the cover kept his feet off my upholstery. This product is very good. The value is great.

👤The pictures of the "2 pack" are misleading as there is only one item in each pack.

👤The seller is responsive. The seller made it right. It is a good price effective means for basic protection.

👤The seats in your vehicle are the most important factor in the installation process. The length of the straps are not included in the dimensions listed. They weren't long enough to fit around the front seatbacks of our car. SUV seats might be more robust. The soft material of the seat protectors is not strong enough to protect the seat from the seat base. We put the new cover over the older one. The storage areas are not accessible when the child is properly belted in. If you ask me, it's kind of weird. It was a poor purchase and too much hassle to return.

👤I love this duo. I thought I would have to buy both backseat and seat protectors separately. I only found them in a 2 pack. I found this! I wanted one of each and it was exactly what I wanted for my 3 year old. I just bought a brand new car with leather seats and now I don't have to worry about her kicking the seats or getting her crumbs in between the cracks. The pockets are great to keep things organized. If you have kids, this product is worth the purchase.

5. Car Seat Cover for Dogs

Car Seat Cover for Dogs

It's convenient and safe to replace cheap dog seat covers for cars that can't protect your pet's paws and claws. This covering keeps your car clean and provides top-tier padding for the rest of your life. They made these car seat covers for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Their car seat protectors are sure to fit in any car. It is easy to clean. Do you read the shed? Their back seat cover for dogs is made with 600D Oxford waterproof cotton and is easy to clean. First, safety! The dog back seat cover is covered with 4 heavy-duty headrest anchors and 2 seat anchors, so your pet doesn't slip and slide around on the bumps. Have you had any questions about the dog car seat cover? The customer satisfaction team is happy to help.

Brand: Active Pets

👤Not a bad cover. There is no way that is the item in their photo. My item in the photo was not as nice as the one in the photo. I don't like the bait and switch photo, but I would probably buy again. You can choose between my cover on the left and their photo on the right.

👤I wanted to take my dog for a swim. I was afraid to clean my seat. I was looking for a product like that. You can see on my video that I poured a glass of water on the cover in my experiment. The back seat is dry. Rex can go with me to the lake.

👤The dog cover is great. The clips are strong. My dog would have to pull it down and make holes in it if it was not adjusted. The rubber bottom is made to prevent the dog from slipping. I am very happy with my purchase and recommend this product.

👤The cover is necessary for a pet owner like me who travels with three dogs. The seat cover is packaged in clear plastic. I have used other brands in the past, but this one has better quality from front to back. I am very happy with it. The seat cover is 58" x 54" and black with orange edges. It is made of four layers for the best protection. The top layer is water resistant, the second is soft cotton, the third is waterproof and the fourth is soft rubber to grip the car seats. The soft rubber grip kept the cover from sliding on my leather seats. It is easy to put the pet cover in the backseat. It's a good fit for my Jeep Grand Cherokee. Four straps keep it in place. Pets can't escape up to the front through the console area if they stay in the backseat. You can use it without having it come up over the front seats, but you can use it on the back seat or on the floor. It's good for when you have passengers in your car and you don't want to take the seat cover out. The seat cover has a slit to allow the use of seat belts for pets and other passengers. I like the fact that this cover has two seat anchors attached to it, which is a feature that my other pet seat covers did not have. It helps to keep them in place instead of sliding around on my leather. The rubber backing keeps them in place. The cover is waterproof if there is an accident in the car. It can be washed and even sprayed with water. My pets hair gets all over my car and onto my passengers. I don't have to worry about my pet getting dirty at the park as I can hose them down at home and the cover protects my car on the drive back home. This is a high quality cover that I would recommend.

6. Smart Elf Protector Thickest Non Slip

Smart Elf Protector Thickest Non Slip

This back seat baby mirror has been awarded. The infant car seat mirror is designed to keep you and your baby safe. Thousands of families put their faith in their rear-facing car seat mirror to make their journeys easier. Smart eLf is a car seat protection that protects leather and cloth fabric car seats from spills, dents, and scratches. The pockets in the bottom are perfect for storing your child's toys. Premium 600D Oxford fabric is used for this car seat cover and it is easy to clean. It is not necessary to spend a lot of time cleaning. You can use a damp cloth to wipe off spills. Machine wash are not recommended. Multifunctional Protector The baby car seat protectors fit for the large size carseat. Even for pets, dogs, and cats, as a pet seat cover. It is convenient for family travel and it fits in the back seat,rear seat or front seat of the car. It's the parent's favorite. The car seat mat has safety straps that will tie the cover securely to the head. Attach them securely to achieve a perfect fit. Seat protectors can slip under your legs and make you feel uncomfortable. The anti slip dots on this car seat cover give it extra grip. It's perfect for people traveling with kids, their family, or solo. The protectors fit most vehicles with a seat measuring 18 x 19 inch, the back 18 x 23 inch and the mesh 14 x. It was large enough to cover the bottom portion of the seat. Meet most of the automotive installation needs. The protectors fit most vehicles with a seat measuring 18 x 19 inch, the back 18 x 23 inch and the mesh 14 x. It was large enough to cover the bottom portion of the seat. Meet most of the automotive installation needs.

Brand: Smart Elf

👤They will leave an imprint on vegan leather or the electric car seats. I can't speak for other car manufacturers but I can't speak for a company called aTesla.

👤We just bought a new car with leather seats, and I knew we needed a solution so that the booster seat wouldn't leave any marks in the leather. These had the best reviews and I can see why. They're easy to install, seats don't slide around, and they're very well made. We bought these and they are highly recommendable.

👤They will harass you if you put a negative review about this product. Over the last 8 months, I have contacted Amazon several times because they won't stop using my personal email. Amazon keeps telling me they will escalate it. My boyfriends seats were not protected by these. The cover on the car seat was not the only thing that was missing. I think it would work if you used both of them. The padding says it is not thick. I will return these.

👤The only protection you will get is from liquid spills through the car seat. It's flimsy and doesn't do anything to prevent damage to your seats.

👤I went from a newborn car seat to a bigger convertible all in one seat. I decided on these. It was very easy to swing over the back seat's headrest. They had a slight scent, but nothing could be done in a few hours. I have a sedan and you can't really see the pocket, but I would definitely buy it again.

👤So far, so good. I will update my review if necessary, as my little boys will put the sturdiness of these to the test. It's easy to install. My minivan seats are good. I didn't realize I needed the kickplate, but it will help keep shoes off the seat. The plastic wrap had a strong odor when it first opened. I left them to air out in the garage and didn't smell anything for an hour.

👤The bottom of the car has a non skid to help keep it in place. It's very easy to put in the car and keep the seat in place. The bottom mesh pockets make carrying snacks an essential requirement.

👤I have had these protectors for less than 3 months and they are already falling apart. The piping around the base is coming off and the organization pouch is also coming off. We only take our kids out in the car once a week as we are mostly home due to Covid. If I had my toddler in and out of the car daily, it would be worse.

👤The protectors are thick enough to protect against leaks. My son had an accident and I only had to wipe it down with baby wipes. It is a thick material. It is water resistant. The protector protects from muddy toddlers shoes. The seat makes a lot of dirt because my son puts his feet on it. I can just wipe the dirt down and it will look clean again. It's very easy to install. It must have been in your car. Highly recommended!

7. Waterproof Neoprene Bench Cover Truck

Waterproof Neoprene Bench Cover Truck

If you're not sure if the seat covers are compatible with your car, you can contact them. This is the perfect back seat cover for a new car, or even a car that is just new-to-you. Their rear bench seat cover protects against spills and stains in your vehicle while also refreshing the look of your interior. It is important to know that your rear seats are protected in the event of an accidental spill. The inside of their seat protectors have a waterproof foam lining. They use specially selected materials for maximum comfort during your commute. The high-quality poly outer layer gives you better air quality so that you stay comfortable during your drive. The best investment for a new vehicle is easy to install. The back seats will be protected in minutes after you follow their simple installation process. The rear seat cover is tall. Their bench seat covers are designed to fit most vehicles. You can see their images for fitment examples. There may be more work required to create a perfect fit. Their bench seat covers are designed to fit most vehicles. You can see their images for fitment examples. There may be more work required to create a perfect fit.

Brand: Bdk

👤I wanted a waterproof cover because I drive for both of them. The middle seat belt is not waterproof and it never stayed in place in the month that it was in my car. I had someone pee and it leaked. Save your money and buy something else.

👤It's very easy to install beige in my Honda Pilot. It doesn't have holes for the car seatlatch system, so it took 2 stars off. It's a big oversight that so many people with kids buy seat covers. You don't need seat covers for adults. There is no accommodations for the latch system. The whole side of the cover is folded. My 13 month old son likes to play with the seat cover that sticks out and he can almost pull the seat cover off, it looks weird. The manufacturer didn't do that to accommodate car seats, so I'm going to cut the cover myself.

👤I purchased this to protect my Honda Civic EX fabric backseats, and it works well, and the color blends in with the cloth.

👤We camp a lot in our Ford F250. This protects the cloth seat from the dirty dogs. It's not as thick as some people think, but it's resistant to water and resists anything we put on it. The price was so low that I was amazed. It's a good purchase.

👤I got this product to protect my back seat from the elements. I was happy to order this product because I had two beach towels there previously. It's easy to install and works great for what I need. If I were going to have grown passengers back there, I wouldn't like it. It is great for a dog or kids, but I think it will slip around a bit. Good and easy.

👤It was a week late. I forgot because it fit. It's not a snug fit but it's good enough. It covers what needs to be covered. The battery under the seat made it impossible for me to get custom covers for my Toyota Rav4 hybrid xle. I searched and found this cover. I was surprised it worked. The only way to improve is to have a bar for the middle. There are bars to keep the seat snug on the left and right, but there is no bar in the middle to hold the seat in place. This is a great buy because of the limited hybrid market.

👤There are slots for the child seat and sweat belts. If you need them more tailored, you could cut your own and bind with gorilla tape. If there is a wet dog or bathing suit, the unit is all one piece, so it is very good protection. It's thick enough to do the job, but thin enough that we can fold up the rear seats in the Tundra.

👤It's difficult to get the seat protectors in my car. I would like it to come with better instructions. It does the job but also moves a lot. If you have a third person in the back, it's hard to get the middle seat belt. I'm not sure if this works well with my car. I was thinking of returning it. I threw the box away.

8. URPOWER 100 Waterproof Hammock Scratch Nonslip

URPOWER 100 Waterproof Hammock Scratch Nonslip

The dog seat cover with side flaps can protect the car door from scratches. Elderly dogs can get in and out of the car with the help of side flaps. It can be used to convert from dog car hammock to dog bench seat cover or trunk cargo liner. It's ideal for most cars, trucks and SUVs because it's 54" W x 58" L and can cover the entire back seat. You can enjoy family excursions without damaging your car. The dog car seat cover is made of 4-layer fabrics and is waterproof to protect your seat from mud, liquid, hair, or any mess. No more endless sweeps. Their pet seat cover has four levels of protection to keep your dog safe. The dog cover has a nonslip backing and is equipped with 2 seatbelts to keep your dog in place. The seatbelt dog is attached to your dog. Their priority is to keep your dogs safe. It only takes seconds to install the dog back seat cover. You can watch the video to learn how to install. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum. Every pet lover will appreciate the pet car seat cover.

Brand: Urpower

👤I used this for the first time today. I have a Ford Escape that is covered in the seats and I have two dogs. The quality is excellent. Nice thickness. You don't have to worry about dirt or dampness. It's easy to put in. I like it a lot. The fabric has an odd smell, but I'm sure an air freshener will help it.

👤I have a pitbull mix that loves riding in the truck but it is hard to fit it in on interiors. The cover protects the truck seats from damage. The dad and son are able to ride together every day.

👤I gave this cover by URPOWER a try for a road trip with my two dalmatians because I needed more protection for my seats than a towel could provide. The fit was perfect for our Toyota Tundra, but it would fit into a smaller vehicle as well. Installation was very easy. The plastic clips that hold the four bands together are similar to the ones on a dog collar. Extra protection can be given to the sides. When the dogs needed to take care of business, I left one side open and closed the other. The middle can be moved to restrict or allow access to the front. My baby thinks she's a lap dog. Dogs were comfortable. The dogs lay on the soft side of the fabric. I put a blanket in the back so they could cuddle. They went to sleep. The backseat was protected like a champ. I took extra precautions and this cover prevented most of the hair in my truck. The towel should be placed underneath the cover on the seat where the dogs will be going in and out of the vehicle. Having the towel down prevented my dogs from rubbing their hair on the seat as they jumped in and out. If you are securing your dogs in using a seatbelt, you should open up a large garbage bag and cut holes to stick the seatbelt fasteners through.

👤I used to have small carpet samples on the back seat to protect it from Carleigh's dirty feet. The backs of the seat were not protected from her coarse black hair. We were worried that the dog seat cover wouldn't fit our truck, so we considered getting one. Good news, the F150 fits perfectly and is durable. My truck stays clean because Carleigh now has a comfortable place to ride. I also bought one for my wife.

👤The description of the item as waterproof is a lie. It is water resistant, but not water proof. I got this to prevent him from ruining my seats because he throws up a lot in the car. I thought it would be okay because it was waterproof, but when I removed the hammock it was soaked through to my seats. Right in the middle of the seat, not just at the seams. I was really disappointed and upset that Amazon would allow a product to advertise. If you're looking for a waterproof dog hammock, this is not the one for you.

9. Kytely Waterproof Scratch Nonslip Backing

Kytely Waterproof Scratch Nonslip Backing

Kytely upgrade dog car seat cover is designed for all the backseats of standard cars, trucks and SUVs. It is possible to convert between hammock or bench coverage. Installation is easy with quick release clips. There are 4 sets of plastic clips that attach around the head rest and the cover. Their pet seat cover is designed to protect your entire backseat from messes and scratches. You don't have to worry about hair, scratches, water and dirt on your back seat while you travel. The back is made with 600D Oxford fabric and PVC material. The rubber backing and seat anchor design make the cover stay in place when you are driving, and it also guarantees the safety of your pets. SAFE & COMFORTABLE MATERIALSdurable 600D Oxford fabric + A grade PP cotton + Heavy-Duty waterproof + Anti-Slip PVC net to keep the pet seat cover in place even on leather seats and help your dogs stay in place cozily It's soft and comfortable because all the sides are filled with cotton.

Brand: Kytely

👤The clip broke while it was fastened to the headrest, and I loved it for the first hour. If the second one broke, I would throw away the money I want to buy it again. Our dog is 40 lbs and not like a big, heavy dog. 5 stars! Customer service offered me a replacement or a refund after contacting me. They handled the situation well. The rest of the seat is a perfect fit in my SUV, if you receive a car seat with a strong clip you will not be disappointed. I am ordering another one from the company because they stand behind their product.

👤We bought this dog seat cover a few months ago, before we went to Tennessee with our new corgi pup. It was easy to install and we were amazed that it covered the entire back seat. It protects our seats both front and back. The material is easy to clean and waterproof. It was easy to fold the seat cover back up, and it was also easy to clean it. It has openings for seat belt access. We were very happy with this purchase. This is the best one out there.

👤The seat cover is very high quality. It has a slip resistant underside. It works in my Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is a great price for this cover. Would recommend!

👤I have a dog that sheds and another that gets sick. I'm able to keep them in the back because I don't have to worry about fur or vomit. The fur sticks to the cover and doesn't fly. No issues with fit in my car. This covered my doors, but not the fabric. I'm able to shake it out and wipe it down when cleaning. I take it to the laundromat if I need to wash it because it's a little heavy for my washer. My fur babies make my life easier.

👤There was an update on 11/08/19. I have 2 large dogs, and the material does not last as long as I had hoped, it wears out after a few months. The straps that secure it to the headrests failed as well, and I was a bit disappointed in that. I would recommend a stronger one for dogs over 60 lbs. The material is not wide enough to fit a full size truck or a large sedan, and the cover is not long enough to cover the seat, leaving almost six inches of exposed seat on either side. It would work for a small car, but not for most large American sedans or trucks. Customer service was great, they issued a full refunds.

👤I have tried other brands and my dogs were not happy. You could see the fear on their faces. Dogs are in my backseat. 50 lbs and 100 lbs. They don't slide. I live in the country and have to drive slowly on dirt roads, so they can easily stay put with their heads out the window. The pad is easy to clean. It's easy to install. The flaps that go down the sides of the seats are very nice, as I have to lift my big guy in, so sometimes the dirt and mud would get on the seats, and he would get tangled with the old style I had that didn't have the flaps down the side. He doesn't get his feet caught on the edge anymore. I have found that the cover works well for putting dirty things in the back seat. I buy logs for my stove. They are made from wood particles. They make a mess. I can take them home and out of the car and then just shake the cover off and make sure they are all in the car. Even if I didn't have dogs, I would buy this just to keep the back seat clean.

10. Peteast Dog Car Seat Scratchproof

Peteast Dog Car Seat Scratchproof

The Peteast dog hammock for car is designed with black Oxford fabric and brown PU leather and can match most of the car interior perfectly. The size of the dog car seat cover can be adjusted to fit different vehicles. The dog hammock for car features a big square mesh window in the center, the seat cover helps your pet take in the fresh air. Large side pockets can hold treats and toys. Share the seat. This is a car accessory that can be used for pets and also for you and your dog to sit together. A special dog seat belt and reserved safety buckle position were prepared for keeping their little passengers safe. There are no procedures for big bellies. Strong snapbuckles, extra-thick straps, and reinforced stitches make sure that any size of your travel buddy can stay safe and active during the journey as many times as possible. A more solid dog car hammock has double flanking hooks and a nonslip bottom layer, which enable a more reliable quality. Stay tidy and clean. The dog car seat cover is made of water-proof material and has an extra layer at the bottom to protect it from the mess of little creatures. There are multiple ways to clean the cover.

Brand: Pet East

👤I was surprised by the quality of this item when I installed it in my car. The design and efficiency of the car seat protectors was put a lot of attention to. You don't have to worry about slobber on the doors because the door has a zippers on it that allows you to get the dog out easily. There is a way to store the dogs leash and other items that you may need when traveling. The air conditioning can flow into the backseat if the space between the two front seats is narrowed. There are holders to hold the sides up above the door. The cloth is quilted so dog toenails don't poke through and ruin your seats. This is the third one that I have owned, and it is far better than the other two that I have already trashed. I would recommend this product to anyone. The best bang for the buck! It has a strap that you can push into the slot where the seatbelt goes and attach it to the dogs harness. Your dog is safe if you have a sudden stop. The cover of my car is black and I took some pictures but they were dark. I was not able to show how it fits. It fits perfectly in the backseat of my car. Valuables can be hidden under the fabric and nobody can see them when they look into the car.

👤This seems like a long-term product. The mesh between the front and back seats was something I 888-276-5932. But I have a big bag. This has held up wonderfully despite the fact that a mature puppy destroys a lot.

👤This product looks great for overall use. I am going to use it for my dogs and other backseat passengers because you can easily remove them and they are waterproof. I have not seen how waterproof it is. I like how they have a hole for air flow. It has to be tucked under my car mats when I use it as a chair because of the product dimensions. I am afraid that someone will break the clips if they step on them because there is no place to put them. They could break the seam by pulling on them. They should add a system to adjust the front of the hammock when it is in seat cover mode, as well as a waterproof protection cover. That would be a perfect product for me. It is still my favorite car hammock for pets that I have purchased for a number of reasons.

👤I was upset that I couldn't find a duplicate of the cover I had first. I'm glad I ran into this one. It's more rugged, has more pockets, and is actually pretty, because of the brown leather 'anchors' used to secure the straps to the body. It's perfect for my lab.

👤It was a perfect fit for my Escape. The fit is easy to disassemble. I keep the hair out of my car. Doors are also protected.

11. Car Seat Protector Kick Mats

Car Seat Protector Kick Mats

The child booster protector has 3 mesh pockets that hold baby items and mats that are securely in place. The back seat protectors for kids measure 25" x 19" to cover the back of your seats completely. The mats for the back seat of the car are easy to install and the straps are adjusted to fit most cars, sedans, saloons, jeeps, SUVs, and minivans securely. Their back of seat protectors are easy to clean. Use a washing machine to clean. One less thing to worry about. Imagine not having to clean your car seats again. The backseat mat is waterproof and stain resistant to keep the fabric free from spills, scratches, dirt, and scuff marks. No mess. Their car seat kick mat has extra space thanks to 3 deep mesh pockets. It's easy to keep on-the-go essentials like snacks, drinks, toys, games and books secure and easy to reach for happy kids and a tidy car. A brand you can trust is a small US-owned company that sells high-quality STEAM toys. If you don't like the quality of their backseat guard, their USA-based customer support will replace it for free. A brand you can trust is a small US-owned company that sells high-quality STEAM toys. If you don't like the quality of their backseat guard, their USA-based customer support will replace it for free.

Brand: Kangok

👤I was excited to put the seat covers on my new car after I ordered them. Installation was easy and they fit perfectly. They are flat on the seat and there is no movement. The buckle broke when I went to install my second one. I received two new seat covers after I messaged the company about the problem. Customer service is amazing. I will buy from this company again because they care about their customers.

👤I love these kick mats. They work perfectly for my Honda CRV. The canvas material has nice net pockets. Some people on the reviews talked about having trouble with the molded seats. I put pictures of the final result in the back and front seats. I wanted to show that they work well with molded seats. Attach the elastic bottom strap first and then connect the top strap under your head, because this is where the key is. It works well. When I first tried to install the kick mats, I thought they wouldn't work, but I took it apart and found they fit perfectly with the molded seats. I decided to go with the kick mats. The back of my seat is going to be perfect because of the quality, look and look.

👤My boys are allowed to eat in the car. Occasionally, I allow them to have juice boxes. My youngest is 2 and my oldest is 8. After the 8-year-old's car seat expired and I had to buy a new one, I couldn't help but notice the rips in the back seat of my Toyota corolla. The cloth seats were not strong enough to hold up to the car seat. I had vacuumed under his seat, but the back of the car was not clean. I didn't think to wash the back seat of the car because I was so grossed out. I was determined to never wash the back seat of the car again, and to prevent future tears in the upholstery, after I accomplished the task of washing the back seat of the car. I searched for the product and found it. It was easy to install in the cramped quarters of the back seat of a corolla, and it does wipe clean. It's a bonus that I can just toss it in the washing machine when I clean my car. I work full time outside the house and have two small boys, so the less I have to clean and maintain my car on the weekend, the better. I'm not sure if I need another one, but if the current one is torn by a little boy, I would buy another one. The product is of good quality and the price is fair.

👤My daughter started enjoying the extra space in the back of my seats after I transitioned her to forward-facing. Picked up the babies and left. They fit perfectly to the back of my seat, and the top keeps it from sagging. The pockets are large enough to keep her stuff off the floor of the car.


What is the best product for car seat protector for back seat suv?

Car seat protector for back seat suv products from Peticon. In this article about car seat protector for back seat suv you can see why people choose the product. Xbrn and Peticon are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat protector for back seat suv.

What are the best brands for car seat protector for back seat suv?

Peticon, Xbrn and Peticon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat protector for back seat suv. Find the detail in this article. Smart Elf, Active Pets and Smart Elf are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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