Best Car Seat Pillows for Driving Kids

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1. Headrest Pressure Accessories Passenger Stitching

Headrest Pressure Accessories Passenger Stitching

This carseat head support made of high density memory foam has Balanced Softness and is comfortable. The pressure on your neck when driving causes the car's headrest to absorb it. The car travel pillow is used to relieve neck pain. The car seat head support is comfortable and perfect for your body curve. The car seat pillow provides support to your head, neck and shoulder, keeping you comfortable while driving. It is the perfect auto accessory. If you want to adjust the height of your headrest pillow, you can use the elastic strap and clip. This car pillows for head are machine-washable. The cover of neck pillow for car is made of updated polyester fiber material which is more durable and odorless than the one before, and Inner Cotton cover extends the durability of memory foam core, all material of these car seat headrests are completely odorless. Customer support, buy with confidence. 100% money back is guaranteed by them. Contact them first! If you need help with your car seat pillow, you can contact them through either Amazon or Inovare Designs' website. The manufacturer warranty on this car seat neck support and accessories is extended because they are so confident in the quality. If there is a problem with the car neck support pillow, they will ship another one for free.

Brand: Inovare Designs

👤Good ergonomics for driving. You will be safe and comfortable on the road while still upright and at attention at all times with this and a good lumbar support. It's highly recommendable regardless of what kind of driver you are.

👤It wasn't thick enough for the Chevy Spark which has a sharp angle on the headrest so my neck doesn't even touch it. It's probably good on most cars.

👤This is not foam. It's hard as a rock with a puffy "air" feeling. I am going back. It could be used as a posture item. I was expecting a pillow that was comfortable. The packaging is nice, but that doesn't make up for the false claim. The picture shows a hand pushing into it. That is very funny.

👤I got this because my sister tends to tense up when she drives and we got this to help, but the elastic strap does worry me a bit, but I'm happy with the quality and the shipment.

👤The producto es una calidad, pero la pgina ofrece un juego de 2 cojines. El mismo se lo llev.

👤The support and comfort of the new cushions is what my husband loves. Time for a road trip.

👤The materials are comfortable. The product has a plastic bag on top of it, but it doesn't have a leather cleaner. I hope the seller checks everything before sending it.

👤Produit de qualité, comfortable, souple et doux. Juste assez gros.

2. Animal Neck Sleeping Daughter Christmas Birthday

Animal Neck Sleeping Daughter Christmas Birthday

A one-year warranty. If the car neck pillow has a quality issue, please contact them. They offer 7* 24H after-sale service. The Cute Unicorn Pillow is cute. The pillow has horn and embroidered stars. It's perfect for a gift for a girl or boy, or a home decoration for a party. The elastic fleece fabric on the neck pillow makes it more comfortable. The cotton filling is soft and strong, which makes it stable. It's perfect for ensuring a peaceful nap. Not for children under 3 years old. The Travel Pillow provides neck support to the head, neck and chin. This is a great way to travel. You can use it as a head pillow or throw pillow. The U-shaped cushion pillow is used for relaxing the head and neck muscles when watching TV or reading and for stabilizing the head for people who need support or sleep in an upright position. If there are any issues with the pillow, please contact them. They will give you a full refund or prompt replacement.

Brand: Obloved

👤Our daughter is just growing out of being a toddler and we go on a lot of road trips and flights with her. She likes pink and unicorns. She can keep her chin on her chest while in her car seat with this travel pillow. It is very comfortable. Everyone who sees her with it gives her a compliment. When we get in the car, she always wants it with her.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter. She used to wake up with a sore neck after she transitioned to a booster. No more sore neck. She is a big fan of the design. She has access to the unicorn whenever she goes anywhere because it stays in the car.

👤My daughter likes the design of this. We haven't put our trip into action yet, but she is excited to do so next week. It will help her sleep on the long road trip.

👤Cute but doesn't work very well. My 4 year old loved the idea of a unicorn but it did not support her neck while she slept. She likes it because it isn't a total waste, but it doesn't do what it should.

👤The neck pillow is soft. My kids love it! I have tried it out and it is very comfortable.

👤This is what I wanted. Perfect size and soft. My 6 yo loves it so much she insists on bringing it inside every day, but I wanted it for the car, but she uses it everywhere!

👤This is a great pillow. I got it for my 10 year old daughter, but it wouldn't be a problem for an adult. It's very thick and soft. It's a little more than some of the others, but it's worth it in my opinion. It's about perfect, I wish it had a little case or clasp at the ends to make it more secure for travel, but otherwise it's great!

👤Tagless, soft and light. It's perfect for my little girl. It's in her back pack. The pink unicorn is pretty and has a nice design. My daughter likes it!

👤Es una chica y cmodo. A m hija de 4 people. No tiene, es un broche para evitar.

3. Car Headrest Buluby Adjustable Preventing

Car Headrest Buluby Adjustable Preventing

It is easy for people to feel sleepy on a road trip. The car pillow can protect passengers from being hit by a door or window when they fall asleep. Since 6 years ago, they have been manufacturing car headrest pillows. This is the sixth upgraded product. A more comfortable driving experience is provided by improved comfort and enhanced safety. The neck support pillow can be adjusted up and down, which can be used by passengers of different heights. The kid neck pillows can be adjusted to save space when not in use. There is always a position that suits you. The kid neck pillow can be installed without any tools, just press the other side of the metal pole to complete the installation. Only cars with metal poles in the car's head rest can be used. 2x car side pillow, 1x base, 2x rubber pads, 2x installation manual, and friendly customer service are what you get. 2x car side pillow, 1x base, 2x rubber pads, 2x installation manual, and friendly customer service are what you get.

Brand: Buluby

👤This product is for my 10yo. My daughter was not hurt when the Honda pilot EX-L hit her head, but it did not hit her in the back of the head. She was hit in the forehead. There are only two settings. Nothing really inbetween. I thought it was fully adjusted. Nope. It isn't perfect. She put her head on it and it gave a bit. It's going back. The pads are small, but it fit my husband.

👤We bought these because we were going on a road trip and wanted to make sure our kids were taken care of when they fell asleep in the back seat. I went with these because the color scheme matched the interior. If you take a few minutes to look at the rubber piece, you will know that you have 3 sets of rubber pieces that will fit the different sizes of your head rest prongs. You can match the right size to the prongs. The product is a bit firm and would have liked to have more padding on the inside. The head rests don't lock in place when I have them installed, so they weren't quite right for my back seats. They will not be locked up. It served its purpose but could have been better designed.

👤We thought this would be a good idea for our daughter when she transitions from a car seat to a booster. The head rest can be locked back into place. If you are in a car accident, the headrest with two prongs is going to be a projectile inside your car with your child. No thanks.

👤I liked the material. The color was great. The pieces looked good. The installation was straight forward. The plastic pieces under the headrest were too thick for me. I couldn't install on my Ram. We had long driving trips that would have helped the child sleep. Before ordering, double check your clearance.

👤Poor design, great idea. One easily snapped during installation. I thought it was me. The second one snapped after a month.

👤The product broke in two weeks. The customer service was great and we were sent a new one. Waiting to see if this is the last one.

👤The product is not suitable for a small child, my son is 4 years old, and his head hangs down the side headrest, which is too small to support his head.

👤My child is 5 feet 4 inches tall and she sleeps well with this support. She no longer sleeps with her head against the window.

4. XERGUR Headrest Pillow Passenger Adjustable

XERGUR Headrest Pillow Passenger Adjustable

If your soft neck pillow neck support for pain relief is a defect, they will give you a free replacement or full refund. Most car seats have a car seat headrest. The headrest will help your child or passenger stay in a healthy and comfortable sleeping position and avoid head/ neck/ shoulder pain. The seat pillow has passed safety crash tests to protect the head from hitting the car door window. And received a patent in the U.S. The car pillow supports rotation adjustment. It can be adjusted according to height to make it suitable for children and adults of different heights. Lift the headrest to save space. The car seat is made of high quality environmental protection material. The leather pillows are made with thicker memory foam which is more elastic and breathable, and has strong joint support. There is no need to be concerned if your head is under pressure. The headrest is easy to install. You can install it with your child in a few minutes. Please watch the video. Make sure the car seat has a metal rod that can move up and down. The main lever of the 2 side headrest connection can be adjusted from 55mm to 170mm. If you have any installation or quality problems, please contact them and they will give you a solution within 24 hours. They hope this will help your child or passenger sleep. Make sure the car seat has a metal rod that can move up and down. The main lever of the 2 side headrest connection can be adjusted from 55mm to 170mm. If you have any installation or quality problems, please contact them and they will give you a solution within 24 hours. They hope this will help your child or passenger sleep.

Brand: Xergur

👤My husband and I did a road trip in November and I bought this for him. It was 17 days on the road, staying in 10 different states and driving for about 6 hours a day. I was not happy about the description of some of the other headrests on the market. What is the problem with our big heads? What if it was too low? I was surprised how much we liked this product. The installation was easy. It took me less than 5 minutes to install it. You click each side as you need it. We don't need to click them down if we are just driving around town. We would click them to make sure we could rest comfortably. Our little SUV was stuffed with stuff and the passenger seat was small enough to fit in a suitcase. Naps in the car were a lot easier with this headrest. My only issue with this was that my head hit the seat. My hair got stuck between the moving parts and would get pulled out. We're not talking about hair, but maybe 1-2 pieces. I put a small blanket behind my head to protect it from the part that connected it to the seat. I would use this again on any road trip we take.

👤If you need it to adjust position, it is useless. There is a shape that fits onto a key type pipe that prevents swings. When the threading is loosened to try and adjust the position there is not enough threading to re- screw it back in place. I am very disappointed that it can't be placed down to the front for the children because we need it for them.

👤I was excited to order this from Amazon as I've seen similar products advertised by other people and I was hoping it would be different here. No. It was shipped from China. My mentality was as long as it fit, so be it. It did not. In a car. You can only have a 3mm gap. It was probably closer to 5 by eyeball measure. They couldn't stick together so when you leaned on it, it would spin. It would be comfortable if it fits your car. It didn't fit in my house.

👤Not for kids who don't reach past the car headrest yet. The beam that joins the two cushions protrudes forward, which is a serious safety risk in the event of a crash because the kids head would impact the hard beam and not the cushion. If your kids head is below the beam, they will not be able to see it, or if they are tall, they will not be able to see it. Better design would have put the beam behind the car head rest.

👤I really wanted to like this. Its not a bad product. It doesn't work for me. I gave it a 2 stars rating, but it could be 5 if it fits your situation. I decided to give it a chance, but will have to return it. The side cushions are not very soft but they are comfortable enough for my sons head to rest on. The design works. The are not cheap. It's easy to install. I took 4 minutes. Really does a good job. The main issue I have with this product is that the center portion is hard plastic. The plastic part of the seat faces forward when attached. It is impossible to be comfortable when people put their head back. It might have worked if my son was shorter or taller. There isn't enough clearance between my seat and the rear window of my truck to install it backwards. If it fits your seat and situation, it's a great product.

5. Trailblazers Travel Pillow Kids Adjustable

Trailblazers Travel Pillow Kids Adjustable

We offer a worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer services. They will reply to you within 24 hours if you have any installation problems. Their kids travel pillow has full neck support, which means no more neck pain or head rolls. The U-shaped design makes it easier for little ones to sleep and for them to get to their destination refreshed and ready to go. Their kids travel neck pillow is suitable for children aged 4 to 10 and can grow with your child thanks to the front strap. The strap below the chin is easy for a child to use. The pillow is approximately 3 inches thick. Kids can easily drift off into a peaceful sleep with the 100% oh-so- soft kids memory foam pillow, having the best nap of their lives every single time. The toddler neck pillow will get dirty when on the go so they put an easy clean cover on it to make it easier to clean. Store the pillow in a carry bag when not in use. They are certain that the cute car seat neck pillow will win the approval of your kids when traveling, because it is safe and tested by an accredited lab.

Brand: Byron's Games

👤When we flew for spring break, I bought this for my son. It was canceled due to the coronaviruses. He has been using the pillow to watch tv on the couch or use his laptop. It supports his neck. It's used all the time. I have used it while sitting down. I love that it gives me more support. It seems to be gel filled and soft. It makes your neck look different. It's great for kids and adults.

👤A great pillow and keeper. The size is great for children and adults. There is a mystical feel to the colors. It will be easy to clean.

👤It was received quickly and will be perfect for my daughter when she gets sleepy in her booster car seat, and hopefully prevent the neck pain. The stitching on the pillow was removed when I pulled the Velcro strap, as it should to an extent, but the bottom section of the Velcro stayed attached to the top strap. There is an unlatched stitching on the bottom. I have to stop at a store to prevent a double charge because I submitted a replacement request. It took me 15-20 minutes to return an item last time, which is the only reason I find frustrating.

👤Very cute. I was worried that the neck pillow would be too small for my young child, and I was even more worried when I saw the size was more appropriate for a 3 year old. I wrapped it and put it under the tree so it would fit my daughter. It was very soft and comfortable. She likes it. Maybe she will stop trying to steal mine.

👤The pillow is comfortable. It is the right size for our son. He is able to wear it in his booster seat. It came very quickly.

👤It is an absolute lifesaver and we have only used it a few times. When we got it, my daughter wanted to wear it around the house. It's very cute but also universal. It's much easier to sleep when we use it for car naps. No more head jerking. I wasn't sold on the fact that it was necessary for a toddler to adjust it by themselves. She is 2 years old. The small pillow has worked for her so far.

👤My kids loved using the pillow on their plane ride. The bag that came in kept it dry and clean.

👤I bought this before my daughter went on a beach trip. She says it's better than napping in the car. It is always in my car for her. A great pillow for a child.

6. Hooded Travel Pillow Neck Support

Hooded Travel Pillow Neck Support

The two pillows can be used separately, but the banana-shaped neck pillow and heart-shaped head pillow are versatile and portable. While you cruise with Benbat's head-and-neck-supporting kids travel pillow, support Snooze. Cute and cozy. A shield from the sun and dress-up fun? Your car seat pillow is a character hood. The magnetic clasp on your hood will help you stop chin slouching and ponytail pulling. After travel, enjoy the ease of your toddler neck pillow. Give the gift of rested adventures with Benbat's shark neck support pillow.

Brand: Benbat

👤The pillow is soft and great quality. The hoodie is very cool. It's either too big for my 4yr old or bulky. My son took it off with a few minutes in the car. Maybe he needs to break it in.

👤My kids loved this. It was perfect for our travels. When the sun was bright, they were able to cover their eyes. Their headphones fit under the hood.

👤My son woke up with pain in his neck after falling asleep in the car and we bought this for car rides. He likes it.

👤I brought this for my child. I'm not sure if he will use it for what I brought it for.

👤Can we talk about how cute this is? My son loves it. It is soft and comfortable and the little hoodie adds to that.

👤The product was soft and supportive. The shark hood was a bonus.

👤The materials are not soft. I returned it.

👤The picture showed what to be an older child, but it was too small for my 5 year old. The hood was too small to be used as an eye cover.

👤My son liked this on our trip to Florida. He has many flights back and forth as well as his stroller.

7. Seatbelt Pillow Kids Travel Shoulder

Seatbelt Pillow Kids Travel Shoulder

XdeModa has a 100% money back guarantee. They offer a 100% Money Back guarantee, no questions asked, and they are so confident that your Son, daughter, Sister, Niece, Nephew, or friend will love their Seatbelt Pillow, that they are so confident that you will love it too. They can sleep easily on long car rides if they have a soft pillow and a soft friend. Premium soft quality design will not rip, full huggable of soft plush materials. It is certified for all US safety regulations. Attaching the pillow quickly and easily to any seat belt is easy with the universal fit. The pillow can stay put with the help of the strong Velcro. VersaTILE PLUSH. Travel pillows make travel more comfortable. They are great as pillows, but also make great plush friends that kids love to sleep with. XdeModa has a 100% money back guarantee. They offer a 100% Money Back guarantee, no questions asked, and they are so confident that your Son, daughter, Sister, Niece, Nephew, or friend will love their Seatbelt Pillow, that they are so confident that you will love it too.

Brand: Xdemoda

👤I had to return it because it is very soft. If the seatbelt is coming across the child's right shoulder, it's made to only go one way. My child is sitting on the driver side of the vehicle because it's safer. When she fell asleep on long rides, the llama head gave her no head or neck support.

👤The size is great and I could see it being comfortable, but the sherpa material on the llama head is not pleasant to touch. I've washed and dried sherpa blankets before. That is how the sherpa feels. I asked my husband if it was me and he said it was a "grabby" texture. My toddler doesn't care, but I know it will drive me crazy, and some kids with sensory issues may feel the same. The sherpa is softer than the other material.

👤Both are super soft. Great for travel and car rides. My kid loves it and can't wait to use it on a trip. The customer service was great. When I ordered the llama, I kept getting the unicorn shipped to me. The company was so helpful that I finally got the llama. It was worth the trouble. Thank you!

👤My daughter was left with a seatbelt rash for a few days after we were rear-ended twice. I was looking for something that would be useful and keep her safe. She likes her llama cushion to sleep on, but it will keep her from getting a rash in the future.

👤It's great for my 16 year old to use during long drives. It is soft but firm to be effective. I recommend.

👤That is super soft and cute. It is not easy to support my daughter's head. It depends on how kids sleep in the car or child seat. There is a The one sided velcro option lost 1 star. It's a good idea for a car to have a drivers seat on the left so that you can check on your child while you're driving.

👤It appears large but we believe it will provide adequate area for head and shoulder comfort. Child decided she didn't like it. The horn may be too big for a comfortable cuddle.

👤This is the best option for my daughter to sleep. I've tried other options and nothing has worked.

8. Cushion Heightening Breathable Portable 15 7x15 7x4 7inch

Cushion Heightening Breathable Portable 15 7x15 7x4 7inch

If the Memory Foam Car Seat Cushion attracts hair or kids shoeprints, it is easy to clean it off with a lint brush or roll of tape. The Car Seat Heightening Cushion increases the field of view by about 4.7inch. Driver Booster Seat Chair Seat Cushion is 15.7x15.7x4.7%. It's suitable for people of different heights. The adult booster seat cushion middle part is not easy to slide, and it is not good for you to have a safer view through the window. The high quality car seat cushion will support the legs and back while in the car or sitting at the computer/desktop. It's easy to keep clean. The car driver booster seat is made of Air layer fabric, 20% down cotton, 80% 7D cotton padding, and thick and full.

Brand: Cushion

👤I returned the booster cushion because it was very hard. The size and height were what I liked about it. I was disappointed.

👤An overpriced pillow. Photos make it look better than it really is. It was a failure!

9. Headrest Pillow Sleeping Shoulder Cushion

Headrest Pillow Sleeping Shoulder Cushion

The Early Nap time is 10:00. Most car seats have metal poles, and this exclusive kids car seat pillow fits them. It can provide a comfort head neck support on both sides, passenger can sleep upright and head can't bang on the car door window. ROT DESIGNATED The road pal headrest can be adjusted according to sleeping posture and heights. There is always a position that suits you, just adjust as you please. Stable support for passenger on both sides, no shake or bumps in the road, is what the support rod is designed for. It is made of high-quality leather and soft memory foam. It is easy to install the car seat pillows for kids. It works with a car backless booster seat for kids. The metal poles should not be more than 3 inches apart. They offer a worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer services. They will reply to you within 24 hours if you have any installation problems. They offer a worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer services. They will reply to you within 24 hours if you have any installation problems.

Brand: Hswt

👤Looks great after install. It looks like it came with the car. I've been trying to get the wifey to take a nap. It hasn't happened yet. She might have to give her some cough syrup. It's funny.

👤The middle seats don't fit because of the seatbelt on the shoulder, and the front seats don't fit because of the width of the headrest bars.

👤This thing is great. I bought one for my kids to use on the car trip we're taking this weekend. 3 kids are in the second row of a vehicle. My kids are going to use this between them and the carseat is going to be used as a headrest. They have those neck pillows, but they don't like to use them. I'm very happy I got this. It is very easy to move into any position and fits snug on the head rest. My husband approved of it last night.

👤Well made product. I did not get a fit for my car.

👤I was really disappointed that I had to return it. My husband was excited to use it. I have been on the road a lot. I tried to put it in my car, but it wouldn't fit on the bars. There is no way to make it fit. It was a bad day.

👤It's easy to get ready for use. It adds something to rest on when you're trying to sleep in the car. It doesn't hold my head in place, that's a good thing. This is to the side. It is as described.

👤It was easy to assemble despite the instructions being not great. It didn't fit either of our cars. The listing says it can fit up to 6.7 inches, but that's not true. There are two spaces for the bars. It did not fit a Toyota highlander or a Chevy cavalier which are about 6 inches.

👤I liked the idea of the product. The sides are expected to be a little more cushiony. The product is manufactured in China and the English directions are a little confusing.

👤This was a great purchase. My son fell asleep in the car and I bought it for him. It works well. He has no complaints about it. It was easy to install.

👤The family member likes it. I think it's more suited to an adult than a child. It was easy to install.

👤I had to return because I didn't fit on the Volvo seats. We were unable to use it, so we were unable to comment further.

👤It only fits for the front and back passenger seat of the Honda Civic. I understand for driver's set, but it's not advisable.

👤I bought this for my kit. This will not work with any Jeep Grand Cherookee of the past or the future.

10. Little Grape Land U Shaped Embroidery

Little Grape Land U Shaped Embroidery

The after-sales service is called Warranty. If you have a question, please contact them on Amazon. If you don't like their travel pillow, they can give you a replacement or full refund. They are able to give you the choice to choose their product. The kids travel neck pillow is soft and durable. The surface is made of fuzzy fleece fabric which is soft and supple for baby's and toddler's skin. The filling is soft and strong, which makes it stable. They strengthened the seam stitching with elastic tape inside to make it more stretchy. Their travel pillow for kids has a perfect size, perfect for ages 1-15, and it has neck support simultaneously to the head, neck and chin. Their child neck pillow is a great option for travelling on car, airplane, train, bus. It can be used to sleep while watching TV on the bed or couch, as well as napping for adults women teen girls office home. 3D ANIMAL DESIGN. The animal kid's pillows are designed for kids aged 1 - 15. Panda,Rabbit are popular with kids. Never out of style. Extra soft fabrics make customers feel comfortable. It's easy to clean. The kids neck pillow is easy to clean, it is hung to dry. Don't waste any more time and take the right decision and try their Premium Kids NECK PILLOW now.

Brand: Little Grape Land

👤Our 3 year old granddaughter was happy with this. It provides soft support when she falls asleep in the car. It makes her feel better that she isn't uncomfortable on long trips.

👤The little neck pillow is great. It was well made and solid. Our kids have been fighting over it for a while.

👤The product is nice. It was very soft and comfortable. It seems like it's too big for my child and she uses it in her carseat. She doesn't want to use it. It could be a personal struggle, and not a struggle for others. All bodies and carseats are not the same.

👤We barely use it because it's too big.

👤My son got a hold of this before I even got the tags off, and I pulled the ends apart to put around his neck. The stitching needs some work. I was able to sew it back up before we left. My son liked it.

👤They loved it, it was the perfect size for kids.

👤Our first trip was ripped at the seams. Disappointing.

11. Seatbelt Post Surgery Mastectomy Pacemaker C Section

Seatbelt Post Surgery Mastectomy Pacemaker C Section

This seatbelt pillow is stuffed to offer seat belt protection following surgeries, such as Mastectomy Breast Cancer, mastectomy or reconstruction. It is important to provide counseling and recovery care. The handmade seatbelt pillow has a filling and is covered in soft cotton. The soft seatbelt pad could fit on your body and support and protect your chest. Driving and motorcycle protection. For the ride home from the hospital, protect the chest. The impact of the seat belt should be reduced after surgery. It is necessary to protect sensitive areas from the seatbelt. Better protection design. Attaching the cushion to your seatbelt is how it fixes that. Depending on the surgery location, the shoulder strap or lap belt can be used with the pillow. It's great for the entire healing process. Purchase this pillow before your surgery. It's a wonder for the ride home from the hospital to protect sensitive areas from the seatbelt. It's perfect for use while sleeping.

Brand: Rainbowstar

👤I bought this for my husband after he had open heart surgery. We did use it, but it was a frustrating experience. It moves around the seatbelt so that the belt doesn't fall off when you unbuckle, so that your buckle is hanging there instead of being flush against the door frame as it's intended to do. I didn't have the confidence to use it while transporting him home after surgery, so we used his heart pillow. He is confident that he no longer needs it after 3 months out from surgery.

👤The product was well packaged. I gave it to someone who recently had surgery to repair their chest and I think it will be a great help in pain relief.

👤My daughter just had a mastectomy and she was so grateful that I bought this for her. It made her trip home after the surgery so much easier. It's a life saver.

👤I love this product. It's perfect for bilateral mascetomy. It's the same size and width so you don't have to worry about it on car rides. Highly recommended.

👤There is a seam in the middle of the cushion. The seam is under the seatbelt, so you can't see it on the photos. If you have open-heart surgery, you will need the most padding. The padding over the sternum is compromised because of the center seam. This is the only cushion that came close to being on Amazon. I found another one that cost a lot more and was pricey, but it did the job for me. Wouldn't it be great if Amazon had more variety in this cushion? I would have liked to have found the right cushion on Amazon and paid less.

👤I bought it for my wife before she had her breast cancer surgery. She says it was easy to install and it worked well, quiet and provided padding where she needed it. She will only need it for a short time and that is a small price to pay for the comfort it provides.

👤After having a pacemaker surgery, this pillow made my life a bit easier. Thanks a lot.

👤I needed padding for my port in the car. It is long enough to cover my port and part of my abdominal incision. A little stuffing was trying to come out but it wasn't a big deal. I am happy with it, but I wish it had more cushion for a softer feel. It works well in the driver's seat and passenger seat, and stays in place on the seatbelt. The good news is that it stays where you need it to stay when it is on, even if it is a little annoying to remove the seatbelt and leave it attached. I am happy I found this.

👤Not shown. The seat belt is visible in the photo but the cover is made of just 2 cotton wool pieces and 2 loops. The seat belt is not long enough. Disappointing.

👤I just had a single mastectomy and will use this in the car. It looks comfortable.


What is the best product for car seat pillows for driving kids?

Car seat pillows for driving kids products from Inovare Designs. In this article about car seat pillows for driving kids you can see why people choose the product. Obloved and Buluby are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat pillows for driving kids.

What are the best brands for car seat pillows for driving kids?

Inovare Designs, Obloved and Buluby are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat pillows for driving kids. Find the detail in this article. Xergur, Byron's Games and Benbat are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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