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1. QBUC Headrest Cushion Cervical Ergonomic

QBUC Headrest Cushion Cervical Ergonomic

Other accessories are not included in the package. QBUC Car Seat Neck Pillow have a strap that can be secured tightly on the seat. The Car Neck Support is a good fit for most car seats and computer gaming chairs. The high density memory foam used in the headrest pillow can keep it's shape, feel soft and comfortable. The cover can be removed to avoid sweat and dust. Driving long time can make your neck feel tire and pain, and this memory foam car neck pillow can give great support for your spine and head to relieve the pain. The Headrest pillow use a soft cloth cover with a zip on the back that is convenient for cleaning and gas holes on the pillow. If you are not satisfied with your head pillow for car, please contact them. They will return all of the money. If you are not satisfied with your head pillow for car, please contact them. They will return all of the money.

Brand: Qbuc

👤The product is good. It's not a good idea to use it on your car seat between the upper seat back and the headrest because it's not a good position to be in. The cushion position was too low for a tall man like me, and I found that my neck was being hit instead of my upper back. Before buying, sit in your car seat and have an observer check where the cushion will go. If it's not at the back of your neck, it won't work for you.

👤I like how comfortable this headrest is. I would like to see another strap that is vertically placed so it can be mounted on different chairs, because there may be some with high back chairs that are difficult to mount this headrest... It would be great to have a version with cooling gel because I think it will be too warm in the summer.

👤Great product. It was very comfortable and there was no neck ache. The headrests in cars are not a good height for me. I was able to try it out as a passenger and was able to sleep without neck pain or overheating, which is something other products don't do.

👤I have a neck issue and sitting causes a lot of pressure, but this has helped. It makes driving much more comfortable.

👤Very inconsistent. We were going to put them in two cars, but I ordered 4 of them. 3 of the 4 that I received were full of foam. Only one was good. It was very disappointing. I'm going to combine the foam of two pillows into a single cover. Don't order them. They are not what the pictures show.

👤It looks nothing like the picture that I opened it up. It is flat with barely any foam in it, it came in a vacuum sealed bag with no instructions. I will be back asap.

👤Don't let the softness fool you. Perfectly has that extra length behind the top of your shoulders.

👤I have occasional neck pain, so when I drive the pain is worse because there is no support for my neck. Since I added a neck pillow to my head, driving has been much more comfortable and the pain has been reduced to zero.

2. Jitejoe Support Pushchair Friendly Butterfly

Jitejoe Support Pushchair Friendly Butterfly

The U shape design is universal size. The neck pillow provides the best support for babies in the 0-4 years old growth stage and protects their head and neck. The pillow size is described in the pictures. Jitejoe baby neck pillow can be used in many places, it can be used in car seats, strollers, Airplane, and so on, protecting your baby's head and buffing shock when the baby is on the stroller or car seat. The baby neck support pillow is designed to be safe and comfortable. The baby pillows are made of soft fabric and padding made of 100% polyester, which will support your baby's head and neck in ultimate comfort. The head support pillow is easy to clean. You can wash your hands or use a machine. The whole pillow can be washed. It's convenient for busy moms. They hope you are getting the best value. They are committed to your satisfaction. They hope you are happy with your purchase. Feel free to contact them if you have a problem. They hope you are getting the best value. They are committed to your satisfaction. They hope you are happy with your purchase. Feel free to contact them if you have a problem.

Brand: Jitejoe

👤I was looking for a head support for my baby that wasn't going to make her sweat and actually hold the head up, and this pillow support is perfect. She doesn't sweat or cry with this.

👤My baby girl finally got her old pillow, but the dust. I knew I wouldn't be able to find a pillow like hers. I started searching on Amazon. I ordered this product and it was amazing. It is cute. It is very soft and comfortable. My baby doesn't like sitting in her car seat until I order it. She slept in her car seat while I worked. She was not tense. She doesn't cry when I put her in a car seat. It made to go around the car seat restrains. This product is very good.

👤The pillows are soft and not overly filled, but do wish it had a way to attach to the safety straps that hold the child in the stroller.

👤I thought it would be a little thicker on the sides for comfort and support, but it's not comfortable enough to support her head if she falls asleep.

👤I bought this for my daughter because she was uncomfortable in her seat. The head rest has made a big difference in her swing and car. The flat spot on the back of her head has been helped by it. I will use this until she grows out of it.

👤It works well. When my daughter fell asleep, we used it in her swing. She can rest her head on the pillow and keep her neck straight. My daughter doesn't seem to mind that the material could be softer.

👤I love this little pillow, I go for a run almost everyday, and I get this pillow to help my little one sleep better, because she was hurting her neck from falling asleep and I got this pillow to help her.

👤This was the perfect solution for the bouncing head of the granddaughter. This item is recommended to every parent or grandparent. It's cute.

3. Dollox Headrest Pillow Memory Support

Dollox Headrest Pillow Memory Support

Did you know that the outer pillow cover is made of soft andremovable velour fabric? You can put the pillow cover in the washing machine. The car neck pillow has an ergonomics design that fits your body curve and provides support to your neck, shoulder and head. It reduces the chance of you developing neck pain while driving or sleeping in a long trip. The car/ chair headrest pillow is made of high density memory foam, it will get back to normal after you fold it into any shape, it is very convenient to carry. It's soft and doesn't smell, so you will feel comfortable and relaxed. This neck support pillow is suitable for use in cars, office, home, and E-sports clubs for people who will sit for long time. It's useful for passengers, office workers and game players to rest and sleep on the seats and chairs. It's a good idea to put it on the desk and use it to rest or sleep. The cloth cover with smooth surface treatment won't hurt your skin. The back of the cover has a zip which makes it easy to take the memory foam out and clean the cover. The head resting pillow has an elastic band and clips on the back of the headrest, it can be secured tightly on the seat, and you can adjust the height of the headrest. You can put the memory foam in your bag, it's very light.

Brand: Dollox

👤I spend hours on my computer doing homework then spend hours in front of a computer at work and this pillow has definitely helped with the stiffness in my neck. The design helps keep my body in a straight line. It's a useful product for home, work, and the car. I plan on buying a second one so I don't have to move it from my car to my desk chair. All in a great product.

👤Buy it. It's 20 bucks. I bought another one because I liked it so much. My arm numbness went away because I am now keeping my neck straight while I sleep, relax, and drive. I bought another one because I was tired of dragging this little guy around. When my husband isn't looking, I'll probably buy one more. I sleep with this pillow, it's very good.

👤I had a major neck surgery a few years ago and lost a lot of mobility in my neck, this pillow has made a world of difference for me. It allows me to drive and sit with my neck supported, and has given me some comfort. Great product.

👤This didn't work for me. Someone with a more slender neck might want to be better.

👤My girlfriend friend has a neck problem. It helped us quite a bit. I have a 1970 muscle car with a bench seat. It is a little loose fitting due to the design of the car.

👤The back wasn't thick enough to touch my neck, so this didn't work. I think someone else bought it and thought the same thing and decided to return it. There was a sweat stain in the middle of it.

👤I used to bring a neck pillow with me on long distance trips and have to remove it every time I got off the car. The neck pillow can be tight on the seat. It is very convenient and comfortable.

👤I am short so this is a little high. It works well when you recline the seat a bit and pull down the pillow. It supports your neck and keeps your head from wobbling in the car.

4. Adjustable Infants Support Children Protection

Adjustable Infants Support Children Protection

Holds baby's head in the car seat so that his head doesn't fall forward or to the side. The baby pillows are made of soft fabric and organic cotton. The age of the baby soft head support is about one year old and it has a velcro fastening so it can be adjusted as the baby grows. The child's head is more comfortable and the cushions are in place even in the event of an accident. It works with most car seats and strollers. It works with most car seats and strollers.

Brand: Stohua

👤It was comfortable for my little one. Magnet on chin area is useless for what it is intended for. Mickey is spelled wrong.

👤Great product. The baby is easy to clean because her head is open.

👤Infant car seat carriers that offer minimal to no head support are perfect for swings and bouncers.

👤She tends to fall asleep when I buy her a car. The item was smaller than expected and the velcro that joins the 2 sides doesn't have a good grip. I sewed it together to keep it connected.

👤Baby's head gets squeezed because of the amount of space he takes up. Not the best design.

👤The kids can fall forward even though it is comfortable.

👤It keeps my baby's head in place. It's close to his ear. His neck is not hanging in that angle. The design is not as sturdy as I would like and it is wobbly due to the valco fastening. The cushions are soft to the touch but firm enough to keep his head in place.

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👤Ich ist mal benutzt. Es ist unpraktisch. Is it entuscht? So empfehlenswert.

👤The baby is 4 years old. Monate alt und es ist, er hat es insgesamt hat, um es weggemacht.

👤In der Beschreibeung, there is a Bio Baumwolle. So riecht es. Fhler ist. Zurckschicken kostest at 3.50

👤Leider in the babyschale is optimal.

5. TravelMate Pillow Version Memory Color

TravelMate Pillow Version Memory Color

Cuddle Soft can be machine washed for convenience. Extra compensation for drivers. The TravelMate car neck pillow is designed to give you the support you don't have with the factory installed headrest. It provides additional support for your neck and head and helps improve posture while driving. The U.S. has a patent. It's great for a long trip. The memory foam construction and compact design mold make it possible to maintain neck support. If you ever want to take a nap at a rest area along the freeway, just attach their pillow to the headrest and adjust your seat to a reclined position, you will be surprised how much more comfortable you can be! It's perfect for home or travel. The easy installation of this car neck pillow makes it great for use in your daily drive. You can install it easily with the strap. It is recommended that you use the chimerACTOR. Their car headrest pad is designed to support your head and neck while you drive. Proper spine alignment can help reduce muscle and joint pain. To keep your TravelMate car neck pillow clean, they have installed a plush velour cover that is easy to install and machine wash.

Brand: Travelmate

👤Click the HELPFUL button if you find this review helpful. Sometimes your neck doesn't touch your car seat, so you have a sore neck. This item could help reduce the pain. 1. The item has memory foam that will support your neck and reduce neck pain. 2.Installation If your car seat has head rest space that is higher than your neck, then you should not buy it, you will have to adjust it every time. You just slip it in and it's done. It is a giftable. It is a great gift to give, but you should check the head rest if the driver's neck will reach the space between the seat and the head rest. It is great to have, it can even relax you.

👤I turned my head back in my car because it was killing my neck at the stupid forward angle. I have to drive with my seat in the most upright position or my back will hurt, but the headrest makes that impossible at the factory default. I turned the headrest to the right to make it too far back. This is a pillow. The extra padding on this pillow makes my head feel comfortable. I mean comfortable. I feel like I'm in a good place when I lean back against this. I would buy again.

👤The reviews here will make you crazy if you read them before you make a purchase. Some say it's too big, others say it's too small, and others say it doesn't provide enough support. The problem is that the efficacy of this product is going to vary depending on the model of the car, the style of the headrest, and the height and size of the user. I have found this to be all of the above under different configurations. It's a wonderful thing when I get it right. Since they were designed for people with longer torsos, no car headrests have ever been comfortable for me. The solution for me is to use it in conjunction with a memory foam seat cushion and then to extend the head rest so that some of the neck pillow rests against the metal poles which fills in that dead. I am able to rest my head against the wall. It's worth it to deal with the headrests that are only adjusted for height if you are taller than the average person. If a company were to create pillows that would allow me to rest my forearms on the armrests, I would not have to sit down.

👤I have had back problems my entire life, including a lower back fusion as a child, and have an odd posture because of it. I was trying to find a solution that didn't involve getting seats custom made for my car, because sitting in my car seats for long periods of time make the problems worse. This was a great purchase. I needed something to fill the gap between my head and the rest of my body, which would not fall down on my lower back when I moved. This worked well and is very comfortable. I recommend it for people who have back or neck problems, or just for people who want added comfort for their neck in their car seat. When you don't want to use it, you can either move it away or shift the height. Highly recommended.

6. COOLBEBE Support Pillow Newborn Toddler

COOLBEBE Support Pillow Newborn Toddler

The sandwich mesh fabric liner is perfect for hot days and has a clever nested design. CoolBEBE is made for long-term use and is ultra- soft to the touch. The recommended age is for all-around body support for infants, from birth to 10 kilograms, with the inserts providing more room for larger babies. The two head supports combo is perfect for spring/autumn and is perfect for all carriers, car seats, and strollers. The COOLBEBE Portable Changing Pad is easy to remove and machine wash, it is easy to clean. If you have any questions or suggestions, they will get back to you within 24 hours. If you have any questions or suggestions, they will get back to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Coolbebe

👤I bought this because I thought it would be more comfortable for my baby as a newborn, but when I got out of the hospital, they said the insert was unsafe and wouldn't let me leave.

👤I had issues with my baby's head falling over. I have to ask my 5 year old if she is okay. Is she breathing? All the time. She would cry when I put my baby in her carseat. I put my little into the insert and she fell asleep. I changed and fed her before we left. She found it comfortable. I bought a backseat mirror to see her and the whole drive was in place. It's very soft and I don't have to worry about her getting killed. You could spend the best money. No more rolled up blankets.

👤I ordered this before I knew the safety rating was nulled by adding any type of addition to the car seat. If it came with it at purchase, don't add anything to your car seat. I bought this to make the car seat a little more comfortable but it made my boy super hot and sweaty even with the infant part removed. He was taken out of the seat after he screamed inconsolably. I was disappointed with this insert because I didn't know how safe it was to add things. Will be back. The reviews are true. Don't be like me and think it will be okay. It didn't seem cheap.

👤It was a nicely made product and seemed to work well. I thought it would work with the britax safe cell. If it fit, I would have liked it.

👤The "cooling pad" is a joke. My daughter started screaming five minutes from home after we drove back from grandma's. She wore a t-shirt onesie, pants and socks in a car. I pulled her out and she was very hot. I'm trying to keep her cool. I might have to take her to the doctor. If you live in a warm area, do not buy.

👤I had a preemie and did I suffer? This was a game-changing event. I was comfortable taking him home. He was released from the hospital at 5 lbs. The material is nice and fluffy in the right areas and the head part was snug around his small head. If you have a small baby, this will give it security, and even when he grows, you can take the white part and still fit.

👤Not safe at all. The straps in the carseat and the holes for the straps in the insert don't come close to lining up, even though the description states it can be used in a car seat. The insert is larger than the straps. The only way to make it work is to bunch up the fabric of the insert under the baby's back or pull the straps out to stretch around the insert. My car seat is a graco snugride. Returned unsafely. I am trying to add a picture, but I am not allowed to take a picture.

7. Travel Pillow Support Sleeping Airplane

Travel Pillow Support Sleeping Airplane

Soft support material made of silver fox texture plush velour is fine soft, not pilling, not fade, it is suitable for adults and kids. The pillow cover is easy to clean. Their pillow is constructed with high quality memory foam. The foam supports the head and neck. It's easy to collect in the Pillow storage bag. The rear hump shape fixed to the spine is designed to prevent the head side slip and reduce the amount of bone pressure. The rope design is easy to adapt to a variety of body size, and it is ideal for cars, by plane, travel and at home. WARRANTY A 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered by TallGo. If you are not satisfied with their product or service, please contact them. They can either give you a new product or a refund.

Brand: Tallgo

👤During my septoplasty recovery, this pillow was my life partner. It was always there for me, soft and supportive. I look for at least 70% of what I look for in a potential mate. I liked the clips and the string thingie. Great pillow!

👤I like this product. It is nicely packaged. It only takes a second. I bought this item for my husband so he could use it at home while he recovered from his heart surgery. It keeps his neck and head supported while he sleeps on his back in a slightly inclined position, and it has been very helpful. The memory foam is cushiony and he is more comfortable because of it. He loves it and it is always close to his side. I highly recommend this product, it is excellent quality at an amazing price point. I need to order one for myself.

👤It's good for traveling by air or car. It is very small and has a bag for storage. The soft velour exterior feels nice. - Good head and neck support is provided by the memory foam inside. The neck enclosure has a rope buckle. It is inexpensive. This will be used for family trips and both adults and children will use it. I think that more adjustment is needed for smaller necks.

👤This is the best pillow I have. The fabric is soft and nice. It will work well for my neck needs. It's more comfortable than those pillows. I use this pillow when I sit in my recliner. Sometimes when I fall asleep, the neck pillow helps me sleep. This pillow supports you. I like that it's small enough to fit into a travel bag. It's a good idea to compress into a ball so easy to storage and it has a machine cover and memory foam that gives a lot of support. It's great for recliner, car and airplane, it's cheap, and it's a good cover, but I don't have a neck pillow before. I think this is too big for me at the beginning. I knew how to use it after using it a few times.

👤I ordered the pillow to see if I could sleep soundly after being up all night and early in the morning. It did not fail. I have a lot of health issues that make sitting up painful. I lay mostly and it was hard to sit through the flight. I slept on this pillow during each flight. I don't think I would have been able to rest without it. The neck pillows they sell at the airport are very supportive and soft, but so much more comfortable. If you are traveling, recommend it. It is so comfortable that I sometimes use it laying on the couch.

👤The one we received in the last order was not the new one you sent us. One of the two neck-headrests we ordered was not good. It had already been used before. The worst part about this is that my wife did not open the zip on the outside cover to verify the material inside... I used a faulty one on four flights. I should have known it from the beginning, because it was not the same bag as the other one, and I didn't feel comfortable with it. This is the first time that this has happened to us, and we buy a lot from Amazon. There is no chance that Amazon could check the products they ship to us. I am worried about that neck-headrest. Where are these headrests made? Are they from China? I have had good days and bad days. There are symptoms of COVID 19 reoccurring. We have to take four more flights in March, but I can't wait to be vaccine free. I am on a waiting list to get the vaccine in Florida, but have yet to get a date for it.

8. Adjustable Buluby Accessories Driver Passenger

Adjustable Buluby Accessories Driver Passenger

To keep your TravelMate car neck pillow clean, they have installed a plush velour cover that is easy to install and machine wash. The car headrest pillow can be adjusted upward, downward, forward, and backward according to different heights. There is always a position that suits you. This neck support pillow is perfect for the driver's seat or the front passenger seat with the cylindrical headrest posts that can be raised and lowered. The 3D Concave Curved Surface can be used to relieve long-term driving fatigue, reduce neck pressure, and provide you with a relaxed, comfortable, and safe driving experience. The car neck pillow passed a strict collision test. The combination of high density soft suede cloth and pure slow-rebound memory foam absorb impact and make driving safer, which is of high quality and worry-free. The installation of the neck support pillow can be done one-click without using any tools. The metal cylindrical poles are not suitable for use in car headrests. The package includes a car headrest, base brackets, and rubber pads, as well as a product manual and friendly customer service.

Brand: Buluby

👤A brand new Land Rover. The seats are terrible. My head is pushed forward by the headrest. I complained about the headrest pushing my head forward. I adjusted the Buluby to cradle her neck in desperation. The sun came out, the clouds parted, and the wife smiled. "This is wonderful!" she exclaimed. This really is wonderful. It's so comfortable. Highly recommended.

👤I've wasted a lot of money on headrests and couldn't find anything that suits me until I found this. This is the best fit for me and I have been waiting for it for a long time. It can be adjusted in 4 different directions.

👤The neck pillow is made well. The memory foam is very soft and comfortable to wear. It's easy to adjust to. If you have issues, take it off the poles and install it again. The product looks good. The customer service team reached out to me after I had an issue with the product. I will definitely purchase from this company again in the future, I highly recommend this neck support.

👤The design of my headrest is bad. This fits better than I have found before. It is not stable and moves a lot. I drive a car.

👤A couple years ago, my husband bought a fancy truck. I'm miserable every time I ride in it. I have been on a couple cross country trips and have been sitting for hours. When I'm sleepy, the head rest hits on the back of my head and pushes my head forward with no cushion or support behind my neck. I have a trip coming up. I said no more. I tried a few things, but fell every time I moved. I ordered this. Why didn't I find this sooner? A life saver! It's soft and flexible. It would be great if it adjusted downward a bit more. This thing has saved me, I'm not complaining.

👤It is comfortable and I like that it is changeable but it is not made for short people. I am 5 ft. and even the lowest setting isn't low enough to allow me to sit in the nape of my neck. I will have to sit on a cushion. It is too late for me to return it. If you are taller than me, you will love it. You should be prepared to come up with alternative solutions.

👤It would be a good idea for everyone to get this for the driver's seat. It looks very organic to my interior. I noticed on the 'bad' reviews that it's not always high or low enough for me. It's important that you adjust your head rest properly to help protect you in a crash, because the lowest setting is not generally correct. Most seats have height adjusted bottom cushions on the driver's seat to better fit different sized drivers. Check for support controls as well. Like almost all cars, the Q7 has zero support for your neck/C-spine region. The shape of this product makes it very easy to modify to your liking. It makes a huge difference for me on short trips and long trips if I have it mounted to the seat. I cover the cover with a small microfiber towel when it gets dirty, or when I change it out weekly. I will buy one for our other car as well.

9. Dreamer Car Adjustable Balanced Headrests

Dreamer Car Adjustable Balanced Headrests

If there is a product defect, please contact them for a free replacement or full refund. You don't have to worry about the after-sales problem. The solution to your uncomfortable car seat problem is a neck support pillow car pillow for driving seat, which fills in the empty space between your car seat and your neck. Drive in comfort, not pain, because long time driving without neck rest can lead to pressure points in your neck area. Slow rebound memory foam is used in the Anzhixiu head pillow car headrest. The pressure on your neck caused by driving is absorbed by their headrest pillow car neck support. The small neck pillow car seat headrest is more humanized than other neck rest for car head rest with one strap. The machine-washable cover of the car seat pillow made of updated polyester fiber material is more durable than the car seat neck pillow before it, and the Inner cover protects the memory foam core. If your soft neck pillow neck support for pain relief is a defect, they will give you a free replacement or full refund.

Brand: Anzhixiu

👤It worked well in the Ford F-150 and the AUDI A6. I am a female. After reading all the conflicting reviews, I decided that it was too big. I was wondering how the product is. I liked it a lot. The clip in the back is my favorite feature. It can fit every headrest. It worked well for a road trip as a passenger. The pillow is soft enough to fit behind the neck and firm enough to keep its form. I keep it in the audi because it is comfortable and I can have my hair up.

👤This product works well for us. The front head rests on the Mazda are very painful for the driver and passenger. The factory head rest pushes our heads too far forward, so raising or lowering the head rests doesn't make a difference. The solution is: Remove factory head rests and put them into seats. Add this car neck pillow for comfort and safety. The cover zips off for washing if needed and I loved the vacuum-packaging. The pillow is made of high quality materials and the strap is made of stretchy elastic with a plastic clip. We are looking forward to our next road trip.

👤I have tried several neck pillows on Amazon and I think this one is the best. The over all shape of the pillow hits all the spots needed for the neck and upper shoulder area. The top part of the cushion has an area that allows you to place your head in it. The area below the shoulder area becomes sore when pillows are too thick. The head is in normal position while supporting the pillow. The cushion is soft and comfortable. I find only one thing that I don't like. Leather pillows are more cooler than fabric pillows.

👤I bought head pillows to attach to my Dodge Charger's head rest because of the seat settings I use, which can cause the car's power to throw the head backwards. I know when I'm about to punch it, and that's all. It's a big deal for my passenger, who gets thrown backwards. This was the only one of the pillows I bought that I thought would be worse. It turned out to be the most comfortable and unrestricting of them all. It sits in the gap between the head rest and the upper shoulders of the seat, and no more makes my passengers uncomfortable when I hit the throttle. 100% deserves a 5* rating for its simplicity and comfort.

👤I saw a Chiropractor for the first time in my life after I got in a car wreck and my kids were not trained on how to drive. Getting in a car with a weird curve to the seat was not good. The adjustment made a small gap between my neck and the car seat disappear and allowed me to drive home feeling better. It is about the right size between my neck and the seat. Provides some support without beingobtrusive. I would recommend and buy again.

10. Newgam Car Pillow Ergonomic Design Obsidian

Newgam Car Pillow Ergonomic Design Obsidian

100% high rebound memory foam. The arched wings protect the neck and effectively support the neck, make long-distance driving more comfortable, and the headrest is more suitable for the neck. Sports and Breathable Fabric and 100% Pure Space Memory Cotton Pillow Core are made from 100% Pure Space Memory Cotton. The car neck pillow cover is machine washed. There are elastic bands and clips on the back of the headrest that are easy to install. The elastic band can be adjusted to make the pillow better fixed on the seat. Slow down the vehicle acceleration and deceleration, especially slow down the spine injuries in rear-end accident moment, can effectively support the caudal spine. Risk-free purchase, 30 days hassle free return policy, 12 months product after-sales support. Let your shopping be done with confidence.

Brand: Newgam

👤I chose this pillow because it had 5 stars. When I'm cruising, I'm straight chillin. In the perfect position, so comfy and supportive. I pay close attention to my posture and try to be aware of all of the tension that builds up in your neck, shoulders, and head from sitting hunched over at a desk, leaning on your arms, or looking at your phone, and my head being off of the headrest. The pillow has helped me to release the tension in my neck and shoulders, even when I'm not driving, and I can feel that benefit carry over through the day even when not driving. Real game change.

👤I have a curved neck and it gets very sore. My neck doesn't reach the headrest of my car because it's so curved and I need something to rest it. I've tried small pillows and a product I purchased on line that was supposed to do the trick, but this is the first thing I've had that works perfectly. I can drive again in comfort.

👤I started getting neck pain that was halfway down my back because of the amount of driving I did recently. I ordered this pillow out of desperation and it has cleared my neck pain completely. It takes a little getting used to but once you do, you forget. I bought this in the summer. I understand why some reviewers say it's hard. It's firm in warm weather but soft in cold weather. It doesn't bother me, but other people might want to keep this product in their house so it doesn't get cold.

👤I do a lot of driving and neck pain is a problem for me. I have tried a lot of products and the first day or two I got deafness, I would return the product. The same thing was true with this product. I was not surprised when I still had neck pain after the first couple days. I grinned and bore it for a few days and now the rest is so comfortable and supportive that I no longer have headaches while I drive. I think there is an exclamation point in the beginning. I will buy this for my husband and mother.

👤I felt compelled to write a review for this place. The back of my head doesn't fit my Toyota corolla's configuration. My head is kept from being pushed forward by this pillow. It's the best product I've purchased in a long time.

👤This is one of the things I like to buy on Amazon. I wish I'd found this a long time ago. The support is amazing. I have an old neck injury that has turned into arthritis and this car pillow makes driving enjoyable for me. I love it! It's too much to say about it. Buy it!

👤I can't stay awake on long car rides. I have a sore neck and fall asleep at night. No more! I prepared for a 10-hour car trip by installing this on the passenger side front seat. I had to lean the seat back a bit to make the pillow hit my neck. I woke up with no neck pain after getting the seat right.

11. Car Adjustable Headrest Support Leather

Car Adjustable Headrest Support Leather

It's perfect for the car seat. It's what your car was missing. It helps to give support to you while you are driving. It's perfect for the driver seat and passenger seat. The car headrest pillow can be adjusted upward, downward, forward, and backward according to different heights. There is always a position that suits you. This neck support pillow is perfect for the driver's seat or the front passenger seat with the cylindrical headrest posts that can be raised and lowered. The 3D Concave Curved Surface can be used to relieve long-term driving fatigue, reduce neck pressure, and provide you with a relaxed, comfortable, and safe driving experience. The combination of high-density soft PVC leather and pure slow-rebound memory foam can effectively absorb impact and make driving safer. The EU ROHS certification, which is of high quality and worry-free, is one of the certifications that the car headrest has. Installation is quick and easy. The installation is easy to complete without using any tools. Please note that metal poles are not suitable for use in car headrests. The package includes a car headrest, base brackets, and rubber pads, as well as a product manual and friendly customer service.

Brand: Buluby

👤Like it. First impressions of the product are very well made. It's easy to install. I am worried that the brackets will not hold up for long as they seem flimsy. I have a bad neck and this product makes my drives more comfortable. I would love to get a passenger seat, but it is so expensive I am just going with driver side. Definitely recommend.

👤It works perfectly with my Toyota Venza, which has high shouldered seats. I was able to find a perfect position for pressure on the back of my neck with the four-way adjustability. I like the way it is attached to the posts of the headrest with spring-loaded U clamps, and even includes shims for different post sizes. I appreciate the quality control and engineering, but I didn't need them.

👤I liked this headrest. I am too short for it to fit at my neck level. The item was of excellent quality.

👤I thought it was over-engineering, but I have come to appreciate them. Quality and price are nice.

👤Will only work on upright posts. The Q7 head rest ports are very thick. Had to come back. Not recommended.

👤I have had them for a short time and the padding is smashed down so you can feel the plastic underneath and the cover is starting to wear out.

👤The item does not fit well. I was disappointed and ordered 2. Didn't use either one. Anyone would like to buy it from me.


What is the best product for car seat pillow neck?

Car seat pillow neck products from Qbuc. In this article about car seat pillow neck you can see why people choose the product. Jitejoe and Dollox are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat pillow neck.

What are the best brands for car seat pillow neck?

Qbuc, Jitejoe and Dollox are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat pillow neck. Find the detail in this article. Stohua, Travelmate and Coolbebe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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