Best Car Seat Pillow for Back Support

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1. Cushion Lumbar Wheelchair Back Adjustable

Cushion Lumbar Wheelchair Back Adjustable

The carrying handle and machine-hygiene cover are included. The cover adds more cushion and comfort. The coccyx pillow is 18” x 14” and the lumbar pillow is 12.5” x 5. The cushions come with a three-year warranty and satisfaction guarantee. SITTING COMFORTABLY: The Memory Foam Seat Cushion and Lumbar Support Pillow will help to relieve sciatic pain, lower back pain, and injured tailbone pain. A premium quality memory foam cushion could be used to improve bad posture and relieve leg pains, while driving or sitting for long periods, enhancing your comfort while retaining its density. It supports your lower back's natural curve and promotes a healthy posture. U-shaped orthopedics reduce pressure on the coccyx and prevent sore muscles from sitting. Non-sLIPBOTTOM and easy to clean, comes with a longer belt to fit larger seats, and a velvet cover with a zip for easy cleaning. There are subcategories for certain use situations: home, sofa, office, car, truck, stadium, bleachers, wheelchair, armchair, and so on. The ideal gift for individuals that suffer from lower back pain and sitting for long hours, such as an office clerk, taxi/truck's driver, game player etc.

Brand: Sanfayzz

👤The seat pad is not deficient in any way, but the seat of my office chair is already super robust, so the pad is just kind of icing on the cake. It is nice. The back pad has changed the game for me. The mesh back seems to be the new home for the higher end desk hairs. I agree that the mesh backs do provide nice floating support without being super hot, while seated with proper form at the back of the chair. How often does anyone sit in their desk chair? That is how often. This back pad provides some additional support to my spine while I work in a posture that feels natural, as opposed to proper posture. It isn't a cure, but it is a nice bridge, as I still tend to scoot further up in my chair than this pad extends when I really get into the zone. It allows me to at least start working and return to a position that doesn't feel awkward. It is not as hot as I expected from covered memory foam, but it is not as soft as an open mesh back. It is a happy medium. The exception to the temperature is when I pulled this from my office chair. I changed my shirt when we arrived at our destination. It was worth it. Usually, by the end of any hour+ road trip, my back hurts so bad that I can't walk for a while. That was resolved by this pad. Maybe I needed a good sweat suck. This set is great. I recommend it!

👤After sitting for an hour on my wooden chair, I needed cushion relief and the seat cushion was placed backwards. I ordered a set that included a memory foam cushion and a back/lumbar support. Both of these worked well. The strap on the chair is snug enough to keep the cushion in place, even though I use it more for my mid to upper back. The seat cushion has the right amount of thickness and is comfortable. I can see how comfortable I would be if I placed it on an already padded chair, instead of the solid wood chair I am currently using. The memory foam on the chair keeps it in its proper shape as I get up, and this allows me to sit on the chair for hours without any pain. Both are packaged in the same box, and don't require additional time to use, unlike some memory foam pillow type products. I was able to use them immediately after they were out of the box. I think this is a good set, it fits my needs perfectly. The seat cushion has a cover for removal and washing. The quality of construction appears to be above average, and it is holding up well in the time that I have used it. It is recommended. It was made in China.

👤These were appreciated for a week. Three full weeks of using it daily is just a disappointment. Even though my chair is wide, it's not very secure because the cushion has a strap. Over time, the strap loosens and the cushion drops into the seat. I have to adjust it when I sit down. The seat cushion is not any better. I'm sitting in it and it slides off the seat. My friend sat in my chair and said that she was going to skip onto the floor. She had two knee surgeries in the last few years, so she avoided sitting. I didn't experience it until this week, and this week the seat cushion has nearly completely flattened. The image was still supportive when it was attached. When I sit on it, it is almost completely flat. I work from home so I'm often sitting for hours everyday and on the weekend, so they've experienced the amount of wear that would've taken me a long time to accumulate. I work at home now and was looking for something to make sitting more comfortable. This isn't it.

2. Anzhixiu Lumbar Support Design Curve

Anzhixiu Lumbar Support Design Curve

Could you see what I'm talking about? Stay connected and supported. Experts say that the upgraded support pillow helps you stand up straight and tall, and it will help you look 10 lbs slimmer. Say goodbye to the conventional support for the car. Too Much: Most of the pillows on the market are too thick to fit in the car seat, leaving less space to sit, which is uncomfortable for driving. The thin and light back support of the Anzhixiu car seat gives you back support, but also gives you more space. The car seat doesn't fit your back, but a new back support design can fit your body curve and car seat shape, improving comfort. Slow rebound memory foam car support will absorb the pressure from your back and spine while you are driving. It will promote the driving experience and reduce fatigue. Double straps keep your car seat's support from slipping off the seat, so you don't have to worry about your back pillow slipping off the seat. They will give you a free replacement or a full refund for any product defects.

Brand: Anzhixiu

👤I bought this for our passenger seat which does not have a back. After just an hour of riding, I was getting very uncomfortable and needed a solution. The pillows were too thick and difficult to fit in the seat. This pad fits the seat well and supports my back because it is full coverage. There is almost no support for the back in this pad. I stuffed padding to my desired thickness at my desired location.

👤My husband and I both have back issues, so I bought this for our Toyota Prius. We wanted a new one with top and side elastic because the elastic on our current one was not good. This didn't offer any real back support. I gave away. My mom doesn't need the lower back support that I need. It's great if you're just looking for something to wear on your back. If you need back support, this is not for you.

👤The Toyota corolla iM has a seat that curves my back in a way that causes back pain. I ordered the back rest that had the air bladder in it, but it felt like the middle of my back was balancing on a bottle of soda. I was hesitant to get this one because I thought the puffy parts on the side would stick out too much, but when I installed it and sat down, I couldn't believe it. It is perfect! It makes my posture perfect while I drive because it raises my back away from the seat in all the right places. It is so comfortable and soft. It is like night and day. I get out of the car and it feels great. I had to suffer for so long before I found this. It is not noticeable and is not ugly. It disappears against black car seats.

👤I needed something on my back so that I could sit up straight in my new car, and this is perfect. It is comfortable and has the right amount of space. Great product!

👤I tried several other support cushions and they were all too big and not comfortable. I was able to feel the pressure relief from my car seats when I sat down and tested it, they are very hard and have zero support. It might be what you're looking for. It doesn't look ugly like the other products.

👤It is a decent product. It was much better than the other car back support I had to send back for being too uncomfortable. It is ok. Some of the releases of my back pain are not perfect.

👤My husband's ribcage is wider than the bucket seats of our car. He wanted the seat to not crush on his sides so he needed something to take some of the depth out of it. The seats were made more comfortable by adding the perfect amount of thickness to the back.

👤I drive for a ride sharing service. I couldn't drive anymore because of my back pain after three years of driving nonstop. I was unable to feed my family. I settled for this device after trying many others on Amazon. Most of us are too heavy and they hurt your upper back because of the gap between the top of the device and the chair. This one hangs and gives a more uniform support. You want the device to hang, stay in place, and not be too heavy at the bottom. No more back pain this week. I don't do my daily exercises for back relief. I don't do them for days. If you buy this one, lie on your side, raise your leg, and move it back and forth twenty times, you will be fine.

3. TISHIJIE Memory Lumbar Support Pillow

TISHIJIE Memory Lumbar Support Pillow

100% risk free guarantee. They are committed to your satisfaction and hope you are happy with your purchase. When you click the Add to cart button, they will either send you a prompt refund or you will be satisfied. Recovering pain: The car lumbar support pillow is soft and comfortable, can alleviate the pressure on the spine when starting and braking the car, and can reduce the pain and tightness of the middle and lower back when sitting or driving for a long time. Premium quality memory foam. High density, odorless - never goes flat, a proper memory foam can be used to give you comfort and support, which can provide you relief from back pain while driving or work rest. Two elastic straps and buckles that pass the buckle through the gap between the seat and the back can be used to fix the back support pad on the car seat. 3D mesh cover can keep you cool and comfortable all day. It is easy to remove and clean the invisible zip up. You can adjust the optimal support position. It'sTILE: The back pillow is very comfortable. General SUVs, trucks, office chairs, computer chairs, armchairs, sofas, wheelchairs are great gifts for people who are sitting for a long time. Such as a truck driver. The customer service is reliable. If their back cushion doesn't work for you, they are willing to give you a new one for free or give you a full refund. The customer service is reliable. If their back cushion doesn't work for you, they are willing to give you a new one for free or give you a full refund.

Brand: Tishijie

👤Just what I needed. Most supports are too high for me. This is located at the lowest part of my back and helps on long drives. The stay put disks and straps keep it in place. I need another one for my truck.

👤I was initially impressed with the quality of this item and it would do the job. I only need a little push on my lower back because the car seats don't have lower back support. These are too thick and cause me to be pushed forward. It makes me feel like my thighs are too far forward. I returned them. I did the middle of the road with 3 stars because I was not sure how to rate them.

👤The retainer straps allow you to tuck the cushion into your seat. It keeps it from sliding. It's not as stiff as the traditional cushions, but it's still comfortable. The memory foam is very strong.

👤The back support did what it was advertised to do. I was having a hard time with my back and was only in the car for a short time. The product gave me the support I needed and took away most of the pain. Thanks for the inexpensive product.

👤I have two of these for over a year and a half and I use them all the time. I bought one for my car and another for my couch when I was working from home. I have that on the chair in my office. When I travel, I will buy another one here. This saves me from driving. I couldn't survive the long drives without this. I needed support at the base of my spine, and I noticed a lot of back support pillows that curve around it. If you rolled up a towel or had a similar shaped pillow, you would have a cylinder at the base. When I first bought them, they didn't have any reviews, so it was a bit of a gamble, but I'm happy they worked out.

👤I don't know how to rate it. I don't know if it's providing support or pain relief. Either that pain is helping me or it is not. It is firm but soft at the same time. I use it with my office chair. I tried to use it in a car. I think it's because I sit back more in the car, but the support pillow went flat in the car. It works better in an office chair. This type of product is hard to find. I don't want to send it back, but I don't want to try another one. I don't know how to attach this to my chair, so I'm constantly rearranging it. It falls when I get up. The smell was similar to what other reviewers said, but it went away after a day or two.

👤I didn't think this would eliminate my pain. I hoped it would support my lower back so I wouldn't hurt it when I got up from sitting. It does. It is a lot more comfortable now that it is sitting.

4. Wheelchair Sciatica Tailbone Washable Adjustable

Wheelchair Sciatica Tailbone Washable Adjustable

We Guarantee Satisfaction, if you buy it now with confidence, it will keep you comfortable and prevent back pain. The office chair cushion and back pillow combo are made of high density and premium durable memory foam, no odor and doesn't flatten or lose shape, kept original shape and soft comfort feel long time, fit including individuals weighing 250. The back cushion is designed to support your back's natural curve for proper spine alignment and to promote healthy posture. The offical chair seat cushion can be used to improve bad posture and relieve leg pain while driving or sitting for long periods, alleviating pressure from coccyx and tailbone. The chair pillow has a rubber bottom to ensure it stays in a seat and dual straps to keep it secure. The combo is suitable for any chair that can be used for office, computer, gaming, car, recliner, home, bus, truck,airplane or train. Their butt cushion is perfect for people with disabilities. It is easy to clean theRemovable mesh cover. All of their sitting chair cushions and pillows have a 30-day money back guarantee and a 12 months replacement warranty. It's a perfect gift for christmas, new years, mother's day, father's day, weddings and graduations.

Brand: Petocase

👤I've had a sore hip and low back since I started working from home. I'm sitting on a chair that is not intended for sitting for long periods of time. I don't have time or money to buy a good chair for home, and I need a floor mat since I'm on carpet at home. I got this set after reading a review that said they had a similar issue, and they gave this 5 stars, and I agree. Any movement on my left hip was painful. I got this pad over the weekend, put it on my chair, and it's now Wednesday, and I can move so much easier. I know this helped, but I don't know if it's because of this pad on my chair. I was going to buy a new chair, but I'm going to use this for now, in case I ever go back to work. It would be better to work in the office some days. Thank you to the person who said this helped on a wooden chair. I was very sore this week. I am a larger person and the support offered by this is great, and the padding has made a huge difference in just a couple of days. I recommend this for people who sit a lot at their job.

👤Very happy with the purchase. The seat cushion is thick. When you sit down, the memory foam will fit around your body, giving you plenty of support even for extended periods of time. There is a cut out in the rear of the seat so that your tailbone isn't pressed up against anything and the back cushion gives you support for your lower back. I can only sit for an hour or two before my lower back and tailbone start to hurt. I now have a wooden hightop chair in my studio that I can use to work without any pain or discomfort because the cushions are on. Highly recommended.

👤My work schedule requires me to sit in the office chair for long periods of time. I needed a cushion and support for my back. I was pleasantly surprised by the product. I used it for a week and it has been great, providing the right level of support needed. Would definitely recommend this product.

👤I have been suffering with the pain in my back. I'm happy I bought this. I don't know how I feel about the butt part. I think that's because I'm not used to being tall. I think that part is comfortable and will help me with my butt pain in the future. The top back part is heaven. I like it. I was using it so much that my regular tiny pillow started getting sore. Definitely recommend.

👤I have nothing bad to say about the product, but the shape in the back is too shallow and the cushion hurt my tailbone. The pieces look good and there are many positive reviews. I returned it because it wasn't the set for me.

5. Lumbar Support Double Layer Cushion Kingphenix

Lumbar Support Double Layer Cushion Kingphenix

A wide range application. Extra extension straps and a flexible strap. It's suitable for most of office chair, car seat, wheelchair, gaming chair, recliner, home chair or seat on a bus, airplane or train, perfect for drivers, teachers, students, people in a wheelchair, pregnant women, office workers etc. The support for the back of the neck can help you correct your sitting posture and relieve the pain of sitting for a long time. The radian can be adjusted from 5.3 to 7 inches using high-elastic straps, which can fit your back better. The mesh car back support uses double-layer mesh to keep you cool and dry. The install belt makes it easy to install the support for the chair. 99% seats, such as car, home, school, office seats, etc. Customer support and quality assurance of the cushion will be provided by the after-sales service. If you have any questions, they will help you.

Brand: Kingphenix

👤I love these back supports. They were what I was looking for. There is a strap to keep them in place on chairs, and they are a very sturdy mesh that allow my back to breathe. I'm glad to have them since they seem to be holding up well under daily use, especially since you get 2 of them in a set. It works great for me. I put this back support in my car because it made a huge difference in my comfort while driving. This helps with back support. I didn't expect it to have so much support, but it does. The area where my car seats don't support my spine is the perfect place to add lower back support. This product is well made and durable. I put another poet in my chair. It fits my entire back, that's a good thing because I'm tall and worry about will out of shape, but it's very sturdy. It's perfect for my office chair. It has 2PCS stripes on the back that can be adjusted to your liking. It might be the only product I've gone out of my way to recommend. You will be disappointed with this purchase.

👤I was very excited about this. My wife and I have back problems and it came in a two pack. The quality seems really good after they were received in a timely manner. They don't work, that's the reason for the one star. If you have a space between your seat cushion and your back rest in your car or truck, they don't work. When you lean back into my truck, the bottom part of the truck slides in between the seat cushion and back rest, providing zero support. I tried moving the clip higher. Didn't fix the issue. I have tried adjusting the strap in the back to provide more support to the area. There was no success. The bottom is still in between the seat cushion and back rest. We had a long drive this past weekend and this is very frustrating. I would be giving comfort and relief to my wife and I and all we were doing was trying to get comfortable. My wife took hers off. My back is not as good as hers. I thought any support was better than no support. I received very little support from this product. If you have back issues, please steer clear of this. It doesn't provide any relief. The memory foam ones work well. I was hoping for more. It's a waste of time and money.

👤I work in an office and drive to work almost every day. My lower back pain became obvious recently because of sitting too long. After trying a lot of lower back support products, I chose this product. The product was delivered on the third day. I used one of the mesh supports for my office and the other for my car. The product has a small buckle at the back that can be adjusted to fit at a comfortable degree, about 10 seconds to install. I found this product to be very helpful, I didn't feel too hot after sitting for two hours in my office chair and car seat. I enjoy this mesh suppport and have no back pain for a few days.

6. Orthopedic Backrest Breathable Wheelchair Recliner Ergonomic

Orthopedic Backrest Breathable Wheelchair Recliner Ergonomic

Their pillow is made from a soft material and has an ergonomics design that could help alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with lower back pain, injury, chronic condition, or simply add a little more support for those who sit for long periods at work or drive hours-long distances. The firm support, high-grade memory foam and cooling gel materials, and ergonomics are all designed to hold you in the correct position, alleviating pressure and stress on this sensitive area of the body. The High-Density Space Memory Foam is supportive of the lower back. The memory foam is ideal for all-day use, whether driving in the car, because it stays put, cradling both sides of your spine without feeling rock-hard. This back pillow is quick and easy to use. It is easy to install with the one-clip belt. Simply wrap the straps around the back of your seat and click the strap closed. It is as easy to disassemble. The Newgam office chair cushion is lightweight. There is a cover with extra inner cover. The back support is easy to disassemble. You just have to remove the fabric cover, toss it in the wash, and replace it when dry. The cover is easy to clean, so you don't need to worry about it. Extra inner cover is needed to keep it free of sweat and dust. It makes you feel comfortable all day. Risk-Free Purchase has a 30-day hassle free return policy. Let your shopping be done with confidence.

Brand: Newgam

👤I thought the product would be more than it is. It isn't large, so I was disappointed. I thought it would be more supportive. It wasn't. It is an ok support pillow. I should have read that word more carefully when I was looking at the description. It is not a good pillow. It has some support but not as much as I wanted. I decided to keep it since it will be better than nothing most of the time, but I think I need to look for something else.

👤I bought this for someone who is in pain all the time. He finds it very painful when he sits in a car for long periods of time. He has a padded pillow. It helps, but not completely. We opened it to test when I got it. It's comfortable to use and helps keep his back in a way that it can relieve some pressure. I recommend this to anyone who is suffering from pain. It has helped us, so maybe this can help those as well.

👤The product was delivered on time. The device came with a nice bag in case you want to take it with you. The product has been a great addition to my desk. I felt relieved after using this product. I will use one of these again. I will be buying more to use in my job and car.

👤It was very comfortable. Not hard. It was not a hard support cushion. I have hip and back issues after having a car accident, so I had to put it on my recliner seat. After using it, my back doesn't feel stiff the way it was, and I have no pain getting up, and it doesn't move around a lot, so I have to adjust it when I move in the Recliner. You can feel that the chair is helping you sit up straight. Not being able to wrap around the car seat may be a problem. It was a little expensive for the size, and I wish it was bigger. If it is a good fit and doesn't move too much, I might get another one for my car. If you're not looking for something too big, or if you're looking for something for your regular chairs or office chair, I would recommend it.

👤I had a basic cushion strapped to the back of my office chair which was cheap and didn't add much to the chair. Good products are always appreciated. I was looking for something more robust and premium than the product I saw, and I've seen a lot of cheaper solutions. I warn you that this cushion will probably push your bottom forward, but it will help to stop you from falling off your chair, if you are too deep in your chair. If you have a chair with a gap between the seat cushion and back, the straps may not completely secure the cushion and it may slip between that larger gap. My solution was to put a bunch of jackets and sweaters on the back of my chair, but it didn't solve the issue of the cushion falling through the chair. Maybe this product could have better ways to secure the cushion to the chairs. The size and bulk limits its utility beyond being thrown into car seats and similar chairs. This is very comfortable and it does alleviate most of the back pain I had before buying any back support products.

7. Villsure Wheelchair Breathable Ergonomic Orthopedic

Villsure Wheelchair Breathable Ergonomic Orthopedic

Risk-Free Purchase has a 30-day hassle free return policy. Let your shopping be done with confidence. The memory foam pillow is designed to mimic the spine curve of a human. If you spend a lot of time sitting and driving, this back support pillow will help relieve your lower back pain. The VivellSure office chair back cushion is made of high quality and precisely molded memory foam. When you lean on this support, it can take the natural shape of you back and curve perfectly, so as to soothe your fatigue. There is a wide range of applications, and there is an adjustment of straps to keep the chair in place and prevent the pillow from sliding down. It can be used in most office chair, computer chair,desk chair,armchair,couch,car seat,SUV,truck,wheelchair and recliner seat. The cover of the office chair is machine washable and Ventilated to keep your back cool. This premium quality office chair back support is a perfect gift for parents,office staff,teachers,drivers,students who sit for a long time. If you're not satisfied with their product, you can contact them and they will give you a satisfactory solution.

Brand: Villsure

👤The picture was not very bright, it was night time in my Jeep. The packing was great, I waited a few minutes after wrapping for the memory foam to fill out, then I tried it all, my couch, chair, seat in my Jeep, and I even took it on my flight. I suffer from pinched nerves and it helped with my lower back pain. I recommend this product to anyone who is sitting for long periods of time.

👤I bought this for my husband. He has a bad back because of his poor posture. This has helped support his back and encouraged him to sit up properly. Within minutes, it fluffed out. It's nice to know that it could be rolled up again. It's made from a dense memory foam and the outer fabric is soft.

👤I don't like sitting. I don't like to sit down. I don't like sitting because it hurts my back. You would think that I would be thin, but I am not. I saw this product and thought it was too good to be true, like all of the other seat cushions and whatnots that I have purchased over the years. The package was shaped like a tube. I was very aggressive. I didn't think it was possible for something comfortable to come out of such a package. I knew I had wasted money. I almost sent it back, but I didn't. I opened the package to try it out. What did I have to lose? There was no turning back when I opened the package. I was not going to get it back in. It started taking shape. It was fluffed up. I put it in a chair. My back has spasmed in the past, but for this first time, it didn't. It was comfortable, I was sitting. I was happy! I need to purchase a few more so I can have them at work, in the car, and at home. If you are on the fence, I would like to see you try it. It might be what you are looking for.

👤It is very different to work at home with this support. I had a lot of back pain and with this product I can have a proper posture at my desk. Does not clean quickly.

👤The good news is that the folded up tube was soft. After opening, it was expanded into shape. The scent went away after a day. It's similar to spandex, it's soft and stretchy, and doesn't get hot. The back pillows look a bit smaller than they are, but this one is on the smaller size compared to others. I've tried a few and the ones that are taller work better. It was very uncomfortable. The thin gray seam that goes around the entire pillow edges presses into your back. You can still feel the seam even with a T-shirt on and a bath towel over it. It won't be noticeable if the blanket is thicker over the pillow. I ended up getting a different back pillow that had no raised seam and was much more comfortable than the one I had. The back pillow only comes with one strap, like most others. The design of the couch has a padded back rest that runs the length of the couch and I need a vertical running strap to hold it in place. If the pillow has two horizontal straps, you can criss-cross them to create a vertical holding strap. It didn't make sense to always use extra padding when I could just get one with better ergonomics from the beginning.

8. SEG Direct Vibrating Support Voltage

SEG Direct Vibrating Support Voltage

It's very convenient. The triple-layer construction is made of superior materials that will protect your back. The combination of flexibility and support will help you keep cool. This pillow is made of premium memory foam and has an ergonomics design to conform to the natural shape of your body, brings maximum support and comforts to your back area. The vibrating function inside the pillow can help you to relieve fatigue, back soreness, and muscle tension caused by long-time working, watching TV at home, or long-distance trips. It works in the lower back. A built-in warm pad helps to relax your back and warm you up on cold days, especially suitable for girls and ladies on period. The pillow has a protection thermostat. Even if you forget to turn it off, the auto shut-off function will still prevent your waist and back from burns. You can use it with a 12V output voltage adapter in your car seat, it's needed to change the 110V wall adapter when in home or office. It's a good idea to take it with you on the subway or bus to make it easier on your back. You can use it with a 12V output voltage adapter in your car seat, it's needed to change the 110V wall adapter when in home or office. It's a good idea to take it with you on the subway or bus to make it easier on your back.

Brand: Seg Direct

👤It was perfect for what I was looking for. It is a good cushion for my back. I wanted something that would help relieve the pain in my spine. The low speed is perfect for what I wanted, but if I have a bad day the high speed is nice. I like the heat but it gets hotter than I like. I am not upset with it. It has a simple remote. I use this pillow everyday and I am very pleased with it. If you want to get rid of the pain in your back, I recommend it. It works quickly to give you relief. It gives great support to your region. Warm weather can help you warm up on cold days. Definitely a keeper.

👤The thing is a game-changing change. I have a short seat in my car and it has caused me to get sciatic pain when I drive too long. I bought this to make my seat less deep and the heat and massage functions are great additions. It is well worth the money.

👤I'm very disappointed. I was looking forward to a massage cushion. This one was perfect for me as it was both my home and my car. I use it today because I'm working from home during the Pandemic. I kept looking through the box, but there was nothing in it.

👤My back is hurting on long drives. I bought this hoping it would help. In the last three months, I have put 20,000 miles on it. At the end of my drive, I feel less stiff. The only complaint I have is that it is only a back support. I knew that when I bought it, so I can't knock it down. If my upper back tightens up, I just slide it up higher. I would buy another one if it died tomorrow. I like this.

👤Jack broke Sayed's power a couple weeks ago. I just got back to work and trying to do an exchange after having surgery, but the window is closed on Amazon. I hope the vendor sees this and can help.

👤It works well and is comfortable. You can adjust the vibration. I can say that my car has a heated driver seat with a sex toy. I can use the heat. If you use this seat for a car seat, make sure to adjust it.

👤After 2 months, it stopped working. The heat function won't work unless I'm there, which is a shame. The time frame for replacement is no longer. I'm out of money. I would love for the manufacturer to contact me and make it right with a replacement. No one has reached out to me after a month. buyer beware, SEG Direct has no customer service. The end of February is when no one has reached out to me. I'm stuck with another bad product. The product does wonders when it works, and all the reviews you see are within the first week. I want a product that works. Take my situation as a lesson. Do you want to go through this hassle?

9. Dreamer Car Headrest Designed Ergonomically

Dreamer Car Headrest Designed Ergonomically

This is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is not easy to fall off of their quality. There may be a few drops after a long time of use. It is normal. You can buy with confidence because each of their pillows has a pack of spare diamonds. Relieve fatigue from long distance driving by using a high density memory foam pillow that will absorb pressure from your back caused by driving, so you feel comfortable even in long time driving. The car neck pillow is very soft, so you sink into it, but it still fills in the space where your pillow tries to project your head forward. If you position the car seat correctly, it will provide enough side and back support. The car neck pillow and car back support look and fit like they were integrated with the car's seat, and the memory foam core does a great relief of the "burn" especially from middle/lower back that would develop after driving for long time. You can change the height of the car neck pillow with the help of the two straps built in. They will give you a free replacement or a full refund for any defect with your car cushions.

Brand: Dreamer Car

👤I wanted to like this product. Really. There are 3 problems. 2 of them are fundamental and the other is just an annoyance. 1. The back cushion foam is too soft. The length of the straps doesn't hold. 3. The side of the car seat that is difficult to adjust is the short side of the bottom strap. 1. The foam was too soft. There is a If you're buying this item to cure lower back pain, you need it to be supportive. Firm. The shape of the cushion is very good. The thickness is perfect. Not so thick that you lose the leg support from your car seat. The memory foam in the back cushion doesn't last very long, giving your back too little support. Higher density memory foam would be an improvement. Is it possible to make 2 pockets in the back cushion and use the same density memory foam for the thoracic and the back? That would be perfect. 2. The straps are elastic. There is a The cushion has two sets of straps, which is promising. The bottom strap is used to prevent the cushion from riding up. I was hoping this would allow me to fix the cushion. The top and bottom straps are pulling down. Turns out that both straps are very tight. Why would you use elastic straps when the purpose is to keep the cushion in a fixed position? The straps are very stretchy and allow the cushion to move too much, so a small amount of stretch might work out. I tried to pull the straps out of the seat, but the keepers wouldn't hold them, and the straps slipped back through the keepers after a few hours in the car. Making the straps out of non-elastic webbing with good keepers would be a huge improvement. 3. Buckle the location. On the bottom strap, the short side of the buckle is located on the side of the seat, next to the seat back which pivots at the seat bottom. It's difficult to adjust the strap length when the buckle is hidden. If you could make this side of the strap a few inches longer, you could adjust the strap length from the back seat. The neck cushion is great. The neck pillow may be ordered separately after I return the set. The foam density is perfect for the neck pillow and the elastic strap is not too bad.

👤I am SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are I need shoulder and back support for long car rides. I don't want to be in pain after a long day of driving. It is warm in the summer. It absorbs heat.

👤I have purchased others but this one was the most comfortable. It is very soft. It still fills the space where your head tries to project itself forward. The support is not stiff. I would give it more stars if I could. I have a lot of back pain and now I can drive. The seat cushion that starts higher in the back and goes lower in the front is dreamy.

10. Sleepavo Memory Cooling Cushion Office

Sleepavo Memory Cooling Cushion Office

Pay attention to the health of your family and give them a surprise on a holiday. It's suitable for office chairs, computer chairs, sofas, car seats, SUVs, trucks, wheelchairs and recliners. Sleepavo's back support and coccyx seat cushions are designed to help relieve pressure on your tailbone, lower back and spine while sitting. Sleepavo's back support and coccyx seat cushions are designed to help relieve pressure on your tailbone, lower back and spine while sitting. Sleepavo's back support and coccyx seat cushions are designed to help relieve pressure on your tailbone, lower back and spine while sitting. Sleepavo's back support pillow and seat cushion are made with premium 100% pure high density memory foam that won't go flat. The gel padding on the seat cushions keeps you cool and comfortable. The portable back cushion has two straps that can be adjusted to fit any seat. The gel seat cushion has a strap that can be removed to keep it from sliding. The extra-long straps are easy to attach to most car seats, desk and office chairs, airplane seats, wheelchairs, truck and bus seats, arm chairs, and even some sports seating. The carrying handle and machine-hygiene cover are included. The cover adds more cushion and comfort. The coccyx pillow is 18” x 14” and the lumbar pillow is 12.5” x 5. The cushions come with a three-year warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Sleepavo

👤I have a bad back and have never had an injury like the one I sustained a month ago. I tried everything I could to ease my pain. I mean it when I say you couldn't sit or stand up without feeling pain. I found this after that. I spent so much time in my car that it was causing me harm until I got this. I have had it for a few weeks and my tailbone is back to normal. If I sit without it for a long time, I still have pain, but it's nothing like what I was experiencing. This has allowed me to heal. This is the one, and not for nothing. I have a bigger butt than the average person and this cushion never deflates after sitting on it for a while.

👤Instead of buying a brand new office chair, I bought a brand new chair for just $45, and put the cushions on my cheap two year old office store chair. It feels like I'm sitting on a wooden plank when I take the cushions off my chair. I really like the product and I'm glad I bought it.

👤The seat isn't designed for me. I have a lot of pain in my spine. I thought sitting on the design of the cushion would help, and it actually worked in reverse. I can't walk after sitting at my desk for 45 minutes or so, but it is a well built cushion for an office chair. I use the back of the chair cushion. I use it for support on my lower back when I lay in bed watching tv, and I strap it to the back of my office chair. I won't buy it again because it's not for me. It is a good product.

👤I bought it for my boyfriend who has a sciatic problem. He said it feels great and it's very comfortable. He appreciated the straps for keeping him out of his car. He drives 45 minutes to and from work. He says it reduces pain and makes you feel better.

👤I wish I'd purchased this years ago. It supports my back and is comfortable. My coworker bought it for herself.

👤Cheap product. Good advertising but not good execution. This won't work for most office chairs because you will end up sitting too high and the support will push you too far forward. After awhile, it leads to more pain. It is good for a half a day, but not designed for the average customer.

👤It adds height to my desk chair, but it is very comfortable.

11. Orthopedic Tailbone Sciatica Pressure Washable

Orthopedic Tailbone Sciatica Pressure Washable

Premium memory foam has a long service life. It's suitable for any seats or chairs. There is a velour cover and mesh cloth. Excellent gifts for fathers day and friends.

Brand: Icozyhome

👤The product is helpful. I sit at a desk for 8 hours a day and I have a disease that makes it hard for me to walk. I've noticed a huge difference since I've been using this product. Sitting for that long makes it much more manageable because of the reduced pain.

👤I got this set to use on my office chair, and the gap in the seat cushion helps more than I had expected. The pressure is off my tailbone. I work as a call center rep and am blessed to have the opportunity to work from home, but I am not a good sitter and I am not a good worker. The cushion does not seem like it will go flat anytime soon, as I am 5'1" and five lbs over my normal weight. I think it would hold up well for anyone up to 165 pounds, but the seat cushion is not as wide as a standard airplane seat, so I am not sure how wide the booties would be. The support cushion has straps that are tighter than backpack straps. They are made of elastic so they can hug the back of the chair so there is no slippage. The seat cushion has no straps, which I think would improve the product to perfect, although it has a raised, rubber polka dots fabric on the bottom side, so it stays in place. The cushions have covers made of soft fabric that can be removed. The seat cushion has lettering upside down when the cushion is facing the right way. Waaahy? If not for the missing straps at the bottom and the letter on the seat cushion, the car would be a five stars.

👤I bought the product a week ago, but have been using it for a few days, and the strain on my lower back has decreased dramatically. I have had back problems for years and now have discs that are moving. The cushions help relieve the pain of sitting. The cushions are very comfortable and provide great support. I will be using the cushion on my trip.

👤This product is wonderful and I can now sit and read for a long time. I take it everywhere I go, even if I have to sit and wait at the doctor's office. I now enjoy sitting down and doing my work because I no longer have to lay down. I don't like the back support cushion that came with it, but my cat loves it, she gives 5 stars, thank you so much.

👤It's super comfy and doesn't go flat. I ordered a second one for home after purchasing one for work. It was worth every penny.

👤I bought these to help with posture and reduce fatigue from working on a computer for long hours. Adding the back cushion was too much for me, but the pillow worked in raising me up in the chair and better alignment. My husband is happy with the support for his chair. The size around his office chair can be adjusted by the stretchy straps. I received a card with the package that advertised a free gift if I left a review, but they decided not to give any more free gifts, so I got a coupon for a discount on another product from their company. I don't want to purchase another product because they didn't include a coupon. Not an honest company.


What is the best product for car seat pillow for back support?

Car seat pillow for back support products from Sanfayzz. In this article about car seat pillow for back support you can see why people choose the product. Anzhixiu and Tishijie are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat pillow for back support.

What are the best brands for car seat pillow for back support?

Sanfayzz, Anzhixiu and Tishijie are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat pillow for back support. Find the detail in this article. Petocase, Kingphenix and Newgam are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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