Best Car Seat Pad for Dogs

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1. Doggie World Dog Seat Cover

Doggie World Dog Seat Cover

No more dog car backseat covers that crack. Their 4-Layer Seat Protector is made from the latest materials and technology to combine amazing comfort, style, and safety into one cover that doesn't slip, slide, or leave dirt or scratches. Their seat covers for dogs are made from waterproof cotton and polyvinylchloride, which will protect your seat from punctures and pawprints. The dog seat covers for cars can be adjusted to fit all cars, trucks and SUVs. You can use their cover as a load cover with a maximum open size of 54" x 58" and extra side flaps if you want to. Their material is made of a top layer of 600D Oxford waterproof cotton and a middle layer of Oxford 210D with waterproof coating. You can either vacuum away dirt, hair, and mud or give it a quick wipe with a damp cloth. 4 heavy-duty headrest anchors and two seat anchors are needed to make sure your chair blanket is attached to his position. The non-slip base will keep your dog warm and prevent him from slipping on rough rides. The entire household can travel worry-less because of the seat belt opening. Would you like to ask a question, make a comment, or express a concern about your dog's back seat cover? Their team will be happy to help you.

Brand: Doggie World

👤This is a must do. I have a brand new 4runner and when I was about to get my puppy I was so nervous I was afraid to go. I don't know how I would deal with accidents because I have leather and poop. It's not an issue with this seat cover, it's easy to clean, and it's good for a puppy so she doesn't slide. wow Thank you! It was as easy as getting the dog in a bath, hose down the seat cover and let it dry, as I was going to the vet this morning.

👤DoggieWorld takes care of your needs. I had to swap for the bigger size because I measured wrong. They went out of their way to make sure I got what I needed. The fit of the Ford Super Duty was perfect and I was happy to get the XL. It is a tough product that will protect my back seat for a long time. I will not hesitate to buy from the store in the future.

👤As you can see, she loves her seat cover. It allows her to lie down with her back against the seat or towards the front, so that she won't slide onto the floor. I was happy with the quality, timeliness of delivery, the free seat belt attachment, the ease of installation, and the fact that it matches my orange Subaru Crosstrek. For the win!

👤I used this product with my previous car and it was great. I decided to use this product with my new car because I never had any issues with it. I took it out of the car to wash it and it was stained blue from the dots on the seat liner. My car is three months old and my protection didn't protect it, it ruined my seats. I've tried a number of products to remove the blue dots, but nothing works. Please tell me how I can fix this, as it did not protect my car at all.

👤Awesome cover! It fits my vehicle. The straps fit on my head rests. The cover doesn't shift positions while the dogs move around, and they incorporate a non-slip material. I would give an instruction manual that would detail the installation of the cover. It's pretty easy to figure it out, but I would suggest giving a detailed instruction manual. Great product!

👤Absolutely love it, it's very thick, durable and perfect for my Chevy extended cab.

👤The flaps on the side are my favorite part. This wouldn't fit a large car. It fit perfectly in my Mazda.

👤I wish I had read that the dog seat cover would leave black marks on my seats, which I was not able to get out of. I took my new car back to the dealership to have the detail guy get them out. He could not. The back of the cover has black plastic on it that rubs on the seat. Had I known that, I wouldn't have chosen it. I wouldn't recommend this product.

2. Kytely Waterproof Scratch Nonslip Backing

Kytely Waterproof Scratch Nonslip Backing

Kytely upgrade dog car seat cover is designed for all the backseats of standard cars, trucks and SUVs. It is possible to convert between hammock or bench coverage. Installation is easy with quick release clips. There are 4 sets of plastic clips that attach around the head rest and the cover. Their pet seat cover is designed to protect your entire backseat from messes and scratches. You don't have to worry about hair, scratches, water and dirt on your back seat while you travel. The back is made with 600D Oxford fabric and PVC material. The rubber backing and seat anchor design make the cover stay in place when you are driving, and it also guarantees the safety of your pets. SAFE & COMFORTABLE MATERIALSdurable 600D Oxford fabric + A grade PP cotton + Heavy-Duty waterproof + Anti-Slip PVC net to keep the pet seat cover in place even on leather seats and help your dogs stay in place cozily It's soft and comfortable because all the sides are filled with cotton.

Brand: Kytely

👤The clip broke while it was fastened to the headrest, and I loved it for the first hour. If the second one broke, I would throw away the money I want to buy it again. Our dog is 40 lbs and not like a big, heavy dog. 5 stars! Customer service offered me a replacement or a refund after contacting me. They handled the situation well. The rest of the seat is a perfect fit in my SUV, if you receive a car seat with a strong clip you will not be disappointed. I am ordering another one from the company because they stand behind their product.

👤We bought this dog seat cover a few months ago, before we went to Tennessee with our new corgi pup. It was easy to install and we were amazed that it covered the entire back seat. It protects our seats both front and back. The material is easy to clean and waterproof. It was easy to fold the seat cover back up, and it was also easy to clean it. It has openings for seat belt access. We were very happy with this purchase. This is the best one out there.

👤The seat cover is very high quality. It has a slip resistant underside. It works in my Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is a great price for this cover. Would recommend!

👤I have a dog that sheds and another that gets sick. I'm able to keep them in the back because I don't have to worry about fur or vomit. The fur sticks to the cover and doesn't fly. No issues with fit in my car. This covered my doors, but not the fabric. I'm able to shake it out and wipe it down when cleaning. I take it to the laundromat if I need to wash it because it's a little heavy for my washer. My fur babies make my life easier.

👤There was an update on 11/08/19. I have 2 large dogs, and the material does not last as long as I had hoped, it wears out after a few months. The straps that secure it to the headrests failed as well, and I was a bit disappointed in that. I would recommend a stronger one for dogs over 60 lbs. The material is not wide enough to fit a full size truck or a large sedan, and the cover is not long enough to cover the seat, leaving almost six inches of exposed seat on either side. It would work for a small car, but not for most large American sedans or trucks. Customer service was great, they issued a full refunds.

👤I have tried other brands and my dogs were not happy. You could see the fear on their faces. Dogs are in my backseat. 50 lbs and 100 lbs. They don't slide. I live in the country and have to drive slowly on dirt roads, so they can easily stay put with their heads out the window. The pad is easy to clean. It's easy to install. The flaps that go down the sides of the seats are very nice, as I have to lift my big guy in, so sometimes the dirt and mud would get on the seats, and he would get tangled with the old style I had that didn't have the flaps down the side. He doesn't get his feet caught on the edge anymore. I have found that the cover works well for putting dirty things in the back seat. I buy logs for my stove. They are made from wood particles. They make a mess. I can take them home and out of the car and then just shake the cover off and make sure they are all in the car. Even if I didn't have dogs, I would buy this just to keep the back seat clean.

3. IVY LANE Waterproof Scratchproof Anti Slip

IVY LANE Waterproof Scratchproof Anti Slip

It's easy to install and clean a hammock for quick trips with the dogs. Buckle the straps around the car's head protectors and you're good to go. It's designed to fit every car's or SUV's backseats, and can be applied to small, medium, large dogs or any other pets. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum. Multi-channel waterproof! The dog seat cover uses double-layer waterproof Oxford cloth with a unique heat-pressing process, no seams or pinholes, ensuring that your car seat stays dry and clean. 1 Min! You can install or remove the seat cover on your own. No space is taken up, no time is wasted, and you can take a trip with your pet. Pets can be soothed by the invisible mist wind. The back seat cover is designed with a visual mesh window which allows the dog to feel your company all the way. It is convenient to keep an eye on the pet while also keeping the air in the car fresh. All-round protection! Pulling up the side flaps of the door will form a protection that will keep it away from your active pet and keep the dirt out of your house. The design of this dogs backseat protection is suitable for most of the models. All-round protection is offered by 1Hammock style, 2Bench style allows to share seats, and 3Trunk style gives large space. The design of this dogs backseat protection is suitable for most of the models. All-round protection is offered by 1Hammock style, 2Bench style allows to share seats, and 3Trunk style gives large space.

Brand: Ivy&lane

👤This is what we wanted. We've been using blankets for a long time and they don't stay put. We have two dogs that are about 65 lbs. Each A new car with leather interior was just bought. I didn't want my seats to be dirty. It took less than two minutes to put it in place. The dogs can't go down on the floor. Good quality. It stays in place because of the rubber on the underside. There are straps over the headrests. We have a vehicle that fits well in the back seat, but it's big enough to fit in a bigger vehicle. We didn't find it necessary to use the straps to anchor it. If we want them in the future, they're nice to have. A quality product at an affordable price.

👤The material is great and the cover is cool, I have three dogs and this helps keep them out of the front seat, it fits my car perfectly and is walk quality. I am excited for the long rides with my dogs.

👤I bought these to keep my seats clean. Thanks for cutting holes for the car seats. There are holes for the seatbelts. I like the fit. I cut my own holes and will keep it.

👤This works well. Our dog loves to chew on the cushions, so the flaps that overhang protect them. If needed, the flaps of the rily flap can be opened to expose the rear seat beltbuckles. It takes 2 minutes to put in a car.

👤It was not as sturdy as I had hoped for. I am not sure if it will hold up for large dogs.

👤It was easy to put in and it looks better than our last one. It is easy to vacuum. We haven't had any spills yet, but don't expect any issues when we do Definitely recommend this cover.

👤The seatbelts did not line up with my car. It's a nice cover. I had to go back.

👤Excellent quality and working well to keep pups in the back seats.

4. Petech Waterproof Scratchproof Hammock Protection

Petech Waterproof Scratchproof Hammock Protection

We know the importance of the waterproof for dog back seat cover. The dog car seat was made of upgraded grid pattern with a water- resistant coating and hot pressing technology instead of quilting, it also used a needle hole to avoid leaking water. The cheap dog back seat cover ruins your seats. The Petech dog seat cover with mesh window is a great way to improve air circulation in the summer and winter. Make sure your dog is warm and cool. The visible window allows your dog to see you, it helps your dog reduce anxiety, and it helps your dog remain calm when traveling. The perfect size of 54"W x 58"L is perfect for different vehicles. Supplies your pets with comfort while keeping your vehicle interior safe from scratches, fur, and urine. It's perfect for protecting from baby car seats. It can protect the back seat from spills. The dog car hammock protects your dog from injury when the emergency brake and turn, and you will be less distracted as a driver. The side flaps make it difficult for dogs to get to the floor of the car. The hair and dirt on the car seat covers for dogs will stay on the surface of the seat, so it won't hurt the leather bench when the dog jumps in. There is a pocket for storing personal items. You can easily install this car seat cover for dogs in seconds with 2 quick release buckles, 4 sets of straps and 2 seat anchors. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth, vacuum or water shower.

Brand: Peticon

👤I have tried many times to get the seller to sell this product, but they have not responded. The seller doesn't back up the product after 30 days since the return window is closed, so do not recommend him. There are many competitors that offer the same product and better customer service. VISION! The seller contacted me and apologized for sending me another seat cover.

👤My dog always slips between the door and seat. She seems to be more comfortable with the sides enclosed. I have been to many of these hammocks and this one is my favorite. I like how thick it is and the right portion is great if you have a human passenger. The mess middle is a great place for her to see me. My boy doesn't care either way. He just sits and looks out the window. I hope this one doesn't rip at the front seam like my other two sellers did. It won't allow me to change my pics. I live how easy it is to remove the fur from it. The fur would be put into the fabric. This one is my favorite.

👤This dog seat cover is very nice. The seat cover would be better for someone with a bigger backseat. The cover on my Nissan is loose but still does everything it is supposed to. I like how it looks and feels.

👤I bought a new car and wanted to keep my seats nice. I needed something better than just a sheet because my mastiff mix can rip through sheets with his toenails. I decided to give this cover a try. It's easy to install, no matter what kind of car you have. It feels very strong. It will be easy to wipe clean. It comes up the sides to cover the doors. It's a small price to pay for having the doors covered, and you can use the cover without zipping up the sides, but it's one of the drawbacks, it's the smallest pain in the rear to let your dog out, but it's a small price to I recommend this to all dog owners.

👤The quilted design on the waterproof fabric looks nice and is distinctive, it's padded without being too thin or too thick, and it seems durable. The side flaps that clip into place using the grab handles above the rear doors on the interior of the car protect the doors from scratches and slobber, and I love them. It has rubber handles between the rear seat panels to keep it in place while I drive my dog around. The mesh panel in the front of it makes it easier for my dogs to see me while I drive. A great product!

👤I own a Nissan Xterra. Very active outdoors. I had to modify the back seat head rest because it wasn't compatible with the product. It's easy to install on the front seats. It's a bit loose and doesn't come up to the top of my seat. About halfway done. The underside of the seat belts has a part that is coming off in about the same amount of time as the underside of the Velcro strips. My dog is 120 lbs. and rides with me every day. It has held up to the wet, sand, and dirt, but doesn't stay in place anymore and dirt and sand get on my seat. He moves around on the front side and it slides a bit. It did its job of protecting my seat, but the underneath does not hold up to a lot of use. There are a lot of black pieces on the back seat. It was amazing at first, then it fell apart. It's still usable, but not as secure. I want the dirt and sand to not get to my seat. I decided to ditch the hammock and go back to seat covers, as you can see in the pic, all of the rubber grip is worn from his daily use, it is now all over my seats and floorboards waiting to be vacuumed.

5. Waterproof Durable Scratch Nonslip Universal

Waterproof Durable Scratch Nonslip Universal

The dog car seat cover is for the back seat. The dog back seat cover is waterproof and is compatible with most cars, SUVs, small trucks. The dog hammock seat covers help your dog get in and out easily. Two seatbelts should be included. Lassie pet seat cover is made with a waterproof material and heat-pressing technology, so it is clean and odorless. The seat cover has a slit to allow the use of seat belts for pets and other passengers. The cover is held in place by the 2 side flaps straps and 4 head rest straps. The rubber backing on the underside and seat anchors keep the cover from slipping. Their dog seat cover is a free accessory for pet travel. It isdurable and convenient. The dog travel accessories are made of heavy-duty Oxford fabric and high quality material which gives a comfortable feeling. Dog claws can be torn or tears. The best protection and long lasting use is ensured. It is easy to install and clean because you just need 1 minute to install with quick release clips. Machine washing is also available, it is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Brand: Lassie

👤I was really impressed with how well it felt. I was not sure if I would like this color, but it looks nice. I wish I had a third anchor for the middle seat, but it still feels sturdy. There is a soft gel grip underneath the hammock to keep the material from scratching your seats. The seatbelt collar is a nice idea. If an accident does happen, you are going to seriously hurt your dog. Its not safe.

👤This is my 3rd or 4th dog canopy and it is my favorite. It works perfectly for the price and fits my car perfectly. The screen in the middle that allows the A/C to blow right on the pups they love and the handy pockets to store pet items are the two best things. I will order another one as a gift for a friend who is using a queen sheet in her back seat, and I would highly recommend this to others.

👤If you're looking for an amazing dog hammock for full size GM, Ford or dodge, look no further! This is the best rear seat dog hammock I have found, I get my hands dirty for a living, and I have a 100lb dog. If you want to compare, look at this pic of my 2016 Denali HD.

👤My younger one tends to get an upset stomach on car rides and though she doesn't always get sick she usually refuses to eat after being in the car for a long time. After using a mesh window. I think it was the heat that made it happen. She's been fine every time. I like the fact that you zip them in with the side flaps, which will discourage them from jumping out before you're ready, protects the window area from mud, and protects the side of the seat when they jump in and out. There are two pockets on the driver's side that hold more than they look.

👤After only two years with only moderate usage, I needed to replace the seat cover because it was too small and didn't provide complete coverage. The seat cover was great when I opened it. The fabric is very heavy and easy to install. It looks great and provides full coverage.

👤The back seat of my new Forester was supposed to be protected from my dog's fur and nails. This is a great back seat protector. It is easy to install. I use it when I put the back seats down and I have to haul plants from the nursery. My dog liked it too. He slept in his bed on the drive today.

👤The backseat dog hammock is light gray and not heat-absorbing black and will be easy to clean. I added foam padding underneath the thin padding. It was necessary to use many safety-pins in order to attach the back straps of the cover to the head-rest "bumps" on the seat because the car doesn't have large, fixed head-rests on the backseat. The dog's feet should not get caught in the spaces between the seat and the doors if the door protecting flaps are used. This Honda has a lot more miles to go before it sleeps, so it's probably easier to install this hammock in a newer vehicle.

6. Waterproof Hammock Scratchproof Nonslip Protector

Waterproof Hammock Scratchproof Nonslip Protector

If there is a quality issue with WEEKSUN Cargo Liner, they will give you a 1-month refund and 6-month replacement service for free. They will reply within 12 hours if you have any questions. Buy one dog seat cover and you will get 5 different styles which is the most bang for your buck. Within 1 minute, it can be converted into 5 different styles. The universal size of the back seat dog cover for the car is 53"W x 59"L. You can install a dog cover for a car in 4 steps. Attach the 2 Durable Seat Retainers of back seat dog cover to your car and install the pet seat belt. If you need to hammocks for dogs, use hooks to lift the side wings. You can easily remove the dog seat protectors from the car when you don't need them. First, safety! There are five levels of protection for the dog car seat cover. 2 dog safety belts are free to ensure your furry friend is safe, they provide dog seat protectors with double hooks, 2 seat anchors, 4 headrests and non-slip backing. Anowlo is a dog car seat that protects your pets. The car hammock for dogs is made of waterproof and anti-scratch material and is easy to clean. Pets don't need to make a mess in the car. You can use a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner to clean the dog car seat cover. Anowlo backseat pet cover will make you happy. The patented mesh window of Anowlo back seat dog cover for car helps to provide better air circulation and also allows pets to see you through the window, which helps to reduce pet's anxiety and make sure you can check the situation of your lovely. Eco-friendly material is good for your pet. Anowlo car seat cover for dogs is by your side. The patented mesh window of Anowlo back seat dog cover for car helps to provide better air circulation and also allows pets to see you through the window, which helps to reduce pet's anxiety and make sure you can check the situation of your lovely. Eco-friendly material is good for your pet. Anowlo car seat cover for dogs is by your side.

Brand: Anowlo

👤Installation is easy and straight forward. The straps on my backseat headrests are not up. They are pulled snug, but one slipped off already. The back seat could be slightly longer. The seat belt buckles can be worked through the slots. That helps to keep it in place, along with two handle things that I wedged into the back of the seat. The passenger side has a small gap between it and the other side that runs the length of the cover. I guess you can either use the front passenger's seat or the fold down trunk in the back seat. I keep the long zipper to help keep the dog from getting to the floorboards. The jaws and paws should not be getting to it. The partition that hangs from the backside of the front seats isn't tall enough to prevent my dog from standing over it and standing on the center console, which goes from front legs only to whole dog getting up front. My dog is only 26 lbs., so it's not like I have a Great Danes that is just stepping over the divider. The side flap things are the only part of their fit I haven't gotten right. Each end has a strap with 2 clips that attach to a couple d rings, and arches up and over the "oh s#!t handles". They aren't quite to where they meet the door, which makes it awkward and floppy for the puppy to get in and out of the back seat, unless you want to unclip and reclip every time. Yes, it will protect the seat from spills and claw scratches. There is room for improvement with the other functions.

👤I was impressed with what you got for the price. It only took 1 min to clip in the cover. It kept my backseat clean. Would definitely recommend!

👤I only had it for a few days but we love it! Good quality! The dog was approved!

👤The hammock is easy to install, water and dirt proof. My dog hates laying down on it because it's a lil crinkly sound. I don't like that there isn't a barrier to keep her from jumping into the front seat. I ordered this because she is in heat and it protects my seat from her discharge.

7. Bark Lover Deluxe Seat Cover

Bark Lover Deluxe Seat Cover

There are free safety concierges. The free car dog barrier prevent naughty kids from entering the front of the car. Make sure they stay behind the car. Your car won't stay in a mess if you use car mesh organizers. It is possible to last a LIFETIME and WATERPROOF. The seat cover of your Bark Lover dog car is made from advanced functional fabric, which is 5 times more strong than cotton and twice as strong as 600D oxford polyester, so it is not easily torn or worn by large dogs. The Bark Lover Bench Car Seat Cover is designed for the backseat of most standard vehicles, trucks and SUVs. Buckles with straps, Nonslip backing, and seat anchors keep the cover in place. It's easy to clean. It is installed in seconds with quick-release clips. The seat covers of the bark lover are strong. You can wash it in a gentle cycle or wipe it down with a moist towel. Take your pets on a road. The best protection to your car is provided by the Bark Lover car seat cover. Get the best car seat protectors even if you don't know what they are. The customer service team always gives you satisfactory service.

Brand: Bark Lover

👤Between spills, getting sick, and coloring, my kids have destroyed my backseat. I decided I needed to find a better way to protect the seat because I was tired of getting it cleaned. I can see this. It works for car seats too, but it appears to be targeted to dog owners. There are openings for the car seat anchor and it fits the backseat well. It wipes down nicely and is water resistant. Usually, I can remove it and shake it off. It was a good price compared to other brands that are labeled as car seat covers for kids. My seats are a lighter color and I haven't noticed any staining or transferring of the darker color to my seats. Will update if there is a change.

👤I just got a car. I don't want my dog to scratch the leather. I take my dogs to dog shows and Lowe's. It worked perfectly. It was too big for my car. It fits. My car is a small BMW and the flaps on the side go into the wheel well. If you have a large car, the side flaps will fit perfectly. If you have a small car, flip them up underneath the cover and it will work. It's easy to install, but are you ready to go? The seat belts have holes for more stability. The cover is in place if you just clipped on the to headdress. It comes with a mesh net to keep your dog out of the two front seats. One of my dogs loves to do that so it will be handy for me. The picture doesn't do that and he's a good boy and stays in the backseat. This cover protects my seats and also keeps dog hair off of them. I can shake the cover off when I pull it out of the car. This is a must have for dog owners and I'm very happy I found it. I can confirm that it is a very good cover after getting some good reviews.

👤Fit my car perfectly! It's easy to put on and it's also made to keep it from sliding off the seat. The cover isn't as light as the picture. It is a khaki color but still looks great. The price is definitely not good.

👤We have a brand new Expedition and we have 3 kids in car seats. I don't want kids tearing up the new seats. I had bought a towel type cover for my old car. I was hoping that it would be good enough for young kids since it is made to prevent dogs from tearing up the seats. It is thick and durable. It is almost across the back of my expedition. It is doable, but it could use more width. The cutouts for the child safety equipment are close to perfect. I have two seats latched down perfectly in the middle seat and side, but I didn't have enough room for my oldest to get through the cutout. I had to work to cut the seam open another 2 inches so my kid could use the buckle because I had to use heavy duty scissors to cut through metal. This product is not perfect for my vehicle, but it will serve its purpose. I hope it doesn't shrink because I haven't washed it yet.

8. FURRYFECTION Waterproof Scratchproof Backseat Protection

FURRYFECTION Waterproof Scratchproof Backseat Protection

The dog bridge platform is not recommended for spaces greater than 13 from the back of the seat to the seat edge. Measure the width of your bench seat from the left to the right. FURRYFECTION dog seat cover protects backseat upholstery from unpleasantries like dog pee, hair, barf, or mud while providing your furry friends a safe and comfortable travel experience. They provide two-size dog car seat covers, Standard and Large, with two classic colors to match most standard cars, trucks, and SUVs, and to fit all kinds of dogs or other pets with different breeds. A top layer of waterproof 600D Oxford fabric can prevent scratches, and a middle layer of Oxford fabric can be used for other purposes. The mesh used to protect dogs from slipping is of the highest quality. The dog seat cover is easy to clean. Easy installation. The dog backseat cover has 4 headrest straps and 2 seat anchors. Buckle up straps around headrests and put seat anchors in the cushion gap to keep your pets safe. It only takes a couple of minutes to unpack and install this car seat cover. Customer service is what it is. Their priority is always the shopping experience of their customers. Please let them know if you have any problems with their products. In 24 hours, their customer service will solve your problem. Customer service is what it is. Their priority is always the shopping experience of their customers. Please let them know if you have any problems with their products. In 24 hours, their customer service will solve your problem.

Brand: Furryfection

👤My furbabies love going with me in the car, but it's nothing more annoying than pet fur everywhere. It's perfect to keep fur out of my car. It's water resistant and easy to clean, but it's soft padding for my fur babies. It is easy to install and folds up for easy storage. The value is great.

👤The seat covered saved the vehicle from being dirty. We took our dogs to the beach for our trip too. It kept the hair, dirt and salt water out of the seats and door panels. It was easy to clean off by spraying the hose and leaving it to dry. The bigger size was our fault. It was perfect even though it was small.

👤I love the dog seat cover. This is a must have for dog owners because it is easy to install and it is waterproof so you don't have to worry about your seat getting wet.

👤I love this thing. I need to take my dogs for ice cream. It only took about 2 minutes to install. I would recommend this product to anyone with a fur baby that likes to go for rides.

👤It was easy to install the cover. Will not work in hammock style installation. My truck is a Ford. I ordered the large. It will do for now. Will be investing in a better cover.

👤I used the product for the third time today, it covers my back seats completely, and my dog loves it, as you can see by the attached photos. The quality is excellent. Easy to install in the car. I like it a lot. It can be converted from a hammock style into a bench style with a simple un-clip of the straps. It's fun to share your dog with you while keeping your seat integrity.

👤I'm satisfied with the cover. It has a rubbery smell but it's not serious. It was nice to be able to keep my hair out of the back seats and floor boards while I was in the car.

👤The head rest straps were not long enough to fit in my truck.

9. Meadowlark SUV Cargo Liner Dogs

Meadowlark SUV Cargo Liner Dogs

Complete protection Their cargo liner for dogs is 41" W x 74" L and protects your car from mud, paws, water, spills, and pet hair. The bumper flap protects your car from scratches while your dog hops in and out of the car. Measure your trunk before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit. Extra-thiCKNESS FOR COMFORT: The dog seat cover is thick and soft and stays in place while you drive so your dog is always comfortable. It's a picnic mat that you can use at the beach or park. ROLL UP & UNROLL COVER. When you want to use the cargo area without the trunk back seat cover, you can install their unique car seat covers and just roll them up, instead of removing them when not in use. Do you have a messy pet? Their car seat cover is waterproof and can hold up to scratches and spills. The dog car seat cover is machine washed for easy cleaning and protects the interior of the car. It is easy to install. Their extra strong hook and loop straps provide stability and its wide, heavy-duty zippers secure the sides of the car seat protectors. The pet seat cover has double stitching to ensure longevity. Simply secure the dog cover straps around the headrests and you are ready to go!

Brand: Meadowlark

👤Not what I was expecting. The tabs won't stay in place. We are having to change. Hopefully, I bought more velcro to help. The side panels are smaller than the pictures show.

👤The cover was easy to install on the rear seatrests. It's large and can cover the entire trunk of my car. The material is soft enough for my dog to be comfortable on it. The cover can be rolled up out of the way and left hanging off the back seat headrests. I can leave it installed all the time and simply roll it out whenever I need it. It seems like I have finally found a product that is large enough and easy to roll out of the way. It will stay for a long time. I would love to buy another one in a few years.

👤I have to write reviews in this case. The product is a life saver. It is easy to assemble and does its job. I have an 80 lbs dog, 4 kids and an SUV that needs to support our active lifestyle. The coverage is great and does not move. I have used it with my dog in the back and it protects from all the messes. Would definitely recommend it! I saw someone in a previous comment say that it is meant for smaller SUVs and have to respectfully disagree. It's great that a product is well made.

👤I own a Ford SUV and have 4 dogs. I used to have to vacuum the car after every ride. The product was installed in my car on the 2nd row and the 3rd row folded. I don't worry about impact to my car. I don't have to clean the car after a ride. There is no hair on the back of the seats. This product is very good.

👤This is the second liner I've purchased from this company. The first was for my 4-door jk and the second was for my 2 door jk. The products fit like they should. It's easier to clean pet liners. Highly recommended.

👤It was purchased to protect the back of the SUV. It's perfect against the rear seats. Love the length that protects the bumper. The carpet on the sides of the house is very strong. We did not use the sticky side of the Velcro. We used it after a snow storm in Colorado and it looked new. We left it off because it tangled her legs when it was connected. It's easy to roll up and clip out of the way for easy storage. When needed, just unroll. Highly recommended.

👤It was bought for the 2020 Dodge Durango. Not long or wide, but will work. Not resistant to water. There was some snow on the skiis and poles. The mat was dry with beads of water on top, but the underside was soaked. We had a rubber liner on it. I wouldn't count on it being your only protection.

👤I bought this for my husband who has a Jeep. He loves it because it covers everything he needs it to cover. He wanted to make sure I did a good job with this product.

10. Plush Paws Ultra Luxury Seat Cover

Plush Paws Ultra Luxury Seat Cover

ThePortable Changing Pad is easy to remove, machine washable and easy to clean. The car seat shield is on. The passenger seat of most cars, SUVs, and trucks is protected by their Diamond Stitched Rear seat cover. Their pet seat covers are non-porous and waterproof and are made from 600D PU infused Oxford fabric. Pets can be protected from effective pet protection. The Rear Seat Cover is designed to fit over the interior of your vehicle, keeping your pet stable, secure, and protected. The side pillows that tuck into the backs prevent movement. It is easy to install. All of their sizes have 9'' X 18'' side pleats. The elastic skirt and straps provide a snug fit. Attach the dog car seat protectors to your back seat using the back strap and seat anchor. Most vehicles have the headrest strap. Their seat covers are easy to clean. Simply vacuum, wipe, and spot clean for small messes daily and machine wash on low or air dry for bigger messes. They are based in the USA and have a lifetime warranty. They will provide top quality products and customer service. The pet car seat cover is perfect for dogs that struggle with car travel. The Class A 600D cotton-polyester Oxford blend is infused with PU to provide a soft, luxurious, and comfortable texture to relax on, and the harnesses help to keep your pet relaxed for a smooth journey. The pet car seat cover is perfect for dogs that struggle with car travel. The Class A 600D cotton-polyester Oxford blend is infused with PU to provide a soft, luxurious, and comfortable texture to relax on, and the harnesses help to keep your pet relaxed for a smooth journey.

Brand: Plush Paws Products

👤It is better than my last one, but the back is coming off after a few times in the machine. I don't think I can wash again without damaging the washer. There is an update. The company reached out to me to let me know that they have made changes to the product to make it more durable and that there is a lifetime warranty. They are going to send me a new cover. The prompt service is appreciated.

👤We installed it in less than 10 minutes. I said that I did not receive any incentives for this review. The seat cover 1 is what I like about it the most. There are straps that go around the head. The seat belt slots are lined up perfectly on my Ram 3. The handles between the seat and back rest are great. My border collie is not budging. It seems high quality and I will use it for a long time. The Ram 2500 Drew Cab has a seat cover. It's almost as if it was measured for my truck. There was no Brainer installation 2. Form, fit and function are top notch. I don't want my dog to get out of the window, but I would like to have some things. There is an option to get the covers in the Grey 2. There is an extra strap for the middle head rest. The middle seat belt and shoulder strap can be used in the back seat for a 3rd person if I don't want to take out the cover.

👤I drove around a well-loved car for a long time. The antics of my co-pilot didn't merit much consideration after a lot of wear and tear. That changed when I bought my current vehicle. The leather seats and dark color of the interior of my Ford Fusion are relevant to this product because they are new to me. My old hammock was a bit small and didn't look right for the car, it was purchased for a different vehicle. I landed on the waterproof cover. A thoughtful, well-executed product that provides utility and flexibility. The Plush Paws has all of the features that other covers have, and has stood up to abuse. The cover looks good. The product picture is accurate. There is diamond shaped stitching on the seat and hammock part. The cover is secured via front and rear seat headrests. I picked up a pack.

👤I bought this seat cover for my senior Doberman who was hesitant to ride in my car. The leather seats are slippery for him and he wouldn't settle down after he got in. I wanted him to feel secure so I made sure I had a seat cover that wouldn't slide around. I liked the hammock design of this one. Even though I read reviews and looked up pictures before ordering, I found that the straps that go over the backseat headrest do not work with my car. The seat has integrated headrests so that the strap can't go where it shouldn't. I tried to call the customer service of Plush Paws to see if they had any suggestions on how to use the cover, but I couldn't get through. Attaching the straps to the car seat anchor in the back with zip ties was my solution. It's not a practical solution of you taking the seat cover in and out of the car, but it worked for me. The hammock design allowed me to put a dog bed on the seat. My Dobe slept most of the way on our 10 hour road trip. I'm moving the seat cover to a Jeep Cherokee so it will work out better.

11. Furhaven Vehicle Accessory Dogs Cats

Furhaven Vehicle Accessory Dogs Cats

Seat protection is important. The car seat protectors are designed for the front and bucket seats and provide protection against pet stains, debris, and accidents. The water-resistant. The front seat cover protects against spills and accidents with a water-repellant coating. The car seat cover protectors come with buckled straps that loop around the head rest to keep it from shifting and sliding for your pet's safety, as well as better overall protection. There is a product details. The single seat is 44" x 20" There are available VARIANTS. The dog car seat cover is available in three colors: Black, Clay, and Gray. Easy care. For more specific cleaning instructions, please refer to the hang tag and/or seam label. Customer Assurance: The product comes with limited coverage against material defects and may also qualify for their Worry-Free Program, but purchases from unauthorized 3rd-party sellers may not be covered by Furhaven.

Brand: Furhaven

👤I thought it would be perfect because it is machine washed. I have only used it a few times in my car, but I decided to wash it. I put it in the cold water. The whole thing was torn apart when I opened it. Since I haven't used it much I'm past the return window and I'm stuck with something that is completely useless because all the pieces are peeling off. I washed according to the instructions. I wish I could contact the company.

👤The dog I bought for the Honda civic is a Rottweiler/Shepherd mix and serves it's purpose. I have a large dog and a small dog in the back of my car. My small dog has a booster seat that takes up less than half of the bench in the back. I wanted my larger dog to be able to lay down in the smaller space that was left for her. She laid down when she got into this. If the booster seat wasn't there, she probably could stretch out. I wanted her to be able to lay down. It seems a little flimsy. It's definitely not a wood board, it's a thick cardboard. My dog is over the suggested weight but I couldn't find anything for him over 100 lbs. I'll try to get some plywood in there if it collapses. It was easy to install and fit in my Honda civic, so it would fit in any sedan. It may be a little tight. I was able to install it. It is slippery. My dog has a hard time sitting up with this because her paws slide out from under her. I ordered a crate bed with a non slip bottom to try and alleviate the problem but it hasn't arrived yet. I would recommend getting a non-slip bed or mat to cover this for added comfort and stability for your dog.

👤This was bought to extend my backseat for our dogs. It also kept them in the back and stopped them from jumping into the front seat. It is the first dog seat cover that I have purchased and I think it will last a long time. It survived a 21 hour road trip. The dirt stayed off my car seat after I spent a day playing in dirt and mud.

👤It was easy to install and my dog loves the extra space. It's starting to separate where the seat back meets the seat, which is a bad thing. I have to tuck it under the seat to keep it working. I think it's because I'm short and there's more space in front. We had our first long car trip after having this. Our dog is older and heavy so he is very achy after. He is much better today than he usually is. Even though it's separate, this has made it worth it.

👤I am happy with the design of the FurHaven product. I am worried about dog safety and would warn anyone with 2nd row captains chairs trying to get us this product. It is not designed for use with captains chairs. I am not sure if anyone does at this point. You can use one or both sides for passenger use. The width is perfect for my mid-sized SUV, but Full size SUVs might need a seat cover underneath to protect the seat edges. The 2nd row seats have separate covers. The front row screen panel design limits use. This thing would be better with a couple modifications. Taking another star away. The dog is going into the 3rd row because the lower center zip broke. On the hunt for something else.


What is the best product for car seat pad for dogs?

Car seat pad for dogs products from Doggie World. In this article about car seat pad for dogs you can see why people choose the product. Kytely and Ivy&lane are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat pad for dogs.

What are the best brands for car seat pad for dogs?

Doggie World, Kytely and Ivy&lane are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat pad for dogs. Find the detail in this article. Peticon, Lassie and Anowlo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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