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1. LARROUS Heightening Cushion Tailbone Wheelchair

LARROUS Heightening Cushion Tailbone Wheelchair

This cushion can be attached to your luggage or backpack. It allows you to keep the pillow around your neck. Long-term driving is prone to back pain, their cushion's unique ergonomics and orthopedic design help relieve sciatic pain, leg pain, fatigue and numbness, making driving more comfortable. To relieve the sciatic pain. It is 100% pure memory foam and luxury seat cushion. The inner core is made of high-density comfortable memory cotton, which can provide you with maximum comfort and support while driving, effectively alleviating driving fatigue. It's also great for aircraft seats. 17x 18inches, lower and 2.16" rear, is an oversized design. Their mats increase the height of your car seat, so you can sit in it more comfortably, and at the same time, your seat is flat, so you can drive more safely. The fabric is stretchy. The fabric is made of ice mesh. It has the characteristics of warm winter and cool summer. The original cushion is easy to remove and wash. There is a non-ship bottom fabric. The non-slip bottom design can be firmly fixed on the seat without sliding, and the bottom is equipped with a strap and a retractable buckle to keep the mat stable. There is a non-ship bottom fabric. The non-slip bottom design can be firmly fixed on the seat without sliding, and the bottom is equipped with a strap and a retractable buckle to keep the mat stable.

Brand: Larrous

👤I'm used to driving my truck, which sits me up nice and high, with good driving visibility. I like that. I felt like I was sitting in a hole when we got a new Lexus SUV. I didn't like that at all. I have a chronically sore back, so thought I'd take a chance on the "Larrous Car Memory Foam Heightening Seat and Back Pain Relief Cushion". I felt like I was taking a chance with this product, because there were no posted reviews. I've been very pleased with this product. The neutral color blends nicely with the car's interior and the cushion stays in place, it sits me up nice and high for driving. The cushion is very affordable. This product is recommended by me.

👤This cushion supports my lower back and gives me a 2 inch boost in driving, it's also for a woman who drives a full sized pickup truck. I recommend it to anyone who drives a lot and has lower back pain.

👤I use this in my car because of the messy looking pillow. I am short and this works for me.

👤My day is ruined because of my disappointment. I sat, butt throbbing with pain. When this plastic cinder block arrived, I was praying for relief. Let me tell you something. I would rather break my kneecaps with a hammer than sit on this thing again. It stinks. It smells like an exxon factory, it's hard as a rock, and the lift in the back feels like it's trying to insert itself into your rectum. For the kids. I won't return it because it can't win. It can't burn in hell because it's not a living thing. I'm going to burn it.

👤This product is not the same as memory foam. It is very difficult and very uncomfortable. You can save money and get a rock from the side of the road. It would be the same.

👤Wow! This is the best car seat cushion. It's so easy to slide in and out of the hood when raised a few inches. This is perfect, and it is comfortable.

👤I was having a problem with my seat. I went through the usual channels at my Toyota dealership to inform Toyota of North America. I was told the seat was working as designed. I returned to my Toyota Dealership four times for the same complaint. This was my 40th. Toyota. I bought from the same franchise. I have owned a number of vehicles at the limited trim. There was no drivers' seat problem with the vehicles. The seat made a difference. Thank you.

👤It was only for a few days. The middle-edge of the pictures I uploaded is already fraying. It's great to have comfort. The quality of the surface material isn't something I would want to write about. This is one of the most confusing reviews I have ever experienced.

👤This is a great cushion for my car. The driver and passenger seat of my new truck do not have a height adjustment. I sat up perfectly on this cushion, it matched the black seats on my new truck, and it was perfect. My wife likes to sit higher so I ordered a second one for her. The only thing I didn't like about my new truck was how low you sat in it. Thankfully I found this excellent product and now feel like my truck seats are even more comfortable than my previous high end truck that had 10 way power seats. The cushions are easy to install and were delivered in 2 days. It was an excellent find for me.

2. Car Seat Cover Protector Cushion

Car Seat Cover Protector Cushion

Air dry with gentle cycle. The luxury universal car seat cover is made from soft fabric. Protect your cloth or leather interior from spills, dirt, and pets. It's suitable for most vehicles. It was designed to fit the bench and bucket seats of all the models. Installation of seat covers is easy. Make sure the cover stays in place by adjusting it to your car seat in seconds. You can reuse. The backing is anti-slip. For all seasons, car seat protectors are soft and comfortable. The front car seat covers are resistant to temperature fluctuations. Air dry. All seat protectors come with a 30-day money back and a 1-year warranty on material defects. All seat protectors come with a 30-day money back and a 1-year warranty on material defects.

Brand: Ivicy

👤I have been looking for a long time for seat covers that will fit my bucket seats and not interfere with the air bags. I didn't believe that a thing could exist until I saw these gems. The reviews were read by me. The covers did not move. I couldn't wait to get these. They were packaged well and arrived a day apart. The installation took a long time. These were not easy to install. I almost put them back up because of it. I'm glad I didn't. They don't move during the period. They are very comfortable. I added 2 more. The second one shows the thread coming out. I had them for about 9 days. I hope these last a long time. These are in my car. These covers are recommended by me.

👤I just bought a new SUV and it was expensive. I want to keep the leather seats the same. The cover is perfect. It protects the part of the seat that you sit on, but still shows your pretty leather. I got the one with wings and it is perfect for my chairs. They are almost the same color as my leather. They are very comfortable. I live in a part of the country where it is 100 degrees and humid, but I don't feel like sweating in my car. The installation instructions were confusing, but you can see the pics and get the idea. I had to unclip the back of my seats and pull the straps through to connect underneath, but it wasn't hard at all. I did it all by myself and I am a little woman with short arms. My husband was not happy about me covering up the new leather seats, but now that he has seen them installed he is very happy. I got them! That's all you need to know. Ha!

👤Does not work for modern vehicles. The straps have to go through the crease between the back and bottom of the seat to be secured. The crease is not accessible for most cars with power recline controls, so the covers can't be installed.

👤These are made of high quality materials and fit tightly, and are soft. The beige is a close match to Mazda sand beige, Acura Parchment, etc. It is a light beige with no yellow. I put it on about 5 minutes ago. Pull the fabric through the center of the seat first. Although I knew they weren't designed to be waterproof, I bought it to protect my seat after a sweaty workout. I didn't like the look of the neoprene ones. The fabric is not quick-drying as I had hoped. I have to use a towel. I keep it because it is perfect for protecting my legs from the hot leather in Florida.

👤The car I drive is an older model. The cover makes it look new again. The wing model is a bit wider on the seat and gives me better coverage. I thought I would use these for a couple of years so the extra money was worth it. If the car is out in the sun all day, seats don't heat up, covers don't slide on seats, and covers are comfortable and just the right kind of soft to sit on for long drives. The seat cover goes all the way up. There are good bolts next to the headrest. My tan leather seats are almost perfect in color. It took a bit of time to install and it was difficult to slide the seam between the seat and the back rest. The elastic bands under the seat will be a mess when I take them out for cleaning. I used key rings to connect the elastic bands. Something should have been provided that could be removed. They used nice,

3. Cushion 1 2inch Comfort Supplies King

Cushion 1 2inch Comfort Supplies King

There is a non-ship bottom fabric. The non-slip bottom design can be firmly fixed on the seat without sliding, and the bottom is equipped with a strap and a retractable buckle to keep the mat stable. This car seat cushion is made of fabric, memory foam, and non-slip Silicone gel, which help you to reduce the pressure on the coccyx. This foam seat cushion for car protects your seat and makes it more comfortable, but it also protects against dust, seat wear, and scratches. The non-slip design of the seat cushion makes it easy to fix the car seat cushion pad when getting in and out of the car. The portable memory foam car seat cushion is very easy to install and can be used for almost all types of seats. You will get 100% customer support after the sale. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Kingphenix

👤I bought a Honda CR-V with cloth seats. The seats were very hard and uncomfortable. I was angry that I spent so much money on a car that it was not comfortable to drive. I found this one while searching for seat cushions. It has made a huge difference. I have been able to drive without thinking about how much my butt hurts because of this seat cushion. I don't know how well it will work on a long trip as I haven't taken one yet. The cushion should be a bit thicker. This is the best cushion I've been able to find that works for my Honda CR-V. Give it a try. You can always return it if you don't like it.

👤The pad is very nice. It's very comfortable. It adds padding to the bottom of the car seat. It makes the shape of your body. clearance for your head inside the car is affected by it. It doesn't seem to make you too hot when you sit on it. It's a little shorter front to back than I'd like for my car seat, but it fits well. There is a Pet fur gets stuck into the weave of the fabric of the top of the pad if you have pets. It would be nice to have some type of straps on the mat.

👤This is an add on for long drives. The material is strong enough to resist tearing and the cushion is well-made. It took a few tries to get the hooks on my seat to work. I was conservative to not overstretch the band.

👤The seats of the Honda Accord were very uncomfortable and painful to sit in. Honda seats are not the most comfortable around. The new cars are hard to drive. I ordered the King Phenix after a lot of research. I am 6' 2” and didn't want a cushion that was too thick or that my head would hit the roof. The seat is thick and large. Not only that. It took the pain in the seat and turned it into a cloud. Something so thin can change the experience of driving a car. It is made for what it is. It stays put and has not moved around on me. I use elastic and chucks to anchor it to the back, but I also use Silicone gel beads on the bottom of the cushion to hold the cloth seats of the Accord. I am happy to recommend the King Phenix seat cushion.

👤We bought a new car with the "stow-n-go" seating so that our two Irish Wolfhounds would have more room to lay down. This vehicle has turned out to be amazing. The cloth seating is the only disadvantage. It became obvious to me that the standard seating didn't provide enough support for a 6'3" male who weighs 235 lbs. I ordered the Comfort Car Seat Cushion to give me the proper positioning for my butt and thigh support in our car seats. Good research on my part on construction and appearance. It's still lacking the support that's necessary to solve my problems. I like how it stays where you put it, and doesn't slip around the car seat. Most people will be happy with this product. I need a solution to my problem and hope to modify the support to provide what I need as an individual. Maybe a folded piece of carpet will give me the depth I'm looking for. Maybe a small flat pillow is placed under the seat. I will eventually work something out.

4. Bangled Cushion Memory Driver Sciatica

Bangled Cushion Memory Driver Sciatica

No smell, durable, long use time, no deformation. It was large enough to fill the entire seat. International Women's Day, anniversary,birthday, mothers day, father's day, Christmas, and many more are perfect gifts. They understand that your car seat may be too hard for the daily driving, which is why they have a most comfortable car seat cushion. In order to improve your comfort and health in driving,angled memory foam car seat cushion uses premium quality memory foam inner core, which could relief sciatic pain quickly. The car seat pillow exterior is made of premium PU leather and has strong breathability, dirt resistance and easy cleaning. Provide the best support and comfort while driving. Short drivers can reach the perfect driving height with their car seat cushion that is 2.5 inches higher. The instrument panel, hood, and rear view mirror can be seen more clearly by the driver. Not interference with the use of a seat belt. The idea of car seat cushions is to make driving safer. The car seat cushion is ergonomics. The extreme comfort cushion is the W-Shaped Design. The car seat pad is designed to provide maximum support to the lower back, hips, and sciatic, relieve back pain, sciatic pain, and hip pressure with the correct driving posture. Bangled car cushion is easy to clean and can be used in any season. Like a truck seat cushion. The design of the car seat cushion provides maximum comfort. The leather fabric is easy to clean, and the automotive seat cushions portable design can be used anywhere. The customer's purchase experience and needs are put in the first place. They believe that their car seat cushion pad for car driver seat could give you a good shopping experience. They will provide the help as soon as possible if you have any questions. Their priority is your satisfaction.

Brand: Bangled

👤I started to get pain in my leg while driving. My commute is only 20 miles, but I was not happy with my leg at the end. I suspected the seat cushions were going out because my car is 17 years old. I saw this one mentioning Sciatica while looking up car seat cushions. I had to look it up because I wasn't aware of it. The newer odd body twinges and shocks are related to pinched nerves in the lower spine. The cushion I bought has helped me a lot. The grip on the bottom is good, but I have to adjust it before I get into the car. My leg pain is gone. I can drive again. I added more morning stretches to help loosen up the lower back and waist after learning about Sciatica. It is a start in the right direction. I am grateful that this product helped me in the right direction.

👤It was cheap and made my back pain worse. Will say the refund was quick.

👤A thick memory foam cushion makes a seat more comfortable.

👤I was concerned that the seat cushion would slip around and that it would be hot. The seat cushion gives me the exact height and comfort I was looking for. Couldn't be happier with this purchase.

👤The cushion makes it easy for me to sit for a long commute. It is easy to clean by removing the cover. You don't need anything else for the car seat cushion. I have been looking for a comfortable cushion for a long time and now I have found it. This cushion is very good.

👤I can't use it yet. One corner of the pad is still depressed two days later. It got packed and I can't believe it! Someone tried to put it in a bag before putting it in the box. The bag must have been too small because the zip was not fully open. I had to cut the bag to get the pad out. I'll give the depressed corner another 2 days to pop up, but if it doesn't, I'll have to think about sending it back. Not happy.

👤I drive a car. I used to own non-luxury sedans, but the seat is better now. I was surprised to find that the seat cushion can help on the E-class seats. I make long trips. My butt used to hurt when I sat in the seats. The cushion made a difference. No more pain or uneasiness. It helps adjust the height for better viewing. I might get one for my office seat as well. It is a small cost for the luxury it provides.

👤It was very comfortable. I took a 2500 mile trip and it saved my back and my butt, but it also allowed me to drive longer at one time, which saved me on 2 hotel rooms. I highly recommend it.

5. Big Ant Leather Removable Protector

Big Ant Leather Removable Protector

Don't settle! Purchase the powerhouse brand in Siberia. When you really, really need a product to perform, why risk it on a brand that you have never heard of? They do the work by consulting with a board certified physical therapist to make sure their products are the best they can be. The design of sliding preventatives. It will take at least 6 hours to restore the folded package to its original state. The soft car seat pad is kept in place with hook and loop fasteners. The anti-skidding bottom layer keeps it from sliding when you get in or out of the car. It's easy to take the portable car seat cushion with you wherever you go, it's versatile for indoor and outdoor use. The seat pad goes over the seat. Their car seat protectors pads make sitting in a hard chair comfortable and give support to those who sit for long periods of time. You can sit for a long time. Clean with a damp cloth. The combination of their seat cushion will make your seat much cleaner. It is helpful to keep their car seat cushion in good condition. Premium Quality-Big Ant soft leather car seat pad is made of last with premium quality anti-skid PU leather and breathable fabric. This cushion is the highest quality responsive product and will give you a great feeling. Premium Quality-Big Ant soft leather car seat pad is made of last with premium quality anti-skid PU leather and breathable fabric. This cushion is the highest quality responsive product and will give you a great feeling.

Brand: Big Ant

👤I like the fact that the pad is one side cloth and one side leather. Doesn't seem like leather to me. The seat is protected by giving a little height. Not thick enough is what I don't like. I don't know what they're for because they have no instructions or info. There are two hook-type things attached to elastic straps on one side and two flat white plastic things on the other. I don't know what these things are for. The elastic straps attaching the hooks don't stretch far enough to reach the white plastic things, so it's not as if you could hook the cushion to a chair, or even to itself, so that the hooks don't flop around under your thighs or knees as you drive. I have a folded towel under the cushion to give me a little more lift.

👤I bought one of those racing style gaming chairs that are used for streamers to sit in all day. I don't know how they do it. After a few hours, my cheeks and tailbone were really uncomfortable because the seat was too firm. The back and back were great. I thought I could try this seat cushion instead of returning it. It was a last ditch effort to make the chair usable. I was surprised how much it made a difference. It added enough softness to make the chair usable for 8 hours. I say go for it if you're not sure. You will be surprised by it.

👤I don't remove it from my car because it's good for daily use. When driving for a long time, eliminate pain in the ass.

👤The material is comfortable and looks good. It was very easy to install. Prime has a reasonable price and fast delivery.

👤These are perfect for driver and passenger, with low profile seats, just enough cushion, and I'm 6 foot, so mine is perfect so far. I put them through the back seat and hooked them to the front, it's good for now, until I can find replacement seats, but it's super fast, well packaged, and very pleased. The way they hook in front and the plastic disc that goes through the back of the seat is a big pain in the ass. We still like them, but there needs to be a better way to keep them. We thought about using a bungie cord, but it was kind of ridiculous. They might fit better in a lesser profile car seat than mine, so I'm not taking a review point away.

👤The cushion protects the seat. It does a great job of covering the seat and there is no change in comfort. The buttons are deep when you see the product listing. Don't let that stop you. The buttons are the same material as the covering. The cushion is doing a great job protecting my chair. If your chair has a pull out leg/foot rest like a recliner, you can use the hooks from the cushion to secure it. If you want to use the leg rest, unhook them. I recommend this to anyone with a leather chair.

6. Tsumbay Cushion Washable Comfortable Wheelchair

Tsumbay Cushion Washable Comfortable Wheelchair

The washer and dryer are reusable. These are an economical and eco-friendly option to disposable solutions. If you have to sit for a long period of time, hard seats can cause tailbone pressure. The seat cushion is soft enough to be comfortable and firm enough to support you. The seat cushion is 16.9”X15.0”X 2.2” to fit a variety of seats. They understand the importance of your comfort and well-being during your daily activities, whether in the office, car, or even on your wheelchair. The Tsumbay Seat cushion is made of high density comfortable memory cotton, which can provide you with maximum comfort and support while you sit for a long period. The bottom of the cushion is made of leather. This memory foam chair cushion can be used as a desk chair cushion, home office computer chair cushion, seat cushion for office chair or wheelchair seat cushion. The soft cushion can be used as a stadium seat cushion, as a car seat cushion, or as an airplane seat cushion. The seat cushion is lightweight and easy to carry. The cover can be removed for easy cleaning. You can always have the new seat cushion if you wash the cover in warm water. sumbay wants you to be happy with the seat pillow. Customer support for this seat cushion is 100%. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Tsumbay

👤I received an email from Amazon saying that they found an authentic product and removed my review. The comfort and smell did not stay in place as stated in my review, and I was just unhappy with it. I gave an honest review and it was removed.

👤I spend a lot of time in front of a computer, and it gets a little uncomfortable when my seat gets warm. I decided to look for an extra cushion to make it more comfortable. I decided to get this product because it was one of the cheapest and it was a good price. The product was vacuum sealed. The seat cushion expands when plastic is removed. The memory foam is so soft that it can be used as a pillow. The fabric cover allows air to pass through efficiently. The foam is removed with a zip to make it easy to wash the fabric cover. I noticed that I don't sweat as much when I use this seat cushion, because I have been using it while gaming. I used to take quick breaks every 30 minutes to let my skin breathe, but now I can sit for longer. The seat cushion expands once I get up, even if I sit for several hours. Excellent quality. I am happy that I bought this seat cushion, I can play my video games longer comfortably. The quality of the memory foam can last a long time. If you want to get more comfort in your office chair, grab one of the seat cushions.

👤My office chair is cheap and has no cushion. I got this because I needed more padding. I didn't want one with the slot business and couldn't find one in black on Amazon, but I did find one with a thicker one. It could use more grippiness on the back side. Maybe instead of a handle, I should carry my seat cushion around. It could be ties to get it. Four stars for making my chair more comfortable, but it isn't the last cushion I'll buy, still looking for something thicker.

👤If you only need a small amount of support, this is fine. The product's advertising is a lie.

👤I was expecting this cushion to provide some support, but I am not sure what "Memory Foam" is. It doesn't. The foam is not like rubber. It collapses to the chair seat below when I sit on it. I've bought three cushions from Amazon and none are satisfactory. The other two have foam that is stiff but not too stiff, but they also have molded shapes and tailbone cutouts that make it difficult to sit on them. They don't matter because they collapse when you sit. I'm looking for a cushion that's not too firm.

👤I bought this beautiful chair for my desk a couple of months ago, but it got really uncomfortable when I started spending more time on it. The cushion has made a difference.

👤The seat cushion of my office chair has finally gone flat after 17 years of use, which makes me sad since the chair is still in good shape. I decided to try this seat cushion before I replaced the whole chair or got the cushion re-upped. It was my hope that it would give me more comfort. This cushion doesn't work for me. It is portable, well-made, and seems like it will last for awhile, but the memory foam is too flimsy to provide the cushion and support I want. I'm a 6'3" man with 250 lbs, so maybe if you're 90 lbs soaking wet, this cushion would be fine for you.

7. Supin Leather Console Organizer Cellphone

Supin Leather Console Organizer Cellphone

Their promise. If you're not completely satisfied with your seatbelt covers, return with no questions asked and get 100% of your money back. Black, purple, Sky Blue, Blue-gray, Korean Red, Mint Green, Misty Gray, Pearl, Grape Red, Pink, Pearl White, and Brown are available. There is a car seat with a side pocket and a cup for cell phone. The wallet has a coin key. Their cover use strong banding and durable material, which makes it the highest quality, universal size. You have non slip pads. You will never slip when you put it. Supin designer adds extra storage so that it can be used as a car seat gap. It's great to keep your pocket essentials, like cell phone, credit cards, change, keys, coins, note pad, pens, organized for an enjoyable ride. The cup holder is made of premium soft PU leather and sponge, and it is easy to clean. Most vehicles are a truck, minivan or SUV. It's easy to install, just attach the gap filler to the seat belt and it won't move. The package includes a car seat gapfiller for the driver and co-driver. The package includes a car seat gapfiller for the driver and co-driver.

Brand: Supin

👤I like the look of leather. Maybe it would hold a canned drink better if it held a water bottle. The cup holder part was taken off, so now it is just a gapfiller. I would recommend buying this just to fill the French fry catcher gap.

👤When I bought this, I was skeptical but I love it. They have stopped a lot of things from falling between the seats. It is not noticeable. Sometimes the cup holder has an extra one. But it is not permanent. I keep it when not needed. Wait any longer if you are thinking of purchasing these. I am so happy I did.

👤We just bought a car. I want to keep this one clean and I lose stuff between the seats. I settled on this brand after looking at Amazon's selection. The choice of different colors to match your car interior attracted me. I put them in place. Very easy. I found it easy to put them in the gap. I don't have to fit them around the seat belt. I can clip my seat belt because they fit without doing that. I didn't want to use the cup. You have the option of choosing if you want to or not. The Toyota Camry we have is perfect. I bought a new set for our 2016 Rave 4 because I like them so much. I'm very pleased with the purchase and they look nice. It arrived quickly and well.

👤The cup holders were not good. The cup holders are not good. Good idea, but poor quality.

👤I'm happy with the purchase. I was tired of having to put a towel in between the seat and the console. It's incredibly annoying to have to fish it out when something important like my phone or work ID falls in that space. This blocks that annoying space from being a permanent fix. It looks good in the space, and my automatic seat can still move forward and back as I exit the car. I don't use the cup holder.

👤I wouldn't use it even if it was free. The insert is the smallest. The material was amazing and the color matched our interior. Everything you can think of is bad. If you buy a cup holder that is 1 foot in length, it won't fit over a seatbelt, so you have to decide if you want a cup holder that holds nothing or no. They used great material to save money and messed up the design to be a waste of money. Let's sell it to recover losses.

👤This is a great product. It is in between my seat and the center console and moves with me when I go forward or back. It serves its purpose. The cup holder is not strong enough to hold a drink, which is not an issue for me because I bought it to prevent things from falling between my seats. I keep my phone in the cup. It is well made and does the job it was made for. The reason I am giving 4 stars is because the cup holder is not strong enough to hold a drink.

8. MIKAFEN Universal Shoulder Harness Comfort

MIKAFEN Universal Shoulder Harness Comfort

Moomston car seat organizer back seat is a perfect gift for your family, friends, and colleagues on Christmas, birthday, or any other occasion. They will get a more intimate relationship because they got two car seat organizers. Soft velvet surface, high quality cotton blend, provides a level of comfort, no need to pull the seat belt from the body while driving. It is possible to protect the shoulders of your family with their foam lining, which is soft and of high quality, and it can provide better cushion when emergency brakes or accidents occur. Seat belt pads can be used for a variety of things, from car to baby diaper bag to luggage with a strap. It's easy to use. Extra tools are not required. Wrap them around the seat belt strap and you can slide it to the position that suits you the best. Quality Assurance is 100%. You will get a 30-day unconditional refund and 2-year quality insurance with their after-sales service guarantee. Quality Assurance is 100%. You will get a 30-day unconditional refund and 2-year quality insurance with their after-sales service guarantee.

Brand: Mikafen

👤The shipment arrived quickly and was well packaged. The pads were made well. Installation was done quickly. The pads are comfortable. The only issue. The pads interfere with the seat belt. The driver/passenger have to remember to manually move the pad down the belt towards the male end of the buckle or the belt hangs when the top reaches the pillar mount. The un-retracted belt is hanging out the door. It's a pain to start this maneuver, but it will probably be automatic.

👤It keeps the seatbelt from rubbing my neck/collarbone the wrong way and it also keeps my makeup from getting on the seatbelt. It was comfortable and soft. When you unbuckle, it is a bit of a pain, but it becomes a habit.

👤It has a soft feel. It looks nice because of the quilting. The seat belt always digs in my neck because I'm short. This makes the seat belt more comfortable for me.

👤I used to dread my commute so much that the seatbelt was digging into my neck. I enjoy my driving time more now that I have these strap covers. They do tend to slip down from time to time, and I have to thread the seat belt back in when I get out, otherwise it will hang and get stuck on the cover. It's worth the extra 10 seconds and occasional adjustments.

👤They don't fall apart and the strip is sewed on. Nice length too!

👤I use one for my camera strap. The original neck pad was getting worn. I covered it with this pad. I can adjust the hook and loop system to make it work.

👤It was perfect! My mother used to use the lift to get her out of bed.

👤It looks really nice and professional. The ones we had before were flimsy.

👤I tried to find something that would protect my seat belts. These were the best! It can position wherever you want. They are diamond designed and complimentary to my interior leather. All for a good price. The product was excellent and the seller was 888-609-

👤The seatbelt is very soft and comfortable. The seatbelt has to be manually slid out of the way because it isn't easy to do. It would be better if it slipped down in its own while the belt was being pulled.

👤Our kids are at the heights where the seatbelts cut into their necks so we bought these. These have been used to prevent them from wearing their seatbelts in a way that is not proper. It was worth every penny.

👤These are shoulder pads for shopping bags. They are very flexible because they unfold down the middle.

👤The materials used to make it seem delicate are soft on the skin. The time will tell on wear and tear of the product.

9. Car Seat Protector Thickest Padding

Car Seat Protector Thickest Padding

It can be difficult to clean up messy car seats as a parent, but this car seat protector is very easy to clean and maintain. Less time spent cleaning up is more time spent on other things. Seat Saver: The Lusso Gear Car Seat Protector Mat protects your car's seats and keeps them looking brand new. It also covers worn upholstery for an instant auto upgrade. No Slip Back Liner is an easy to install carseat protection that won't slip. Your car seats are safe from kids car boosters. Your vehicle's seats are safe from kids and pets. Front seat and rear bench accessories. This water proof leather car seat cover is more durable than cloth replacement car seat covers and instantly adds style and comfort to your vehicle's interior. Not just for infant and toddler seats. The back and front seats of Lusso Gear are protected from pet claws and dog pee stains. Every Lusso Gear accessory comes with a lifetime warranty. Let them know if you have an issue with your car seat protectors. They will work with you to make it right. Every Lusso Gear accessory comes with a lifetime warranty. Let them know if you have an issue with your car seat protectors. They will work with you to make it right.

Brand: Lusso Gear

👤When I opened the box, I smelled it, but then I removed the seat cover from it's actual box. It was terrible. Toxic, chemical, plastic smell. I thought it was necessary to "air out" and then realized I was not putting it near my kids carseat. The quality is better than the other brand I ordered to try. It would have worked well. But for the smell.

👤Looks great, stays in place. I didn't get these for baby car seats because I needed something that was well made, stayed on the front seats without sliding, looked good and cleans easily, and these are them. I ordered a document holder because I was impressed by the quality. He will get the front seat organizers. The coupon book and airfreshners are nice touches. I'm glad I trusted the ratings.

👤I bought this for my leather, heat-holding, driver seat after researching for days on Amazon. There was no slippage. It is not complicated-covers what is necessary. Cleans up well and keeps the body cool. You can hop right in. I would like to have a strap for the front. That's just me. The air freshener made my car smell bad for two weeks, but I don't think it's for sale. The seat cover is very good.

👤The seat protectors is easy to install and doesn't slip around too much. It protects the seat material from spills and stains. I don't think it's very durable. My vehicle has not been used much since I installed this seat. You can see in the attached photographs that the fabric is tearing. Maybe this is all the life you can expect from a seat protector.

👤I love this brand of seat covers. It is the best. I have car seat protectors that protect the seats from being hit by objects, and they are perfect for comfort and protection. They are easy to put on and take off. During the summer months, I use them to protect the seats from body sweat, oils, sunscreen, and sandy beach days. Highly recommended product.

👤I ordered the one that said sitting comfort. It's not comfortable and slides around if I shift just a little. The point of getting a cover for "sitting comfort" is not for the aesthetic, but for the feel. The straps are thin and the top strap for me is already damaged by the cover. If you're looking for something that's comfortable to sit on, I wouldn't recommend this. I ordered one that said it was for comfort, but I didn't order the one for the baby seat.

👤I bought this product for the back of my truck. I have small children and it works well. The price seems to be justified by the material. I bought a set for the driver's seat and passenger seat, but the biggest complaint I have is that the middle part of the seat should not be crunched together. I'm incredibly disappointing, but I have no other way to say it. It protects the seat, but in terms of comfort? There is a large margin for improvement. If the company cared, they could come up with a way to mitigate the issue. The product is over-priced. If they fixed the "scrunching up in the middle" issue, I could see the pricing as being justified. Don't buy if you're warned.

10. AmazonBasics Portable Foldable Photo Studio

AmazonBasics Portable Foldable Photo Studio

Trusted by over 6 mothers. The original and the best. They're proud to be able to offer the same quality of cover to families for over 25 years. A second generation of people. Collapses into a thin, portable, and durable portfolio case with no assembly required. The product measures 25'' x 30'' x 25'' and includes a power supply, user manual, and a bright-white backdrop. High output built-in lights for handheld photography. The lights are positioned for optimum contrast and provide 5600k daylight balanced LEDs. An extra light gives better highlights, contrast, and shape to product images. A front 3-door system maximizes image angles while reducing outside reflections. Shoot, edit, and directly upload catalog images to Amazon are compatible with the Amazon Seller app.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤Clean background in your product images is the whole point. The hard crease in the background is terrible. One more step in the process is necessary. The solution would be to package the backdrop in a rolled tube and install it after un-boxing the product. The one time install step is more convenient than the edit steps.

👤I love it! I run a rescue and have been looking for a camera to take pictures of cats and kittens. The animal would be contained while I take pictures. The cats and kittens look great. I added a white shag rug. We use the hole at the top to distract them. The three windows are the only things I would change. I would have liked to have secured them better. I understand that this is used more for objects that are still in motion. It's fun and I love it.

👤The look and feel of the package was excellent. My first impressions were very good. For a few reasons, I am dropping my rating from 5 to 4 stars. 1. There is no switch to turn off the lights; the light box must be unplugged or collapsed to turn off the lighting. If your outlet is accessible, it's not a huge deal, but flipping a switch is still less convenient. 2. There are lights in the center and left. It isn't perfectly even because of the slight shadow cast. 3. The white backdrop has a crease in it. It can be edited out, very easily, depending on the app or software you use. The light box can be set up on a table, but the electric cord is not long enough to plug in a wall outlet at the standard height. It is very convenient to position your camera at different heights because of the three flaps in the front that are held open or shut with magnets. The opening at the top is good, but it would be better if there was a magnet to hold that flap open. I'm very happy with this purchase. It's portable and easy to store. I kept the item for home use and light business use.

👤You have to use the portable studio correctly. People are not following directions when they complain about the crease in the backdrop. Manual setup of ISO and shutter speed are recommended for your camera profile. That is listed on the website but not in the instructions booklet. This gives the best amount of light to white out the background and expose the subject. The example pics show a muddy off-white/grey background and a shadow of the backdrop fold because people are shooting with an automatic camera profile. I agree with all of the pros of this photo studio, but I think there are some drawbacks. I think the LEDs offer adequate illumination, but would love the ability to buy additional strips to attach separately, opaque sides, and for the price, throw in a cheap reflector to help bounce some of the light around inside. It's simple and convenient, especially if it's portable.

11. Booster Cushion Posture Heightening Portable

Booster Cushion Posture Heightening Portable

Good material. The wedge cushion is cool because of the dense ventilated mesh cover. It's made with memory foam so it stays the same. After sitting for a long time, it will bounce back. If the auto has no up/down adjustment option, you will see better from being higher in the seat. It is very comfortable. The grip bottom is non-slip. The rubber dots on the bottom keep it from sliding on the leather or vinyl seats. The car seat cushion is made of high-quality air layer fabric, PP cotton padding, and thick and full, not easily deformed. While driving, there is a car booster seat. The line of sight is hard to see because of the height. The booster cushion can help you see the road better and increase the field of view. Driver Booster Seat Chair Seat Cushion is 15.7x15.7x4.7%inch. It's suitable for people of different heights. The design is anti-slip. The middle part of the car heightening seat cushion is designed with a grooves, it can make your hips not slide easily and improve your safety. The gift is exquisite. This is a very nice gift, soft, comfortable and practical. It can help you expand your vision,relieve back fatigue, and provide you with a sense of comfort.

Brand: Zodifevi

👤It was exactly as described and pictured. The product is the same as other listings for half the price. Definitely recommend. The pillow covering is soft and durable. I think it has a nice carrying handle. The pillow adds a few inches of height and doesn't flatten like similar pillows. It fits nicely in the seat and is not bulky.

👤The product was described as being 4.7" thick by the website, which was the reason for buying it. It turned out to be about 3.5 inches thick, so it wouldn't meet our needs. Returned it without opening it. Be honest!

👤The height is overstated by around 7 cm.

👤My daughter was having a hard time seeing over the steering wheel and we chose this cushion because of its thickness. It worked out perfect. She can see over the wheel, the seatbelt fits her better, and the visor is useful to her. Would definitely recommend. I might order a second one for my car since we are dragging it back and forth from car to car. Great purchase.

👤It was even better than expected. Good height for a driver who isn't tall. No sinking...solid support.

👤I needed something that would make my chair taller. It's not necessary the best at being adjusted although it does some. I felt like I was falling out of the chair when I tried the gel cushions. This cushion was the winner. It feels firm but soft. I love it!

👤The first product to help me was this one. It did help my back pain, but it was the hight to gain sitelines driving my car that was the biggest deal for me. I have a short torso. I don't know what distance I have before I hit something. This has helped me a lot in the height situation where others just fall down like balloons. I only gave it 4 stars because I am not sure if it is the best for back support if you have issues. It was fine for me.

👤It's thick and comfortable, but it's shifting all around. I might have to put some sticky tape on the seat to keep it in place.


What is the best product for car seat pad brown?

Car seat pad brown products from Larrous. In this article about car seat pad brown you can see why people choose the product. Ivicy and Kingphenix are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat pad brown.

What are the best brands for car seat pad brown?

Larrous, Ivicy and Kingphenix are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat pad brown. Find the detail in this article. Bangled, Big Ant and Tsumbay are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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