Best Car Seat Organizer with Tray for Kids

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1. Sukuos Backseat Organizer Protectors Accessories

Sukuos Backseat Organizer Protectors Accessories

Toddler car seats have neck relief and head support. One PIX car back seat organizers come with 8 large pockets, which will hold your stuff when traveling. A clear tablet holder can be used to hold a device that allows for watching video or movies. Made of waterproof, safe, high-quality materials. The quick-release buckles make it easier to install in any vehicle. If you have a problem, please contact them. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: One Pix

👤This was useful for a vacation. The material is very sturdy, the straps are good for a variety of seats, and it holds a lot. The pockets were too narrow for a water bottle, but they were perfect for holding crayons, small snacks, and coloring books. We were able to remove it from the seat and put it on a chair in the hotel room for the kids to have their supplies there as well.

👤The back of the chair has a nice organize. It's easy to install a case for an iPad. It's easy to store many snacks and essentials. My 7 year old loves the touch screen.

👤It works perfect. After reading reviews, I was hesitant but ordered. It fits in the back of the car. I filled it with stuff. I have extra pockets and it will hold my sons fire tablets. Whoever is in the passenger seat may feel the strap behind their back if it lands midway on the seat. There is no big deal. I would definitely order another one.

👤I had a hard time installing this in my 2006 Toyota Camry. I couldn't get my hands in the space with ease because the seat and middle console meet where the tightening straps fell. It took me about 10 minutes to setup it. I didn't expect the product to hold up to toddler use, which is what I intended on it being used for. I think a cup in the cupholder wouldn't be supported.

👤I don't want to lean on my headrest for six hours in a car, so I was looking for something to hold my son's fire in the kid case. You can't pull out the pocket again to fix it for your child, it's just the right size.

👤My 5 year old was playing with her toys in the backseat of my car. This was a huge change. She can keep a lot of toys within her reach. I try to give her things to do while she is in the car, so that she doesn't have to worry about putting a device in front of her. A $10 stock up at Dollar Tree fills this right up and keeps her entertained for hours without ruining my car.

👤The backseat organizers are great for road trips.

👤I have portable DVD players for my kids. I have a storage bin in the back, but it's still disorganized. There is help so much. They help protect the device you're putting in them. It says it can hold a screen of that size. If you have something bigger, it won't fit. I can squeeze the DVD players in, but there is no extra room for them. A 2 pack is recommended. It's cheaper and you'll want another one. I only bought one to try it out and now I'm buying another. It will make life easier.

👤Me gusto bastante, lo unico that no es that en la bolsa de en medio.

👤Fcil de instalar, tiene varias bolsitas de diferentes tamaos.

2. Reserwa Backseat Organizer Waterproof Muti Pocket

Reserwa Backseat Organizer Waterproof Muti Pocket

The nylon material is not elastic, and the length of the 2 straps above is adjusted, so it is suitable for different types of cars, and prevents the overall sagging due to the weight of the mesh bag. The car backseat organizer is made of healthy high-grade fabric, natural, comfortable and durable, without any chemical smell. There are charging holes and earphone holes in the clear iPad holder. It works with tablets up to 10 inches. Children and back seat passengers are entertained. The mesh pocket is wide. The original car seat organizers have been widened and expanded to accommodate more items. The kick mat protects the car seat upholstery from liquid spills and stains. durable, easy to clean, and waterproof. It works on most vehicles. durable, easy to clean, and waterproof. It works on most vehicles.

Brand: Reserwa

👤I bought organizers for my car. The price was a good one. They arrived on time. I can say that they aren't hard to install and that they won't be hard to take out. I know I'll feel well-organized when I'm on the road, because they have handy, useful pockets that I haven't yet determined what I want to do with.

👤I put these in my truck. The kids won't be able to watch their tablets with how high they sit in the truck and their carseats. They will have a place to sit while they are not using them. The cup holders are large enough to hold cups. We're going on a 14 hour trip in a few days and I'll give you an update on how they worked. The case for the fire 8 is bulky.

👤My kids like to draw in the car, they have tons of coloring books. I bought a bunch of car organizers because I was tired of picking up books and markers from the floor. I thought I would go with one that fits between the 2 seats, but it turned out that it was difficult to use their seat belt. The cheapest of the 2 I tried on, the Reserwa Backseat organizers was exactly what I needed. The more expensive version had a couple more pockets on the bottom, but I realized my kids couldn't reach them so it didn't really make up the price. I was worried that the straps would be too heavy for the passenger. I can't feel them. The quality is good for the price.

👤I was surprised by the materials of the organizers. They are light weight and have a nice texture. The backing is lined with nylon. The pocket looks good. The canvas bottom of the large mesh pockets would not be as strong. Nice details and appears well made. The securing straps are my minor complaint. It was difficult to get the straps to fit in my car. The straps were wide and I was worried they would rub the backside of the rider. The buckles are not in the center. It was difficult to connect the bottom strap between the driver seat and the center console in my small car. There is a I like to see a strap keeper tidy up the head rest. I didn't feel the straps or the buckles as I was worried, but I have since driven with the organizers installed. I will take a break and see how I feel about them in the future. The seat back organizers are a thumbs up for most of the time.

👤I bought a couple of these from a different company and had to buy two more for our trip. There is a lot of space. They fit my kids water bottles, juice bottes, coloring books, clipboard and coloring supplies. The kids had stuff all over, so I could easily fit more. We traveled for 18 hours and the kids were able to fit in more then they needed to. It's easy to install. They are strong. They started to slip because we packed so much in there. I highly recommend. We now keep them in the car for snacks and water bottles and just have coloring supplies which is nice to have even for an hour long trip.

3. Toddler Carseat Activities Essentials Accessories

Toddler Carseat Activities Essentials Accessories

Kid Safe is a worry free design. They want you to be happy with this tray. Register your warranty and then use the code on the instruction insert. The kids' travel tray is a perfect solution for organization in-vehicle, train, or airplane. Kids use the play tray for hours of entertainment. Girls can watch iPad, draw, play, eat and drink while you can rest or drive. It's easy to clean and drink. Parents can use wet tissue to clean up while kids can draw on the dry erase board in the foldable car seat tray. The folding carseat tray can be carried on the back of the car seat with the detaching strap. Most car seats are compatible. The travel table is designed to fit most car seats and strollers. The large stand fits most tablets and keeps them from falling over on road rides. The collapsible storage compartment is designed to hold toys, snacks, and crayons, keeping them neat and clean until you reach your destination. The raised soft edges design keeps items in and avoids dropping them on the floor. Keep your car out of the mess with lots of pockets to hold small items. Their car travel accessories are safe to use. This travel tray is strong and can be used in a car, plane, stroller frequently. Children will be more comfortable with the warm design. Their car travel accessories are safe to use. This travel tray is strong and can be used in a car, plane, stroller frequently. Children will be more comfortable with the warm design.

Brand: Menzoke

👤My daughter loves this. It is great for travelling and at home. She wanted to keep using it at home because she was so attached to it. She keeps her dry erase pens in the side storage pockets. It has 3 dry erase boards. It has a cooler pocket for drinks and snacks. The main clear compartment has a cable hole that she can use to charge her tablets on long journeys. It has a carrying strap as well. I will have to buy my 3 year old son a one as he keeps trying to steal it.

👤What a great idea. We put this on her car seat and she was very excited. She can watch cartoons while she plays with her toys if she has a place for a tablet to be placed. You can keep her sippy cup within arm's reach with the pockets that it has. This is a great product. Thank you so much!

👤A nice travel set for kids. It is easy to fold. My 3 year old likes it.

👤There are great organizational pockets for art supplies. It is easy to transition from car to house desk. My child loved it and used it for a 6 hour trip.

4. KEOLAKIDS Organizer Detachable Improved Headrest

KEOLAKIDS Organizer Detachable Improved Headrest

You can zip up the case without removing the headrest strap from the case. If necessary, the trays will be completely from the top. nylon is easy to clean. Storage pockets snap out of the way when not needed. The foam used for tray support is non-stinky. The foam used for tray support is non-stinky.

Brand: Keolakids

👤The are ok, except for the fact that it must sit on the child's knees. If the child is small or uncomfortable, the table can easily slide off and spill everywhere. It would have been so easy to add a strap and a button to lock it. I'll probably just do that myself and save them, but be aware that this isn't what the photo makes it look like. That hangs off the seat. It's frustrating because it's so easy to fix on their end.

👤During our road trip, daughter enjoyed using it.

👤My son used this to help hold his iPad during our 7 hour car trip. He liked it.

👤We own a similar one that we use for traveling. Being able to hang from the headrest is one of the additional features. Depending on how far back your front seats are to your back seats, it takes up space. The lap table can be taken apart to fit better for your seat arrangement and the other part can be left hanging. My son likes this one more than the table part. He is excited to put some crayons/pencils into the pouch, but they are probably better for markers in the tall pockets. The clear pouch does not fit the Fire Tablet, so if you plan to use it, it must be less than 9.5. The cup holder is not deep. It is best not to have a tall bottle. A small plastic water bottle is tipsy. There is a You can remove the foam and wash it. The one we own is stained with sauce and oil marks, but it is stain resistant. I would recommend this for traveling. It can be used as an eating tray and holds stuff for your kids.

👤Oh! I like this. It has a strap that you can loop over the head rest and it opens like a lap table. You can zip it up and throw it over your shoulder if you want to keep kids and adults busy. It is great for kids who get bored easily and I love that I can bring it inside when we have to wait for a doctor. The nylon seems to be strong. We haven't had any spills yet, but it seems to clean up. It passed the important sniff test. It needs to sit on a relatively flat surface or a lap, that's the only downside. If it is heavy, things will fall out. I think that could have been solved with a firm foam. So, cautiously recommended.

👤This is functional. As shown, it can work for a car. Unless I really need to on the road, I don't intend to use it for that purpose. It will serve as a school portfolio for now, but eventually it will be used for holding all my sons activities. It is large enough to hold construction paper. I zip it up and put it away. This is a foam interior piece that can be made into a makeshift desk and cup holder. I can use extra drink space if I decide to use it.

5. SURDOCA Organizer Backseat Storage Accessories

SURDOCA Organizer Backseat Storage Accessories

The right size car seat storage box can be placed in the middle of the rear seat, in the trunk, or on the floor to add more storage. The handles on the back and front of the car organizers allow them to take the storage box anywhere. Is it a backseat, front seat or trunk? The answer is yes to all. The multi-functional organizer can be placed in multiple locations in your car, with two carry handles and a divider that can be used to divide it into different areas. You can easily store 40 pieces of items in two large compartments and 5 mesh pockets, which will make your car clean and tidy. Z-type intensive sewing process, car seat belt level carry handle, 3-strand nylon thread stitching, Japan-made inner panel, 600 Dennis Pro Oxford fabric, and 210 Dennis lining material are all part of the quality assurance that they are proud of. The center divider can hold more items when it's down, and the box is easy to fold up. Oxford fabric is very easy to clean, just wipe with a wet rag. To prevent the seat organizers from slipping off when braking, they designed a length-adjustable anti-slip insert buckle, or you can also put the safety belt through the two fixing straps at the back of the case to fix it. Water cups and drinks can be fixed by the internal elastic band. To prevent the seat organizers from slipping off when braking, they designed a length-adjustable anti-slip insert buckle, or you can also put the safety belt through the two fixing straps at the back of the case to fix it. Water cups and drinks can be fixed by the internal elastic band.

Brand: Surdoca

👤If you have toddlers and infants, this is a must have. It's perfect for keeping toys organized, snacks, extra diapers, wipes, and everything in between for car rides. It helps keep your car from being trashed. Highly recommended.

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6. Travel Tray Toddler Stroller Activity

Travel Tray Toddler Stroller Activity

A car play table is a great way to keep your child engaged in drawing, eating, playing or coloring while on a road trip or flight. Multiple pockets of travel trays or baby travel accessories store kids essentials well within reach, large surface with raised edges prevents crayons, pencils from rolling on the floor, see-through PVC pocket holds a phone. It's ideal for toddler stroller tray, baby car seat tray. A cup holder and a large pocket are included in the kids travel tray organizers. There is waterproof plastic on the tray surface that makes it easy to clean spills. There is a Unisex design forTILE ACTIVITY TRAY FOR KIDS. It's an ideal travel tray for infants, kids table tray for trips and 888-282-0465. The perfect gift for any kid is a funny sign, black color with golden stitches, and road print with vehicles. It could be used as a snack tray table, travel snack tray, car back seat tray, stroller tray, and plane travel tray. The perfect gift for any kid is a funny sign, black color with golden stitches, and road print with vehicles. It could be used as a snack tray table, travel snack tray, car back seat tray, stroller tray, and plane travel tray.

Brand: Coolmum

👤I traveled solo from the East coast of the USA to Australia over 24 hours and this thing was a life saver. My two year old played for hours on the fold down tray table with the new trucks, planes and cars. I was able to read a book while he was occupied. It fit in the front of my suitcase because of the quality. He could use it on his lap during take off and landing. It's a good idea for air travel.

👤I wanted to entertain my son on the road trip. I liked the fact that this one had a road for him to drive his cars on. I was disappointed that it did not fit our car seat. We were not able to use the side flaps, however, he could still use his cup holder attached to the car seat. I made sure to connect the strap behind his head rest to keep it secure because he didn't care that it didn't fit. My son said that his cars were too big for the small roads, but he didn't care as he kept playing. I was tempted to return it since it didn't fit the way I wanted it to, but my son likes it and it did what I needed it to.

👤I bought this because I wanted to find something for my child to play on instead of staring at a screen. This one was tried because of good reviews and low price. He loved it! This is a kid who could stare at a screen for hours in the car and in 6 1/2 hours on the road going and coming back, he didn't ask for his device. He was racing his hot wheels all over the mat. The play area is large. He didn't need to take up more space in his booster seat. It was very easy to use. His cars stayed put because he and I both liked his car seat. Our son doesn't get a lot of screen time, so he's all about it in the car. We were happy with our purchase.

👤I bought this for my 2.5 year old before I went on a road trip. He loves cars, trucks, planes, etc. He was busy for hours on this little road. He used it to play with his cars, color, play with play doh, and eat meals during our drive. It fits perfectly on his lap.

👤The tray is foldable for travel. The plastic strip on the back works well for a phone but may not be stiff enough to hold a tablet, which will probably lean forward. I would lean it against the back. There are extra pockets on the side. If you don't use the cupholder, it will fit perfectly over the Nextfit. There's a pocket on the right to hold a cup. The folded backpack can fit easily.

👤This is a great invention. My kids received trays. This was not as strong as the other two and the other two had nothing on the tray. I tried them because I had a coupon code for them. I still needed one more. Who wants to pay more for a 2 year old? I thought the 2yr old would be best with something simpler. So this! The road map is the best feature. He played with this for hours on a trip to visit his family. You should get this for your 2 year old as soon as possible. I stole a busy book and packed 4 cars and 4 trucks from it. They are small and cute. He was in heaven. I gave him a flashlight so he could use it in the dark. This was a win. I prefer the price to be around $12-15.

7. Kids Activity Waterproof Organizer Portable

Kids Activity Waterproof Organizer Portable

A kid's best friend. They have the tray that will keep your toddler occupied no matter what. The Kenley Kids' Travel and Play Tray can be used to keep the little ones entertained on a long plane, train, or car ride. It also gives mom and dad a good backseat organizer. Patent D924782 Storage room to spare You will have more room to organize your stuff with the medium sized pouch, two cup holders, and storage compartment. There are two large pockets and additional mesh pockets. You can make sure you have room for everything, even if you only have a few crayons, travel toys, and snacks. Are you a travelling kind? The padded carrying strap makes it much easier to carry, even when the little ones are trying to make it hard. There are no flimsy, short side walls here. Their fully reinforced 4 inch sides keep food, coloring supplies, and toys where they need to be, and not all over your car. The padded waterproof surface offers superior comfort for your "mini me", while at the same time saving you time. The tray is crash tested to make sure it's as safe as possible. They take a lot of pride in the quality of the products they produce, so they offer a full lifetime warranty on every tray that leaves their door. If you need them, they will always be there. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any issues, they'll be here to help. They take a lot of pride in the quality of the products they produce, so they offer a full lifetime warranty on every tray that leaves their door. If you need them, they will always be there. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any issues, they'll be here to help.

Brand: Kenley Kids

👤My 2 year old loves her new tray. She was occupied for 2.5 hours and was able to eat without making a mess.

👤We can't use these until the smell wears off, so I can't write a full review. I should have paid more attention to the other reviews. I am sure my kids will love them, but I will not be trapped in the car while these things are so bad. If we can get rid of the smell, we will update the review. These were great once the smell was gone. Today is still using.

👤My daughter is very excited about her new tray. We spend a lot of time in the car and were looking for something to keep us entertained, drink, and snacks in reach, so mom wasn't trying to give her things. I decided on this one because of the good reviews and variety of pockets it offered, and I spent a lot of time looking into different trays. I was able to put her cup, toy phone, color wonder markers, color wonder book, reuse sticker book, pipe cleaners, books, and action figure type toys all in this with room to spare. I like that it can fold flat as well. The tray is not a hard wipe off surface as I thought, but rather a canvas type fabric. I plan to use this for her to eat and that may get messy. It would be great if this company included a type of Velcro. You could use it or not. You can wash the fabric if you take it off.

👤I just bought a Bonabee brand one. The Kenley kids are a lot better. I feel safer because it claims to be crash tested. It fits on top of the carseat better and does not tip over. The Bonabee is a lot smaller and so it tips over a lot. This one is very sturdy but it felt like the material inside was softer than Bonabee's so it felt safer. Maybe there is more padding. My daughter always asks to put it on. She has been coloring or eating on it. Great purchase!

👤This product is not great. I got this for my 2 1/2 year old to take with me on the road trip. There is simply no way a toddler could reach the side pockets. The desk is too high in my daughter's car seat. It is resting under her chin so her arms are held up at a very uncomfortable height. It didn't work for coloring or using books on the trip. It might be okay for an older child.

👤I'm so excited for my grandchild to be able to use this while in her car seat because books and drinks wouldn't fall from the floor. I didn't know it had a very thick cardboard material inside the tray area. I was hoping it was a thick tray. I won't use it for safety reasons. I don't think this is safe. The tray may cause harm to the child. I tried to remove it, but it was not successful. I hope the manufacturer will reach out to me if I'm missing something.

8. Tsumbay Organizer Leather Foldable Protectors

Tsumbay Organizer Leather Foldable Protectors

Travel. Kids should be on long car rides. Kids love this! Tsumbay car seat organizer with trash can is made of upgraded firm wood support board high quality PU Leather with perfect waterproof property and good durability. It will be more resistant to wear and tear. They made a lot of changes to the back seat organizers. The car backseat organizer is designed to give you a tidy and spacious in-car environment. It has a trash can for storing garbage, multiple storage compartments for storing snack foods, children toys, water bottles, drinks, magazines and more. The large built-in car tablet holder can hold any tablets up to 10 inches. You get an iPad car holder, an unbeatable car organization, and a car full of happy passengers. The foldable dining table can be used as a work desk and also as a dining table. The table top can be adjusted with the upgraded metal adjusting buckle, so that it gets the best stability. It is made of wood board and can bear up to 2.5 kilogram items. The top adjustment buckle has been improved to make it easier to install. Strong straps, a plum buckle, and an aluminum hook ensure the great stability of the backseat organizers. The installation takes less than 5 minutes to complete. The top adjustment buckle has been improved to make it easier to install. Strong straps, a plum buckle, and an aluminum hook ensure the great stability of the backseat organizers. The installation takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Brand: Tsumbay

👤The organizers we purchased in July of 2021 worked great. I wanted to leave the review as it might help others. I saw where a few people had problems with the table before I bought this organizer. There are some things to keep in mind. The table wasn't designed to support heavy weight. It was used recently on a long family trip to allow the kids to eat while we were driving and playing. It works great if you put things on it such as food, a cell phone, or other lightweight items. If you want to use it as a desk, you will have to apply a lot of force to it. When setting up the table, you want to make sure it is at the correct angle. You would typically think to set up a clock like this, with the big hand pointing at the 12 and the small hand pointing at the 9 o'clock position. This is the wrong position for the table. Let me explain. All the items on the table are going to fall off if you tighten the table to this position and place something heavy on it. The table should be set to the 10 o'clock position so that when weight is applied, it will bend to the 9 o'clock position and still hold your items. The setup was easy. Place the main clip around the base of the headrest and tighten it. Attach the two bottom hooks to the bottom of the seat, depending on how your car is made, and then take the rest. Feed the plum buckle through the area where the back cushion meets the bottom cushion by stretching it to the front of the driver/passenger seat. Pull it all the way through so it doesn't slide through the cushion. This is for the other buckle. The table should be adjusted to the correct position. Hope this helps.

👤The seat protectors is easy to install and well made. There is a built in trash receptacle. The front pocket of the trash receptacle is not very usable. If you put something into it, it will protrude out. The rest of the unit is not flimsy. Very happy with the model.

👤The concept is good. I like the table and the clear pouch for tablets. The seat is easy to install, but the bottom attachment keeps coming off, so it has to be straight or slightly inverted. The table and pouch positions are too low. It's hard to get in for kids with car seats.

👤There was no back of seat pocket in the driver's side seat. This product provides a place to hold an umbrella and trash, as well as a place to eat lunch in the back seat, and a holder for an IPad, which is useful for long trips. Time will tell if the material sees a light weight or not.

👤My son and I loved this. The tray can no longer stay up after the strap broke. I can't figure out why it happened because he didn't put a lot of weight on it.

9. Capacity Handbag Organizer Documents Backseat

Capacity Handbag Organizer Documents Backseat

The bags are made of high-quality diamond-shaped grid, the bottom using PE material, strong load-bearing capacity, and the stitching details of the shoulder straps are not easy to tear. The leather is thick anddurable. The Gilnean car net pocket handbag holder between the front seats has extra storage space. The car net pocket handbag holder can hold a lot of small items. Larger items such as tablets, water bottles, newspapers, magazines, handbags, document bags, shopping bags, etc. can be stored in the car net pocket handbag holder. The car front seat storage organizers has been upgraded. The car storage organizers are made of PE and PET fiber and have good stretching ability. The height of the storage bag baffle is increased to prevent items from being scattered, and the car organizer front seat has two front pockets and one back pocket. Their car net pocket handbag holder makes it easier for you to take your mobile phones, purses, and other items while driving. The car purse holder between the seats act as a barrier to prevent pets and kids from interfering with your driving, which helps to drive safely. The purse holder for car is easy to install, without damaging the car front seat, it takes only a minute with the long enough stretchy rope covered over the console armrest box. The central armrest box is not affected by the car purse holder. The car mesh organizer is compatible with the front armrest box. Some cars are not suitable for this item, such as side- opening armrest box, double- opening armrest box, sports armrest box, and no armrests box. Before purchasing, please confirm the armrest box type. The car mesh organizer is compatible with the front armrest box. Some cars are not suitable for this item, such as side- opening armrest box, double- opening armrest box, sports armrest box, and no armrests box. Before purchasing, please confirm the armrest box type.

Brand: Gilneas

👤It is ok, but doesn't work as well as I had hoped. The seller offered to refund my money after he asked what was wrong. The bag is small to fit between my seats, but I appreciate the excellent customer service.

👤The straps on the bottom were too small to fit under my console. I lengthened them for two weeks and then broke. I liked the sad face. I have the ability to fix it and reenforce the straps. I should not have to do that after two weeks.

👤I had a net between my seats, but this is better. It's easy to install, and has a lot of storage space. It's great for when I have a passenger and can't just throw stuff in the front seat, and I shove my purse, waterbottle, and other necessities in there. It doesn't affect the operation of my center console storage area lid. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤This in-car pocket is a perfect fit for the FORD EDGE. I like having a place for my purse that is not on the floor. The main pocket has a lot of space for my purse, water bottle, or something else of size when I need it. The rear pocket is a great place to keep a small atlas or reading material while waiting. The front pockets are large enough for your phone as well as another small thing or two. It is easy to install and well constructed so I am looking forward to using it for a long time. This item is a winner.

👤It was very well made. It's easy to install over the headrests. My purse is larger than the pocket, but it allows me to put my purse on the consel and keep my purse from falling into the back seat well. It has an umbrella sandwiched between it and the back seat.

👤It's a perfect accessory for my car. When I had a passenger in the front seat, I never had a place for my purse. I have an umbrella, hand wipes, etc. I was able to secure the console to the bottom of the seat back because my car doesn't have a console that flips open.

👤I had to return it because the space between the seats was too small. The product was sturdy and nice. Measure your space.

👤It fit in our car. It has a small pocket to hold things in. It seems strong.

👤My console opens and closes. It moves down and away. I thought it would be easy. I used ties to fit it. I can't remember if the width of the net pocket was stated. It is important to know that.

👤My mother loves this for her car and I only had it for a month. It's easy to store items in this spot, which is still accessible from the front seat. It has multiple pockets.

👤The solution was pour the sacs main. THe surtout trs Utile.

10. ROVICLU Seat Travel Tray Kids

ROVICLU Seat Travel Tray Kids

We use their own products every day and they are real people. They want the same for you as they want for their family. They cut no corners when manufacturing the car seat activity tray and they will cut no corners in their support to you by providing the finest products and unparalleled customer service. A kid's road trip is essential to make your little passenger comfortable and your driving easier. It keeps them entertained. The car seat tray for kids travel makes room for kids to keep their hands busy, because it is designed so that every part offers function. They can play with toys and draw and write on the dry erase board table. Don't let your child get hungry. Their kids car tray can be used for snack breaks, especially for longer rides. There is a stand to hold a device. It is secure yet easily replaceable. The strap has padding that won't strain your child's back. It folds into a small and travel-friendly size. The versatile car seat tray is ideal for strollers and high chairs. Click 'add to cart' to complete your travel accessories for kids. The versatile car seat tray is ideal for strollers and high chairs. Click 'add to cart' to complete your travel accessories for kids.

Brand: Roviclu

👤We bought these for a long road trip and they were perfect to keep two 8 year olds occupied, with the pockets to hold pens, crayons, markers and the sturdy whiteboard that was fun to play games on and provided the perfect surface for coloring books. When they were watching the iPad, we used it as a tray for food and snacks. They were excited to carry it themselves and look forward to testing it out on the plane.

👤You should buy this if you have small children. I've looked at these trays many times but didn't think they were worth the price. They are. My kids were busy for 18 hours. They are helpful when they are eating because they give them a surface to store their food on. They don't fold up when you aren't using them.

👤I took this for my grandson when we were going to Florida and he loved it, I even took it inside the hotel for him to use.

👤I like this option for children. My daughter is too small for it, she makes a mess, and it's not easy to clean the fabric part. This would be a great option if you are 3 years or older.

👤I bought 2 trays for the trip with our granddaughters. They were easy to install and stay on their carseats. The compartments can be used to store supplies. The girls enjoyed using them in the car and in the cabin, and also used them on a table and on their beds.

👤My children make car rides very difficult, so I got them two of these. These trays help a lot. One of the clips snapped in half and I contacted the page and they sent me a new one free of charge. Customer service and product are amazing.

👤This is also good in the car and on the couch. Definitely recommend!

11. Tsumbay Organizer Foldable Protectors Accessories

Tsumbay Organizer Foldable Protectors Accessories

The canopy has a better finish and Foot cover in the same fabric has better protection. Premium PU leather:Tsumbay car seat organizers are made of high quality PU leather and have good waterproof property. Your car looks very nice. It protects the back of the car seat from dirt and dust. A foldable dining table can be used as a work desk and also as a place to hold your tablets. It is made of hard board and can hold up to 2.5 kilogram items. The car organizer will make your family's car trip more comfortable. The Multi Storage Pockets is a car seat organizer that will give you a tidy and spacious environment in your car. 2 pockets for storing bottles, 2x pockets for storing phones, 2 pockets for storing magazines, and 3 pockets for storing snacks are included. The great stability of the backseat organizer is ensured by theAdjustable buckle strap, plum buckles, aluminium hook and strong straps. The installation takes less than 5 minutes to complete. It's easy to clean it up with a cloth. sumbay wants you to be happy with the car back seat organizers. Customer support for this car organizer is 100%. If you have any questions, please contact them. Order with no fear. sumbay wants you to be happy with the car back seat organizers. Customer support for this car organizer is 100%. If you have any questions, please contact them. Order with no fear.

Brand: Tsumbay

👤I like how it fits, and the compartments. I chose this one over the tissue holder because I was going to put wipes in it. The tray is tight against the seat so you have to push your fingers down to close it, you don't want to scratch your leather, but it is annoying. Normally I would take a star off for that, but I can't think of a better way to make it better. I still give it 5 stars because I am very happy with everything else.

👤Great product! The seat is black. It's perfect for a family with kids that need more space in the car. Definitely a must have.

👤I got two of these and I absolutely love them. I had to convince my youngest that the tray was not a foot rest. They fit perfectly. The square pocket at the bottom holds a small CD holder, while the long skinny pocket holds a switch lite. The extra strap that comes out of the side middle and tucks into the front seat between the butt/back cushion is even better. I like buying items with free returns so that I can return them if I don't like them. I was not disappointed.

👤Keeping the backseat clean is pretty helpful. Can hold baby bottles, books, thin layers, glasses, and of course electronic devices. The one in the airplane can be converted to a table. During a long trip, I can put food and tablets there for kids. It is not sure if it is leather. It doesn't make sense to make it with genuine leather that doesn't tolerate water, but it feels like it is. The classical brown is a color I like. A big bottle works well for bottled water.

👤The items look new and good. The material feels good. It works on the back of the car seat. There are lots of compartments for kids stuff. So far, so good. My vehicle has two, so clearly she needed it, and anyone with one child needs it. My niece is almost 11 years old and she always wants to do something new in the car when she goes out to eat. She has put the DVD player, her iPad, toys, coloring books, hair stuff, sunglasses, hats, and snacks in this place so she can easily grab it herself.

👤This is the perfect place to keep my stuff. I don't have to toss my kid's toys and snacks all the time because I have lots of pockets to hold them. The folding tray has a lip. I didn't have to search the whole car for my son's coloring utensils when he put them there. I was a bit skeptical of the tray's strength, but it was able to hold our Surface Pro tablets. It's a great addition to my car's floor to help organize my stuff.

👤It fell apart about a month after I installed it. The tray is so small and flimsy that it doesn't reach my son even with the seat in his legs. The pockets are flimsy and can't hold a child's water bottle. I missed the return window because it was going in the trash.


What is the best product for car seat organizer with tray for kids?

Car seat organizer with tray for kids products from One Pix. In this article about car seat organizer with tray for kids you can see why people choose the product. Reserwa and Menzoke are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat organizer with tray for kids.

What are the best brands for car seat organizer with tray for kids?

One Pix, Reserwa and Menzoke are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat organizer with tray for kids. Find the detail in this article. Keolakids, Surdoca and Coolmum are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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