Best Car Seat Neck Support for Newborn Pink

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1. Toddler Relief Support Installation Convertible

Toddler Relief Support Installation Convertible

Safety Support for a sleepy baby: It's appropriate for the child's head support, head protective, to relieve neck strain for sleepy toddlers riding along for nap time car rides and long road trips. It's an effective way to make your child sleep in a comfortable way. The cotton is soft and comfortable and has a strap that is not sharp. Fix the strap with the car seat/stroller after the child falls asleep, because it's easy to install. Click the buckle when your child wakes up. Multipurpose It's suitable for baby seats, car seats, pram strollers, etc. The best car seat relief band. They are perfect gifts for babies and mothers. They offer a three year warranty. If you have a problem with it, please contact them. They are perfect gifts for babies and mothers. They offer a three year warranty. If you have a problem with it, please contact them.

Brand: Donier

👤Es comodo y se adacta. No me gusta xq. No sirve del todo, ami hija su cabecita. No creo, sea el producto simplemente, tambien pueda soportar. O mento.

👤My kids don't care for these and you can't put them on while the kids are awake so it doesn't work.

👤I tried stretching it to her fit but it still came down while driving.

👤My daughter and I both love this product and I am also a super sturdy and cute owl.

👤She is not a fan of sleeping if she is awake. I put it on. Great for road trips because her head doesn't move.

👤With this purchase, I no longer feel guilty and my daughter's head is no longer flying everywhere when she's asleep, because I no longer slam on the breaks a lot because I'm a bad driver. Win-win!

👤I haven't tried it yet, but it looks good.

👤It is funcin.

2. KAKIBLIN Travel Pillow Support Pushchair

KAKIBLIN Travel Pillow Support Pushchair

It helps prevent baby's head from slumping during nap time and protects baby's head from shaking when on a stroller or car seat. Unique shaped design is the best support for a baby who is less than a year old. This pillow is lightweight and portable, you can use it whenever you baby is laying down, for use in baby's car seat, swing, stroller, crib and more. The pillow is made of soft fabric and 100% organic pp cotton, soft and gentle on baby skin, padded for comfort. It will help your baby sleep well. The whole pillow can be washed in a machine. The whole pillow can be washed in a machine.

Brand: Kakiblin

👤The product is pretty good, but the small part behind the head should not have any stuffing. The head leans forward. I cut a small slit into the back of it and pulled out the stuffing to keep my daughter's head from falling. In my photos, you can see how thick the cushioning was. If used on a newborn, it can cause the airway to close and the baby to suffocate. The baby's head should be placed against the back of the seat.

👤I bought this for my son who has acid reflux and it sounded like everyone had a great experience with it. He doesn't really care for it most of the time, but he still spits it up when he uses it in his bed. We tried it out for the first time in his carseat and it didn't hold his head up.

👤My son needed one of these for his plagiocephaly, a condition in which there is a flat side on his head. It is perfect! It makes his head look comfortable. The change in car seat accommodations did not bother him. It looks very cute. It has been used for less than a week. I haven't washed it yet. A doctor says all babies should use something like this.

👤I think this pillow is better suited for babies who can sit on their own and lift their head without assistance. The padding on the carseat may not allow a baby to breathe properly. There is a If you have a newborn, look for a support pillow that cradles the sides of the head so they can lay back comfortably. The pillow is soft but can provide good support. When my child is older, I will use it.

👤The baby I nanny for was diagnosed with torticollis and her physical therapist recommended that she be kept out of her car seat and stroller. She realized she could pull them out after a while. I searched for it on Amazon. It worked well for us and her therapist recommended it to other parents.

👤I bought this for my 9 month old twin girls because I had trouble finding a good neck support when they fell asleep in their car seats. The side impact support in their car seat made the neck pillows too big. The baby pillow worked well. It's easy to slide in. I noticed that when they fell asleep, they kept their heads upright. I thought I was too thin when I received it in the packaging. It actually worked out for them. I was thinking I was going to have to make one because I came across this.

👤If you want a better neck pillow, go to Ross and get one with a blanket. I was excited to buy this for my 8 month old son for our trip but when I got it, there was no neck support at all. The cover can't be removed to wash. I wash everything I buy for my son before I use it. I got my money back for the cheap neck pillow, but I didn't use it. Trust me, don't waste your money.

3. Pro Goleem Ultra Soft Microfiber Reversible

Pro Goleem Ultra Soft Microfiber Reversible

The package includes a baby carseat head support. The item will be fluffy after it is washed. The age range is from preemie to 12 month. The microfiber fabric is made from microfiber. The microfiber on the one side makes them more comfortable in the summer. Minky Dot is a fabric. The one side of the baby is made of soft material. Do not iron or bleach the machine wash. No pilling, no fading. Do not iron or bleach the machine wash. No pilling, no fading.

Brand: Pro Goleem

👤It was too big. I had to package it back up because it would have eaten the baby alive. It is very soft. It might be better for an older baby.

👤Very comfortable. A lot of padding. Doesn't slip around, stays in place. It's perfect for newborns. It's easy to clean up.

👤I like this little car seat pad. It's soft and can be used in a stroller. The price was great and it was well made. Good quality for the price. The baby is comfortable and soft.

👤I thought making the seat soft and warm would help the baby. I felt better taking him out in the cold weather because he slept easily in this. It's warm. The fuzzy side is not appropriate for warm weather, but I will try the cooler side in the summer. When the seat isn't being used, it does slouch down a little, but it stays in place when the baby is seated, and bonus: I didn't have to disassemble anything! This is easy to fit around the car seat straps.

👤My daughter was 8 ounces. Very small. Without it in the car seat, she would always fall to the side and look uncomfortable. She was still small even with the insert. I added this and removed the original insert. It is a soft downfall and it seems to keep her warm.

👤Love it. My son is over 2 months old and he's over 12 lbs. He will have it for a little while, it's a great size for him. If your baby is a little taller, he/she will still be able to use the headrest. It's cute and cozy for the cold weather. I haven't used that side. I can't wait to use it, but beware if you have to adjust the headrest using the satin side, it will be exposed, and I am assuming that wont be very. I will buy the black one soon.

👤Our hospital wouldn't let us leave because of how big this thing is. I can see why we tried to put our baby in it. I'm worried about using this. You can buy a different insert.

👤The 4Mom swing works well and is much cheaper than Thier insert.

4. COOLBEBE Straps Shoulder Pushchair Stroller

COOLBEBE Straps Shoulder Pushchair Stroller

Seat belt cushions prevent slippage and provide effective security in the car, infant carrier or stroller. The velvet pads are soft enough to allow your child to experience the joy of the journey. The Soft Wraps Belt Covers are made from Super- soft velvet-touch fabric and provide additional comfort to prevent rubbing and irritation from car seat straps. It's very difficult. All car seats, infant carriers, and buggy straps are compatible with the Seatbelt Strap. Soft Wraps can be used for a lot of things. The black belt cover is simple and elegant. It is easy to clean. The fabric and foam are both made of 100% polyester. The Soft Wraps keep your seatbelts and straps clean. They are easy to remove from the go. Hang to dry and cold wash cycle. They will get back within 24 hours, if you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch, they will keep your car/stroller neat and organized. They will get back within 24 hours, if you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch, they will keep your car/stroller neat and organized.

Brand: Coolbebe

👤I got this for a kid for a road trip and it was one of the best purchases I've ever made. If you have kids that fall asleep in the car often, it gets used a lot. It's very comfortable, the pillow is not attached so the sleeve can be washed. It's soft but supportive and easy to install, it's easy to disassemble or move to another vehicle if you need to, and it's bigger than it looks. I recommend it if you nap in the car or find your seat belt uncomfortable. I got a large one for a kid who was 5 years old at the time. The time when the adults use it.

👤I wanted to love it but didn't. It was great at first, it was used for my son. The pillow and case are not sewn together. The case on the seatbelt was the only thing that kept the pillow in place. It is soft and fluffy, but wished it was one piece.

👤These are great. I needed these because the ones I had in my car seat were short and would slide back, which made it hard for him to push his head forward. They were thick and cumbersome. I reminded them that my boy has a chunk on him. When he would be buckled in, I noticed that his redness was really irritated. These are not thick, but they are soft enough to prevent that belt rash, so if you are looking for something thick and supportive, don't get these. They are long so they don't get pushed back.

👤I have purchased car seat shoulder padding like this before and it was made with a soft foam material and a soft exterior. These are soft on the outside, but they are very special. It almost feels like the manufacturer forgot to add the memory foam and just shipped empty, soft sleeves. I wouldn't recommend it. You can get a product from a different city in China that will send you real soft padding, not just a soft sleeve.

👤I'm not complaining since the price is so low, but the pads on the seat are not as thick as I expected. If that helps anyone, they are a bit thinner than neoprene.

👤My child is 3 years old. The car seat straps are life saving. They hold his head up and don't let it fall from one side to the other. Not to mention, soft! There is no cushion or support in some of the reviews. This was not the case for me. The straps had a cushion and support. Would buy again.

👤After a long road trip, I bought these car seat strap pads because the straps on the travel car seat were getting in my toddler's neck. We were going to deliver them to the vacation condo and put them on the car seat. The velvet is long enough to cover the straps on his shoulders. He sat in his seat for the rest of the vacation after there were no more car seat strap marks on him. They air dry quickly. I'm getting another set for our other car seat.

5. Support Toddle Relief Child Adjustable

Support Toddle Relief Child Adjustable

Allow the child to enjoy a peaceful nap, and you can concentrate on the road. You can place it at angle angle you choose, for a young child, because the front piece comes completely off. The kids head support is made from high quality cotton and polyester. The baby's head shouldn't be on his chest. The child's head and neck are in a good position. Any baby seats, car seats, strollers, etc are compatible with these. Any baby seats, car seats, strollers, etc are compatible with these.

Brand: Letton

👤Would not recommend it. It's a dangerous product to use, and the idea sounds great. Your child is at risk of internal decapitation in a high speed crash. I bought it and now it's just garbage.

👤These work well, they are easier for my 5 year old to put on herself. The straps that go around the car seat head don't stay tight. I tighten them before I strap my 2yr old in, but by the time I get home they are already loose again, so her head still falls forward, but not as bad as if she wasn't wearing it at all. I prefer to use these over not. In the summer they are a little thick with padding, so my babies head sweats. The car seat can get stuck with the Velcro. I still like these. They could use some improvements.

👤It is very hot. My child woke up after 20 minutes screaming he was hot, after we used it for the first time. His head was soaked in sweat after he threw off the head strap. It makes the child sweat in the summer, but we don't know if it was designed for cold temperatures or not. The car was not hot because the AC was blowing the entire ride.

👤It does what it is supposed to. It is easy to install and the cushion is comfortable. I didn't think about it. If your toddler is like mine, you have to wait until they fall asleep so you don't have to keep this band on their head all the time. You have to pull over if you want to put the band on if your toddler doesn't wake up. It is easy to use and would be perfect for traveling but short distances, but you will probably not use it if you only have 30 minutes to spare.

👤The head band worked well for us. My daughter's head would just slouch, and you could tell she was going to be hurting when she woke up. When we traveled to Texas, we were in CA. We wanted to try it. It worked. It's great on a different level, for example, the price is not too bad, it's easy to install, and it's wide enough to catch the kid's forehead. I think this product is very good. The only thing that I didn't like about this is the fact that it wakes my daughter up when she falls asleep, since it's velcroed. The cloth makes her forehead sweat as we drove through AZ and NM, but overall, it was a great purchase.

👤When I got it, I was a year old, but now 4 years old, and he heads back when we come back from a long day. I decided to try this one on the cheaper side because it is pretty expensive. It works perfectly, my child's head was fully supported and he didn't have to worry about flopping around. This worked for 1/3 of the price of others. It's great and I recommend it for anyone going through the same issues. He let me put it on without a fuss and it was soft and not itchy. He says it is like a silly hat, but when he knows he won't need it, he tells me. Installation is easy to do. This is something that I love. I wrote a book because I don't write reviews much. Hopefully this will help a parents choice in a future purchase, since they make 30-40$ ones, and the cheaper one doesn't do the job any better.

6. COOLBEBE Upgraded Support Newborn Toddler

COOLBEBE Upgraded Support Newborn Toddler

The sandwich mesh fabric liner is perfect for hot days and has a clever nested design. CoolBEBE is made for long-term use and is ultra- soft to the touch. The recommended age is for all-around body support for infants, from birth to 10 kilograms, with the inserts providing more room for larger babies. The two head supports combo is perfect for spring/autumn and is perfect for all carriers, car seats, and strollers. The COOLBEBE Portable Changing Pad is easy to remove and machine wash, it is easy to clean. If you have any questions or suggestions, they will get back to you within 24 hours. If you have any questions or suggestions, they will get back to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Coolbebe

👤I bought this because I thought it would be more comfortable for my baby as a newborn, but when I got out of the hospital, they said the insert was unsafe and wouldn't let me leave.

👤I had issues with my baby's head falling over. I have to ask my 5 year old if she is okay. Is she breathing? All the time. She would cry when I put my baby in her carseat. I put my little into the insert and she fell asleep. I changed and fed her before we left. She found it comfortable. I bought a backseat mirror to see her and the whole drive was in place. It's very soft and I don't have to worry about her getting killed. You could spend the best money. No more rolled up blankets.

👤I ordered this before I knew the safety rating was nulled by adding any type of addition to the car seat. If it came with it at purchase, don't add anything to your car seat. I bought this to make the car seat a little more comfortable but it made my boy super hot and sweaty even with the infant part removed. He was taken out of the seat after he screamed inconsolably. I was disappointed with this insert because I didn't know how safe it was to add things. Will be back. The reviews are true. Don't be like me and think it will be okay. It didn't seem cheap.

👤It was a nicely made product and seemed to work well. I thought it would work with the britax safe cell. If it fit, I would have liked it.

👤The "cooling pad" is a joke. My daughter started screaming five minutes from home after we drove back from grandma's. She wore a t-shirt onesie, pants and socks in a car. I pulled her out and she was very hot. I'm trying to keep her cool. I might have to take her to the doctor. If you live in a warm area, do not buy.

👤I had a preemie and did I suffer? This was a game-changing event. I was comfortable taking him home. He was released from the hospital at 5 lbs. The material is nice and fluffy in the right areas and the head part was snug around his small head. If you have a small baby, this will give it security, and even when he grows, you can take the white part and still fit.

👤Not safe at all. The straps in the carseat and the holes for the straps in the insert don't come close to lining up, even though the description states it can be used in a car seat. The insert is larger than the straps. The only way to make it work is to bunch up the fabric of the insert under the baby's back or pull the straps out to stretch around the insert. My car seat is a graco snugride. Returned unsafely. I am trying to add a picture, but I am not allowed to take a picture.

7. Lebogner Support Newborn Strollers Comfortable

Lebogner Support Newborn Strollers Comfortable

The Head and NECK SUPPORT PILLOW is the perfect solution to keep your baby safe and comfortable while being in their car seat or stroller. A perfect shower gift that will WOW any new mum. Their U-Shaped Head Support Pillow is 10” x 10” and is made out of soft fabric outside and 100% organic pp cotton inside, perfect for your baby to be comfortable in all seasons, great size for easy storing while traveling, and it will have a super shape. The Newborn Baby Head and Neck Support Cushion is designed to protect your baby's head and neck while they are in strollers, bouncer seats, infant swings and car seats. Your baby's head will be protected from shaking while sleeping in a stroller or car seat. The Infants Neck Support Cushion is designed to fit around infants of all sizes and is the best support for the baby's first year of life. It can be washed and dried. This is a top quality head and pillow that will make your life easier. This is a top quality head and pillow that will make your life easier.

Brand: Lebogner

👤Absolutely love this support. My baby is 3 weeks old and has been using it since she was 2 weeks old. She seems to like the fact that she doesn't have a head bobbing in the carseat.

👤There was no cushion at all. It was a flat support pillow and very small compared to the picture and description. I lost on this product because I put them aside to return and a family member thought they were garbage. Absolutely horrible product.

👤This is not real. The one I received was not good. The stitching on one side is terrible. My babies are pushed head forward by it. I don't recommend this product. Spend your money on something nicer.

👤I found that it was too thick and put my baby in a car seat that was too small. The center piece that connects the two sides should be flat for this to work. I never used it again after that first time because it was so uncomfortable for my baby. Don't recommend at all.

👤My son was pre-born. I bought this because he is not able to support his head in the car seat, so it made it worse. If your child can support their head, I would recommend it.

👤This is sturdy and can be used in many ways. It was never used for a car seat, but turned upside down to support a baby in a doorway jumper. I was glad I had it on hand. The middle square section is not as thick as others and you can easily slit it to make it flat.

👤I saw an add for a version of the pillow. It is the same pillow. The add on the photo sharing site wanted to triple the price. The pillow supports my three month olds head while he is in the car. No more bobbing around. I know if I hit a bump, he won't wake. Would purchase again.

👤The product makes my child look more uncomfortable than he did before I put the pillow on. The baby's neck is bulked up behind it, so it's almost no different than how much the baby's head falls forward while sleeping without a pillow. I would have preferred one with side support and no cushion behind the head.

👤Total waste of money. There is a The padding behind the baby's head is not the same as the pictures show. It was used once and thrown out.

👤It doesn't support the neck like it's supposed to, and it doesn't seem to do what it's supposed to in the picture.

👤The product is very hard and dosnt work.

8. Infant Head Support KAKIBLIN Pillow

Infant Head Support KAKIBLIN Pillow

The Head & NECK SUPPORT PILLOW is the perfect solution to keep your baby safe and comfortable while being in their car seat, stroller, pram, baby carrier or stroller. The Head Support Pillow is made out of high quality fabric and will be comfortable in all seasons, it helps support the baby's head while seated in car seats, strollers, bouncer seats, pram, baby carrier and infant swings. Their head and neck pillow works well with strollers and car seats. The Car Seat Baby Cushion is easy to clean and tumble dry. This is how to buy it now with confidence. They guarantee satisfaction with a 100% lifetime money back guarantee. This is how to buy it now with confidence. They guarantee satisfaction with a 100% lifetime money back guarantee.

Brand: Kakiblin

👤This is what I was looking for. Our baby is 6 pounds 5 ounces and her head would fall to the side while she slept. I was looking for something that supported her head and neck. This does the trick. It has two types of material that are nice for hot and cold weather.

👤I was looking for something. We live on a rocky dirt road and it was important to make sure our daughter was safe. The perfect size came in three days after ordering. I give it three of five stars because of the picture. The layout was not even. It's driving me insane.

👤The look and quality are great. It supports the baby so he doesn't move his head too much while in the stroller and on the move. It's perfect for newborns to use in their strollers. It's a good thing. You should not use this in a car seat. You can read the manual. This is perfect for strollers.

👤I don't like this thing. I would return the bag if I hadn't thrown it away. There is no way to keep it in place. It would help if it had belt straps.

👤The best head support I have found so far is this one. I have tried a lot of things and this one works best. It doesn't help completely, but it gives more support so my baby's head isn't falling to one side. It is not evenly made, that is the only minor thing. One side is longer than the other. It is not a big deal, but it is annoying. I would recommend if you don't mind the slight discrepancy.

👤I use it for my daughter's car seat, but she's so active that it doesn't stay. My daughter had a lot of hair pulled off because she had a lot of hair.

👤I use this support on the Summer 3D paccs+ travel stroller because it has weak side support for the baby and I don't want to get a huge heavy sponge support. I think this one works for me. The fabric looks cheap when I open it, but is still useful for my request. I can't understand why these baby products can't have a higher price.

👤I thought it would be smaller, but I think it will work. It's my first child. I didn't grow up near babies. Maybe the size is normal because babies are small. I like the colors and feel of it. It'll be very easy to clean, it's not soft, like a Boppy feel. My cat likes it if it doesn't work for baby.

👤This is not a baby support for the head but a sleeping bag with bunny ears. It was lovely and soft. It is flat with no support and looks nothing like the advertised picture.

👤It would have been better to spend more money and get a better chair for the baby.

👤Great product. When my little one falls asleep, the head support is great. The bigger support can be used on its own for older children. This product is great value for money because it grows with your child.

9. StoHua Toddler Support Pillow Strap

StoHua Toddler Support Pillow Strap

Allow the child to enjoy a nap so that you can concentrate on driving. The fabric is made from superior soft and breathable fabric, with inner soft thick lining, comfortable to use. The hook and loop can be adjusted to fit the baby's head. It supports any toddler, infant or baby head from 1 to 4 years old. It can be fixed on all kinds of car seats. For children and mothers. The tests were free of toxins and chemicals. For children and mothers. The tests were free of toxins and chemicals.

Brand: Stohua

👤I would have to sneak in and grab it on her when she fell asleep. It needs to be tightly secured in order for it to stay in place and not slide out when she sleeps. She sweats a lot in it. At times it works and at other times it doesn't.

👤I bought this product for my kids, 4 and 6. These work with booster seats to keep their heads from getting whiplash when they fall asleep.

👤I love this headband. My granddaughter was sleeping in her car seat when I bought this headband and her head would move side to side. Sometimes I would pull my car over to fix her head. It works great with this headband. Good quality. It was easy to use. There were no complaints.

👤I used to have a head support strap that kept my daughter's head from flipping down on long drives, but I was worried it would fall on her neck. The car seat will not put your child in danger. The front part has a soft fabric that can be easily removed when not in use. You can fit it around any car seat or headrest. It is soft and comfortable. My daughter sleeps well in it and we have used it in a couple of long drives.

👤I usually don't write reviews, but that product is better than I expected. You can adjust the fabric to fit your child's head. Excellent product.

👤It works well to keep her head from flopping. Not sure if sleeping in the car seat is the most comfortable position, but at least her neck isn't hurt.

👤Does not fit a car seat. I tightened it but it kept sliding down. They sent me the exact same product, even though I requested a refund. The product and customer service of this company was very disappointing.

👤Absolutely love this band! I was skeptical after trying different neck pillows. My child loves this thing and finds it easy to use. He likes that he can operate it himself, and he likes to put it over his eyes to block the light, because he likes to pull it off and put it across his head. It was a miracle that we drove straight from NC to FL. The only change I would make is to make sure the straps are in the correct position. The straps did slide forward a tad after a month of use. That's small beans compared to how great it is. It is easy to move to another vehicle if needed. The straps are long to be able to attach to many different seats. I need to buy a second for my car.

👤It is hard to install. My daughter's car seat didn't work with my car. It may make the child sweat.

10. Lebogner Support Strollers Detachable Versatility

Lebogner Support Strollers Detachable Versatility

The Head & Body Support Pillow is a must have for keeping your baby safe and comfortable in their car seat or stroller. A perfect shower gift that will WOW any new mum. The Head Support Pillow is made out of strong fiber fabric and will be comfortable in all seasons, and the Cushion helps support the baby's head while seated in car seats, strollers, bouncer seats and infant swings. Their cushion is a full body and conjugate head support pillow that fits around infants of all sizes and can be changed into a different size as the baby grows to be a custom fit. Their head and body pillow can be used with both car seats and stroller harness systems. They guarantee satisfaction with a 100% lifetime money back guarantee and you can buy it now with confidence. They guarantee satisfaction with a 100% lifetime money back guarantee and you can buy it now with confidence.

Brand: Lebogner

👤My wife was worried that the padding would compromise the seatbelt harness, but it doesn't. Our 3-month old used to cry and scream with every ride in the car, whether we were going 5 minutes up the road or 20 minutes across town. This has helped a lot.

👤I didn't think I would be so happy with a product. This is wonderful! When my son was born at 35 weeks, he was barely over 6 lbs, but I was able to open the car seat for him and he fit inside the seat so much more snug and looked a lot more like a grown up. love it I purchased a full body support pillow.

👤Even with the mewborn padding that came with my seat, I'm advised to put additional padding in the car seat. My husband and I sat in the back with him for the first few drives because his head was flopping around. The car seat in my husband's car came with padding that was roughly on this level. My LO looks very comfortable in it and it makes me feel good as he never looks like he is struggling to breathe or that he is flopping around with it. He seems to be content with the rides and falls asleep.

👤I bought this to put in my BOB stroller because I felt like my 7 month old daughter needed a little more support when going for hikes on a rough terrain. I wanted an insert for the stroller so that I could take the insert out and wash it if she spilled something or had a blow out. I thought I would try this out since BOB does not make an insert. It is soft and clean. It could get a little warm in the summer.

👤We bought the baby to be used in the winter. It was a nightmare to use. Our baby was sweating in the car seat as it got so hot. He was screaming in pain because the fabric didn't absorb the sweat. We've used it for a total of two times and it's collecting dust because he still hates it.

👤This is great! The quality is as good as the price. This is perfect for my son, who just started sitting in the stroller without the carrier, and he needed a cushion to keep him snug and make him more comfortable. It's easy to switch in and out of stiller if you have more than one, because the soft head part comes off when he is older.

👤A friend recommended this. My baby dislikes the swing. This didn't help. We have been trying for months. I think it would be great for a baby because it is very soft. I like the way it grows with the baby. We will try it again.

👤I thought the middle of the head part was padded. It is not. I bought it because the stroller I just purchased was not padded in the head area. Good thing I have some fluff. I sewed it back up after cutting it open.

11. AIPINQI Banana Pillow Airplane Organic

AIPINQI Banana Pillow Airplane Organic

The heart shape and banana shape design evenly distribute the pressure. 2 in 1 head pillows provide full head and neck support. The inflatable neck pillow travel can be used to protect the head. The material is cotton. The dimensions are 27 * 21 cm and the center hole is 5.5 cm. The inflatable neck pillow can be used to relieve neck fatigue caused by tired cycling, as well as nap time and long road trips. The Banana U-shape pillow is ideal for air travel, car seats, bodyguards, strollers, on the road or in a comfortable home. The two pillows can be used separately, but the banana-shaped neck pillow and heart-shaped head pillow are versatile and portable.

Brand: Aipinqi

👤I ordered this for my baby's flat head and torti, but neither I nor my baby's doctor could figure out how to make it work with his car seat. The thing is too big for a baby. My 3 year old could fit in there. I'm not worried that my 2 year old will be able to hold his head up. I wish I had saved myself the money. I bought another pillow for his head and it worked great. CRKCBQK

👤I bought this for my baby. I used the banana pieces to push her head forward as I took it apart. She looks more comfortable now.

👤$10 is the best I have spent. My son is 6 weeks old and has a problem with leaning his head on the right side. The doctor told us to work on it. He was not given enough support to keep his head straight after using rolled up blankets. I ordered a pillow. I am in love! I use it in his swing.

👤My 4mo old is too small to keep his head in the stroller. My son has torticollis and I have a tool to help him. It was another failed attempt. He had a red spot on his neck after the pillow rubbed against it. I wouldn't recommend for an older infant.

👤It seems secure and it fits well. It looks and feels good for little ones.

👤It doesn't attach to the car seat, so it's moved around when placed in a baby seat. It is easy to move around and use a stroller. It has a good amount of cushion, but it's too much for me.

👤I use this for my son's car rides and stroller walks. It is very comfortable and has great support when he falls asleep. I use a piece that lays flat under his head to support his head when he is laying down. Great price! The purchase was worth it.


What is the best product for car seat neck support for newborn pink?

Car seat neck support for newborn pink products from Donier. In this article about car seat neck support for newborn pink you can see why people choose the product. Kakiblin and Pro Goleem are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat neck support for newborn pink.

What are the best brands for car seat neck support for newborn pink?

Donier, Kakiblin and Pro Goleem are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat neck support for newborn pink. Find the detail in this article. Coolbebe, Letton and Coolbebe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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