Best Car Seat Neck Pillow Newborn

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1. Newborn 0 12months Syndrome Prevention Support

Newborn 0 12months Syndrome Prevention Support

Do you have flat head syndrome, and don't let your baby suffer the consequences? A head shaping pillow is needed. The 3D hollow baby pillows were designed to support the neck and protect the head. Sleep well and grow. Babebay baby pillows feature advanced slow-rebound soft memory foam and USA certified soft fabric. Let your baby sleep in his parents' arms. It is easy to insert in any stroller, baby bouncer, skull crib bedding, car seat or swing. The positioner is recommended to be used together. It is recommended to use it as soon as possible to prevent flat head from the first day. For at least 3 months, continuous use will be effective. Sleeping on the left and right side is appropriate. They care about the feeling of you and your baby. Quality products and packaging will never let you down if you click "Buy Now" immediately. Please contact them if you are dissatisfied. They care about the feeling of you and your baby. Quality products and packaging will never let you down if you click "Buy Now" immediately. Please contact them if you are dissatisfied.

Brand: Babebay

👤Please don't put this in your baby's crib while he's stillborn. The box states that only when supervised can it be used. It is a SIDS risk to leave anything, including this pillow, alone with your baby. Do not use your seat in your car. Adding padding to your car seat is not safe. It isn't crash tested or approved for that. My baby has soft skulls and was born a preemie. I noticed that his head was getting flat and that he wasn't turning his head to the side that was rotating. I use this when he is kicking on his back on his playmat, changing table or in his Pack n' Play and I am keeping a close eye on him. I use it when he is in a stroller. I try to use it whenever he is on his back. I am watching. I am still turning his head to the side while sleeping and giving him time to rest. I have seen a noticeable improvement since I used this.

👤The doctor recommended one of these pillows after finding a flat spot on our two month old's head. She had to be in it all the time. We bought two because she spits up so much. We bought a harder one. This one was easier to put in her carseat/stroller and rocker because it didn't fold like this one does, while the harder one was easier to put in when she was in the pack. My first red flag should have said that it was machine washed. The box had a slip in it that said it couldn't be washed or dried and had to be wiped down. It had a weird smell and was addressed by a small paper slip in the box. It said to leave the pillow out for a few days. I decided that the other pillow was better for her and I returned it.

👤Our baby was favoring one side of their head and it was affecting their head shape. This worked well for us. The problem was solved when the baby was placed in a bassinet and swaddled. The material is soft and the baby's head stayed cool during the hot summer months. After a couple months, we removed it because the baby was starting to sleep a bit more.

👤I love this pillow. It should have been purchased sooner. I bought this pillow because I noticed my baby was getting a flat head. The baby is mostly kept in place when he sleeps. He likes it too. I put my face in the pillow and breathed in.

👤I had to return because my baby is very lively. Her head would fall off the pillow.

👤There are many benefits to this item and we love it. The package that comes with the pillow is beautiful and appealing to the eyes, and the boxing and plastic wrap look great on the pillow. The pillow feels well sewn together when taken out of its packaging. We aired out the foam smell in the living room for two nights. When we started using it, our baby slept through the night without any problems. She has slept well with it the last week and we really like the fact that she is not sweating through it like most other pillows. We have really enjoyed this product. Even though it is only for heads, our baby will be able to use it as a seat cushion even if she grows out of the pillow! In our opinion, multifunctional. It's a good thing.

2. AIPINQI Support CarSeat Headrest Strollers

AIPINQI Support CarSeat Headrest Strollers

The 2-in-1 pushchair head support grows with your baby, it's designed to support your baby's head during bumpy rides in a car or stroller. The baby car seat head support is made out of high quality fabric and is suitable for all the seasons. They all know the importance of supporting the baby's head during the early weeks and months, so they have designed the AIPINQI 2-in-1 newborn headrest to fit most car seats and strollers. The Car Seat Baby Cushion is easy to clean and tumble dry. 100% risk free guarantee. They are committed to your satisfaction and hope you are happy with your purchase. When you click the Add to cart button, they will either send you a prompt refund or you will be satisfied. 100% risk free guarantee. They are committed to your satisfaction and hope you are happy with your purchase. When you click the Add to cart button, they will either send you a prompt refund or you will be satisfied.

Brand: Aipinqi

👤The car seat inserts were perfect for my kids. I like having two sizes so that my kids can use them both. It looks like the picture. Very happy. My toddler is playing with the smaller insert.

👤Thin, and was already collapsing at the seams.

👤Excellent quality and worth the money.

👤It's amazing for my car seat.

👤Excellent fast service.

3. JJ Cole Stroller Designed Herringbone

JJ Cole Stroller Designed Herringbone

Preemies, newborns, and infants can stay upright on car rides with head support. It's designed to fit around most harness straps found in car seats, strollers, joggers, and more. Two independent layers are used to create a multistage design to grow with your baby. It's a perfect gift for expecting parents or yourself to choose between five different styles of little baby. Have it all, it's utility and convenience, fashion and style. Their goal is to provide products that are relevant to busy parents. Have it all, it's utility and convenience, fashion and style. Their goal is to provide products that are relevant to busy parents.

Brand: Jj Cole

👤These were among the smallest available when I was looking for a band cover. I have a Steelseries Arctis Pro headset, but I don't like the "ski goggle" headband. The base steel headband almost fits me by itself, but it has almost no padding, so I thought a cover with padding would let me use it alone. I bought these for the purpose, as other types of padding were too long. It was loose and didn't provide enough padding to be comfortable when I tried it on. I was willing to put up with that if it solved my other problem, but it looked pretty dorky. I had to return it because it didn't work out. The distance between the strips is 13 cm, + 1 cm. If this will fit your headband, you need to measure it with a flexible tape measure. If you have a headband that already has some padding and you need a little more, this might be the product for you. If you don't already have padding on your headband, skip this. Even though it's not my favorite headband, I'm sticking with it. I might try the Dekoni Audio Nuggets soon.

👤We bought this to help keep her head streak gut. And it did that. It's perfect in her car seat. I like that it fits within the seatbelt shoulder straps, and that it has a piece for when she gets bigger.

👤I was very excited to see these. They were not how I had pictured them. The white is advertised as white. The tags are brown. They fit the straps on the seat. These are not worth much.

👤There is nothing I dislike about these. I would buy them 100 times. They are more comfortable. I have bought other brands that are soft. It is a simple black design. They still look great when I throw them in the wash.

👤It's funny because we noticed our car seat didn't have inserts for the hospital. We thought we might just go with this option. We didn't want to void our car seat in the event of an accident because we just got a new one. We wanted to make sure our baby was safe. Good news, we still use this for diaper changing. It's a great head rest, it's thick and the color is done well.

👤The support for a 7.5 pound newborn isn't great, but after my daughter got a tiny bit bigger it works great for her! It is a good fit if you are 9 pounds and up. Soft material, good support. The flaps are placed between the car seat straps, but it doesn't connect to the car seat.

👤I needed to support my baby's head in his car seat. I don't like that it doesn't attach to the seat in any way. The shoulder straps keep the flaps in place.

👤I ordered it through bed bath and 888-349-8884 It was found on a whim through Amazon. Couldn't be happier. There is enough support for our little one coming this week.

4. Britax Support Pillow Seats Strollers

Britax Support Pillow Seats Strollers

When your child is in a car seat or stroller, full body and head support is important. The design has plush fleece on one side and a fabric that draws water away from your child keeping the surface cool and dry. As your child grows, you can change the head support. Line dry. All Britax infant and convertible car seats and stroller harness systems have been crash tested. The dimensions are 26 inch W x 16.75 inch H x 2 inch D. The dimensions are 26 inch W x 16.75 inch H x 2 inch D.

Brand: Britax

👤I never washed it despite it being five stars for ease of cleaning. I didn't keep it. I returned it quickly. The ad says it's a newborn insert for newborns under 11 pounds and fits Any Britax car seat. My baby is 8 pounds 6 ounces and we have a Bsafe Ultra carseat. We bought the insert because it seemed like she sunk too deep in the carseat and there was too much play around her head. The insert didn't solve the problem. She is sitting on top of the headrest rather than being cradled in it when you put it into the Bsafe Ultra. It doesn't lift her back in the carseat so it made the problem worse. The "fit" is not like the picture.

👤The b-safe 35 is not safe for it even though it says it is compatible with all britax infant car seats. We lost our newborn insert and I was very excited to find it, but it is not safe. It is too big for a car seat. It has to be at least three times larger than the original insert. I feel like I should put her in the car seat with the coat on. I can't seem to find a replacement part on their website, so hopefully we can find our original.

👤I ordered this for my baby to be in the b-agile britax baby car seat. britax had a product that was safe as well as functional, and I was happy that they had it. I washed the product when it arrived because I thought it would be perfect. I was disappointed when that wasn't the case. My baby was wedged in the car seat because of the large and tight fit of the infant carrier, it was so large that she could not be secured with straps. She was only 9 ounces. I don't understand how this product can be used with all britax car seats. I was upset that it was washed right away before I checked it out. I used a rolled up receiving blanket to keep her head from leaning to one side, which was better than the $30 I spent on this product.

👤All of our kids have used the Britax Boulevard convertible carseat. We purchased the infant insert that we lost. Our baby was born at 12 o'clock and was 22in long. Her head was always in her seat without the insert. That issue was resolved by this insert. She sits nicely. I would recommend this product to anyone who uses a Britax convertible seat. We use it in our stroller for extra support, and never have to make adjustments to her head.

👤This is perfect for Bob Strollers. It is important to have the plush side facing out for cold weather and the fabric side for summer in order to make sure that the head support is not exposed to the elements. Paying attention to that, we have had no issues with this and are very grateful to be able to use our Bob Stroller with our baby now.

5. Infantino Prop Pillar Seated Support

Infantino Prop Pillar Seated Support

The design includes a supportive C shaped pillow, a soft seat, a caterpillar, and a teether to keep the baby engaged. This is a great gift for a baby's first Christmas. The included items are a plush cloth sun, plush cloth teether, plush cloth support pillows, and a baby Bjorn. This set is a great gift for birthdays, baby showers, Christmas, Easter, and more, and is packaged in easy-to-wrap packaging. This set is a great gift for birthdays, baby showers, Christmas, Easter, and more, and is packaged in easy-to-wrap packaging.

Brand: Infantino

👤I bought this for my 5 month old as she learns to sit on her own. The seat would slide around after a few minutes. I added two pieces of strong velcro to the seat. I have to come up with a hack to use this for the intended purpose.

👤This thing is very much in love with me. I bought this because my 3 1/2 month old can't hold himself up for long. This works to keep him from falling over, but can also be used to manipulate him into other positions. My little guy is having a blast with tummy time and has even fallen asleep. This thing is adorable. Would recommend to other parents.

👤I am very happy with this product. My 2 month old little girl loves this seat, she got to a point where she was so cranky if we put her down in her rock n play or swing, and she is completely content in this seat and even falls asleep in it! This mom can finally eat food and fold laundry. I'm happy. This seat does wonders for my baby who has Colic and bad acid reflux, when I take her out of it she gets mad, but now I just want to hold and cuddle her!

👤My mom bought this so I could spend more time on my tummy. I am sometimes sleepy, but this caterpillar is interesting and friendly. I enjoy the crinkle sun more than my dad does. I like to see what people are doing with this device and it makes it easier to hold my head up. I am a nosey boy according to my mom. I love tummy time.

👤What a great product! The back is higher and supports the head better than a boppy. The tag says only surface clean, but we had a diaper malfunction on the second day we owned it, so I threw it in the washing machine on the hand wash cycle and dryer it on the line. It came out great. The tummy time feature is a plus. I'm happy they came out with this product.

👤My little guy was indifferent to this product, but he was able to take it or leave it. He is encouraged to move and wriggle while on his chest. The colors are very bright and it is easy to transition from prop pillow to seat. It has a teether and crinkle toy. The crinkle toy makes my little guy stop fussing instantly. I think this is an appropriate toy for children that encourages movement and bonding with their parent. Some reviewers have said that it tips over easy. I hope they know that this is a stuffed animal and not a bouncer or infant seat. It should only be used with adult supervision. It's not a good place to park your child. A toy for a child and parent to play with.

👤Absolutely love this! My kids love it. It works well as a little seat, but I need to prop it up against a couch or cushion so my son doesn't fall over. This is the first thing that helped my daughter get used to tummy time, and she does great with this as a seat. She hated tummy time so much that I bought her this to make her feel better, she started to love it. Thanks Infantino! My twins are 4 months old.

6. Stroller Cushion Vocheer Infant Support

Stroller Cushion Vocheer Infant Support

The baby car seat head support is made of high quality fabric and is suitable for all seasons. The infant inserts are designed to fit larger babies, and the stroller head support is designed to support the head during bumpy rides. The 2-in-1 baby cushion can be used in a variety of ways. The car seat baby cushion is easy to remove and clean, and it's machine washed and dried. If there is a problem, please contact them at any time. If there is a problem, please contact them at any time.

Brand: Vocheer

👤It's perfect for our needs. We needed to support our preemie. It is easy to wash and perfect.

👤This works perfectly because it extends down to the bottom of the baby. I used it on my two month old and my jogging stroller. I got one for myself but it was only the top part and I think this one is better. You should get the review.

👤I loved this. It's easy to install. And very stable.

👤It's all around a great product, it's super soft, but still has support, and it keeps my baby's head from hanging to the side.

👤It was easy to put in and take out.

👤It works well for a new baby. She seems comfortable.

👤It's soft and definately snug.

👤I love everything about it. I would recommend it.

👤It's easy to use and comfortable for a baby. I also use a baby carrier. Washed immediately after delivery, dried very fast and the quality was the same.

👤The rocker and buggy use this head support. I bought it because my baby has an asymmetrical flat head and it helps to position her head centrally. The materials are very nice and there are cutouts under the head profile to allow it to be used with safety belts.

👤It would have been a better padding.

👤I use this in my little ones bouncer and push chair.

👤Did the job until our baby was old.

7. Travel Pillow Infant Support Pushchair

Travel Pillow Infant Support Pushchair

Premium organic cotton baby head, neck and shoulder support pillow provides superior comfort and protection by supporting a wide range of head movement. When a baby is on a stroller or car seat, it protects the baby's head from shaking. The whole pillow can be washed in a machine. The U shaped design provides the best protection for the baby's head and neck. The baby pillows are made of soft fabric and 100% organic pp cotton, and support your baby's head and neck. The baby pillows are made of soft fabric and 100% organic pp cotton, and support your baby's head and neck.

Brand: Liyic

👤I would recommend a newborn for the product. I bought this for my 2M old because his strap covers were too thick and he kept leaving his head forward. The product is good, but I would have used it sooner.

👤This was what I was looking for, so my newborn son's head would stay in his car seat while he sleeps.

👤It fits. Consistency is important if your infant is not used to a support. He likes it now. It is a piece of mind for his dad and I. The material is soft but firm enough to support the head and neck.

👤The most useless pillow. I bought a pillow for my 1 month old, but it doesn't stay in place, and she is still sleeping. Save money and buy a head support at Walmart. That's what I did. It's better.

👤I bought this for my baby. We weren't able to use it until he was about a month old, but now that he's two months old, it works great. I can tell by his smiles that he is comfortable. The pillow is easy to clean because my baby spits up a lot. I am happy I bought this.

👤The pillows that come with car seats work better. I use it in the baby swing. It's puffy just enough.

👤I like using this when my son is in a car seat.

👤Our son's head was always in the car seat. This helps a lot.

8. Yoocaa Headrest Adjustable Support Sleeping

Yoocaa Headrest Adjustable Support Sleeping

Make sure the width of the car seat headrest is between 2'' and 7'', it's suitable for most car seats with metal poles. The road pal headrest will help you sleep in the car, no more worry about the head hitting the door window. The road pal headrest supports 180 rotation for a variety of heights. Lift the pillows up to save space when not in use. The roadpal headrest is made of premium leather and thickened memory foam and it has passed the security test in the US. It is easy to clean. The car headrest pillow is easy to install. You can install it with your child in a few minutes. If there is a question about installation, please watch the installation video. Before purchasing a car seat, please make sure it has a metal rod that can move up and down. The main lever can be adjusted from 2inch to 7inch. If you have any installation problems or quality issues, please feel free to contact them. Before purchasing a car seat, please make sure it has a metal rod that can move up and down. The main lever can be adjusted from 2inch to 7inch. If you have any installation problems or quality issues, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Yoocaa

👤When my husband drives, I fall asleep almost instantly in the passenger seat. Being driven relaxes me so much that I fall asleep. It doesn't matter how much sleep I had the night before, how much caffeine I've had, or how loud the kids are in the back seat, I'm out. The problem I've been having is that once I fall asleep, I will end up with my face between my knees in afolded chair. My husband has expressed his concern for my health sleeping like that on long trips, and no matter how many times I correct it, I always end up back in that position and pay the price the next day. There is a My husband found this product. It has changed my life. There is a The material is soft and smooth to the touch. It's not noticeable in that position because it's in any position that feels most comfortable to you, and it's tucks away by the headrest so it isn't visible in that position. The installation was very easy. I would give this a 10, if possible. I would love to have one for the drivers side. I'm certain I would fall asleep behind the wheel.

👤This could have been a nice product, but there was one issue. It fits my post. The seller wanted to make sure the measurements were correct. When I place this head rest on my headrest, it's too short. The headrest was pushed too far up. It will not stay on. Bumper! It would have been great for kids.

👤I was looking for a Roadpal headrest when I found this one on Amazon. I tried it because I couldn't pass up the price. It is almost the same as the Roadpal. It has the same features and easy installation. It's a great addition to the car. My child is too big for her regular booster chair with the pre-installed headrest, so I got it. She wanted a new booster chair for her child and this one made her happy.

👤I bought them for a long road trip. They were installed on the front passenger seat after the instructions were included in the package. The "stow and go" seating on the second row meant that the headrests on the second row were not vertically adjusted and there was not enough room for my grandson. I put one on the third row seat and we'll just put the second row seat in when he's with us. He will appreciate the extra space. The support at the temple will stay in place if the pads click into each position. The tension spring makes it easy to remove without having to disassemble it. My husband tried them and thought they were a little flimsy, but they were fine for me. We haven't put it to the test yet, but it will be a real game-changer for our cross-country road trips.

👤The first thing I will say is that this is very comfortable. I have it to go upstate with my family. My son is always sleeping and always sitting down. We were off after my husband put this together. It was a huge success. I bought a band that held the heads up but my son would wake up with a mark on his head which looked horrible. I am so happy that I tried this out. I put my head in to try it out. And. It is soft and comfortable. I sat in the car for a while and I think it's wonderful. Such a small device. I would recommend anyone, but especially your little ones.

9. Inchant Adjustable Toddler Headrest Pushchair

Inchant Adjustable Toddler Headrest Pushchair

The pillow set can be used at home, office, car, travel, for adults, kids or people with backache. It is a great gift idea. You can adjust the spacing of the pillows according to the baby's head size with the help of a Velcro connection. Their baby support cradles the jaw to protect your baby's head and neck, and it goes over your baby's shoulders. The baby soft head support is for about 1 year old baby and toddlers. The baby pillows are made of soft fabric and organic cotton. It is comfortable and gentle for baby's skin. A multi-use headrest provides neck and spine alignment. A changing table can be used.

Brand: Inchant

👤It seems to provide a little extra support for my baby's head when she is in our travel carseat. She is aware of it and will pull it out if she is not happy. It's easy for her to grab and twist out of place since it's so flimsy, but it's less helpful since it's only a thin strap. If your child is younger then this may not be an issue. It works well if it's in place.

👤The connection between the pillows is made with a hard part of the velcro. If you make it larger, the hard part will rub on the baby's head. The product is well made.

👤I bought this as a gift for my friend when I realized her baby needed head support. It can be used as she grows. She looks more comfortable now. They look like bananas, which is hilarious.

👤I bought this item for my grandson because I saw a picture of him sleeping in his car seat and he looked uncomfortable, he would cry when he got to drive. He sleeps while his parents drive. Thank you for the great product!

👤This is a great pillow. It keeps my baby's head from flopping over to the sides on his shoulders when he's in his stroller and won't push his head forward. Love it. Highly recommended.

👤I bought this for my 5 month old as he would fall asleep and drop his head in the car seat. This prevents him from doing this. He likes how soft it is. I am so happy I got this.

👤My baby has his head flat on one side and I feel safe using it in the car.

👤My 10-month-old is easy to pull off. I don't know how well they work for a kid that doesn't pull on them.

10. Boppy Noggin Support Infants Elephant

Boppy Noggin Support Infants Elephant

Why don't car seats? Boppy puts family first. The insert for your car seat is designed for that seat. When looking at car seat accessories, always check the warranty info. A unique cut-out design. The cut-out on the Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support is unique. Designed to keep your baby's head cradled. There are multiple functions. It is easy to install in any stroller, bouncer, or swing. Before use, remove padded infant inserts. The head support should only be used for infants. Machine washable: easy care. The head support is easy to clean. Do not use in crib, bassinet, playpen, yard or bed. 4 months: Babies 0 to 4 months old are recommended for use. 4 months: Babies 0 to 4 months old are recommended for use.

Brand: Boppy

👤I used this combo with one other pillow, but the boppy noggin was the main use. The results are one month apart. Very pleased!

👤The baby Pod pillow was purchased to help with a flat spot that was developed from sleeping in the rock n play. If your baby is laying flat, the baby Pod can only be used. The boppy noggin nest works in my baby gear. My baby is in the 99% percentile for head size, and this is not small for him. We have been using it for a few weeks and have seen improvement. The baby doesn't seem to mind at all. I'm happy to say that we can once again use a rock n play again and not have to worry about flat spots because this fits perfectly in there, I wish I had purchased one sooner. The rock n play is a great way to get a baby to sleep. Despite the hard plastic that flattens babies heads, we can still use it.

👤The product is small for 0-4 months. It's worked well, other than that. My son is in physical therapy for a tight neck. The therapist wanted to know where we got it. Whether little one has a flat spot problem or not, this is a must have.

👤I would purchase again. When my baby was 3 months old, I needed this before he was born. I looked around and there were some positives and some negatives. PROS: easy to wash, easy to remove from carseat, firm head support, not floppy, and it's in a mesh bag so it doesn't attach to other clothing. Maybe the company could come up with a bigger size for bigger babies. Thank you so much! Wishing you and your baby good luck! I still recommend this product.

👤I went without this product for 4 months. My child was developing a flat spot on the back of her head. I was pleasantly surprised at how much this had helped after only a month of use, but I had little hope that it would help. I would recommend on-the-go parents. It doesn't make it any worse and provides more peace of mind.

👤I used this on my baby right away after I purchased it. She is 12 weeks old. I've noticed a huge improvement on her flat spot in just a few days of using it. I only use it at night time. I don't. I will recommend this pillow to anyone with babies.

👤This is a real review and I want to say that I am a real person. I read reviews about this product and thought it was cheaper than getting helmets for my twins. One twin had a flat spot on the side of his head, but the other had a flat head in the back, which was more worrisome. The side flat spot was gone in 2 days after the pillows were bought. We used this in the bed and bouncer and had them laying down. The other twin is going to take a little longer to round out but his flat head in the back has made a huge improvement! If it doesn't work for you, you have to lose 14 bucks, but helmets are 2k a piece, do yourself a favor and get this and try it. It is better than 2k. We bought 2 more of them because we loved them so much.

11. COOLBEBE Remarkable Support U Shaped Toddlers

COOLBEBE Remarkable Support U Shaped Toddlers

The difference between a baby head support band and a comfort head support is that it never slips to the baby's nose or neck. You can use it with confidence. Their car travel pillow has a full support for 100% Comfort and can help with neck pain during travel. Bilateral Thickened and widened, full support in side rear, thin in the neck pillow back, so that it can prevent head from falling forward. It's great for baby kid child's toddlers. The U-Shaped travel neck pillow is made of 100% cotton pique fabric, the surface is like a honeycomb, which is more dry. CoolBEBE is a new brand and it is not easy to change. They pay more attention to the quality of the pillow. The button has a snap mechanism. The toddler neck pillow has a button that stops the head from falling forward. The COOIBEBE chin pillow will conform to your every position and give you the relaxing support you need. Space Saving - Coolbebe kids travel pillow has a design that makes it easy to hang on hooks or secure a bag, suitcase, backpack or luggage without taking up extra space. You can snap around the handle of your luggage. It's a great feature for car rides and plane trips. They will get back to you within 24 hours, if you are one of their amazing customers, any questions or suggestions, welcome to get back, and simply close the snap and rest your face into the pillow. You can use on-the-go or at home. Their pillow is just as comfortable on the bed as it is on the couch.

Brand: Coolbebe

👤This neck pillow is perfect for when my toddler falls asleep, because I can just put it around her head. Her head is no longer chin to chest, she can't breathe with her head all cockeyed. It looks like a giraffe.

👤On our 10 hour drive for naps, this pillow was exactly what I was looking for. My baby is 14 months old. No more head bobbing and waking him up! My girls used it when he wasn't around. They fit them well as well. I would let him fall asleep first and put it on him when he woke up. Very pleased with the pillow!

👤The ends are too big for my two year old. I like that it snaps so it doesn't fall off, and it supports his head and neck. I think the ends could be a tad smaller. I like how thin it is around the nap. He didn't mind sleeping in the car. It's definitely not for infants. I would not give it a five star rating.

👤It's perfect for traveling toddlers. The back of the pillow is smaller than the front so it's perfect for carseat support. We used these on our road trip. They slept in both ways.

👤I bought these for my two and three year olds because they would fall asleep in the car. These were amazing as we drove across the country. There are two snaps on the front of the pillows. The looser snap option is perfect for my son because of his shorter neck. The snugglier snap option was fine with my daughter. The pillows hold their neck up.

👤I was looking for a good neck pillow for my toddler. I was worried about her neck position in the car seat when we traveled a lot last year. I came back from a long road trip after finding this product. My kid slept peacefully for a long time. A peace of mind for all parents.

👤Absolutely adore this! It helped a lot when I had a 1.5 year old toddler for a 4 day car trip. It is thin on the back and does not push the neck. This is cute if they made one with the same logic for grownups.

👤My 3-year-old always falls asleep on long car rides, so I bought this. This can't close tight enough to do its job. He fell through the crack in the ladybugs. It doesn't provide any benefit to him. I would have to make something if I could get the ladybugs to completely touch.

👤I received my little guy's good the third day after the review. It is really good.


What is the best product for car seat neck pillow newborn?

Car seat neck pillow newborn products from Babebay. In this article about car seat neck pillow newborn you can see why people choose the product. Aipinqi and Jj Cole are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat neck pillow newborn.

What are the best brands for car seat neck pillow newborn?

Babebay, Aipinqi and Jj Cole are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat neck pillow newborn. Find the detail in this article. Britax, Infantino and Vocheer are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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