Best Car Seat Mirror Rear Facing Infant Music

Infant 30 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Parnerme Backseat Shatter Proof Double Strap Rotation

Parnerme Backseat Shatter Proof Double Strap Rotation

Do you still worry about baby being alone when you drive? You can check your baby's situation by using this car back seat mirror. Universal fit gives you a wider range to view your baby. Most vehicles have multiple attachment options. The soft led light is safe for keep an eye on your baby when you drive at night, and it will not be very bright, so that it can provide comfortable light without waking baby up, and this led lighting wont hurt baby eyes. There is 888-405-7720 The rear facing baby car seat has a mirror that is connected to a backrest attachement that allows for full flexibility in all angles of the vehicle. The baby car back seat mirror is a great way to keep an eye on your child while you drive. The clip design of the remote control is great for turning lights on and off in the mirror and safe for driving. You need to use a screwdriver to remove the battery cover, install the battery, and then close the screw cover to complete the installation. The package includes a car mirror, remote control, and a AA battery. You need to use a screwdriver to remove the battery cover, install the battery, and then close the screw cover to complete the installation. The package includes a car mirror, remote control, and a AA battery.

Brand: Parnerme

👤I was desperate to have a lighted mirror, so I gave this the benefit of the doubt, even though I saw negative reviews. There was a bad idea. The remote stopped working after just 3 uses. The light on the button blinks but it doesn't turn on or off the mirror lights. New batteries did not help. It is total junk. Even with new batteries, the lights on the mirror are dull and I can't see my kid. It's not worth the effort or money to try to return at this point.

👤I like the fact that the lights can be controlled from the driver's seat. It helps for her to see me and for me to see her when I'm driving alone with my baby in the back. The lit mirrors make a big difference if she can't see anyone. I think it's worth the extra money to get the ones with lights. The remote control is the only thing they could improve on. It doesn't stay clipped very well. It's a small issue.

👤I use this mirror to see my baby in the car while I'm driving. My baby enjoys it as well as I do. The light and remote control is a bonus for me because it helps to keep the baby busy. I was happy with my purchase.

👤The product is pretty cheap. The mirror is not great, the lights stopped working within a couple weeks, and the mirror is heavy, which is a big problem, and the batteries are on the upper part, which makes it top heavy. There is no way to tighten the mirror where you need it. I took the batteries off and put them in one place. Wouln to buy this again.

👤I was so happy to find this. I couldn't see my baby at night because I had another mirror. This has a remote and light. I can see my baby. I turn the light on and then off quickly so she won't wake me up.

👤Daylight is limited during winter. I wanted to buy a mirror with a light. I decided to try this one after doing my research. I am so happy I did. The remote is convenient and the quality is amazing.

👤This works well. We travel a lot. I needed a mirror to see my son at night. The light works well. I can check on my son at night and I feel more comfortable driving.

👤A little guy is in a mirror. Not a distraction for driving. The mirror can move but the pedestal helps vision. It would be better if there was a way to lock it in place. Each time we put him in a seat, we have to adjust. After almost a month, there was no issue with the remote. Very convenient.

2. Baby Backseat Mirror Car Satisfaction

Baby Backseat Mirror Car Satisfaction

Attaches to your mirror in seconds. It's for most vehicles, including smaller cars to SUV's. The So Peep baby mirror is adjusted to fit in the back of a car. It pivots to any angle, so you can see your little one in their car seat. It is easy to install. There are no tools required for this mirror. It can be set up in 30 seconds. Attach the straps to the head rest, pull to tighten, and adjust the angle to your liking. This infant car mirror is made with a piece of shatterproof glass that is 7.5" wide and 11.5" tall for long-term dependability. A mirror that doesn't shake or slide is a safe way to check on your child. The double-strap system keeps the baby monitor in the car. The So Peep baby car monitor mirror is a great gift idea for any birthday, holiday, or baby shower gift. The So Peep baby car monitor mirror is a great gift idea for any birthday, holiday, or baby shower gift.

Brand: So Peep

👤If I could, I would give this product ten stars. The mirrors are large and sturdy, and the swivel allows you to position them perfectly. The flat mirrors don't work. My mom mentioned a few weeks ago that she was nervous driving the kids because she wasn't able to see them. When my toddler was born, I purchased one of these, but had not put the mirror in the car. The two flat ones my husband bought were not effective because they were dependent on the seat being moved around. I ordered a second peep for the younger sibling because it was so easy to install. My mom was driving the kids home while I was at work, so I didn't have them for a week. My toddler was turning red as she looked into the car. He was not making a sound. He put a quarter in his mouth and it was obstructing his airway. She was able to remove it. My child could have died before they got home. This saved his life. This product is worth every penny and more. Your kids life is priceless.

👤As a product, this is fine and delivers on what it is advertised to be. I was happy with it until we took our car to a hospital for a car seat inspection. The safety team advised us to return and not buy any more mirrors because the mirror is a projectile risk and it is against US standards to use it. Studies show that the use of mirrors is more distracting than a crying baby. They said that drivers are more likely to look in the mirror at their baby than the road ahead, which increases the chance of accidents. I don't have links to reports to document what the safety clinic told us, but I will share what they said. Ask your doctors for their advice.

👤The problem with it is that it requires a headrest that goes up and down with bars, which is a problem for the first time mom. I wanted other prospective buyers to be aware that I didn't see that when I read all of the reviews and notes about the product.

👤Works well. I have not had any issues with straps slipping on the mirror. The baby loves to look in it. It would definitely recommend clear reflection. I believe bad reviews are due to user error. The people that had rough cars or tires had no problems with the vibrations. The mirror is fine, we have a car with studs on it. One of the straps broke when the mirror was adjusted. There were bits of black dust everywhere. The mirror fell on our baby because the other strap on this broke. When we called Amazon to inquire about a refund, we were told there wasn't a manger to speak to, and we were hung up on twice. Everyone at Amazon is their own boss. One woman, namedNina, was so rude that she hung up on me. When I called back, the next person told me that he didn't speak English. These people were trying to sabotage their company. I will not be renewing my membership. They were treating me poorly. I spend a lot of money on the item, but it costs less than my membership. They showed me that they didn't refund me the $25. I was disgusted with the way I was treated.

3. Baby Mirror Car Shatterproof Accessories

Baby Mirror Car Shatterproof Accessories

Their priority is your priority. Quality and safety are of paramount importance. The baby safe mirror has a shatterproof safety surface and is made of lightweight and SturdyABS Frame and Thick and Strong straps. The baby mirror for car is perfect for keeping an eye on your baby from head to toe. It is made from the best materials for you and your baby's safety. A wide-angle image with a large mirror with a fully-adjustable angle! The BAURAS baby car mirror is different from other backseat baby mirrors in that it allows you to have a perfect view of your baby. You will both feel safe and secure when you see your newborn or toddler, because they will enjoy seeing you as well. Quick and easy installation is whatFULLY-ASSEMBLED; There is no hassle trying to assemble. Buckle Them, Tighten the straps, and adjust the pivot mirror. The baby car mirror is fully assembled. It is possible to install a backseat mirror on your headrest without having to do any assembly, and you can adjust the angle with its rotating pivot to keep an eye on your newborn girl or boy. Once the situation is resolved, tapestries will be in place. No shaking or bouncing around with its unique ball and sockets pivot and mounting system. The baby car mirror is fastened to the head rest with an arranged angle, unlike other mirrors which shake or bounce around during the drive. Enjoy! It's not possible for car seats with fixed headrest to be compatible with car seats with adjusted headrest. 100% LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE They use a baby car mirror in their own vehicles. Simply contact them if you're not 100% satisfied, and they'll take care of it. At Bauras, they want to make great products, and they want you to be satisfied with them. They offer a 100% money back guarantee. Every purchase will give you a microfiber cleaning shirt, a little gift from them. 100% LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE They use a baby car mirror in their own vehicles. Simply contact them if you're not 100% satisfied, and they'll take care of it. At Bauras, they want to make great products, and they want you to be satisfied with them. They offer a 100% money back guarantee. Every purchase will give you a microfiber cleaning shirt, a little gift from them.

Brand: Bauras

👤The straps on the previous mirror broke within three months of use, so I had to buy a second one. It was a safety hazard for my baby. I was unaware of that. It is frightening to think that I used that other brand's mirror to place my baby. When I looked at the reviews again, the truth was already there, but I didn't pay enough attention to it back then. They say hindsight is not that bad. I bought a baby car mirror from Bauras. This was the first thing that caught my attention, and the straps are made of high quality material. Oh, loL! It was very easy to install and stay stable. The padded back protects the fabric from damage. I like how big it is and how clear it is, as my previous mirror had a weird finish that distorted the image. I can adjust it according to my liking, because it can sit vertically or horizontally while strapped on. I can adjust it to the angle I need. It came with a nice cleaning cloth and a cute box. I will probably order a second one for my husband's vehicle.

👤I can see my baby while I drive. The mirror is clear. It gives a clear view of my child and his surroundings with a curve to its surface. It was installed in seconds. Two clicks, two pulls to tighten the straps. I don't need a man to snap my fingers. I have one and he is very easy. The mirror stays put after the adjustment. We drive A Lot because it doesn't get bumpy with bumps or car movement. It's pretty sure baby boy loves to see himself in it. It was worth every penny.

👤I love it! It arrived on time and in perfect condition, and I am so happy I bought it. I like the large and clear image. The image is perfect. You can sense it when you see it. It was easy to install, and it fits perfectly on my vehicle's backseat headrest, which can be adjusted to move up and down. I can see my baby boy from my mirror without taking my eyes off the road. I highly recommend this product.

👤I was scared to drive with my newborn in the car. This is what I needed. It is easy to install, has a huge display, and is very sturdy. Highly recommended.

👤I ordered this baby car mirror because the one I had in my car broke and fell. I carefully looked at the products and ordered one. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived, with the neat box and packaging, and the care with which the product and other stuff that comes with it is made, it is obvious right away! If you want to see them, I took photos. I put it on the backseat headrest as it was fully assembled. The mount is sturdy and the straps and buckles are working well. It is stable during the ride. The baby mirror for car is a really good purchase and I recommend it.

4. BRITAX S864600 Britax Back Mirror

BRITAX S864600 Britax Back Mirror

A clear view of your child is reflected by the large pivot mirror. Installation is easy, no assembly is needed. It was designed for safety. The mirror has been crash tested to make sure it is safe in the event of a collision. A sleek look and feel is created with a soft grey frame. The fit is 7.5 x 3 x 11.5 inches. The fit is 7.5 x 3 x 11.5 inches.

Brand: Britax

👤I thought it would be safe because the seat is fastened to it. The base of it stayed on the seat, but the frame and mirror part flew off towards my child. I was not in the car at the time of the accident. I found the mirror part in front of the second row and the frame behind the second row. My Honda Odyssey was totaled in the accident, but my children came out safe thanks to the used car seats and propperly installed ones. I will not be buying a new one of the car seats that I will be replacing. This could have been bad for my baby.

👤The mirror worked the way I wanted it to. I rear ended a car that was going 20mph. The mirror was buckled to the headrest. The mirror broke off the base, flew into my rear facing carseat, and was found there with the plastic mirror shattered into shards. Had my child been in the carseat, she would have been cut up and possibly suffered other injuries. I will never use a rear facing baby mirror.

👤I drive a 2001 Ford expedition that doesn't have a latch system. My baby is in the middle of the second row. Their is a third row. I don't have a mirror to use. I couldn't use the mirror at my baby shower. I noticed this one when I went online. It works well. I put it in the car seat because I want to see her in the middle seat. If it was mounted above her, I could see her face just as much. It doesn't need to be adjusted. I can now see my baby while I'm driving. I can now have a piece of mind that she's safe because she cries so much. The baby is being blocked by the caterpillar. You can see the details of her hand and chest strap. I took this pic for a mounting reference.

👤We had a mirror for two and a half years. The mirror wasn't secure enough to keep it at the angle you wanted and the straps were coming undone. The straps were not strong enough to hold the mirror. My baby was hard to see. It was very frustrating to have to come out of the car multiple times. There is no way to connect the strap because it broke in one of the holes, making the mirror useless. I didn't want to have to buy another mirror. It has never worked well to begin with. I guess you get what you pay for. Not recommended!

👤This will be the last mirror we attempt. There is no headrest as our rear facing car seat is placed in the middle of the back seat. The other mirrors were supposed to be able to install without a headrest, but they did not work out. Within minutes, both fell over. We found this one on Amazon after going through dozens of failed attempts to get them to stay up. It pivots in any way you need it to, and it straps to the adjacent headrest. You can change the angle for whichever way you need it. I pull the straps every two weeks to make sure they are secure. The mirror has worked in the following cars. The Santa Fe is from the '08 year. Hope this helps!

5. Itomoro Function Display Reusable Cigarette

Itomoro Function Display Reusable Cigarette

The toy can be separated and cleaned. You don't have to take your eyes off the road to see your baby, if you have a baby mirror on the center console of your car. Every trip. Every time. It's easier to drive with a baby. Night Vision-Hi-Def Camera with night-vision gives you a clear view in low-light conditions without turning on interior lights or disturbing your baby, which will help you eradicate insecurities and worries. Plug the power cord to the cigarette lighter and install the monitor, it will work. The baby back seat will be switched on by the monitor. The cigarette lighter is suitable for most cars. The sucker brackets can be used on the center console and the angle and length of the brackets can be adjusted according to your driving habits, so as to ensure the stability of the screen during driving. The camera base is upgraded and can rotation up, down, left, and right. The adjustment of the camera angle allows you to see your child accurately even if they are sitting in the car. The camera base is upgraded and can rotation up, down, left, and right. The adjustment of the camera angle allows you to see your child accurately even if they are sitting in the car.

Brand: Itomoro

👤The product did not meet our expectations. The first car monitor was wonderful, but we decided to go with this one because it has a vent clip and the option of a suction option, which is better for our second car. The vent clip was great. The screen was secure and nice. The picture quality of the monitor was terrible. It is nearly impossible to see my child's features if the car seat shade is up or if I'm wearing sunglasses during the day. I tried many camera angles and positions, but they were not useful. The best picture is shown when it is overcast, the car seat shade is pulled back, and the camera is positioned so that the least natural light is in view to offset the light balance. The night vision is blurry. If I didn't already have another monitor that worked well, I might say this one was okay, but I'll be returning this one!

👤This is one of my purchases. It's very much a use at your own risk. I cleaned and dried the sticky part of the screen before putting it somewhere else. I put the knob on the back of the screen in the cell phone holder, and daytime and nighttime are clear.

👤Love this! I can see what my baby is doing without having to look in the mirror or turn around. The cords were long enough to tuck in so they weren't in the way, so it was easy to set up. The picture quality is good. I didn't expect much at this price, but it exceeded my expectations. The only complaint I have is that the light is not as bright at night. The night vision is great, but the monitor is so bright that I have to put it down and only look at the baby when I need to. The daytime is bright but not at night. The brightness should be adjusted. This would have been a 5 star product for me.

👤I had previously written a bad review about this. I found a damaged spot in the cable after I swapped out the replacement. It wasn't fair of me to give such a harsh review when I fixed the cable, and it worked fine now. I can't give 5 stars because the footage is somewhat blurry, but it's worth the $40 price, and can't be seen in high definition.

👤It works well. The manufacturer doesn't offer an alternative way to affix the camera to the seat, and our middle seat doesn't have a headrest to strap the camera to. My husband bought 3M heavy duty Velcro because it holds great. The sticky on the cup came off on a hot day. We had to put it on the dash. The picture is clear and it is better than the old school mirror alternatives. I can keep my eyes on the road.

👤I was looking at cameras. This one was good. I have enjoyed it. The roads are stable. The screen doesn't connect to the window. I kept stripping out. It has fallen off a few times. I have read that they used a cellphone connecter. I might try that. I said that I get the job done.

6. Headrest Backseat Shatterproof Assembled Adjustable

Headrest Backseat Shatterproof Assembled Adjustable

The baby car mirror is large and can be adjusted to fit up to a degree of satisfaction. While your baby sees you, look from head to toe. You will be able to see if your baby is happy or sad. In the event of a crash or accident, the shatterproof design and black plastic frame will ensure your baby is safe. The backseat mirror is easy to install. The baby car mirror is not required to be assembled. The mirror straps to the head rest so that it can be easily adjusted and re-positioned, which enhances both stability and safety for the car. It is a Universal infant activity mirror for any type of vehicle. It's important to have dual secure straps for optimum stability and prevent injury. They try their best to serve their customers. If you receive a faulty product, please contact them for a replacement. They would listen to you and give you the best experience. They try their best to serve their customers. If you receive a faulty product, please contact them for a replacement. They would listen to you and give you the best experience.

Brand: Ideapro

👤This is the third mirror I have tried and it blows the rest out of the water. It was clear. It was large. Sturdy. If my son drops a toy or cup in the mirror, I can see where it fell, which is great for me because I can see where he is. I've had issues with the mirrors I've purchased, and the clips that hold it onto the head rest breaking or not being sturdy enough to hold the mirror from moving around. You have to shove blankets behind the mirror to face it where you need it because the pivot point on it is not there. On day one, I put the mirror in the same spot. The pivot point is very sturdy and doesn't move around while driving.

👤The straps need to be bigger to fit a larger range of vehicles. The plastic around the mirror is cheap, but it was scratched out of the box. The mirror is great because you don't have to move your head up or down, you just adjust it. It stays in place when driving and over bumps. The strap that goes around the head is a little too tight. It would be great if this was larger to accommodate more vehicles. The shape of the mirror makes it easier to see in the back seat, but the view is warped around the edges. The second row of the Suburban's headrests are immobile. I needed a mirror with a pivot to see the baby in his car seat.

👤The product was horrible. A small viewing area is left in the middle by too much convex in the middle. I threw mine in the trash because I couldn't come up with a use for it.

👤There are at least two great reasons to love this product. 1. The mirror has a PIVOT feature and is easy to attach to a head rest. My wife and I were used to another baby mirror that did not have a pivot. The mirror is very easy to adjust to any angle we want and it stays in place. We need a different angle to see our baby when we are driving. 2. The shape of the mirror. This creates a much wider viewing angle than a standard mirror. We had more room for error when adjusting the angle of our mirror because we could see more of what was happening in the back. The purchase was not a good one for the price. It gives you peace of mind and ease of use. Highly recommended.

👤The mirror is amazing! When my oldest was rear facing, I wish I'd found it years ago. I can finally see my little one, and it's clear. I can see what she is doing in the clearest image I have ever had in a car sear mirror. The all-in-one car seat is great but the back is too high and I am short. I couldn't adjust the mirror at an angle where I could see her. The mirror will not move or bounce around because of the tight fit on the straps. It tilts like a TV mounted to the wall. Love it. The husband ordered a second one for his car. Don't hesitate, buy 2!

7. Brica Night Musical Sight Mirror

Brica Night Musical Sight Mirror

A clear sight mirror provides a distortion-free image. A safety check light is provided by the dual-mode lighting system. The multi-directional sound chamber design has high quality, soothing melodies. The soft-touch frame is lightweight. Music and light features are remote-controlled. Music and light features are remote-controlled.

Brand: Brica

👤When I put these on the registry, I was so excited that we got them as a gift. I thought the light and music features would be great to have, because we travel a lot to see my parents. Baby isn't even here yet. We've tried out the mirrors and there are no positives. Installation is a nightmare. I had to crawl in the back of my car to see what was happening with the straps. There are two more The strap is loosened in order to adjust the mirror up or down. If you need the mirror to tilt downward to see the baby in the car seat, it's so loose that it's bouncing around from the ride. I was very excited about how large the unit is as a whole. I wouldn't have been able to see much of Baby because the mirror is small. There are four The sensor on the remote needs to be connected to the sensor on the unit in order for the features to work. I was sitting in front of it during a test run and it was only able to connect 3 out of 10 times. I don't want to worry about that when I drive down the road with an upset baby. I would give this 0 stars, but it doesn't seem like I could. I was so excited for this unit.

👤The mirror is for a parent. It allows you to see a baby in a car. The music and light feature is a plus. When my daughter is ready to go to sleep the music goes on. I highly recommend this product.

👤Maybe ours was faulty, but not that impressed. We bought the upgraded version of the standard mirror so we could see our baby. The music is loud even at the lowest setting and the nightlight part doesn't work at all. We use it for the mirror at an extreme price.

👤I spent $30 on this mirror because I don't like not being able to see my baby at night. This thing is a waste of money. The light is so dim you can barely see anything, even the 10 second safety light isn't that bright. The music is ok but not what I bought for it. The remote is garbage. I thought my unit was broken when I couldn't turn on the light or music. It is just cheap. I would return it. I threw the packaging away.

👤The mirror is small but it is cool. It has a light so you can see your baby at night. The light has two different settings. Everything is powered by a remote control. Absolutely worth the money.

👤The light only lasts for 5 seconds and is not bright enough to see a baby in the dark at night, the remote is garbage. I would give zero stars if I could. If you can get the light or music to come on, you're lucky. I thought the remote was in my car. I sat and pointed the remote at the sensor, but it never turned on. It's horrible. Don't buy!

8. Jolly Jumper Drivers Baby Mirror

Jolly Jumper Drivers Baby Mirror

A large mirror has a wide angle view of a baby. Confidence is provided for driver and baby by clear vision. The surface is shatter resistant. Most headrests have straps that fit for secure installation. Most headrests have straps that fit for secure installation.

Brand: Jolly Jumper

👤One of the best purchases I have ever made. You should not have to pay a high price for a silly car mirror. This one is budget friendly and does a great job. It is easy to attach and no assembly is required. I would buy this again.

👤I bought this because my backseat mirrors don't hold up well in my new SUV. The mirrors I attach with two sets of a buckles are smaller and the headrest is a little narrower. I thought it would hold up well to the head. The mirror is so small that I can't see my daughter through it. I can tell you that she's simply there and moving, but I can't tell you what expression she's making. This was a dealbreaker to me. I need to make sure she's ok. Isn't that the point of these? There are many positive reviews for this. I own a standard SUV. The distance from the backseat to the driver side is almost the same as when I drove a sedan, because I didn't put it in the third row. This didn't work out for me.

👤It is amazing! I think this product is very good. It is simple and not as expensive as the other car mirrors. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a simple mirror. I was unsure if it would fit on my car seats, but it did.

👤There was a ball mechanism between the mirror and the seat that made it easy to adjust it at almost any angle. I am still a fan of that one for little bitty babies as it's also a larger mirror, but once my littlest hit 18 months he started kicking it as soon as he could reach it, and I was still a fan of that one for little bitty babies. The mirror is great for the price. It fits flush to the seat so there's no moving it or adjusting it. He's stopped trying, which is a win. For anyone with an active toddler who is still back-facing, I say go and purchase!

👤It was simple to install the center headrest, and it was easy to slide up and down to get the angle right. I had an accidentally left inside of a vehicle when I sold it, but this one works great and is much cheaper. It's only usable on the center headrest with a center-mucked carseat, and you can only see it through the rear-view mirror.

👤I can see clearly in the mirror. I was confused because other buyers said they couldn't see their baby in the mirror. I have a small SUV that I can see him better in than my expensive one. This one is very clear. Thanks!

👤I would give 0 stars if I could. I got someone's used items after paying for new items. Very disappointed. Sending it back! You can't see clearly the poor quality.

👤I don't understand why this would be given a star. The mirror is working as it should. This is not the price range if you want one that adjusts them. The mirror can be adjusted to fit your face. I can see my child in the back of the van. Such a great purchase!

9. Munchkin Wide Angle Adjustable Glare Free Resistant

Munchkin Wide Angle Adjustable Glare Free Resistant

The baby car mirror has a glare-free night light. The positioning of the 4 lights allow for a clear view of the baby at night. It's easy to adjust the mirror with the help of rotating and pivots. The mirror measures 11.25" X 8.0" and provides superior undistorted views. 30 second safety check, 30 minute extended night light, color selection, and color spectrum are some of the light settings. No assembly is needed to install. The dual straps are made of seatbelt material and are secured with the headrests.

Brand: Munchkin

👤There is no way to clean this mirror. I didn't send it back because it was the only one I could find that didn't have horrible reviews and it was the only one with a remote and light. If there was another one, I would throw it away. I was annoyed but thought I could live with it. I realized why it was scratched. You will leave scratches if you look at the mirror the wrong way. It is stupid that you can not touch the mirror with anything. I took a cloth and scratched it all to get rid of the dust. I did not put any pressure on it. It's not real glass, it's some other reflective material. It is the only one like it that I settled for. It's so frustrating. I would give it 5 stars if it wasn't for that.

👤I hope I can use it after picking my child up. The wireless remote was great for the colors and brightness. I changed the batteries with new ones after it died, but they are dead again, and I barely used it. The battery life doesn't last long and the heat messes with it. I ordered a camera to replace the mirror.

👤My baby boy hates the dark, he is almost 4 months old, and whenever we put him in his car seat in the back in the evening, he would have a full on melt down. One of us would have to hold his hand while sitting in the back. It's a pity. This was a big change. The lights can change colors now that he loves them. :D Everybody wins when there is no more melt downs. It is dim enough to not distract other drivers on the road. 10 out of 5 stars!

👤I have mixed feelings about this product, but I absolutely love it because I can't turn on my dome light while driving. The battery life is awful, as many people have mentioned in their reviews. I put new batteries in and they barely lasted for two weeks. I have to remember to turn the main power button on the back off and on every time, which is frustrating, but better than refilling batteries every week or two.

👤The remote buttons get stuck when they are pressed, because the batteries go so quickly. The light makes it hard to see my daughters face. I thought it would be effective, but it wasn't. I'm not sure when in the dark. The size of the mirror is perfect.

👤I have a BMW X5 and the center headrest does not move up. I was looking for a mirror that I could install in a different way than securing it from under, and this is what I found! I wrap it tightly around the head rest. I give it 4 stars because I wish the light was more consistent. I didn't purchase this mirror for that reason, but I did read it and it was a good review. I would give it a one star if it was my main reason for buying it. This is a mirror that I need and it is very high quality. Also my husband. He likes to be able to move it to his liking because I have a foot height difference. It has a passing for the seat so when you put it on tight, it won't make the seat bad.

10. Funbliss Backseat Finish Super Mirror Safe Shatterproof

Funbliss Backseat Finish Super Mirror Safe Shatterproof

The baby mirror for car back seat is a great way to keep an eye on your baby's safety while you drive. There is a new design no fear of breaking. The baby mirror for car is made of superior quality material. So you don't have any security concerns. They have designed their new mirror with a shatter-proof acrylic glass surface from their ongoing research and practical experience so that it can survive any impact at any time. This car baby mirror is fully-adjustable and can be used in either horizontal or vertical position. The roof design and sturdy construction are both shabby. The shatterproof baby backseat mirror for car is made of shatterproof glass and has an extra durable strap system to make sure it stays in place even through bumpy roads. Their priority is your angel's safety. There is a guaranteed SATISFACTION. The Funbliss baby car mirror has an Absolutely No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee. If you don't like your baby car seat mirror, just return it for a refund. There is a guaranteed SATISFACTION. The Funbliss baby car mirror has an Absolutely No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee. If you don't like your baby car seat mirror, just return it for a refund.

Brand: Funbliss

👤The mirror is said to be the most stable, but it is not because of a ball bearing or a swivel on the back. I can't see my baby, I just see the top of the car seat, and there's no way to tilt the mirror without it slipping back to the straight forward position.

👤It was cheaper and better than what we got at walmart. You can see the baby more clearly with this wide range. It was worth the purchase.

👤I have had a few mirrors for my car, but this one is the best and the price is less than $30. I like how thin it is, it is not so bulky on the head rest, and it is very clear. You can see your child. The mirror has no frame and is large. I feel like you pay more to have a smaller mirror with a large frame. This price point is unbeatable. I think this is a baby registry.

👤There are a lot of products. We were debating between the two. We are happy with our decision. It was easy to install. The mirror is clear. The only flaw was to get it at the right angle, but an easy fix was to place something between the mirror and the headrest. A simple fix. Problem solved. It's a good idea to use a mirror so you don't get distracted while driving.

👤This mirror is less expensive than others because it doesn't have a way to angle the mirror. You can easily adjust the angle with a ball with a sockets or similar innovation. I keep my daughter's car seat in the middle seat to maximize safety, and the mirror has to go on the back passenger side seat to maximize safety. It is not possible to angle the mirror in this configuration so that I can see my daughter. You can spend the extra $5 and get an option.

👤It was difficult to get this at the right angle so we could see our baby. The mirror quality is okay. It was a pain to get correct placement.

👤The product seemed like a great purchase after reading the other reviews, but I got the package. I open the package, the mirror is in the box, and the back straps are covered in mold. Sorry. I don't want to buy a product that is going to be so close to a newborn baby. Going to look for something else.

👤The clips that I could mount to the head rest of my car were offered by this. It was difficult to get the right angle to see my baby. I had to jam a corner into the seat to hold the correct angle because I was never able to get the mount to align correctly. The strap broke just now. I live in Phoenix where summers are brutal so I still find this lacking having only lasted a few months in a shaded car.

11. Munchkin Wide Angle Adjustable Shatter Resistant

Munchkin Wide Angle Adjustable Shatter Resistant

The extra-large mirror measures 11.25” x 8” It's easy to adjust the mirror when it's rotating to capture the perfect viewing angle. A wide-angle, clear-view mirror provides superior views. No assembly is needed to install. Sturdy dual straps made of seatbelt material are fastened to the headrests. The mirror is not compatible with fixed headrests. Crash-tested and shatter-resistant. Crash-tested and shatter-resistant.

Brand: Munchkin

👤The product is great in theory, but not in reality. The pivot feature was a selling point for me, however once installed I realized that it was a downfall. It makes it nearly impossible to see what my baby is doing in the backseat because the mirror vibrates with the motions of the car. It definitely didn't work for me, I wasn't sure if it would be more stable in a different vehicle. The mirror is easy to install, sturdy, and has a nice aesthetic design so it does have that going for it.

👤I had a mirror that broke when I drove with the windows down. The mirror is constructed better than other mirrors. It has two straps on the headrest, like most other mirrors. The base and arm are made of a single piece of plastic. The arm is a separate piece that has to be clicked into place on the base. That is where it broke. It seems that is a common point of failure. The mirror seems more stable and the angle of the mirror stays put, which seems to be more durable. It was nice that everything was assembled.

👤This is a sturdy product, and is a large mirror to see a baby. The material is strong and can easily be adjusted when needed. The only downside is that it only works with headrests that are adjusted in height.

👤I had a regular Brica car seat mirror, but it kept moving when I went over rough roads. I bought this one and it is perfect. It is in place. The only complaint I have is not related to the product. The rear window of my VW Tiguan is very small and this mirror takes up a lot of my sightline.

👤The mirror is great for keeping an eye on your baby. You can position the mirror in a large area. It feels like it's made a durable d. The headrest needs to be adjusted for proper installation.

👤It works well for our baby. Don't use with a happy toddler. The purpose of the mirror being set up to keep an eye on our little one was defeated when she kicked it and moved it all around. We are still happy with it because the newborn won't be able to reach it for a long time. The toddler kicked it for a few weeks.

👤Good size. It's easy to install. I like the fact that I can change it to see my child in a different way. It can be easily moved. When I put my child in a car seat and she kicks the mirror, I have to adjust it so I can see her, like when I put my child in a car seat and she accidentally kicks the mirror. It is a very clear mirror. We bought another one for my husband.

👤I returned the product because it had a great concept. You can't see your baby when you are driving down the road. I was really excited about this because it is nice in size and you can move it to different positions, but when you can't see your baby, what's the point of having a mirror?


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