Best Car Seat Massager with Heat

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1. Sotion Massager Compress Vibrating Adjustable

Sotion Massager Compress Vibrating Adjustable

The massage chair pad has air compression, vibrating massager, and heat functions to help relieve fatigue, stress, and muscle aches. It is important to note that. This is air compression and no roller balls. The seat massager with remote control can be used to adjust the massage zones, which include the neck, back, and hip, and the air pressure intensites, which include the low, middle, and high. You can choose from 3 levels of air pressure massage, 3 massager zones, and a heating function. The neck and back massager has an optional heat function at the waist and low back of the seat part, which provides soothing warmth to loosen tired muscles and improve blood circulation. It can be turned on/off without a massage, and it has an auto shut-off function. The seat cushion of the massager has a flexible neck massage pillow, instead of the traditional fixed neck massage. The design of the neck massage is to fit most people in different heights. Multi-layer massage on the neck provides enough pressure to relieve neck muscles. The Sotion back massager can be used on a sofa, couch, recliner, office chair, and car, an ideal gift for your family and friends at Birthday, Mothers Day. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee and 2 year warranty for quality issues. Feel free to contact them if you have any problems.

Brand: Sotion

👤My back and neck have been tense since I moved to remote learning at home during the Pandemic and I feel so relaxed after using the amazing massager pad. The remote control is easy to use and is located on the right side of the pad. There are 3 levels of air compression intensity to choose from, the vibration and heat function is optional, and the massager areas could be changed easily by pressing the buttons on the remote. I use this cushion in a chair, on the sofa, or on my bed, it's a great pain relief, and it's well built and padded. The product is worth the money.

👤Get it! You will not be disappointed. I bought this for my mom. I don't have time to go to the salon for a massage because I'm a busy mom. It's nice to know that I can use this massager at home whenever I want, even on days when I'm tired and my back hurts. It's a good price compared to others. It's very easy to use. It is easy to clean. It can be packed away for a later time when you need it. I will recommend this to my family and friends.

👤The massager cushion arrived in good condition two days after my husband ordered it. The package comes with a home and car accessory, which we found to fit our office chair very well. We could find the best air compression intensity and massager areas by pressing the button on the controller. My husband tried it on the way to the company and it worked great to relieve the stress and pain after a long trip. The timer is helpful and safe. We were surprised that the company sent us a note saying that the back massager comes with a 2-year warranty, just contact them! This was the best investment we've made this year and we feel so secure that we'll be able to make this purchase again. Great experience!

👤Shortly after purchasing. I received a message from customer service that said I could find the remote control in the pocket of the massager. That was thoughtful. I have never had a company contact me as a courtesy. Wow! I expressed my concern about the 30 day guarantee when I purchased this massager for my mom. The company told me there would never be an issue. The product has a 2 year warranty. I think it is a quality product because it is around 10 lbs. I am very impressed with this company. Customer service has gone above and beyond. On Christmas morning, I can't wait for my mom to open this gift.

👤This is a great massager and I love it. It's good to use on the sofa during a break, and I use it in an office chair. The neck massage is helpful to reduce the stress in most places. The design of control in the right side pocket is very convenient. It would be better if the sound of the vibration was lower.

2. Snailax Massager Kneading Adjustment Shoulder

Snailax Massager Kneading Adjustment Shoulder

The neck massage has an adjustment. The massage chair has 4 unique neck massage nodes that deep tissue massage the neck and shoulder to relieve tired and muscle tightness. Any member of the family can use the massager if it is adjusted up and down to their height. It is suitable for people who are between 63 and 70.9 inches tall. 15 minutes is the timer. Don't exceed a continuous massage of 15 minutes per time, not more than 3 times. The back massager has 4 shiatsu massaging nodes that travel up and down relaxing your entire back. There are three massAGE zones for your choices. The spot massage function allows you to focus on one area for pin-point relaxation. The heat function on the massage chair pad adds warmth. You can choose a stronger or softer massage with the detachable intensity control furp. The soft rolling massage along the spine combats muscular tension and offers soothing relaxation across the whole back, and with the width of the massage nodes adjusted to fit the body, it is possible to have a custom massage. The vibrating seat massage provides a massage to the Hips and thighs. The ultimate comfort seat in the house is the massage cushion on a sofa, couch, recliner, office chair or dinning chair. The system secures it on the chairs. The home adapter is safe to use with both the 120V and 220-240V electrical outlets. Father's day is a perfect time to give a massage chair as a gift, it is also a perfect gift for a birthday, party or Christmas gift. Please stop using your device if you feel that the shiatsu is too strong for you.

Brand: Snailax

👤I'm a little disappointed for a number of reasons. I'm 5'4 and this unit is built for someone about 5'10. There is no way to adjust. The area that is supposed to massage my neck is not even close to my neck. The lower back doesn't massage low enough, and goes all the way up to my shoulder. The seat portion is slippery. When you sit on the slippery material, you slide. The butt pad is so slippery that when any of the lower massage is happening, instead of allowing the massage effect to fully take place, you start to slide. It's a bit disappointing between those two issues. I'm thinking about returning.

👤I didn't receive any compensation for this product or review, I just looked at the options and bought it. I've had lower back pain most of my adult life, mostly due to Scoliosis, and frankly, not the greatest posture, and this is the 3rd massage cushion I've owned. I'm 60 and I'm active, but my back pain has gotten worse in the past few years and massage is the best way to get relief. It's good for a cushion. The Homedics I owned were mostly in the $100 range, but this is an improvement. I can't speak for it's longevity since I've only had it a short time, but if I have problems I'll post back. I use the Spot function the most. There is a The Rolling function is better than I thought it would be. It was surprisingly good. The amount of pressure is good. The neck leaves a little to be desired. You can tell how far forward it is. I haven't seen a cushion that does the neck right. I wish you could adjust the back so it came in like the neck. From the bottom of it's travel you can see the lower back. I've had every cushion that I've had. It's probably to avoid injuries and liability, but you need to be careful not to put too much pressure on the sensitive areas of your spine. I wish I could exert more pressure there. I've found a few tips that I can use, but you should use good judgement, talk to your doc, and note that these tips only apply to me. People complain about that. You have to use pillows to get it to your back. There is a I put it on the bed or couch. I put pillows or foam around it to support my back. I lay down on it. You must be careful. If you don't know what you're doing, this amount of pressure can be damaging. Make sure it's not on your spine, the nodes should be on the other side. If the pressure is great, just sit up and adjust. I usually have the pillows edge on the side of the roller area to make sure my body is lifted up. The unit will wear out faster due to the greater pressure. I still prefer a massage, it gives me the best relief. This is a close second. I'm probably a candidate for a massage chair, but the cost is too high, and I can control my pain with this. I hope this has helped.

3. Vibrating Back Massager Massage Chair Pad Massager Cushion Vibration

Vibrating Back Massager Massage Chair Pad Massager Cushion Vibration

The Vibrating Back Massager Cushion has 10 vibrating points that help release stress, tension and promote blood circulation. You can choose from 5 massage modes and 3 speeds. Each vibrating position of the back massager with heat can be controlled on and off by awired remote. The heat can be turned on or off. It allows heat to be used. Pin point rejuvenation uses 10 massage points on the upper and lower back and thighs to create a relaxing experience. Fix the straps and plastic hook on your chair in a matter of minutes. The massage chair cushion needs to be firmly in place. When the massage session is over, simply put it in storage. It can be used in an office, home, or anywhere you want to travel. Their back massager for chair provides a 30 day return policy. Please contact them if you have any problems, they will get back to you soon.

Brand: Sotion

👤I didn't buy it for myself but I don't use it. I bought it for my girlfriend, who drives her car for a living. I bought this for her because she complains of back pain frequently. She likes the heating and massaging features of it. I get text messages from her saying how much she appreciates it. I'm happy if she's happy.

👤It was very refreshing while driving. It has intensities and modes. The fabric, the four plastic hooks on the seat cushion, and the two elastic straps on the back make the back massager fixed well on my car. I compared several products of the same type. They either have no hooks or no straps. This is what I thought about. I highly recommend this item.

👤The seat massage cushion helped me with my sore muscles. I sit at an office desk all day and it causes my back and waist to get sore. I used a vibrating cushion after work to loosen up my muscles. It helps relieve a lot of pain. It's great that the remote is attached to the chair, so it's not a problem to misplace it. The cushion is very soft and cushiony. If you have a bad back, I would recommend you to get a vibration massage.

👤My beau spends many days a month on road trips at least 6 hours at a time, so I bought him a holiday gift. He was about to go on a trip. The car is cold in the winter with 10-18 hours in it each day. I thought this would be a great gift. I thought the massage factor would be great for circulation, even though most cars now have heated seats. I thought the seat had two use options: a car plug or wall outlet. My beau told me that it only came with the wall outlet. He would get a car plug on his own if he liked it. He tried it at home. He said the heat was nice but the heated seats were more comfortable. He could feel the wires. He said it was just a constant buzzing. He said it would be too uncomfortable to sit on it for hours at a time if it was attached to the car seat. The wires were uncomfortable and the vibrating/buzzing wasn't something he needed in the office, even though he thought it might be okay for an office chair. A shiatsu style massage is a better option. It would not be ideal to sit on the mechanism at work. He used it once and said it was a nice thought, but he wouldn't use it again. It was returned.

👤I was looking for a massage chair and decided to try it out. When I tried it out, I was surprised at how comfortable it was. I think it's worth a lot for its price and how much it serves you. I am not sure if a massage chair is needed. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to try out a massage chair.

4. Snailax Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion

Snailax Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion

The massage chair for back has adjusted shiatsu massage modes that allow you to get a full back massage. There are two levels of Shiatsu intensity available. The Snailax massage chair has a heat pad that can be adjusted to provide a relaxing massage along the spine. The shiatsu balls can be adjusted. If shiatsu massage gets too intense, there is a leather flap that protects it. The chair massager for back with a spot massage function allows you to focus on one area for pin-point relaxation. You can use a remote control to massage the target points from full back, upper back or lower back. InFRARE HEATINGTHERAPY The Shiatsu back massager has an optional heat function that will warm your body while shiatsu goes across your neck. Warming rollers can help relieve muscle tension, stress and promote body circulation. The massage chair pad is a great gift for men and women. Money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the massage pad, return it within 30 days and get your money back.

Brand: Snailax

👤There are some things to consider when shopping for a back massage cushion. There are some explanations about the differences between "1D", "2D", "3D" and "4D" massage chairs and cushions. The nodes can't move sideways. A 1D massage cushion is called a rolling massager. The massage pad's nodes can move up, down, and sideways. The nodes can travel in two dimensions. The "3D" massager's nodes can move up, down, and sideway, as well as push forward or backward, giving a sense of depth to the massage. The "4D" massager can do all of the above, but the nodes can speed up or slow down, and they have a "time" factor. The prices of massage cushion pads are very similar. The prices of Rolling, 2D and 3D massagers are the same. The cost of 4D pads is still very high. I recommend buying a 3D massager over a 1D or 2D one. There are only two shiatsu massage cushions on Amazon at the $100 price range that are 3D, which also covers rolling and 2D, and has a better than 4-star overall user rating. This is one of the few. If you are looking for the best bang for the buck in this price range, that should help narrow down your choices. I bought a back massage cushion from Amazon, but I didn't know about the "dimensional" features. I read about the 2D, 3D and 4D stuff while I was getting a massage and surfing the internet. I returned the other one to Amazon and bought this one, which feels better than the last one, and it's free. There are lots of massage cushions on Amazon that are similar in price. If you decide to buy this or the other 2D/3D massage cushion, you should not pay extra for the 2-year protection plan from Asurion because the two plans overlap, and the product from Snailax already has a 2-year warranty. That will save you $8. Many massage pads have the same price but only have a one-year warranty, so you might want to pay more for an extra year of protection.

👤I had to return a massager from a different company, so I ordered the Snailax Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion. I wish I would have gone with Snailax to begin with, it would have helped me out a bit. I absolutely adore this thing. I've had the most problems this year with my shoulder blades, which is where it gets in deep to massage out the muscles. It is easy to use in any room in my house, and sits in any chair I have. The heated massage heads help me relax my tight muscles and relieve pain. Word to the wise. When I couldn't figure out how to adjust the width of the massage heads, I was disappointed. I watched a video at the bottom of Amazon's product page for this massager, and discovered that you need to push the rolling button repeatedly to adjust the width. I'm thankful for the poster who uploaded the video review and explained it to me, because I didn't see that in the instruction booklet.

5. Comfier Massager Shiatsu Kneading Shoulder

Comfier Massager Shiatsu Kneading Shoulder

The Comfier Massage chair pad has shiatsu rollers and massage nodes that can provide a deep tissue kneading massage. The flap should be installed to make the shiatsu less intense. The spot massage, comfier back massager with heat allows you to concentrate on one area for pin-point relaxation. It has a full back, upper back, and lower back area for different massage needs. comfier shiatsu massage cushion with optional heat can provide soothing warmth to further relax and improve blood flow. The seat massager has a vibrating mechanism. The Comfier chair massager has a massage on the seat that is adjusted to give you a massage to the Hip and thighs. If you want the ultimate comfort seat at home or in office, strap the Comfier Shiatsu massager to the office chair. Perfect gifts for fathers. If this chair massage pad does not meet your expectations, return it for a full refund within 30 days.

Brand: Comfier

👤I am 5'7" with Degenerative Disc issues. It helped get some knots out of my shoulders. The rollers don't go all the way down to the bottom of the cushion, so I had to sit on a small pillow to get it low. It didn't help my back, but I'll keep it for all the other knots.

👤I used this way too long the first day and was sore for a few days, but it's really nice, but it can be brutal when it finds how much tension I've been storing. It has a second soft cover and we can use towels or more to reduce the punch to start, so we can adjust the strength that way. I don't use the heat, so I'm happy that the AC is small, it works, and it's cheaper than a professional massage, even if I have to replace it. I have to lean back into this at the top to get some action across my shoulders and neck, because all my seats are too short to do that. This was quiet enough for me to use it while my partner and I watched TV from the same love-seat-couch together, no complaints of distraction. If it breaks, I will buy this again.

👤The massager was a great buy. The massage I get from it is just as good as a massage therapist's. I was having pain in my shoulders and upper back and it has been helped by it. This product would be a good one to recommend.

👤It's best for mid to lower back. I think that's because I would probably need a higher backed chair to get the upper and neck area. I like it a lot for the mid back and lower back.

👤It works the deep muscles in the back that you can't reach. If it seems to rough on your back, just follow the instructions and use the lining and towel. My daughter loves it because of the pain relief, comfort and a great value. She uses the liner no towel and it doesn't bother her at all.

👤I had an older version of the shiatsu massage chair, but it finally gave up after 5 years. I decided to try the Comfier massage chair. I use this chair almost daily, either sitting or laying on it. The top cover should be on if you are sensitive to deep tissue massage. It's beneficial for anyone with chronic or acute back pain. None so far!

👤I had been using a neck and shoulder massager to massage my back, but I was tired of having to move it, so I bought this back massager. I am happy with the purchase of the back massager, it works better for massaging my back. The seat is vibrating. I was hoping that it could go a bit lower on my back, but it isn't a big deal, so I am very happy with this product.

👤You can massage it in one small area. I've never used a better massager.

6. Mynt Vibrating Seat Massager Heating

Mynt Vibrating Seat Massager Heating

There are 8 vibration motors, 3 intensities and 3 target areas, 2 in upper back, 4 in lower back and 2 in thighs. Each target area can be used separately or together, vibrating massage can aid blood flow, relieve pain and refresh muscles. The seat cover cushion has an auto shut off timer. The rear straps can be easily tethered to any chair in the office or home. The manufacturing warranty is 24 months.

Brand: Mynt

👤I commute home from work for 3 hours every day. This ride has become unbearable because of my injury from a car accident a year ago. My coworker recommended this to me, and my Toyota is equipped with an electrical outlet, not a cigarette lighter, which is included. This worked out well for me. The massaging heads are designed to hit the right spots for me, unlike other massages that seem to be designed for tall people. It's just amazing! It has helped target pain in my back. The combination mode is my favorite because it allows me to use multiple techniques in one setting, so I don't have to use the remote. It provides significant pain relief. The heating element helps soothe the pain and also the stress from the long days work, by the time I get home, I am completely refreshed. It is hot in under a minute. The remote is large. I don't have to worry about it being lost under the seat because it's easy to read and see. The fabric is very easy to keep clean. It's padded very nicely. They thought of everything when designing this, even a handy compartment to keep the remote stored while not in use. I would recommend this to anyone who is struggling with sitting for long periods of time. It was nicely packaged and would make a wonderful gift.

👤I have a bad back, so I don't like driving for long periods of time. I am very happy that I did. It is comfortable to sit and has good massage points. It can be removed when you don't want it. You can put your car on any chair in your home or office for work. It is very comfortable to sit on and has a slim design. The heating element makes the massagers feel even better. It warms in a matter of minutes. It comes with a small remote that is easy to read and has clear labels. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a massage. I've seen others with less features and more expensive, but the price is great.

👤The seat massager cost $65 and did not last more than 3 months. I followed the instructions. Let it run for 30 minutes and then rest for 50. I only used it once or twice a day. It's easy to use and it gave a great massage. It's a very bad product. I don't think anyone should buy this massager.

👤My boyfriend is a long haul driver. The massage feature stopped working within the first week of use, however I was issued a replacement with zero trouble and customer service was very helpful. We all deserve a second chance.

👤It slides all over the seat.

👤I wanted to make my situation a little more comfortable because I am working from home. I used to have a similar HoMedics heat/massage chair pad, but it stopped working a while ago and I needed a new one. I like this Mynt pad more than the other one. It feels weird to sit in the chair because the padding is not thick, but it is enough to protect the motor and internal components. Some of the other reviews complain that the massage function is not really a massage at all. This isn't the chair pad for you if you're expecting to just leave the masseuse. You're probably expecting too much. The massage settings have high/low areas. The areas can be activated in different ways. The massage modes are pulsate/tapping/rolling and I can't speak to this as I just turn it on. The low setting is comfortable for a long time. The heat is not too hot, but can definitely tell that it's working. The seat gets a little warm after a while, but there doesn't seem to be a setting that would allow for heat to be isolated to specific areas. I like that the chair pad has a wall and car accessory. It might be nice to take on a long trip, but I won't ever use it in the car. I've been using this pad multiple times a day for a couple weeks and it holds it's own again. I'm happy I picked it up.

7. Electric Massager Kneading Back Massage Use Mothers

Electric Massager Kneading Back Massage Use Mothers

SHIATSU SPOT MASSAGE. The Spot massage allows you to concentrate on one area while using the chair massager for back. It is easy to use. SHIATSU BACK MASSAGER:4 spiral balls are used for Human massage, Shiatsu, with long massage guide, and cover full-back and massage the acupoint. There is a vibrating seat. The seat has a vibrating 3 levels intensity. On the sitting area there is only a massage. Soothing heat therapy warms your back while relaxing your muscles. Back pain can be treated with a back massager. Provide a 90-day money-back guarantee for any reason and a 1-year warranty for quality-related issues. The 15 minutes will be shut off automatically. Father's day gift for dad, mom, men and women. A gift for friends.

Brand: Aront

👤Excellent support. Rolly rollers roll your rolls.

👤The chair started making a loud groaning noise when the balls moved. Doesn't work, but it's annoying to listen to. The box was thrown away for a return.

👤The chair massager has a lot of power. It looks like a quality product. I returned it because it didn't fit my back. It doesn't go low enough for my back issues. I have a short torso and the massager stopped right above where I needed it. I would recommend the unit for someone who is looking for back relief.

👤The wife loves it and it works great. I got it for my mom. She said it's better than the chair you pay to sit in. You can't hear the sound of the massager.

👤The massager is working. It was purchased through a sale and paid half of the original price. You can't adjust the pressure and there is only one massage piece on each side. Other brands have massage that rotates and feels better. Overall, I think it's okay, but wouldn't purchase again.

👤Works well. It's too big for an average person. The rollers did not reach my lower back even though I rearranged it. The air was above my shoulders on every pass. I would love this product if it were small.

👤The massage on the butt area was too hard. Not worth it. Returned in a few days.

👤My wife is very happy with her massage.

8. Relaxzen 6 Motor Massage Seat Cushion

Relaxzen 6 Motor Massage Seat Cushion

You can get your money back if you return the back massage cushion within 30 days. There are massage motors for the upper back, lower back, and thighs. There are three massage modes. The heat treatment was in the back. There is padding in the back and seat area.

Brand: Relaxzen

👤My husband bought a massage seat cushion for me in order to give me better pain relief than my old heating pad. I have a disease that causes my body to ache from neck to tailbone. I would have looked at the more expensive brands that offered more bang for the buck if I had the money. I ordered this and it arrived in a very easy to open package. I had a moment of panic after I removed it from the box, there were plugs and cords and straps and little hooks. Is that a battery pack in that pocket? My husband wasn't at home. I'm a complete idiot when it comes to assembling things. Not to cry! You're ready to relax just set it up according to the directions. That battery pack? The controller was easy to use and read. There are two functions for each of the massage units. You have the option of choosing heat or massage. I had it figured out in no time. It comes with an accessory that will allow you to take it with you on long car trips, a major plus for me since our family lives far away. The straps and hooks were used to secure the massage cushion to the chair or car seat. I had to try it, and after checking out the controls, I put myself in a new cushion and sat back hoping for some pain relief. I got it after a few minutes. Not a big time massage. An even, warm moderate vibration made me feel better, but most of all, it made me relax. The pulse option was used on my shoulders, but at times I had to shift my position to hit the right spot. I tried the thigh option and it didn't do much for me, except to jiggle my upper thighs more. It might work for cellulite. If you're looking for a mid-price massager, the RELAXZEN 60-2926 is a good choice. I didn't give it a 5 star rating because the control for the upper back isn't enough to help the base of my neck area. It was very useful yesterday when we had to drive to visit an ill relative. I will definitely recommend this product.

👤The unit I received was not shut off, but had high and low temperatures. The item pictured is not described by the features of the unit. The manufacturer is not Amazon. I have had 4 units try to resolve the problem.

👤I bought this hoping it would help my back issues. The heat feature is great in a freezing office, but it doesn't quite hit that spot. We drive home after 4 games on Saturday and at least 2 on Sunday to make sure we're back at work on Monday. This means tired muscles from running get stiff in a car for several hours. I used this on a recent journey, cycling on/off throughout the drive. My muscles were not sore the next day. It's a good idea to use in the car on long drives. When on an office chair, the massaging areas don't hit the right spots and when in the car, it doesn't fit, it loses star only b/c. It feels like it would shift a lot if used in car every day for normal commute.

9. Snailax Memory Foam Massage Cushion

Snailax Memory Foam Massage Cushion

This is a vibrating massager, not a shiatsu kneading one. Don't buy a shiatsu massager if you are looking for one. The massage seat cushion is made with high density memory foam that provides superior comfort. The back massager seat cushion has 6 massage machines that deliver massage to your muscles and tissue to help relieve stress, fatigue and muscle soreness. The massage cushion allows you to choose from a variety of massage modes and intensities, which will give you the best massage as you please. Thearpy. The seat massager has two heat levels that target full back and hips, thighs, that warm up the muscles and promote body circulation. It provides you with a nice heated seat cushion that warms you up in the cold weather. The heat can be turned on without massage, the seat massager with auto shut off and overheat protection features to ensure safe use. The cover of the massage chair pad is made of ultra soft plush, which makes it a great gift for Christmas. Non-SLIPBOTTOM & ELASTIC STRAPS. The seat massager should have a rubber bottom and dual straps to keep it in place.

Brand: Snailax

👤I'm a 63 year old female with a lot of back pain due to some serious back issues. I had my hip replaced six months ago. I'm 5'3" tall and weigh 130 lbs. I'm active. I am not bed bound. I'm only giving this information because I want people to know what my issues are so they can make an educated decision on whether or not this item is right for them. I'll admit. I got a massage cushion. I got it an hour ago. I had it set up and ready to use. I am sitting down and in awe. I have a lot of pain in my back and hips. This is a great item. 1) It's easy to set up. There are two more The options are great. I didn't know I would get so many options. I've taken a picture so you can see exactly what it looks like. You have the option of choosing which area of your body you want to be treated to. The intensity of the massage can be chosen. You can use it for heat. You can set a timer for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes. You have six settings that include tapping, kneading, pulsating, rolling and an auto feature. It's not bull manure either! Each option is different from the next one. The difference is different in one case. It looks nice. Too! I thought it would be horrible. It doesn't. The heating/vibrating pads I have look tacky. I thought this would be the same. I was wrong. Take a look at the pictures. It's a nice looking piece and it works. My back feels better after 15 minutes of use. I think this would work well for a small person. I am a shorty and don't know about taller people. I did not get this item for free. I bought it. I was not asked to review it. I am volunteering the info to help people decide if this is what they want because other people did the same thing and helped me. What comes around, goes around. This review will help you make a decision.

👤Do not buy. The chair massager almost started a fire in my office. It ruined my chair and burned through the bottom. I was fortunate that I was able to get up quickly, as the heat started to burn my leg. This is dangerous. I can't imagine an elderly person sitting on a mobile device without feeling their legs and starting a fire.

👤Yes! The massager was tested today. It works. It is soft and comfortable. It feels amazing because it is a memory foam. It is plug-in to your car and perfect for long drives. This is not a typical masseger. It doesn't give you the feeling of rolling or kneading. It gives you a lot of energy from head to thighs.

👤I bought this for back pain and wanted to like it, but it is not the same as the other types of vibration. The description is not clear. The control says "knead" but it just vibrates. Rolling is a hard ball that rolls out knots and can be very beneficial. This just vibrates in a rolling fashion. Misleading and disappointing. Why don't you give a clear, honest description? You would not get as many returns and unhappy customers.

10. Massage Cushion Vibration Nodes Office

Massage Cushion Vibration Nodes Office

The comfortable seat massager with 8 vibrating massager nodes and soothing heat feature can be used on your back and thighs to help release stress, fatigue, tight muscle, improve blood circulation after getting off work. The optional heat function allows each vibration position to be controlled on its own. The heat can be turned on or off without the need for a massage. The seat massager has an auto shut off timer. The vibrating massage chair pad can be used with or without the target areas, you can choose the intensity you want. Fix the straps to your chair in a few easy steps. The massage chair cushion needs to be firmly in place. When the massage session is over, you can put it in storage. It's the ideal gift for a family. The chair massage is made of high quality fabric. It's a perfect gift for your family or friends.

Brand: Mynt

👤My husband has a bad back. We tried every combination because there weren't any instructions. The massage is not very strong. The heat didn't work. I returned it.

👤Since I work at a desk all day, I was willing to try anything, even though I wasn't sure what to expect from this seat cushion. At the end of the day, I usually have lower back pain and an ache between my shoulders. I added this seat cushion to my desk chair and it made me feel better by the end of the day. I'm sitting straighter because I want to have as much of my back against it as possible. It only vibrates, but it has been good at relaxing my muscles and keeping blood flow up. I am happy I purchased.

👤The heat is comforting. There are different modes.

👤My daughter is working from home and I got this for her. She likes it.

👤A gift for a family member. It failed to operate properly on the first use. Returned.

👤DEFINITELY doesn't massage only vibrates and very little heat and from one to five it only vibrates with slight stimulation and massage isn't noticeable at all. I can keep the product if I get a refund or replacement.

👤The massage cushion is easy to carry and use. I put it in my car. It doesn't have a shiatsu kneading massager.

11. Vibration Massager Massage Cushion Vibrating

Vibration Massager Massage Cushion Vibrating

The seat massage chair pad can be quickly heating up. The seat massage cushion has an auto shut off timer. The massage cushion pad has heating pads for the back and seat area. Help to relieve stress and improve blood circulation. The lower back of the massage chair pad has vibrating massage motor to help relieve the pain after a long day of work. The massage is done on the upper back and thigh. The chair massager allows you to choose a massaging area, which can be Upper back, Lower back, Seat and 2 variable massage intensities. You can use the massage seat warmer in a variety of situations, whether you are working, resting, reading, driving, or hiking. Always care for your beloved ones is the perfect gift. Mynt offers a 24 months warranty for any quality issues, so buy with confidence.

Brand: Mynt

👤Not as strong as expected. Could not feel any heat. There was no way to turn it up.

👤I bought this for my husband. It was easy to install in his car, but the only problem was that it slides around. His lower back is nice because of the heat and vibration. The noise level of the vibration is not very loud, but it does provide some relief from back pain.

👤I sit all day for work because of my back injuries. I was in pain and I was looking for some relief. This felt like a massage, but it wasn't actually one. I returned it for a refund.

👤Don't expect a full massage. It doesn't give enough strength to get the results you want. It wasn't what we were hoping for, but we will keep it for relaxation.

👤I bought one for my chair. I have to sleep in a cold room. I brought it to bed so I could use it while reading. I ordered a second one for my bedroom.

👤The product broke after just a month. I tried to contact the seller but couldn't.

👤The cushion seat works well on my chair. I like its gentle mode, which is stimulating and powerful enough to ease my back pain.

👤The massage pad is great. I use it in my truck for back pain.


What is the best product for car seat massager with heat?

Car seat massager with heat products from Sotion. In this article about car seat massager with heat you can see why people choose the product. Snailax and Comfier are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat massager with heat.

What are the best brands for car seat massager with heat?

Sotion, Snailax and Comfier are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat massager with heat. Find the detail in this article. Mynt, Aront and Relaxzen are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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