Best Car Seat Massager with Car Adapter

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1. Portable Vibrating Multi Speed Lightweight HoMedics

Portable Vibrating Multi Speed Lightweight HoMedics

The design is light and portable. The seat cover was designed to be portable. It's just over 1 pound, so you can bring it with you wherever you go. There are features of multi-speed setting. The HoMedics cushion has two massage settings. When you are ready for a vigorous deep massage, choose its high vibration setting. The back massager has an integrated system for convenience. There is an option for the temperature to vary. The heating feature on this massage cushion is optional. The use of heat helps to relieve tired muscles in the shoulders, upper back, and lower back. What is included with your purchase? HoMedics has a portable back massage cushion. A power transformer. There is an AC power adapter. There is a instruction manual.

Brand: Homedics

👤The back massage cushion is okay, but it could be better. The buttons for power and heat are not raised, sewn, or given a distinguishable feel. When you are trying to turn it on, off, or have the heat off, you have to press all around until you find the right spot. If you want to know if they heat up, you have to wait and see if it gets hot or not, because there is no light indicator for heat. These are things you would expect in a product like this. The bottom part of the cushion is not hot or cold. It is not surprising for this price. I think it should be noted. The'seat' part of the cushion is not much more than a place to hold the back in place. The massage cushion is okay for around $20 The last one I had, the same price, had buttons and a heat indicator light, but this one is missing.

👤I used this product for my lower back pain and I use a back pillow behind it so I can sit up right, it's very useful, I think it's all about how you position it. If you are looking for a full back massage, this is not the one for you.

👤The controller is put in the pad. It is difficult to get the electrical plug into the pad because the control floats. It is difficult to turn it on. There is no indicator light that shows if the heat is on or off. I feel that this is a hazard. I don't like the pad at all. The equipment in the pad puts pressure on the body. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

👤I like a good chair massage. The shiatsu ones leave me more bruised than relaxed and I don't like them. The homedics massager is ok. I've had it for almost two years. The sound is good. There are two levels of vibe. When my back kicks up, I prefer the stronger of the two. When I'm driving a long distance, I only use the low level. It helps relieve the fatigue of sitting. It has heat to double team the back muscles. My heat has stopped working. I need that fire! I think the heat was more effective for my pain. I only have the vibrate, which makes it worse. The mat gets uncomfortable after a while. My chair is much more uncomfortable because of the knobs inside. You wouldn't notice in a soft chair like a recliner, but I use this in my desk chair so there's not much cushion to disguise those inner nodules. There are better mats.

👤A very thin cushion vibrates. I tried thicker cushions in my car but they made me uncomfortable. This is perfect. It has a switch that I leave on. The seat starts heating up when I start my car. It can only be used for heat. The heat is good and the vibration is medium.

👤I bought the massage pad to speed up the healing process of my back surgery, after my nurse therapist told me to use it. I got it for the massage. I tried both to make sure everything worked out. The vibration works. The heat feature wouldn't turn off. To make matters more complicated. The switches are hard to press in an office chair or a car seat. I have to press the button before I get there. The heat switch wouldn't turn off. It kept getting hotter. Since I will not be using the heat, I won't send it back or ask for a refund.

2. Benefits Conair Heated Massaging Cushion

Benefits Conair Heated Massaging Cushion

The seat cushion is heated. The massage motors are powerful. The motor provides relief to the upper back, lower back, and thighs. There is a cushioned area in the back. The 3 powerful motor provide soothing relief to the back. The heat therapy and the cushion area provide ultimate relaxation.

Brand: Conair

👤I'm using it right away. When I saw this, I was impressed by the price compared to other models. I have been working out in my home gym, but I have been injured. This gives the right amount of power, not too weak or strong, and just the right amount of vibration. The piece of string that I added was to make sure the seat stays upright, but it seems to do that on its own. It's a great treat to my back muscles.

👤I bought this for the heat function. It's hard to keep the heating pad in the right place when I have back issues, so I wanted something like this that I could attach to my chair. The massage feature is decent, but the heat is not very high. You can't tell that it's on because I forgot that I had it on. It would be great if the heating function had a low-medium-high option. I will be returning this and looking for something else.

👤This thing is just a bunch of vibrating blocks wrapped inside a cover, there is no rhyme or reason to it, and it's blatantly, obviously cheap/low quality construction. This is not a relaxing massage, it's like sitting on top of your phone. When it comes to comfort, you get what you pay for.

👤I bought this body massage for my clients in hopes that it will feel similar to a massage at the nail shop. But no! I gave it a 2 star because I was expecting more. It vibrates. I guess that is. okay That is all it does. $17 for a vibrate is cool because it takes away from your butt being sore. I don't put it in my clients chair. I wanted to get a plastic piece to go over it because it is not leather. I can not wipe it down. If you want to take away the pain from sitting too long, it is a nice cushion.

👤The price is great and the performance is as advertised. I like the heat functions. The sensation of kneading is similar to the one produced by the vibrations. Sitting on this thing for a few minutes loosens the knots in my lower back. It's one of the best things I've ever done for my chronic lower back strain. It works for me, but it may not work for everyone.

👤Before her back surgery, it was bought for her. She helped her after the surgery. You can adjust multiple settings to your liking.

👤The first one went out within a matter of days and was replaced, we purchased a total of three of these massaging seat cushions. I gave my husband's replacement for about two weeks, but it went out in two days, even though it had been working well for about a month. This product is a total piece of junk, as far as both of us are concerned. It seems like it is one of those items that you get what you pay for. It's :-

3. Snailax Massage Seat Cushion Heat

Snailax Massage Seat Cushion Heat

The chair pad is a vibrating massager, not a shiatsu massager. The massage seat cushion is made with soft and comfortable memory foam in neck rest and lumbar support pads, which provides you with superior comfort and great pressure relief. The back massager with 10 powerful vibrating motors and heat function provides a gentle massage for back and thighs to help relieve stress. A perfect gift for Mothers day, fathers day, or birthday gift for your loved ones. The chair massager can be used to massage the neck, upper back, lower back, and seat. The seat warmer has two heating levels for full back and seat area, which provides heat therapeutic for back and thighs. The seat and back heating can be used in different ways. 30-minute auto shut-off is needed for safe use. The fabric is soft and non-slip. The seat cushion cover is made of soft plush and feels great on the body. The rubber bottom stays in place. The back of the chair seat has a strap that goes around it.

Brand: Snailax

👤I drive a school bus. I liked it but... I have a degree in Pros. I have one con that caused me to return it. Very soft and comfortable. There are several types of massage and multi controls. There are three different heat options. To hold the remote, crouch. The back portion is too short which causes me to tilt forward and defeats the purpose. If you have an average or tall torso, then you will have the same problem with the back portion. I used a tape measure to measure from the seat to the base of my neck. I'm only 5'5" and it's 25 inches. You must have a short torso to start the neck pad at 19 I'm still looking for another one. I would have given it 5 stars if it wasn't for that, it's an awesome product. It is too short.

👤I'm a senior citizen. I have used car-seat massagers for many years and have some experience with them. I like to warm up while I'm driving. I chose this product because of the 10 massage areas, multiple massage choices, and the 2 heat areas that work independently. I have a chair with a massage unit. I was familiar with what they can do. I didn't want to have those balls in my back while I was driving. The first thing I noticed when I received the product was how soft the fabric was. It covered the whole seat when I put it in my car. When I got in the car, the seat stayed put, which has been a problem with previous units, as they shift every time you get in and out of the car and it's annoying. The seat is well-cushioned. I don't care how long the trip is, I use this unit every time I get into the car. I can't think of anything else.

👤The snailax massage cushion is large enough to cover the entire chair and body sections. I have my own opinion and experience here. The memory foam is soft, plush, and bouncy, and I like how comfortable it is. It has a remote control that can be used to change features to target certain areas. It has 3 different intensity levels. 2 levels of heat are used to target the back and legs. You can choose from preset massage types or create a custom one that suits your needs on the remote. It has an automatic shut off. You can use this in a vehicle if you have an adapter. I don't like that the neck section is upper back. The massager is loud when you use it. It almost feels like an in-place massage rather than a rolling interactive style. The power supply cord is attached to an outlet, so there is not much room for movement. The leg or thigh section could benefit from being relocated. There are drawbacks to the design, but it doesn't affect the performance of this massager. The features and price point are great. I would recommend this product because of its features.

4. Massager Sotion Cushion Vibrating Shoulder

Massager Sotion Cushion Vibrating Shoulder

The Vibrating Seat Massager Cushion has five massage techniques and three massage speeds that help release stress, tension and promote blood circulation. You can choose from 5 massage modes and 3 speeds. Each position can be controlled on/off with awired remote. The heat can be turned on or off. It allows heat to be used. Pin point rejuvenation uses 10 vibrating nodes to target specific spots on the upper and lower back and thighs, combining all of them in a five star massage leaving you in a totally relaxed state. Fix the straps and plastic hook on your chair in a matter of minutes. The massager needs to be firmly in place. When the massage session is over, simply put it in storage. Can be used in a variety of places. This is the ideal gift for a family, it's a back massage cushion made from quality fabric and soft foam. It is a perfect gift for your family.

Brand: Sotion

👤I found this did a good job of massaging, however the modules at the rear of the seat were not very well padded and became very uncomfortable to sit on when not in the massage mode. It was like sitting on a couple of rocks. I wouldn't recommend it for long term sitting, but only for temporary use. The top strap held the back rest in place, but the seat straps were a bit short and difficult to put into place, which may have been because I am 73 years old and not quite as mobile as I used to be.

👤My mother has been diagnosed with arthritis. Morphine/cortizone injections were the only medication that helped with the pain. I bought this for her and didn't expect much as she has been in pain. I'm happy to report that this has alleviated her pain. It has made a difference. We're astonished but happy with the results. The chair pad is easy to use. She can put her feet up if she puts it full length on the sofa.

👤It's good that the seat back portion is 29" tall.

👤I like to use it when I order on-line, and say WOW, because it's awesome. That was not the case here. I wouldn't tell someone not to buy this. It's not a decision made for others. It was not for me. The rating was 3 stars. This is not the Shiatsu rub. This does not vibrate. I will give it a try. The remote is easy to use. There are different vibrating programs. You can either specify which type of program you want, or you can select a program that runs all the time. It would get a 5 star rating. The heat can be good if you don't look for a big heat wave. I live in Arizona. I don't need more heat. It's funny. I don't care for reviews that say not to buy this. Unless it is an awful product, I wouldn't say that. The price of this massage cushion is very reasonable. I live on a fixed income. I can't spend money on things that are not worth it. This is a nice product, but not for me.

👤The back massager is amazing. I think this would be a great accessory for a truck driver after a long drive. It has a lot of settings to target pain. I think there's something for everyone, but I don't like the butt vibration. It is firm and gentle. It's easy to strap a chair onto. I set it upright on my bed so it works for me when I'm on my computer or watching tv. I would recommend this device to everyone.

👤I bought one for my husband and the other for myself. The vibrating massage feature is so loud that other office mates can hear it. The heating feature is not present. It warms, but not as much as a traditional heated seat or heating pad. Instructions for installation and operation are not included. I guess you get what you pay for. I will be buying a better brand in the future.

5. Massager Vibrating Massage Vibrations Shoulder

Massager Vibrating Massage Vibrations Shoulder

The seat massager chair pad can be quickly heating up, both heating aeras can be used alone. The seat massage cushion has an auto shut off timer. The massage cushion pad has heating pads for the back and seat area. Help to relieve stress and improve blood circulation. The lower back of the massage chair pad has vibrating massage motor to help relieve the pain after a long day of work. The massage is done on the upper back and thigh. The chair massager allows you to choose a massaging area, which can be Upper back, Lower back, Seat and 2 variable massage intensities. You can use the massage seat warmer in a variety of situations, whether you are working, resting, reading, driving, or hiking. Always care for your beloved ones is the perfect gift. Mynt offers a 24 months warranty for any quality issues, so buy with confidence.

Brand: Wellup

👤This is a great device. One reviewer said it was not loud. They are correct. It won't bother anyone if you lay next to your spouse. This is a 5 star.

👤The car seat does not have a heating function. It's convenient for me to use when I'm driving. It is very quiet when vibrating. It's suitable for me.

👤If you have a back problem, this is the best, so my family uses it.

👤I bought this for my chair. I am not sure if it is mine or not, but mine is not quiet at all. Which is the reason it got a 3 star rating. It is easy to use and heats up nicely. I haven't been able to use the massaging aspect because of how loud it is.

👤Don't buy if you've wasted money and doesn't work. I am disappointed.

👤The heat and massage are helping with sciatic pain.

6. VIKTOR JURGEN Massagers Shoulders Relaxation

VIKTOR JURGEN Massagers Shoulders Relaxation

The vikTOR JURGEN is a neck and shoulder massager. A deep kneading shiatsu massage is delivered by With Heat to soothe tired, loosen tight muscles, and massage hard-to-reach muscles in the neck, back, and between shoulder blades. Selectable soothing heat increases circulation and relaxes neck, shoulders, calf, legs and foot muscles. If you want to feel more relaxed and refreshed for the whole day, you should use a neck and back massager. You can get a deep tissue massage in your own home, car and office with the AC and Car Adapter. It's perfect for relief from stress and muscle soreness. Massage can help accelerate muscle recovery, reduce muscle pain, increase flexibility, improve circulation, and promote better sleep. Any occasion is perfect for the Shiatsu massager. Birthday gifts, mothers day gifts, or any special festival gifts for women. 3 speeds high, medium or low give you control of massage intensity, comfort handles let you further control the intensity of the shiatsu massage, and 3 automatic programs.

Brand: Viktor Jurgen

👤This product is a good value. It's very easy to use, just plug in. HEAT with your massage is important to you. Don't buy this product. It doesn't have heat. Mild warmth is possible after 30 minutes of use. You have to turn it on again if you want to continue. You can go without the heat. The massage aspect is the same as a home shiatsu massager. The packaging was good. Prime members had delivery time that was fine. The product's other functions deliver well, despite the false advertising "heat" function that the maker labels this as. Good value for money. Easy gift for people who don't want to go to a masseuse. The seller is wonderful. They wanted to see if they could compensate me for being let down by the false advertising of the "heating" feature of the product. I wish the maker would clarify the advertised function so buyers are not disappointed. There is a 10 stars for the seller!

👤40 bucks is the best I've ever spent. I've had shoulder surgery a few years ago and have been suffering with neck, shoulder, and upper thoracic pain ever since. I can't afford a professional massage on a regular basis. It's been great for my shoulders and neck since I've had this thing. I just hold on to the straps and move them around where I need them. It took a few minutes to realize there is a pause between cycles. Don't freak out, it's not broken. It took me until my current injury, a severe lower back strain, to realize that the three settings are not just about the speed or strength of the massage, but it seems to also have different patterns. I took cyclobenzaprine and other drugs when I saw my doctor. I was immobile as soon as the meds wore off. It wasn't until the 2nd day that I began to notice improvement, when I sat in my office chair with it propped behind me. I start in the back and gradually lower it down to my butt over 20 minutes. Mobility and pain have improved. It's a massage that will leave you bruised, as if it were done by a pro. I ice my back.

👤Wife loves this product. I used it on my shoulders and then I made sure my hands were through the loops. It's like a back massage.

👤This is the first massage unit I have purchased. I have been looking for one for a long time and found this one to be very comfortable. The unit is portable but has to be plugged into an electrical source which limits your movements. I am a small person and found the unit to be a little heavy and bulky, but still usable. The advantage is that you can target different muscles of your body with the unit. You can adjust the unit to hold it in place if you put your arms through the arm rest. The unit has 3 speeds which seem to control the rotation speed. The highest speed was too firm for me, but not too uncomfortable. The other two speeds were relaxing on my back and neck. The heat setting on the unit makes it slightly warm, which is nice and comfortable. It would be great if they offered a higher setting. The unit automatically reverses rotation. I would recommend this unit as an affordable alternative to a larger chair unit and it has the added flexibility of adjusting it to different parts of the body. I would recommend this device if it were not a disadvantage.

7. SNAILAX Vibration Massage Vibrating Massager

SNAILAX Vibration Massage Vibrating Massager

This is not a Shiatsu Kneading massager. If you are looking for a shiatsu massager with rolling balls, do not buy this massage cushion. This massage cushion has 6 powerful vibrating massage motors that target upper back, mid back, lower back, and thighs to help relax muscle tension. You can pick all 4 zones at once. You can choose from 5 programme modes and 4 variable vibration intensities. Seat warmer with auto shut off target full back and seat, to radiating gentle warmth, to relax sore muscles and improve body circulation, is called soothing heat thearpy. The seat massager has an Overheating protection system and an auto shut off timer. The massage chair pad cover is made of soft plush and is great for body touch. The rubber bottom stays in place. The strap around the back chair seat is dual. It is easy to use the cushion at home and in the office. The seat massager will be a nice Christmas gift.

Brand: Snailax

👤I bought this product a few months ago and it worked well for a while. I use the heat function occasionally for about 30 minutes, but never for long periods. While in the shower, I noticed a blisters forming on my left buttock. Long story short... The heating coil on the massager burned me. There was a burn mark on my sofa. It burned through the top and bottom of the massager. I opened the cushion and saw that the heating coil was in a knot in the area that burned me. The rest of the heating coil is in a "S" pattern, except for one spot. A malfunction during manufacturing? Is my massager an exception or is there a lot of these massagers with the same ball of coils waiting to cause a fire? Who knows? I know that this could've been much worse. It's in the trash now. I don't want a replacement and it's likely too late for a refund. That's fine. I would like to warn people who are considering buying this product.

👤The seat cushion is great. My wife and I both spend a lot of time driving, so having this in each of our vehicles is nice. The tension from driving starts to bother me at the end of the day so I turn on the heat to get some relief. The seat's sound helps relax my muscles a bit. I can make it home with less pain. I like that it's not as heavy as my massage cushion. I don't worry about accidentally pulling it out of my car when I get out because it stays in place. I use the auto shut off function because I'm the kind of person who will leave it on for hours at a time and not think about it.

👤This is a better chair massager than you will find elsewhere. I bought a one for my wife. I tried it. I bought one for myself. They are used in our rec room chairs when we watch TV at night. My wife's back hurts when she fixes dinner so I bought a third one. She needed to take a break in the family room so she could relax. It was what we were looking for.

👤I don't know what people are saying about not getting hot. It can get so hot that you can't complain. The individual massage unit on this device is very good. I like the timer and it does a great job.

👤The product worked. It was used on trips. It stopped after a few weeks. I contacted the company to make a warranty claim. It is under a replacement warranty. It's been a few weeks and no response. The company's website promises great customer service. I'm not sure. Still waiting.

👤I have back pain that makes it hard for me to sit for more than 30 minutes. I decided to buy this massager to see if it can help. I'm happy to make the right decision by using it for more than 2 weeks. It's very easy to install on a car seat. I can message my shoulder, back, waist, and leg with different levels of vibration with the help of the massager. I usually set a 15-min message with heating, and it alleviated my back pain. I really like it!

8. Comfier Massage Seat Cushion Heat

Comfier Massage Seat Cushion Heat

The back massager with 10 vibrating motors and heat function provides gentle massage for back, thighs and muscles to help relieve stress, tension and muscle pain. It's not a shiatsu massager with roller balls. The massage seat cushion allows you to choose a massaging area, and it comes with 5 programmed modes and 3 variable massage intensities. The heated seat cushion has heating pads for the full back and seat area, which provides heat therapeutic for back and thighs. It is warm in the winter. The seat and back heating can be used in different ways. There are two heat levels available. Fast heat-up, reach 114Fat low level and 131F at high level. Safe and reliable. The seat warmer with heat pads has been tested for quality control and safety. Each heating pad has an auto shut off feature. The timer is supposed to be on for 30 minutes. The universal fit is designed to fit most office chairs. It has a home adapter for home use. Best gifts for men. If you don't like the heating pad, just return it within 30 days and get your money back.

Brand: Comfier

👤I really like this massager. The strength of it is what I'm most impressed with. I feel like the medium is more than enough because it has three different strengths of vibration. The high setting doesn't feel bad, but it is not a relaxing feeling. If power is what you're looking for, you won't be disappointed. The massagers that are supposed to hit your neck are a couple inches short of my neck. I'm not going to ding them for being tall, just figured someone might find that useful. Everything else seems to work. There are different modes where it does different things. You can turn on different sets of massagers individually, where they just run a solid vibration that doesn't change. That's what I usually use, but the patterns are not my thing. I posted a picture of the manual explaining the different modes. After 30 minutes, it shuts off. The settings are warm. The manual says it's not meant to be a heating pad. I like that it's not really hot, but if you're looking for high heat out of a massager cushion, this isn't the one for you. I had a lot of muscle pain in my upper back and shoulder area over the last couple weeks, which is why I got this. It was one of those things that I couldn't seem to stretch out the tightness that was causing the pain. I'm feeling a lot better now that this has helped.

👤I hurt my back when I fell in the ice. I was sitting at my desk for a long time. No matter how many ways I contorted myself, I couldn't find any comfort. I was told by my wife to buy this complete massager. Oh my goodness! I felt relief immediately after setting the massaging and heat to focus on my lower back. I've never seen a seat cushion massager like Comfier's. It's great for use in the office and the car.

👤The unit stopped working after I used it for less than two months. I tried to turn it on but it wouldn't do anything. I tried plugging it in again, but nothing. I didn't think it would last long, but less than 2 months. The return window is 30 days. I'm out of luck. A waste of money.

👤My car has been upgraded first of all. I upgraded my car seats to heated ones by simply adding a massager seat. It works well and you can easily select your favorite settings using the remote. I have been using this seat in my car for the last couple of weeks and I would suggest getting an upgrade at such an affordable price.

👤I had emergency surgery in July. I was split open by the surgeons. The pain in my back is constant. I have a recliner and have to heat and microwave one of those rice bags to apply heat to my back. I fell in love with the Comfier Massager seat cushion when I put it in my recliner after opening it. This product really gets to the source of your pain because it has 5 preprogrammed massage cycles and the ability to just isolated any or all of the 5 pairs of massage discs. The 30 minute timer is perfect. I ordered another one for my wife the next day because I liked mine so much.

9. AIVEISI Massager Cushion Massage Relaxation

AIVEISI Massager Cushion Massage Relaxation

The Back Massager Seat Cushion has 9 speeds and 7 massage modes to help you get the massage you need. The seat warmer has heating levels for full back and seat area. Timing mode is used for safe use. The massage cushion allows you to combine the massaging areas of the lower back, upper back, and thighs in a single massage. Their massage seat cushion is suitable for many occasions. You can fold it and store it after the massage is over. This seat massager is a great Christmas gift for women and men. If the package doesn't arrive with the AC adapter, please contact them in time so they can give you a satisfactory answer!

Brand: Aiveisi

👤I sent this item as a gift for a friend who uses her car a lot. The feature was not included. I want to know how to get a replacement. Otherwise a good product.

👤Product info includes a photo of a massager. There was a DC adapter on the box, but it was not included in the box.

👤I would call it a good seat with heat. This is a good one to get if you want that. I replaced a Homedics one with a new one that has more vibration motors. They help keep my back loose.

10. T Power Charger Compatible Burgundy Replacement

T Power Charger Compatible Burgundy Replacement

The neck massager is great for pain relief. Sending a private masseur - massager pillow to yourself is better. This will be a great gift for someone. You can get a deep tissue massage while you are tired. The neck massager includes an AC and car adapter. There is a 30-day window in which you can return your massager. Their goal is to satisfy the customer. T-Power is made with the highest quality AC DC car charging plug. AC 100V - 120V ( 12V DC ). The models that are compatible are the Zyllion Shiatsu Chair and the Home and Car Cushion Seat Pad. The ZMA 14 is a home and car massage office. There is a cushion seat chair pad. Five S Shiatsu Massage Office, Home & Car Cushion Seat Chair Pad, Gideon Shiatsu Massage Office, Home & Car Cushion Seat Chair Pad, GDMSGCS2 Relaxzen Shiatsu Massage Office, Home & Car Cushion Seat Pad, Belmint Portable Back Massager. Home & Car Cushion Seat Chair Pad is a massage office. Please note. Please make sure your model is matching the one on this listing to make sure the " Neck & Back Massager Office Home & Car Seat Pad" is available in a number of different brands and models.

Brand: T Power

👤It was great. My dog ate a cord and I had to replace it.

👤I have one masssager in the house and one in my car, and now I can switch between the two on my car because of this product.

👤It worked out perfectly. Good quality.

👤Wearlo manejo el vehculo.

👤It won't stay in my chair.

11. HoMedics Perfect Massage Vibration Soothing

HoMedics Perfect Massage Vibration Soothing

This vibrating massager is designed to provide relief wherever you go. Pick a high or low speed for the massage, it's targeted relief. HEAT UP. : The soothing heat option can be used independently or with the vibration massage feature. Pick a high or low speed for the massage, it's targeted relief. There is custom control. You can choose your massage zones and massage speed with the hand controller.

Brand: Homedics

👤I didn't try the heat, but the cooling and vibration worked very well. This unit will only run for a short time before it automatically turns off. I'm not sure, but I think it will be around 15-20 minutes. I only took one star off because I suspect that every other product has this unfortunate feature. It seems like it's the kind of thing a company's legal team suggested. There is a This is an effective device if you're okay with that. I was surprised how well the cooling feature worked. The massage has a nice feel. My back felt better after using this.

👤This is my third seat. I would rank it second for heating. I like that it warms the lower back area. It's 3rd for cooling. The amount of cooling is marginal because the fan is located at the upper back. It's the first massage. There are 3 areas with their own setting. You can't feel the motor like one of my others. The seat is comfortable. I don't find the support hard.

👤It's ok that it's not super comfortable but not really uncomfortable. The heated seats work well, but don't expect them to be super hot. If I were a little shorter or slimmer, I would probably get better vibration. I thought it would be hard to sit on, but it's padded so the motor doesn't stick out or in your back, and I'm a big dude.

👤I was expecting a massage and not a miracle. The motor is so loud that it distracts from the massage you get. It was a hard pass. I returned the item to Amazon.

👤The fan attached to the upper rear of the seat cushion blew cold or hot air down the back and under the seat cushion. The support for the back was poorly designed. It had too much of an arch and was covered with foam padding. Homedics makes back massagers. The massager hurt my back. They needed to put more padding there.

👤The cushion worked well. The seatbelts are too short to use because the person was pushed forward on the seat. I would like to return it, but I can't find a place to send it.

👤I used the heat for a month and it was great, but I haven't used it in a while and it doesn't work anymore. I adjust it 4 times an hour while driving, it's very annoying.

👤It was the biggest disappointment of all time. Only stays on for 15 minutes, barely warms up before you start. I bought 2 of them because my husband has chronic pain in his shoulders, neck and back and we spend a lot of time on the road. I will return them asap.


What is the best product for car seat massager with car adapter?

Car seat massager with car adapter products from Homedics. In this article about car seat massager with car adapter you can see why people choose the product. Conair and Snailax are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat massager with car adapter.

What are the best brands for car seat massager with car adapter?

Homedics, Conair and Snailax are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat massager with car adapter. Find the detail in this article. Sotion, Wellup and Viktor Jurgen are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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