Best Car Seat Lumbar Support with Massage for The Driver

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1. Wagan IN9989 Infra Heat Massage Magnetic

Wagan IN9989 Infra Heat Massage Magnetic

Homedics: HoMedics is about creating a healthy home environment that will help you relax, de-stress, and simplify your life. Features heat wave therapy and 2 heat elements to increase blood circulation and allow massage to penetrate deeper into muscles. 5 massaging motor loosens tense muscles and relieve stiffness in the back/shoulder/neck while stimulating muscle tissues in the targeted areas 10 strategically placed bio-magnets emit a magnetic field that promotes blood circulation and oxygen in the muscle tissues and protects the lower spine. You can choose from 3 massage modes to fit your personal preference, plus power the heat and heat lights, with a multi function remote control. You can use this cushion at home and in your vehicle with the AC and DC adapters. You can use this cushion at home and in your vehicle with the AC and DC adapters.

Brand: Wagan

👤My former husband found a heat with magnets vibrating seat pad at Sears over 20 years ago. He used to call it part of my "Dick Clark machine" that I used to get beyond the pain and spasticity of my Multiplesclerosis to feel like moving. I wasn't able to replace it with the same benefits. I was hoping to find something like this when I had my most recent relapse. It's very important to find a pad with everything in one. The safety turnoff is a great benefit of the new version. It used to be a warning on a piece of paper to turn it off. It's a better reminder that you should cool down before using it again. It may not completely reduce my pain, but it is something that is required for the battle. I love this product.

👤I bought this for my daughter. She works out her muscles and joints on most days. She loves it because it is portable and has an auto shut off function. She can use her truck to warm up on cold days. She says it is the best gift ever.

👤On the second day of installation, the vibration stopped working. I am using it for comfort. Not for a massage. Is it helping my back pain? Not to the level I was expecting. I wouldn't recommend it to a friend. I don't return purchases. To tell the truth is a bit disappointing. I was going to buy a second one for my wife's car, but I won't. At least not this one.

👤I have been using the back massage unit in my jeep for a few weeks and thought I would do a review. I assume the people who designed the unit don't use one. It's like trying to sit on a wet fish. I would make the back and base of the cushion from a rubber product. I would assume that the same thing would happen on a rig with vinyl seats. You have to chase it around to get on it. For most of us with bad backs, chasing days are over. I used to use a heated cushion but couldn't remember why I stopped, my memory came back the first time I tried to use it! If I could read all the other non English languages, I might have gotten more out of it. I pushed the buttons until I found the spot I was looking for. You might think your car is falling apart because of the heat and vibrate of the unit, but it does. I thought my jeep was on its last leg when I had a bad vibration in it. I thought that the massage unit had an auto safety time out on it, which I don't like. A nice feature for those who plug into a modern vehicle powerport is that you don't leave it on and run your battery down. It's a challenge to get on and vibrate from strong to worse, so it heats just fine. I will use it until I throw it away. I wouldn't upgrade the review. The thing was already dead. 2 weeks ago, heating stopped. Nothing works except the agrivating vibration. This massager is a waste of money.

2. Seat Cushion Office Chair Desk

Seat Cushion Office Chair Desk

A good choice is the top head and neck support pillow, which will make your life easier and more enjoyable. The pressure relief seat cushion uses your own body heat to adapt to your curves, giving you the support your current office chair lacks. Sit on their memory foam cushion all day and never worry about it flattening. The chair pad's premium memory foam is slow to rebound, and always regains its shape after use. The seat cushion for the office chair reduces pain and fatigue in your lower back, hips, and sciatic nerve, because it cradles your bottom. The office chair cushion is designed with an "U" shaped cutout that suspends your coccyx above hard seating surfaces to relieve pressure and improve posture. Their butt cushion has been tested by OEKO-TEX to earn their coveted STANDARD 100 label, meaning it is safe and harmless. The chair pillow is large enough to fit all types of chairs around your home, office, and car. Never sit uncomfortably again. It's versatile and can be used as a car seat cushion, desk chair cushion, sciatic pain relief pillow, gaming chair pillow, or chair cushion for back pain. It makes a great travel companion.

Brand: Everlasting Comfort

👤I messed my back and tail bone on the flight to Hawaii. I paid for a professional massage because the seating in my home office was so bad that I couldn't even sit down. Nothing seemed to help. I was too embarrassed to go to Walgreens to look for a doughnuts cushion for people with hemorrhoid problems, but I considered getting one. I ended up here because I was looking for some relief. It's like sitting on the back of a unicorn while coming down a rainbow. I sat down on it and all the pressure points were not giving me any issues and I was able to drive out of state the next day. When you sit on it, it is outstanding quality. If you plan on using it in the car, you will be pretty high up, but not a deal breaker compared to my coccyx not killing me and having shooting pain up my lag and back. BUY IT! The cover can be washed.

👤I have been using the seat pillow for two weeks and it has done what it was advertised to do. It held up well and has reduced pain. It still provides an increase in support and comfort, and has helped reduce my sciatic pain when I have to sit for extended periods of time.

👤My cat jumps in my seat when I get out of my chair or turn my back because of this cushion. I may have to buy a cushion for him because he looks too cute to kick him out. The best cushion I have ever bought is Cat approved.

👤Great product. My husband was in pain whenever he sat down because of an injury to his lower back. When he sits on it, the pillow works well. It's worth every penny. We have had it for about six months and it works great. Cats love it too.

👤My lower back and tailbone have been hurting. I'm not sure if it's my bed, my work which requires me to lift heavy items, or the fact that my terrier pulls like a horse when we go on walks. I use this item for my desk and car. I have noticed a change. My pain has lessened with the help of some drugs. I'll probably order another one. I don't have to keep moving this one from the car to the computer desk. Thank you!

👤The seat cushion is better than I expected. My love of sitting around at my computer made my piriformis muscle very sore. I'm getting old for this now, and my body is not really liking it. If I spent more than an hour or two at my desk, I was developing headaches and neck pain. I was in tears and desperation and I found a solution during a "lightning deal". The Internet Gods know. I had high hopes but low expectations. The cushion is very comfortable, but I need to use a lumbar pillow because I find most chairs to be too reclined. The product is not meant to include a back/lumbar support function. The foam inside seems clean and odorless, the construction seems solid, there are no tears or missing stitching, the zippers work fine, and the foam inside seems solid. I have been using this cushion for five days and so far it has been a wonderful experience.

3. Gel Seat Cushion Back Relief

Gel Seat Cushion Back Relief

SoftaCARE® is a registered trademark. As they use it personally, they guarantee 100% satisfaction with the premium crotches. If you don't like their seat crotch and mallet, they will give you a full refund. It is risk free to order it now. Their office chair cushions feature premium gel infused memory foam with heat responsive technology that adjusts to the curves of your body for better support. The gel seat cushions have holes in them that allow air to circulate throughout, never trapping heat. The back pillow for office chair cradles your upper, middle, and lower back, providing the support needed to eliminate back pain. The coccyx seat cushion lifts your tailbone above the hard seating surface, preventing pressure from developing in your lower body. Their seat and back cushion combo has been tested by OEKO-TEX to earn their coveted STANDARD 100 label, meaning every component of their gel infused cushions is safe and harmless. Their chair cushions are lightweight and portable, they work as a desk chair cushion, car seat cushion, gaming chair pad, wheelchair seat cushion, and also for travel. Sitting hunched over in pain is encouraged by this. The seat cushions provide support to help you sit better.

Brand: Everlasting Comfort

👤A bedore was found next to my 49 year old son's tailbone, since he is always sitting or lying in bed. We replaced his seizure wheelchair cushion with your product and he is much more comfortable and the bedsore is going away. The use and washing instruction sheet was enclosed with the seat and back cushion. Thank you for the excellent product.

👤Sitting for long periods of time is almost unbearable because of my arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I had to change how I was sitting every five minutes. I can sit for hours without feeling uncomfortable. I bought a second set for my dad, who also has arthritis, and he loves it. My cat never got into my chair but now that the cushions are there, it's a fight and a race to sit in it. He almost always wins. 10/10

👤The item was purchased for in car use. The seat cushion is not wide and deep enough to fit a car seat. I think it would be good for other uses.

👤I was 800-273-3217 I decided to invest in a supportive cushion because of the challenge of working. I am very happy with my choice of the everlasting comfort set. I can now sit for longer periods and my coccyx doesn't hurt sitting, and the extra lumber support allows you to sit straight. The coccyx cushion is very high quality and firm yet comfortable, I now take it everywhere.

👤I wish I had known about this sooner. This helped my sciatic pain. It makes driving more enjoyable. I will get another for my home. The vet uses the lumbar support. One of the better pillows. This is the best way to pay. Get both at the same time. It is worth it.

👤I find the back cushion very comfortable and relieves my back pain. The back cushion is recommended for support of the back. I only use the back cushion when I drive because the seat cushion in my car seat felt cramped. I think this is the best brand because the back cushion has 2 straps and others only had one. Extra stability adds to the level.

👤The Duo is very comfortable and supportive, and it's like a Mercedes car seat. Excellent quality as well.

👤After seeing all the positive reviews, I said why not purchase this set? The back cushion is helping you keep your posture when sitting in front of the computer all day. I was disappointed with the seat cushion, I saw a small dot on the cover that looked like it was grease and I thought I should remove it. I noticed the dark dots that looked like mold when I opened it, I'm afraid it will rip with use. The foam has a lot of flaws, which I expected, but I don't think the pictures of the product should look as neat and perfect as the ads suggest. I really want to keep the back cushion, but I'm afraid to open it because the seat cushion seems to have been used or stored in the wrong place. There is a The seat cushion is too high, it's almost 3 inches, and my elbow doesn't touch my desk when I sit on it. It may work for someone who is heavier than 115 lbs. I'm sitting too high.

4. SNAILAX Vibration Massage Vibrating Massager

SNAILAX Vibration Massage Vibrating Massager

This is not a Shiatsu Kneading massager. If you are looking for a shiatsu massager with rolling balls, do not buy this massage cushion. This massage cushion has 6 powerful vibrating massage motors that target upper back, mid back, lower back, and thighs to help relax muscle tension. You can pick all 4 zones at once. You can choose from 5 programme modes and 4 variable vibration intensities. Seat warmer with auto shut off target full back and seat, to radiating gentle warmth, to relax sore muscles and improve body circulation, is called soothing heat thearpy. The seat massager has an Overheating protection system and an auto shut off timer. The massage chair pad cover is made of soft plush and is great for body touch. The rubber bottom stays in place. The strap around the back chair seat is dual. It is easy to use the cushion at home and in the office. The seat massager will be a nice Christmas gift.

Brand: Snailax

👤I bought this product a few months ago and it worked well for a while. I use the heat function occasionally for about 30 minutes, but never for long periods. While in the shower, I noticed a blisters forming on my left buttock. Long story short... The heating coil on the massager burned me. There was a burn mark on my sofa. It burned through the top and bottom of the massager. I opened the cushion and saw that the heating coil was in a knot in the area that burned me. The rest of the heating coil is in a "S" pattern, except for one spot. A malfunction during manufacturing? Is my massager an exception or is there a lot of these massagers with the same ball of coils waiting to cause a fire? Who knows? I know that this could've been much worse. It's in the trash now. I don't want a replacement and it's likely too late for a refund. That's fine. I would like to warn people who are considering buying this product.

👤The seat cushion is great. My wife and I both spend a lot of time driving, so having this in each of our vehicles is nice. The tension from driving starts to bother me at the end of the day so I turn on the heat to get some relief. The seat's sound helps relax my muscles a bit. I can make it home with less pain. I like that it's not as heavy as my massage cushion. I don't worry about accidentally pulling it out of my car when I get out because it stays in place. I use the auto shut off function because I'm the kind of person who will leave it on for hours at a time and not think about it.

👤This is a better chair massager than you will find elsewhere. I bought a one for my wife. I tried it. I bought one for myself. They are used in our rec room chairs when we watch TV at night. My wife's back hurts when she fixes dinner so I bought a third one. She needed to take a break in the family room so she could relax. It was what we were looking for.

👤I don't know what people are saying about not getting hot. It can get so hot that you can't complain. The individual massage unit on this device is very good. I like the timer and it does a great job.

👤The product worked. It was used on trips. It stopped after a few weeks. I contacted the company to make a warranty claim. It is under a replacement warranty. It's been a few weeks and no response. The company's website promises great customer service. I'm not sure. Still waiting.

👤I have back pain that makes it hard for me to sit for more than 30 minutes. I decided to buy this massager to see if it can help. I'm happy to make the right decision by using it for more than 2 weeks. It's very easy to install on a car seat. I can message my shoulder, back, waist, and leg with different levels of vibration with the help of the massager. I usually set a 15-min message with heating, and it alleviated my back pain. I really like it!

5. ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

ComfiLife's all-in-one features are unparalleled: non-slip rubber bottom, built-in handle for easy transport and machine-washable velour cover for easy cleaning. The ComfiLife Coccyx Cushion is the best gel memory foam seat cushion on the market made of premium quality durable memory foam with cool off gel layer on top for superior comfort. The seat cushion supports the tailbone and reduces pressure on it. Lower Back Pain and Sciatica Relief is great for office use, driving and traveling and supports recovery from lower back problems. It's great for home, travel, car seat or wheelchair use. A built-in handle for easy transport and a machine-washable velour cover make it easy to clean. I have already recommended this to all my office mates that sit all day. I like it and have some advice. I guarantee one of your cube mates will steal it if you lock it up after you use it. This cushion has helped me with my lower back pain, which is caused by pinched nerve roots.

Brand: Comfilife

👤I did some research on the internet and found reviews on Amazon. Over 4,000 reviewers had positive things to say about this seat cushion, so I was excited to get it. I was pretty sure I would like the seat cushion. I work in an office. I sit in my chair all day long. I was starting to experience sciatic issues and lower back pain. It was a disappointment because after 10 minutes, it was flattened like a pancake. Instead of being 2 inches, it was less than 1 inch. I can squeeze the cushion and it will flatten. It isn't firm at all. The picture is Enclosed and shows what it does. I have nothing to compare it to, so I am giving it a 1 star. I feel a little bit of comfort, but as soon as the cushion flattens, I feel a little bit of relief to my tailbone. I feel my chair.

👤I left a 5 star review. At first, this thing was great. After about 4-5 hours of use, it flattens to the point that my back/tailbone pain is back and in full force. I really wanted to love this pillow. I'm returning it because it's not worth the money I spent on it. I would keep it if I spent $5 or $10 on it. It's not worth it for more than $30. I'm not that big because I'm 5 feet tall and 145 pounds. It goes very flat. Others think it lasts so maybe I just got a bad one? I put this out so others are aware, because I always value honest reviews when buying stuff, and I know others do too. I sit at a desk for eight hours a day and my chair was causing pain in my tailbone. The material is soft and seems like a Dora bowl.

👤This cushion is uncomfortable as all get out, there is no other way to explain it. While it does relieve some pain off my lower back, it also spreads my legs and hurts. I feel like I'm on the toilet a lot. I put some hydrocortizone cream on it because I think I have a hemorrhoid. I tell you that it hurts. I don't use the cushion because I position it exactly where I'm supposed to. Sitting on a cotton pillow is not as painful as this.

👤I spend a lot of time on my butt as an audiobook narrator. It's hard to concentrate on the book when you're numb. I tried a collection of folded towels and foam bed pillows, but decided on the ComfiLife pillow. Oh my. I can sit for hours in complete comfort. I would like to thank you and my audience.

👤I bought a comfiLife memory foam seat cushion a couple of years ago. I decided to replace it with a new Gel cushion because it held up well for 2 years. I am not a light person at 250+. Is that? My original cushion was firm enough that I could stay comfortably seated for a long time. I could tell this wouldn't work when I sat on the new cushion. It went flat and is much softer than my original. I don't think it would work for me. The gel was cooler to sit on. The cushion is not up to the same standards as my original one.

6. Vertteo Lumbar Support Premium Entire

Vertteo Lumbar Support Premium Entire

Pure memory foam is 90 percent molded. After several years of sitting at work and driving in their cars with back pain, and after trying many solutions including small pillows, they decided to create the best orthopedic full back support pillow to obtain perfect alignment with the lower as well. The wide portable high back supports your body the best way, it's big and tall, so you can relax at home. The high back travel pad is made from 100% pure molded memory foam, which is a firm fit, and has a long elastic strap, which will keep the pillow. Common bad back problems include arthritis, sciatic nerve pain, scoliosis, spondylosis, and a pinched sciatic nerve. Don't risk it by trying it now. If you are not completely satisfied with the product, you can return it in 30 days for a full refund and a 1 year free replacement warranty; it's a great gift for men and women, adults, the elderly or seniors, in the family or for business purposes.

Brand: Vertteo

👤I recently got an office job far away from home, so my commute can be as long as 3 hours. It's sitting all day in this chair. Before I got all bent out of shape, I began to look for some back support. Found this one quickly and saw all the rave reviews. It was a little more expensive than its competitors, but everyone swore it was the end. All of the back support is for you. I bought it. You need to get one of these. The smell of the box is similar to plastic but it fades quickly and you don't have to worry about it anymore. It's like a cushion for your seat. It has made my sitting more comfortable.

👤Too small and soft. There was little to no support. People who are under 5'4" tall and weigh 140 lbs can use this product. This product becomes less effective as you get taller. I get better results by placing a pillow behind my back.

👤I use a pillow in my recliner. It helps my back feel better, and I have had it for a week. It supports me when I'm lying down in my recliner. I looked at recliners and one with all the electronics and it would cost between $1,200 and $1,500. I decided this pillow was worth a try. I have not been disappointed so far and I might even order another one.

👤This is the second pillow I've purchased for my chair. The height of this one is better than a standard pillow, but it still has two problems that persist across so many pillows. If your chair seat and backrest are one piece, it's not a big deal, but my chair has a separate seat and backrest piece with a gap in between. This is a very comfortable pillow. It provides real support and has quality memory foam in it. I like the side stabilizers. The shoulderblades and upper back are supported by the height. A standard pillow can push you away from the back of your chair and make it hard to lean back against your chair for support. 1. The strap is flexible. It is much wider and stronger than my previous one, but it still has too much give to hold it in place. A non-stretchable material is needed for the strap. It migrated between the seat of my chair and the back even with the strap as tight as I could make it, by the end of the day yesterday. It took a good yank to get it out. 2. There is only one strap. One strap is not enough to hold it in place. Two horizontal straps would be an improvement, but it needs a vertical strap to be solid. If I loop a non-elastic vertical strap over the top and under the bottom of my chair, it will keep it at the correct height. The horizontal strap needs to be stable. I have a laptop case that has loops on all sides, so you can clip the strap on in a number of ways. I like the idea of it being vertical instead of horizontal. Why mention this? If a great pillow like this had the same flexibility, it could fit on any chair and stay in place. Some chairs might be best with two vertical straps on them. Two horizontal straps would work better for a one-piece chair. The loops on the back of the pillow can be put a couple inches away from the edge to not be seen when it's installed. I picked this out the other day and it was too much for me because I was in a hurry. I have never seen a tall one like this before. I was trying to see if any of the other tall ones had better straps. I was ordering something that cost less than $35 and I needed to buy something else to get free same day shipping, so I kept looking. I wouldn't have thought to look at it even if it cost $10 more because I wouldn't have thought to look at it if it was advertised as having flexible installation options. It would have been worth it if I had bought it.

7. Dreamer Car Designed Ergonomic Streamline

Dreamer Car Designed Ergonomic Streamline

You will get 100% customer support after the sale. If you have any questions, please contact them. The inherent design of the car seat makes it difficult to get used to it, which is why it's a good idea to say goodbye to it. The car seat back support can be adjusted up and down to give you comfortable support. The bottom strap is designed to keep the car seat in place. The top strap is designed to adjust the height of the car back cushion to give you a great back support. The Dreamer Car is a support for the driving seat that is designed to give you upper back,lumbar and spine support. The back pillow for car is made of slow rebound memory foam and it absorbs and reduces body pressure, so you will focus more on driving. The driver's seat or the passenger's seat can be used with this support. Some people use it at home or in the office. If your car seat back cushion is a defect, they will give you a free replacement or full refund. If your car seat back cushion is a defect, they will give you a free replacement or full refund.

Brand: Dreamer Car

👤I don't usually write reviews. I felt that I needed to use this product. My back hurts when I drive for more than 2 hours at a time. I can't find a comfortable position and my back is killing me. I had no back pain after buying this for my 4.5 hour trip home for Thanksgiving. If your back hurts you while driving, I highly recommend this product.

👤I was going to return it because I just couldn't love it, but then I realized that it was sitting too low on my car seat. The bottom of the cushion was raised a little higher on my lower back, so it was not at the base of the seat. It's the perfect cushion for my back and it's in my car.

👤The seats of the Prius' are uncomfortable. I have arthritis in my lower back and have been searching for a way to fix the lack of support in my car. I tried two other cushions but they were too heavy and didn't fit the seat well. This one is similar to the one made for the Prius, it gives the right amount of support without being too heavy, and it's not like the previous two cushions I tried. I love this cushion. It saved me from having to pay for an inflatable one.

👤I have some initial criticisms of this product. It pushes your body away from the seat. Your head and neck are no longer supported, this is a major safety problem. If you were to wreck, you would have a neck injury. The foam gets hot. I commute a long time. I had to take this thing off at a stoplight. The support near the back isn't very pronounced. It was difficult to position it correctly.

👤This is wonderful. I had surgery for a laminectomy and fusion after my car was totaled due to my back problems. The passenger seat in my current car does not have the same support as the driver's seat. I use pillows and other things to support my back, but they shift and have to be adjusted frequently. I was thrilled that it fit my car seat perfectly. The elastic strap on the top is attached to the head rest. I need the support on my back. The rest of the seat back is soft and comfortable. I read in a review that the memory foam is hard in cold weather. That is not good. I guess I will see. I would think that once the car is warm, it will start to warm up. Some of the supports I have used before this one were not that soft, so maybe it won't be that bad. I like it as of now. It is perfect and comfortable. I don't miss the bottom strap that is pictured, but mine doesn't have it.

👤I have bought other support cushions on Amazon, but this one is the best for me. Some memory foam is very hard and only takes a few minutes to warm up. This one is soft, but it still doesn't fit in with your weight. It was very comfortable and supported in the lowest part. I am really happy with this one. A+.

8. Massager Sotion Cushion Vibrating Shoulder

Massager Sotion Cushion Vibrating Shoulder

The Vibrating Seat Massager Cushion has five massage techniques and three massage speeds that help release stress, tension and promote blood circulation. You can choose from 5 massage modes and 3 speeds. Each position can be controlled on/off with awired remote. The heat can be turned on or off. It allows heat to be used. Pin point rejuvenation uses 10 vibrating nodes to target specific spots on the upper and lower back and thighs, combining all of them in a five star massage leaving you in a totally relaxed state. Fix the straps and plastic hook on your chair in a matter of minutes. The massager needs to be firmly in place. When the massage session is over, simply put it in storage. Can be used in a variety of places. This is the ideal gift for a family, it's a back massage cushion made from quality fabric and soft foam. It is a perfect gift for your family.

Brand: Sotion

👤I found this did a good job of massaging, however the modules at the rear of the seat were not very well padded and became very uncomfortable to sit on when not in the massage mode. It was like sitting on a couple of rocks. I wouldn't recommend it for long term sitting, but only for temporary use. The top strap held the back rest in place, but the seat straps were a bit short and difficult to put into place, which may have been because I am 73 years old and not quite as mobile as I used to be.

👤My mother has been diagnosed with arthritis. Morphine/cortizone injections were the only medication that helped with the pain. I bought this for her and didn't expect much as she has been in pain. I'm happy to report that this has alleviated her pain. It has made a difference. We're astonished but happy with the results. The chair pad is easy to use. She can put her feet up if she puts it full length on the sofa.

👤It's good that the seat back portion is 29" tall.

👤I like to use it when I order on-line, and say WOW, because it's awesome. That was not the case here. I wouldn't tell someone not to buy this. It's not a decision made for others. It was not for me. The rating was 3 stars. This is not the Shiatsu rub. This does not vibrate. I will give it a try. The remote is easy to use. There are different vibrating programs. You can either specify which type of program you want, or you can select a program that runs all the time. It would get a 5 star rating. The heat can be good if you don't look for a big heat wave. I live in Arizona. I don't need more heat. It's funny. I don't care for reviews that say not to buy this. Unless it is an awful product, I wouldn't say that. The price of this massage cushion is very reasonable. I live on a fixed income. I can't spend money on things that are not worth it. This is a nice product, but not for me.

👤The back massager is amazing. I think this would be a great accessory for a truck driver after a long drive. It has a lot of settings to target pain. I think there's something for everyone, but I don't like the butt vibration. It is firm and gentle. It's easy to strap a chair onto. I set it upright on my bed so it works for me when I'm on my computer or watching tv. I would recommend this device to everyone.

👤I bought one for my husband and the other for myself. The vibrating massage feature is so loud that other office mates can hear it. The heating feature is not present. It warms, but not as much as a traditional heated seat or heating pad. Instructions for installation and operation are not included. I guess you get what you pay for. I will be buying a better brand in the future.

9. Dreamer Car Headrest Designed Ergonomically

Dreamer Car Headrest Designed Ergonomically

This is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is not easy to fall off of their quality. There may be a few drops after a long time of use. It is normal. You can buy with confidence because each of their pillows has a pack of spare diamonds. Relieve fatigue from long distance driving by using a high density memory foam pillow that will absorb pressure from your back caused by driving, so you feel comfortable even in long time driving. The car neck pillow is very soft, so you sink into it, but it still fills in the space where your pillow tries to project your head forward. If you position the car seat correctly, it will provide enough side and back support. The car neck pillow and car back support look and fit like they were integrated with the car's seat, and the memory foam core does a great relief of the "burn" especially from middle/lower back that would develop after driving for long time. You can change the height of the car neck pillow with the help of the two straps built in. They will give you a free replacement or a full refund for any defect with your car cushions.

Brand: Dreamer Car

👤I wanted to like this product. Really. There are 3 problems. 2 of them are fundamental and the other is just an annoyance. 1. The back cushion foam is too soft. The length of the straps doesn't hold. 3. The side of the car seat that is difficult to adjust is the short side of the bottom strap. 1. The foam was too soft. There is a If you're buying this item to cure lower back pain, you need it to be supportive. Firm. The shape of the cushion is very good. The thickness is perfect. Not so thick that you lose the leg support from your car seat. The memory foam in the back cushion doesn't last very long, giving your back too little support. Higher density memory foam would be an improvement. Is it possible to make 2 pockets in the back cushion and use the same density memory foam for the thoracic and the back? That would be perfect. 2. The straps are elastic. There is a The cushion has two sets of straps, which is promising. The bottom strap is used to prevent the cushion from riding up. I was hoping this would allow me to fix the cushion. The top and bottom straps are pulling down. Turns out that both straps are very tight. Why would you use elastic straps when the purpose is to keep the cushion in a fixed position? The straps are very stretchy and allow the cushion to move too much, so a small amount of stretch might work out. I tried to pull the straps out of the seat, but the keepers wouldn't hold them, and the straps slipped back through the keepers after a few hours in the car. Making the straps out of non-elastic webbing with good keepers would be a huge improvement. 3. Buckle the location. On the bottom strap, the short side of the buckle is located on the side of the seat, next to the seat back which pivots at the seat bottom. It's difficult to adjust the strap length when the buckle is hidden. If you could make this side of the strap a few inches longer, you could adjust the strap length from the back seat. The neck cushion is great. The neck pillow may be ordered separately after I return the set. The foam density is perfect for the neck pillow and the elastic strap is not too bad.

👤I am SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are SALVAGEDATA are I need shoulder and back support for long car rides. I don't want to be in pain after a long day of driving. It is warm in the summer. It absorbs heat.

👤I have purchased others but this one was the most comfortable. It is very soft. It still fills the space where your head tries to project itself forward. The support is not stiff. I would give it more stars if I could. I have a lot of back pain and now I can drive. The seat cushion that starts higher in the back and goes lower in the front is dreamy.

10. Vibration Massager Massage Cushion Vibrating

Vibration Massager Massage Cushion Vibrating

There are 10 vibrating massaging motor. The vibrating back massage for car with 10 vibrating massaging motors and warming therapy feature will help you release stress, fatigue, tight muscle, and improve blood circulation after a long trip. It's perfect for driving. The product is not a shiatsu kneading massager. 5 massage programs focus on specific spots on upper, middle and lower back, neck, hip and thighs, combining all these spots in a single massage program, leaving you in a totally comfort and pressure relief. It's simple for many kinds of places. The electric car massage pad can be used on all types of furniture. It is made from soft foam and fabric. After the massage session is over, put it in storage. It comes with a strap that can be adjusted to make it easy to attach the massager to the chair. Warming therapy function provides gentle warmth. The warming therapy can be turned on or off. Ensure safe use with overheating protection system. The 15 minutes should be shut off. You can get your money back if you return the back massage cushion within 30 days.

Brand: Slothmore

👤This is what my husband needed. I bought this seat for my husband who has a bad back and is always complaining of pain after a long days work. He's in heaven after 15 minutes in this chair. The massage functions are great for changing up your routine, you're bound to find a favorite, and the heating function is perfect for relaxing those tight muscles. My husband likes the auto off function since he doesn't have to worry about it if he falls asleep. It's a good thing.

👤This is a gift for my mom. She dislikes every health product I buy for her. She has been using it every night since I gave it to her. It gave her a better sleep. It's easy to use the remote. The material is high quality. Overall a good buy.

👤The seat massager has many settings. It covers a lot of different areas. I really do get relief from my aches and pains. It makes me feel relaxed. It comes with massage heads. It has straps to hold the seat in place. It's easy to use. Click through the modes until you find the pattern you want. You can either use it without heat or with it. This seat is very good.

👤This massage cushion is wonderful. I didn't know what I was expecting. It's more powerful and comfortable than others I've considered buying. The chair vibrates in the right places to give you some relief after a long day of work. The heat makes you feel just enough. I'm sure everyone can find something they like. You can put this on your car seat for long road trips or just everyday to wake you up in rush hour traffic if you have a car adapter. This is perfect for gift giving. I'm very happy with the purchase.

👤I ordered a seat massager to use on my desk chair or car. The cord is long enough to connect and use without being in danger of being disconnected. You can change the modes to suit the massage level you need. I don't use it at work because it's a little noisy and my office echoes a lot and you can hear everything. I will use it at home or in my car. I would recommend this item to anyone who is interested.

👤A great massage cushion. You get what you pay for, but it is not a ball roller type. There are only a couple of complaints. I can tell you there is no way to get around the 15 minute timer. You are good to go if you start it up again. 2. When you are running, the one sphinx that sits in the center of your back between your shoulder blades feels great. The same cannot be said when it isn't. You can start to notice it when you have extended periods of time like my 55 minute commute to work. This product is perfect for what I bought it for. I would be 5 stars if I could stop the automatic shutoff.

11. Relaxzen 6 Motor Massage Seat Cushion

Relaxzen 6 Motor Massage Seat Cushion

You can get your money back if you return the back massage cushion within 30 days. There are massage motors for the upper back, lower back, and thighs. There are three massage modes. The heat treatment was in the back. There is padding in the back and seat area.

Brand: Relaxzen

👤My husband bought a massage seat cushion for me in order to give me better pain relief than my old heating pad. I have a disease that causes my body to ache from neck to tailbone. I would have looked at the more expensive brands that offered more bang for the buck if I had the money. I ordered this and it arrived in a very easy to open package. I had a moment of panic after I removed it from the box, there were plugs and cords and straps and little hooks. Is that a battery pack in that pocket? My husband wasn't at home. I'm a complete idiot when it comes to assembling things. Not to cry! You're ready to relax just set it up according to the directions. That battery pack? The controller was easy to use and read. There are two functions for each of the massage units. You have the option of choosing heat or massage. I had it figured out in no time. It comes with an accessory that will allow you to take it with you on long car trips, a major plus for me since our family lives far away. The straps and hooks were used to secure the massage cushion to the chair or car seat. I had to try it, and after checking out the controls, I put myself in a new cushion and sat back hoping for some pain relief. I got it after a few minutes. Not a big time massage. An even, warm moderate vibration made me feel better, but most of all, it made me relax. The pulse option was used on my shoulders, but at times I had to shift my position to hit the right spot. I tried the thigh option and it didn't do much for me, except to jiggle my upper thighs more. It might work for cellulite. If you're looking for a mid-price massager, the RELAXZEN 60-2926 is a good choice. I didn't give it a 5 star rating because the control for the upper back isn't enough to help the base of my neck area. It was very useful yesterday when we had to drive to visit an ill relative. I will definitely recommend this product.

👤The unit I received was not shut off, but had high and low temperatures. The item pictured is not described by the features of the unit. The manufacturer is not Amazon. I have had 4 units try to resolve the problem.

👤I bought this hoping it would help my back issues. The heat feature is great in a freezing office, but it doesn't quite hit that spot. We drive home after 4 games on Saturday and at least 2 on Sunday to make sure we're back at work on Monday. This means tired muscles from running get stiff in a car for several hours. I used this on a recent journey, cycling on/off throughout the drive. My muscles were not sore the next day. It's a good idea to use in the car on long drives. When on an office chair, the massaging areas don't hit the right spots and when in the car, it doesn't fit, it loses star only b/c. It feels like it would shift a lot if used in car every day for normal commute.


What is the best product for car seat lumbar support with massage for the driver?

Car seat lumbar support with massage for the driver products from Wagan. In this article about car seat lumbar support with massage for the driver you can see why people choose the product. Everlasting Comfort and Snailax are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat lumbar support with massage for the driver.

What are the best brands for car seat lumbar support with massage for the driver?

Wagan, Everlasting Comfort and Snailax are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat lumbar support with massage for the driver. Find the detail in this article. Comfilife, Vertteo and Dreamer Car are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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