Best Car Seat Lumbar Support Massager

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1. Comfier Massager Shiatsu Kneading Shoulder

Comfier Massager Shiatsu Kneading Shoulder

The Comfier Massage chair pad has shiatsu rollers and massage nodes that can provide a deep tissue kneading massage. The flap should be installed to make the shiatsu less intense. The spot massage, comfier back massager with heat allows you to concentrate on one area for pin-point relaxation. It has a full back, upper back, and lower back area for different massage needs. comfier shiatsu massage cushion with optional heat can provide soothing warmth to further relax and improve blood flow. The seat massager has a vibrating mechanism. The Comfier chair massager has a massage on the seat that is adjusted to give you a massage to the Hip and thighs. If you want the ultimate comfort seat at home or in office, strap the Comfier Shiatsu massager to the office chair. Perfect gifts for fathers. If this chair massage pad does not meet your expectations, return it for a full refund within 30 days.

Brand: Comfier

👤I am 5'7" with Degenerative Disc issues. It helped get some knots out of my shoulders. The rollers don't go all the way down to the bottom of the cushion, so I had to sit on a small pillow to get it low. It didn't help my back, but I'll keep it for all the other knots.

👤I used this way too long the first day and was sore for a few days, but it's really nice, but it can be brutal when it finds how much tension I've been storing. It has a second soft cover and we can use towels or more to reduce the punch to start, so we can adjust the strength that way. I don't use the heat, so I'm happy that the AC is small, it works, and it's cheaper than a professional massage, even if I have to replace it. I have to lean back into this at the top to get some action across my shoulders and neck, because all my seats are too short to do that. This was quiet enough for me to use it while my partner and I watched TV from the same love-seat-couch together, no complaints of distraction. If it breaks, I will buy this again.

👤The massager was a great buy. The massage I get from it is just as good as a massage therapist's. I was having pain in my shoulders and upper back and it has been helped by it. This product would be a good one to recommend.

👤It's best for mid to lower back. I think that's because I would probably need a higher backed chair to get the upper and neck area. I like it a lot for the mid back and lower back.

👤It works the deep muscles in the back that you can't reach. If it seems to rough on your back, just follow the instructions and use the lining and towel. My daughter loves it because of the pain relief, comfort and a great value. She uses the liner no towel and it doesn't bother her at all.

👤I had an older version of the shiatsu massage chair, but it finally gave up after 5 years. I decided to try the Comfier massage chair. I use this chair almost daily, either sitting or laying on it. The top cover should be on if you are sensitive to deep tissue massage. It's beneficial for anyone with chronic or acute back pain. None so far!

👤I had been using a neck and shoulder massager to massage my back, but I was tired of having to move it, so I bought this back massager. I am happy with the purchase of the back massager, it works better for massaging my back. The seat is vibrating. I was hoping that it could go a bit lower on my back, but it isn't a big deal, so I am very happy with this product.

👤You can massage it in one small area. I've never used a better massager.

2. Wagan IN9989 Infra Heat Massage Magnetic

Wagan IN9989 Infra Heat Massage Magnetic

Homedics: HoMedics is about creating a healthy home environment that will help you relax, de-stress, and simplify your life. Features heat wave therapy and 2 heat elements to increase blood circulation and allow massage to penetrate deeper into muscles. 5 massaging motor loosens tense muscles and relieve stiffness in the back/shoulder/neck while stimulating muscle tissues in the targeted areas 10 strategically placed bio-magnets emit a magnetic field that promotes blood circulation and oxygen in the muscle tissues and protects the lower spine. You can choose from 3 massage modes to fit your personal preference, plus power the heat and heat lights, with a multi function remote control. You can use this cushion at home and in your vehicle with the AC and DC adapters. You can use this cushion at home and in your vehicle with the AC and DC adapters.

Brand: Wagan

👤My former husband found a heat with magnets vibrating seat pad at Sears over 20 years ago. He used to call it part of my "Dick Clark machine" that I used to get beyond the pain and spasticity of my Multiplesclerosis to feel like moving. I wasn't able to replace it with the same benefits. I was hoping to find something like this when I had my most recent relapse. It's very important to find a pad with everything in one. The safety turnoff is a great benefit of the new version. It used to be a warning on a piece of paper to turn it off. It's a better reminder that you should cool down before using it again. It may not completely reduce my pain, but it is something that is required for the battle. I love this product.

👤I bought this for my daughter. She works out her muscles and joints on most days. She loves it because it is portable and has an auto shut off function. She can use her truck to warm up on cold days. She says it is the best gift ever.

👤On the second day of installation, the vibration stopped working. I am using it for comfort. Not for a massage. Is it helping my back pain? Not to the level I was expecting. I wouldn't recommend it to a friend. I don't return purchases. To tell the truth is a bit disappointing. I was going to buy a second one for my wife's car, but I won't. At least not this one.

👤I have been using the back massage unit in my jeep for a few weeks and thought I would do a review. I assume the people who designed the unit don't use one. It's like trying to sit on a wet fish. I would make the back and base of the cushion from a rubber product. I would assume that the same thing would happen on a rig with vinyl seats. You have to chase it around to get on it. For most of us with bad backs, chasing days are over. I used to use a heated cushion but couldn't remember why I stopped, my memory came back the first time I tried to use it! If I could read all the other non English languages, I might have gotten more out of it. I pushed the buttons until I found the spot I was looking for. You might think your car is falling apart because of the heat and vibrate of the unit, but it does. I thought my jeep was on its last leg when I had a bad vibration in it. I thought that the massage unit had an auto safety time out on it, which I don't like. A nice feature for those who plug into a modern vehicle powerport is that you don't leave it on and run your battery down. It's a challenge to get on and vibrate from strong to worse, so it heats just fine. I will use it until I throw it away. I wouldn't upgrade the review. The thing was already dead. 2 weeks ago, heating stopped. Nothing works except the agrivating vibration. This massager is a waste of money.

3. Shiatsu Massager Portable Adjustable Kneading

Shiatsu Massager Portable Adjustable Kneading

A massage therapist. The back massager has a shiatsu roller with 12 massage points to give a large area massage. The shape of the body provides maximum comfort and support. The Massage Chair Pad has two levels of shiatsu intensity. You can get your best massage needs by choosing Low/High intensity. Attach the flap to get a softer massage. heating therapy The heat function on the massage cushion helps to improve blood flow. The seat massager has a timer that will shut it down for safe use. The portable back massager can be used to massage any area of the body. Use this cushion as a massage pillow to massage the neck, shoulder, upper back, lower back, thigh, and leg. You can take the chair massager with you wherever you go. It comes with a home accessory that can be used between 100-240V outlets. The ideal gifts are a deep tissue massage at home, office or in a car.

Brand: Coococo

👤I am slowly learning to walk again after a leg injury in August. I used to like going to bed at night. After being in one position for a while, my back just screams. My back is like a brick wall when I get up for work. It would take about 2 hours of stretching to get past the tightness and pain before this Shiatsu Back Massager arrived. This massager is amazing. There is a lot of relief by the time 5 minutes have passed. The pain is gone at the end of the cycle. Just left. I still do the stretching because it's just a part of healing, but this massager is helping so much more than I thought. I tried the back massagers. I call them "teeth knockers". This? This is a deep massage. It's the real deal.

👤The previous massager stopped working after a few minutes of use. I've used this massager 4 times in a row and it worked perfectly. I like to work from home and the office chair is really durable. I was very satisfied with the purchase.

👤So far, so good, I received this massager a few days back. My wife and I use it daily. It provides a deep massage. It's a little thicker than I thought, so you need a deep chair or couch to use it on. A great purchase at a good price.

👤This thing causes more stress and frustration than it helps. There isn't a remote. The controls are on the ground. If they rub against the chair or bed, they will get turned off. It stops even when it's on at the lightest of pressures. If you're trying to rub out the tense spots, it's not going to work. It's small. We know where this was made. The biggest market for this is tall/big people. Also, could be thinner. If you put it on your chair, you'll have less space to sit on.

👤The massager is very effective for my back pain. It's a bit bulky and I need a deep chair so I'm not sitting on the edge of the seat. The instructions could be a bit more clear. The control buttons are on the side, out of sight, until you get to know them. The description implies that it has a battery, but it's not.

👤I received my new massager three days ago and have been using it daily. I have found that working from a home office provides warmth and comfort that I was missing before I got this product. The Comfier shiatsu massager is an excellent product at a great price. I would purchase again.

👤The product would make a great massager for some people, but not for us. The thickness of the unit made it hard to use. After a few minutes, the massagers were very hard to sit against and uncomfortable. If their chair was bigger, they may feel differently. It was too large for our chair when we put a blanket between our backs. The massage rollers would probably be less effective if the unit was thinner. We returned the unit because it didn't work for us. Kelly contacted us and this review is only for her. Do not use it in your ads. Thank you.

4. Papillon Massager Kneading Electric Shoulders

Papillon Massager Kneading Electric Shoulders

Relieve Muscle Soreness & Tension:Neck back massager is designed to fit with the shape of different body parts. The Neck massager's 4 Powerful 3D Massage Nodes with automatically changes direction every min can relax neck pain,back pain,foot pain, shoulder pain,leg pain and tight muscles. The multifunctional Shiatsu Massage Pillow has 3 different speeds that you can use to relieve your muscle pain. It can prevent you from low temperature burns, and help the neck back massager give you a comfortable deep tissue kneading massage. The sofa fabric has a more comfortable smell, softer touch sense and skin-friendly. Made of high-quality materials that can be used for a long time. Birthday gift, Fathers Day gift, Mothers Day gift, Anniversary gift,Thanksgiving gift,Valentine's Day, any Holiday gift, back massage pillow is an ideal choice. The neck back massager is safe and convenient to use. The back neck massager includes an AC and car adapter. It's perfect for home, office and car. The goal of the Reliable Seller has been to make customers happy. Professional after-sales service for quality-related issues is provided by the neck and shoulder massager. If you have any questions, please contact them. They will try to serve you within 24 hours.

Brand: Papillon

👤The company is willing to pay me to remove my negative review. They should put the money into fixing their product. I am changing my rating from 2 to 1 star. It was great for a week, but then the rollers caught the fabric and ripped it. If I wasn't careful, the rollers did the same thing to my skin.

👤I felt obligated to warn people of a potential danger because I don't often write reviews. I have no of the issues that other reviewers had mentioned. The chord has never become unplugged while in use. The massage is firm but comfortable, and the heat function is adequate. The issue is at hand. The massage/heat function shuts off after 15 minutes, but rarely is it enough to provide relief. I probably ran it for an hour after restarting it. I discovered blisters on my back after showering. Two days later, the blisters have turned into blisters that are painful. I can't say for certain if the sores are a result of my use of the massager or a flaw in it. I did not follow the instructions to use the heat function in excess of the initial 15 minute shut off. I don't know if the fault lies with me for improper use or the manufacturer for faulty equipment. After my wounds have healed, I will try to use it again in a shorter period of time. The seller tried to bribe me into taking down my negative review in exchange for an Amazon gift card. I will not be bribed to take down my negative review since I have not fully healed from my injury and I have not used this product in a while. I am changing my review to one star because of principle. The seller's email has been attached. It was a nice day. There is a gift card. I need your help to remove your review. I will give you an Amazon gift card worth $30 if you agree to remove your review. We will even find a homeless kitten to hug you on your behalf. If you deleted your review, I will give you $30 right away. This is your review. The website has a link to website. We hope you can help me because this is the last email we will send you. I hope you can reply to me soon. Please have a nice day.

👤This won't replace a good massage or physical therapy sessions. When you come home after a long day at work, this thing is always waiting for you to relieve your neck pain. I see why this is happening, it is poor quality and fabric gets ripped too quick. I wanted to use it for my back. The rotation inside slows down if you lay on top of it with all your weight. I am 165 lbs. Don't worry if you're more than that. The poor thing will die under you. Don't lay on top of it. Just don. Put it against the wall or top cushion. It will last if you use it correctly. Your neck will do the same.

5. Vibration Massager Massage Cushion Vibrating

Vibration Massager Massage Cushion Vibrating

The seat massage chair pad can be quickly heating up. The seat massage cushion has an auto shut off timer. The massage cushion pad has heating pads for the back and seat area. Help to relieve stress and improve blood circulation. The lower back of the massage chair pad has vibrating massage motor to help relieve the pain after a long day of work. The massage is done on the upper back and thigh. The chair massager allows you to choose a massaging area, which can be Upper back, Lower back, Seat and 2 variable massage intensities. You can use the massage seat warmer in a variety of situations, whether you are working, resting, reading, driving, or hiking. Always care for your beloved ones is the perfect gift. Mynt offers a 24 months warranty for any quality issues, so buy with confidence.

Brand: Mynt

👤Not as strong as expected. Could not feel any heat. There was no way to turn it up.

👤I bought this for my husband. It was easy to install in his car, but the only problem was that it slides around. His lower back is nice because of the heat and vibration. The noise level of the vibration is not very loud, but it does provide some relief from back pain.

👤I sit all day for work because of my back injuries. I was in pain and I was looking for some relief. This felt like a massage, but it wasn't actually one. I returned it for a refund.

👤Don't expect a full massage. It doesn't give enough strength to get the results you want. It wasn't what we were hoping for, but we will keep it for relaxation.

👤I bought one for my chair. I have to sleep in a cold room. I brought it to bed so I could use it while reading. I ordered a second one for my bedroom.

👤The product broke after just a month. I tried to contact the seller but couldn't.

👤The cushion seat works well on my chair. I like its gentle mode, which is stimulating and powerful enough to ease my back pain.

👤The massage pad is great. I use it in my truck for back pain.

6. Zyllion Back Neck Shiatsu Massager

Zyllion Back Neck Shiatsu Massager

Their massager has 8 Suishiba massage nodes, which means that 4 of the massage nodes are rotating in a circular motion. The massage experience helps you relax and feel better. Their massager is FDA-CERTIFIED to ensure that they are delivering the safest and highest quality products to their customers. The massager hasHEAT PROTECTION so you don't have to worry. ERGONOMIC DESIGN is perfect to use on the lower back, neck, abdomen, calf, and thigh areas. Convenient Strap can help you mount your massager to your chair so that you can target your sore spots. It's perfect for long car rides or your office chair. Their mission is to help you regain balance in your life because they understand that it is a very busy world. Every one of their customers gets the most innovative, revitalizing, and innovative health and personal care products. LIFETIME SUPPORT because your 100% satisfaction means the world to them. The 1 year warranty is extendable to 2 years with registration. They will replace your device at no cost if it breaks within a year.

Brand: Zyllion

👤I am a rather large man, 6'3", 280 lbs, so I was looking for something that would really dig into my feet and back. I bought this for my feet, with the added benefit of back and shoulder. The multi style massage feels like real hands, and the heat feels great, and loosens you up after a while. I'm excited to use it again. The device looks cool lit up with heat and seems well made. Immediate reaction. My baby Jesus is very sweet. The machine makes a slight noise, but it's nothing louder than my own moans of relief and pleasure. I thought about getting another for a full body massager after 15 minutes on multiple spots on my back and shoulders. This is not a good place to find a relaxing massager. If you never bought one because you thought you were too big or the knot in the shoulder blade was too tough, please buy this item for yourself. You might just look forward to this more than time alone with your special person.

👤I got a massager to help with my back pain. I was going to use it to massage my back. The button on the face of the couch made it difficult to turn the device. I had to turn on the massager before I placed it on the couch. It's not easy to get a good position on the massager. When lying on the massager, the button gets pressed frequently. This does not happen in the ZMA 13 device. The pillow is too narrow and misses the problem areas, and the upper vertical motion beads prevent the lower beads from making good contact. This would not be an issue if the upper beads were smaller. The upper beads get in the way of the lower beads in the thighs, so this massager doesn't help with other body parts. I wouldn't recommend this product. I would consider the ZMA 13 BK which has more sensible button placement. There are design flaws that need to be addressed.

👤I have a unit in this brand that has less rolling balls, but this is better. This feels good on my muscles. I use it on my shoulders and upper back, but I also put it under my thighs and calves for relief. It feels good. If I am really knotted up, I will run it for several cycles, and by the time I stop using it, my muscles feel 80% better. It feels like it has bruised my muscles when I have leaned back too hard, so be careful. If you press back on the balls a lot, they will beat up your muscles. The balls need to be hard in order to get that kneeding effect. Try to learn the right pressure for your body. I would fight anyone who tried to take my shiatsu massager away from me. It is helpful for this old body.

👤The back of my thighs, lower back, and calves are all great areas for the massager to work on. It feels amazing when positioned right. It has 4 sets of nodes, instead of 2 sets like the model below it, it's uses are limited, and it's not good for my neck since the bottom nodes press into my traps too much. It feels amazing when you get it positioned. If you want to get the full benefits of Zillion products, you should pick up the ZMA-13-BK model, but if you want to experience something even better, you can use the ZMA-13-BK model for those sore spots. All of the nodes heat up nicely, but don't expect it to replace a traditional heating pad. It is convenient to use and it looks great. If the outlet isn't right next to you, it's not a problem. It was well-packaged and shipped quickly. * The outlier that was sent to me had a small manufacturing defect. As soon as Zillion heard about the problem, they reached out to me, and they responded in a way that exceeded my expectations. This is a great company to buy from and they really value their customers satisfaction.

7. Relaxzen 6 Motor Massage Seat Cushion

Relaxzen 6 Motor Massage Seat Cushion

You can get your money back if you return the back massage cushion within 30 days. There are massage motors for the upper back, lower back, and thighs. There are three massage modes. The heat treatment was in the back. There is padding in the back and seat area.

Brand: Relaxzen

👤My husband bought a massage seat cushion for me in order to give me better pain relief than my old heating pad. I have a disease that causes my body to ache from neck to tailbone. I would have looked at the more expensive brands that offered more bang for the buck if I had the money. I ordered this and it arrived in a very easy to open package. I had a moment of panic after I removed it from the box, there were plugs and cords and straps and little hooks. Is that a battery pack in that pocket? My husband wasn't at home. I'm a complete idiot when it comes to assembling things. Not to cry! You're ready to relax just set it up according to the directions. That battery pack? The controller was easy to use and read. There are two functions for each of the massage units. You have the option of choosing heat or massage. I had it figured out in no time. It comes with an accessory that will allow you to take it with you on long car trips, a major plus for me since our family lives far away. The straps and hooks were used to secure the massage cushion to the chair or car seat. I had to try it, and after checking out the controls, I put myself in a new cushion and sat back hoping for some pain relief. I got it after a few minutes. Not a big time massage. An even, warm moderate vibration made me feel better, but most of all, it made me relax. The pulse option was used on my shoulders, but at times I had to shift my position to hit the right spot. I tried the thigh option and it didn't do much for me, except to jiggle my upper thighs more. It might work for cellulite. If you're looking for a mid-price massager, the RELAXZEN 60-2926 is a good choice. I didn't give it a 5 star rating because the control for the upper back isn't enough to help the base of my neck area. It was very useful yesterday when we had to drive to visit an ill relative. I will definitely recommend this product.

👤The unit I received was not shut off, but had high and low temperatures. The item pictured is not described by the features of the unit. The manufacturer is not Amazon. I have had 4 units try to resolve the problem.

👤I bought this hoping it would help my back issues. The heat feature is great in a freezing office, but it doesn't quite hit that spot. We drive home after 4 games on Saturday and at least 2 on Sunday to make sure we're back at work on Monday. This means tired muscles from running get stiff in a car for several hours. I used this on a recent journey, cycling on/off throughout the drive. My muscles were not sore the next day. It's a good idea to use in the car on long drives. When on an office chair, the massaging areas don't hit the right spots and when in the car, it doesn't fit, it loses star only b/c. It feels like it would shift a lot if used in car every day for normal commute.

8. Massager Flexible Massagers Cervical Shoulder

Massager Flexible Massagers Cervical Shoulder

There are massage points that are flexible. The back massager uses massage balls that fit the curves of your body to give you a more comfortable deep tissue massage. The design supports your head and neck. There are settings that are customizable. The Comfier Neck and back Massager has a built in 3D shiatsu rollers which can perform bi-directional kneading massage. You can choose a softer or more intense massage. The shiatsu back massager with heat can provide a warm massage to help ease stiff and tense muscles and improve blood circulation. The Comfier neck massager with heat has a timer that can be set to shut off in 15 minutes and a protection system that can be used safely. If you want to avoid straining your muscles too much, they recommend not to exceed a continuous massage of 15 minutes per time and not to exceed 3 massages on the same body part a day. This electric massage pillow is the best Christmas gift for women. If you don't like the neck pillow, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days. A 24 month quality guarantee is also offered.

Brand: Comfier

👤I was not sure if I would like the size of the massager. I've used two of those chair massagers. I loved them and hated them when they stopped working after three months. They cost between $50 and $60. I didn't want to take the money from my budget to replace them. I am fifty years old and overweight and have sore back and neck muscles because of the work I do as a hairdresser. The Comfier Back Massager with Heat,Neck Massager,Shiatsu Massage Pillow was a bit more affordable and I decided to buy it. I was not happy that it wasn't a full back massager. I was proven wrong. I can move it to the location that is not sore. Lower back, mid back, upper back and neck area. It's easy to store away than the bigger full seat massager. It has both a heat setting and an intensity setting. The directions state that this should be unplugged after each use. The directions in my old full back massagers package didn't say that; I used them for 1 to 2 cycles, 15 for 1 cycle or 30 minutes for 2, allowing for the motor to cool down in between as per directions, but they didn't turn on one day. They did the same thing. One day they worked and the next they were dead. I kept them plugged in. This set of directions says not to do that. I wonder if they have a tendency to short out. I've unplugged it and hope that will extend the life of it as I love it. So far, so good!

👤Buy this! My husband is a very hard worker and he deserves a full body massage when he gets home. I bought this for the days I'm not available because I can't always massage him. The little massager can help with sore muscles. It works well on the shoulders, neck, upper and lower back muscles. During that time, it had a warming function so you can massage and heat your cramps at the same time. I use it on my head when I have bad headaches.

👤I have a small neck and the massage rollers were too far apart to massage it. I have tight muscles and was looking for something that would help them, but this massager wasn't powerful enough. If you prefer lighter pressure then this would work for you.

👤Since I sat in my first $6K+ shiatsu massage chair in malls and airports, I have found these types of devices to be excellent. I was amazed at how similar the massage experience was to their more expensive cousins when I found an affordable version that sat on top of my desk or lounge chair. I was wishing this large chair sized comfort could be more targeted and then discovered that a pillow sized version was also available. This version of the design improves on the relief by making the pillow more comfortable. It seems well made and hits the spot. Definitely a good buy.

9. Zyllion Shiatsu Back Neck Massager

Zyllion Shiatsu Back Neck Massager

Relieve sore and tight muscles by using the powerful 3-dimensional deep-kneading massage. Every minute, the direction is changed to mimic a natural hand massage. It eases tension and fatigue caused by stress, post-workout muscle soreness and any body pain caused by repetitive physical activity. The compact pillow massager can fit behind your neck or back. Lower and upper back, abdomen, calf and thigh areas are the areas that have been defined. The back of the massager has straps that can be adjusted to fit your chair. Overheat Protection and advanced heating function can be turned on/off with ease. A car accessory and a free sleeve will help you relax and enjoy your commute. A wired connection is plugged into a wall or power outlet. The neck massager is not a battery operated device. The power adaptor can be used with both 220 and 220V electrical outlets. 100% satisfaction means the world to them. They provide lifetime support to all of their customers. There is a full 1-year warranty on Zyllion products. They will replace your device at no cost if it breaks within a year.

Brand: Zyllion

👤I bought my first zyllion on May 24th. My friend died tonight. This little device came to my aid many times a day. I sat on it, dropped it, lay across it, and stood on it. It's been my go-to pal when I've had surgery, been sick from work, or been in the yard. I got one for my mom and brother. I have arthritis, a frozen shoulder, joint pain, tight calves, and a replacement hip and shoulder. This small piece of equipment is great for easing pain. My first Zyllion, my campadre, finally gave up the ghost tonight. The massage balls refused to move even after he let the motor cool. I knew he was trying to help me. It was not useful. I had to place an order for his successor. I will mourn my little brother, who battled my pain for so many years. These guys are reliable. Everyone over 30 should get them. I think they could end wars, mend marriages, and save humanity if enough people used them. Thank you for your service. Rest in peace, little pal.

👤Wow! I'm in love after having it for an afternoon. I don't have the money to keep going for human massages. I can afford it. I hope it lasts. I'm going to buy another one tomorrow. My wife and I don't fight over who is in charge. April 1, 2018). This many are getting out of hand. I bought a second one for my wife. It's a very smart thing to do. She asked me to buy two more for her daughter and sister. I placed the order. I use mine for three of four sessions a day. It continues to work well. This is a wonderful product. Spread the word. Four members of our family are very happy after we purchased two more. These are wonderful gifts. Start with yourself. I get a good workout every day with three to four 20 minute sessions. It's still going strong. The massagers are doing well. I have a massager that is working on my L4-L5. I tend to drift away from what I was supposed to do if I feel so good. My wife got up a bit after midnight to have a massage because she was not able to sleep last night. I didn't wake up thinking it all. Our lives are enriched by these little devices. I don't try to do too many sessions in a row, as long as it keeps doing it's thing, and it has put up with a lot of use. This is a real winner. The first unit that I use several times a day is starting to develop some holes in the mesh portion of the cover. I replied to an email I received from Amazon that I registered for the one year warrantee, and sent an email to Zyllion Customer Support. All four of the massagers I have purchased this Spring are working as expected, and the one that I put through a daily stress-test continues to be an important part of my daily routine. I am still a fan of the massager. I sent an email to Zyllion on August 1st explaining about the growing hole in the mesh. On the 29th, I received a nice acknowledgment of my request and a request to verify my address. The address was correct, I said on the 29th. The replacement cover arrived today after I received an email on the 30th that said it was on the way. It took me less than five minutes to get the old one off and the new one on. Wow! Why can't all companies be like this? I just bought another unit for my office so I don't have to haul it around. I still like these devices. It's worth the money.

10. Cordless Massager Portable Kneading Soreness

Cordless Massager Portable Kneading Soreness

The shiatsu back massager is portable and lightweight. The design of the chair, desk, car seat, couch, bed,train or airport seat is made to fit the shape of the body to provide maximum comfort and support. Any chair should be a heating, Shiatsu massage, and ultimate comfort chair. The company and churchyard are similar. The back massager is powered by a battery that can be charged from a wall outlet. The massager is easy to carry and can be taken anywhere with you. You can get a massage at home, office, or car. 2.5 hours is all it takes to fully charge. The back massage cushion has 4 massage nodes. The roller nodes are used to deliver a deep kneading massage. The shiatsu balls have an optional soothing heat function. The heat will give you relaxation benefits. Blood circulation is increased by heat therapy. The portable back massager can be used on any area of the body that needs relief. This massager can help you feel better if you have lower back pain, sore calves, or tight thighs. You can use the cushion as a pillow to massage your neck, shoulder or upper back. Nice gifts. A deep tissue massage every day will be a nice Christmas gift for your mom, dad, wife, husband, friends and any loved ones.

Brand: Snailax

👤My dad and I both have sciatic nerve issues and this helped immensely, it was really great for a deep tissue massage. It is very strong and it will leave your back sore, so don't lean too hard against it. It did not bruise us at all. For Father's Day, I got this for my dad. If you have chronic back pain like us, watching TV is great.

👤Everyone was sitting in this chair in the dining room while we were watching basketball at my cousin's house for Christmas. We didn't notice it at first, but we found out that there was a portable back massager on the chair that people were lined up to try. When my wife tried it, she told me how great it felt when you pressed the "heat" button. When I asked my cousin where she got it, she said it was on Amazon, so I went to search for it and found a thousand different ones. She had a different one than this one. The functions are the same. I think my cousin's unit was smaller and the rollers traveled up and down more slowly than this one. I like this one better because you won't have to re-position it to reach a different spot. I don't know how long the charge lasts, I charged it up when I got it, and we've used it for about 15 minutes a day for the last 4 days. It seems to be made of good quality. I wouldn't allow kids to play with it on their own. Looking forward to many years of warm, soothing, relaxing back massages from this unit!

👤I spend thousands of dollars a year but have never been offered a discount or freebie. I'm really sad. I received it today, charged it up, and am currently using the pleasant effects of the unit. I am only 5'9" tall and I would like it to be about 3-6" taller. It is wonderful for the money so far.

👤When I find a product that is exceptional, I usually only write reviews. The back massager has changed my life. Even though I get immediate relief from my back issues, it is not long- lasting and I have been going to a massage therapist once a week for the past year. I was looking for a massager that could provide relief every day. I found it with the back massager. I didn't know it was battery-powered until I used it for a couple weeks. The battery life on a full charge is about 30 minutes, but I leave it plugged in most of the time. The unit is great because I can move the massager up or down on my back to isolated areas. Most massagers are too short for tall people, especially if they have a pad. It can do some deep tissue massage if I lean back on it hard. The temperature is warm, but not really warm. I put a heating pad in front of it if I need more heat. I am very impressed with this back massager, which is less than $75.

11. UGift Massager Massage Kneading Birthday

UGift Massager Massage Kneading Birthday

The massage pillow has a high-end Radio Frequency remote control, which can be used in any room, not just in the same room. Tension Relief with Ugift Back Massager. After a long day at the office or a stressful day at home, relaxing with a device that kneads and presses your pain away feels like a blessing. A back massager can help you relax. Powerful 3-Dimension Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Massage Nodes are used to massage tight muscles. A back massager can provide some relief. The Advanced Heating function can be turned on and off with ease. The Ugift shoulder massager has a heating element that helps to transfer heat to the muscles, improve circulation, and promote muscle recovery. Users can have the perfect sectioned-off massage sessions when it shuts off in twenty minutes. The Ugift shiatsu massager is great for use all over the body, it fits body curves perfectly, and can be used on the neck, shoulders, lower and upper back, abdomen, calves, thighs, legs and waist. The massager can be secured to your favorite chair, sofa or car seat. The Ugift neck massager is portable and perfect for the office, vehicle or home. The car and AC adapter are approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The best gift for all your loved ones is the massager, it's the best gift for someone without any reason. If you want to make someone feel special, you don't need to wait for a birthday. Consider a gift that can be used on the go and has travel-friendly features.

Brand: Ugift

👤I am 9 months pregnant and I want you to know that. You will not regret it. It feels good. As soon as I used this massager, there was a lot of grunting and moaning, but it felt great. I woke up not tense at all. Just listen by the darn thing.

👤Please be careful. The picture is healing after it burned my back. I didn't think anything was wrong until I got used to it. My skin was gone with 2nd degree burns after I looked in the mirror. I had to take away two stars because of the burns.

👤I sent this back after I received it. When it arrived, I was very excited. Not all of us can afford professional massages. Since I had a baby, my back has been messed up every time I have worked. I needed something else besides my heat pad. I used it immediately. It was amazing. Plug in and relax. The little massagers are hard but if you position them right they will feel great. I used it again before bed. I felt great. My back was sore the next day. I thought it was normal. My back was throbbing all day when I went to work. I got home from work and saw some injuries on my back. I don't know how that happened, I always ask them to push hard to get all the knots out when I get a massage, and I don't know how that happened. I was sore for days after this. I sent it back because I wasn't going to try it again, and I'm still looking for something else.

👤This is a great massager. My back has been killing me and I am 30 weeks pregnant. I use this while sitting on the couch or whenever my back is bothering me. It has a heat option as well. It has been a life saver for me right now. I like the options for the car. I will probably use it on the way to the hospital. Highly recommended.

👤It works great, but is a little smaller. I use the Little massager whenever I feel my back needs a massage, it has a remote and I just turn it on. The only issue that could arise in the future is that once the remote stops working, you can't adjust the speed or direction of the massager.

👤The radio remote is small and helpful, it doesn't have to be reset every 20 minutes, just push buttons. It can stick to the coffee table, bed tray or bed frame because of the painted bright color dots on the corners. I made a cover that can be easily removed for husband's use. I often fall asleep while it's on, so it's a must have. I bought a second one for my husband. I have found the assurion 3 year protection plan reliable in the past.

👤Good product. I use it for neck and shoulder pain. Does a good job at working out the stiffness. It would be great if it could work both areas at the same time. First time users should limit their time. It will make you tired.


What is the best product for car seat lumbar support massager?

Car seat lumbar support massager products from Comfier. In this article about car seat lumbar support massager you can see why people choose the product. Wagan and Coococo are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat lumbar support massager.

What are the best brands for car seat lumbar support massager?

Comfier, Wagan and Coococo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat lumbar support massager. Find the detail in this article. Papillon, Mynt and Zyllion are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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