Best Car Seat Light Up Toys

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1. Baby Hanging Rattle Crinkle Squeaky

Baby Hanging Rattle Crinkle Squeaky

Perfect baby gifts. Their toys are perfect for your baby's first toy. These toys are educational and soft. Add it to the cart right now. You can give your baby more in the future if you buy 4 packs. This toy is a great gift for a baby shower. The Newborn Stroller Car Seat toy will make soft sound to attract your baby when shaking, and help parents to play with babies Whether at home or outside. Enhance your baby's sensory stimulation and attract your baby's attention. Cute animal shape, colorful hanging toys include elephant, monkey, puppy and owl. It is inspiring your baby's visual development. The joyshare baby hanging toys are safe and easy to hang. It is very easy to hang or take down, even if it is a stroller or crib. The safety material is a plastic ring hook and short plush. There is no harm for babies. Best gifts for your baby are the Handbells Rattles Toy. Best gifts for your baby birthday gifts or shower present are also suitable for activity gym toy. 3-6 months, baby toys, baby toddler, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby

Brand: Joyshare

👤I can move it from the gym toy to the car seat. The bell sound is pleasant. It is long enough for my baby to grab it. It is a good option for fur teething babies.

👤My baby loves these toys. The size is perfect. He will enjoy these when he continues to grow. The jingles are meant to grab his attention. Bright colors. Can be used to keep him in the car. There are four of them. I have many around the house, rather than one. Excellent purchase. Will be buying more.

👤I bought these for my daughter. She likes to chew on them and hit them. They are soft and colorful. When all of them swing at the same time, it's a bit ear-splitting. If you're okay with loud, then get them.

👤My little boy is obsessed with the wind chime noise they make. The elephant has a long tail. He put it in his mouth. The tail was cut off.

👤It's perfect for babies over a month old. I have them in the crib, on the car seat, on the gym, and on the stroller.

👤You get a lot of different toys. I wouldn't use it as a teething toy as the parts of the toy are hard on the leaf, so I use toys under supervision to prevent accidents.

👤The tinkling sound is not obnoxious and the toys are colorful. All of the toys have the same bells, which can be good or bad, depending on how one feels about that. I would like to see different texture for each toy. I would order them for someone else.

👤These are fun. My son loves to chew on them, but beware they are long. It's nice for little baby arms. If they happen to be laying under them, they hang on their face.

2. Infantino Spiral Activity Toy Pink

Infantino Spiral Activity Toy Pink

Includes peek n' see mirror, crinkle bug, textured fabrics and satin ribbons. Wrap around most strollers and cribs. China is the country of origin. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Infantino

👤My child loves looking up and reaching for the toy. I pictured it spreading across the handle, but it doesn't. Instead it was all together. I put a small zip tie on each end to hold it in place, but it wasn't a big deal.

👤The spiral activity toy is bright and has four hanging items for your baby to play with. The bee makes noises when you grab it, the cow/pig is a plush toy, and the mirror is cute for baby's reflection. The idea of the spiral activity toy is a great one, but poorly executed. The spiral was too tight. It does not sit on my daughter's car seat, but is bunched up in one spot tightly coiled. I kept it because I wanted it to stretch out like in the ad. I tried stretching it out. The coil on the spiral is too tight and awkward to use on the crib rail, but it did stretch it out a little, though it was not close to what was shown in the ad. The spiral activity toy is not recommended by me. I gave the spiral activity toy two stars because my daughter can still play with it and like the bright colors and dangling toys. She still uses it as a hand toy even though it doesn't dangle or function to its fullest.

👤I bought this for my baby for Christmas and it wasn't what I expected. I thought it would stretch across his car seat handle, but it doesn't, and it just falls to the side. Don't waste your money.

👤My son hates being in his car seat and we were looking for something that would make it more comfortable for him. We decided this item was the best after looking through several different options. It stays too tightly coiled, but this is not an issue for us as we weren't looking to have it permanently attached to the car seat handle. Our intentions were never to use it while driving, but rather as a distraction when we are shopping, running, or going for walks. We inspected the item after we received it. It was mint. We stretched the toy out so that only the ends of the toy were wrapped around the widest point of the car seat handle, after washing it in a net bag in the washing machine. This toy is what we were looking for.

👤My baby took to this very quickly. My baby is 3 months old and loves to go on walks. I looked at toys like this for her bumper bar because she is reaching for toys and tugging on them. I picked this because of a few reasons. The toys aren't long, which makes them great for the bumper bar. If I put the toys on her carseat handle, they would be hard to find. There are many toys. My baby likes grabbing the rings the most, but I think she will like the mirror and other toys as well. The price was on the lower end of the range. The toy is very small. I had to wedge the end of the toy into two rings from other toys to spread it out. The toy was stretched out so that my little one could easily see it and play with it. The toys should stretch out more with time. I am very happy and recommend this toy.

3. Itomoro Kickable Playable Companion Suitable

Itomoro Kickable Playable Companion Suitable

The recommended weight for the product is 30 to 60 pounds. Happy driving timeAdjustable baby car seat toys and interesting dolls attract the baby, improve the baby's activity ability through the baby's play, delight the baby's mood when you drive, and make the boring driving time more interesting. Are the baby travel toys suitable for different babies? This toy can be adjusted in many places so that your baby can play with it in a variety of ways. There are three lovely hanging dolls in the toy, an elephant, a sun, and a lion. The toys will make interesting sounds. Their baby toys have lovely packaging. It's the best baby shower gift. It will allow families with babies to travel stress-free. The baby car toys rear facing are fixed under the head restraint of the rear seat of the car through two plastic buckles and two adjusting rods. The angle and length are adjusted to help the baby play.

Brand: Itomoro

👤I bought this for my sister. I suppose he hates it when the car stops because he gets bored. This has helped a lot. He loves playing with the hanging toys while they wait in the car line. He won't fall over when he pulls on it because it's attached to the back of the seat. The fabric is bright and colorful. The arch is very sturdy and soft. The toys can be used in many different ways. When you squeeze them, they make noises that make him feel like he's in a movie.

4. PETINUBE Anti Dropping Silicone Soothing Pacifier

PETINUBE Anti Dropping Silicone Soothing Pacifier

Platinum Silicone is a safe material. There are no toxins in the form of BPA, PVC, and Phthalate. Wrister teeth that don't require a clip prevent loss. When not in use, hygienic can be left standing. Gums and teeth are developed. The baby can chew from any angle. The baby's wrist is protected with an ergonomics design that strengthens it. The package can be recycled.

Brand: Petinube

👤The package was damaged when it opened because of the strong smell of the teether. I won't be using this for my baby.

👤I have noticed that most teething rings are too big for my little one to hold onto or to fit in his mouth. This one is easy for him to grasp and fit in his mouth. He likes it and seems to be his favorite thing right now.

👤This is the best teether we have found. It covers our baby. The wrist. He doesn't drop it. I like that it is more sanitary. The shape is great because he usually puts his hand in his mouth. The color works well with his outfits. This product is very good.

👤I bought this for my son as he started to teeth early. I think it is helping his coordination and grasping when he was looking for something to hold himself. Really cool product!

👤My son's wrist is so big that it must be 6+. I give it a 1 star because it's very hollow and tiny. Definitely coming back.

👤You get two items according to the listing. I only received one where two were promised, so I asked for a return and replacement. I received one after it was accepted and processed. I would give it 4 stars if the listing was not false. My son loves it, but one is not worth the price. The seller has wasted my time and money by lying about their product quantity twice.

👤This is the best toy I have ever gotten for my kids, they were under one at the time. In my experience, all kids want to do is chew on things and look at things, but something they can look at and not drop every single minute, but that's not what they want to do. It's perfect for babies.

👤I can't get my kid to stick their hand inside the thing. She likes to chew on other toys. She won't just grab the toy from the ground. I don't know if this is a problem people will have. You might want to look for a product that they can grab onto. The product quality is good. It could be my child's problem. Try to see if your child will use a product like this.

5. BENBAT OLY Active Car Mirror

BENBAT OLY Active Car Mirror

Benbat has a mirror for baby in the backseat. You can see your child's face with a wider view thanks to your mirror. Turn on your activity baby car mirror to let out some noise. Your Benbat Oly mirror keeps the baby happy and entranced. Soothe your baby to a contented coo with help from your Benbat mirror. Choose between 4 white noise choices: steady train, ocean waves, popping bubbles, and gentle birdsong. The baby seat car mirror that is crash-tested and shatter-proof is easy to install, stays intact if hit, and adjusts to reach the best angle for visibility. Benbat believes you and your baby deserve the best. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee assures you that you will enjoy car rides of connection and contentment. Benbat believes you and your baby deserve the best. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee assures you that you will enjoy car rides of connection and contentment.

Brand: Benbat

👤Our 14 month old loves it. I let her check it out right away. She didn't want to give it up. I don't think it's a good idea to give it to someone. The mirror is scratched easily. That was disappointing. I wouldn't let her hold it or walk around with it. She can be seen in my rear view mirror. The remote needs a CR2032 battery. I don't keep anything on hand. Be sure to get yourself one. I had one on hand after I bought two packs. I would recommend this mirror. There is a My 8yr old thinks the face is weird, but she likes how it entertained her sister.

👤The mirror needs batteries. It has a remote controls that need a battery. If you want to, you can use it without the remote control. To be able to remove the screws, be sure to have screwdrivers that are small. I haven't found a small enough one for the remote control. I can't even use that if I wanted to. The strap is too small to fit over the head rest. It needs to be more.

👤The car mirrors on the market for babies were boring. I found this mirror after looking at it on Amazon. Although the light up face is not as visible during the day, my daughter still loves to hear the sound and see the lights at night. I like the fact that it turns off after a while, but with the control that is included, I can turn it on whenever I want, and the sounds are not annoying. My daughter is almost 5 months old and she still loves this mirror.

👤My 4 month old hates riding in the car if nobody is with her. She fell asleep for the first time after a car ride. I can't explain how relieved I am, because driving has become the most anxious task on my plate. I had to pull over a lot to get my baby to stop crying and take her pacifier, it was a nightmare. I bought two more for my parents and my husband because I am so thankful for this product and everyone is covered.

👤My daughter likes this! I don't know if I just didn't read all the details. Don't forget to buy four C batteries and a flat battery for the remote.

👤Our little one hates to ride in the dark, so I bought this. This will help a little. She likes the different sounds and faces. It was the easiest baby vehicle mirror. Over the 16 years I have been caring for babies, I have had many installations. The remote needs to be held very close to the mirror. I can use it to point at the mirror from the passenger seat because it is behind the passenger seat. The mirror was very nice.

👤The product arrived late, the box was opened, one of the antennas was broken, and the mirror was scratched.

👤I ordered this to take my 11 month old with me on road trips this fall. I was willing to pay a premium for this product because it had cool features. The core product worked great and my son would have loved it, but we spent an hour trying to get the remote to work. I bought new batteries to use on this product. We have to send it back. I want to find another mirror before our next trip.

6. STEAM Life Educational Keyboard Numbered

STEAM Life Educational Keyboard Numbered

Soft and textured raindrops are soothing. Classical education. This musical toy piano for baby is a great birthday and christmas gift for your baby since it is both a musical toy and a light up baby toy. The baby toys will provide a lot of healthy stimulation, and mom and baby will not be disappointed. Strong and hardy. Their musical baby toy is sturdy and will last your child for a long time while they enjoy the colors, music and lights on it. The interactive baby toys are durable. This baby keyboard is fun to play. The musical keyboard provides hours of fun for your child. The toy for infants and 2 year olds is a great distraction for your toddler while you cook dinner or drive in the car with the lights, music, colors and animals. This kids keyboard piano is a great Christmas gift for any infant or toddler in your life. This light up musical toddlers toys for infants will be a stimulating and educational gift for the baby, and the child will love them. Buy with confidence and get a 12 month guarantee. They will replace your pianos at no charge if they break within the first year of ownership. You can reach out to them directly. Customer satisfaction is a priority for STEAM Life.

Brand: Steam Life

👤It is a cute toy. It may be over 6 inches. It is in the palm of your hand. Takes three batteries. A few songs and animal sounds are played. If left on, it shuts it off. There is a switch on the side that can turn it on and off.

👤I feel it is the perfect size for our child, even though it was smaller than anticipated. It is small but large to a kid, as you can see in comparison to my hand. You will need a screwdriver and batteries.

👤My 5 month old grandson loves playing with the piano toy. He kicked it when he was laying down. He learned to play it with his hands. He is proud of himself when he plays a note. He has good finger placement for being a tiny baby and he may be a great pianist someday! It's funny.

👤The paint comes off easily. Beware! The paint on the eyes, goggles, tusks, and mouth came off when babies stick everything in their mouths. I noticed that it was a toy and I was afraid of my child playing with it. After you put batteries in the toy, it works well.

👤I love this toy with my baby. We had to change the batteries twice. Maybe I got a bad one. I'm sad my son only got to use it for a few weeks after receiving it. I hope the seller will contact me to see what can be done. Thank you.

👤I ordered the elephant edition for my 1 year old. She loves this toy. It plays music and makes sounds. She carries it around the house. It was a great purchase.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter because she needed a visual and audible toy. I haven't used it for her yet, but her sister loves it. The keyboard has many sounds. It has a variety of uses and it stands up. The keyboard plays different songs when it's played like BINGO. That is fun.

👤I thought this toy would be big enough for my baby to sit up and play the piano, but I didn't read it correctly. It's small. I still give it four stars because it still entertains him. He's six months old so he's smaller right now. It is cheap and doesn't allign correctly. Not bad for $10

7. KiddoLab Caterpillar Attachment Included Toddlers

KiddoLab Caterpillar Attachment Included Toddlers

Top toys in the market need to be child-safe. The elements of the best selling toys are made with 100%BPA-free materials for a non-toxic, child-friendly experience. The toys are designed for your child. A light-up cat. The soft fabric head and bright smile of Lira are just the beginning. There are two modes of play for this baby musical toy, one for happy melodies and one for musical notes like a baby piano. It is for ages three months plus. A Venetian of Tactile Senses is a trio of spinner activities that provide infants with a variety of interesting textures, sliding rings, and colorful beads to experience and explore. The baby's attention is being focused on BRIGHT COLORS CAPTURE. The crib toy with music and lights is bright in colors that engage and entertain your baby. Installation: effficient The caterpillar is easy to attach to your crib, stroller, or car seat. The baby toy is easy to remove for fun play on the floor. The cute critter interactive baby toy is completely safe for babies to play with and explore in all the ways that curious babies do.

Brand: Kiddolab

👤The piano can play music. I think it's over priced for what it is. You can't lower it if you have one setting for volume. A lower volume crib toy is needed. I have a lot of baby toys and I would pay a lot of money for them. It was 25 dollars. I expected more. crib toys seem to be very expensive. Some have been worth the price.

👤I have purchased similar items for my kids in the past, and I feel like it is not as big or heavy. A great toy for a toddler. This toy is fun.

👤I didn't give it a 5 star because one of the smaller lights on it didn't work. The buttons were different colors and the lights were red. My 3 month old loves looking at the lights and the music when she is on her play mat and she gets a 4 stars. The main reason I bought it was that it can be attached to a stroller tray. Also like the pieces where you can clip other toys onto it.

👤My son likes the sounds and lights. If in physical therapy, side position playing is great.

👤My baby is happy with the lights and music.

👤I bought this toy for my baby to play with while she waits for us to wake up. I had to tape over the speaker multiple times to get the volume to a good place because the toy is so loud. It is boring, there are two rows of buttons, but they do the same thing from the top button to the bottom button. My baby is not interested in this toy and I was expecting more play.

👤A baby loves. I too. I wish the hanging thing would lock better. I tried to put it on his car seat, but the straps don't seem to lock right, because I used it as a kicking toy for baby. I'm afraid the toy will fall on him. It's better to play it safe. It has sound volume options. And either piano or full songs. The songs are playing and the light is great.

👤It has two modes, one that plays music and the other that plays piano, but when you press a key it changes tune. I find it very portable and great for play, but I don't like relaxing in the crib or having batteries, so I'll have to update this review.

👤We thought it was faulty until we got new batteries.

👤1. It may not be suitable for babies to have bright keys. Piano keys are hard to play. The attachment strap is hard to attach to the crib.

👤I can't use the straps on the crib because they don't fit. It's loud and there is no volume control.

👤It's beau. Mais malheureusement is impossible. Le son is fort. Donc, le matin le bébé de jouer.

8. VTech Baby On The Moove Activity Bar

VTech Baby On The Moove Activity Bar

The U.S.CPSC has a safety standard for toys. The On-the-Moove Activity Bar has 45+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases. Swing the cow back and forth and you can hear sounds. The bird has a ring that is easy to grab to build motor skills, and the baby-safe mirror helps build self-awareness. The included elastic straps allow the toy to be attached to most infant carriers. The batteries are for demo purposes only and should be used for babies from birth to 3 years old.

Brand: Vtech

👤The toy is cute. My 4 month old loves a lot of the different play things. He was giggling for the first few minutes in the car when I put this on his seat. The toy isn't suited for all car seats. If I place the toy too low for my son to reach, it will hit him in the face. If he spins the cow, it makes him angry. I think it is a great idea and a very cute toy, but there is no warning that it does not fit all car seats. I am not returning this because he loves the toys so much, I hope he will be able to play with it out of the car, or he will not be able to use it until he is taller.

👤The toy is constructed well, however it has a number of flaws. There is a single button to start the sound effects. Every time my child hits the button, it will start out with the same song. The only way to progress on to new sounds is to keep hitting the button. Adding a car seat to your baby's car seat may be a mistake. It will rest against the top of her head when I push the bar back before removing her. 3. The straps that hold it on are easy to pull apart. My smaller child uses the car seat, but her toddler sister likes to remove it whenever she gets a chance. It looks nice, it is made well, and it is loud enough.

👤My 4 month old son was upset because he couldn't get the toy to his mouth. I had to buy a set of linking rings for him to play with. It can play many different tunes, but it often reverts to the same "I am a little happy cow, moo", which makes you crazy on a car trip.

👤This is great. My friend had one on her stroller and her baby loved it, so I bought one and my baby was entertained every time he was in his carrier. The song is very popular and will get stuck in your head, but it's worth it for a content baby while you are driving.

👤A carseat toy is worth a lot of money. It works great on our keyfit30 car seat. Our baby can reach the toys in the carseat without having to remove the toy each time or the carseat is lowered, because the stretch on the attachment straps will adjust the position to be high up. It doesn't play enough "songs" and you have to constantly push the button for the cow to play another song which is helpful when I'm driving and need to entertain the baby in the back seat.

👤Great product. I don't know if it's just my baby's car seat or if she's only 5 months old. It is close to her face when it is attached. It is like bam in the face when pulled down. I still use it because she will look at it. I think the graco car seat is made from something. It is the click and go. A new car seat. It will last many years until it expires. There were no complaints. Works how it should.

9. Bstaofy Creative Animated Emotions Christmas

Bstaofy Creative Animated Emotions Christmas

Buy with confidence and get a 12 month guarantee. They will replace your pianos at no charge if they break within the first year of ownership. You can reach out to them directly. Customer satisfaction is a priority for STEAM Life. The musical twinkle star is twinkle little star. The musical star can sing ten songs. Row Row your boat, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Rain Go Away, and Five Little Monkeys. You know if you are happy. It gives more joy to kids. A star image. The musical glow pillow is cute and adorable. It is a cute pillow, which can bring you good vibes. The cotton makes the pillow more vivid. It'sRAID OF DARK: The soft sleeping companion is the glow musical star. Children sleep at their own room at night, which causes some fear and loneliness. Children can sleep with their musical star. It can be used in a nursery as a decorative piece. Cute image and soft touch give children a sense of security so they can sleep well at night. Soft and durable material. The eyes of this pillow are embroidered and will not fall off and be eaten by kids. Kids can play with their pillow. Quality is safe for kids. The hanging rope on the top of the pillow is easy to hang up. How to clean. You should not wash it in a washing machine. If it gets dirty, grab a damp cloth and wipe it off. It is important to dry it fully under the sun to keep it soft.

Brand: Bstaofy

👤I bought this for my daughter with special needs who loves music. Between the lights and the singing, she is entertained. There are people singing the songs. My daughter is motivated to sing along with it. It's never annoying to have her play with the toy continuously because there are several songs on it. It is soft. Her favorite birthday gift this year is definitely her. I would recommend it to any child that loves the featured songs.

👤The pillow is soft and adorable, but not great for a tired mom of an infant, the singing voice is loud, and the lights only work part of the time. I have had to remove the batteries multiple times to get the lights to turn off because the button can't be turned off. I returned the product I bought on Amazon for half the price because it wouldn't light up or sing, even though it was shipped directly from China. I wish I had kept that one because I would have saved some money. The pillow is cute and soft, but not worth the price.

👤When you turn it on, it will play all the songs. I would like it to turn off but kids love it.

👤The disabled granddaughter fell in love with the soft music and lights. It was easy for her to work. I had to change batteries every 10 days. Good batteries! The batteries last a week. Store brand is less than that. This was only used at night. I kept ordering this star until I could replace it with a musical light up toy. I would try it again if the makers could make the power supply more efficient.

👤A foster child loves Little Baby Bum. I was determined to give him a comfort item before sleep training, because he had never liked stuffies before. He fell in love with it after a few days. He only knows about 4 words, but 5 became the 5th. Where is the star? He looks everywhere. I was very happy. The battery drain is insane according to other reviewers. He loved it so much that I didn't care. He didn't know how to turn it off and on himself. I like the lights in most instances. They look nice. It was almost like Christmas lights all inside. It is like a night light in the car when we drive at night. When I lay him down, they are too bright to turn on. The star is not smaller than I thought. It's a perfect pillow for him. It is broken a month later. I went to check on him when he woke up crying. He knew how to turn the lights on himself. I couldn't turn off the lights. About 10 attempts were taken. I will not replace batteries again because that has happened twice. He can't sleep without his star so it's going to be difficult to return it. I will try again. I am not the first person to have this problem. I don't think music is weird or loud. There was a song that I didn't know. I thought it was in Spanish. Someone else posted a song list and it seems to me that it is called "Dos Re Mi".

10. Taf Toys Companion Strolling Newborns

Taf Toys Companion Strolling Newborns

Relax and have fun. While on the go, a small musical hanging toy with playful and soothing melodies, accompanied by colorful changing light to entertain babies while out and about. The My Musical Mini Moon will make your baby have a lot of fun listening to the different melodies or relaxing to the shush sound. There are 3 classical melodies and a shush sound. The Mini Moon calms baby and develops his senses, cognitive skills and emotional intelligence. The perfect development toy has music, lights, and lots of play activities. The toy is used to teach about cause and effect. Babies can use the toy to understand cause and effect. By pulling the toy's teether, baby will prompt the music to start and the light will show that they have control and can make things happen. It's easy to fold and carry out. The toy is easy to fold and can be attached to buggies, car seats and cots. To meet their high standards, safety was tested. 2 XAAA batteries are required. To meet their high standards, safety was tested. 2 XAAA batteries are required.

Brand: Taf Toys

👤What a lifesaver! My 5 month old does not do well in the car if she is alone. It was purchased in hopes that it would calm her down. It worked well. She likes the music and the lights. The music lasts 20 minutes, unlike other music toys which only last a few minutes. The music is a little loud for a baby toy, but it's not bad. We clip the toy to the back of the car so it's far away from the baby.

👤We love playing with this toy. The lights, the music, the texture. It was one of the first things my baby liked. She likes the look of the light and tries to eat the star. She gets excited to play with her toys even if she is on her tummy. The only thing I don't like is that after a few songs, there's a song that scares me. I don't like that song and the whistling song too, and it's not love for me. The first song is the best song ever and we can go through the songs and come back to it very quickly.

👤It is amazing! It is pretty awesome. The best part is the shhhhh sound. I cover it with my baby's blanket. The light is bright enough to see in broad daylight. The photo shows it is long enough for my baby to grab it. It is a great item. 10/10 would be good.

👤We absolutely love it and I originally gave it 5 stars. It became my son's favorite and we use a toy to help him sleep. We have had it for a month and have had to replace the batteries 3 times and the lights have stopped working even with new batteries. The toy has not gotten wet or chewed on, and my son is only 9 weeks old, and he only stares at it. The toy was a favorite of ours and we are disappointed in the quality. We are looking for a replacement toy with music and lights that will last longer and be a better quality toy.

👤The baby loves the light. It plays different songs. It doesn't always turn on when it's suppose to. You have to pull the night cap on top, up and back down, but it doesn't always turn on. It is still cute.

👤The toy looks like the pictures. There is a switch that can be turned on to music or light. Three tunes and one sound. I liked that the music plays for 20 minutes so I didn't have to be constantly trying to start my car while also listening to it. The baby can be entertained while driving and can be easily moved to another device with the sturdy clip. Must have for parents.

👤The toy has been helpful. The music/light mode has long playing songs ranging from upbeat to soft and soothing, as well as the shusher. You can use the light mode without music if you want a color show. It is easy to clip on.

11. Funsland Baby Toys Toddlers Baby Stroller Sensory Toys

Funsland Baby Toys Toddlers Baby Stroller Sensory Toys

A toy for babies. The clip on toy designed with 3 cute animals and bright colors can help baby develop recognition of animals, attract their attention, and stimulates their visual development. The hanging toy has bell sounds when you shake it. It helps to improve baby's hearing and sleep. Multi-color patterns and sweet sounds help your baby develop eye and hearing coordination, and motor skills like grasping and pulling. The rattle toys can be clipped onto a stroller, car seat or baby's cot. You can carry it with you anywhere. This infant toy is safe, soft, and has an interesting texture. It is a good gift for your baby to be able to express themselves.

Brand: Funsland

👤My son loves this mobile. It was bought at 4 months. The rattle in the center has a nice deep jingle that I don't hear often in kids toys. That was a huge plus. It's colorful, and has a wide opening clip for easy application. It was something I didn't know I needed, and we use a lot of it. It's great for the car, pack and play. We highly recommend! There are not a lot of "teething" textures. I wasn't looking for that when I bought it. If your child can pull hard, it may come unclipped and fall. There have been no injuries with this. It's just note worthy. Just get it if you're on the fence.

👤My 5 month old hates being in the car seat so we bought him a toy to amuse him while we drive. He doesn't cry as much anymore because he loves it. This is used in the pack n play to replace the broken mobile. It's beautiful colors are perfect for him to grasp. The umbrella folds down for easy storage. You can use it anywhere because it has a pinching clip. We would definitely recommend.

👤It helped us keep our baby happy and entertained during our road trips. It's very useful in a lot of situations. The colors and the chime are great ways to get her attention. We loved it.

👤Is very cute. It's easy to assemble. You can pack it away if you fold it back together. Love the colors and feel. It's a calm sound that isn't annoying. Great toy!

👤The best baby product is in the toy area. The middle piece has an Awesome little bell inside. The 3 month old was laughing and giggling for thirty minutes. I've used it in many places. Above the changing table is a car seat. It is very well made. Sturdy plastic, good sounds. I'm surprised this toy doesn't have more purchases.

👤The baby was hit in the face by the car seat.

👤My niece is 3 months old and my 14 month old would have played with it if I had let her. When my baby was younger, I wish I'd known about this.

👤It folds up for travel. My grandson loves the soft tinkling sound that it makes when he touches it. The clip can be used many different ways. I put it to the stroller canopy and the playmat arch.

👤Jee a facile mettre et/ou enlever. Ma cocotte s'amuse beaucoup, surtout lors des promenades d' auto ou de carrosse. Je n'ai pas plus loin sur la poignée du banc d' auto. J'aime beaucoup!

👤My daughter loves this. She likes to grab the orange ring and chew on it or throw it around and make a lot of noise. The toys have been good for her to chew on. She has been a source of entertainment since she was 2 months old.

👤It was large for hanging to a stroller. When baby pulls or leaves hanging toys, they hit her face, making her cry. Won't recommend.


What is the best product for car seat light up toys?

Car seat light up toys products from Joyshare. In this article about car seat light up toys you can see why people choose the product. Infantino and Itomoro are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat light up toys.

What are the best brands for car seat light up toys?

Joyshare, Infantino and Itomoro are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat light up toys. Find the detail in this article. Petinube, Benbat and Steam Life are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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