Best Car Seat Light Toys

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1. VX Star Ornament Hangings Stroller Activity

VX Star Ornament Hangings Stroller Activity

The toy straps are easy to use. The cute deer is made of plush material. Baby's emotion, vision, grasping,tactile senses and hand- eye coordination can be developed naturally. Hang on baby strollers, cribs, Pram, Bed, Car, etc. When you squeeze the ball, it can play music. The hanging characters encourage the baby to reach. It's a good gift for a baby.

Brand: Vx-star

👤My baby girl loves this item and I am glad I bought it. She likes bright colors and the musical ball. This toy makes her reach for more. Its a good length. I have no problem with it staying in the car seat, it was a great buy.

👤When my son was around 3 months old, I gave him a stroller toy to encourage him to touch things. I put it on his stroller's belly bar so he could grasp it and play with it. It made stroller time special for him. He is still attached to the belly bar and still loves the toy. I play music before we go for our walks. He sits on the stroller while I get ready. He likes to grab the elephant ears and tiny balls and put them in his mouth. Since he is teething, he still enjoys fiddling with these, even though the world around him gets most of the attention. I think the toy paid for itself twice. My son was interested in it and it is still working. The giraffe can still slide around the belly bar with the help of a piece of velcro. This one is definitely the best in the sea of baby toys.

👤I bought this for my baby to hang on the car seat to keep him entertained. He loves it and is about to be 6 months old. I put it in his lap after removing the car seat handle. He likes chewing on it. I put it in the wash and it came out perfect. There is a small noise maker and two things for baby to chew on. The baby loves the toy.

👤I bought this because it is long enough for my baby to use and reach for in the car, and I am glad I did.

👤I looked at many of these before buying one for my son. I was very happy with this one. The picture you see is what you get. My son loves the pieces for teething babies.

👤It pushes and twists the stroller bar for different parts and toys. Can also use crib rail, car seat bar, etc. Very versatile. It needs to be wet-wiped because it is not machine-washable. It will work for a while, until it gets dirty. She loves it now.

👤I bought this for my grandson to keep him entertained. He's almost a year old and he plays with his car seat, which doesn't hang, but he plays with it when I pick him up. It's soft and has a lot of things to keep him happy. He loves it!

👤It's impossible to carry a car seat by the handle if this thing is on it. It is all up in my baby's face. I took it off. I wish I could return it.

2. HILENBO Activity Stroller Bassinet Rattles(Orange)

HILENBO Activity Stroller Bassinet Rattles%EF%BC%88Orange%EF%BC%89

It's a good gift for a baby. Babies can be taught to recognize various animals when they are playing with early educational toys. Cute toys and premium quality. The musical stroller toys are made of premium quality PP cotton material and are soft and comfortable for baby. It is perfect for you to interact with baby, they will be attracted and have fun playing with the cute car seat toys in anywhere. It is easy to spiral the fox plush toys on car seat, stroller bar, crib rails, baby carrier, bassinet and shopping cart handles. Their baby spiral activity toys have different animal patterns, soft and colorful fabric, which can give your children a funny amusement and interaction when they are out or bored. It is a great gift for baby showers, children's day, birthday, christmas, etc.

Brand: Hilenbo

👤My son hates car rides and I bought this for him. The toys on it are cute, but the strings on them are very short. The toys hang too high and can't be reached by a smaller infant. The main part is not strechable so the toys hang together. I'm just being picky, but it's nice.

👤It is cute and all the toys work. The picture shows that it isn't evenly stretched. It stays tight to where all the toys come together and you can't see them individually. It's still cute. I guess.

👤My sister had one for my nephew and my baby loved it. It is a baby toy. He is pretty picky. I am happy if he is happy. He plays music for a long time and when he is older, he will be able to pull cord for his own music. It's also colorful.

👤The toy was good for travel and use on the seat. There were a lot of toys. I wish this was made with wire on the inside so it would be easier to wrap around things. It is a bit quiet.

👤It works great in my daughter's car, she is very easy to put on the handle, and it keeps her entertained for hours. She can use it as a rattle or play with it and it is very heavy duty and easy to clean if it gets dirty.

👤My child would scream and try to get out of the car seat most of the time. I got this and wrapped it around my car seat and love holding on to the avacado and red bug. It can be used as a sensory toy and is perfect for the baby Compact, perfect for car seat and stroller. It was worth the money. It's necessary to distract your child in a car seat.

👤I ordered a toy for a baby that hates riding in her car seat. I chose this hanging distraction because it was easy to slip on and off the car seat handle. The toy helped eliminate some of the car trip angst for the mom and baby.

👤It should have stretched across the handle. All in a good toy. My baby loves looking at it. It was difficult to put it back on. I only do that because he gets frustrated when he can't reach it.

3. Stroller Infants Teether Hanging Toddlers

Stroller Infants Teether Hanging Toddlers

Best gifts for your baby are the Handbells Rattles Toy. Best gifts for your baby birthday gifts or shower present are also suitable for activity gym toy. 3-6 months, baby toys, baby toddler, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby Soft and comfortable baby toys with bright-colored cute animals. It is easy to inspire your baby's curiosity. It is the best time of the year for your baby. This car seat toy has a discovery mirror, crinkle wings, and it will make a lovely sound. When you shake it, your baby will be happy. The toddler toy has a clip that can be clipped onto a stroller, car seat or baby cot. The baby can hold the toy and play with it. The hanging toys will help your baby discover new colors and patterns and develop their hand strength through grasping and pulling. Babies are safe with teething toys. The toys are made from non-toxic material. Not harmful for babies. Children can play and chew on a safe teething toy.

Brand: Funsland

👤I brought this bird home. My three month old wasn't having it. The huge, multicolored guy sat staring at him and he cut eyes at him whenever he moved from the wind or squeezed his belly. He left him alone in the corner of the crib until he had enough and poked him occasionally. They had words when my son rolled over to him. A baby babbles and is treated with heated silence. The bird licked his first time. He is his best sparring partner. My son locks him up and chews on his beak. The bird is a good trainer. At the end of the day, the birds eyes look at me in horror at the beast I unleashed on him, but my son is asleep with one ring firmly grasped in his fingers. The bird knows when he wakes.

👤It is not possible to immerse in water. Who would buy a new toy that the baby would chew on without washing it? That makes it not good for hygiene between uses. I would have returned it but they charge a fee to drop it off.

👤It was a bit frightening. The caterpillar from the book has become the most loved toy ever after it appeared to kiss the baby in person. Even after it was swiped at the dog park, I had no issues washing it.

👤Baby likes to coo and laugh at it, but is only 2 months old so she isn't really playing with it yet. The purpose was to catch her eye and hold her attention.

👤My baby girl likes this butterfly, it keeps her entertained in her glider. She reached for the toy bar and hit it. The face is attractive to her because of the bright colors. If I wanted a gift for a baby, I would buy her this one.

👤I bought this for my 7 month old granddaughter. It was her favorite toy when she was 3 months old. She plays with it in her car or in the house.

👤A small for babies under 4 months, but colorful, and great for touch. Our baby girl will enjoy it even more as she gets older.

👤The baby was able to hang onto the rings, yet she was told not to put it in her mouth.

👤The best stroller and car seat toys ever. It was made very well. There are lots of different colors and textures for the baby to enjoy. It's great for baby and mama.

👤I didn't know much about this item, but it was good quality and I was surprised by the butterfly squeaks. It's great for strollers or car seats.

👤I bought this toy for my son and he loved it. It can be hanged to a stroller. Absolutely recommend it.

👤It's a cute crinkle toy, but I think it's $5. A toy.

👤I got this for my new granddaughter and she loves it!

4. KiddoLab Caterpillar Attachment Included Toddlers

KiddoLab Caterpillar Attachment Included Toddlers

Top toys in the market need to be child-safe. The elements of the best selling toys are made with 100%BPA-free materials for a non-toxic, child-friendly experience. The toys are designed for your child. A light-up cat. The soft fabric head and bright smile of Lira are just the beginning. There are two modes of play for this baby musical toy, one for happy melodies and one for musical notes like a baby piano. It is for ages three months plus. A Venetian of Tactile Senses is a trio of spinner activities that provide infants with a variety of interesting textures, sliding rings, and colorful beads to experience and explore. The baby's attention is being focused on BRIGHT COLORS CAPTURE. The crib toy with music and lights is bright in colors that engage and entertain your baby. Installation: effficient The caterpillar is easy to attach to your crib, stroller, or car seat. The baby toy is easy to remove for fun play on the floor. The cute critter interactive baby toy is completely safe for babies to play with and explore in all the ways that curious babies do.

Brand: Kiddolab

👤The piano can play music. I think it's over priced for what it is. You can't lower it if you have one setting for volume. A lower volume crib toy is needed. I have a lot of baby toys and I would pay a lot of money for them. It was 25 dollars. I expected more. crib toys seem to be very expensive. Some have been worth the price.

👤I have purchased similar items for my kids in the past, and I feel like it is not as big or heavy. A great toy for a toddler. This toy is fun.

👤I didn't give it a 5 star because one of the smaller lights on it didn't work. The buttons were different colors and the lights were red. My 3 month old loves looking at the lights and the music when she is on her play mat and she gets a 4 stars. The main reason I bought it was that it can be attached to a stroller tray. Also like the pieces where you can clip other toys onto it.

👤My son likes the sounds and lights. If in physical therapy, side position playing is great.

👤My baby is happy with the lights and music.

👤I bought this toy for my baby to play with while she waits for us to wake up. I had to tape over the speaker multiple times to get the volume to a good place because the toy is so loud. It is boring, there are two rows of buttons, but they do the same thing from the top button to the bottom button. My baby is not interested in this toy and I was expecting more play.

👤A baby loves. I too. I wish the hanging thing would lock better. I tried to put it on his car seat, but the straps don't seem to lock right, because I used it as a kicking toy for baby. I'm afraid the toy will fall on him. It's better to play it safe. It has sound volume options. And either piano or full songs. The songs are playing and the light is great.

👤It has two modes, one that plays music and the other that plays piano, but when you press a key it changes tune. I find it very portable and great for play, but I don't like relaxing in the crib or having batteries, so I'll have to update this review.

👤We thought it was faulty until we got new batteries.

👤1. It may not be suitable for babies to have bright keys. Piano keys are hard to play. The attachment strap is hard to attach to the crib.

👤I can't use the straps on the crib because they don't fit. It's loud and there is no volume control.

👤It's beau. Mais malheureusement is impossible. Le son is fort. Donc, le matin le bébé de jouer.

5. Baby Hanging Rattle Crinkle Squeaky

Baby Hanging Rattle Crinkle Squeaky

Perfect baby gifts. Their toys are perfect for your baby's first toy. These toys are educational and soft. Add it to the cart right now. You can give your baby more in the future if you buy 4 packs. This toy is a great gift for a baby shower. The Newborn Stroller Car Seat toy will make soft sound to attract your baby when shaking, and help parents to play with babies Whether at home or outside. Enhance your baby's sensory stimulation and attract your baby's attention. Cute animal shape, colorful hanging toys include elephant, monkey, puppy and owl. It is inspiring your baby's visual development. The joyshare baby hanging toys are safe and easy to hang. It is very easy to hang or take down, even if it is a stroller or crib. The safety material is a plastic ring hook and short plush. There is no harm for babies. Best gifts for your baby are the Handbells Rattles Toy. Best gifts for your baby birthday gifts or shower present are also suitable for activity gym toy. 3-6 months, baby toys, baby toddler, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, baby

Brand: Joyshare

👤I can move it from the gym toy to the car seat. The bell sound is pleasant. It is long enough for my baby to grab it. It is a good option for fur teething babies.

👤My baby loves these toys. The size is perfect. He will enjoy these when he continues to grow. The jingles are meant to grab his attention. Bright colors. Can be used to keep him in the car. There are four of them. I have many around the house, rather than one. Excellent purchase. Will be buying more.

👤I bought these for my daughter. She likes to chew on them and hit them. They are soft and colorful. When all of them swing at the same time, it's a bit ear-splitting. If you're okay with loud, then get them.

👤My little boy is obsessed with the wind chime noise they make. The elephant has a long tail. He put it in his mouth. The tail was cut off.

👤It's perfect for babies over a month old. I have them in the crib, on the car seat, on the gym, and on the stroller.

👤You get a lot of different toys. I wouldn't use it as a teething toy as the parts of the toy are hard on the leaf, so I use toys under supervision to prevent accidents.

👤The tinkling sound is not obnoxious and the toys are colorful. All of the toys have the same bells, which can be good or bad, depending on how one feels about that. I would like to see different texture for each toy. I would order them for someone else.

👤These are fun. My son loves to chew on them, but beware they are long. It's nice for little baby arms. If they happen to be laying under them, they hang on their face.

6. Pure Enrichment Portable Machine Color Changing

Pure Enrichment Portable Machine Color Changing

There are 15 snoring sleep sounds. The baby sound machine plays calming nature sounds and 10 popular lullabies to help your baby rest more peacefully. There are 8 changing colors. The optional light provides a soft night glow and gently changes between 8 colors, great as a night light, mood light, and entertainment for your baby. 30-minute auto-off time: The sound and night light can be turned off to save batteries. It's safe forURSERY and on-the-go. Attaches to most standard-size cribs, strollers, and headrests that have a railing or handlebar less than 3” thick. Pure enrichment's 5 year warranty is INDUSTRY-LEADING. Pure enrichment's 5 year warranty is INDUSTRY-LEADING.

Brand: Pure Enrichment

👤The sound machine is very nice. There is a little history here. I have not been able to sleep since my mom died. I slept with the tv on, which did not give me a good night's sleep. I decided that if this is good for babies, it might be good for a grieving daughter. It works well. I am never awake to hear the machine turn off. Is it the soft color changing lights? Is it an electronic noise? Is it the soft sound of a frog? Who knows? I get a good night's sleep.

👤I am very happy with my sound machine, I feel like it's met all of my needs and it's a quality machine. It's about the size of my hand and it's easy to travel with. I can put it in my diaper bag or baby's car seat. The sound quality is better, so I made it for the baby's mama. I like the shape of the cloud. I was initially looking at animal shaped sound machines, but it's nice to carry a baby item around that isn't a brightly colored animal. Birds, heartbeat, stream, night sounds, and ocean are those. There are 5 sound levels in the volume. The heartbeat made me happy because it sounded clear. A lot of sound machines have a whooshy heartbeat which makes me cringe. I don't use the light for my baby right now, but my toddler will often turn it on. It is a more subtle glow, but you can't stop the colors from changing. I don't keep it on while I sleep. It might be a good distraction if the baby is more interested in outside sources. It fulfilled all of my needs. I'm happy to have a machine that doesn't cost me much.

👤I work in the surgery department of the children's hospital. I was looking for something that would help soothe the children after anesthesia. The Cloud was perfect because it was so large. The sounds are wonderful and the lights are soft. The nurses love them and are asking for more. Thank you so much for the amazing tool!

👤After a few months of use, it seems that the product has gotten its wires crossed and no longer works. It went into seizure mode and just flashed lights. While my daughter wasn't using it, it turned itself on and began flashing crazy all on it's own. The music and sounds are lovely. I wish it had lasted more than a few months. The cloud was replaced for free when the company was in touch. Thank you so much! My daughter loves having this.

👤Gramma's replacement did not work. I ordered the last 4 and hope one of them works, as Gramma loved it. There is an update. Gramma's stopped working but was able to return to Amazon for a new one. It was difficult to get granddaughter to take a nap. I had to push a button to replay a song when I bought this. This plays for 30 minutes straight. I place it nearby where I can coddle her and she relaxes so much. It's too loud on the lower setting in other reviews. If you have a small room, I can see that being true. Place it on a piece of furniture. The crib railing has a strap on it. I was worried that it would scratch the crib, but it doesn't. I bought a one for Gramma, who loves it. After Grandpa died, Gramma had trouble sleeping. I bought her a one of these that she hangs on her bed and plays it at night. I smile when I pass her room.

7. Munchkin Wide Angle Adjustable Shatter Resistant

Munchkin Wide Angle Adjustable Shatter Resistant

The extra-large mirror measures 11.25” x 8” It's easy to adjust the mirror when it's rotating to capture the perfect viewing angle. A wide-angle, clear-view mirror provides superior views. No assembly is needed to install. Sturdy dual straps made of seatbelt material are fastened to the headrests. The mirror is not compatible with fixed headrests. Crash-tested and shatter-resistant. Crash-tested and shatter-resistant.

Brand: Munchkin

👤The product is great in theory, but not in reality. The pivot feature was a selling point for me, however once installed I realized that it was a downfall. It makes it nearly impossible to see what my baby is doing in the backseat because the mirror vibrates with the motions of the car. It definitely didn't work for me, I wasn't sure if it would be more stable in a different vehicle. The mirror is easy to install, sturdy, and has a nice aesthetic design so it does have that going for it.

👤I had a mirror that broke when I drove with the windows down. The mirror is constructed better than other mirrors. It has two straps on the headrest, like most other mirrors. The base and arm are made of a single piece of plastic. The arm is a separate piece that has to be clicked into place on the base. That is where it broke. It seems that is a common point of failure. The mirror seems more stable and the angle of the mirror stays put, which seems to be more durable. It was nice that everything was assembled.

👤This is a sturdy product, and is a large mirror to see a baby. The material is strong and can easily be adjusted when needed. The only downside is that it only works with headrests that are adjusted in height.

👤I had a regular Brica car seat mirror, but it kept moving when I went over rough roads. I bought this one and it is perfect. It is in place. The only complaint I have is not related to the product. The rear window of my VW Tiguan is very small and this mirror takes up a lot of my sightline.

👤The mirror is great for keeping an eye on your baby. You can position the mirror in a large area. It feels like it's made a durable d. The headrest needs to be adjusted for proper installation.

👤It works well for our baby. Don't use with a happy toddler. The purpose of the mirror being set up to keep an eye on our little one was defeated when she kicked it and moved it all around. We are still happy with it because the newborn won't be able to reach it for a long time. The toddler kicked it for a few weeks.

👤Good size. It's easy to install. I like the fact that I can change it to see my child in a different way. It can be easily moved. When I put my child in a car seat and she kicks the mirror, I have to adjust it so I can see her, like when I put my child in a car seat and she accidentally kicks the mirror. It is a very clear mirror. We bought another one for my husband.

👤I returned the product because it had a great concept. You can't see your baby when you are driving down the road. I was really excited about this because it is nice in size and you can move it to different positions, but when you can't see your baby, what's the point of having a mirror?

8. Funbliss Backseat Finish Super Mirror Safe Shatterproof

Funbliss Backseat Finish Super Mirror Safe Shatterproof

The baby mirror for car back seat is a great way to keep an eye on your baby's safety while you drive. There is a new design no fear of breaking. The baby mirror for car is made of superior quality material. So you don't have any security concerns. They have designed their new mirror with a shatter-proof acrylic glass surface from their ongoing research and practical experience so that it can survive any impact at any time. This car baby mirror is fully-adjustable and can be used in either horizontal or vertical position. The roof design and sturdy construction are both shabby. The shatterproof baby backseat mirror for car is made of shatterproof glass and has an extra durable strap system to make sure it stays in place even through bumpy roads. Their priority is your angel's safety. There is a guaranteed SATISFACTION. The Funbliss baby car mirror has an Absolutely No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee. If you don't like your baby car seat mirror, just return it for a refund. There is a guaranteed SATISFACTION. The Funbliss baby car mirror has an Absolutely No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee. If you don't like your baby car seat mirror, just return it for a refund.

Brand: Funbliss

👤The mirror is said to be the most stable, but it is not because of a ball bearing or a swivel on the back. I can't see my baby, I just see the top of the car seat, and there's no way to tilt the mirror without it slipping back to the straight forward position.

👤It was cheaper and better than what we got at walmart. You can see the baby more clearly with this wide range. It was worth the purchase.

👤I have had a few mirrors for my car, but this one is the best and the price is less than $30. I like how thin it is, it is not so bulky on the head rest, and it is very clear. You can see your child. The mirror has no frame and is large. I feel like you pay more to have a smaller mirror with a large frame. This price point is unbeatable. I think this is a baby registry.

👤There are a lot of products. We were debating between the two. We are happy with our decision. It was easy to install. The mirror is clear. The only flaw was to get it at the right angle, but an easy fix was to place something between the mirror and the headrest. A simple fix. Problem solved. It's a good idea to use a mirror so you don't get distracted while driving.

👤This mirror is less expensive than others because it doesn't have a way to angle the mirror. You can easily adjust the angle with a ball with a sockets or similar innovation. I keep my daughter's car seat in the middle seat to maximize safety, and the mirror has to go on the back passenger side seat to maximize safety. It is not possible to angle the mirror in this configuration so that I can see my daughter. You can spend the extra $5 and get an option.

👤It was difficult to get this at the right angle so we could see our baby. The mirror quality is okay. It was a pain to get correct placement.

👤The product seemed like a great purchase after reading the other reviews, but I got the package. I open the package, the mirror is in the box, and the back straps are covered in mold. Sorry. I don't want to buy a product that is going to be so close to a newborn baby. Going to look for something else.

👤The clips that I could mount to the head rest of my car were offered by this. It was difficult to get the right angle to see my baby. I had to jam a corner into the seat to hold the correct angle because I was never able to get the mount to align correctly. The strap broke just now. I live in Phoenix where summers are brutal so I still find this lacking having only lasted a few months in a shaded car.

9. FPVERA Baby Spiral Plush Hanging

FPVERA Baby Spiral Plush Hanging

When your baby is sleeping, you can put the stuffed animals toy next to your baby. The Activity Spiral Car Seat toys can be used to sleep with your baby. You can put baby crib toys in the Baby Gym. If you have a question about the baby car toys or stroller toys, please contact their customer service. They will give 100% satisfaction to parents and babies. Are mothers upset that the baby is always crying and unable to do anything? A stroller toy with jingle music, rattles, bird chirps, makes the newborn baby can be immersed in music and not cry. Cute animal theme. The baby rattle crib toys have colorful designs, cute animals and bird shapes. Babies will be attracted to learn. The musical car seat toy is made of PP cotton. The baby spiral toy is close to the skin. It is safe, please rest assured. Allow your baby to touch, pull and squeeze. Hanging baby toys are the perfect gift for a new born. The baby loves it and parents will appreciate it. Birthdays, baby showers, Children's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. are best gifts. When your baby is playing, rattle activity toys can be used as a companion. The baby can accompany all night when it falls asleep. You can put mobile stroller toys over crib rails, stroller bar, shopping cart handles, baby car seat mobile, etc.

Brand: Fpvera

👤The product is fun to add to a car seat. It distracts the baby for a while for long car rides and I use it as a toy. The toys are sometimes a bit short. If a baby were to be in a car seat. Some teething parts can't reach the baby.

👤My child loves this toy. She is playing with the wrapped car seat and batting at it. The avocados jingle. Highly recommended!

👤Pleasing to look at something. Great colors! Excellent quality.

👤The baby can't reach if they are on the carseat handle.

👤Product picture shows music. There is no music. It is great. There is interest in infants. The baby seems to like looking at it.

👤It's perfect for a newborn.

👤A gift for a grandson.

10. Taf Toys Companion Strolling Newborns

Taf Toys Companion Strolling Newborns

Relax and have fun. While on the go, a small musical hanging toy with playful and soothing melodies, accompanied by colorful changing light to entertain babies while out and about. The My Musical Mini Moon will make your baby have a lot of fun listening to the different melodies or relaxing to the shush sound. There are 3 classical melodies and a shush sound. The Mini Moon calms baby and develops his senses, cognitive skills and emotional intelligence. The perfect development toy has music, lights, and lots of play activities. The toy is used to teach about cause and effect. Babies can use the toy to understand cause and effect. By pulling the toy's teether, baby will prompt the music to start and the light will show that they have control and can make things happen. It's easy to fold and carry out. The toy is easy to fold and can be attached to buggies, car seats and cots. To meet their high standards, safety was tested. 2 XAAA batteries are required. To meet their high standards, safety was tested. 2 XAAA batteries are required.

Brand: Taf Toys

👤What a lifesaver! My 5 month old does not do well in the car if she is alone. It was purchased in hopes that it would calm her down. It worked well. She likes the music and the lights. The music lasts 20 minutes, unlike other music toys which only last a few minutes. The music is a little loud for a baby toy, but it's not bad. We clip the toy to the back of the car so it's far away from the baby.

👤We love playing with this toy. The lights, the music, the texture. It was one of the first things my baby liked. She likes the look of the light and tries to eat the star. She gets excited to play with her toys even if she is on her tummy. The only thing I don't like is that after a few songs, there's a song that scares me. I don't like that song and the whistling song too, and it's not love for me. The first song is the best song ever and we can go through the songs and come back to it very quickly.

👤It is amazing! It is pretty awesome. The best part is the shhhhh sound. I cover it with my baby's blanket. The light is bright enough to see in broad daylight. The photo shows it is long enough for my baby to grab it. It is a great item. 10/10 would be good.

👤We absolutely love it and I originally gave it 5 stars. It became my son's favorite and we use a toy to help him sleep. We have had it for a month and have had to replace the batteries 3 times and the lights have stopped working even with new batteries. The toy has not gotten wet or chewed on, and my son is only 9 weeks old, and he only stares at it. The toy was a favorite of ours and we are disappointed in the quality. We are looking for a replacement toy with music and lights that will last longer and be a better quality toy.

👤The baby loves the light. It plays different songs. It doesn't always turn on when it's suppose to. You have to pull the night cap on top, up and back down, but it doesn't always turn on. It is still cute.

👤The toy looks like the pictures. There is a switch that can be turned on to music or light. Three tunes and one sound. I liked that the music plays for 20 minutes so I didn't have to be constantly trying to start my car while also listening to it. The baby can be entertained while driving and can be easily moved to another device with the sturdy clip. Must have for parents.

👤The toy has been helpful. The music/light mode has long playing songs ranging from upbeat to soft and soothing, as well as the shusher. You can use the light mode without music if you want a color show. It is easy to clip on.

11. BABBYO Infants Steering Lights Driving

BABBYO Infants Steering Lights Driving

It is a good gift for a baby's birthday or Christmas. Best gifts for your baby birthday gifts or shower present are also suitable for activity gym toy. The musical car wheel toys keep your child happy while travelling. The toy is designed to entertain baby while parents are driving. Parents don't want to sit alone on the safety seat in the back with their baby, so they use this toy to distract them. The steering wheel is in place. The toy is designed to be a steering wheel, it has buttons on it, and your child can imitate your actions behind you. While child enjoys playing with a toy, he can see himself in the mirror on the toy, helping keep baby calm and entertained on car rides, allowing parents to enjoy a quiet and calm drive. Child develops imagination and emotional intelligence by imitating driver's actions. Child's fine motor skill and hand-eye coordination can be developed by rotating the steering wheel and gear lever. You can easily install the toy by clicking the rings on the head rest poles. The toy is perfect for cars because it is easy for the baby to reach and it is not in use. This would be a great gift for a new parent, as it would help them to keep their baby safe while driving, and also allow them to explore and learn as they grow.

Brand: Babbyo

👤I don't recommend this toy for babies under 8 months. It's a nice toy but only works if baby presses the buttons and the blinker isn't on. My son is 8 years old and he is just starting to play with it. He's learning. I would love to get a more interactive toy. He will play with this one more.

👤The toy stopped working in less than 2 months, but we loved it in the car or stroller. Changing the batteries didn't work. My 16 month old loved it, but I was disappointed.

👤The infant grandson loves it and we put it in the main vehicle for family transportation. He is playing with the device and amusing himself with the lights and sound effects.

👤The toy is helpful when driving. My grandson enjoys looking at himself in the mirror. It is a great gift.

👤BABBYO Baby Car Seat toys are fun and keep the little one engaged. This would be a great gift.


What is the best product for car seat light toys?

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What are the best brands for car seat light toys?

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