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1. Protector Shynerk Carseat Automotive Upholstery

Protector Shynerk Carseat Automotive Upholstery

Best value, best quality for the best price, don't overpay,ANDY STORAGE has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. The perfect storage area to tuck toys, diapers, and wet wipes out of site is provided by the built in mesh storage pockets that hang beneath feet. The auto car seat protectors for infants, baby and child are backed by a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. It plays defense against the messiest kids and you will love it. It's easy to clean spills and messes in a car with children and pets because it's waterproof. The car seat mat is easy to clean, it is made of 600D waterproof Oxford fabric. The fabric is tough enough to protect against scratches and compression marks. The child car seat cover has a slide-proof construction to keep the seat from sliding once installed. The cover of your child's car seat can slip on the seat surface if it is not secured. It is easy to install and compatible with all car seats. All cars, trucks, vans and SUVs have the same car seat pad that is used under a child's safety seat. It is easy to install and attach to the headrest. The extra tall back panel is designed to fit larger car seats. The vehicle seat cover comes with a strap that can be adjusted to secure the back panel to the car's headrest. Remove and install your child's car seat. The cover of your child's car seat can slip on the seat surface if it is not secured. If you have any questions or suggestions about car seat protectors, please let them know. If you have any questions or suggestions about car seat protectors, please let them know.

Brand: Shynerk Care

👤A very similar looking name brand product that costs twice as much is an excellent product. We own both and I am very pleased with them. They offer great protection for the seats; it is not just a piece of foam, but a thick, durable material that will hold up for as long as I use car seats. They do not slide under the car seats. I have tried several car seat protectors but none have allowed for the car seat to move even though I tightly strap it down. This one doesn't. We own three now.

👤Installation of the car seat protectors was very quick. It fits the back seat of my SUV perfectly and the design is compatible with the location of the baby car seat base. I like that it's black and blends well with my car's interior, because it won't show long term use for a long time. It is light. The anti-slip design is very good, it keeps my baby car seat base in place and secure against the leather seats. If you need to have a baby car seat permanently installed in your car for a few years, this is the product for you.

👤We love this seat cover. It was a pain to hold in place while installing the car seat because it didn't have a clip on the top like this one. I got this one for my daughter and loved it so I decided to throw my sons away and order another one. These are the best car seat covers. No dents in your seats. The feature is water resistant. Especially when training a toddler.

👤I needed to protect my toddler from my carseat. I didn't know that the carseat would leave almost irreversible damage to my seats and that she had an accident when she was in it. I was looking for a barrier. I was surprised at how long this seat protector was. It is thick and water resistant so the carseat can't leave any more lines and dents. If she has an accident now, I can clean that up, instead of having to have my car seats looked at again. The product is great and the price is great.

👤It's a perfect fit in my new car, it keeps my leather seats clean from dirty kid shoes, and it prevents the indents from the car seat. Doesn't get in the way of the clips. It takes some bending to get it flat. I will be getting 3 more to cover the seats in both cars.

👤I love this seal protecter. It's easy to install. I bought two car seats. The grip on my leather does not stick to it, and the covers are thick, so I don't have to worry about my leather being damaged by the bottom of the car seats.

👤I used to have one of these, but we sold our car and had to buy a new one. I love how easy it is to clean. I love that there are all the snacks for the kids in that section and I don't have to wash the seats or take the food between seats. I don't have car seat marks on my seats.

2. Protector Premium Protect Leather Storage

Protector Premium Protect Leather Storage

A black color that matches your car's interior leather or upholstery. * 17inch There is an amount of 44CM. Children's dirty, muddy or wet shoes and feet can cause damage to your leather or cloth upholstery. They are very easy to clean. Simply wipe them with a damp cloth. There is only one thing to it. No machine-wash is required. Installation is free. Forget about cheap straps and buckles that fall apart quickly. Save yourself some time and energy by getting this car seat back protectors. It will stay in place without folding thanks to its reinforced top straps. The nylon straps wrap around the bottom part of the seat for a snug fit. Installation in less than one minute. Please note that "Invisible Strap" fits through the gap between the seat back and seat bottom, so it's important to ensure compatibility with your car's seats. Please note that "Invisible Strap" fits through the gap between the seat back and seat bottom, so it's important to ensure compatibility with your car's seats.

Brand: Aiydachy

👤The kickmats on the market are not as nice as these, but they stay put and don't swing around. I'm very happy with them. They look great in my new car and will help protect the seats from messes. I couldn't use the middle flaps exactly because my arm rests were in the way, but I still feel like these stay put and look great. Function and beauty.

👤If incentives were given to write a good review, it should include a disclosure. This is a good product and no incentives were given. I like how thick these matts are. They are thick to keep their shape. I have purchased other kick matts that shred up and fall apart very quickly. I have had these for about 3 months now and they look the same as when I first installed them. Installation is easy and discreet.

👤The seat protectors look very high end. I was confused on how to attach the middle straps because they did not have any instructions. The Rick is here. The middle straps have to be pushed all the way through the seat. The round pieces should stick out of the back of your seat and not slide out. They work well once I figured that out. I drive a sports car and these seat protectors are not appropriate for a truck or SUV. I am not able to use the bottom connectors because they are too long.

👤These look great in my car. We are easy to install and they are very good quality. I will protect my seats from dirty feet. It is easy to clean. I would recommend them.

👤I love these! I stuck with the brands I ordered for the win. I like how they look and they are the right fit. They do not hang or droop. They look better than the competitors brand. I usually don't do reviews but I have to because I am so happy with the look, value and fit of this product. I drive a car.

👤When I saw there were no reviews, I wasn't sure about ordering them. I'm happy I did. They look similar to the photos.

👤They look great in my palisade.

👤This is a great seat cover. The quality of this one will pay off in the long run, even if you can find cheaper ones.

3. Protector Protectors Organizer Pockets Waterproof

Protector Protectors Organizer Pockets Waterproof

The seat is 18 x 19 in ch, the back is 18 x 23 in (46 x 59 cm), and the storage area is 14 x 8 in (34 x 19 cm). 2 mesh pockets will help you store and organize your things. Every time you travel, fill the mesh pockets with whatever you want. Car storage organization The kick mat car seat protectors are ideal for all types of cars, from jeep, truck, van, SUV. Protects more of your seat. Compared to other leading brands, the double layer Extra large Size of 25” X 19” covers 15% more of your backseat. Peace of Mind is protected against damage from snow, sleet and mud. Perfect carseat saver cover for cars, SUVs, truck or even your minivan seatback. Car seat kick mats are great for extending the life of your backseats and improving your car's interior. Protect your seats. It's ideal for people with kids and pets as well. Maintaining flawless car upholstery is important for many years to come. Simple to implement. The Car Kick Mat can be pulled down over your car's seat and fastened around your head rest. These are also good for adjusting the headrests. Simple to implement. The Car Kick Mat can be pulled down over your car's seat and fastened around your head rest. These are also good for adjusting the headrests.

Brand: Axelect

👤The seat protectors looked like they would add some protection against child car seats. There are marks on the leather seats. The child's car seat was put on top of my seat. I left the car seat sitting on top. I noticed the dots on the leather the next day. I have tried many things to remove the dots. It looks like another seat protection is needed. I have seats that look like someone took a sharpie and made dots all over and I am not very pleased with this item.

👤Disappointed. It says that the seat protectors are thick. The material is not like the picture.

👤I ordered this because it was a 2 pack and had a good price. The reviews were good. I don't agree with the reviews. My previous car seat protectors were thick. I took it out of the bag. It was too thin and I would want it to be thicker to protect my leather seats. I ordered the same seat protectors after I returned it.

👤I liked the car seats initially because they looked nice and were spill resistant. The seat cover is out of place when I get in and out of my car. There isn't any type of strap or holster to keep it from moving, but it came with weird hooks that seem to have no known purpose. I'll probably buy a different seat cover.

👤This was a great deal and now my kids can play in the store and coloring stuff can be fun.

👤The hard plastic liner on the top of the seat protectors keeps it from getting bunched up on top like a different brand did.

👤I use car seats for my baby and save the leather seats in my car.

👤The mat is easy to install and does the job. It has been great so far, we had it in the car for two snowy days.

4. Chemical Guys SPI_208_16 SPI_401_16 Conditioner

Chemical Guys SPI_208_16 SPI_401_16 Conditioner

A non-greasy formula cleans and protects. It is possible to wipe away contaminants without harming leather. For the most efficient cleaning, the pH is balanced to leather. It protects the leather's strength,Durability and appearance. Leather surfaces are restored. It's great for seats, door panels and dashboards.

Brand: Chemical Guys

👤You can get that amazing price if you landed on this product page. It's true. I ordered these thinking it might be damaged. Nope! It's the deal. Both products are chemical. There is no clue as to why it is cheaper than the packaged deal. They both ship as separate items. I love the product. I've tried wipes that sucked and left streaks. I've tried 3 in 1s. It works but doesn't do a good job in cleaning or conditioning. The cleaner does his job. I use a horsehair brush to clean my couches. No streaks or dries fast. The conditioner is where it is supposed to be. It makes my couches look brand new.

👤The price is legit. I thought I was being bamboozled when I saw the discounted price for the cleaner duo. It is the real deal. I use this on a lot of my leather products. Chemical Guys does not leave a lasting residual oiliness, which is why I prefer it over Meguiars. I have to let it cure for 24 hours before I can touch it.

👤I haven't tried the cleaner yet, but I have used the conditioner and love it. The bottle was open when I got it. The little foil cap under the lid was already removed because it didn't have a seal around it. The bottle leaked when I tried to use it. A new bottle was sealed in a couple of days after I sent a return request. It works great on the leather seats in my car. Despite using the product regularly, I had cracks and tears develop in my driver seat and I wasn't impressed. The leather on that seat needs to be replaced. I decided it was time for a better product. I found this through research and reviews. I can feel the difference in my leather seats. They feel softer. They smell great and have a better sheen. I have been using this product for a couple of months and have not had any cracks or tears in my seat. This product is working for me. I used the product before and had a new crack a couple weeks later. I would love to try this out earlier.

👤I used to struggle to keep my car leather seats looking new and healthy, but this product does the trick. I found this product on Amazon and was able to keep my seats in my car.

👤I've always used general purpose cleaners, but I was surprised how well these worked. I liked the cleaner as it immediately showed the result which I could see in real time. The conditioner leaves a nice non oily feel on the leather and seems to give it a slight slick feel, which I'm guessing is intended to help prevent friction damage. I liked it, even did well to clean the chair my dog refuses to stay out of at night, I'm really impressed.

👤I used the combo kit on my leather car seats until I tried on a steering wheel. The steering wheel was going to be replaced. I tried chemical guys leather cleaner and leather conditioner, but it was stiff, and I had no idea what low cost could do. Thank you chemical guys.

5. Brica Booster Guardian Protector Brown

Brica Booster Guardian Protector Brown

Slips can be prevented with dual- grip traction pads. Specifically designed for booster seats. Grime Guard fabric protects against spills. The raised walls help protect against spills. Buckle access is crash-tested and folds. The colors and style may be different. The colors and style may be different.

Brand: Munchkin

👤I wanted something to protect the front passenger seat, so I bought this. I wanted something to protect that seat because I eat on the road and put bags on it. I accidentally spilled some soda on my seat and it rolled off, but I didn't realize it was water resistant. If I had to say anything negative about this product, I would say that it has little grip strips on the top to keep things from sliding and that it's good for use under a child's safety seat. I was surprised at the fact that the bottom of the car seat slides around a lot, so I put a towel under the cover and it works like a charm, no more sliding.

👤My daughter's booster seat had too much wiggle room. The booster seat is kept in place when she gets in and out by the seat guardian. I think it's a good idea for her to move up to the booster seat with the seat guardian. I like that it protects the leather seats from messes. It's an inexpensive way of protecting the back seat, so I'm pleased with my purchase and would recommend it.

👤I don't like the color of the protectors. I thought it would be black. It doesn't match my interior at all. I would take it back if it were in the third row. Everyone answered that it was grey when people asked what color it was supposed to be because they had a brown one. I got it because of this. Product information needs to be clear.

👤The design of the seat cover was great. It stayed on the seat. I returned it because it wasn't thick enough to prevent the leather seats from being hit. This is a great option if that is not an issue for you.

👤The protector is attached to a piece of furniture. I don't want to be near fabric seats. It is a horrible idea. The box says it's for 4-7. We got them for our bigger kids' boosters, which are a lower profile and seem to be designed for bulkier boosters only.

👤I love this seat cover. We have had the other one for a long time and this is the second one we have bought. They keep the booster seat from leaving marks on our seats. It catches a lot of crumbs when it comes up on the back sides of the booster seat. It makes it easier to clean.

👤This fits in my Honda Odyssey. The seat belt buckle was interfered with by some of the other brands of booster seat protectors. This is a thick cover that protects my new leather seats, but is also flexible, which is great for the captain chair. It does not interfere with the seat belt buckle. The thick rubber grips won't rub off on my leather seats as they get more wear, and I like that.

👤It does the job well. I don't know if the product is my son or not, but I thought it would stay in place. My son is a not one to sit still for long, so this thing slides with him whenever he turns in his booster or when he gets out. It requires constant adjusting on my part, but it catches all his things when it's in place and keeps my leather seats clean. I've had it for a few months, and it hasn't been a big issue.

6. Colourlock Leather Leathers Protection Transfers

Colourlock Leather Leathers Protection Transfers

Stop by their store to find more car seat covers. Make a thoughtful gift for your friends and family. Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied is their top priority. The quality was made in Germany. The formula was developed in the lab. There is new or light colored leather. It's ideal for new leather which is less than 3 years old and for leathers in light colors. There is a protection against dye transfer from denim and other clothing to light colored leather. Protects against surface damage on high friction areas. It can be used on furniture, clothing, shoes, bags and accessories.

Brand: Colourlock

👤I used this cleaner to clean my purses. The color did not come off. Before using, I suggest to test in a small area. I liked that it has a protection. I have used the purses and they have not left any marks. The colors were rejuvenated after treatment.

👤I like this product. I saw it through a video on the internet. This was the finish he recommended for newer vehicles. I have tried a few other conditioners and have hated them all. I don't like the smell of anything shiny or overly scented, and I don't like the feeling of being on the seats. After cleaning my tan leather seats with an auto leather cleaner, I used this on them. The seats look brand new. The scent was the same as when I brought the car home. I used it on my steering wheel, and it looks brand new, and it isn't slippery at all. I wish I'd bought it with the cleaner instead of using up what I had on hand because I think the cleaner is quite good.

👤The product was not better than any other leather cleaner. I didn't block color transfer for a minute. Don't buy.

👤We used Angelus leather paint to restore the seats in the airplane. The seats were new when we left. It's holding up great a year later.

👤So far, so good. I bought this to protect my tan leather interior. Three months have passed and no trace of blue.

👤This stuff is very strong. I put it on with a microfiber sponge and it was wet but dry. I am hopeful that it will protect that long because they say to reapply about every 3 months.

👤I put two applications on my car seats a couple of months ago and they are showing signs of staining from my blue jeans.

👤My brand new truck has a leather shield on it. Follow all directions. Does not stop blue jeans from dyeing.

👤I have only used it once so far, on a light beige leather in a new car, but time will tell!

👤I only had to use a leather conditioner on the black leather seats. I have dark brown leather and it turned black when blue jean dye rubbed off on it. You should clean the leather first with a Mild Leather Cleaner, then let it dry, and then wipe Leather Shield on a few times.

👤I used to use Danier leather. Danier was great. It's a Canadian company. It went out of business. I tried it. The result is the same, but it's triple the price. It's too expensive. I wish Danier was still alive. I will look for something cheap. It's too expensive.

👤My furniture has only been used once. There is a sofa chair. It was very easy to use. There was no smell. Did not change the leather's color. Very happy with the product. The bottle is small and won't last long for more than two to three applications.

7. Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner Complete

Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner Complete

If you love the product or you are not, you can get a 100% money back on your purchase. Everyone has something leather in their home, so this kit works on all things leather, seats, interiors, jackets, shoes, sneakers, boots, sofas and more. They all wash their skin and hair on a regular basis and use conditioners and lotions to keep it hydrated and fresh. The leather cleaner has a balanced pH to make it the most efficient for cleaning and preserving the leather's strength,Durability and appearance. If you use products that are easy to use, and leave no trace, it's more fun, and you won't have to clean with soap. Leather cleaner and leather conditioner are both good for your leather and can help reduce UV damage. The kit is an amazing value because the products have been formulated so you get a lot of uses out of each bottle. Their customers love their products. They want you to love their products as well. Their customers love their products. They want you to love their products as well.

Brand: Chemical Guys

👤Do not use this leather conditioner. After reading many positive reviews and watching the Chemical Guys official video on use/application, I purchased it. They say the smell is nonsense. The smell of this stuff is rank, perhaps they were going for the skin of a dead cow rotting in the sun, because they nailed that perfectly! This smell will never go away. The product will always be fused with anything this stuff touches. Cloths, microfiber cloths, DONE, your leather. I washed off the applicator that I used to remove excess product, and threw it in the wash with my other micro fiber towels. A big mistake. Even with a small amount of product left on the applicator, it penetrated everything in the washing machine, including the washing machine itself! I cannot get the smell to go down after 3 cycles. All of my microfiber towels are ruined now. Do not trust this product, it's awful. I don't think it does anything for your leather. You have been warned.

👤I wear jeans all the time, and the dye transfers onto the beige leather seats of my 2016 Camry. I applied twice in a row. Seven sprays with paper towel wiping. Five sprays, 60 seconds, then paper towel wiping. The picture shown here was taken after the first application. One application does the trick when it comes to application 1 and application 2.

👤I have used products that made claims but have been disappointed. This product was back by many reviews all saying the same thing. My review will support the product. I have a service dog that rides with me in my car. Even if you try to avoid it, dogs can make messes. This will never change. I love the leather interior and it's comfortable. I can't find a seat cover for the seats in this car. The leather gets dirty after being hit. I will never pay someone to do interior detailing because it is not hard to do. I can only conclude that people did not follow directions or take their time doing the job after reading the negative comments. My experience with this product was better than I expected and my interior is now clean again. I needed to use the brush that Chemical Guys offers because the cleaner was fantastic. The conditioner was the same as before, you follow directions and the leather will look new. The car smells of fresh leather, no harsh fumes, or oily or sticky stuff to contend with. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to take care of their leather interior and do a great job detailing their car. People tend to skip directions because we know everything.

👤It worked well for my leather couches. I won't be changing now. I cleaned my couches with the cleaner and then applied a conditioner that I left overnight to absorb. The dust on the top of the couches was brought about by the application of conditioner. Next day, I applied the cleaner again. The couch was shiny and beautiful. Light scratches from my dog's nails were gone. The leather couch looked great.

8. Tesla Leather Cushion Protector Custom

Tesla Leather Cushion Protector Custom

It can be used on furniture, clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. The rear seat covers won't cover back-of-seat extra storage, center arm rest include openings to easily fit items like magazines and water bottles, and it isn't custom-designed. The Model Y is 100% fit. Premium Leather Material is close to the original seat vegan leather. It is easy to clean and non-toxic. The seat covers can protect the seats from a lot of things. It's easy to reserve the front seat. A safe design. Including installation video. It's easy to install. The PU seat cover surface is unique and has delicate perforations. It can make your car seat look new. The PU seat cover surface is unique and has delicate perforations. It can make your car seat look new.

Brand: Basenor

👤The covers fit like stock. I will not pay a premium to get the white seat package if I knew about it. The seat cover is thicker and has a premium look. The front is easy to install. You can find the brand name of the installation video on YouTube. The most difficult part is the rear arm rest. Highly recommended.

👤I am very pleased with the investment. The order of white seats is offset by the fact that they are completely covered. I didn't have to worry about staining or damaging the original covers. I did the install myself. The gloves should be tight and not too loose on the hands. You can find a better installation video on the internet than the one on the instructions. I used talcum powder to fit the back seat sections. They are as attractive as the original seats. They are not original. I can live with the front sections pulling up a tad on the sides. The removal of the back seat bench was difficult because the secured part of it has changed. You pull the padded bench up from the bottom and there are no levers or switches. I did not have to detach the electrical plug because the electrical connection is only on one side. I loosened the bench and put the cover in the car. The bench was simpler than fiddling with the back seat. I have yet to fit the bottom of the three sections. The problem with the back seat covers is that the original covers are not perfect, so adding the pleather covers with the edging is very tight. I think I will have to remove the edging on that last section.

👤It took me 3 hours to install it, but once it's installed, it looks amazing. If you have the 7 seater edition, the covers for the rear bench won't be installed properly because you can't remove the bench and it's configured differently underneath. It doesn't look like there are seat covers on top, but my family and I love it.

👤Even with a video, it's not easy to install the seats, and I'm not sure if all of the straps are connected. They look good. If you want to change the color of your seats without making them permanent, it is a better value. I got the black covers on my seats because I wanted to protect them from my dog and baby, so I compare the black factory seats to the black ones.

👤It wasn't easy to install, but it wasn't hard. It took at least two hours. Quality material was used in PROS 1. It feels good. Good fit to the seats. There are two CONS 1) There's a noticeable gap when you open the trunk because it doesn't zip up all the way. There are two more It's a little loose on the drivers side, so we have to push it back in whenever the cover comes out. It will save some wear and tear on the seats.

9. Protector BUG HULL Waterproof Scratches

Protector BUG HULL Waterproof Scratches

Say goodbye to dirty seats once and for all. They're confident that you'll like your Lusso gear kick mats. They will work with you to make sure you are satisfied if you don't like your purchase. The car back seat saver are made of high-quality Oxford fabric, 18 * 25 inches, and are suitable for most cars. It's easy to install. The back seat protectors for kids are easy to install. Pull the Car Kick Mat down over your car's seat and put the top strap around your head for an easy installation. The black anti-kick car mat is easy to clean. A damp cloth can be used to clean the back of the seat. It's easy to keep it clean. The seat back cushion is all-black. The stylish and simple Backseat Car mats will complement any interior and provide a clean and stylish solution for your car interior. The back seat protectors for kids have two mounting straps on the head and bottom, which can be hidden in the seat gap. If the Rear seat kick pad isn't right for your car, please contact them. The back seat protectors for kids have two mounting straps on the head and bottom, which can be hidden in the seat gap. If the Rear seat kick pad isn't right for your car, please contact them.

Brand: Bug Hull

👤I liked it a lot at first. I didn't expect a problem when I installed it Saturday morning, but I noticed the broken buckle Sunday afternoon.

👤Buckle is not strong. I have a different brand that has been with us for a long time. Do not buy this one, it broke in 39 days.

👤It protects your seat from dirt and foot marks. It's pretty easy to install.

👤The product does a great job of keeping the back of the seats clean.

👤I bought this for my husband's truck so we don't have to worry about my grandkids staining the back of the seats.

👤A couple of cheap plastic buckles and some thin fabric. If your child kicks the back of your seat, there is a good chance the buckles will break. I can't stress how cheap these are. There are better options at better prices. I wouldn't recommend them. I would be embarrassed to sell them.

10. Gimars Thickest Cushion Protector Waterproof

Gimars Thickest Cushion Protector Waterproof

Gimars car seat protectors use 5 layers of thick epe cushion to prevent instruements. The design of the slit leaves the latch system able to accommodate seat belts. The cushion is made of leather and cloth to prevent scratches from toys and pets paws. The car seat cover has an Enhanced waterproof 600D Oxford fabric that protects the seat from spills. Gimars carseat seat protectors are great for long trips with young travelers, sweat after sports and work out, kid mess and drops, spilled drinks, food, rain, dirt, debris and dust. It is easy to clean by wet wipe. It's easy to keep the car clean. Hand wash only. The straps are not easy to break and fit snug on the headrest. The tap slides between the seat and the back. The elastic anti-slip mesh on the back of the child car seat protects it. The cover of the car seat is non-fading, you don't worry about being stained with another color, the seat is 18.9 x 22 inch, the back is 18.9 x. The meshes are easy for toys, snacks, tissues, and other "essential" kid items. The flap protects from children's shoes climbing up and down. If you have a question, please don't hesitate to contact them. The meshes are easy for toys, snacks, tissues, and other "essential" kid items. The flap protects from children's shoes climbing up and down. If you have a question, please don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Gimars

👤It's a fun fact. The man of the house will pick it up and look at it for a short time before doing anything stupid. This fits people pretty well because it is designed to fit a seat, which is what it is. He will put the strap around his neck and act like he's armor. I promise. The main reason is that it has a chest pad, a crease, and a pad that blocks the hips. It has a flap that you push between the seat back and seat bottom to keep it in place. If you catch my drift, that makes a cute little flap/shield/armor piece for the little man. I am writing a review to make sure you are prepared. Expect this to happen as the urge is irresistible. I have a picture! My wife thinks I am stupid. She is not entirely wrong. The function of the product is pretty good. The penis armor is where the value is.

👤It was easy to install, I bought it for my Honda Pilot. There is not enough cushion. It is a seat cover. The car cover got stuck to my leather seats after I lifted my son's car seat up. If you are looking for an easy to install seat cover, I would recommend it. I wouldn't recommend it if you were looking for protection that would save your leather seats.

👤These fit the 2nd row bucket seats perfectly. The flap falls over the edge of the seat. They work well for both infant and toddler seats.

👤Update on February 20th. After waiting for a long time, I received the right product today and decided to change to a 4 star rating. The reason for dropping one star on rating is because it would have been much easier to deal with. The quality of the seat protection looks good. I received two covers and exact dimensions as described in the description. The item was bought because it was 2 pack for a reasonable price. The item was only one piece and the seat cover was not as described in the website. None of the dimensions match. The back rest is only partially covered in the picture. There is no way to keep this in place. They either have a wrong description of the product or they shipped us a wrong item. It matches with both color and pattern. It's a waste of time and resources. Don't deal with this, save your time.

👤This is not a paid review or a review from an influencer, but a picture of the car seat before I installed the protectors. It's really bad. I should have bought them when I bought the car. The second picture seat covers were installed on the captains chairs. The third picture shows seat covers with car seats installed. You can't tell if they are there. Let's hope they can keep the carseats from getting more in line with the seats and prevent messes on the seats. They have a better cushion than I expected. They don't smell good but they don't smell bad like one I have tried before. It was very easy to install. It took a while.

11. Smart Elf Protector Protective Protectors

Smart Elf Protector Protective Protectors

Smart eLf car seat protectors fit all sizes of baby infant car seats and booster seats. It is possible to protect your car's upholstery from stains, smells, scratches and dents, which will increase your car's resale value and extend the life of your vehicle. Smart eLf ultra-durable car seat cover set are high temperature resistance, they will not melt even in hot weather, so you don't worry about it stained your leather or fabric seat! Will not leave any marks on the seats. This car seat protector is great for long trips with young travelers, sweat after sports and work out, kid mess and drops, spilled drinks, food, rain, and it protects cloth leather seat from spills. There is no more mess in the car floors. The car kick mat has multiple pockets and an iPad holder, so it also functions as a backseat car organizers. In this way, your kid's toys and water bottles will always be easy to reach and long car rides will be calmer. The kick mat car seat protectors are 18 x 26 inches and can be adjusted to your needs. Jeeps, trucks, vans, SUVs and your car are all ideal for their kick mat organizers. Being waterproof it can be used in a heavy duty way. Imagine not having to clean your car seats again. The heavy duty elastic straps are the best part. You will not know they are there. The kick mat car seat protectors are 18 x 26 inches and can be adjusted to your needs. Jeeps, trucks, vans, SUVs and your car are all ideal for their kick mat organizers. Being waterproof it can be used in a heavy duty way. Imagine not having to clean your car seats again. The heavy duty elastic straps are the best part. You will not know they are there.

Brand: Smart Elf

👤The cover under the car seat is waterproof and perfect for the Sportage. The fabric of the seat cover is a bit slick, so be sure to put your car seat nice and tight. The cover that holds the tablets and toys isn't as good as the first half. It says that it fits my vehicle, but it doesn't. The second and third straps keep slipping off the seat even if I put them tight. My vehicle is the same as before. I feel like the straps are too small to fit the seats in my car and it wouldn't be a problem. It might fit other car seats better. The concept is wonderful. My sons are holding a couple of books. There are pockets on the sides that you can put drinks in. It is definitely a space saver. There is a small slit in the side where you can put the charging cord into the tablets. I would recommend this duo to any parent who wants to save space and keep their cars clean. It is great for long rides, you don't have to worry about your child holding the device for too long, it is in the pouch.

👤So far, they seem great after they were installed. I don't like where the third buckle is for the back seat protectors, it would be in the middle of the person sitting in that seats back, which wouldn't be comfortable. The top and bottom buckle seem to work well. The pocket has a buckle on it that doesn't allow you to tighten it.

👤Adding a second grandchild means adding a second carseat. Three years ago, I purchased a seat protectors for my carseat. My fist one was nicer for the same amount of money. It's easy to install and cover the seat. The back of the front seat has an over cover. When the older grandchild puts his feet up, this one stays in place. My old one had a hard time securing the bottom because the cover kept his feet off my upholstery. This product is very good. The value is great.

👤The pictures of the "2 pack" are misleading as there is only one item in each pack.

👤The seller is responsive. The seller made it right. It is a good price effective means for basic protection.

👤The seats in your vehicle are the most important factor in the installation process. The length of the straps are not included in the dimensions listed. They weren't long enough to fit around the front seatbacks of our car. SUV seats might be more robust. The soft material of the seat protectors is not strong enough to protect the seat from the seat base. We put the new cover over the older one. The storage areas are not accessible when the child is properly belted in. If you ask me, it's kind of weird. It was a poor purchase and too much hassle to return.

👤I love this duo. I thought I would have to buy both backseat and seat protectors separately. I only found them in a 2 pack. I found this! I wanted one of each and it was exactly what I wanted for my 3 year old. I just bought a brand new car with leather seats and now I don't have to worry about her kicking the seats or getting her crumbs in between the cracks. The pockets are great to keep things organized. If you have kids, this product is worth the purchase.


What is the best product for car seat leather protector white?

Car seat leather protector white products from Shynerk Care. In this article about car seat leather protector white you can see why people choose the product. Aiydachy and Axelect are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat leather protector white.

What are the best brands for car seat leather protector white?

Shynerk Care, Aiydachy and Axelect are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat leather protector white. Find the detail in this article. Chemical Guys, Munchkin and Colourlock are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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