Best Car Seat Leather Protector Cover

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1. Protector Protectors Thickest Padding Non Slip

Protector Protectors Thickest Padding Non Slip

Oxford is non-toxic and harmless. There is no bad smell or smell. Their ultra-durable car seat cover are high temperature resistance, they will not melt even in hot weather, so you don't worry about it staining your leather or fabric seat! Will not leave any marks on the seats. Smart eLf is a car seat protection that protects leather and cloth fabric car seats from spills, dents, and scratches. The pockets in the bottom are perfect for storing your child's toys. Premium 600D Oxford fabric is used for this car seat cover and it is easy to clean. It is not necessary to spend a lot of time cleaning. You can use a damp cloth to wipe off spills. Machine wash are not recommended. Multifunctional Protector The baby car seat protectors fit for the large size carseat. Even for pets, dogs, and cats, as a pet seat cover. It is convenient for family travel and it fits in the back seat,rear seat or front seat of the car. It's the parent's favorite. Multifunctional Protector The baby car seat protectors fit for the large size carseat. Even for pets, dogs, and cats, as a pet seat cover. It is convenient for family travel and it fits in the back seat,rear seat or front seat of the car. It's the parent's favorite.

Brand: Smart Elf

👤Since my cat is small, it's difficult to take photos of it, so I'm going to point out that before I go ahead with my review. The video shows how it looks when placed on top of my driver side car seat, and I decided to put it on a foldable chair to show its true capabilities. The canvas fabric used in this car seat is strong and also durable. Installation is as easy as 1-2-3. Make sure your car seat is secured by attaching the strap around it. To make sure the car seat cover stays in place, Tuck the tail in the middle of the seat cover into the spacing of the seat. The rest of the car seat cover should be extended below the car seat. I can put pens, extra cables, loose coins, and other items inside the two convenient storage pouches once Step #3 is completed. This car seat cover is easy to install, durable, and convenient, and it's a car's best companion! Please let me know if you enjoy the review. Highly recommended.

👤When we travel we put additional luggage and items in the vehicle and this is the quality that I bought to protect my leather seats. It's easy to install, it's lightweight, and it's very well constructed. I highly recommend!

👤The installation of the seat cover is very easy and it seems to have been done well. It works with the latches. I use it with a Nuna Pipa Relx base. The leather of the car seat should be protected by the material. How it will go in the coming months.

👤It worked well for the back of my truck. The job is done. The top latch loop is the only issue I have with it. My model truck has it spread out a bit. If they provided a loop in the middle for vehicles like mine where I have to remove my rear head rest so that my child's car seat can fit, it would be an improvement. The middle loop has been working well in protecting my leather seats from the child's car seat, even though the issue is that the material is bunched up at the top.

👤We have a different brand of car seat that is much thicker and grippier than this one. We couldn't get the car seat tight enough to keep it from sliding. Returning.

👤My Jeep cherokee seats are black. I purchased this seat cover because I never cared for a seat cover before these seats. It has made my seats look nice while my child is in a booster. Would purchase again.

👤I put my grandkids car seats on top of these because they were easy to install. I know my car seats are protected.

👤I bought this because my car seat base was lost. I was glad I fixed the base because the car seat is hard on my leather seats, so I kept the product.

👤When we put the car seat back in, we wanted something to protect the leather, so we bought a leather bucket seat. The cover seems to be of good quality and is easy to install. It stays in place because it fits the seat perfectly. It should hold up well to the car seat because of its thickness.

2. BDK Stitched Neoprene Seat Covers

BDK Stitched Neoprene Seat Covers

The PU seat cover surface is unique and has delicate perforations. It can make your car seat look new. These are the perfect seat covers for your new car, or even a car that is just new-to-you. Their front seat covers offer protection against spills and stains that can occur inside of your vehicle while also refreshing the look of your interior. If there is an accidental spill, your seats are protected and you have peace of mind. The inside of their seat protectors have a waterproof foam lining. Modern design seat covers are compatible with any built-in safety features found in newer vehicles. Simply install and you are all set. The best investment for a new vehicle is easy to install. The installation process for the front seat covers and head rest covers is simple. Their front seat covers are designed to fit most vehicles. You can see their images for fitment examples. There may be more work required to create a perfect fit. Their front seat covers are designed to fit most vehicles. You can see their images for fitment examples. There may be more work required to create a perfect fit.

Brand: Bdk

👤So far, so good. It fits nicely. The seat cover goes the shape of the seat. The sides of the upper seat are open because it is air bag compatible. It feels great. I have not had a problem with the material sliding or having to adjust it when I get in and out of the house. It hold up very well. Time will tell how long my truck lasts. I love them because they supply good padding, good protection, and good quality. I would have paid a lot more for these. The covers fit perfectly. No tearing what you have. There are no stupid little clips for the seat covers. Love them. It's not like it matters, but it's installed in a crewcab with a fixed center console.

👤It is very difficult to install on a driver electric seat. The top is not wide enough to wrap around the seat. I searched for my make, model and year of car and it wasn't good.

👤It is a good product to get you by until you can invest in higher quality. The top pocket is not deep enough to stay in place when I sit down. I have to protect the seats from my dogs because I don't have the money to buy better quality. I will update my review with another photo once I can keep the top portion in place. I have to spend more time and money fixing the mistake on the manufacturers part but I will not get anywhere if I mope about it. Hope this helped someone else.

👤They came in a motor trend retail box. The front seats of the 1999 Toyota Sienna were protected by me. They seem flimsy out of the box, however they feel durable after install. I was not expecting much. I put on the covers and it felt like a pillow. Not a lot to it. I vaguely read the instructions on the box for the seat cover, but it was a bit more involved. I had it installed after a few minutes. I put the lower strap around the back because it wouldn't go under my seat. I tucked the corners of the cover between the plastic and the chair. It did not fit like a glove and left for a little play, but it did work better as it kept the seat covers from coming off when entering and leaving the seat. They look great when they are installed. They protect the seat. When I was a smoker, I used to put down a blanket that was covered with cigarette holes that would have caused the seat to burn. The covers will protect even better than the blanket. It's fun and like a new car. I recommend these for the price. Really nice. I tried sitting and the seat covers wouldn't come loose. I'm buying a second set for my 2002 ford Taurus and a third set for the back seats of the Toyota. The blankets I used to use looked bad and were6753167531s when I entered or left the vehicle. This is a better solution and it looks better. Will update after a while. These are exceptional for the price.

3. Aierxuan Protector Waterproof Universal Mitsubishi

Aierxuan Protector Waterproof Universal Mitsubishi

Their front seat covers are designed to fit most vehicles. You can see their images for fitment examples. There may be more work required to create a perfect fit. 99% of cars are suitable for Universal Fit. High grade leather materials are used for maximum comfort during your drive. It is easy to clean and waterproof. The diamond seat cover has rich vision with stitching. It adds a splash of color to your interior and protects your seat. There are compatible absorbers. The air bag will not be blocked since they have kept enough space for it, and two pockets on the front seat back are convenient for storing small stuff. It is easy to install, just 25 minutes. Installation instructions are included in the package. It will not slide after installation. It is easy to install, just 25 minutes. Installation instructions are included in the package. It will not slide after installation.

Brand: Aierxuan

👤I was hesitant to buy them because they were so much money. I decided to buy them after reading the reviews. I was going to send them back for the smallest of improvements, but I ended up loving them. They fit the seats well and are comfortable. The directions were very good. There is a If you're thinking about buying them, just do it.

👤When my son went to put on the back seat covers, he realized he was supposed to remove the bench seat which he was not willing to do. I agreed. We put them on the seats because few people ride in my back seat, but I was not happy with that. The front fit well and looked comfortable. I was concerned that the covers on the car wouldn't affect the air bag since they were installed properly, but I was reassured by the dealer that since the back of the seats were covered, it wouldn't affect the air bag. My money was immediately returned by the seller.

👤I reached out to the seller to see if it would fit my vehicle and was told it would. It was difficult to return a huge box with two kids and masks to the store. The seller should have looked into it before saying it fits my vehicle. The covers are thick and high quality.

👤So far, so good. It has only been a few hours. The back seat headrest covers are attached to the top cover, which I didn't like. If people need to adjust their head rest, this isn't a low for them. I'm afraid that the stitching will be damaged or undone. It makes my car look organized. I drive a car that fits well. I am able to install the booster seat on any side or in the middle. That was important to me. Will investigate, but don't know about the warranty yet. Will update in a few months.

👤The seat covers are great. Definitely recommend buying. Quality is worth the money spent. Instructions on how to install were included in the zip bag. Absolutely love them. They are a dark black and nice red, but I picked them up on my phone as a gray. I gave them a 4 star because they are not a perfect fit for my car, but they are good enough to fit in my car and look good. A universal seat cover. It is really great. My husband got them for me. Aierxuan 5 car seat covers are waterproof.

👤We want to make sure the captain seats are covered for our new car. We ordered one set first because we were a little worried about how it would fit in the second row. We were surprised at how nice it was. It is very easy to install. The video is helpful. It took me about 10 minutes to put them on. The covers look nice. It fits perfectly. It is very easy to install. I put the cover on and the dog jumped in the car, leaving a muddy print. It is easy to clean. I like how it covers the side. A plus for dog owners. The front row of the 2021, Subaru Ascent 2nd row has a headrest cover, which is not a big deal to me. The cover needs to be folded a little bit to fit the hand grab next to the captain seat. There is a If you are putting this on your 2nd row, I want to mention the main thing. You have a car seat. The seller could pre-cut 2 holes for people who need to install a car seat. That's a good thing. The second row has a car seat. There are no holes in the middle of the cover that will allow you to install your car seats without difficulty. Since we are keeping them, we cut 2 holes on the cover to make sure the car seat is tight. An extra step is not hard to do. We ordered a new set for our seats.

4. Protector Shynerk Carseat Automotive Upholstery

Protector Shynerk Carseat Automotive Upholstery

Best value, best quality for the best price, don't overpay,ANDY STORAGE has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. The perfect storage area to tuck toys, diapers, and wet wipes out of site is provided by the built in mesh storage pockets that hang beneath feet. The auto car seat protectors for infants, baby and child are backed by a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. It plays defense against the messiest kids and you will love it. It's easy to clean spills and messes in a car with children and pets because it's waterproof. The car seat mat is easy to clean, it is made of 600D waterproof Oxford fabric. The fabric is tough enough to protect against scratches and compression marks. The child car seat cover has a slide-proof construction to keep the seat from sliding once installed. The cover of your child's car seat can slip on the seat surface if it is not secured. It is easy to install and compatible with all car seats. All cars, trucks, vans and SUVs have the same car seat pad that is used under a child's safety seat. It is easy to install and attach to the headrest. The extra tall back panel is designed to fit larger car seats. The vehicle seat cover comes with a strap that can be adjusted to secure the back panel to the car's headrest. Remove and install your child's car seat. The cover of your child's car seat can slip on the seat surface if it is not secured. If you have any questions or suggestions about car seat protectors, please let them know. If you have any questions or suggestions about car seat protectors, please let them know.

Brand: Shynerk Care

👤A very similar looking name brand product that costs twice as much is an excellent product. We own both and I am very pleased with them. They offer great protection for the seats; it is not just a piece of foam, but a thick, durable material that will hold up for as long as I use car seats. They do not slide under the car seats. I have tried several car seat protectors but none have allowed for the car seat to move even though I tightly strap it down. This one doesn't. We own three now.

👤Installation of the car seat protectors was very quick. It fits the back seat of my SUV perfectly and the design is compatible with the location of the baby car seat base. I like that it's black and blends well with my car's interior, because it won't show long term use for a long time. It is light. The anti-slip design is very good, it keeps my baby car seat base in place and secure against the leather seats. If you need to have a baby car seat permanently installed in your car for a few years, this is the product for you.

👤We love this seat cover. It was a pain to hold in place while installing the car seat because it didn't have a clip on the top like this one. I got this one for my daughter and loved it so I decided to throw my sons away and order another one. These are the best car seat covers. No dents in your seats. The feature is water resistant. Especially when training a toddler.

👤I needed to protect my toddler from my carseat. I didn't know that the carseat would leave almost irreversible damage to my seats and that she had an accident when she was in it. I was looking for a barrier. I was surprised at how long this seat protector was. It is thick and water resistant so the carseat can't leave any more lines and dents. If she has an accident now, I can clean that up, instead of having to have my car seats looked at again. The product is great and the price is great.

👤It's a perfect fit in my new car, it keeps my leather seats clean from dirty kid shoes, and it prevents the indents from the car seat. Doesn't get in the way of the clips. It takes some bending to get it flat. I will be getting 3 more to cover the seats in both cars.

👤I love this seal protecter. It's easy to install. I bought two car seats. The grip on my leather does not stick to it, and the covers are thick, so I don't have to worry about my leather being damaged by the bottom of the car seats.

👤I used to have one of these, but we sold our car and had to buy a new one. I love how easy it is to clean. I love that there are all the snacks for the kids in that section and I don't have to wash the seats or take the food between seats. I don't have car seat marks on my seats.

5. Gimars Thickest Cushion Protector Waterproof

Gimars Thickest Cushion Protector Waterproof

Gimars car seat protectors use 5 layers of thick epe cushion to prevent instruements. The design of the slit leaves the latch system able to accommodate seat belts. The cushion is made of leather and cloth to prevent scratches from toys and pets paws. The car seat cover has an Enhanced waterproof 600D Oxford fabric that protects the seat from spills. Gimars carseat seat protectors are great for long trips with young travelers, sweat after sports and work out, kid mess and drops, spilled drinks, food, rain, dirt, debris and dust. It is easy to clean by wet wipe. It's easy to keep the car clean. Hand wash only. The straps are not easy to break and fit snug on the headrest. The tap slides between the seat and the back. The elastic anti-slip mesh on the back of the child car seat protects it. The cover of the car seat is non-fading, you don't worry about being stained with another color, the seat is 18.9 x 22 inch, the back is 18.9 x. The meshes are easy for toys, snacks, tissues, and other "essential" kid items. The flap protects from children's shoes climbing up and down. If you have a question, please don't hesitate to contact them. The meshes are easy for toys, snacks, tissues, and other "essential" kid items. The flap protects from children's shoes climbing up and down. If you have a question, please don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Gimars

👤It's a fun fact. The man of the house will pick it up and look at it for a short time before doing anything stupid. This fits people pretty well because it is designed to fit a seat, which is what it is. He will put the strap around his neck and act like he's armor. I promise. The main reason is that it has a chest pad, a crease, and a pad that blocks the hips. It has a flap that you push between the seat back and seat bottom to keep it in place. If you catch my drift, that makes a cute little flap/shield/armor piece for the little man. I am writing a review to make sure you are prepared. Expect this to happen as the urge is irresistible. I have a picture! My wife thinks I am stupid. She is not entirely wrong. The function of the product is pretty good. The penis armor is where the value is.

👤It was easy to install, I bought it for my Honda Pilot. There is not enough cushion. It is a seat cover. The car cover got stuck to my leather seats after I lifted my son's car seat up. If you are looking for an easy to install seat cover, I would recommend it. I wouldn't recommend it if you were looking for protection that would save your leather seats.

👤These fit the 2nd row bucket seats perfectly. The flap falls over the edge of the seat. They work well for both infant and toddler seats.

👤Update on February 20th. After waiting for a long time, I received the right product today and decided to change to a 4 star rating. The reason for dropping one star on rating is because it would have been much easier to deal with. The quality of the seat protection looks good. I received two covers and exact dimensions as described in the description. The item was bought because it was 2 pack for a reasonable price. The item was only one piece and the seat cover was not as described in the website. None of the dimensions match. The back rest is only partially covered in the picture. There is no way to keep this in place. They either have a wrong description of the product or they shipped us a wrong item. It matches with both color and pattern. It's a waste of time and resources. Don't deal with this, save your time.

👤This is not a paid review or a review from an influencer, but a picture of the car seat before I installed the protectors. It's really bad. I should have bought them when I bought the car. The second picture seat covers were installed on the captains chairs. The third picture shows seat covers with car seats installed. You can't tell if they are there. Let's hope they can keep the carseats from getting more in line with the seats and prevent messes on the seats. They have a better cushion than I expected. They don't smell good but they don't smell bad like one I have tried before. It was very easy to install. It took a while.

6. Sunferno Car Seat Protector Waterproof

Sunferno Car Seat Protector Waterproof

Sunferno thick padding seat protectors can be used to protect your car seat from baby seat prints. Sunferno seat protectors don't leave stains on the seat, unlike other protectors. The last thing you want to do is buy a seat protection for your car seat. Doesn't slip off the car seat. The car seat protectors come with a base that is anti-slip and straps that can be adjusted for a perfect fit. You can be sure that the seat is not going to roll up into a ball and that the floor is not going to be damaged. Your butt will thank you because the seat protector can be used as a car seat cover. You can keep your kids toys and books in the 2 storage compartments at the bottom of the seat protectors. 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you think this isn't the best looking, most durable, and best value car seat protectors you've ever used, they'll give you a full refund. You have nothing to lose. Order now! 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you think this isn't the best looking, most durable, and best value car seat protectors you've ever used, they'll give you a full refund. You have nothing to lose. Order now!

Brand: Sunferno

👤I thought I'd give this one a try as it was a little cheaper than the Lusso gear car protectors I have. I like that it is thick and not messy. I haven't seen any marks on my seats yet. It keeps moving, that's the bad part. I have to adjust the seat every time my kid gets in and out. I should have spent the extra money on a second Lussogear product.

👤I bought 2 of these because I have two boys in car seats. There are 1 rear facing and one forward facing. I was not prepared for what I found under the seats of the new car. I bought these because I wanted my new car seats to not have to face the same torture that my last car did. They are doing what they are supposed to do. The seat is protected and the rear facing kid can kick. The seats are protected and fit just as they should. It was very easy to install. I would highly recommend these for peace of mind.

👤The seat protectors are doing their job. They have protected my leather seats, in a new car, from the many rainy days. I purchased them because they don't interfere with the side air bags in my car. The installation took less than a minute, and it was very easy. I tested the seat protectors to see if they were spill proof and they were. The protectors are comfortable and do not interfere with the operation of the driver's and passenger seats. The company that makes these seat protectors sent me an e-mail thanking me for my purchase and telling me that I could contact the individual who sent me the e-mail. It's not very often that it's all about the money. I found these seat protectors on Amazon.

👤The car seat protectors fit perfectly and match the interior of my car. The product is the same as the one shown on another seller with more reviews.

👤I got this for my dog. I got a brand new car and thought if it could hold up to kids and car seats then it would be perfect. It did not fail to impress. It's thick and very nice and it fits the seat perfectly. It was easy to install. I highly recommend this product.

👤The protector is thick enough to protect the car seat. The seat fits perfectly and the size is adjusted. The little pockets design is something I like. I put some toys there so that I can reach and pass to my baby when I try to get him to wear a seat belt.

👤I can't remember how many ways my new car has saved my toddler from harm. The sand from his shoes is not falling into crevices, or the mesh pockets to hold small objects like pacifiers is saving my new car. He is still rear facing, this keeps his feet from touching my seat, it covers the seat nicely, and gives me a good cushion between his seat and my actual car seat. Well made, easy to install, and looks nice.

7. Cushions Leather FuriAuto Vehicle Suitable

Cushions Leather FuriAuto Vehicle Suitable

Oasis promiseCover up your old interior. Protect your seats. Make your vehicle unique. Their high-quality, universal fit car seat covers will transform your interior, giving your vehicle a fresh, unique look. Leather car seat covers are compatible with most 5 seat vehicles. Seat belt buckles are not covered in the front and rear seats, this allows for the safety of the airbag to be always compatible. The automotive seat covers can be used. It's convenient to have opening pockets in your car. Seat covers for cars are made of natural machine braided fabric with luxury faux leather and are easy to clean with a wet towel. Seat covers are not allowed to slide when getting on and off the bottoms. The car seat covers are warmer than other leather seats. The installation video takes about 30 minutes and makes installation easy. Please measure your bottom cushion and compare it with the size chart left to see if the front seat cover is right for you. If you are not sure, please contact them. The package includes 13 pieces, including a front seat cover, a rear backrest cover, an armrest padded with a zip and a head pillow. Please contact them if you have any suggestions or requirements for the FREESOO car seat covers set. The package includes 13 pieces, including a front seat cover, a rear backrest cover, an armrest padded with a zip and a head pillow. Please contact them if you have any suggestions or requirements for the FREESOO car seat covers set.

Brand: Freesoo

👤I was so excited to get these in the mail with no doubts, based on the reviews I had read. I just got them and put them on after having my car detailed. It was beyond my expectations. They are not made for my car. I'm pretty sure my car was made for these. Excellent fit and quality. I did it myself because there were no instructions and I thought the fit was perfect. After watching the video, I realized I had the back cover upside down, it all made sense. I went back out and did it in under 10 minutes. I like the way it looks. The back turned out just as perfect as the one I uploaded. I can't say enough about these. Highly recommended.

👤It took me an hour to do it, but it was worth it. They look great and I get a lot of praise. Would definitely recommend. I have a Jeep that fits nicely on my seats.

👤Good value and quality. The seat covers look nice. The car I have is almost new. The inside and outside match the color. They look similar to the picture. Your car looks expensive. Installation was difficult because it doesn't come with instructions. It goes quickly once you figure it out. It would be great if they could show how to put them on. I did some research before buying these seat covers. I would highly recommend the quality and value.

👤The fit on the Mazda CX-5 is really snug. Comes with pillows. Doesn't feel flimsy or easy to tear, doesn't move as you move on the seat. There are cell phone pockets on the seat cover. This car has heated seats and it will take an extra minute or two but the heat comes through. The middle armrest cover can be put down or zip up. The armrest is strapped to the middle headrest. The front seat cover is snug and the back seat does not have an appropriate bottom cut out for the seat belt to connect. It's like pulling out a side wedgie, but for the seat cover, not a big deal, but it's worth mentioning. Even though I was putting it on, I got a compliment.

👤The seat covers were easy to install. The hook on the front of the seat covers is meant to hold the fronts in place, but the elastic on the hook made it difficult to attach them to. If you use the backseat, the middle cover will completely cover the drink holder, so you need to remove the leather piece. We got this because my dogs don't damage my leather seats and we are okay with the drink holder not being down. We will remove that part when others ride with us. I like the red stitching. It is classy but not gaudy. It works well with my blazer. The seat covers look like they are from the actual seats that came with the SUV, which I like. They are very comfortable and don't move on you. I am very happy with this purchase.

8. Seat Protector MHO Pack Protectors

Seat Protector MHO Pack Protectors

A quick fit shoulder harness raises the harness and height. Buckle should be flip away. The Mho+all car seat protectors for child seats effectively protect cars upholstery from stains, scratches and dents, no longer need to worry about car seats being ruined when have children in the car, which maximizes your car's resale value. It is easy to clean and install, just wipe the dirt off with a damp cloth. You can install the Mho+All seat protectors in 2 minutes using the strap and firmly fix them in place. The anti-slip material on the reverse side of the car seat protects it from slipping. The baby car seat can slide freely if slippage is not prevented. It's perfect for travelers with kids, their family, or solo. The car seat protectors are perfect for baby car seat kick protectors. Pet seat cover, dog car mat pad, cat seat cover are some of the things that are covered by carseat protectors. 2 pack handy mesh pockets are for quick and organized access to toys, snacks, drinks, bottles, wipe. Mho+all ultra-durable car seat cover set are high temperature resistance, they will not melt even in hot weather, so you don't worry about it stained your leather or fabric seat! Will not leave any marks on the seats. Mho+all ultra-durable car seat cover set are high temperature resistance, they will not melt even in hot weather, so you don't worry about it stained your leather or fabric seat! Will not leave any marks on the seats.

Brand: Mho+all

👤It looks like there is cushion in the picture. That's not true. They are a single line of fabric with the ends being hemmed. No fighting at all. They don't add any fluff to your caboose, so if you are buying them, don't. Seat covers are designed to hang over your head and droop down over the seat. I'm afraid to test it since it seemed a little porous, but they seem waterproof enough to keep things from getting on your seats. They are very cheap, better to cut a plastic trash bag and put it over your seat, you get about the same protection. Since this is an accurate depiction of the product, this review will stand until I see that they have updated the pictures associated with it so that others don't purchase it because they think it has cushions. This item is not made in the USA.

👤I was hesitant to buy this because people had bad things to say. The product is amazing. Excellent quality. It looks strong. I hope that the dent in the chair will be helped by the installation of them. I think people wait a couple of years and post negative reviews when the product is broken. I don't think it would break in a month. I hope it helps someone who is hesitant to buy.

👤These are for the grand kids car seats. They like to eat in the car on long trips and there are always spills and messes. These are easy to take out and clean. We don't have to remove the seat to do that. They will prevent spills from staining and become gross smelly messes that require the removal and deep cleaning of the car seat, so they will be more likely for the life of the car seats.

👤I thought they were thin and flimsy. You can spend a dollar or two more.

👤I should have paid more attention to the reviews because this product does not look like the picture they show you. It is very soft. It is easy to install, but the other brands of seat protectors are more expensive. Sturdy fabric? Yes. There is not enough cushion to protect the seat of your car. Don't buy it. Look for other products when you shop around.

👤It's great for protecting your seats. The strap that goes around the head could be better. It pulled out day two. Other brands don't have a strap on the headrest. It is worth buying because kids are messy.

👤It seems like it's ok to protect the back seats from kids car seats. I started using them too late after damage happened, but I am hoping this will protect the car from further damage.

👤We purchased a new vehicle and wanted to protect the seats from damage. These seem to fit well under our child car seats. They look like they will be easy to care for. The car seat protectors are a good purchase for us.

👤I use Thease in my taxi because they are easy to fit and protect against child seats, and so far they have not curled up on me when I put seats down.

9. Enovoe Back Seat Protector Kids

Enovoe Back Seat Protector Kids

Their large, two count, 18” x 24” car kick mats are designed to cover your entire seat and protect your car's interior from unwanted dirt, mud, and scuff marks. Their elastic straps are longer and have a snug fit for sedans, trucks, SUVs, and even minivans. The heavy duty elastic straps are the best part. You will not know they are there. Don't sacrifice style when you don't need to. Their sleek, luxury kick mats will complement any interior and give you a clean and stylish solution. Quality materials are used to make their premium car kick mat. Don't settle for less. Their kick mats are waterproof and are easy to clean, so they are a great way to protect your seat from rain, snow, and sleet. Simply wipe them with a damp cloth. There is only one thing to it. No machine-wash is required. There are bonus gifts of $20 value. They're giving you a bonus e-book on games and activities to entertain your children during car rides. A child-development specialist co-authored the book and it is full of fun and beneficial activities. No more boring car rides. You will wonder how you ever managed without these in your car. You will not regret it! You will wonder how you ever managed without these in your car. You will not regret it!

Brand: Enovoe

👤They fit perfectly on my car, my grand kids were in the back seat, and there was no need for the little ones to mark up the backs of the leather seats. The product has been very good so far.

👤I thought this would protect my seat. The sides don't stay in place. I have to adjust these every day. It looks sloppy. I'm getting rid of it. I wish I sent it back to get something else.

👤I bought a pair of these. When our other child became forward facing, I bought a new pair. One of the mats came loose at the seams, but the other three were still new. I took a picture and sent it to the company. I received an apology from one of the company's founders in less than 24 hours. He made it right with a full refund and replacement mats. The mats work well. The company has held up since 2016 and stands by their lifetime guarantee.

👤We bought a new vehicle and wanted to protect the seats. We have two young children, and these were what we were looking for. They were easy to install and hidden so you can't see the straps from the front seats. They were large enough to cover the seats on our yukon, and exactly what we were looking for. There is a word for that. We will be buying the same ones if we put these on the back of the se one row seats.

👤The design of the kick mat is poor because the straps that go around the bars are on the top corners. We got rid of them and then bought this one.

👤I have a one year old that loves putting his feet up, but it is not good for cloth seats. He is at daycare all day. I don't want to see his baby foot print ruining my tan seats. The product was easy to install and gave me comfort. It cleans easily and at a decent price. Great buy should last for a while until he learns better.

👤I need to check the date on my purchase of these mats, but I can tell you that they have been awesome and absolutely worth the purchase. Since the day that I received them, these littles have been seat savers. It rains here a lot, which makes for muddy outdoor adventures. The brand has a solid construction, easy to install, and easy to clean. I landed with 4 brands that I had in my cart. Buckle the smaller strap around the neck of the car's seat. Next is the lower back of the car seat with a longer strap and buckle. Call it a day if you need to tighten those straps. They are great for keeping the backs of your car seats clean, as long as your car seat manufacturer allows the use of one of these between the car's seat and your child's car seat. Purchase it!

👤I pulled the seat guards out of the box and put them on the backs of the minivan for a long road trip. They were easy to install and fit perfectly. The mats are thin and the stitching is weak, so I have questions about their ability to hold up against Mr. Four Year Old in the Back Seat. I might have expected more given the number of positive reviews on the site. I guess you're getting what you paid for, but these may only ward off the powers of dirty feet for a road trip or two so best to set your expectations accordingly.

10. Munchkin Auto Seat Protector Count

Munchkin Auto Seat Protector Count

The non skid surface helps prevent slipping. The auto seat protectors are Stabilizing Wedge. Spot or wipe clean is care and cleaning. Spot or wipe clean is care and cleaning.

Brand: Munchkin

👤I bought this two weeks ago and can already write a review about it. I'm very happy to say that this worked well. My son got sick this morning and threw up his breakfast. It was everywhere. When we got home, I was worried about taking the car seat out and seeing the damage. It wasn't pretty. The vomit was stopped from getting to the seat by the protector. There was a lot. A very small amount got through where the car seat is, but that's all. I got the protector out and hosed it off, but am waiting for it to dry so I can install it again. I will never have my kids in the car without it.

👤Take it from me, I just turned my 2 year old SUV leased car in and it was dinged for car seat indentations. When I got my new leased car, this was one of the first things I purchased, and I am very satisfied with the thick no-slip material, a few extra pockets, and the fact that it protects your kids toys. The child's car seat does not slip one bit over the textured material, and the foot pockets are still useful for carrying your child's toys or sipper. It doesn't extend too much on the sides of the car seat, but it does offer some protection against spills, and food crumbles are another thing. The only complaint I had was that the rear portion got in the way and made installing the lower LATCH anchors a bit tricky. This could be a unique case for my car, it's a great thing to protect your car seat's, whether you buy or lease. If you lease your car, you will pay itself over 10 times its cost when you turn it in.

👤If you have a leather seat, it's not anti slip. It won't stay in place or under the car seat. I suppose it's easy to clean. It should have been sent back.

👤I used this under a Toyota Prius convertible carseat and the Graco Extend2fit convertible carseat. There are two things that I really like about this product. The material that it is made of is light colored on the back so it won't stain our cloth seats. I am impressed with how it fits on the seat and that the straps fit around it easily. It covers the entire area underneath the base of the car seat and the front of the seat. The top part doesn't come up higher to protect against my little guys shoes, which is my only disappointment. The back of the seat is going to get very dirty from him kicking. I have to find a different way to protect the rest of the seat. This is an extra layer of protection against damage in front of a car seat.

👤It's not as wide as I thought, as it's heavy duty. I wish there was more seat protection in it. I will update in a few months to see how it holds up. There is an update. It doesn't protect the seat from the car seat impact. There are marks on the bottom and top of my seat because it doesn't cover the back part of the seat. It's a pity. You get what you pay for. Maybe it was worth it to spend a little more.

11. Protector Protectors Organizer Pockets Waterproof

Protector Protectors Organizer Pockets Waterproof

The seat is 18 x 19 in ch, the back is 18 x 23 in (46 x 59 cm), and the storage area is 14 x 8 in (34 x 19 cm). 2 mesh pockets will help you store and organize your things. Every time you travel, fill the mesh pockets with whatever you want. Car storage organization The kick mat car seat protectors are ideal for all types of cars, from jeep, truck, van, SUV. Protects more of your seat. Compared to other leading brands, the double layer Extra large Size of 25” X 19” covers 15% more of your backseat. Peace of Mind is protected against damage from snow, sleet and mud. Perfect carseat saver cover for cars, SUVs, truck or even your minivan seatback. Car seat kick mats are great for extending the life of your backseats and improving your car's interior. Protect your seats. It's ideal for people with kids and pets as well. Maintaining flawless car upholstery is important for many years to come. Simple to implement. The Car Kick Mat can be pulled down over your car's seat and fastened around your head rest. These are also good for adjusting the headrests. Simple to implement. The Car Kick Mat can be pulled down over your car's seat and fastened around your head rest. These are also good for adjusting the headrests.

Brand: Axelect

👤The seat protectors looked like they would add some protection against child car seats. There are marks on the leather seats. The child's car seat was put on top of my seat. I left the car seat sitting on top. I noticed the dots on the leather the next day. I have tried many things to remove the dots. It looks like another seat protection is needed. I have seats that look like someone took a sharpie and made dots all over and I am not very pleased with this item.

👤Disappointed. It says that the seat protectors are thick. The material is not like the picture.

👤I ordered this because it was a 2 pack and had a good price. The reviews were good. I don't agree with the reviews. My previous car seat protectors were thick. I took it out of the bag. It was too thin and I would want it to be thicker to protect my leather seats. I ordered the same seat protectors after I returned it.

👤I liked the car seats initially because they looked nice and were spill resistant. The seat cover is out of place when I get in and out of my car. There isn't any type of strap or holster to keep it from moving, but it came with weird hooks that seem to have no known purpose. I'll probably buy a different seat cover.

👤This was a great deal and now my kids can play in the store and coloring stuff can be fun.

👤The hard plastic liner on the top of the seat protectors keeps it from getting bunched up on top like a different brand did.

👤I use car seats for my baby and save the leather seats in my car.

👤The mat is easy to install and does the job. It has been great so far, we had it in the car for two snowy days.


What is the best product for car seat leather protector cover?

Car seat leather protector cover products from Smart Elf. In this article about car seat leather protector cover you can see why people choose the product. Bdk and Aierxuan are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat leather protector cover.

What are the best brands for car seat leather protector cover?

Smart Elf, Bdk and Aierxuan are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat leather protector cover. Find the detail in this article. Shynerk Care, Gimars and Sunferno are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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