Best Car Seat Leather Cleaner Kit

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1. Chemical Guys HOL315 Upholstery Fluid_Ounces

Chemical Guys HOL315 Upholstery Fluid_Ounces

There are three different forms of a bathroom cleaner. Penetrate deep into fibers with bubbles to remove dirt, odors, and stains from automotive carpets, fabrics, and upholstery. The cleaning power of oxygen infused cleaners and the foaming action of Fabric Clean is what makes it possible to clean carpets and upholstery quickly and thoroughly. You can float particles directly to the surface with a microfiber towel. The carpet brush drill attachment works hard so you don't have to. Why not use the drill you bought? Attach the Spinner to your drill and it will give you deep cleaning results. The nylon bristles of the carpet brush drill attachment combine with the power of the drill to lift stains and dirt. The Spinner Multi-Surface Brush is easy to use and inexpensive. The Secondary Container Dilution Bottle is a perfect way to give your concentrated chemicals a perfect rinse. The Secondary Container Dilution Bottle is a perfect way to give your concentrated chemicals a perfect rinse.

Brand: Chemical Guys

👤This stuff is amazing. Before and after photos were posted for you to see. My 1996 Toyota Camry is 23 years old. This is the original carpet. I will tell you that it took me 3 hours to clean this carpet.

👤I grabbed this stuff because I wanted to clean a spot on my dash that I thought my car would use over time. I cleaned a small part and ended up detailing the entire inside with both front and back drive and passenger side doors. I couldn't stop smelling it because it worked so well. My car is brand new. I would pick up some cleaning cloths with it. I don't think I'll need to buy again for a long time. You should get a spray bottle to make it stronger.

👤There is a little background. The truck we bought was a very good one. I ignored it because I rarely rode in it. I wanted to be nice and try to help clean it up, but it was filthy and I wanted an upholstery cleaner. I bought this brand for this purpose because I was impressed with the leather cleaner/conditioner I bought from this brand. I forgot about the turtle wax upholstery cleaner I had under the sink. Good time to experiment. I broke out my carpet cleaner and cleaned it to help me in this situation. If you have a small amount of dirt, you can use a cloth to sop up with. The TW removed the upper layer of dirt and then stopped giving me dirt lift, even after I used the water/lift to add water/lift, and I had the TW with the CG stuff. And going and going. It was pulling dirty water again when I came back to make sure I had enough water, even though you thought it was over. I had no idea it was on the seats. I just sprayed it and now I'm seeing the surface of it? Oh my gosh! I spent 6 hours between the front and back seats of the truck and it still needs to be gone over again. I quit from my back and hand, I couldn't hold my cleaning wand. You can see the color of the water in my hose, the difference between where I was working and the water I had to empty, and the color of the water as I had to leave. I don't know what spilled in that truck, but it was on the floor boards, the seats, front and back, and I thought I smelled coffee, but it wasn't. It was orange like soda in spots, but it didn't last. I only used a mixed spray bottle and a quarter of 8 to 1 ratio. A little bit went a long way. The smell was pleasant.

👤If the reviews were correct, I would be happy. I bought a 93 jeep recently and the inside was pretty gross. The fabric upholstery looked like it had exploded, with dark stains and spots all over the seats. The seats look amazing after using this cleaner. It takes a lot of work to get in there and lather up, but it is worth it. The before and after photos are available. I am so excited. This stuff is great. A lifelong customer now.

2. Lexol Leather Conditioner Cleaner Accessories

Lexol Leather Conditioner Cleaner Accessories

Their kit works on leather and vinyl couches, car seats, bags, purse, boots, jacket, belts, luggage, boots, auto seats, gloves, motorcycle seats, recliner, handbag, loveseat, truck seat, ottoman, and furniture. The 2-step Lexol Leather Regimen Kit can be used to clean and condition leather. The kit contains 16. The All Leather Deep Cleaner is 9 ounces. A bottle of All Leather Deep Conditioner and 2 Premium Sponges. Cleaner restores and revives leather by lifting dirt and oils. The conditioner has fine oil droplets that nourish, restore flexibility, and protect leather against cracking. The right amount of product can be found in the easy-to-use cap. The right amount of product can be found in the easy-to-use cap.

Brand: Lexol

👤I did my car seats and purse because I was excited about how shiny my furniture looked. I wish I wouldn't have. The Residue was cloudy. I hope I can get this off my expensive chairs. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤I have a two toned leather couch after using this product. I will have to pay for this to be fixed. I hope I don't have to buy a new couch. The repairman said it would cost $275 to fix it. I had to choose one star in order to submit this review. It's a problem for me.

👤I used to do this a lot a decade or so ago. It was a great product. It worked great and smelled like leather. This stuff is terrible. I don't know if it's a new formula or something. The smell is disgusting. It took way too much work to clean the spot on my recliner. A star is 1 Thank you to Amazon for an easy return. If possible, negative stars for the product.

👤This is not the drug I know. I have used lexol for a long time for the deep leather smell. This smells like balloons. Weird and gross. Buy the old label. This smells weird.

👤This is a new review. I bought a leather motorcycle jacket. I used the conditioner to help protect my investment. I used one of the sponges. I used a lot of conditioner. The sponge turned black after being conditioned just the back panel of the jacket. I'm not happy with the product and I'm done with it.

👤I tried other leather products first before I used these on my car seats. What results? I tried a lot of leather products. My wife's purse was one of them. It took off the shine as well as the color. My wife will have to pay hundreds of dollars for restoration. It was not enough and it kept getting the color off. Try to do it on your own. I recommend it to everyone. My wife will never have her leather products conditioned or cleaned again.

👤The leather in my Acura was cleaned and treated, which is exactly what I needed. I can only speak for what I received recently, so I have no idea what the original recipe is or mix is. After vacuuming out my car, I treated my seats with a product that appeared to clean them and make them feel better. There was a small amount of dark smudge on the pad after the cleaner. The seats are black but it could have been dirt. I noticed that the seats weren't fading. Downside? It smells like death. There are no rich smells here. If you use this on your car, it will smell like vomit for a long time. I suggest you refresh your car with something to block out the smell of the cleaner. lavender or something is good for the carpeted areas.

👤The kit is easy to use, but it only makes my seats look clean for a short time. If I want the dark black look, I have to clean them daily. If you want to do the job, invest in any other less expensive product. I use Armor All all purpose cleaner for my car and it works just as well as the other one and has a better smell.

3. Mothers Detail Brush Set Pack

Mothers Detail Brush Set Pack

All Drillbrush Products have a 90 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with their product, they will give you a full refund or replace it for you. The drill is not included. Extra soft bristle brush. The rubber tip is great for seaming. It's tough to reach spots for car cleaning trim.

Brand: Mothers

👤These little brushes are great for cleaning the interior. If you wanted to, you could dedicate one of them for exterior uses. The brushes have the best level of firmness. They are not soft, but they are not stiff either. They are a good level for scrubbing the inside. The areas between and under the seats that are hard to get to with other brushes are where the rail of the seat hits the floor. The seat line goes between the door jamb and the seat. I wouldn't use them on sensitive areas such as the dash board area near the radio/nav equipment. They would be too stiff for that. They are great on seats, especially around the SEAMS of seats, to scrub out those little bits of dirt before vacuuming and cleaning seats. Great for that. They have a piece of formed stiff rubber that is great for getting into those areas around your dash that you can't get into with a cloth or vacuum cleaner. The rubber tip end can be used to remove gunk from the seams. It's a nice feature to have for interior detailing, and you will use it more than you thought. The feature is enough to make this brush worthy. The fact that you get two of them for this price is worth it. They give you two, one would be worth the price. Give one to a friend or go "halves" with a friend and pay half the price. Mother's has some of the best prices for brushes. I don't like much else they make, but their brushes are good and a good value. I wish they made more brushes. Some of the best brushes I have are from their detailing brush line. I paid the least for them. If you're a weekend car cleaning enthusiast, you should get all the MOTHERS brushes before you buy any of the other brands. Again, for the money, they make sense. They work! The tire and rubber brush is great. I haven't tried the upholstery brush, but I'm sure it's great.

👤The brush is great for cleaning interior or exterior trims. I have been in the business of detailing for almost 15 years. This is one of the best all around detail brushes on the market and you can't beat the price. If you want to prolong the life of this brush, rinse it with water and let it air dry for half an hour. Store it in a zip lock bag. This will prolong the life of a brush. There is an update. I've tried a few other tooth brush style brushes. Most horse hair brushes are too soft to clean the surfaces of this brush. There is an extra pack ready to go. It's great for detail brush.

👤The Mother detail brush set is one of the best bargains on Amazon. I'm obsessive about keeping my home and autos absolutely clean and I need to be able to reach into clean every part of it. I can't seem to get to the gunk that builds up in the corners and ridges with larger brushes. I keep one of these brushes in the trunk of my cars, in my kitchen, and in my bathroom. I use them to clean boots and sneakers. I give this brush a lot of stars because of its other reasons. The brush handle is made of a quality plastic that can take a beating and can be accidentally run over. * The bristles hold up well. The brush is maintained well regardless of the chemicals used in cleaning.

4. Weiman Leather Cleaner Wipes Microfiber

Weiman Leather Cleaner Wipes Microfiber

It is simple and non toxic to maintain a finished leather surface. Use on is when you use accessories such as leather, purses, shoes, boots, briefcases and handbags. Sun damage, fading, drying and cracking can be prevented with the protection of UVX. Restore removes dirt, soil, and remnants to strengthen and replenish neglected leather. Do not use any unfinished leather, including Natuzzi Brand, and finish leather surfaces including car interior shoes boots, briefcases, handbags, and coats.

Brand: Weiman

👤I like the product, but the wipes container doesn't hold enough moist wipes. After using them, the air in the container died before I was done with them, and I expect the wipes in the container to dry out within a couple of weeks. If the company added 0.20$ more product in the container and/or provided a better hermetic seal for the product inside, this product would get five starts in value and review.

👤I have been using these wipes on my car for a while. There is a good amount of product on the wipes. Did not come dry or over saturated. They work well in cleaning. My seats have a nice shiny look after being cleaned. There is a slight chemical smell but it goes away in a few minutes. I would recommend these to any car owner.

👤I bought these to clean the leather seats. Did a great job. Not greasy but not a linger smell. Would buy again.

👤I love leather wipes. They clean our leather wonderfully and put a shine on it. These wipes are very good.

👤The product worked on black surfaces, but it also worked on my brown leather arm in my car. The leather was not in condition. It made the leather very rough to the touch and took the color out. My arm rest is ruined.

👤It's great for cleaning and conditioning shoes.

👤I didn't want to ruin my riding boots so I was hesitant to order this product. Leather boots need equestrian products. I took a chance with these wipes because I am glad I did. Although they weren't in poor condition, they were in need of a good conditioning. The wipes and cloth made my boots shine again. They look the same as they did when I unboxed them. I cleaned the boot with a damp cloth and then used wipes to wipe the dirt off. I know they are technically cleaning wipes, but they work better as a conditioning wipe. The scent of lemon is slight, but it goes away as soon as you apply the wipe to the boot. The best thing I could do was to wipe the boot with the microfiber cloth while it was wet. Cleaning them took a long time. Such a great purchase! The finished product of my boot is shown in the first photo. I only had to use the wipe and cloth once to get that condition and shine. In the second picture is a boot that is finished and unfinished. Again, they were in good shape to begin with but look at that difference. I am very pleased with this product and I will be ordering them again.

👤It is easy to use and clean. There are two wipes needed to clean a sectional.

5. Chemical Guys Conditioner Protectant Fluid_Ounces

Chemical Guys Conditioner Protectant Fluid_Ounces

It's not just for cars. Everyone has something leather in their home and Leather Cleaner and Conditioner can help. They all wash their skin and hair on a regular basis, and use conditioners and lotions to keep their skin hydrated and fresh. Why wouldn't you do the same thing? Most of the car interior surfaces are cleaned and protected. Total Interior is the only product that protects and cleans the entire interior of a car. It's safe. Total Interior is safe for a lot of things. It's easy and fun. Chemical Guys products make cleaning easier and faster, which makes cleaning more fun. It's easy and fun. Chemical Guys products make cleaning easier and faster, which makes cleaning more fun.

Brand: Chemical Guys

👤These are great for cleaning leather seats. It made my 2012 Acura MDX look great. I recommend using a leather brush and gently scrubbing the leather with the cleaning solution, then applying some conditioner with any form of pad, letting it sit for a little bit, then buffing it out. It will look great. I usually do this at night when there is no sun and I have time to sit and look amazing for the next day and weeks to come. The dash board, plastic material, car screen, door panels, etc. are all great candidates for the interior cleaner.

👤The interior cleaner works well but isn't special. It did a good job of cleaning my non Leather surfaces. Even though it says it cleans glass, I would stick with regulars glass cleaner. It can, but it leaves streaks. I would use alcohol for cleaning touch screen displays. The Leather cleaner did a great job of cleaning the stains. Very pleased with the results. This is the best product in the bundle. The soft texture of my leather has been restored. It feels better when I get my car. The smell is great. It sticks around for a while and smells fresh. I get a lot of praise for how nice my car smells after using this conditioner.

👤The leather cleaner and the interior cleaner are not worth it. I had to clean the interior again after I finished cleaning it, but the Tub O Towels product was better than the chemical products I used. The smell of the products is amazing, but it only lasts a short time.

👤I have never had leather seats before and live in a very dry climate. It was easy to use. The spray for the touch screen was great. It smells like new leather.

👤This stuff is not normal. My Dash Board has never looked better and it lasts a long time. I would suggest you buy sponges that work well and spread the chemicals well so you don't need to use a lot of product.

👤The leather was brought back to life after I purchased a used QX80 I took care of my wife's car the next day because I loved it so much. Excellent! Also great smell!

👤It's okay. I was not happy with how hard I had to work to clean the seats. The stuff in the bottle had a nice smell.

👤I love these products. Will buy again and again.

6. Chemical Guys HOL126 14 Piece Arsenal

Chemical Guys HOL126 14 Piece Arsenal

There is a force called the Cynthia Force. The cyclonic force of the motor will remove dirt and debris from the vehicle. Their small vacuum has a top of the line filter. The Ultimate Collection of Car Wash Supplies is the Gift that keeps on giving for any car buff, truck enthusiast or classic car fan. Everything is needed to clean and maintain a beautiful shine on any car or truck. If you love cars, then a clean car will bring you happiness. This kit has everything you need to keep your car looking great, but it also has the tools to make cleaning your car easy and fun for the whole family. The foam gun hooks up to any standard hose, so there are no machines or tools required to clean it. The value is amazing. If you added up all 14 pieces of the kit, you'll know the value is over 150 dollars. Butter Wet Wax, Honeydew Snow Foam, Diablo Wheel Gel, Silk Shine Dressing, Signature Glass Cleaner, and the Torq Foam blaster Foam Gun are included. If you added up all 14 pieces of the kit, you'll know the value is over 150 dollars. Butter Wet Wax, Honeydew Snow Foam, Diablo Wheel Gel, Silk Shine Dressing, Signature Glass Cleaner, Detailing Bucket, Torq Foam blaster Foam Gun, Microfiber wash mitt are included. One of the best selling car wash kits is this one. The Kit's contents are some of the best sellers in their categories. The difference between this kit and hol148 is that this kit does not have a giant waffle weave towel. The color may vary. The size and color of the towel may be different. All towels will be at least 16 inches in length. The number one brand in car care is beginners and professionals. Choose Chemical Guys, not only for the Finest Car Care Products, but also for the World Class Customer Support. Chemical Guys is more than a brand, it's a lifestyle with a worldwide following. The number one brand in car care is beginners and professionals. Choose Chemical Guys, not only for the Finest Car Care Products, but also for the World Class Customer Support. Chemical Guys is more than a brand, it's a lifestyle with a worldwide following.

Brand: Chemical Guys

👤I'm a detail snob. I'm sure you can imagine how upset I was when I realized that this is my dream car and it had been sitting for a long time because of our awful weather. I decided it was time to replace my old wash kit because I lost it when they totaled my old car. I tried to find my old meguiars kit that I bought for $20, but no luck. So, although very skeptical... I bought a kit. My fiancée was also skeptical and almost fainted at the price point. When I showed her how my foam blaster spun around as if it were loose, we were skeptical. I tried to fix it with no luck, so I decided to test it a few days later. It worked out well. Better than my foam gun. I'm not sure how people are running out of foam and soap. I used less than half of the top line for two rounds of cleaning because I filled it to the top line as instructed. The speed wipe was the only product I used because I hadn't been paying attention. I didn't need it. The soap was washed using the sprayer in the kit. The tires have a deep wet shine. The glass is clean. The trim is new. tar and gunk have vanished. It is easy to use wax, but the provided applicator is a little weird. After washing it, I went back to the house and waited for my fiancée to wake up so I could show her the car. I was shocked when I walked back out. Take everything I said in the last paragraph and make it last 10 words. It was beautiful. I don't know what these people are doing, but they're doing it right. I've never had a car like this before, and I guarantee it's cleaner than it's ever been from a dealer. I don't want to drive it anymore. Fiancee leaves. I come back the next morning and leave. It looks better. I'm proud of the car that is sitting in our driveway. You should get this kit. I don't care if you're a Mother's guy or not. This will change you. The photos were taken before washing, immediately after, and the next morning.

👤You fooled me. I bought all the cool graphics and videos from the internet. The 20 piece kit is made of glorfied turtle wax or armor. The snow foam wash with foam cannon does not produce enough foam for the recommended amount on the bottle. Good suds can be created if the amount of soap is doubled. The kit costs over 100 dollars and doesn't include a towel. How is that a starter kit? Is the microfiber towels with tags on them? That defeats the purpose, doesn't it? The window towel is cheap and thin. diablo wheel cleaner does almost nothing. butter wax is the same as generic wax any other competitor provides. Long story short, you're paying a lot of money for very little product, that does nothing different than the cheap stuff at the store. Unless you have a lot of disposable income and want to get a measly 16 ounces of each product that will last two washes at the most, steer clear of this stuff.

7. Adams Polishes Interior Conditioner Complete

Adams Polishes Interior Conditioner Complete

There are important information. It is a best practice to always test in a hidden area for compatibility before using. There are stains that have penetrated below the surface into the leather fibers. If you have a question about removing a stain, please contact them. They are always happy to help. Do not use on unfinished leather. If you're looking for a kit to breathe new life into your leather and restore it back to the way it looked when you first purchased your car, this is the one for you. The leather kit will allow you to clean your leather of any oils and nourish it with their leather conditioner. You will receive a 16 oz bottle of Adam's Leather Interior Cleaner with the kit. After cleaning with Adam's New Leather & Interior Cleaner, it is a good idea to treat your leather surfaces with Adam's Leather Conditioner. Every hard-interior surface, including your dash, door panels, and leather seats, is conditioned by it. Adam's. Premium UV protection for your dash, door panels, and any other hard interior surfaces is offered by the LEATHER CONDITIONER. Natural tanned leather hides and synthetic materials can be dried out, cracked, and faded from regular use. Adam's Leather Conditioner can be used 3-4 times a year to keep your car's interior in top shape. The Adam's InterIOR & LEATHER CLEANER is unique in that it can be wiped into plastic or leather surfaces with an Edgeless Utility Towel, Cockpit Upholstery brush, or the Adam's Deep Clean Eraser to gently lift dirt, but it does not require any rinsing. It is strong enough to clean tough jean stains and delicate enough to keep your leather, vinyl, and plastic safe. At Adam's, they strive to bring the best car cleaning supplies, auto detailing kits, washing accessories, microfiber towels, rags or cloths, waxes, sealant, ceramic coating, mops, brushes, mitts, sponges, garage tools. They will do everything they can to make it right if you are not satisfied. At Adam's, they strive to bring the best car cleaning supplies, auto detailing kits, washing accessories, microfiber towels, rags or cloths, waxes, sealant, ceramic coating, mops, brushes, mitts, sponges, garage tools. They will do everything they can to make it right if you are not satisfied.

Brand: Adam's Polishes

👤I was very excited to get this product. The smell of the new car was very strong. I had to open my sliding glass doors for 3 days to get the smell out after I put this on my couch. The smell was so strong that it made my eyes hurt. I was going to use this in my car. I think I will pass. I paid $30 and now can't use it. Adams needs totone down the smell. The smell of the new car is great, but the amount of off gasing is a little concerning. The semi shine is fine. The smell is very strong and very aggressive.

👤I try to keep my seals in good shape. I was going to try out Adam's. The cleaner became foamy after rubbing with a microfiber. Maybe I didn't use enough? Too much? Wrong brush? Regardless. I had to wipe everything with water after the cleaning. It was odd that the cleaner left a mark. The conditioner worked well. I like to lay the stuff down thick until my seats and seals stop soaking it up, then wipe it off. It took about half a bottle to do my Mini Cooper and c5 corvette, which is probably a larger sedan or Suv in total. The surfaces were not greasy. I don't like the look of it, so that is a plus. I believe the smell tries to mimic a new car. At least it is not bad. After removing the product and getting in my car, I was surprised how strong it was. It is a good thing if you like the smell. The interior cleaner was disappointing. I like something that doesn't leave a trail. If I decide to go with Adam and skip the cleaner, I will probably get the matt interior dressing.

👤I received a leather couch that I needed some love for. I bought this combo after trying baking soda. Baking soda is abrasive, but the cleaner is less so. It is an effective cleaner. The couch is now white. I've used it on a second leather couch and my car interiors have the same results. The conditioner is great. The leather on the old couch was not as supple as it could have been at first, but it is much more supple now. The conditioner does not leave a high shine. It absorbs well and doesn't leave a big mess. It didn't take long to sit on the leather again. I used Adam's Premium Interior Dressings for the conditioner and they worked well. Will get all of these again.

👤I was a bit worried about ordering this kit because other reviewers said it removed some of the color from the leather, and I have dark leather. When I received the instructions, I was told to test using a white rag in a spot that was not visible. There was no transfer of color to the rag. There were no issues after I cleaned my vehicle. There is leather on the rag, on the wheel, on the console, and on the seats. Everything was clean. It smelled amazing.

8. Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner Complete

Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner Complete

If you love the product or you are not, you can get a 100% money back on your purchase. Everyone has something leather in their home, so this kit works on all things leather, seats, interiors, jackets, shoes, sneakers, boots, sofas and more. They all wash their skin and hair on a regular basis and use conditioners and lotions to keep it hydrated and fresh. The leather cleaner has a balanced pH to make it the most efficient for cleaning and preserving the leather's strength,Durability and appearance. If you use products that are easy to use, and leave no trace, it's more fun, and you won't have to clean with soap. Leather cleaner and leather conditioner are both good for your leather and can help reduce UV damage. The kit is an amazing value because the products have been formulated so you get a lot of uses out of each bottle. Their customers love their products. They want you to love their products as well. Their customers love their products. They want you to love their products as well.

Brand: Chemical Guys

👤Do not use this leather conditioner. After reading many positive reviews and watching the Chemical Guys official video on use/application, I purchased it. They say the smell is nonsense. The smell of this stuff is rank, perhaps they were going for the skin of a dead cow rotting in the sun, because they nailed that perfectly! This smell will never go away. The product will always be fused with anything this stuff touches. Cloths, microfiber cloths, DONE, your leather. I washed off the applicator that I used to remove excess product, and threw it in the wash with my other micro fiber towels. A big mistake. Even with a small amount of product left on the applicator, it penetrated everything in the washing machine, including the washing machine itself! I cannot get the smell to go down after 3 cycles. All of my microfiber towels are ruined now. Do not trust this product, it's awful. I don't think it does anything for your leather. You have been warned.

👤I wear jeans all the time, and the dye transfers onto the beige leather seats of my 2016 Camry. I applied twice in a row. Seven sprays with paper towel wiping. Five sprays, 60 seconds, then paper towel wiping. The picture shown here was taken after the first application. One application does the trick when it comes to application 1 and application 2.

👤I have used products that made claims but have been disappointed. This product was back by many reviews all saying the same thing. My review will support the product. I have a service dog that rides with me in my car. Even if you try to avoid it, dogs can make messes. This will never change. I love the leather interior and it's comfortable. I can't find a seat cover for the seats in this car. The leather gets dirty after being hit. I will never pay someone to do interior detailing because it is not hard to do. I can only conclude that people did not follow directions or take their time doing the job after reading the negative comments. My experience with this product was better than I expected and my interior is now clean again. I needed to use the brush that Chemical Guys offers because the cleaner was fantastic. The conditioner was the same as before, you follow directions and the leather will look new. The car smells of fresh leather, no harsh fumes, or oily or sticky stuff to contend with. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to take care of their leather interior and do a great job detailing their car. People tend to skip directions because we know everything.

👤It worked well for my leather couches. I won't be changing now. I cleaned my couches with the cleaner and then applied a conditioner that I left overnight to absorb. The dust on the top of the couches was brought about by the application of conditioner. Next day, I applied the cleaner again. The couch was shiny and beautiful. Light scratches from my dog's nails were gone. The leather couch looked great.

9. Adams Total Interior Cleaner Protectant

Adams Total Interior Cleaner Protectant

All in one automobile cleaning regimen is made with advanced ceramic coating SiO2 infused technology. UV blocking agents, odor neutralizingrs, and anti-static dust prevent dust build-up. Total Interior Cleaner & Protectant is safe to use on frequently touched surfaces such as; electronics, steering wheels, door panels, handles, shifters, touch screens, radios/stereos. Your dashboard accessories, car seats, and leather stay in contact with the sun, draining them of the factory finish and speeding up the aging process. Future clean ups are easier with ceramic SiO2 UV protection. Quick and easy application of multi- surface cleaning products makes interior detailing easier, giving you more time to enjoy behind the wheel. Dust, oils, and unwanted dirt can be removed from any interior surface. Adam's Total Interior Cleaner restores your interior surfaces to a factory appearance. At Adam's, they strive to bring the best car cleaning supplies, auto detailing kits, washing accessories, microfiber towels, waxes, sealant, ceramic coating, mops, brushes, mitts, sponges, garage tools, and applicators. They will do everything they can to make it right if you are not satisfied.

Brand: Adam's Polishes

👤This product makes my interior look and feel good. I use a 15 charger rt road track edition in my car, and it's a special edition. It looks like it did when it was first purchased. I use it with a spray towel and microfiber cloth to wipe it down. Does not leave that greasy look that I don't like. I use it on the navigation screen to clean off prints and return the car. It's nice that I get a little over spray on the front window when I do dash and other parts, it doesn't leave a mark. You can either see the little dots of spray or it's just a matter of sitting down and wiping it off, the product wipes up super easy and the interior feels brand new. I recommend this to anyone who likes to have a new looking interior but doesn't like to spend a lot of time cleaning up. The product makes the interior look nice for a while. If you don't see greasy looking first, then have all the dust and dirt stick to it. It's a bonus to smell.

👤A brand new car. The ceramic coating service was offered for $1K+ by the dealership. After picking up the vehicle from the dealership, I tried this. The vehicle had been washed. The application was easy and no problem on a white vehicle. Water just rolled off the surface after day three.

👤This spray is wonderful. It's been great to clean and protect the interior of my new car, and it even worked to get out the armor all wipes. I haven't tried it on windows, but it works well on the various surfaces of my car. I don't mind the smell, it's light and leaves quickly. I'd buy it again if I could.

👤This is one of the top 5 products that I have used over the years. I will always use a dedicated glass product for that, I can't comment on it being an all in one. It is amazing for every other surface, like leather, plastic, trim, metal, etc. The scent reminds me of grape bubblegum, although some people may not like it. The product gives a clean appearance after being applied. Many products do not have UV protection. I will buy this from now on.

👤The cleaner does a great job. The smell ruins it for me.

👤Cleans well and has a pleasant scent. I would have liked it to leave a bit more shine but it is not oily. A clean and dry surface. Not too fragrant but pleasant.

👤The smell of this product is very similar to the chemical guys product. You can buff it out, even though it does steak a little on the display. I don't know if the SiO2 part works or not. I'm not sure how to tell if it does. Would I buy it again? I would.

👤I can't see what the white floating things are in the bottle, there are more smaller ones that my camera can't pick up. I'm not sure if the SiO2 is clumping together or not.

10. Cleaning Conditioner Interior Furniture Accessories

Cleaning Conditioner Interior Furniture Accessories

Do not use any unfinished leather, including Natuzzi Brand, and finish leather surfaces including car interior shoes boots, briefcases, handbags, and coats. The leather furniture cleaning kit is designed for leather clean and care. Pick the right tool to clean the dirt. Make it look new by using leather conditioner. Leather's service life can be extended by regular cleaning and care. The leather seat clean and care tools will not hurt the leather when used with the leather cleaner and conditioner. The microfiber towel is made with soft 70/30 microfiber, the cleaning brush is made of natural horsehair bristles, the small brush is made of pig hair, and the polishing cloth is made of soft and lint-free material. The car leather clean and care kit can also be used on all vinyl and leather fabric items in your home, such as shoes, jackets, sofa, boots and so on. Step 1: use a car leather brush to gently brush off large particles of sand and dust; Step 2: use a microfiber towel with leather cleaner to scrub the leather clean, if you have stubborn stains, please use a horse hair brush or small brush. After cleaning the leather surface, use a dry towel to absorb the water from the surface, then let it dry naturally. The leather conditioner is used to care for the leather. The cleaning set includes a microfiber sponge, microfiber towel, horsehair brush, and leather polishing cloth. It is advisable to use a leather cleaner or conditioner. The cleaning set includes a microfiber sponge, microfiber towel, horsehair brush, and leather polishing cloth. It is advisable to use a leather cleaner or conditioner.

Brand: Poliwell

👤This was used to clean my fiancée's seats. The larger brush did a better job than the little brush at getting stubborn dirt. I think the big sponge is too big for a conditioner, but it worked fine. The brush had a few hairs on it. I thought that was typical of any brush. They were easy to remove from the seat.

👤I have a white leather couch that has stains on it. They did not work, but I tried to use some leather cleaner with the rugs. The chemical guy leather cleaner did the job. It does shed, but it's not surprising from other reviews.

👤I wanted to clean the leather seats in my car, so I looked at some videos on the internet. The kit contains most of the things the pros used, but I wish it came with a leather cleaner in a squirt bottle. When I was going to wash my seats, what good were these things without a leather cleaner? I probably already had everything that came in this kit.

👤The kit looks good. I can't leave a review because I haven't used it yet.

👤I got this kit to clean my leather in my car.

👤The chemical supply guys products are great for cleaning auto interior leather. It is definitely worth the price. There are no regrets.

👤I haven't used it yet, but I am impressed with the quality.

11. TAKAVU 6 7 Leather Upholstery Brush

TAKAVU 6 7 Leather Upholstery Brush

An invisible shield is created to avoid water and stains. Deep cleaning. Their soft bristles are used to get inside the car interior. It's designed to clean thoroughly without harming your interior surfaces and make sure to take off soiling, pigment, dirt and grime with ease. Premium quality synthetic nylon bristles are built to last for years of rugged detailing use and are chemical resistant. It's strong enough to clean tough stains, and gentle enough to keep your leather, vinyl, microfiber and plastic interior safe. The wooden handle of the Concave makes it easier to hold and move the brush. It holds the bristles for quick and easy cleaning and polishing of leather goods and surfaces. It's easier to clean the small corner with a detailing brush. It is possible to use multiFUNCTINAL application for your carpets, upholstery, seats, cockpit, shoes, boots, furniture, sofa, beds, sheets, gloves, coats, clothes, apparel, fabric, canvas, bags, handbags, accessories, garments, car interiors cleaning and dog As long as it is used gently, it can be used to clean Textile materials. 100% risk free purchase. Their number one goal is to provide you with the friendliest customer service. If the Premium Leather Brush Kit doesn't live up to your expectations, they will give you a money back guarantee. Alcantara waxing buffing wooden tool horsehair upolstery dust. 100% risk free purchase. Their number one goal is to provide you with the friendliest customer service. If the Premium Leather Brush Kit doesn't live up to your expectations, they will give you a money back guarantee. Alcantara waxing buffing wooden tool horsehair upolstery dust.

Brand: Takavu

👤I was a little disappointed that the bristles fell out immediately after I received the brush. I used the directions. I won't be buying another one any time soon.

👤I spread the cleaner around with the brush I used to tap it into the fibers. I used the drill brush and steam cleaner. I was able to restore beauty to the carpets that had not been cleaned in 11 years.

👤The main wooden handle brush had bent bristles all the way around and the bonus detail brush was missing. It looks like it could have been good quality if it had been new. It sprays soap everywhere because of the damaged bristles. It's not very handy for something designed to help.

👤When I needed to be a little more aggressive in getting the cleaner on the hammered auto upholstery, I was looking for something a little more aggressive than a typical horse hair brush. The size is perfect for me. I am happy I bought it.

👤I've been trying to find a dry cleaning solution that is safe for my couch. I decided to buy a brush because I needed it down the line. I didn't know that it was so effective. The fabric looked new and got off some of the concerns I had about dogs bringing snacks onto the couch. Removes hair from animals. No more lint rollers that are wasteful.

👤I bought this to remove the hair from the white seats in my car. The materials on the big brush are very high quality. The brush is easy to use and perform. I haven't tried the detailing brush yet. The bristles are firm. I haven't tried it out yet.

👤The soft bristles make sure to not leave marks. The stuff gets caught between the seat stitching and they do a great job of removing it. The narrow head of the crevice tool makes it perfect for the inlaid stich points on the seats. The brushes are gentle enough to clean a velvet couch.

👤This is a great price for a brush. I use it for detailing. The small brush is very helpful for hard to reach cracks and it works great on the seats. The large one feels sturdy and durable. The seller made sure that my order arrived intact by email. I have never had a seller reach out to me to make sure I was satisfied. If I ever need more from this seller, I will definitely buy from him again. Thanks for making a great product and taking care of your customers.

👤The brushes look great and well made, but haven't used them yet.


What is the best product for car seat leather cleaner kit?

Car seat leather cleaner kit products from Chemical Guys. In this article about car seat leather cleaner kit you can see why people choose the product. Lexol and Mothers are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat leather cleaner kit.

What are the best brands for car seat leather cleaner kit?

Chemical Guys, Lexol and Mothers are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat leather cleaner kit. Find the detail in this article. Weiman, Adam's Polishes and Adam's Polishes are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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