Best Car Seat Insert for Newborn Girl Purple

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1. COOLBEBE Upgraded Support Newborn Toddler

COOLBEBE Upgraded Support Newborn Toddler

The sandwich mesh fabric liner is perfect for hot days and has a clever nested design. CoolBEBE is made for long-term use and is ultra- soft to the touch. The recommended age is for all-around body support for infants, from birth to 10 kilograms, with the inserts providing more room for larger babies. The two head supports combo is perfect for spring/autumn and is perfect for all carriers, car seats, and strollers. The COOLBEBE Portable Changing Pad is easy to remove and machine wash, it is easy to clean. If you have any questions or suggestions, they will get back to you within 24 hours. If you have any questions or suggestions, they will get back to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Coolbebe

👤I bought this because I thought it would be more comfortable for my baby as a newborn, but when I got out of the hospital, they said the insert was unsafe and wouldn't let me leave.

👤I had issues with my baby's head falling over. I have to ask my 5 year old if she is okay. Is she breathing? All the time. She would cry when I put my baby in her carseat. I put my little into the insert and she fell asleep. I changed and fed her before we left. She found it comfortable. I bought a backseat mirror to see her and the whole drive was in place. It's very soft and I don't have to worry about her getting killed. You could spend the best money. No more rolled up blankets.

👤I ordered this before I knew the safety rating was nulled by adding any type of addition to the car seat. If it came with it at purchase, don't add anything to your car seat. I bought this to make the car seat a little more comfortable but it made my boy super hot and sweaty even with the infant part removed. He was taken out of the seat after he screamed inconsolably. I was disappointed with this insert because I didn't know how safe it was to add things. Will be back. The reviews are true. Don't be like me and think it will be okay. It didn't seem cheap.

👤It was a nicely made product and seemed to work well. I thought it would work with the britax safe cell. If it fit, I would have liked it.

👤The "cooling pad" is a joke. My daughter started screaming five minutes from home after we drove back from grandma's. She wore a t-shirt onesie, pants and socks in a car. I pulled her out and she was very hot. I'm trying to keep her cool. I might have to take her to the doctor. If you live in a warm area, do not buy.

👤I had a preemie and did I suffer? This was a game-changing event. I was comfortable taking him home. He was released from the hospital at 5 lbs. The material is nice and fluffy in the right areas and the head part was snug around his small head. If you have a small baby, this will give it security, and even when he grows, you can take the white part and still fit.

👤Not safe at all. The straps in the carseat and the holes for the straps in the insert don't come close to lining up, even though the description states it can be used in a car seat. The insert is larger than the straps. The only way to make it work is to bunch up the fabric of the insert under the baby's back or pull the straps out to stretch around the insert. My car seat is a graco snugride. Returned unsafely. I am trying to add a picture, but I am not allowed to take a picture.

2. Reducer Cushion Antiallergic Sparkles Janabebe

Reducer Cushion Antiallergic Sparkles Janabebe

Money back or 100% satisfaction guarantee! Remove shades as often as necessary. Infant insert for carrycot, car seat, stroller, made in soft cotton, with funny stamp, filling of wadding, can be removed, the head, thanks to its composition, is recommended for sensitive skin. The cover and hood are sold separately. The seat cushion and the back of the reducer are soft so that the baby feels more welcome, they have found a new size that is three pieces. Search their catalog Janabebe. Cotton is soft and comfortable, and most of their products are made of cotton. It does not cause allergies to sensitive skin. The fibers are spun in a way that doesn't cause irritation or static electricity. Cotton is usually used for items that are frequently worn and in direct contact with the skin. Cotton is natural and free of chemicals.

Brand: Janabebe

👤She was perfect for a newborn at 3 weeks. The material is soft and absorbent. She wasn't sweating on her back even though we had a fan. When our toddler wanted to ride, we were looking for a cushion that was easy to remove, and this did the trick. I was happy to get this one instead of the overpriced Uppababy snugseat, it looks nice with the stroller, and it is more comfortable.

👤My daughter had twins 2 months early. When I ordered, I was told I was getting a pack of 3 car seat covers. I car seat cover is what it is. There was no support for either of the babies without this. I needed to order more so that the hospital could approve them before they came home. The 1 was recvd. It was easy to put together and soft.

👤Works well! The graco carseat doesn't provide much support for my baby's head. I had to sit in the back with her and hold her head up to keep her head from moving back and forth in the car. I've used this product in her carseat twice. Her head barely moves as she sits in her seat, it is nice and snug. Great product!

👤It works well for the graco car seat. It feels soft. I haven't driven a car yet.

👤Highly recommended! She is more content in her seat.

👤I received my order. I like this pillow. I was looking for a good body support pillow for my son, who is almost 6 months old. I have a small travel stroller that fits in my stroller. I went for a walk and he loved it. He is no longer leaning to the side of the stroller when the seat is upright. I would recommend this pillow to anyone with a baby. Thank you so much!

👤My baby is very comfortable in this. I use it with the click connect car seat, which is too wide for my baby and would make her head spin during car rides, if I didn't have this cushion. The cushion is a lifesaver. I have tried three other brands and this is the only one that is still in my house.

👤I am so happy that I bought this. I use it all over the place because we didn't have a good cushion on the baby swing or car seat that we got. I use it daily. Love it! It's easy to move from one product to another.

👤A beau de surcrot! L'installation est trivial. Donc moelleux, le look est super sympa et ce réducteur est vraiment. Un p'tit clic, vous a été Utile!

👤People are complaining that the padding behind the baby's back is thin. This is an essential safety feature, as car seats are supposed to provide solid back support in the event of an accident, to avoid whiplash-type injuries. If you prop the baby up away from the seat with a lot of soft padding, the baby will float around in the padding and could be hurt in a crash. The straps are held against the seat back if you adjusted them carefully. People will use the product unsafely because the manufacturer does not give instructions. This should be fixed. It comes with a very puffy pillow that is supposed to be used under the baby if needed, but which could be mis-positioning behind the baby's back, leading to a dangerous situation. Please read the manual carefully. If you don't know what you're doing, you can make the seat dangerous for your baby if you use extra padding from a different manufacturer. I will use this product with great care.

3. Graco Travel System Stroller Azalea

Graco Travel System Stroller Azalea

The Graco travel system includes the top-rated Snug Ride Click Connect 30 Infant Car Seat. And up to 32. The Click Connect system provides a one-step, secure attachment of an infant car seat to a stroller. Your child will enjoy riding on suspension. When you're out and about with a baby, a locking front-swivel wheel gives you more control. The carry strap makes it convenient for mothers to carry their things. Mild soap and warm water is all you need to spot clean the stroller frame and seat pad. The carry strap makes it convenient for mothers to carry their things. Mild soap and warm water is all you need to spot clean the stroller frame and seat pad.

Brand: Graco

👤There are some reviews that say the car seat is hard to get off of base and that it doesn't click in right to the stroller. I checked everything yesterday when I got mine. We triple checked the base and car seat after my fiancée put the stroller together. The set is pretty and perfect. The stroller was light and I am happy with my purchase.

👤I love this stroller and car seat. It's very easy to set up and collapse with one hand. With one hand, steers easily. It was perfect for us. The photo was taken with extra padding since our girlie was still young.

👤If I could, I would give 0 stars. Since 3/30/2018 this stroller has only been used occasionally. It is falling apart today. The wheels have come off. I bought it for a shower gift. I have to figure out how to find parts to fix the wheels.

👤It took me 5 minutes to set up, just like the photo, lightweight, and great maneuverability. It was light, easy to push/steer, and had a big under carriage and cup holders. We were very pleased with our purchase. I have not had a problem with the car seat getting stuck in the base. I've owned strollers in the past that claimed to be one hand fold, and it says one hand easy fold for the stroller. I couldn't do it because of my arthritis, but I can with this stroller. Can't wait to use it!

👤Disappointed. The car seat carrier is cheap. I have a baby who is in a very strong "V" shape in this car seat. Her legs are above her head and it looks uncomfortable. The retractable cover makes loud clicking noises if the baby is sleeping and it's not ideal. The car seat carrier is difficult to get out of. It's not easy to get the car seat off the base. You have to lift the front latches up and then out, because they stay caught, and you have to maneuver them in a way that makes them fall out. We have a SUV and put her in the middle of the back seat and healing from a c section having to lean over to the middle seat is difficult enough, but when my baby is sleeping I have to try to get the seat off the base. The product was not very good and I don't recommend it.

👤My daughter and I got into a wreck a week ago. When she was xrayed after the accident at the ER, she only had seatbelt burns. I had broken bones of my own, so I am a different story. I can deal with my injuries, but I don't know what I would have done if my baby had been hurt. Her life was saved by this car seat. It gets my approval. I hope no one ever has to be in a wreck with their baby but accidents happen and this car seat works.

4. Lulyboo Toddler Breathable Support Stroller

Lulyboo Toddler Breathable Support Stroller

Total support for the baby's head, neck and back. There are two support cushions for head support. The pieces are made of soft plush padding and mesh. It's designed to fit most strollers, car seats, bouncers, carriers and more. The base is machine-washable. The base is machine-washable.

Brand: Lulyboo

👤My baby is very small. I was looking for something that would hold his head in place. I tried Summer Infant. They didn't give enough support. The LulyBoo has small balls around his head. They hold it perfectly. The fabric is very high quality, part is mesh and the other part is soft. I can adjust the size as he grows. It's a great item.

👤It was nice at first glance, but it really sucks your baby in. It looks like they are very small. I bought this because my baby would put them head to one side, it helped, but it was the puffy side things that took up the whole carseat and was hard to fit her 6lb body in! I'm going to buy her a nice piece of furniture that will fit her head and body. Didn't recommend! Return!

👤"I wish I had purchased this line sooner" is a phrase I hate to start with. This time of year, my daughter stays cool and doesn't fuss a lot. We decided on the Lulyboo because of the fact that the cushions are replaceable, which will make them more useful than some of the others out there. It's a great choice and even after a few washes it still looks new.

👤I support Luly Boo infant support. Before this, my son's head was tilted to one side. I was worried that his neck might hurt after a while. I was determined to find a support. The body support or the head support could be used separately. The color is machine washed safe. I have been using it for almost two months now.

👤I bought this because I saw reviews of it in a carseat with their newborns strapped in, but unfortunately I couldn't put it in our car seat because it's twice the size of my baby. I tried it for a stroller. It's too big. It would only fit my toddler. Which does not need this! So upset. I wasted $25 and you can save time by shopping in store.

👤There is no way to use this for a small infant. It is too heavy for an infant carseat. We made some changes to the set up and it seems to work, but I am not using all of the pieces. It seems comfortable. He seems to like the way it is set up. The fact that we couldn't use all of them gives this 3 stars. I figured out how to add the head piece after we used the middle piece.

👤The item is better than the picture and the advertising. My pre baby size is being adjusted with the help of the parts that are coming off. There are two separate cushions that hold my daughters. It came up like new after I washed it. The part is made with fabric that isn't too hot at the back. The product is the same as all Luly Boo items.

👤We love this stroller insert. When my son was 3 months old, we started using it because we could put him in the stroller without having to keep him in the car seat. He is much more comfortable, and the fact that the head part detaches is great because we can use it separately in the car seat until he has full head control.

5. Covers Newborns Extra Stretchy Nursing

Covers Newborns Extra Stretchy Nursing

The design is stylish. A cute and fashion design with black and white stripes. Multiple use. The cover can be used as a canopy for a baby car seat, feeding chair, shopping cart, nursing cover, scarf, and baby blanket. It protects your baby from the sun, heat or cold. Privacy for mothers. The baby car seat cover can also be used as a nursing cover, which provides fully private protection for mothers while breastfeeding. The fabric is stretchy, so you can have more than one room inside. The cover is made of soft fabric and provides maximum comfort for babies and mothers. The cover is very soft and comfortable to touch. It was a perfect gift. The multi use cover is a thoughtful gift for a baby shower and will be very useful for the new mom. It was a perfect gift. The multi use cover is a thoughtful gift for a baby shower and will be very useful for the new mom.

Brand: Loekeah

👤This cover is wonderful. 1. It is made out of soft material. I use it to block the sunlight from my son's eyes during the summer because it's so lightweight. The quality is amazing. The quality of the covers is the same as when I had my daughter. * This is the second one I have bought. I lost my first one at the mall and ordered a second from the parking lot because I love it so much.

👤I was looking for a car seat cover. I was skeptical at first because of the price, but it turned out perfect. The fabric is stretchy. The material is still in tact after I washed it several times. The handle hole in the top gives me a place to look in on my little one while we are out and about. I think the baby trend car seat is universal. This will be on my baby shower gifts list.

👤My wife loves it and I bought one for our baby. I just bought another one and it arrived today. I ordered 2 because they are thin, but it can be a good thing for someone else. My wife wants to tie dye the second one. I think that would be cool. We use it when my daughter is in the doctor's office because we want to keep people away from her. It is thin but it is light and airy which is great for summer. I plan to have 2 for when one is dirty and the other for when we go to the doctor. Overall happy with this purchase and as other reviewers have mentioned it has multiple uses and you can't beat the price compared to other covers.

👤I wanted to make sure my baby was not exposed to people in public. I found a car seat cover for $6 and I love it. It will serve it's purpose and do what I need it to do, and for $6 it's a steal. If you're not sure if you should do it, just do it.

👤I love these! After my sister in-law's son was born, I got one for her. The flappy, blanket-like "covers" are garbage. They don't protect from wind, rain, cold weather, and light. These are what you want. Light weight blocks wind and rain. My husband said our son had his own climate inside one of these. Our newborn had a warm and humid environment with this over his carseat in the Midwest.

👤I love it! It is perfect! So soft. I was a little anxious to buy it because it was so much cheaper than the name brand one, but I am so glad I did. It is everything I wanted and is very affordable. I only use a car seat cover, so can't comment on other uses. I put it over the car seat to keep the germs out of my baby's face. Couldn't be more pleased with the quality of the item.

👤This was a gift for a friend, but in October I received one as well. This is great. I put it on my career to protect babies. I have a winter cover, but this seals everything the winter cover doesn't. It may be me but I don't like using it to feed. It is very uncomfortable and baby gets hot as well. I don't like being restrained, it might be different for someone else.

6. Boppy Preferred Support Princess Infants

Boppy Preferred Support Princess Infants

Why don't car seats? Boppy puts family first. The insert for your car seat is designed for that seat. When looking at car seat accessories, always check the warranty info. A unique cut-out design. The Boppy preferred head and neck support has a unique cut-out. Designed to keep your baby's head cradled. There is support for cleft lip and cleft palate. The neck ring is removed during toddlerhood. The age of 0+ months is recommended. The design is soft and minky. The head support is easy to clean. There are multiple functions. It is easy to install in any stroller, bouncer, or swing. The head support should only be used for infants. There are multiple functions. It is easy to install in any stroller, bouncer, or swing. The head support should only be used for infants.

Brand: Boppy

👤It was disappointing for a product to have poor quality. I wanted to wash it before use. I washed on a cold cycle and dried on a low heat room.

👤No le gusta, creo, pero se acalora demasiado. Todo lo dems est perfect!

👤We bought this to support her swing. It works well, but it's a bit cumbersome to place it in the seat and then position her right as well. We may use the neck pillow in the future for other purposes. Good thing it is not attached. I wish I could have found a different pattern for the princess.

👤We loved it so much that we wanted a second. The pillow is cute. It's not a problem because it's cut differently from the other pillows and my daughter's torticollis doesn't affect it. It's disappointing and will be returned to buy another version that works.

👤I really like this cushion. It is shaped to prevent flattening of the back of the head, and it gets a lot of praise from people when we are out and about. I like the soft material. The optional neck cushion seemed a little too cumbersome, but that was not a big deal. Great product!

👤So happy with the purchase. It was very comfortable. The car seat looks very cute. A lot of people compliment me. A person holds a baby's head. The baby does not fall over. A baby falls asleep on a car ride.

👤Cute, supportive, and soft. It came with a supportive pillow and I loved it. I use it for my baby bassinet.

👤It's cute but tacky. It is not the best for support, but it is what my friend asked for. I got it for her. I would say it is okay.

👤Es bonito y de buena calidad, aunque tiene muchsimos ms idénticos.

👤No tienes estar en el portabebe, ami nena le encanto. El soporte para la cabeza es bastante bueno por solo, el unico.

👤Sostiene perfecto la cabeza, sper funcional, con todo lo. Recomiendo mucho.

👤Me encant el producto, pero le doy 3 estrellas ya. El diseo estoy.

👤El diseo es bonito, pero al momento de poner el respaldo para los bracitos.

7. Hudson Baby Support Insert Trellis

Hudson Baby Support Insert Trellis

The car seat has a body support insert. It is made with 100% Polyester. It's gentle on the baby's skin. It's perfect for babies 0 to 24 months.

Brand: Hudson Baby

👤You shouldn't use these in car seats. They are not safe.

👤I am sostiene bn la cabesita me encanto.

👤These are not safe in carseats and the NHTSA and American Pediatric Association as well as all carseat manufacturers warn against using them as they cause injury in crashes potentially and diminish the effectiveness of the carseats safety impact designs. Do your research before you become a good parent. A good carseat rated high by NHTSA will be tested with attached infant head padding, like the #1 rated Chicco Key Fit 30. If the carseat doesn't have approved padding that was tested by the manufacturer, you are doing your infant a disservice. I was not aware that I could not put my babies in any other carseats that did not come with proper padding. Hope this helps some people. Gina, please use these in strollers, anything else, and not a cabbage love.

👤The thing is cute. It is not safe for babies to use inserts in their car seats unless they already have it. Good quality, but not recommended for use in a car seat.

👤Me parece buen producto, la parte de la cabeza es gordits.

👤Producto, es buen material, es una bebe.

👤Da un buen soporte. También tienes una carreola.

👤Perfecta para la bebé, debera tener ms opciones.

👤It is ideal para la piel sensible de bebés.

8. Carseat Canopy Caboodle Jersey Stretch

Carseat Canopy Caboodle Jersey Stretch

The replacement umbrella has a lining. The car seat has a stretch cover. The car seat has a stretch cover.

Brand: Carseat Canopy

👤I'm giving this 5 stars because it's very pretty and soft, my granddaughter looks adorable in it. She doesn't get hot in her car seat since it's t-shirt material. The good news is that it has two holes where the stress points are. I understand the need to use extra thread, but it has caused the fabric to tear. The upper strap goes over her arms, while the strap that comes up from the bottom is the other hole. For $60. It should not have holes. I hope the manufacturer can come up with a better way to strengthen the stress points.

👤Not padded on the bottom. We had to put this over the boy's cover. The seat belt will go where the cover goes if you travel in a different car. I could cut and sew myself. I think it could have already had these. It claims to have padding. There would be no padding on the carseat after they grow some. A sheet over the carseat. Will work with it.

👤We used this to cover our son's carrier so we could use it for our daughter. It is convenient for easy cleaning. It covers the carrier well. The fabric is very thin, and the pink cover is different than the blanket, canopy cover, full cover, and headrest.

👤The material is very thin. You can put the canopy over the existing one, like you can with the main seat cover. The canopy is very thin so you only use it when it's warm outside. It is pretty but not practical. A waste of money.

👤You will need to keep the original cover on. You could just cut and sew the holes in the blanket yourself, it's just like throwing a blanket on the seat. Not worth 60 dollars. You will need more. We all bought this to change the style of the covers we already had. pointless save money

👤This cover is wonderful. It's easy to install. It's soft! It's perfect for a sweet baby girl.

👤This canopy is awesome! My 1 year old used to use the car seat that is covered with the head support for the babies head, but my next child will be using the car seat, so I want it to be extra clean. The cover is stretchy and the fabric is soft. I would have liked to have been with my son.

👤The seat cover with elastic is not the same shade of pink. Everything else looks good.

9. Stroller Cushion Vocheer Infant Support

Stroller Cushion Vocheer Infant Support

The baby car seat head support is made of high quality fabric and is suitable for all seasons. The infant inserts are designed to fit larger babies, and the stroller head support is designed to support the head during bumpy rides. The 2-in-1 baby cushion can be used in a variety of ways. The car seat baby cushion is easy to remove and clean, and it's machine washed and dried. If there is a problem, please contact them at any time. If there is a problem, please contact them at any time.

Brand: Vocheer

👤It's perfect for our needs. We needed to support our preemie. It is easy to wash and perfect.

👤This works perfectly because it extends down to the bottom of the baby. I used it on my two month old and my jogging stroller. I got one for myself but it was only the top part and I think this one is better. You should get the review.

👤I loved this. It's easy to install. And very stable.

👤It's all around a great product, it's super soft, but still has support, and it keeps my baby's head from hanging to the side.

👤It was easy to put in and take out.

👤It works well for a new baby. She seems comfortable.

👤It's soft and definately snug.

👤I love everything about it. I would recommend it.

👤It's easy to use and comfortable for a baby. I also use a baby carrier. Washed immediately after delivery, dried very fast and the quality was the same.

👤The rocker and buggy use this head support. I bought it because my baby has an asymmetrical flat head and it helps to position her head centrally. The materials are very nice and there are cutouts under the head profile to allow it to be used with safety belts.

👤It would have been a better padding.

👤I use this in my little ones bouncer and push chair.

👤Did the job until our baby was old.

10. Graco SnugRide SnugFit Infant Eliza

Graco SnugRide SnugFit Infant Eliza

Rear-facing infants can be protected from 4-35 lbs and up to 32 lbs. An additional layer of safety is provided by the Anti-Rebound Bar. The technology can be installed in less than one minute. While your child is in the seat with the front-adjust No-Rethread Simply Safe Harness System, your headrest and harness should be adjusted together. The LATCH attachment from In Right can be used for quick installation. The LATCH attachment from In Right can be used for quick installation.

Brand: Graco

👤No need to look anymore, it looks very secure. The car seat can be taken out of the base. Excellent quality material! There is nothing I dislike about this car seat. I am very happy with this purchase. It is definitely worth the price. Happy mama over here! Thank you!

👤It's nicer than the snug ride 35 lite elite.

👤It is rated for 4 lbs and up, so it was just the ticket for our baby. The national consumer rating group has an excellent safety rating. It is possible to put the car seat directly into the stroller so you don't have to take the baby out of the seat when you run out of gas.

👤I love this seat. The features make it easy to use and comfortable for the baby. It fits into my Modes stroller and makes me happy.

👤They absolutely love it, it was purchased as a gift.

👤It was there before my daughter-in-law's baby shower. It will work for my granddaughter.

👤I love this carseat. It works well for my preemie and she will grow with it.

👤Excellent quality with great safety ratings. The next day, I arrived and it was adorable.

11. Ultimate Infant Headrest Blanket Nursing

Ultimate Infant Headrest Blanket Nursing

The ultimate infant carseat cover set comes with a slip-on seat cover, a replacement canopy, a nursing scarf, and a baby blanket. The complete baby car seat caboodle is designed for any reason, it is convenient for any outdoor activities. A replacement canopy could be slipped on the arch canopy support to cover the original canopy. 30'' from front to rear end is stretchy. The seat cover is universal in size and shape, and can be used by most popular brands. A 5-in-1 privacy cover protects a baby from bugs. This cover can be used as a nursing cover, high chair cover, and shopping cart cover. It's a perfect infant carseat canopy cover because of its light weight, soft fabric, and Breathable. The baby can be seen from the top of the cover. Any infant car seat has a universal size. The cone is 24'' around on the top and 60'' at the bottom. The ultimate set comes with a baby blanket and two layers. Good for a swing cover at the park or a play mat before putting the baby into a shopping cart. The blanket is 24'' in width and 16'' in length. Also include a baby hat in a matching color. A black seat cover has a floral print on it. Good for baby girls. It is easy to care for the parts except canopy with plastic rod. It works perfectly in your diaper bag. Best for breastfeeding mothers, infant car seat, baby registry and baby shower gift. A black seat cover has a floral print on it. Good for baby girls. It is easy to care for the parts except canopy with plastic rod. It works perfectly in your diaper bag. Best for breastfeeding mothers, infant car seat, baby registry and baby shower gift.

Brand: Rosy Kids

👤The floral pattern on the carseat cover makes the crappy carseat I got off the internet look really cute, but I wish the cover for the hood was a little bit more snug. I am happy. I can't wait to bring my baby home.

👤This item is to cover the old carseat. We wanted something to make the baby look cute. I was thrown by the blanket and didn't complain about the price or the rest of the product. I have a baby trends infant carrier that fits great, but I have a triangle shaped car seat that doesn't have a straight bar, so it's not as snug. I don't fault the maker for this. The stretchy material is easy to work with. I was going to have my mother make a simple cover for it. I thought it was worth a try. The coral seat cover and canopy part blew me away, they even added bendable material to hold it like the original canopy on the car seat. I love it so much that I'm considering buying another one. If you're looking to bring a carseat back to life, this is the one for you.

👤The camo replacement car seat cover is adorable. It was very easy to install, like putting a small fitted sheet on a car seat. The "hood" or "shade cover" is very easy to install, and adds an extra touch of cuteness. There is a The harness strap covers keep the straps from getting into the baby's neck or face. There is a The openings on the car seat cover for the harness straps/buckle are vertical, which makes it look cheap due to a big gap and being able to see the plastic underneath. I have major dislikes as well, even though I have all those likes. There is no padding or cousion in this car seat cover. The baby is laying on hard plastic because the fabric is so thin. I thought I could stretch the replacement cover over top of the original one to make it more comfortable for the baby, but with the openings being vertical and not horizontal, you can't see the original cover. There is no opening on the car seat cover when the seat belt goes across the carseat to secure the baby. I don't need to use the seat belt to secure the carseat as I have a base, but it does cover that area where the seat belt secures the carseat. It could be a big deal for a lot of people that don't use the base. If you have the same brand of carseat, I'm using this replacement cover on a COSCO Infant Carseat to see how it works.

👤The item is described. I don't have to piece this together. The price is unbeatable and it is beautifully made. I only needed a cover sheet for my car seat, which would have cost me $40. The item was only $20 more than the one before it. I love my car seat. The fit of my baby trend infant car seat is perfect. The canopy is larger than the original, but it fits well enough to tell the difference. This seller would definitely order from him again.


What is the best product for car seat insert for newborn girl purple?

Car seat insert for newborn girl purple products from Coolbebe. In this article about car seat insert for newborn girl purple you can see why people choose the product. Janabebe and Graco are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat insert for newborn girl purple.

What are the best brands for car seat insert for newborn girl purple?

Coolbebe, Janabebe and Graco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat insert for newborn girl purple. Find the detail in this article. Lulyboo, Loekeah and Boppy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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