Best Car Seat Insert for Newborn Baby Trend

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1. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel

Lockable front wheel. The one hand fold for compact storage has a height adjusted handle. The plug-in is compatible with most mp3 players. There is a tether strap and a 5-point safety harness. The Travel System accepts child and car seats. The Travel System accepts child and car seats.

Brand: Baby Trend

👤This system has a carseat that is amazing. I was in a terrible accident with my daughter. I lost control of my vehicle and went into a ditch. My daughter was unharmed. We are both alive and ok. I recommend this system. The stroller is great for hiking and running on different terrains. I like it.

👤My son is almost 6 months old. The stroller is good for the price. It gets the job done. It looks great and has received a lot of praise for the way it looks. I would have picked a different stroller or car seat. I am a first time mom and I am learning. The car seat material is rough and I don't like it. You know the backpack material. My baby's skin was in contact with rough material when he was born. I guess that is what you get when you buy online. You can not feel things. The car seats lack head support. It is a flimsy piece with little foams on the side. There are 3 more The stroller is heavy. I am a 120 lbs mom who is fairly fit and strong. But boy! The stroller is heavy to carry. I don't like running with this stroller that's easy to put it in. There are four There is a storage case in between the cup holders that is supposed to be for the phone. It won't fit big phones like the iPhone 6 Plus. The cup holder is too small to hold a bottle. It is a standard size for bottled water or Starbucks cups. I give honest feedback about this travel system. Good luck and do more research!

👤It looks pretty snazzy so far. My wife and I are very happy with our first baby purchase. The build quality seems to be pretty good. The tires are easy to maneuver. It gives it a nice ride. Assembly was very easy. The design of this version is similar to the older model. I like the fact that everything is a uniform color. The stroller is very easy to fold up. Pull the two hooks on each side of the frame and push down, gravity will do the rest. It can be difficult to take the stroller off of the base in the car. The lever takes more force than we think it needs. My wife had difficulty squeezing the lever to remove it from the base. It isn't a dealbreaker, just something to prepare for. If you don't hear it click, you need to squeeze harder. It is getting 4 stars instead of 5. I will try to reflect our experience over time.

👤We have had a jogger stroller for almost two years, and it is starting to show wear. The tires are not holding air anymore than a week. We have to lock the front wheel in place or the stroller will start shaking if we don't. This limits maneuverability. It's not as bad when you put it in a diaper bag. The weight helps keep it upright. With a new baby on the way, we will definitely need a better quality stroller. We have gotten a lot of use out of this stroller, but it has taken a bit of a beating. The price is good for a stroller and car seat, but I wish the quality was better. This set is more expensive than most jogging strollers. You are getting what you pay for. A disposable stroller is good for one child. This is a good option if you have a budget. If you can spend a little more for something better, I would do that as well.

2. Baby Trend Snooze Deluxe Nursery

Baby Trend Snooze Deluxe Nursery

The bassinet has a mobile and a full bassinet. Changing your child is easy with the flip over changer. The storage bag is easy to fold for travel. The tote bag is a travel bag. The Playard is designed for a child who cannot climb out.

Brand: Baby Trend

👤I love it! I was able to sleep because I knew if she rolled over into the bassinet and playmen that she could still breathe. It's easy to get from one room to the other with it's light weight and wheels. It is easy to put down and put up. The chainging table is nice. If you flip over to the side, you can use half of it to store things while your baby sleeps. It helps with late night changing. If you just use hot water, Dawn dish soap and 1/2 water 1/2 bleach with a small brush and scrub the spit up spots and any other stains, you can leave it in the sun for a few hours. It's a good thing.

👤Do not buy it. It is not sturdy for one to stay closed down and for two to sleep on a rock. The bassinet mode is not comfortable. The insert that is supposed to be the bed is a very hard piece of wood. You can feel the big plastic handle that is used to lock the play pen into place underneath the bed and onto the hard piece of wood that the baby is suppose to sleep on if you don't use the bassinet mode. There was always a hard lip across the mat that would stick up because the 3 pieces of wood would never stay flat. Who would want to sleep on this with a hard lip across the bed and a hard plastic handle pushing through that you can feel? I wouldn't use this for my dog to sleep on a baby. JUNK! I returned this and found something that was cheaper and better than this. I got a pack play yard for toddlers and infants. Simple assembly and easy to use. A baby bed. This thing is amazing and it is included with the mattress and fitted sheet. Your baby will thank you with something that is meant to sleep on. It took a while to set up. It's so small to travel with than a pack and play. I will never use a traditional pack to play again. I'm thankful for this thing. It's cheaper and better for my boy.

👤I only needed the playpen part when I used it. I would push down in the middle and only two sides would stay up. Maybe I'm not good at it. Maybe the baby needed to go to sleep to distract me. I was going to throw this thing out the window before I got it to stand upright. It was sturdy once it was together. The mattress on the bottom is soft. The sides of the net are well made. The little bugger sat there and strummed his guitar. She slept through the night.

👤I really do love this pack and can't wait to use it. It took a long time for Downside to assemble. The clip ins were hard to fully click. I took over an hour to assemble. It is very sturdy and pretty.

3. Baby Trend Degree Travel Spectrum

Baby Trend Degree Travel Spectrum

A lightweight frame with a wheel. The fabric pouch has a height adjustment handle. There are 6 riding positions and a jogger. The ride suspension is comfortable. There is a motion base that responds to forces. There is a motion base that responds to forces.

Brand: Baby Trend

👤The stroller is not worth the money because it gets bad death wobble on the front tire if you walk to fast, tires don't like to hold air, and one of the wheels is bent. The car seat is very hard to lock into place and very hard to release, I could use one hand to hold the seat in place and the other to open it, you have to climb in the car and sit down beside it to do that, and both hands to lock in and out

👤I knew something was wrong when I put my son on the car seat. The car seat makes a newborn sit up all the time. I read more of the reviews and noticed a few mothers had the same issue after trying to fix it. The buckle on the car seat is not good. It is two plastic pieces that you need to put together in order for them to snap in place. I can't imagine using that kind of buckle for a long time as the baby is getting smaller and you are in a hurry to get him into the car seat. Two metal pieces slide in on either side one by one. The stroller can't be turned without picking up the front wheel, which is difficult in confined spaces. The front wheel doesn't want to steer the stroller.

👤I bought this for my brother and his girlfriend and they absolutely love it.

👤My stepson asked me to buy this item. He received it in another state. He called after he received the item and said it was everything he expected. It is strong and can be used many different ways.

👤The toddler seat can be installed in the video. A lot of people think that their child is hanging in it. The dose turned into a seat. The whole thing was put together by my husband. When you take the car seat off the base. There is a lever under the front of the padding that will unhook it from the base. 45 minutes to build, no tools needed.

👤I'm going to look at each item individually. The car seat is very well made. You can pull the pads out for a bigger baby if you want, but it has a way to fit small babies. The fabric is soft, the sunshade is easy to pop up and down, and the handle is very easy to use. It is easy to wipe down. The base can be adjusted on its own based on how the seat of your car is shaped. It is very heavy duty. The carrier is comfortable. I'm torn on this one. The seat feels like a buggy when you position it backwards. It's great for small babies. The sunshade is large and provides good protection. The handle of the stroller is adjusted so that you can comfortably hold it, even if you're not tall. This is where I don't like it when you face the seat forward. It's a steep angle and there is no real seat for the baby's bottom to rest on, meaning the only thing stopping them from sliding out the front is the crotch strap, so you know that is not going to be comfortable for larger babies/toddlers at all. This is great for a new baby, but once they start sitting up, it's not going to be a comfortable ride. The quality of these items is very high. Everything is sturdy and soft. The design flaw with the forward facing seat for the jogging stroller really makes me think that this is not a long term use set and for the price, that's a bit of a concern.

4. Baby Trend Shopper Travel System

Baby Trend Shopper Travel System

There are 5 modes of use to accommodate your growing family. The Magnetec basket can hold up to 30 lbs. Premium comfort is provided by the fabrics and padding in the comfort cabin. A modern parent console has a cell phone positioner and cup holders. The Baby Trend Ally 35 Infant Car seat is included. The Baby Trend Ally 35 Infant Car seat is included.

Brand: Baby Trend

👤I did a lot of research before buying, and after using it daily for a few weeks, I am very pleased with the purchase. I have had a few strollers over the years, and I would be happy with it even if it had cost more, but it is definitely 5 stars for the value. I like what I like about it and why I chose it. Price! I could afford to buy a nicer combo, but experience tells me that you don't need a stroller like this for that long. In a year or two, I will be more likely to reach for my city mini when I take my two youngest for a long walk or attend an outdoor event. The main purpose of the stroller is to be used for grocery runs and errand runs. Doesn't make sense to spend money. 2. It comes with the base and car seat, and requires no changes. 3. It is easy to maneuver with one hand, like a much more expensive stroller. 4. A good cup holder and basket. 5. A double stroller takes up more space than a lightweight one. I didn't want a full 2 seater because they're huge and heavy and toddlers want to walk anyway. The standing board and jump seat are small enough to fit a toddler in, or give them a place to rest when tired. There are a few drawbacks and design flaws, none of which cause me any serious problems. My toddler sometimes steps on the brakes. I am teaching him not to do this. I am not sure where else they would put the brakes since they are easy to engage and easy to lift. It is a thing you have to discourage your child from doing. 2. The shade could be better. It works well for giving full coverage to the baby carrier, but not for both children. Even my more expensive strollers fail to cover 100%, so this is nothing new. If we get caught in the rain, I have to wear a poncho and drape over the stroller. This has worked out well for a long time. 3. You can start the fold with one hand, but it is not a smooth one-hand fold. You need to use your other hand to close it. It's not a big deal. I am very pleased with this purchase and recommend it.

👤I went back to the bed to find a stroller for my 4 year old and soon to be newborn sons. I wanted one that was easy to push and maneuver, but not too heavy and bulky, and that was built to last, so we walked through all three on a daily basis. I love walking with my boys and this stroller has exceeded my expectations. Absolutely love it! The car seat is great but I won't use it for a while.

👤I love the set. It is easy to install and get the baby in this baby car seat.

5. Baby Trend Ally Infant Optic

Baby Trend Ally Infant Optic

Side impact protection is advanced. The harness has a push-button release. The canopy has two panels. One-hand easy-access seat release. Installation is easy with the LATCH equipped base. Use height should be up to 32 inches. Installation is easy with the LATCH equipped base. Use height should be up to 32 inches.

Brand: Baby Trend

👤Very nice carseat! It's roomy enough for babies with a lot of weight. It's easy to take out and it's nice for extra padding. It's nice to have straps on the back to keep you out of the way. The material is easy to clean. The built in level on the side of the carseat is a helpful guide when installing into the vehicle. Extra security is provided by the easier installation of anchor into vehicle. This is a great carseat and I would recommend it.

👤I waited to give a honest review. The jogging stroller is a great match. Customer service tried to help. The plastic and padding is thin compared to competitors. We did not feel comfortable putting DS in this seat because there was no support for his head. The harness system jams and won't tighten without you putting your foot on the seat and pulling as hard as you can. This is where the sets lose a lot of stars. I need to know my baby is safe. I don't trust it with my child when it is difficult to tighten. I have a competitor seat that tightens smoothly and the baby is secured. This is the biggest flaw of the seat. I don't trust it with my child. The process was very difficult and long, and base loosened their customer service. I had to send videos of myself trying to tighten the seat. The child is in the seat when it is tightened. It was more of a hassle and it took me about 2 weeks to be able to use this seat. It wasn't worth the hassle. We had to buy a different seat. I love the stroller that snaps into it. I thought I needed to warn others of mine. We did not get the box because we did not get the gift from my registry, which we received 2 months before the baby was born.

👤I pay a prime membership and it takes 8 days to arrive, so this purchase was not acceptable. Mrs. Teresa of manufacturing told me that the product does not work, when I asked if it matched the stroller.

👤The base was easy to install but the seat felt unsafe. I needed a new seat for my 4mo and had to adjust the straps right away, but we had the hardest time adjusting the straps. It was a huge challenge. There was so much slack across his chest that the straps got tight on his shoulders. I wouldn't recommend. Had to come back.

👤It was compatible with the baby trend car seat, so my son and daughter in law can just use whichever one suits them the best.

👤It's very cute and I can't wait to see my son in it.

👤I love this car seat. I added my own head support. It is a little heavier than I thought.

6. Baby Trend Cover Convertible Quartz

Baby Trend Cover Convertible Quartz

The canopy has an integrated height and angle for UV protection. There is additional shade protection on either side of the car seat. The 4-In-1 seating system has a rear facing infant mode from 4 to 18 lbs, a rear facing toddler mode from 18 to 40 lbs, and a belt positioning booster mode from 40 to 100 lbs. Child can adjust the canopy when the car is moving and the sun is coming from multiple directions. The coverme's comfort cabin has extra padding to make the child comfortable on long rides. There is no rethread harness. Three recline positions allow front seat passengers to have extra legroom, while an integrated recline flip foot gives the right angle and allows dual adjustment. It is at its widest and can be used for three across in most vehicles. The Baby Trend Cover Me 4-in-1 convertible car seat is 18.25′′ and can fit three children across most vehicles. It is at its widest and can be used for three across in most vehicles. The Baby Trend Cover Me 4-in-1 convertible car seat is 18.25′′ and can fit three children across most vehicles.

Brand: Baby Trend

👤The product listing has a different name. The listing calls it 3 in 1, but it is actually 4 in 1. The name needs to be changed quickly. The most important thing is the expiration date. Do not use this car seat in harness mode for 7 years after the date on the back of the seat. The Booster Car Seat Mode will not work after the date on the back of the seat. This is a great car seat. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that other brands have, but it's a great car seat for the price. The canopy is the BOMB, it is comfortable, stylish, and has dual cup holders. My kids are spoiled when it comes to sun protection because my SUV has sun shades for them. They were agitated that the sun was in their eyes when they rode in my mom's car. This car seat solved the problem. It is easy to install. The car seat is $100 cheaper than some of the higher end brands, but it is not as easy to adjust. I needed a car seat for my kids to use in my mom's car so they wouldn't fall into it. I have 2 kids in car seats. All of them have different seating requirements. I was stressed out by having to constantly change car seats between cars, and knowing we would be adding a third child to the mix. I needed an all in one car seat that could be adjusted to fit my family in a single seating system so I didn't have to install car seats into my mom's car. This single car seat can be adjusted to fit all three of my kids. It does. The infant is facing the Rear Facing Infant. Toddler mode from 18 to 40 lbs. The forward facing mode has a weight limit of 22 to 65 lbs. I know some people think the belt positioning booster is bulky, but it is actually smaller than the other car seats in my SUV. If you have a smaller car, the canopy isn't going to obstruct your view because it's larger. I am happy with the car seat. It is safe, comfortable, and I am not having to move my car seats between vehicles anymore. I will get to try the infant seating positions soon. Hope this review was helpful.

👤Beautiful! Looks comfortable. The sun shade is my favorite thing about it. You can't find a car seat with a sun shade. It is helpful.

👤The design and canopy are great. I have a small child with no head support. This carseat review will try and update down the road.

👤We have bought several car seats so that we don't have to move them between 3 cars. This is the easiest thing to do. I can easily slide the shade from the front seat if my granddaughter is sleeping. She is going to fly twice in the next couple months and I really liked that it was approved by the FAA. She will be very comfortable flying. We did not get her until she was a year old, but the pads and comfort would be great for an infant. It is worth the extra money.

7. Baby Trend Trend Nursery Center

Baby Trend Trend Nursery Center

There is a full-size bassinet. There is a parent organizer for baby essentials. The large wheels have brakes. One-hand locking mechanism.

Brand: Baby Trend

👤My new granddaughter is going to love this gem. It was very easy to assemble, and it is very sturdy.

👤Very cute and easy to put together.

👤The play yard is lightweight. Looks good. There are two problems with it. It is difficult to open and close and it is wobbly without a mattress on the bottom. My grandson went through a few of the other play yard mattresses, but the one that comes with it is better. I bought a dream that I would play yard mattress with. I can't comment on the mattress's longevity. It was fine once I put a mattress in it. It was bought for my daughter to bring my granddaughter to visit and she sleeps in it very comfortably. It folds up small enough to fit in the closet when she isn't here.

👤It was easy to put up. You can't get it down and in bag easy. I will return the product to get my money back. The button inside the fabric can't get the sides to squeeze. It needs a lot of force to break down. These are easy to take down. It took over an hour to get it down. It was even harder to put it together. The bottom of the pack didn't want to let go. It took my fiancée and I to put it in the bag. It's too much hassle when you might have a cranky little one.

👤Just like the picture. I love it! It looks perfect with a little bit of my creativity.

👤Excited to use, cute and durable, and everything I needed for a simple sleep spot for a newborn and can take the bassinet out to grow with the baby.

👤It's difficult to assemble. Instructions are not very clear. Instructions are not clear about how to get the sides to fit in a crib. I didn't know it until I figured it out.

👤The pen was very good. The part with the mobile was worthless. Its falls in the playpen. A baby is very dangerous. It could hit the baby.

👤La cuna est simplemente increble, adems de es sper cmoda para llevarla en los viajes.

👤Me gust el producto, viene igual a la imagen. Buen producto, lo recomiendo.

👤Aunque solicite devolucion, nunca lo pude parar totalmente, pero la necesidad me obligo a usarlo.

👤Me encant! No es tan estorboso, estoy satisfecha con mi compra, pero los colores y diseo son preciosos.

👤Wooow. Super super! Me encant, y los colores are detalles. Igualita... la imagen. Recomendable.

8. Baby Trend Deluxe Nursery Center

Baby Trend Deluxe Nursery Center

There is a canopy and a full bassinet. The changing table needs to be flipped away. There is one hand-locking mechanism. Nature sounds are included in the music center. The bag is easy to fold. Large wheels for easy maneuvering with brakes, one-hand locking mechanism. Play-yard should be used for births to 30 pounds or 35 inches. Birth to 4 months, weight: Up to 15 pounds, height: Up to 25 inches, whichever comes first. Mild soap and warm water are required. Do not machine wash. Mild soap and warm water are required. Do not machine wash.

Brand: Baby Trend

👤I love this crib. It was difficult to set it up because there were so many pieces. It took 20 minutes to put it together. This is the main crib for our baby until he gets older. I love the sound machine and all the pockets.

👤I love the neutral colors. The canopy is very flimsy. I was hoping for better quality. Everything else works. The light on the accessory is dim. My husband was able to put it together easily since I was pregnant. There is a bassinet and a play yard. I will update my review if there are new issues. My review is the same. There are a few things I need to add. I have been using this for my son for a month and only had one problem with it. There is a piece of fabric that gets stuck when folding a changing table over the side so it doesn't fold down all the way. I have to unfold that piece of fabric. It makes it difficult to hold a newborn. I can see a small detail. We already traveled and took this with us and it folded up very easy, but it doesn't have a handle like others we have owned. This was a minor thing to us. This item is still recommended by me. # 2 was edited from 10-12-18. I have lowered my rating to 3 because the canopy can fold down over a baby. I have included pictures. It is cute to use when baby is awake and you are right next to them, but at night it could fall on its own or with older siblings that may play with it and leave it down could spell disaster. Be careful. I will take it down at night. I have a very pissed off baby at night because the machine broke. We tried to fix it, but it didn't last long. I wanted to love this bassinet set. I can not. Go clear. Wouldn't recommend. Update number four. My son is gaining weight just like any baby. There is a new problem. He is moving around in this thing while he sleeps. When he wiggles to one side, the POS leans to one side and lifts up on the other. We didn't know there wasn't anything to keep it secure. We are going to have to switch him to a crib soon. Stay away from this rap. I want my money back.

👤This is a nice park with lots of features, but it looks a bit boring. The pack portion of the game seems to have been neglected. I made the mistake of setting it up in the living room to make sure it worked. I had to take it down because it was too wide to fit through a door. It's made for this... Ha! Maybe we got the April fools dud version that was supposed to be used for welding together, but it would not fold back up, I read the instructions over and over again, and I am convinced we were missing a page. I can confidently say that I have a firm grip, but the push buttons wouldn't release if I squeezed to the point of soiling myself. I squeezed the life out of the buttons and slammed the whole thing against the ground to break it down. Our child cannot enjoy any playtime in a pack n' play unless it is within the confines of our bedroom and I now live in fear of the need to pack this thing again. I think we will sell it with the house as a cruel joke to the new owners, because it was impossible to take down. The second time will be even better because it knocked some of the dark magic from it. But be careful!

9. Baby Trend Hybrid Booster Ozone

Baby Trend Hybrid Booster Ozone

Stage 1 has a weight of 22-50 lbs, stage 2 has a weight of 40-100 lbs, and stage 3 has a weight of over 50 lbs. The seat pad, body insert, and harness covers can be washed. The recommended weight for the product is between 22 and 100 pounds. Convenient cup holders for drinks and snacks. Side impact protection is provided by multiple-position head support. Small children can fit in the seat with the comfortable body insert. One-hand front harness adjustment.

Brand: Baby Trend

👤The damage you see is a result of the accident I was involved in. My youngest son was in the seat and he is alive today because it did a perfect job, he received some minor injuries from the straps, but he walked away from the accident. This seat can save someone.

👤These are not very expensive to make. They may meet crash standards, but setting them up is not easy. I have two kids, 5 and 7, so I am a professional car seat Setter-upper, and these took me the longest to get configured out of any I've ever used. We got 2 of them and I might send one back. We had to buy a good car seat before we bought these. They were expensive, but lasted us 6 years, and were easy to move in and out of the vehicle, so now I know what you get when you skimp and what you get when you pay for a car seat. I have to tell parents what they are getting with this seat because of the harsh review. Save money and get a booster seat if you only want the booster portion.

👤The car seat is what's expected in a toddler car seat. There were a few things that I didn't like. 1. The anchor points are the same as the manual clip sort. The last one had a button that you could press to release the anchor, instead of having to dig your hand down the seat to unhook the latch. 2. I thought the seat beltlatch adjusted out. I might have to buy another one because it is already snug at the crotch point. This could be the reason for the next point. 3. The button is hard to push. I have had to keep my nails short because of the trouble I have with it, and I have to get my son out. I didn't go through a return for the price I paid. My son was too big for his old seat and I couldn't have waited any longer for another seat.

👤There isn't enough room in the crotch for boys. The fastening of the lower belt does not extend far enough for my three year old son.

👤The seat is amazing. The clip at the crotch is something I don't like about it. The padded thing around the clip makes it hard to secure the buckle. It was very painful on our toddler's scrotum. We had to pull the car over because he was screaming and pointing at his scrotum. My husband cut that padded piece off and it's much better now. Our little guy is in the seat and it is great. There is a lot of protection for his head. It was easy to take apart and wash it after he threw it up. If you have a son, you will probably need to cut off the foam padding at the crotch.

👤The bottom piece is connected to the top piece. After shoving as hard as I could, I brought the back rest up and there was no sign that it was connected. I had my husband do the next one just to be sure, but he felt more sturdy than the first one, so we detached it. It seemed like it was more sturdy after he connected it back up. That was the main reason for me to take one, even if I'm just a weakling. It didn't feel right when I pushed with all my might. There are lots of moms who may be putting this thing together on their own. It shouldn't take such force to put it together. The back rest part felt a bit loose and jiggly in relation to the bottom, though it appears they'll both work well once installed. This is the first time we've used a booster slash car seat, and I'm a little protective. They are technically two seats in one and my over protectiveness plus the wobbliness makes them feel that way. I took a half star for the pain in my neck, and a half star for not meeting my expectation in the overall feel of how safe I wanted it to be, once I knew it was secured down as tight as it could. I try and be detailed in my reviews because a lot of the time for me, reviews are a big factor in my ultimate decision about whether or not to buy something. I can't just give a 5 star review because it takes the value of the 5 stars that I give... My overall experience is that this is a good car seat that will last a little while, keep my little ones safe, and we didn't have to spend a lot of money on them like some of the others I saw out there. Not a lot of fluff, but a lot of fluff.

10. Baby Trend Snooze Nursery Twinkle

Baby Trend Snooze Nursery Twinkle

There is a full-size bassinet. The changing table has a storage pocket. The napper has a canopy and 2 toys. The large wheels have brakes. One-hand locking mechanism. One-hand locking mechanism.

Brand: Baby Trend

👤This is better than competing brands. I didn't want a bassinet because I make tall babies and they don't last but a few months, so this 4 in 1 was better than I could have asked for. The mesh bassinet made it easy for me to sleep at night and I didn't have to worry about being suffocated. The changing station is at night but once it is flipped over, everything falls out so I keep my wipes and diaper in there. The pad in the bassinet portion is more cushiony than leading brands and I was impressed by how comfortable my kid was. The mesh on the sides of the bassinet makes it easier for me to see him while he sleeps, and I don't have to worry about him suffocating again. The price is the best part. I am so impressed that it surpasses the quality. The purchase was the best so far.

👤Our baby will be here in December and we haven't had the pleasure of using it yet. The product took me and my 8 year old 20 minutes to put together. I wanted it to be simple, clean and not expensive. I am very happy with the product. This is the one for any other minimal lifestyle parents. The bassinet mat is not very comfortable and you will need to buy a pack n play mattress. It is still worth it if you have a good one.

👤This thing was not easy to set up. It took my husband and I over an hour to get the rods to click. The bassinet doesn't seem very sturdy after all the way together. No cushion hangs down so low. The changing table adds extra inches around the playpen so it is not as convient or space saving as I would like. We get to take down. It was easy to take apart the bassinet and changing table. My husband was using both hands and his grip strength when he tried to open the rods. I regret buying this because it is bulky and inconvenient to set up and take down, it will probably never be used. It's a shame.

👤When we weren't having success with our newborn sleeping in his bassinet, we bought this. The bassinet, middle level, and lower level options would be beneficial. The smell of plastic and fumes was terrible. I wouldn't allow my baby to sleep in it for 3 days until it was aired. The bassinet is small. My baby is 22 inches long and 9 lbs., but it is cute. The mid and lower levels are very hard and need a mattress to add comfort. The changing table area is the best thing about it. It will be good to have to put him in if I need to leave the room, so he doesn't get trampled by his sisters or the dog. It's not for the original reason of purchase.

👤The design of the pack-n-play is so stupid. The top of the changing table is 6 inches wider than the rest of the table because of the hard bar that sticks out on each side. It does not fit through a standard doorway when assembled. It takes up too much room, can't lay flush against the wall, and hurts when you inevitably hit it in the middle of the night. The bassinet is very low hanging making it hard to see and pick up your baby. It has mesh sides and swings. The person who designed this doesn't care about actual function, they don't have children and they don't care about children. It was disappointing.

11. Baby Trend Trooper Convertible Cassis

Baby Trend Trooper Convertible Cassis

There are three modes of use: rear facing infant, rear facing toddler, and forward facing toddler. The built-in bubble level indicator helps find the correct angle, and the rear-facing recline flip foot allows for great installation angles with ease. The Trooper can fit 3 ACROSS in most vehicles, as it is at its widest. The crotch position buckle is used for seat adjustment. Super deep side wings for better side impact protection are safe with head protection. Super deep side wings for better side impact protection are safe with head protection.

Brand: Baby Trend

👤We used one rear-facing and one forward-facing 5-point harness seat for our children, because I have a 1 year old and a 3 year old. I returned them after a week. The car seat was brand new and easy to adjust. The belt paths were moved to where I needed them. I haven't washed the car seat yet. It would be very easy to do. I took it apart to make it easier to put the cover on and off. The vehice was easy to install and the latch system was easy to use. The cup holder is deep so cups don't go flying at every movement, and easy to remove for cleaning. I liked the rear facing position of the car seat. The color is off from the photos. It is more of a pink color in person than it is online. The pink seat pad can only be used up to 18 lbs and has to be removed. I had to remove it for both of my kids and the car seat was all gray. Again, not a big deal, but a bit disappointing. There is a The crotch buckle is too far back. My girls are small for their age and this buckle sat in the middle of their butt. It wasn't easy to Buckle as it wouldn't reach out far enough. The system to adjust the harness was fine in the rear-facing position, but with the car seat installed in a forward-facing position put too much pressure on the belt that feeds under the seat, and so I couldn't loosen or tighten the straps. It was difficult to get my child out of the car seat. I returned because I could not adjust the seatbelt from the front of the car seat and the center piece of the buckle at her crotch made her cry every time I got her in or out of her car seat.

👤It's not as bright as the pictures. The lap buckle is hard to adjust. The anchor doesn't fit through the slot to move the bottom buckle for an older baby. The length is shorter in my other carseats.

👤It works perfectly with three brands and one safety first.

👤The carseat is slim but still comfortable. The cup holder is sturdy and large enough to hold even wider sippy cups. My child loves this seat. The color is gorgeous, but it is more of a pink than a lilac. Installation is a bit extreme. The Nissan Kicks back seats don't allow for a towel or a noodle to be used in the back of a toddler's face, which makes it difficult to sit in a small SUV seat. It took almost an hour to get the seat to sit correctly. The flip foot is either sitting straight up for front facing or laying down for newborn rear facing. The foot doesn't allow you to use the level indicators for infants and toddlers in the seat. It would not be possible without using something to prop the seat up. We used a noodle to get the proper install angle and stability of the carseat.


What is the best product for car seat insert for newborn baby trend?

Car seat insert for newborn baby trend products from Baby Trend. In this article about car seat insert for newborn baby trend you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat insert for newborn baby trend.

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