Best Car Seat Heater Kit

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1. SEG Direct Vibrating Support Voltage

SEG Direct Vibrating Support Voltage

It's very convenient. The triple-layer construction is made of superior materials that will protect your back. The combination of flexibility and support will help you keep cool. This pillow is made of premium memory foam and has an ergonomics design to conform to the natural shape of your body, brings maximum support and comforts to your back area. The vibrating function inside the pillow can help you to relieve fatigue, back soreness, and muscle tension caused by long-time working, watching TV at home, or long-distance trips. It works in the lower back. A built-in warm pad helps to relax your back and warm you up on cold days, especially suitable for girls and ladies on period. The pillow has a protection thermostat. Even if you forget to turn it off, the auto shut-off function will still prevent your waist and back from burns. You can use it with a 12V output voltage adapter in your car seat, it's needed to change the 110V wall adapter when in home or office. It's a good idea to take it with you on the subway or bus to make it easier on your back. You can use it with a 12V output voltage adapter in your car seat, it's needed to change the 110V wall adapter when in home or office. It's a good idea to take it with you on the subway or bus to make it easier on your back.

Brand: Seg Direct

👤It was perfect for what I was looking for. It is a good cushion for my back. I wanted something that would help relieve the pain in my spine. The low speed is perfect for what I wanted, but if I have a bad day the high speed is nice. I like the heat but it gets hotter than I like. I am not upset with it. It has a simple remote. I use this pillow everyday and I am very pleased with it. If you want to get rid of the pain in your back, I recommend it. It works quickly to give you relief. It gives great support to your region. Warm weather can help you warm up on cold days. Definitely a keeper.

👤The thing is a game-changing change. I have a short seat in my car and it has caused me to get sciatic pain when I drive too long. I bought this to make my seat less deep and the heat and massage functions are great additions. It is well worth the money.

👤I'm very disappointed. I was looking forward to a massage cushion. This one was perfect for me as it was both my home and my car. I use it today because I'm working from home during the Pandemic. I kept looking through the box, but there was nothing in it.

👤My back is hurting on long drives. I bought this hoping it would help. In the last three months, I have put 20,000 miles on it. At the end of my drive, I feel less stiff. The only complaint I have is that it is only a back support. I knew that when I bought it, so I can't knock it down. If my upper back tightens up, I just slide it up higher. I would buy another one if it died tomorrow. I like this.

👤Jack broke Sayed's power a couple weeks ago. I just got back to work and trying to do an exchange after having surgery, but the window is closed on Amazon. I hope the vendor sees this and can help.

👤It works well and is comfortable. You can adjust the vibration. I can say that my car has a heated driver seat with a sex toy. I can use the heat. If you use this seat for a car seat, make sure to adjust it.

👤After 2 months, it stopped working. The heat function won't work unless I'm there, which is a shame. The time frame for replacement is no longer. I'm out of money. I would love for the manufacturer to contact me and make it right with a replacement. No one has reached out to me after a month. buyer beware, SEG Direct has no customer service. The end of February is when no one has reached out to me. I'm stuck with another bad product. The product does wonders when it works, and all the reviews you see are within the first week. I want a product that works. Take my situation as a lesson. Do you want to go through this hassle?

2. MASO 12V 800W Car Heater

MASO 12V 800W Car Heater

Easy to install soft closing lid and seat. 5 second heat. 800W. The ceramic heating element is used in the high power car heating element. Provide the comforts for camping. 800W heaters are more efficient than other products. It's used for Windscreen deicing. The engine will wear and tear if the engine is not cooled. It can be installed at the bottom of the seat, next to the foot or on the car. Get on the road and get to your destination safely. The heater can be used to heat 12V car, storage battery cars,RV and all other vehicles. The car battery is 12V or 24V, and the red line is connected to the positive, the black line is connected to the negative, and you can add an inline least 50A fuse. If you need installation instructions, please contact them. If power can't reach 800W, not because of the product, but because of the lack of battery current, then the 1 year warranty is not valid. The power won't reach its peak power if the current is small. You need to change the battery. The power is increased by the larger the AH. The peak can be reached when the battery is fully charged. If power can't reach 800W, not because of the product, but because of the lack of battery current, then the 1 year warranty is not valid. The power won't reach its peak power if the current is small. You need to change the battery. The power is increased by the larger the AH. The peak can be reached when the battery is fully charged.

Brand: Maso

👤The instructions are vague and incorrect. The manual says to use at least a 50amp fuse. It blew immediately after I did. It worked like a charm. The manual says to use 10 gauge cable. The fuse holder melted because it was too small. The 4 gauge did the trick. The ANL fuse and holder is better than the glass one.

👤I am horrified that Amazon would allow a company to sell junk on their site. I have complained about this item and company many times. This was a waste of money. Only used it a few times before it stopped working. I was told to buy another one after contacting the company.

👤The car needed the heating. It did not arrive as expected. 2. The fan was backward and the wiring for the harness was not included. The factory built wiring overheated. A waste of money. Have to buy a new heating appliance. Will not get another one.

👤I was going to update my review on this product, but the seller deleted it and re- listed it. If you add the Guage wire to the cigarette lighter you get yourself a recipe for a car fire. The Guage that was used to connect the 40 Amp fuse to the heater was the same one that was used to connect the 10 GA wire to the photo. Wouldn't recommend.

👤Was expecting a ready to go heater, but got a project to build your own.

👤I installed a deep cycle battery in my car and ran the heating system off of the aux battery, but the fan didn't blow and the air wasn't hot. Disappointed!

👤Not taking a chance is what wires get in 30 seconds or less.

👤I keep my windows clear on my tractor. I used 8 gauge wire to connect it to the battery. It does not blow any air. The fan is blowing more air out of the back than the front. I looked to see if the fan was in the correct position. The fan is not the right type. It was complete waste of money. It draws 100 watt with 8 gauge wire. This is not 800 watt. This is a scam.

👤I've seen this product at work and I'm very impressed. Provides heat to the cab.

👤I would be half way across Canada by the time it warms up.

👤Do you want to pour chauffer l intérieur du tracteur chaleur? 800w je vais asseiller.

👤100 watt, 800 watt. N'achetez pas a!

3. Besond Rectangle Hi Off Lo Switch Element

Besond Rectangle Hi Off Lo Switch Element

Keeping warm in winter can be used to relieve back pressure and reduce muscle pain caused by injuries. All 12V cars,trucks,suvs have a universal seat heater. The complete kit includes everything needed for installation on one seat, including bottom and back pads, hog rings, pliers, switch, wiring harness and instructions. To make sure this part fits, you need to input your make, model and trim level into the garage tool. The heater is designed to warm up quickly and often exceeds the warmth of the original equipment. The heater is designed to warm up quickly and often exceeds the warmth of the original equipment.

Brand: Besond

👤I put the heaters upside down on the stock seats and stuck the tape side up so they wouldn't fall off, because I already had custom seat covers for my Nissan LEAF. I didn't have to disassemble the original upholstery. The electrical connections were easy to connect, but took a couple of hours. I used a tap to add the heaters onto the motor. When the car is turned off, it will shut off and be tied to the heater. I can use the Nissan Connect app to pre-heat the seats. I'm very pleased with the kit.

👤The easy connections were great and they warm up.

👤. Basic electrical knowledge is needed for this job. You will save time and money by watching videos on the internet. The filing of the switch or switch opening is necessary for the heater switches to fit. Take your time and trim the switch just right. The seat cover hog rings were the most difficult part of the install. I would do it again.

4. Xlovuie Heater Switch Setting Warm Up

Xlovuie Heater Switch Setting Warm Up

Good as Winter Helper is a new model of Sheepskin car seat cover and cushion that is soft wool and good for work commuters, road travelers, taxicabs or any car owner. You can keep your office chair warm and comfortable when you sit in it. Seat Heater has a 90 day guarantee. Before purchasing a seat, it is important to verify that the seat covers are not removed. Direct sale by the manufacturer, lowest price and highest quality. There are two heated pads for each seat. It is easy to install on any vehicle with fully compatible electronics. It is easy to install on any vehicle with fully compatible electronics.

Brand: Xlovuie

👤I bought my 57 Chevy. Reupholstering the seats made me think "Why not". They won't get a lot of use. If it helps her back, I might get some points from my wife. Do you know how many Hot Rods have heated seats? Everything you need to connect it is in the kit. You will need to drill some holes. It's handy to switch the lights up when they're turned on. I am waiting for my seats to be tested. When I do, I will update here.

👤The seats were fine for a few weeks. One of the heated pads failed and caused a hole in my seat cushion.

5. First Secure Emergency Assistance Compressor

First Secure Emergency Assistance Compressor

Their dark brown leather repair kit can be used on a variety of leather and vinyl items. Their dark brown leather restorer balm is best for protecting your cart and boat seats, leather jacket, boots, purses, and belts. The leather restorer for couches is better than leather repair tape because it protects leather patch items from cracking. Quality and dependability are important. Their Car Emergency Kit is made with strong, durable tools that are designed for top performance and lasting quality. Their jumper cables are made of copper-clad aluminum, so they won't melt. The nylon tow strap is 10,000 lbs and is longer than most. Their air pump is made of sturdy materials. Premium essential tools. Premium tools that are essential during emergency situations are included in their roadside kit. There are some unique items that include a tire repair kit, a Tow Rope with 10,000-lb towing capacity, a window glassbreaker, and a portable air compressor. The Roadside Assistance set contains a first aid kit. The all-inclusive car survival kit includes a complete first-aid kit and heavy duty, all-weather tools and supplies for any roadside emergency. The perfect emergency kit. Their emergency car kit is an essential travel companion and winter car kit tool bag for road trippers, commuters, and families, and makes a great gift for new drivers, high school and college students. Their all-inclusive emergency survival kit and car tool kit will keep you and your loved ones safe on the road. Their priority is keeping your loved ones safe with their high performing emergency tools. They pride ourselves on their quality products and excellent customer service. Their priority is keeping your loved ones safe with their high performing emergency tools. They pride ourselves on their quality products and excellent customer service.

Brand: First Secure

👤After reading reviews, I ordered this product. My son's vehicle was the one I wanted a safe car emergency kit for. The pictures showed a comprehensive product for every roadside emergency. What I received was not what was shown. I was very disappointed. The bag was the only thing in the package that was well made and it was cheap. The first aid kit was not helpful in an emergency situation when I was a nurse. If you're looking for a car emergency kit, look elsewhere because this product is not worth your money and you're unable to return it. I found a great product from Amazon that cost less and had everything I needed. When I contacted Amazon about this purchase, they were very helpful.

👤I bought this kit for my wife and daughter to store in their cars, but I had to check out the quality first. There are some really high quality items in this kit, especially for the cheap price. It seems like a lot of thought went into making sure that the important stuff was well-made, like the jumper cables and the air pump, since you can't expect top of the line at this price. I trust this kit in my family's vehicles.

👤This kit gave me a lot of time and money. I bought this kit because of the portable tire inflator. The inflator saved me from waiting for a tow after I had a flat tire and spare tire. I have used jumper cables many times. Everyone should have this in their vehicles.

👤I got this kit for my van a month ago, since we like to travel a lot. It seemed like a good deal when it arrived. I was surprised to see that the compressor didn't have a power switch, but didn't really test it. I saw that it worked and put it away. The compressor took forever to air up my tire, I had to use it today. I could have paid for air at a gas station in less than a minute. I used a smaller compressor for my mountain bike and it worked better than this one. The bag with the compressor fell off after it was put in the emergency kit. Since the return window expired 3 days ago, I am waiting for something else to fall apart.

👤The kit was reasonably priced. The air compressor included in the kit was small and inefficient, and it felt like a bicycle pump, compared to the one that came from the factory in my 08. It makes up for its lack of capacity and efficiency by being lighter. The air compressor does not have an on/off switch like most auto pumps, which can be a hassle if you need to rig up the pump to the tire first every time you use it. I assumed my headstrap was broken from the factory because it didn't work the way I tried it. Everything included was of good quality to get the job done.

6. INCH EMPIRE Cover Water Leatherette Hatchback

INCH EMPIRE Cover Water Leatherette Hatchback

The sparkling bling car accessories set is a perfect gift for women. A small bag of steel hooks and round plates are required for the install. It is easy to clean with wet cloth. Installation is easy with video and paper instruction. If you don't know if your car model and year will fit, please send an inquiry. The seat belt is compatible with the air bag. It's like a leather jacket, it won't affect the heating function of the seats, it has a pocket for keys or phone on the front lap, and the side has a storage for books. The seat covers have a connect design. The 2 center rectangle can be replaced free of charge. The surface layer is a good quality synthetic leather. The center sponge layer is 9mm thick and keeps the covers in good shape after a long time of use. The seats are protected by the bottom layer of fabric cloth. The cushions are in place when you get in and out of the back bench. No need to return the original piece if there is a defect found. No need to return the original piece if there is a defect found.

Brand: Inch Empire

👤I was skeptical the seat covers would work in my truck. The front seat covers were too small for the rear bench seat. You can request a custom size for larger vehicles for free in the packaging. Within 3 days, I had the custom seat covers. A great seller and a great product. The seat covers look expensive. Highly recommended.

👤I just installed a new product in my car. The reason I'm giving 4 stars is because I don't like how the rear headrest looks, it needs more custom adjustment to fit, and it would be better if you made the same front seat headrest for the rear seats. This product is highly recommended and I would like to thank you for it.

👤The seat covers fit well in my Lexus. It wasn't hard to install them. The only problem I had was putting the anchor inserts inside the seat. It is a breeze once you know the trick. I have not seen any wear and tear on them after 6 months of use. I use Meguiars leather conditioner on my leather seats and seat covers, even if it is faux leather, to keep it conditioned. I don't have any complaints about the seat covers. It will take a while longer to feel the effects if you have heated and ventilated seats. Since you are covering the surface and the seats, that is a given. It's not really a complaint, but something I should note for others who may be wondering if it applies to them. I am very happy to have tried these seat covers. They are awesome, give good protection, look amazing, and are pretty comfortable. They give a different look to my interior of my car. I highly recommend these seat covers, even though the experience may vary depending on the person and their vehicle.

👤I did a lot of research before buying these. These seem like they will last a long time and look better than my grey cloth in my 2010 truck. My seat lifts from the rear. Overall happy with the result and style, hopefully they hold up! Front headrests are a game-changer. I wish they were like that for the rear.

👤Absolutely love them! I got my car over a year ago and I was going to get my seats restyled, but the leather wouldn't last long. You can barely tell that they are covers.

👤These are more expensive than your average seat covers. I have a 2010 Honda Accord with cloth seats, and it has changed its profile completely. The installation process is very simple. It is very durable and comfortable. It was worth the money. I would like it to cover the front seats in the middle, since my stock seats are gray, but that's for the side air bags. The seat covers are very close to leather. They look and feel great. The black seats and white piping look great when in the car and when looking into the car. It is resistant to sprays and stains. It is surprisingly good. Very happy with the purchase.

7. Besond Universal Heated 5 Gears Element

Besond Universal Heated 5 Gears Element

Products have a quality warranty.

Brand: Besond

8. Aierxuan Covers Waterproof Leather Universal

Aierxuan Covers Waterproof Leather Universal

The package includes 13 pieces, including a front seat cover, a rear backrest cover, an armrest padded with a zip and a head pillow. Please contact them if you have any suggestions or requirements for the FREESOO car seat covers set. It is possible to adjust. The seat cover is suitable for almost all sedans, SUVs, vans, and electric vehicles because the straps used to secure the seat are resistant and need to be tightened during installation. The material is material. The product is made of faux leather, which is scratch resistant. The biplanes are comparable. The side straps for fixing the seat pillow cover are almost hidden. There is enough room for the airbag to stretch. There are pockets in the front seat back. It is easy to clean with water. The car seat cover can be wiped with a wet towel. It's very convenient. The wear resistance of the button is excellent. It is easy to install. It is easy for beginners to follow the steps in the installation guide and install in 25 minutes. After proper installation, it will never slide. It is easy to install. It is easy for beginners to follow the steps in the installation guide and install in 25 minutes. After proper installation, it will never slide.

Brand: Aierxuan

👤The front set of the jeep wrangler works well. Nice fit. It was unacceptable to back set. They hang over the base with no way to correct it. Even if it was installed correctly, they don't have the same tension straps that the front has, instead just one that goes under the corner on each side. I got the front set after my return was accepted by Amazon.

👤I own a Honda HRV EX. They fit the front seats well and the back seats were difficult to figure out. The seat covers work with them, but you have to put a bit of pressure on the seats as they lock them in place. It is important to check out the videos on the listing for directions. The quality and fit of the car was perfect. No one realized it was seat covers.

👤Installation took about 30 minutes. The instructions were written in a language that was not English, so expect to use your brain a bit, but a couple things weren't mentioned. I think they add a little bit of cushion to the seat. Some people complain that the pieces were loose after installation. You can lower the slack by wrapping some of the straps. I had to do this with the rear seat cover. You have to be aware of where you put the hooks. If you want to eliminate any slack, you need to look for a small hole at the end of the seat pan. I'm sure you can fit these on most vehicles if you are patient and resourceful.

👤I was going to love them when I got them. One of the straps broke when put in, but it was replaced quickly. I disliked these seat covers so much that I had them in my 2020 MDX with the 3rd row. They don't stay put. When I first put them on, they looked like my original leather seats, but you couldn't tell they were seat covers. The anchors don't stay put on the middle row, which brings me to #2. There are two more I don't think these are meant for a 2020 MDX or anything where the seats will be put down, slid, adjusted, etc. The cheap, plastic anchor will come loose if any of the above is true. When I return from vacation, I will try to find an alternative method to keep this in place. There are 3 more The back seat covers in my car are supposed to be sewed together. If you need to easily access the 3rd row, it's not ideal. I regret buying them. If I could do it all over again, I would send these back and save myself $200.

👤I read all the reviews before buying it. I made a huge mistake in getting clothe seats for my traverse, so I was excited to get this. I did the front seat in less than 10 minutes and then did the back seats in 30 minutes or so. The cover on the seats got messed up when I pushed the seats forward to go to the third row. It didn't look good and I was disappointed. It looked cheap. I wanted to look like it belonged to the car. When you tried to move the seats, the strings snapped right off, and I made sure it was all out from the back so it wouldn't be easy to come off. But it did. It was a waste of time. I didn't know if I should continue looking. My sister said she has one that looks like it came with her car. I can't find it. I will be buying more until I find the right match.

9. SE0003 2 Cushion 2 Pack Automotive Temperature Comfortable

SE0003 2 Cushion 2 Pack Automotive Temperature Comfortable

Leather car seat covers are made of healthy material, sponge of high elasticity Interior, heat-insulated cloth and keep hip and back comfortable in long time use. Please let them know if you have a question about your car model. The Zone Tech cooling seat cushion protects you from the intense summer heat and protects your seat from fading and cracking. The cushion can circulate air through hundreds of spaces. This cushion puts a layer between you and your car's upholstery instead of turning it into a sauna. The seat cushion has its own temperature control. The dial can be turned from high to medium to low depending on the temperature in your vehicle. The seat cushion is universal. It is secured with straps. The Zone Tech cooling car seat cushion is a thoughtful gift. The Zone Tech cooling seat cushion is easy to use. Plug it into your cigarette lighter and a fan will circulate the cool and refreshing air to your back legs and thighs. The Zone Tech cooling seat cushion is easy to use. Plug it into your cigarette lighter and a fan will circulate the cool and refreshing air to your back legs and thighs.

Brand: Zonetech

👤People with sweaty butt and backs all over the world need this. It works in the winter with warm air because it circulates cabin temperature air. It's hot in Texas and your butt and back get sweaty so driving is less gross. I'm buying a new set for my truck. It does add a bit of height, but who cares when you have a dry butt? I will never go to my destination with a sweaty butt. Never again. A man with a dry butt.

👤I use it in an office chair, but I don't use it in my car. Let's get one thing straight. This thing is not like AC air. It's a weak fan that blows some air at your back and crotch. It's actually pretty good. I don't know who you are. I will direct this towards men. This helps with sweaty balls. I have to sit in my boxers to get the full effect, but that's usually the case since I live in the land of fires. It gets hot here so less clothing helps. It makes you feel cold even if you are not actually cold. If you have a lot of warm air around where the fan is in, it will blow warm air at you. If you could run cold air to it.

👤My husband's car doesn't have A/C, so I bought these for him. I was hoping that this would make a difference. It did not fail to impress. This is a test since we received these yesterday and today it was 96 out. I thought my husband's back would be sweaty even if it wasn't as sweaty as usual. It wasn't! He said that he could feel the air flow between his back and the seat. It's not A/C, so you need to have realistic expectations, but it does make a difference. I would like to address a few things that I've read in other reviews. We don't think it's very loud. Installation: Many people say they don't know how to install it. It comes with 2 flat plastic things that people didn't know what to do with. You can slide it through the crease between the vehicle seat and the floor. Pull it through the other side and then turn it so it's against the back of the seat. It seems like many don't know directions, so I think they should include them.

👤I didn't expect much, but this thing works well. The fan is noisy but you can turn it off easily with the phone call control. This is the only thing I would change. The fan compartment is too close to the front of the cushion, so it sticks up between your legs. Doesn't get in the way of creating more noise. My suggestion is to make a longer pouch so that the fan hangs out of the way so that it can collect more cool air from the floor level in the car. I used one in both of my cars. It's comfortable as well. It doesn't feel weird in your seat and the straps work well to keep it in place.

10. Vibrating Back Massager Massage Chair Pad Massager Cushion Vibration

Vibrating Back Massager Massage Chair Pad Massager Cushion Vibration

The Vibrating Back Massager Cushion has 10 vibrating points that help release stress, tension and promote blood circulation. You can choose from 5 massage modes and 3 speeds. Each vibrating position of the back massager with heat can be controlled on and off by awired remote. The heat can be turned on or off. It allows heat to be used. Pin point rejuvenation uses 10 massage points on the upper and lower back and thighs to create a relaxing experience. Fix the straps and plastic hook on your chair in a matter of minutes. The massage chair cushion needs to be firmly in place. When the massage session is over, simply put it in storage. It can be used in an office, home, or anywhere you want to travel. Their back massager for chair provides a 30 day return policy. Please contact them if you have any problems, they will get back to you soon.

Brand: Sotion

👤I didn't buy it for myself but I don't use it. I bought it for my girlfriend, who drives her car for a living. I bought this for her because she complains of back pain frequently. She likes the heating and massaging features of it. I get text messages from her saying how much she appreciates it. I'm happy if she's happy.

👤It was very refreshing while driving. It has intensities and modes. The fabric, the four plastic hooks on the seat cushion, and the two elastic straps on the back make the back massager fixed well on my car. I compared several products of the same type. They either have no hooks or no straps. This is what I thought about. I highly recommend this item.

👤The seat massage cushion helped me with my sore muscles. I sit at an office desk all day and it causes my back and waist to get sore. I used a vibrating cushion after work to loosen up my muscles. It helps relieve a lot of pain. It's great that the remote is attached to the chair, so it's not a problem to misplace it. The cushion is very soft and cushiony. If you have a bad back, I would recommend you to get a vibration massage.

👤My beau spends many days a month on road trips at least 6 hours at a time, so I bought him a holiday gift. He was about to go on a trip. The car is cold in the winter with 10-18 hours in it each day. I thought this would be a great gift. I thought the massage factor would be great for circulation, even though most cars now have heated seats. I thought the seat had two use options: a car plug or wall outlet. My beau told me that it only came with the wall outlet. He would get a car plug on his own if he liked it. He tried it at home. He said the heat was nice but the heated seats were more comfortable. He could feel the wires. He said it was just a constant buzzing. He said it would be too uncomfortable to sit on it for hours at a time if it was attached to the car seat. The wires were uncomfortable and the vibrating/buzzing wasn't something he needed in the office, even though he thought it might be okay for an office chair. A shiatsu style massage is a better option. It would not be ideal to sit on the mechanism at work. He used it once and said it was a nice thought, but he wouldn't use it again. It was returned.

👤I was looking for a massage chair and decided to try it out. When I tried it out, I was surprised at how comfortable it was. I think it's worth a lot for its price and how much it serves you. I am not sure if a massage chair is needed. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to try out a massage chair.

11. Point Harness Padding Buckle Technology

Point Harness Padding Buckle Technology

For an easy and accurate installation of the belt lock off, use the vehicle lap belt. The child's height is 17 - 32 inches. The 2 inch padded shoulders are ez buckle. It was easy to install. All SxS and UTV's are compatible. Buckle technology! Offroad use is the only use that is easy to install. Buckle technology! Offroad use is the only use that is easy to install.

Brand: Aces Racing

👤The harnesses do not direct fit without modifications. The lap belt section of the harness has bolts that don't fit the holes in the brackets. The Honda bolt has a shoulder so that the brackets can pivot. I replaced the bolt without a shoulder because I found that there wasn't a reason for that part of the harness to pivot. I found a bolt 2 " 7/16 fine thread that worked well. I used two washers between the bolt head and the frame. I used the rubber washers against the frame. It works perfectly.

👤These fit great with my factory seats, I purchased them for my 98 jeep wrangler. I would recommend these to anyone who wants to put them in a jeep. Make sure that you install the extra harness bar so that the seatbelts can mount to them.

👤The product is great. Belts look nice. Buckle is a little weak. As long as it holds, that's all that matters.

👤The installation process was easy. No instructions were needed. The adjustment of the harness to your fitting is the hardest part. I went with this set of 2 because it was the least expensive and I have no regrets. I've taken my RZR out a number of times and the harness feels safer when we go through the steep trails.

👤I like them. When we play with our daughter in the back, I feel safer. It looks nice and feels sturdy if you unbuckle quickly. I only have to retighten after rough rides. It works great with the RZR 1000. The seats we added to looked cool.

👤I installed 4 of these harnesses on my vehicle after I did the factory seats. The harnesses fit my 4 year old perfectly when he is in a booster seat. I can easily recommend these to anyone who wants to switch from a 3 point harness to a 4 point harness. If you don't modify your seats to have pass throughs, I don't recommend them. I installed them without a harness, but when you take them off they fall behind the seat. It makes it difficult to get them back on.

👤My son's Polaris 170 worked great with these harnesses. It was very easy to install. You will have to take off the panels. It took about 30 minutes. The seat belt switch requires a bypass. I pulled out the switch and put heat shrink on it to make it work.

👤When you watch the video on installing the harnesses, it's absolutely spot on with what you need to do. He has all but one hair on his bald head. I am very happy with them and they are very easy to use for my son who has cerebral palsy. Happy trailes.

👤The reg belts in the Moto Z Force800 EX were replaced. The old belts were terrible. These belts are comfortable and easy to install. They have a nice padded piece. The waist buckle is very smooth and they are easy to adjust to. Our Side by side has been upgraded. They shipped quickly and the price was excellent. Highly recommended. If you are that kind of person, the decals are nice.


What is the best product for car seat heater kit?

Car seat heater kit products from Seg Direct. In this article about car seat heater kit you can see why people choose the product. Maso and Besond are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat heater kit.

What are the best brands for car seat heater kit?

Seg Direct, Maso and Besond are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat heater kit. Find the detail in this article. Xlovuie, First Secure and Inch Empire are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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