Best Car Seat Headrest Hooks Metal

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1. Seametal Hanger Backseat Accessories Headrest

Seametal Hanger Backseat Accessories Headrest

Fit in most cars. There is a universal size. The car seat gap organizers is suitable for most vehicles. Please make sure the seat gap is less than 0.7 inches. The cup holder can hold larger cups. It's not suitable for cars with a center console. If you have a question, please contact customer service. Within 24 hours, they will provide perfect service and reply. There's nothing worse than the sound when you stop. Something Falling or the Topple of a Handbag is what you know about it. The best choice for your car seat is the segeal bling one. You can easily get things closed to you if you hold the Auto Hook Hanger in the backseat. It's built with high quality material that allows it to hold maximum bearing to 45lb, and it's upgrade Crystal Rhinestone, Cute and Sparkle, also built with high quality material that allows it to hold maximum bearing to 45lb. It is easy to install. Attach the auto hook holder to the headrest rod. It is possible to rotation the auto hook to the front or back. It can be hidden. You may not be able to use your headrest for the model you are using. The quality guarantee is for one year and 30 days free return. It's a perfect gift for friends, lovers, girlfriends, and boyfriends. The quality guarantee is for one year and 30 days free return. It's a perfect gift for friends, lovers, girlfriends, and boyfriends.

Brand: Seametal

👤The crystals on this looked great and didn't look cheap, which is the only reason I'm not giving this one star. The hooks on the bottom are too small to hang anything. My purse straps are triple the width of this and if I tried to hang them from these they would damage the bag straps. You could hang a few from the grocery bags. Nothing more. Even with the smaller loop inside the jacket, the jackets are too thick to hang from this. They're not usable, they're gorgeous.

👤I am one of those people who usually only have one person in the car, so I put everything in the passenger for easy access. I use this thing when I have passengers in the car. I was watching a video aboutdecorating my car. I have been putting it off. I bought them and I am very happy. My mom took one. We each have 2 sets, so I will probably order another set. I didn't expect them to be sturdy. They are strong. I put groceries on bottles and cans. I put my purse on the same hook and it didn't crease or bend. I really like these!

👤The little diamonds are attached to a piece of tape. The tape is coming up. I rubbed it down and it hasn't popped up again. I think this is a problem. Didn't last long. I bought this for my car. It's easy to install. Cute. My mom has a bad back and it makes it hard for her to look for her purse. This has made her feel better.

👤These are pretty but could be bigger. The holding hook for your purse strap is a bit narrow, and the "hook" that goes around the headrest posts could be larger for bigger SUVs. My purse is too tight. You will have more purchases from me if you make a little bigger.

👤These are cute and useful. It would be nice if the hold were wider to hold wider strapped purses, but you can jam it in there. The can is cool but your trash bag is not.

👤It was easy to slip on the heads rest bar. I have a large handbag and it is very sturdy.

👤My daughters blinged out the car. She got a blinged out steering wheel cover. The handbag holder is black. It seems to be durable. What do you think about the low price for the tiny crystals? It is larger than I expected. I will put the second one in my car. It's easy to install and looks great.

👤These are cute but not wide enough for my purse handles so I can't hang my purse on them and that's what I bought them for. Oh well.

👤Even though I paid for express shipping, they came way later than promised.

2. FJCTER Headrest Capacity Intimate Organizer

FJCTER Headrest Capacity Intimate Organizer

It's easy to hook around the metal poles. A perfect gift for girls who own a car. The package had 2 car headrest hooks. PREMIUM QUALITY The car headrest hooks are made of high impact resistant engineering plastics. They won't break easily. The hooks are compatible with the poles. The design is hexagonal. The round and smooth edges of the car seat hooks make them safe to use. The special half opening design makes it easy to install, no need to disassemble the car, and hang them around the pole. strong-LOAD CAPACITY The package comes with 4 pack car purse hooks, which are strong enough to hold up 44 lbs, and are perfect for you to hang your handbag while driving. TILE USAGE The universal back seat hooks are ideal for hanging groceries, clothes, umbrella, handbags, water bottles and much more. TILE USAGE The universal back seat hooks are ideal for hanging groceries, clothes, umbrella, handbags, water bottles and much more.

Brand: Fjcter

👤I am not getting paid nor was I given a free item. I decided to write this review because I wanted to share my experience with others. This will be done for all the items I buy on Amazon. I'm writing my good reviews first, and this is a five-star purchase. These little hooks are very cute. I carry a lot of things in my car. I used to put my purse on the floor, but if someone is in the front seat, they don't want a purse by their feet. I don't like putting my purse in the back in case I need it. I put a hook on the back of the headrests. They don't move. I hang my purse from one hook and the plastic grocery bags from the other. It's easy to put my trash in it and keep the car clean. It would be great for hanging toys for kids, a light jacket, and other things. Some of the other hooks hold heavier items. They are not like metal or wire. I would highly recommend these for the money. Please let me know if you think this review is helpful, so that other people who read it can see other reviews I've written, and know that they are getting real, helpful advice from someone who really bought and uses this product. I do a lot of research before I spend my money. I don't want to spend money on something that sounds great because people are paid to write glowing reviews. It's an honest glowing review. I hope it has been helpful.

👤The measurement is too short for my vehicle seats. I measured my seat before buying it. Customer service is excellent. The purchase price was returned and the measurements were updated to reflect the product. I upgraded my rating to 4 stars because the product is great, you know the proper measurements, and if it fits your seats, etc.

👤I broke one of the 4 after installing it. Pulling on it and getting it to seat straight. I'm still happy with the purchase even though I know it's limits on load. The seller refunded the purchase price when one broke on me. Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work.

👤The hook is so tight that it's hard to put a bag on it. This is a problem for newer cars. I would have to open it a little wider.

👤Love these had an issue with cans and bottles being tolled out of the grocery bags on the seat of the car or on the floor. If you have a van you may want another set, these babies just hook onto the metal bar on your head, and it's all you have to do. It's good to hang a bag on to use as a litter bag holder for the kids in the back seat. There are no plastic bottles on the seats or on the floor. If you are a single driver, hang one on the other seat to hold your purse or bag.

3. Headrest Villexun Backseat Handbags Universal

Headrest Villexun Backseat Handbags Universal

These car hangings should be reported with confidence. Satisfying their customers is their top priority. This pack of car seat hooks is backed by a 1 year money back guarantee. If you want to make a thoughtful gift to a gadget enthusiast friend or beloved family member with a car, get yours today. Simple and easy to use is a popular secret. The red circle should be on the stay of the headrest. You can only hook luggage to yellow bullets. This is useful even though it is very simple. The upper hook has general packages in it. You can hang up in a second. Rolling loads are eliminated by this alone. If you only remove one side of the baggage, it's easier to put out the contents of the bag from the driver's seat. You can adjust the length by the package if you want, as the adjuster is attached. The loop part is hard to catch. If the hand is thick like a wood bag or a Boston bag, it can't be hooked with a normal hook. The loop is very convenient. It is different according to the scene. The mechanism is simple, but it is an idea product that sticks to the function. It can be used on the front of the seat and also on the back. The load capacity is not much. You can change the length of the adjuster freely. You can change the length of the adjuster freely.

Brand: Villexun

👤I am in love with this system. I had a product that was different, but the hooks were too high and I didn't like them. I saw the design and thought it was worth a try. I love it! The products are the same, and I bought this four pack after buying a single pack. I like that there are two hooks, as I like to secure things on a hook if I need to slam on the breaks. You can attach the loop back to the hook through the handles, which will keep your item there. The hooks are a great depth and I haven't needed to use it. The other amazing thing is it can be adjusted. If I need to raise this up, I can. The biggest thing for me was getting it lower so my things weren't hanging completely like before, there's a little hang but it's just hooked on the hook The strap is very strong. I would highly recommend this.

👤I got a new truck because I was tired of my hydro flask falling and dripping in my car, and my husband got a new vehicle because he wanted a new vehicle. I searched for it on Amazon and found a four pack, I prefer the one on the passenger side because I have one clipped to the front of the car. I can use it while I drive. You can either hang it on the hook or loop it through the strap and have it locked in. Great invention! It was very functional and helpful.

👤If you want to clean the back of your car or have hooks to hold your shopping bags, these are great. I needed these a long time ago, as my purse has fallen over many times spilling my stuff to the side of my seat. I can use the front seat to search for items without being crazy. I use a small tote on the back of my seat to hold my stuff. The bottom hooks are great to hold umbrellas. The straps can be adjusted up or down. It's easy to snap onto the bars. It was on time. It's a great value and very versatile.

👤I put my purse on my countertops at home because I don't know what's on the floor. I used to put it next to me in the back seat, but a few times I'd brake hard in traffic or a tight turn and it'd dump the contents out. I can reach for my purse if I need to, but I can't hang it in the set because of this device. I hang my purse at the back of the seat when I have a passenger. I gave the 4th vehicle to a friend. She loves it too!

👤I like these better than the other ones because they're changeable. I can put my purse on the floor or the seat in the back and loop the bottom strap of the hanger through the strap on the purse, and then the purse won't tip over, and it will keep it in reach somewhat. It takes two hands most of the time to pull it out. The hook is too small, but it has an advantage. If my husband is in the back seat, he doesn't like stuff hanging down the back of my seat. It's useful when Dad and I are out shopping in a small car, or I have too much stuff to fit on the center console in a minivan, and he is not with us.

4. Headrest Normei Vehicle Luggage Grocery

Headrest Normei Vehicle Luggage Grocery

The perfect car hooks. The forward rotation is done. And backwards. The hooks are designed to keep your purse from falling off the seat. Also. When there is someone in the passenger seat, it can be moved to the back. It's the new improved version, it's 2 in 1 and it's the best way to enjoy movies and music on your phone in your car during a long and tired trip. Your hands are strong. Even if the road vibrates, the lock on the headrest hook will keep it from dropping. Kid's toys, clothes, handbags, purse, backpack, shopping bag, and car should be kept clean and tidy. Every item in your car takes up too much space. The hook is an expert in this area. It's best to put it under the wrestling ring. After installing, the hooks can be moved around. You can hide it under the headrest if you don't want to use it. Fast installation. The hook can be snapped onto the pole of the headrest without tools. Fast installation. The hook can be snapped onto the pole of the headrest without tools.

Brand: Ormeli

👤These are the best hooks I've ever found. They hold everything from a small purse to a large tote bag. The kids can have fun without having to hold their phone. The hooks are large enough to hold my Note 10, so definitely not small.

👤The hook is sturdy and easy to put things on and off. I have canvas hooks that flop around when trying to take items off. I wish the hook length was longer so I could use it on the front of the car seat. I would like to have my purse on the seat.

👤This doesn't hold your phone. It doesn't have the strength to hold the phone. The phone stops working immediately. I tried to hang my purse on it, but the hook wasn't big enough to hold it. The product was bad. The design is bad.

👤I like this type of car headrest hook because it is easy to install and it is helpful when you have a purse or bag. It holds up to light loads, but they are not as strong as it should be. Don't hang bags that are too heavy because they will bend down. It's an okay buy for me. I think the product could be better.

👤Does not fit on a Chevy. This product requires a straight support post because of the bend in the head rest posts. I have two boxes of these, but nothing to use them on. I was annoyed.

👤It works great when I have a passenger in the car. It converts into a phone holder, which is great if you have little ones riding in the back, especially during long trips. It's nice to hold bags with delicate store bought items.

👤This product is very easy to use. I ordered a set for my sister and a set for myself. My sister's car fit perfectly after we put foam around the post. The fit of my car is not tight even after putting foam around the post. I will keep it and use it.

👤It's nice to have someplace for my purse, it's not on a seat, center council or the floor, I got some for every car, and I love them.

5. Car Seat Headrest Hooks Preyda Hangers Hold Hooks

Car Seat Headrest Hooks Preyda Hangers Hold Hooks

Patented design holds up to 50 lbs. It is made of high quality material. A patented design makes durable, environmental, stylish. Do you have enough with messy car floors and shopping bags blocking your vision while driving? No more worries! Preyda has designed hooks for car seats. Decluttering your car is easy. You can organize your things, minimize nasty spills and forget about things rolling on the floor. TheY can hold anything. The car hooks can hold up to 16 lbs. Awesome, right? Perfect for grocery shopping, bags, baby toys and other gear, purses, coats and jackets, handbags, laptop bags, hats, umbrellas, your kid's clothes for football practice, snacks, electronic gadgets and even a trash bag. Each pack contains 2 car seat hooks. They are made from high quality PP material and STAINLESS STEEL so that they can handle heavy duty use. Make the most of them by moving them to any car seat you want. Being lightweight and flexible, you can carry these hooks with you wherever you go. It's great for traveling and camping. It's easy to fit around any headrest. These car headrest hooks are very easy to use and very ergonomics. They fit around any headrest. In cars, jeeps, SUVs, ATVs, buses, trucks and more. There is no need for assembly. The hangers are ready to go. These car hangings should be reported with confidence. Satisfying their customers is their top priority. This pack of car seat hooks is backed by a 1 year money back guarantee. If you want to make a thoughtful gift to a gadget enthusiast friend or beloved family member with a car, get yours today. These car hangings should be reported with confidence. Satisfying their customers is their top priority. This pack of car seat hooks is backed by a 1 year money back guarantee. If you want to make a thoughtful gift to a gadget enthusiast friend or beloved family member with a car, get yours today.

Brand: Preyda

👤All of the different types of hooks seem to do the same thing. The plastic hooks made me decide on these. I didn't want to risk having to listen to the clang of the medal hooks against the medal head rest post. If there is something clanging or tinging, I would throw it out of the window. I bought this to hold my bag. It is heavy and falling over. This hook is heavy and doesn't have an issue holding it. I hang my grocery bags on it so they don't slide around my car. I put about 4 or 5 sets in Christmas stockings for my adult children. Everyone loves them. This year, these will probably be my gift.

👤It was perfect for my needs. I use the front passenger seat to keep my purse in place, as well as other shoulder bags, to and from work. There is no more sliding off the seat. I use it on car trips so I can keep things within reach by hanging them on the back of the seat.

👤I have saved a lot of groceries by using these hooks. They save a lot of space in the back of my van because they put heavier things on the bottom. People in the parking lot think I am clever. I would have liked to have found them sooner.

👤These are amazing. I hate using them when my bags touch the floor of the car. I don't have to worry about spilling food in my car because the bags stay upright the entire time.

👤I have one of these for a long time and use it daily. I bought some for my daughter. It is a good idea to hang your groceries on the floor. I try to keep the weight on one side. You can hang umbrellas and purses on it. They are worth the money. I think they're a good choice. Years ago, I bought a cheaper version from a catalog and the ends fell off. These are better.

👤Yes! Finally! I've purchased other designs of these hooks for the car and they don't fit right. They would fall, twist, turn, and be worthless in the end. These ones are perfect. Don't waste your time on the other people.

👤Awesome. Sturdy. They should be used every day. Need more. I use them daily. I saved my car from getting sandy by hanging our beach bags. My purse, sweater, and scarf are mine. I want them all over the car. This is perfect because the Honda Pilot has three rows and is trying to keep it organized. We are going camping for the first time in a few weeks and are excited to use the hooks for easy access to essentials. No more digging on the floors.

👤I put these in my beach closet. I built a closet behind my house at the beach so I could keep beach chairs, umbrellas, towels, floats, and bags. I hang beach bags and wet towels from the metal shelving to dry out of the site. Whenever I want my beach/pool bags, they are readily accessible.

6. Automotive Organizer Umbrellas Accessories Multicolor

Automotive Organizer Umbrellas Accessories Multicolor

You are welcome to ask for a replacement or a refund. They only put out high quality products. A very cute car accessory for women and men is a multifunctional HIDOER car seat organizer with handmade rhinestones, sparkling and more stylish. Car bag hooks convert headrest posts into additional storage space in the front seat, back seat and cargo area. Their Contour car headrest hooks make driving more organized while improving safety by keeping shopping bags from rolling around the floor. The closed-loop design won't cause problems with handles or clothing, and each car seat hanger holds up to 40 lbs. Simply open the loops at the back of the car hook and wrap around the metal post. Simply open the loops at the back of the car hook and wrap around the metal post.

Brand: Hidoer

👤The diamonds appeared to pop off easily. The plastic clear coat could have sealed the diamonds down. Overall was very strong.

👤If all kinds, holds anything. It's wide enough for all straps.

👤These are cute hooks and they are useful. They transfer rust to my white leather interior seats, which is the only issue I have with them. I had to put tape on them to stop it from transferring.

👤Better than expected. Very high quality.

7. Purses Grocery Holder Covered Leather

Purses Grocery Holder Covered Leather

The car net pocket handbag holder is not suitable for all car consoles, such as side- opening armrest boxes, double- opening armrest boxes, no armrest boxes, and sports armrest boxes. This is not a universal car mesh organizers. Car Hooks convert your car's headrest into a convenient storage space to hang groceries, clothes, umbrella, handbags, mask, kid's toys, baby supplies, caps and much more, hanging those essentials over the seats, leave rear room for passengers. It is easy to install the car seat hook on the seat rod. The U-shaped design is used for the purse holder for the car, and the V-shaped design is used for the leather hook to hang thicker handles. These car seat bag hooks are covered by leather, so they are more study and do not scratch the carseat anymore. The package includes a new LEATHER CHRONICLE car hook that can carry up to 50lb. The package includes a new LEATHER CHRONICLE car hook that can carry up to 50lb.

Brand: Eldhus

👤The widest hook on these products makes them a better fit for purses with a wider strap. The leather near the stitching was messy and it was horrible. It looked terrible, so I returned these for that fact alone. The girlfriend's purse has a wide strap but still fits other products with a narrower hook, which is better than a wife hook with horrible stitching quality. I recommend the brand AMVOYOA.

👤These are strong for my bags. I wish I had bought them a long time ago. I have one in my Jeep and the other in my truck. I shared pictures with my family and friends. My bag does not flip over and dump on the ground. I don't want my purse or bags near my feet for sanitary reasons.

👤Great product! There was no place for me to hang my garment bag on the high top transit. These hooks are easy to fit over the bars supporting the front seats. They are sturdy enough to hold a garment bag with several suits. Very pleased with this item.

👤I didn't expect perfect quality, but I expected the rhinestones to be intact for a day. There were multiple missing rhinestones when I opened the package. I couldn't glue them back on because they weren't in the bag. They didn't exist.

👤It's perfect for my car because I don't have to put my handbags on the floor. I have two on each side.

👤Excellent product! I was ordered on set to see how it would look. All exceeded my expectations. I'm going to order another set for the passenger side.

👤I love these! My purse and groceries were flying around the car. You can't go wrong with the price.

👤The part that hooks to the headrest was too big to fit in my purse. My car is a Mazda. Can not use them.

8. SEAMETAL Headrest Hanger Diamond Backseat

SEAMETAL Headrest Hanger Diamond Backseat

If you have a question or are dissatisfied, please contact them. Premium car seat hooks are made of crystal, soft clay, and STAINLESS steel and will not fall. Cute and useful. The construction will not crack or break easily. Strong load capacity is important. It's perfect for a large or small purse. The head of your car's paint is protected by the build of the head. The Bling Car Seat Hook converts your car's front/rear headrest into a convenient storage space. Almost every car, SUV, van, and truck has a Hanger. The backseat hangers are easy to install, no need to disassemble the car and hang them around the poles. You can get a 30-day free return and 3-year warranty from scalpel. You can get a 30-day free return and 3-year warranty from scalpel.

Brand: Seametal

👤I sent it back. It was behind the 2 front seats and hung back. The back of the center console has air vents. It was difficult to install in my car. There is a The only positive thing about it is that as soon as I returned the product, they issued a refund.

👤I wish I had not spent my money on this. It took too long for me to get around to installing it and I was too confident that it would work for my car. It wasn't close to fitting. Had to throw in trash.

👤It works well and does what it says. Able to organize things.

👤It's perfect to hold my purse and grocery bag. My dogs are not allowed to jump in front seat.

👤These are large and beautiful.

👤I would like it to be a bit wider for my purse.

👤Flimsy won't work as a dog barrier. If the dog is less than 18 lbs, they can't jump this high. The construction won't hold up without spilling ir shifting. I bought for my kids and they were useless. It looks like previous reviews are not related to actual usage.

👤I almost forget. Behind the front seats, it tucks nicely. A large purse is easy to hold. Love it. It's very easy to install.

9. Adjustable Buluby Accessories Driver Passenger

Adjustable Buluby Accessories Driver Passenger

To keep your TravelMate car neck pillow clean, they have installed a plush velour cover that is easy to install and machine wash. The car headrest pillow can be adjusted upward, downward, forward, and backward according to different heights. There is always a position that suits you. This neck support pillow is perfect for the driver's seat or the front passenger seat with the cylindrical headrest posts that can be raised and lowered. The 3D Concave Curved Surface can be used to relieve long-term driving fatigue, reduce neck pressure, and provide you with a relaxed, comfortable, and safe driving experience. The car neck pillow passed a strict collision test. The combination of high density soft suede cloth and pure slow-rebound memory foam absorb impact and make driving safer, which is of high quality and worry-free. The installation of the neck support pillow can be done one-click without using any tools. The metal cylindrical poles are not suitable for use in car headrests. The package includes a car headrest, base brackets, and rubber pads, as well as a product manual and friendly customer service.

Brand: Buluby

👤A brand new Land Rover. The seats are terrible. My head is pushed forward by the headrest. I complained about the headrest pushing my head forward. I adjusted the Buluby to cradle her neck in desperation. The sun came out, the clouds parted, and the wife smiled. "This is wonderful!" she exclaimed. This really is wonderful. It's so comfortable. Highly recommended.

👤I've wasted a lot of money on headrests and couldn't find anything that suits me until I found this. This is the best fit for me and I have been waiting for it for a long time. It can be adjusted in 4 different directions.

👤The neck pillow is made well. The memory foam is very soft and comfortable to wear. It's easy to adjust to. If you have issues, take it off the poles and install it again. The product looks good. The customer service team reached out to me after I had an issue with the product. I will definitely purchase from this company again in the future, I highly recommend this neck support.

👤The design of my headrest is bad. This fits better than I have found before. It is not stable and moves a lot. I drive a car.

👤A couple years ago, my husband bought a fancy truck. I'm miserable every time I ride in it. I have been on a couple cross country trips and have been sitting for hours. When I'm sleepy, the head rest hits on the back of my head and pushes my head forward with no cushion or support behind my neck. I have a trip coming up. I said no more. I tried a few things, but fell every time I moved. I ordered this. Why didn't I find this sooner? A life saver! It's soft and flexible. It would be great if it adjusted downward a bit more. This thing has saved me, I'm not complaining.

👤It is comfortable and I like that it is changeable but it is not made for short people. I am 5 ft. and even the lowest setting isn't low enough to allow me to sit in the nape of my neck. I will have to sit on a cushion. It is too late for me to return it. If you are taller than me, you will love it. You should be prepared to come up with alternative solutions.

👤It would be a good idea for everyone to get this for the driver's seat. It looks very organic to my interior. I noticed on the 'bad' reviews that it's not always high or low enough for me. It's important that you adjust your head rest properly to help protect you in a crash, because the lowest setting is not generally correct. Most seats have height adjusted bottom cushions on the driver's seat to better fit different sized drivers. Check for support controls as well. Like almost all cars, the Q7 has zero support for your neck/C-spine region. The shape of this product makes it very easy to modify to your liking. It makes a huge difference for me on short trips and long trips if I have it mounted to the seat. I cover the cover with a small microfiber towel when it gets dirty, or when I change it out weekly. I will buy one for our other car as well.

10. EldHus Vehicle Headrest Grocery Metallic

EldHus Vehicle Headrest Grocery Metallic

PureCosi fabrics are made without wool or fire retardant treatment and are machine washable and dryer safe. Enough quantity is enough to meet your daily use and replacement. The auto hooks are made of durable and sturdy STAINLESS STEEL and would not hurt anyone. Please allow little size errors due to manual measurement because each car headrest hook size is approx 5 inches in overall length, 1.3 inches in width, and proper size fits for most car headrest. How to install a car headrest is as follows: hook on the metal rod of the car and adjust the direction. The car hook organizers are ideal for hanging groceries, clothes, handbags, purses, keep them in place, and save car interior space, also can be applied to closet at home to hang clothes, tie, hat. The car hook organizers are ideal for hanging groceries, clothes, handbags, purses, keep them in place, and save car interior space, also can be applied to closet at home to hang clothes, tie, hat.

Brand: Eldhus

👤I like these car hooks. I carry a heavy purse and craft supplies. If I have to slam on the brakes, they go flying off the front seat. Not anymore! People are sitting in the passenger seat. They hang from the posts. You can either turn them around or leave them.

👤These are very strong and convenient. This is perfect because my purse would fly off the passenger seat.

👤I've tried other kinds, but these are more sturdy. They hold a lot of weight. They are easy to change from back seat to front seat. My daughters sleeve when she gets out of the car is something I don't like about the part that bags get caught on the ends of them. The rubber tips didn't stay on. Things would still get caught on it. I was looking for something that would hold up under the weight. They're annoying for me. Maybe others wouldn't have the same experience as me.

👤My groceries are not falling out of the bags in the back of my SUV. Would definitely recommend. The down part of the hooks should not have a gap because plastic grocery bags easily get hung up in this spot, making it harder to remove bags than heavier ones. A game change!

👤I gave 2 of them away to my daughters for their vehicles, and used one of them in my car. My son had to bend them down a bit so they don't stick out as much when they don't have anything to hold, but we use them. Great buy for that reason alone! I can't say that they're very Sturdy, but I wouldn't use them to hold something that weighed more than my purse. My purse is smaller than many women's. I like that I can turn them to face front when I'm by myself and hang my purse on the hook, it's always great if anyone can relate to slamming on their brakes and having things flying into the dash or floorboards from the front seat. Maybe it's me that gets cut off? These are great!

👤I went looking for something to help because I was too sick of picking things up off the floor. These are what I needed. I like low tech and simple solutions. I use them for my stuff. The ones I got are blinged up, not the ones shown. If you don't like bling, you might want to ask what they're shipping. There are simple balls with rhinestones on the tips. I like them a lot. They work.

👤I drive a Ford Explorer. When I'm alone, I usually put my purse in the seat, but when I'm with others, I put it in the front passenger floorboard or between the seats. The hook is the perfect solution. I hang it on the passenger seat facing the second row. If by myself.

👤I wanted to use these because having a bag hung is much easier than having to worry about it falling over. I think these would serve that purpose. I can't use them because a car seat is in the way. I have a 5 month old. The product is great. I can't use them right now.

11. Headrest Universal Storage Vehicle Backseat

Headrest Universal Storage Vehicle Backseat

Their car hooks are made from high-quality materials, which is really durable. Each hook can hold up to 27 lbs. Car space should be organized. This car seat hooks can help you keep your car clean and organized by converting your car's headrest into a storage space. The car headrest hook can hang a lot of things. The upgraded side opening design of the car purse hooks is easy to install and remove. No need to remove the headrest. You can snap the hooks onto the pole of the headrest. After installing, the purse hangers can be changed 180 degrees. It is possible to hide the purse holders when not in use to ensure safety and keep the appearance clean and tidy. If you have a problem, please contact them via e-mail and they will help you to solve it. If you have a problem, please contact them via e-mail and they will help you to solve it.

Brand: Koopao

👤I searched for a good set of hooks for my car. After buying a couple of flops, I came across these. The plastic on the hooks is thick and strong. They were easy to install and work perfectly, since they took the headrests off and threaded posts through. I keep them on the front of my passenger seat to hold my purse and water bottle, and on the back of my driver's seat to hold my kid's backpack, if someone is sitting in the passenger seat. The nylon straps keep the hooks out of my leather seats. If I need to grab something from behind me, they make it easy to maneuver bags around. Would recommend to everyone!

👤I was looking for a good while before buying these hooks. The more expensive ones were nice, but the cost was too high for something so simple. I installed them after I received them and found them to be what I was looking for. It is easy to install. I don't understand why I would need the more expensive metal ones after using them several times.

👤I have a Lexus that is too shallow to fit in a proper place. These fit perfectly. Will work well for the main purpose.

👤I use this hook in my car. The sloped console of my car makes it difficult to hold a purse in place. I bought a stretchy net to put between the two seats to keep my purse from sliding, but it didn't work out. I decided to buy a seat hook because I can't put my purse on the floor. When I saw this style, I was immediately sold on the fact that it would not put too much pressure on my leather seats. They are easy to install, but a bit snug for the posts of my headrests, but I was able to get them on without too much trouble. The strap is made of thick plastic and it seems like it could hold a lot of weight. Even if I have to slam on my breaks, my purse won't go flying to the floor because it's fully supported by the hook. It comes with 4 hooks that you can use to hang a lot of things, such as a jacket, a trash bag, and masks.

👤I think I ran across these on a list. Is this the answer to all the times my purse tipped over or was in the way? Could this help keep bags upright in the backseat? Could this double as a hook for my water bottle so I wouldn't have to worry about it rolling around? The answer is yes. It keeps my bag from tipping or being put on the floor where I can't reach it, which is great. I never leave home without a giant water bottle which I can easily hang from one of these hooks and grab rather than sitting on the seat or rolling around on the floor, and I also never leave home without a giant water bottle which I can easily hang from one of these hooks. I put them in my husband's car so I could use them in my own car. Totally worth the money. They don't get in the way and are secure. Love them.


What is the best product for car seat headrest hooks metal?

Car seat headrest hooks metal products from Seametal. In this article about car seat headrest hooks metal you can see why people choose the product. Fjcter and Villexun are also good brands to look for when you are finding car seat headrest hooks metal.

What are the best brands for car seat headrest hooks metal?

Seametal, Fjcter and Villexun are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car seat headrest hooks metal. Find the detail in this article. Ormeli, Preyda and Hidoer are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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